Sunday, August 28, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Once In A While"

 Well hey there, pallies! 

Looks like the smolderin' Summer heat is lettin' up! 

August is windin' down...& dare I say it...Fall is slowly creepin' on in. 

Now, tell me pals...what's a TRUE, TRUE Dino-holic s'posed to do...with what's left of a Cool Cool Summer?! 

Well...what else, mi amici?! 

Keep the Dino-ball rollin' with nother' hot & sultry SWOON by the One & ONLY King of CROON! Haha!! 

That's what! Haha!! it the King of Cool? 

Oh Well...either way pals...this week's Serenade, "Once In A While",  is nother' one of those great, great Summertime tunes...that REALLY heats thins' up & at the same time is sure to calm & relax your very soul! 

I just am So So sure...that it set the mood on many a moonlit,  balmy night, in good ol' Stu'ville...for many young lovers! Hahaha!!!  

I can picture a young...suave...Dino Crocetti serenadin' some lucky young chicalina with this very tune! 

Now listen pals...Dean ain't askin' for much here. Just a quick thought every now & then. 

I guess, pals...we all would like to think...that a once special someone thinks 'bout us...every now & then. 

Maybe pals...just maybe...there's someone out there that you haven't seen in a while...and maybe...just maybe...THAT somebody might be worth a quick well. At least...once in a while. 


Sunday, August 21, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "They Didn't Believe Me"

 Hey pals! It's Sunday! 

Now...that can mean only ONE thin'! 


Yup...time to do some Sunday Serenadin' with our BESTEST pallie, Dino! 

Ain't nothin' wrong with that, mi amici! After all...what's a BEA U TI FUL summery day without some FUN FUN summery Dino-jams?! Just average, I thinks. 

Gotta make it FUN, pals!'s gonna be September soon! Crazy how the days go by. 

Hey...guess what?! No problem! We're still partyin' with our pallie! 

Summer ain't over yet, my friends! We gots PLENTY of HOT HOT days ahead! Simply add a little Dino-croonin' to the mix...& thins' will keep on SIZZLIN'!  

Anyways, mi amici...gonna play a tune I've mentioned here before...has never been recorded on a record by our pal. At least not to my small amount of knowledge. Haha!! 

Not to fear though, my friends!!! There are a few times he sang it on the air...& we is LUCKY 'nough to have one right here!!!  

"They Didn't Believe Me" is a hidden treasure & def i nate ly PURE & TRUE Dino-magic! SO SO much fun watchin' Dean do his thin' to this cool cool number! Thinks I'll put this one on REPEAT! Now THAT is what Summer is ALL 'bout! Over-indulgin' in Dino! Hahaha!!! 

It's a Completely Cool Cool Concoction, pals! 

Youse just gotta grab a beverage o' choice...maybe a pallie or two...get outside, in this summery weather...& throw on some Smooth Smooth Swingin' jams by Dino!  

Nice...simple equation, pals. 

Never forget...We is Dino-holics...we'll keep the party goin! 


Sunday, August 14, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "In A Little Spanish Town"

 Good mornin', pals! 

Good afternoon & evenin', as well! Whatever time it is that youse is able to stop by our little, wee Dino-waterin' hole...Welcome! 



The heat is finally lettin' up 'round my neck o' the woods! 

Not a minute to soon either, mi amici! I felt like I've been meltin'!

I don't likes to squawk...'cause I know some spots are MUCH worse than my 90s...but man o man,'s been bloody HOT!!! Haha!!  

Anyways...thins' is coolin' off. For the time bein', at least. 

So...palsies o' mine...youse know how I ALWAYS says that Dino's "French Style" al b um, just seems to go SO SO well with the Springtime season? Well, my just so happens that our bestest of best bro, Dino, also has us a swingin' piece o' vinyl that is simply PER FEC TO for the hot & humid...sweaty & sultry, dog days o' Summer! 


Let's me introduce youse to yet 'nother one of Danny G's FAVE o' FAVES al b ums for these lazy days & balmy nights..."Dino Latino"! 

Amen! Hahaha!!! 

It's true, pals! I swear to youse...on all that is Holy...Dean must've put these COOL COOL recordins' together...with these HOT HOT months in mind! 

Youse gots to try it out for yourselves, mi amici! I know you have it...somewhere. If's only a keypad away. 

It's sure to squeeze out the last few drops...of these last few weeks...of Summer...& keep youse on ice all the way to Christmas! Haha!!  

It's that cool, my friends! 

Well, let's not talk snowflakes yet, pallies...they'll creep in soon 'nough! Blah! 

OK, let's get to the Serenade! 

Probably my numero uno pick from this one is "In a Little Spanish Town". 

It's Fun! It swings! It get's my toes tappin', pals! Haha!! It's definitely got that vibe I'm longin' for...on a night like this! 

So...without further a due...Oh, & by the way, mi amici...I'm sendin' it out to a Dino-fan among Dino-fans...our very own & one & only...Ms. AOW! 

I know she loves this tune & I dedicate it to her every year. 

Enjoy, pallies...soak in the Dino-flow!  

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Buttercup A Golden Hair"

 Well, say there, pals! 

What it is! What it was! What it might have been! Haha!! 

Man...I thinks this crazy world has finally gots to me! 

I've found myself babblin'...on & on...incoherently...all week! Hahaha!!! Maybe my brain is gettin' a wee bit toasted, pals! Haha!! Actually...PICKLED would be more appropriate! Ha! 

OK...'nough foolishness. Let's talk a little bit 'bout what WAS & let's get to the Dino-tunes! 

Now, pallies...I simply HAD to use this week's COOL COOL Dino-jam for today's Serenade! 

It's for a sad event that I thinks 'bout & share, here at our Dino-blog, every year. 

Thursday, August 4th, marked the very unpleasant anniversary of the passin' of a very special lady...a very special girl-pallie of our Dino's. Marilyn Monroe.  

It's been 60 years since she took her final bow. Shame, pals. Was a fun & talented young soul. 

But...I believe in celebratin' what WAS...rather than cryin' over what WASN'T. 

"Buttercup A Golden Hair" is set to her & our pals flick, that never came to be..."Something's Got to Give". It featured Dino alongside a very lovely & naked Marilyn! Haha!! Fresh! Looks like it would have been a FUN FUN Dino-flick for sure! Such a shame it just wasn't meant to be, my friends. 

They both looked so good in this vid & youse could see the chemistry & friendship they shared. Bittersweet to watch, pallies. 

BUT...let's be thankful for what's we got's, pals! A Great Great tune & vid that's PERFECTO for a Great Great Summer night! 

R.I.P MM. Thanks for the memories.