Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Get "Scared Stiff" This Dino-ween!

Hey pallies, likes Happy Dino-ween to all youse Dino-holics.  Likes it has been a deeply dependable Dino-tradition here at ilovedinomartin to celebrate this Dino-holi-day by sharin' this stunnin'ly stellar swank Dino-lantern that likes puts the awesomest of awesome accent on our Dino's amazin' Dino-buddahgrin!

And, likes for the last many many Dino-weens we have shared a youtube vid of our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner in comedy , Mr. Jerry Lewis, gettin' "Scared Stiff" in their 1953 classic dramady of murder and mayhem.   "Stiff" is such an absolute gas and our ever lovin' Dino and his ever funny partner have never ever had cooler chemistry then in this coolest of cool caper of scare!  We are sorry to report that youtube no longer has the full film up there, so we are sharin' the marvelous movie trailer and then some select scenes from this fabulous flick.  As youse will note, the assembled vid clips from "Scared Stiff" are really random, but perhaps that will add to the Dino-ween fun of this fantastic film.

Likes Happy Dino-weenin' all youse Dino-philes and always, ever, and only keeps the lovin' focus on our most most most beloved DINO!

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Our Dino and Jerry Celebratin' Dino-ween

Hey pallies, likes here's just a bit more Dino-fun, and likes 'nother Dino-tradition here at ilovedinomartin to gets all us Dino-philes into the mood for Dino-ween.  Below, is  the extremely evocative pose of our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis in a very very Dino-ween state of mind.

Donnin' pointy hats and leanin' on some great pumpkins Dino and Jerry create the coolest cool Dino-ween atmosphere.....looks at our Dino lookin' at Jerry makin' with facial and hand motions. ilovedinomartin is delighted to share with all youse Dino-holics  most classic of classic Dino-ween pose!

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis celebrating halloween | Rare and beautiful celebrity photos

Dean and Jerry are getting in the mood for Halloween!

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis celebrating halloween

Monday, October 29, 2018

Send Some Dino-ween Wishes

Hey pallies, likes Dino-ween ain't far off now pallies, likes just a few 'way.    So, likes as in years past we thoughts we woulda  'gain sends all youse Dino-addicted pallies some Dino-ween images that you can use in creatin' Dino-ween-grams to fellow Dino-holics.

These images originally were from the "Dean Martin Informationscenter Deutschland"...," but that source is no longer available on the ol' net, but these Dino-graphics are still likes just waitin' for youse to share with all your Dino-diggin'  pallies on this special Dino-holi-day!

And, likes dudes likes besides sendin' to all the Dino-philes on your list, likes how 'bout sendin' to some of your pallies who are not yet solidly sold-out to our Dino?!?!?!?!?!...certainly a great way to energetically  encourage 'em in growin' in their personal Dino-devotion!!!!!   So use your Dino-creativity to spread the Dino-message durin' the Dino-ween season

Happy Dino-ween to all our ilovedinomartin Dino-homagers ...and as ever, keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Danny G's Special Spooky Sunday Serenade with Dino: "In The Cool Cool Cool Of The Evening"

Welcome back, my little Dino-ghouls & goblins. 

Hope youse is ready for one last CREEPY...SCARY...Darn right FRIGHTENIN' Serenade...from our one 'n only Dino! 

Yes...the time is almost here, my friends! 

The creatures of the night been workin' overtime... to make this Halloween, the mostest spine-tinglin' day of the year! 


 Did I get youse shiverin' in fear, mi amici?! Hahaha!!! 

Just settin' the stage, pals. 

Man...I hate to see this month pass! 

It's SO SO much fun! 

Actually, pallies...I've been in Dino-ween mode since September! 

 I REALLY get into the Halloween case youse can't tell. 

Well, my little spooky Dino-monsters...let's get to the tunes!

 I found us a TOTALLY fun & spooky jam to WEEN ourselves off Dino-ween. 

It's the BEST kinda Dino-vid!
 A LIVE Dino-vid!

 Definitely the most fun watchin' Dean weave his spell on us. 

He's got that "vampirish" way 'bout him that pulls you in & don't let go!

 Man o' man...this is gettin' scarier by the minute! 


OK, palsies o' mine. 
Here's some "In the Cool Cool Cool of the Evening" for youse. 

