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Crooner Dean Martin – Reminiscing With the King of Cool – The Timeless Music of Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes you just never know who you are goin' to find next homagin' our Dino on the web. Today's Dino-reflections comes from the blog site tagged "Ezine @rticles" and was penned by Mr. Darrell Berg-Smith.

In readin' his bio we learn that Berg-Smith is the "CEO of The Asian Regional Impact Initiative, and is a professional speaker, author, consultant and entrepreneur who specializes in advising on Corporate Social Responsibility programs and Cause Marketing resources to NGO's and companies worldwide."

Mighty impressive credentials, I woulda say pallies, and Mr. Berg-Smith has written
a stunnin' piece of Dino-prose showin' his deep, pure, and true devotion to our most beloved Dino. Mr. Darrell covers each and every Dino-period, sharin' many of the usual Dino-facts that we have come to expect, but author Berg-Smith has done it with the finesse and flair that our Dino is so so richly deservin' of.

So, likes ever though Dino-holics likes us have read these Dino-details over and over...and of course, likes what true Dino-phile ever tires of hearin' the does yourself a favor dudes and enjoy this fresh Dino-devotion from one truly in the Dino-know.

Hats off to Mr. Darrell Berg-Smith for creatin' this stunnin' Dino-trib, sure to bring many many pallies into knowin', lovin', and honorin' our most beloved Dino. To view this in it's original format, likes clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram. Dino-awed, DMP

Crooner Dean Martin –
Reminiscing With the King of Cool –
The Timeless Music of Dean Martin

By Darrell Berg-Smith

Everybody loves Somebody sometime, and that somebody is none other than legendary crooner Dean Martin. With cigarette in hand and a lady by his side, the King of Cool served up his sensual love songs to the world for over four decades.

Dino Paul Crocetti, the son of Italian immigrant parents, made his way to the top by rolling with the punches, literally. Ridiculed by classmates for his broken English and dropping out of Steubenville High School at age 15, young Dino made his way into show business by taking some pretty hard knocks. Boxing as a welterweight with the self-dubbed title of Kid Crochet, Dino acquired a little cash, a broken nose, a split lip and broken knuckles during his boxing hay day. among his many other early means of livelihood, he bootlegged, dealt blackjack for an illegal casino and was a speakeasy croupier.

Musically influenced by Harry Mills of the Mills Brothers, Dino adopted that same suave crooner singing style. He teamed up with bandleader Sammy Watkins who convinced the young singer to change his name to Dean Martin.

A pleasant voice and his natural charm won Martin some pretty handsome nightclub gigs. however he didn’t enjoy the fanatical magnetic draw that crooners like Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra experienced right out of the shoot.

His first real break came in 1946 at the Glass Hat Club in New York City when he met a young comedian named Jerry Lewis. the two became good friends and began to combine forces. this pairing would catapult Martin to an almost overnight celebrity status. the duo was a comedic-singing act with most of the top-billing going to Lewis. Martin served as the straight man of the twosome. Although the two embarked on a quick ride to stardom that included a nightclub-booking schedule at all the top clubs across the nation along with record and film contracts, Martin was growing restless with the second-billing reviews and eventually the two had a falling out. Martin and Lewis parted ways and dissolved their relationship both personally and professionally in 1956. the duo reconciled in a surprise public appearance in 1976 during the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.

A solo career for Martin didn’t come easy. His crooner style singing was not being as well received with the new rock & roll genre catching on across the country. Struggling to find his unique niche, he concentrated more on his acting than his singing. In 1957 Martin made a smart decision. Though taking a deep dip in pay, he signed on to star in the film The Young Lions alongside headliners Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift. this was the catalyst that afforded Martin his comeback, only this time, on his own. the film was a box-office success and Dean Martin was on his way. With big screen recognition, he now had the luxury to cultivate his singing career. Perfecting his style and his vocal technique, the King of Cool was now more comfortable to sing duets with mentors such as Frank Sinatra and Perry Como.

