Thursday, June 11, 2009

So Dean said .............

Hey pallies, Dinowisdom keeps aboundin' all over the web. Checks out this dialogue between a chick tagged Dagne and a dude tagged Adam at the "Infinite Potentials Series" site (clicks on tagg to goes there). Am just sharin' the brief portion that leads up to and supports our the quotations between our great man and Jack.

Loves to see how Adam (A) quotes a dialogue between our Dino and Mr. Jack Benny in this post on "Economic Order-Crisis-The Wheel of Opportunity." How cool of this dude to share a Dinostory to helps makes his point. The wisdom that our Dino and Mr. Benny share indeed does has such "infinite potential." In the midst of all the ups and downs of late, it certainly is crucial to turns to our Dino for guidance and support to see us through these hard times. Dinowisely, DMP

Economic Order-Crisis-The Wheel of Opportunity

D: Changing diapers isn’t necessarily pleasant but it is part of doing what one loves. The Process of all this changes one’s consciousness so that even the chores and tough stuff can become fun. Sort of back to the physical fitness model. The work out might hurt but somehow it hurts good. And you feel so good and energized afterwards…the shower can be delicious.

A: Dean Martin was driving into the Beverly Hills Country club and he ran into Jack Benny coming out. So Dean said , “Jack, how was golf today?” Jack answered in his classic dead pan way, “Well, the golf was so-so but the towels were wonderful”.

D: So, how does one achieve economic order? Lower one’s economic goals?

A: I’d rather say, one must set wise economic goals and learn to practice voluntary simplicity.


Keith said...

Hey pallie DMP. I love that pic. I've got that in my collection. I just hadn't posted it here. I've been really digging all these great posts you've been doing. Cheers!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Keith, glads you likes the pix was tryin' to find one of our Dino and Mr. George golfin'...but how great to see our Dino mentioned in this economic way....