It's sure to set the mood for these last few, bone-chillin' evenins' of October!

 Enjoy the Dino-vid & have a FEARFULLY fun & safe Halloween. mi amici! 


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Tomorrow In Dino-history: October 28, 1955

Hey pallies,  likes 63 years 'go  tomorrow more delightful Dino-history was made on October 28 when our most beloved Dino recorded 'nother of his coolest of cool classic croons, "Memories Are Made Of This."  We learn this from our all thin's musical blog pallie, Mr. Bob Dearborn at "The Olde Disc Jockey's Almanac - Celebrity Birthdays, This Day In History, Number One songs on this day, little known facts, and more, for the media professional and anyone else who finds these things useful, entertaining and interesting."

Likes as noted below our most beloved Dino recorded this memorable music backed up by Mr. Terry Gilkyson and the Easy Riders.  We are perfectly pleased to also be able to offer the classic clip of our Dino and the Easy Riders croonin' this tune.  As Dino sez at the beginnin' of the vid clip, "Here's a little record that we put out for Capitol.  It's been out about four or five days. It's called 'Memories Are Made Of This.'"

Once 'gain we are incredibly indebted to Mr. Bob Dearborn of   "The Olde Disc Jockey's Almanac" for sharin' 'nother delightful day in all of Dino-history.  To checks this out at Bob's pad, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-message.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

 October 28, 1955…Dean Martin, backed by Terry Gilkyson and the Easy Riders (who wrote the song), recorded "Memories Are Made Of This."

Dean Martin - Memories Are Made Of This (1955)

Friday, October 26, 2018

Handsome Dean Martin ... lights up a cigarette

Hey pallies, likes every so often we find a wee bit of time to plug the beautiful tag of our beautiful man Dino into the google search engine 'long with other Dino-descriptive terms to see what we might find to share with all youse Dino-holics.  Likes yester-Dino-day we were led to add the words "lights up" and likes youse will never ever guess where our pallies at google sent the incredible internet pad of none other then, the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS!

Likes pallies, we found our most beloved Dino in the annals of the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS!!!!!
As all youse ilovedinomartin readers will valiantly view below is a coolest of cool candid of our "Handsome" Dino and "his lovely wife," Jeanne as they were out clubbin' at New York City's Stork Club in 1953.  As you will read below, this incredible image of our Dino lightin' up his smoke was published in New York World-Telegram & Sun] on Jun 2 1953 and now finds it's home as part of the
"Prints and Photographs Division (847,171)" of the "Library of Congress Online Catalog (966,630)."

Image that pallies the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS includes this Dino-treasure as part of their massive collection.  Likes how totally totally thrillin' to know that any of us Dino-philes coulda make pilgrimage to this "largest library in the world" and view this Dino-pix in person, and likes pallies we discovered that there is a goodly 'mount of other Dino-memorabilia there to enjoy as well.  While there is only 3 pieces of Dino-history available to view on line, many more are available to be accessed when traveling to the Library of Congress.

Likes just to know that powerfully potent pieces of Dino-history are lovin'ly lodged in our national library brings such deepest of deep Dino-delight to our Dino-hearts.   To checks this information out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Crooner and the lady Handsome Dean Martin ... lights up a cigarette while his lovely wife, the former Jean Biggers [i.e. Jeanne Biegger], smiles approvingly during a dinner visit to the Stork Club.

About this Item


Crooner and the lady Handsome Dean Martin ... lights up a cigarette while his lovely wife, the former Jean Biggers [i.e. Jeanne Biegger], smiles approvingly during a dinner visit to the Stork Club.

Photograph shows Dean Martin and Jeanne Biegger Martin seated at a table at the Stork Club, New York, New York.
Created / Published
[New York] : [New York World-Telegram & Sun], Jun 2 1953.

Subject Headings
-  Martin, Dean,--1917-1995--Public appearances--New York (State)--New York
-  Martin, Jean Biegger--Public appearances--New York (State)--New York
-  Actors--New York (State)--New York--1950-1960
-  Singers--New York (State)--New York--1950-1960

Format Headings

Photographic prints--1950-1960.
Photographic prints--1950-1960

-  Title from news agency caption on item.
-  Stork Club News Service photo.
-  Forms part of: New York World-Telegram and the Sun Newspaper Photograph Collection (Library of Congress).