The rebellious Italian speaking youth from Steubenville, Ohio was now in the big leagues. Dean Martin would almost always insure a big box-office draw with his name attached to a film and when his name appeared on a Las Vegas marquee, the house was sure to be packed.

Teaming up with fellow crooner pals Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., Martin was one of the original members of the famed Rat Pack. They themselves didn’t refer to each other as the Rat Pack however, but rather tagged their group the Summit or the Clan instead.

Through the 1960′s and the first part of the 1970′s, Martin enjoyed great success in television with the Dean Martin Show, a variety series that featured many top stars of that day. His easy tongue in cheek format was an audience favorite but sometimes a point of contention with his producers. Martin did best with adlib and didn’t like following a rigid script, which would make crewmembers a bit uncomfortable at times. Later Martin hosted a celebrity roast show that featured big name stars such as Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, and Lucille Ball.

Dino had found his own voice and went on to have legendary hits, like; Memories are Made of This, That’s Amore, and Everybody loves Somebody. His songs are still heard in movies, television shows and commercials today. Martin’s songs are downloaded on ITunes by a whole new generation of song lovers.

Dean’s image as a lazy drunk with a continuous smoke in his hand became his signature public persona. Although never disputed by Martin, there has been much speculation that the drinking was in part, an act and a media-hyped up perception. Unfortunately the heavy smoking was very real and in 1993 Martin was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

His personal life included three marriages and seven children. Martin’s son, Dean Paul (Dino) died in a plane crash in 1987. the tragedy took its toll on the entertainer and subsequently began the decline of his career. His last public appearance was in December of 1990 celebrating Frank Sinatra’s 75th birthday. Dean Martin died on Christmas Day 1995 in Beverly Hills, California from acute respiratory failure. He was 78 years old.

Crooner Dean Martin – Reminiscing With the King of Cool – The Timeless Music of Dean Martin

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HOMES OF THE WESTERN STARS – Dean Martin part two

Hey pallies, likes don't know 'bout you, but likes I have been waitin' with bated breath for part duo of the "Homes Of The Western Stars - Dean Martin" post from our pallies at "Charles Starrett – One Fan's Journey" (clicks on tag of this post to goes there)....and just found it posted and makin' haste to share it with all you Dino-holics.

Again, from guest blogger Mr. Bob Siler comes the second half detailed listin' of our Dino's pads...from 1948 until his death in 1995. Loves all the pixs that Siler has been able to share of many of our most beloved Dino's spectacular spaces...includin' pixs of our Dino with wifes #2 and #3. This is truly wonderful Dino-information that likes all true Dino-devotees are goin' to want to commit to memory.

ilovedinomartin sends our grateful appreciato out to the Mr. Bob Siler and the pallies at "Charles Starrett – One Fan's Journey" for aidin' us in our Dino-education and helpin' others to become likes more and more in the Dino-know. Dino-impressed, DMP

HOMES OF THE WESTERN STARS – Dean Martin part two

August 28, 2011








In 1948 Dean and Jerry Lewis packed up their broods and left New York City for the film capitol of the world, Hollywood, California. The team of Lewis and Martin may not have lasted, but Dean became one of the busiest and most beloved film stars of all time, which is something one could never say about Jerry.

1948 – 1949


He and Betty rented this house for $600 a month. It was their first Hollywood home.



When Dean and Betty split up he moved out of their home and rented a small, funrished house here. They soon divorced.





Hover was the proprieter of ‘Ciro’s', (now The Comedy Store) and was living here in the 1940s. In September 1949 Dean married his second wife, Jeanne, here.

(Dean and Jeanne)

1949 – 1955


The newleyweds moved here, their first home.



The Martin’s next moved here for a short stay before moving into a bigger house near the Los Angeles Country Club.



Dean could always be found on the green playing golf.



1955 – 1972


Dean, Jeanne and the kids found their dream mansion and settled into family life. Their ‘wood and firestone’ house had three servents, six cars, swimming pool and tennis court. He paid $225,000 for the joint. He moved out in 1972 and he and Jeanne divorced.

