Sunday, January 30, 2022

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Amore Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I'm In The Mood For Love"

 Welcome back, mi amici! 

Welcome lovers! Young & old...shy & bold...short or tall...large or small...Dino-Amore Month 2022 is here & it's time to SWOON!! 

Yea yea, pals...I know! I'm startin' a couple days early. But, my fellow Dino-holics...I simply couldn't waste a whole week of Dino-Amore...waitin' on February! 

Now, where was I? O yes...Ahhhhhhhhh…

This VERY special Serenade is gonna kick off a month FULL of the HOTTEST...SEXIEST...SIZZILINIST...Dino-jams this side of the ol' galaxy!!! Ha! 

Can youse feel the love in the air?! Haha!! 

Yup...Amore has taken over our swingin' little blog! 

For the next few weeks...L.O.V.E takes precedent & Dino is leadin' the charge, pallies!  It's time once 'gain to TRULY evaluate our DEEPEST FEELINS'...our MOSTEST POWERFUL PASSIONS...our "slap me in the face to calm me down" EMOTIONS!!! Hahaha!!! 

Now, pals...these are merely thoughts off the top of my love-drenched head! I ain't even gettin' started with the TRUE TRUEST excitement that Dean is gonna bring to these here Serenades all month long! 

Man, pallies...I can hardly wait to jump into our first croon! 

I thinks I is gonna start thins' off real smooth. 

A cool cool Dino-tune to ease us into the lovin'. 

Yea...I found us somethin' real light & chill for today. 

Grabbed this bea u ti ful gem off Dean's show, pals! "I'm In the Mood for Love". 

'Nothin' better than Ol' Dino teachin' us 'bout the age old art of lovin', face to face! No better professor to advise us on romance, either! 

But, mi amici...I thinks we ALL need to figure thins' out on our own. Right? Yup. We never seem to take the best advice when it comes to the heart. We all gotta learn the hard way, my friends.'s a fun fun ride either way! Ain't it? Yea...That's life! That's love! Haha!! 

Hey, pallies...I bet we wouldn't change a thin'. 

Live & Love & Learn! 

OK...let's let Dean do his thin'! He speaks for us all! 

Soak in the amore, mi amici! It's in the air!!! Along with 'bout a foot or two of snow...nailin' Ol' New England right now! Haha!! 

O well, pals. Only 49 days 'til Spring! 


Sunday, January 23, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "The Things We Did Last Summer"

 Hey there, mi Dino-diggin' amici! 

Welcome, one & all...guys & gals...dames & dudes! 

So, how's my Dino-peeps doin' this week? 

Hopefully GREAT! 

Thins' 'round here ain't too bad. Weathers been decent. Days have been extra frigid lately...but sunny. 

Hey problemo! 'Cause wee bit, by wee bit, the days is gettin' longer & longer! Sun is risin' earlier & earlier! We is slowly creepin' towards warmer days, my friends! 

I know...I'm jumpin' the gun here, pals. But...we is 1/3 the ways through Winter...& I'm already gettin' Spring fever!! Haha!! 

Youse too? I bet! 

So,'s what I'm thinkin'. A "chilled-out"..."cooly-mellow" Dino-jam...that will bring those comfy, warmer days to mind, for this week's Serenade. 

Somethin' relaxin' help us through our Winter pilgrimage. 

I is also wantin' to get us ready for an up & comin' month of PURE PURE Dino-passion! Next week we will be on the cusp of "Dino-Amore Month"! 

So, today I am reachin' for a tune that will transition Dino's wintery coolness into a "Pre-Amore" vibe! 

Are youse feelin' me, pallies?! Cool! 

We need somethin' to kick back to. 

Maybe with a friend...maybe solo...with a glass of vino. 

Either way, pallies...I'm feelin' some "The Things We Did Last Summer", today. 

Gonna reach for Dean's "A Winter Romance" al b last time, mi amici. Youse with me?! Good! 

Nothin' better to do on these chilly kinda days...than hang with Dino...& just drift away. Take my advice with this one, ol' friends o' mine! Nothins' more peaceful. 

OK, pallies. We'll set our sights on warmer days & a month-long journey through Dean's MOST romantico jams! 

Can't wait!!! 


Sunday, January 16, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

 Hey, pals...can I asks a question? 

Is it cold 'nough for youse "chilly-weather-lovin" Dino-holics, yet?! Haha!! 

Oh well, mi's January...get's used to it for a bit. 

Actually...hasn't been too bad, though. Some days are cold...some days are nice! Crazy Winter so far! Gots me comin' & goin'! Haha!! 

Wish Ol' Mother Nature would just make up her mind & get through these frosty covered days! All this weather changin' is makin' your pal, Danny G, dizzy! Haha!! 

Oh well, mi amici. 'Tis the season. 

The good news is, my Spring countdown is in FULL Dino-gear...& 'cordin' to my calculations...we gots ONLY 63 COOL COOL days to go! 

Ahhhhhh!!! I know...I know! Sounds like FOREVER! But...time flies, pallies! 

Before we knows it...the blue birds will be singin' & Springtime days will be swingin'!  