1 photograph : gelatin silver print ; 18 x 23 cm.
Call Number/Physical Location
NYWTS - BIOG--Martin, Dean--Singer [item] [P&P]

Source Collection
New York World-Telegram and the Sun Newspaper Photograph Collection (Library of Congress)
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

Digital Id
ds 07825 //
Library of Congress Control Number

Reproduction Number
LC-DIG-ds-07825 (digital file from original item)

Rights Advisory
Publication may be restricted. For information see "New York World-Telegram & ...,"

Online Format

1 photograph : gelatin silver print ; 18 x 23 cm. | Photograph shows Dean Martin and Jeanne Biegger Martin seated at a table at the Stork Club, New York, New York.
LCCN Permalink
Additional Metadata Formats
MODS Record
Dublin Core Record

Part of
Prints and Photographs Division (847,171)
Library of Congress Online Catalog (966,630)

Photo, Print, Drawing


New York


Martin, Dean
Martin, Jean Biegger
New York
New York (State)
Photographic Prints
Public Appearances

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball and Dean Martin raised $18K for the Boy's Club of Palm Springs

Hey pallies, likes we never ever tire of learnin' more 'n more 'bout our most beloved Dino.  Recently we gots a google 'lert that sent us to the home pad of  "The Desert Sun" where writers Miss Andrea Madrigal and Miss Renee Brown shared a "special to The Desert Sun" tagged "Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball and Dean Martin raised $18K for the Boy's Club of Palm Springs.  Likes all the details we could find are shared below.

Likes our Dino and  Mr. Desi Arnaz Sr. and Miss Lucille Ball headlined a charity gig back in the later '50's (1958ish) that took place at Mr. Arnaz's new Western Hills Hotel that raised $18 thou toward the goal of buildin'  a new club house for the Boy's (now Boy's and Girl's) Club of Palm Springs.   Today that $18 thou would translate into a whoppin'  $157,228.44 bein' raised.  Wishes we have more Dino-details on the this cool charity event, but we deeply delight in bein' able to share 'nother example of our Dino's generosity of givin' time, talent, and resources to help others.

We searched for a possible pix of our Dino with Mr. Arnaz and Miss Ball to no avail, but we did find a swank shot of our Dino with Miss Ball from one of the TV gigs they did together.  We thanks Miss Andrea Madrigal and Miss Renee Brown for scribin' this prose for "The Desert Sun" and for helpin' further educate all of us Dino-holics as we seek to grow deeper and deeper in Dino!  To checks this out in it's original and to read it in total, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Image result for Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball and Dean Martin

Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball and Dean Martin raised $18K for the Boy's Club of Palm Springs

Andrea Madrigal and Renee Brown, Special to The Desert Sun

 A fundraising party staged by Desi Arnaz at the his newly opened Western Hills Hotel in Indian Wells featured Lucille Ball, Dean Martin and Walter Winchell and over $18,000 was raised to build the clubhouse which was dedicated on December 14, 1958. The building still serves the clubhouse.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

"We will keep Dino and the old music alive." --- Daire O'Hagan

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor

Hey pallies, likes we are perfectly pleased as punch to one more time lift up the awesome amazin' delightfully deep devotion that our North  Ireland  pallie, Deanager Daire O'Hagan,  has for our most beloved Dino.  Likes in response to our solemn salute to Mr. O'Hagan for the coolest of cool courage to follow in the footsteps of our Dino with a epic show bein' staged by Daire and some pallies on November 3 at Belfast's Metropolitan Arts Centre (see ilovedinomartin Dino-gram posted on Monday HERE), Daire gratefully responded " Wow Dino Martin Peters thank you so much. I really appreciate that ! We will keep Dino and the old music alive."

Likes in addition to Daire's potent patter back at us for our support, while searchin' the ol' 'net for other details on Daire's amazin' adulation of our Dino, we happened 'pon his personal Instagram account where Daire has featured this powerful teachin' of our Dino front and center on his page...

“When your opponent’s sittin there holdin all the aces, there’s only one thing to do: kick over the table”  DeanMartin

How cool is that Dino-holics?!?!?!?!  We are totally totally thrilled to find Deanager Daire passin' on such Dino-wisdom to all the pallies at travel to his personal pad at Instagram.  To checks this out, simply clicks HERE.