JANUARY 1973 – JUNE 25, 1976


Dean married his third and final wife, Catherine Hawn, and they moved into this joint, which he shelled out $500,000 for. They moved out on June 25, 1976 and he sold the place to Tom Jones. In recent years Nicholes Cage has lived here.

With Catherine Hawn

JUNE 25, 1976 – AUGUST 1976


Dean and Catherine moved to this beach house. By August the marriage was over and he moved out.



From Malibu Dean moved here to his new bachelor diggs.









Bob Siler grew up in Burbank, not far from Universal Studios and Warner Brothers where they made his favorite monster movies. A long-time fan of Westerns, he still has a hard time believing that the great John Wayne could die. Bob has created many lists detailing where the famous and infamous lived, are buried, and the cars they drove. He has recently completed this list of Western Stars homes after many years. Burbank Bob now resides in Portland, Oregon.

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Dean Martin slurred his way to the top of the Rat Pack

Hey pallies, likes truly there is absolutely no end to internet pads, and likes thus there is truly no end to Dino-devotion found on the web. Today's little Dino-gem comes from 'nother new-to-us space tagged "Enteractive Magazine," and their Dino-presentation, "Dean Martin slurred his way to the top of the Rat Pack."

Though short in length, today's evocative Dino-post is long in Dino-images...never heard most of 'em before....for example..."As tanned as a hash brown, the toast of the celebrity roast." Never heard our Dino's amazin' tan compared to hash browns...or to toast for that matter.

And nouveau hipster that penned these intriguin' Dino-thoughts ends with the provocative Dino-statements..."Dino cared deeply about—and took care of—his appearance more than his fans would care to know. And it showed." Likes I for one Dino-holic woulda loves to know what this dude is referrin' to 'bout our Dino's devotion to his appearance.

This post seems reminiscent of Nick Tosche's writin' on Dino..likes sometime you can't tell whether the writer is dissin' our Dino...or simply usin' such language and images 'cause likes their are likes in total awe of our most beloved Dino. Your thoughts pallies?

To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram. Dino-diggin', DMP

Enteractive Magazine

Dean Martin slurred his way to the top of the Rat Pack

August 25, 2011

As tanned as a hash brown, the toast of the celebrity roast, Dean Martin slurred his way to the top of the Rat Pack. His legal name was Dino, and the vanity plate on his car read DRUNKY. Even though he chain-smoked, Martin was blessed with Italian skin that kept its glow until his death at 78. Some say he remains preserved because his body was pickled. But as with his whole rakishly cultivated persona, Dino cared deeply about—and took care of—his appearance more than his fans would care to know. And it showed.

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Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Where Or When"

Welcome back Pals o Mine! This week we'll be seein' nother' great live performance of pure pure perfection! I believe it's from President Reagan's 1980 inaugural gala. I think he performed again in 1984 but looked a hair older to me. Therefore I've come to the determination pals, that this was 1980.

Could be wrong bout' the date but there is no doubt in this Dino lover's mind that no one could be performin' for the President of these great United States of ours and still be as calm, cool & collected as Mr. Dean Martin!

Hey pals, how do you think this sounds? President Dean Martin!!! Man, this country would have been swingin'! Dean's worldly wisdom is what our great land could use right now! He would definitely swoon the other worldly leaders into seein' thins' his way. If anyone could get us back on the right track, for sure it's our great man! Sit back & enjoy pallies!

Where Or When

It seem we stood and talked like this before
we looked at each other in the same way then,
But I can't remember where or when.
The clothes you're wearing are the clothes you wore.
The smile you are smiling you were smilimg then,
But I can't remember where or when.

Some things that happened for the first time,
Seem to be happening again.
And so it seems that we have met before
and laughed before
and loved before,
But who knows where or when.

Some things that happened for the first time,
Seem to be happening again.
And so it seems that we have met before
and laughed before
and loved before,
But who knows where or when.

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Can You Find The Dino-errors?