OK pals...with WARM thoughts in mind...let's gets to today's Serenade! 

I, once 'gain, went back to Dean's "Winter Romance" al b um,  for this one! 

Well...why wouldn't I?!!! It's wintery magic set to vinyl, mi amici! Haha!! 

Let's imagine we is sittin' on some warm tropic sands, my friends. Dino's warm warm vocals siftin' through the Summer breezes blowin' & the last thin' on our minds is icy days & snowin'! Now THAT'S a nice thought, pallies! 

Yup...sounds great, pals. 

But for now..."Baby, It's Cold Outside!" 


Well, mi's time for me to scram. Got's places to go...& peeps to meet. 

Actually...I just wanna get to this swoonin' croon of a wintery Dino-tune! Haha! 

Oh, & btw, pals...I'm wonderin' WHERE our fearless leader, DMP, is too! I'm sure he'll pop up soon. 

But for now, I'm just gonna keep doin' what I do...& hopin' he's comin' back soon. 

OK... Stay warm pals...only 63 days to go! 


Sunday, January 09, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Out In The Cold Again"

 Hey pallies! 

How's thins'? 

Enjoyin' Dino-Winter Season 2022? 

Is thins' gettin' "wintery" yet? 

Yea, we gots our first "significant" snowfall yesterday...'bout 10". Not to mention it's only 14 degrees out! OMG! Haha!! 

That's nuthin' for us though. 

Just a drop of vino in the bucket, 'round here. biggie, pallies. And besides...I got my Dino-tunes to keep me warm! Little tequila too...Hahaha!!! 

No problem! 

Actually, stayin' warm was never so damn cool, my friends! Ha! 

Dean ALWAYS gets thins' heated...even durin' a storm... & today's Serenade is gonna show youse EX ACT LY what I mean! 

Once 'gain...grabbed this wintery classic off my own personal FAVE snowy al b um..."Winter Romance". 

"Out in the Cold Again", may sound chilly. It may sound FROSTY! Man o might even sound "face first in the snow, FREEZIN'"!!! Haha!! But believe me, pallies...this tune is SURE to makes youse feel ALL comfy cozy & so so snuggly inside! 

Bet youse didn't think youse could be warm & cool at the EXACT same time, huh?! 

Well, pals...that's the Dino-Winter Season magic! 

Never underestimate our pal amongst pals, mi amici! He's got ALL the tricks up his sleeve to gets the pep in your snowy step! 

OK, pals o mine...grab a seat...your FAVE spot...get a drinky...your FAVE concoction...& press "PLAY". It's time to settle in for a long...cold...Winter.'s only 70 days 'til Spring! 


We got this, my friends! 


Sunday, January 02, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm"

 Wooooo Hoooooo!!! 

Happy Dino-Year 2022!!! Haha!! 

Man o man...what a whirlwind it's been, pals!!! 

I'm not even sure what DAY it is...never mind the year! Hahaha!!! 

Thins' have been so so crazy durin' these last few Mondays seem like Fridays & Wednesdays are like Saturdays!!! 

Man! Hopes I'm not writin' Danny G's THURSDAY Serenade with Dino!!! Haha!! Not that that would be a bad thin', either! Matter o' fact...might be a GREAT idea!!! Haha!!! 

Anyway...we made it! 

Dino lead us through the thick & thin of 2021. 

Some good...some not so great. But guess what, mi amici! It's time to start fresh!!! friends...I'm POS I TIVE Dino will help swing us into the BEST year yet! 

Now pals...I'm SURE I've shared my crazy little New Years tradition with all youse cool cool Dino-philes many's just one of those VERY special little thins' that I loves sharin' with all my fellow Dino-holics. it is, 'gain. 

Actually this was somethin' my Nanna G. would do with my bro & I on New Years Eve, while Mom & Pop were out dancin' & celebratin'. Soon as the BALL soon as Midnight struck...she would lead us to the front door... & open it up...lettin' the old year out...& the new year in! Haha!  

We got such a KICK outta this yearly routine as kids, that I STILL do it to this very day with my mini Dino-holics! 

Nanna was such a SWEET & FUN lady! My earliest memories of Dean were actually with her & I wathchin' Martin & Lewis flicks in her parlor. Yes sir pallies...that's where it ALL began! I knew there & then...that I was a tried & true Dino-holic! Ha! 

Ok, pals...let's get the very first Sunday Serenade of 2022 spinnin'! 

What do youse say we kick off the new year...with a little somethin' from the "Winter Romance" al b um? 

I'm thinkin' some "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm" is PERFECTO to ease us into a new wintery well as a COOL COOL NEW YEAR! 

Well, mi amici...let's ALL thinks of the message Nanna G. was tryin' to instill in our young minds.  Let your old worries go...leave them in the past...And enjoy life from today goin forward! 

Dean spreads the same vibe to me now & EVERYDAY! Let's make this a GREAT year pallies! Dino's at our side & he's leadin' the way! 

O'...& just wait 'til youse checks out this CRAZY awesome vid I found! Hahaha!!!

OK ol' pals o' mine...turn it up & raise a glass to the good times to come! 

This one's with you in mind, Nanna!