And, likes the Dino-pose at the top of this Dino-post  is that found at the top of Deanager Daire's personal facebook page located HERE.  To check out Daire's facebook music pad, where you will find a ton of great Dino-croons, simply clicks HERE.

Why youse might inquire have we here at ilovedinomartin taken up the Dino-mission to spread news as far and wide as we can 'bout Deanager Daire's quest to make it big in the entertainment world when previously we have made it our policy to not focus on Dino-emulators?   Perhaps the answer is 'cause of Daire's youth, and  that we positively perceive the deepest of deep depth O'Hagan has for our marvelous mighty majestic DINO!  And, we would wager a great deal of our support for Daire is rooted in his humble beginnin's when he posted on his personal pad at facebook his first Dino-croon singin' "My Pony, My Rifle, and Me" in honor of the centennial celebration of our Dino's birth.

There is somethin' supremely special 'bout Deanager Daire's deep Dino-devotion and his immensely incredible tremendous talents as a crooner...that coolest of cool combination compels us here at ilovedinomartin to give him all the Dino-support that we can.  So pallies, stay tuned to our humble little Dino-pad for more updates on Mr. Daire O'Hagan and his quest to follow in the footsteps of our most most most beloved Dino.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Our Most Beloved Dino and Mr. Daire O'Hagan

Hey pallies, likes we were perusin' our Deanager pallie Mr. Daire O'Hagan's  facebook pages, likes both his personal and professional music pages, when we discovered that October 17th was Daire's birthday and so we here at ilovedinomartin wanna shouts out our belated birthday best wishes to this very talented laddie who also just happens to be deeply devoted to our Dino.  What an excellent example Mr. O'Hagan is settin' for today's youth as he publicly professes his awesome adulation of our King of Cool.

Likes one of Daire's friends, Miss Donna Jewett Dicken,‎  posted this perfect pix of Daire with his incredible idol, our Dino in honor of Daire's recent birthday.  Of course, all youse Dino-holics will recognize that it was our most beloved Dino's most beloved partner in comedy, Mr. Jerry Lewis, who originally posed with Dino for this snapshot.  Which Dino-phile 'mong us wouldn't deeply desire to  gets this close to our most beloved Dino when he walked the earth?!?!?!?!

We here at ilovedinomartin continue to wish Deanager Daire sweet success as he takes that giant leap for fame and fortune as he stars in a cool cool concert in Belfast on November 3rd.  If by chance you didn't read yesterday's Dino-gram tellin' all 'bout it, simply clicks HERE to read all 'bout it.
Hats off to Daire's facebook pallie Miss Donna Jewett Dicken for her Dino-creativity it puttin' Daire close to his main man, our Dino, and to Mr. Daire O'Hagan who is postponin' his time at university to follow in the footsteps of our one, our only DINO!
Image may contain: 2 people, including Daire O'Hagan, people smiling, people sitting and suit

Monday, October 22, 2018

Northern Ireland's young 'Dean Martin' defers university to chase singing dream with MAC show


Image result for Shauna Corr
Hey pallies, likes faithful followers of our humble little ilovedinomartin waterin' hole will be familiar with the name of Mr. Daire O'Hagan, that delightful Deanager from Northern Ireland who first publicly proclaimed his Dino-adulation by postin' a facebook vid of his version of our Dino's classic croon from "Rio Bravo,"  "My Rifle, My Pony and Me," in celebration of our Dino's centennial birthday back on June 7, 2017.  Youse can read that first ilovedinomartin post on Daire HERE.   For more Dino-grams on Daire risin' Dino-star simply put the tag Daire O'Hagan into the ilovedinomartin search engine and you will find many more as well.

Likes mucho has happened for Mr. Hagan since he first posted his deeply delightful Dino-tribute with pallies from all over the known world standin' in absolute awe of his terrific talent and his absolute awe of our most beloved Dino.  Today we are thrilled to return with more noteworthy news on Daire from the pages of  the internet pad of "Belfast Live."  Scribed by Miss Shauna Carr (pictured on thee left), who btw was the reporter who first broke news on Daire's talent and awe of our Dino, which is the link above.   Miss Corr's most recent Daire focused words is tagged "Northern Ireland's young 'Dean Martin' defers university to chase singing dream with MAC show" and is shared below.