Hey pallies, likes the homepage that today's Dino-post originates from simply sez "1960s," but the addy for the pad is actually "Mr. Gallagher's Student Sites" which makes me likes think that this website is probably the cyber projects done for teacher Gallagher. And, likes I was led to what musta been one of today's youth's reseach project on our most beloved Dino.

In 'bout 200 words, this scholar has related the life and times of our great man. In doin' a bit of researchin' it woulda appear that Wikipedia was used as the Dino-source for what has been scribed. Was quite amused by the errors contained in this little Dino-reflection and likes invites you to send a little Dino-gram our way to share what missed cues you find here.

Likes I thinks our Dino woulda loves to have some flubs in his Dino-story 'cause he loves to do so himself on his greatest of great Dino-show. I was so so delighted to find this here little gem and to know that some cool teach tagged Gallagher was helpin' turn at least one of his charges on to our most beloved Dino!

Hats off to the youngen who did this Dino-project and likes to checks it out in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this here Dino-message! Dino-growin', DMP

Dean Martin

Born in June 7, 1917, Dean Martin would later became a very successful American singer, actor, television star, along with a successful comedian. Born with the name Dino Paul Crocetti, he gave himself the stage name of Dino Martini when he sang with local bands in Steubenville, Ohio. Dean’s major solo career in film began after he was discharged from the U.S. Army in 1945. Martin stared in films such as The Young Lions, which released in 1957, and Rio Bravo in 1959. He later became very popular for his roles with Frank Sinatra, Joey Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr. to form the Rat Pack. This combination of men became very famous for their Las VEgas performances as well as their role in the original Oceans 11. LAter in 1965, Dean MArtin created his own show, cleverly name The Dean Martin Show, which aired on NBC and was a weekly comedy-variety series. Although he was very famous for his roles in films and television, Dean MArtin was also a very famous singer making many hits. Some of these include the very popular Memories Are Made of This, Mambo Italiano, and the extremely popular Ain’t That a Kick in the Head.

Below is an image of the very young Dean Martin

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And Dean Martin was my favorite.

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-feature contains both happy and sad news. The sad news is that it has been announced that Glen Campbell has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Recently Miss Edna Gundersen interviewed Glen for USA Today and her article talks about this very sad news for one of our greatest singer/songwriters.

In the midst of this sad news, one of the happiest parts of the interview with Glen is that he spoke of our most beloved Dino in the most lovin' terms sayin' "And Dean Martin was my favorite." How wonderful that the very talented Glen Campbell liked best to work for and with our Dino!

Below is just the briefest of brief posts from the Campbell interview that speaks of our Dino in such fond terms. To view the whole interview, as usual, just click on the tag of this Dino-message. ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Miss Gunderson and the pallies at USA Today for doin' the interview.

Also included here is an outstandin' clip of our most beloved Dino and Glen doin' a medley of tunes on the Dino-show. Enjoys watchin' and listenin' to these giants of music croonin' together on "Blue Blue Day," "Singin' The Blues," and "You Are My Sunshine." Likes it is so so refreshin' to find these guys havin' such such fun together. Dino-ever, DMP

"I did Viva Las Vegas with Elvis. We were both from the sticks. What a talent. Frank Sinatra was wonderful. He always said, 'Hey, good job, guys.' And Dean Martin was my favorite. I was floating on cloud nine. To play with that caliber of musicians, it really opened my eyes and made my playing better."

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the project that cinephiles have been drooling over for more than a decade: Dino, Martin Scorsese’s film biography of Dean Marti

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-topic is one that is likes totally near and dear to my Dino-heart.....Martin Scorsese’s film biography of our most beloved Dino, adapted from Nick Toches’ stellar Dino-bio, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dreams."

From the pages of "Flavorwire" and the pen of Mr. Jason Bailey comes the outstandin' feature article, "10 Way Overdue Biopics We’d Like to See." And, likes which yet-to-be-filmed bio is at the top of Mr. Bailey's stunnin' list.....likes of course, none other then Scorsese's renderin' of Tosches' Dino-bio!

Likes pallies simply loves how Jason phrases it..."First and foremost is the project that cinephiles have been drooling over for more than a decade: Dino, Martin Scorsese’s film biography of Dean Martin, adapted from Nick Toches’ book by screenwriter Nicolas Pileggi, Scorsese’s collaborator on Goodfellas and Casino."

Likes, indeed pallies, yours truly has certainly been "drooling over" with huge anticipation the possiblity of seein' Tosches' stellar Dino-bio hittin' the big screen. Wanna sez a huge thank you to Mr. Jason Bailey for puttin' the accent on our Dino in this way and keepin' the fire of Dino-possibility lit in hopes of "DINO" hittin' the big screen one day. To view this in it's original format and see Mr. Bailey's complete list of hoped for films, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram. Dino-desirin', DMP

Memphis Three

10 Way Overdue Biopics We’d Like to See

2:30 pm Tuesday Aug 23, 2011 by Jason Bailey

Yesterday, HBO Films announced plans for the upcoming movie The Day the Laughter Stopped, based on the true story of Fatty Arbuckle, the wildly popular silent movie comic (second only to Chaplin) whose career was brought to a screeching halt when he was falsely accused of raping and murdering a starlet named Virginia Rappe at a Labor Day party in 1921. Though he was ultimately acquitted of the crime, Arbuckle’s reputation was ruined forever, and in the wake of the scandal, Hollywood studios cracked down on both on-screen sex and the off-screen lives of their stars.

Good movie material, yeah? We’ve thought so for years, and look forward to seeing what John Adams writer Kirk Ellis, You Don’t Know Jack director Barry Levinson, and Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet (we’d always seen Oliver Platt in the role, but that’s neither here nor there) come up with. Meanwhile, the recent, surprise release of the West Memphis Three has provided filmmaker Atom Egoyan with an unexpectedly upbeat ending to his already-in-the-works WM3 film. Both of these tidbits got us thinking about some of the real lives we’d like to see get the biopic treatment. Check out our picks after the jump, and add your own in the comments.

Dean Martin

Our first three are perhaps cheats, since they’re projects that actually are in some form of development — but they’ve been talking about them forever, and we’re ready to just see the damn things already. First and foremost is the project that cinephiles have been drooling over for more than a decade: Dino, Martin Scorsese’s film biography of Dean Martin, adapted from Nick Toches’ book by screenwriter Nicolas Pileggi, Scorsese’s collaborator on Goodfellas and Casino. Scorsese bought the rights to the book clear back in 1992 and Pileggi had a script ready a few years later; word circulated that Scorsese was courting an all-star cast that included Tom Hanks (Martin), John Travolta (Frank Sinatra), Jim Carrey (Jerry Lewis), Hugh Grant (Peter Lawford), and Adam Sandler (Joey Bishop). But either due to the cost or availability of that dream cast, the project never came to be; talk of the project died out altogether in 2009, when word circulated that Scorsese was making a Sinatra biopic instead. That one is still languishing as well. Either one will be fine, Marty. Whenever you get the chance.

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.....because he had everything it takes to be a legend.

Hey pallies, likes gotta 'fess up to you dudes that likes I am absolutely awesomely smitten by and likes completely completely Dino-psyched to be bringin' today's Dino-feature to all your sold-out to Dino pallies. Likes our Dino so so wisely spoke of "puttin' the accent on youth" 'cause our wonderfully worldly wise Dino knew that it was the youth of the day who are always always where it is at!

Likes I am so so psyched to share 'nother of today's youthful modsters who has become likes totally totally devoted to our most beloved Dino...and today's post was created by a young Deanager...Miss Daniela, all of thirteen count-em thirteen years and likes also international in origin 'cause likes she is makin' Argentina her home pad. In fact here are a few word written by this youthful Dino-lover 'bout her life, times and passions...