As you will read, Daire is postponin' his start of university, takin' a year to pursue his Dino-dream of makin' it big in show business.  Likes to that end, Daire will begin a tour on November 3 with a gig at Belfast's Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC).  We are so so excited for our Dino-diggin' Deanager and ilovedinomartin wishes Mr. Daire O'Hagan the very Dino-best as he pursues his Dino-dream.  Youse can find Daire's facebook page HERE, which has among other thin's a number of his Dino-croons.

We here at ilovedinomartin thanks Miss Shauna Corr and all the pallies at "Belfast Live" for spreadin' this wonderful news on Daire, and, of course., we thanks Deanager Daire for his devotion to our Dino and helpin' others of today's youth to be deeply drawn to our Dino as well.   To checks this awesome article out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.

We Remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Northern Ireland's young 'Dean Martin' defers university to chase singing dream with MAC show

Daire O'Hagan's incredible talent will be on show in Belfast soon

ByShauna Corr

21:23, 20 OCT 2018

Daire has taken a year out to pursue his dream

You might remember him as the teenager with a voice like Dean Martin and a truly old soul...

Well Daire O'Hagan is back and this time he has a show at Belfast's MAC.

The 18-year-old said he dreams of a life belting out Rat Pack hits so badly he has deferred his place at university to go for it.

He told Belfast Live: "I am lucky to have a lot of support.

Watch: Northern Ireland's young 'Dean Martin' is taking requests for the 12 days of Christmas

"I didn't really know what I wanted to do and put this and that down for university. I was going to do construction and then I changed to finance.

"But my mum said 'If you're putting on a show - take a year out and do it'."

Daire said he thinks his mother was worried he would spend the year complaining he had so much to, so he took the leap, with his mum right right behind him.

"Hopefully it will go well," he added.

"It's been a really big learning curve for me talking to theatres. The singing is much easier than doing the organising."

Daire has gathered followers all over the world with his amazing Rat Pack renditions on social media.

But he said the dream for him is to trot the globe with his very own big band.

"Michael Buble is doing what I want to do," he added.

"If I could have his band I would I would be happy."

This 17-year-old's singing voice and youthful looks do not match up
For now though, he has his sights set on selling out the MAC in November.

Although nervous about the event and all it means, he said: "I will give it a go and hopefully after that I will take it on the road."

Daire is performing a line up of big band classics with the backing of a seven piece he met through Portadown Schools Band.

"Getting the tickets sold is the most nerve wracking part," he added.

If you would like to see the talented young crooner take on Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra classics, you can get  tickets for the November 3 event here .

He will be supported on the night by "above and beyond voice" Brendan Quinn, Irish showband singer Sandy Kelly and country talent Niamh Lynn.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "It Just Happened That Way"

Welcome back mi amici! 

Just sittin' here...soakin' in this BEA U TI FUL & sunny Fall mornin'. 

Chilly...but beautiful, just the same.

 Youse learn to appreciate these simple thins' in life, as youse get older, I guess, pals.

 Comes with age I suppose.  

Also comes with some aches & loss & an ulcer! 
Hey...that's life, mi amici. 

Tomorrow could bring some GREAT news...or maybe a little "not so great".  

Somethin' that youse didn't see comin' can open your eyes, pals.

Now, it just so happens that I gots us a GREAT GREAT Serenade to help me get the Dino-message across.

 "It Just Happened That Way" teaches us to roll with the punches, pallies. 

Youse NEVER know what's 'round the next corner.

 It's all 'bout growin', pallies.
 Good & bad. 
That's the game.

 Except your situation & learn from it. 

Dean ALWAYS rolled with the punches & usually came out on top!

 Life may deal youse a losin' hand every now & then, ol pals o' mine.
 But guess what???!!!
 If youse can embrace it...if youse can find SOME little piece of silver linin' 'round that cold & cloudy day...YOUSE WILL BE DINO-FIED!!! 

Problems could just be blessins' in disguise!
Well...that may be pushin' it a little bit...but...that's the Dino in me!

 Watch out for life's surprises, pals. 

Don't let em' get youse down. 

Stay Dino-empowered & face life's little tricks & treats, eye to Dino-eye!