"I’m Daniela, a thirteen year old girl from Argentina who adores music, films, writing and daydreaming. I’m against violence, although I curse all the time. I like to think I’m friendly and I have big dreams and expectations for the future. Most of the things I post are about actresses, actors, films, music and pop culture, basically, anything from the 1920′s to the 1980′s."

Comin' from her blog home "Silver Velvet Sky" (clicks on tag to goes there), Miss Daniela has assembled a huge parcel of Dino-pixs....59 in all!...many of 'em familiar to Dino-philes such as you and I...but likes a goodly number of Dino-shots that I have never ever seen before...likes took me over an hour just to transfer all those Dino-pixs to ilovedinomartin!

And, not only has Deanager Daniela assembled such a wonderful mix of Dino-portraits, but she has also shared a very delightful selection of teachin's from our wise man...again many that are familiar to us the Dino-faithful, but 'specially one that I remember readin' long ago in a fan mag, but one that I have not been able to locate on the web.

The one I am referrin' to come near the end of this Dino-profile and refers to our Dino's beliefs in God. It is well known that our most beloved Dino did not have much time for "the church," but it is very touchin' to read our Dino's thoughts on the creator and on personal prayers. Findin' these personal words of Dino-reflection are worth the price of admission to this extraordinary blog post!

ilovedinomartin sez our hugest of huge Dino-thanks to Argentina's Miss of the truest of the true Deanager I have ever comes 'cross. Thanks ever so much Daniela for speakin' so boldly and earnestly 'bout your deep, pure, and true devotion to our most beloved Dino...and for the tons of effort that you have put into this profile of our great man...this is truly one of the top ten Dino-postin's that ilovedinomartin has ever done!

Hopes to certainly be seein' more Dino-efforts from our Deanager Daniela...and certain that her Dino-sharin' will bring many many of today's youthful hipsters into the Dino-fold! Dino-awed, DMP

Profile of the Week

20 Aug

Dean Martin (June 7, 1917 – December 25, 1995), born Dino Paul Crocetti, was an American singer, film actor, television star and comedian. Martin’s hit singles included “Memories Are Made of This”, “That’s Amore”, “Everybody Loves Somebody”, “Mambo Italiano”, “Sway”, “Volare” and smash hit “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?”. Nicknamed the “King of Cool”, he was one of the members of the “Rat Pack” and a major star in four areas of show business: concert stage/night clubs, recordings, motion pictures, and television.

Today I re-watched Dean Martin’s biography, so I thought it would be nice to dedicate this Profile of the Week post to this incredible man. As it says in the paragraph I took from Wikipedia, Dean was the “King of Cool”, he was even beyond that. He was one of the most honest performers in history -if not the most honest-, he was natural, laid back, funny, always having a truly good time and we -the audience- saw that, that’s why we loved him and still do.

You know those kind of artists who make you smile by simply appearing on a screen or by talking or laughing? Well, that’s exactly the way I feel about Dino, he makes me happy, and I do think that’s a terribly important thing in a performer. Although I get this sensation with many other actors/singers too, there’s something special about him.

I’ll be completely honest, I don’t think he had a really really great quality as an actor, but I tell you, I have a ball watching his films, I enjoy them very much. If there actually was something unique about Dean Martin, it definitely was his enchanting voice. I would listen to him all day, even if he were singing the most mediocre song in the world, just like I would with Frank Sinatra, whom I worship basically the same way as Dean.

I don’t have the slightes idea of how I discovered Dean, I can’t remember at all, but if I’m correct, I became one of his fans last year. Though he is well-known, respected and adored, I still think he’s underrated. He could be as big as any of the biggest Hollywood stars, because he had everything it takes to be a legend.

Jerry Lewis, Frank Sinatra and Dino.

“If people want to think I get drunk and stay out all night, let ‘em. That’s how I got here, you know.”

“I can’t stand an actor or actress who tells me acting is hard work. It’s easy work. Anyone who says it isn’t never had to stand on his feet all day dealing blackjack.”

Dean & Jerry

“I’ve got seven kids. The three words you hear most around my house are ‘hello,’ ‘goodbye,’ and ‘I’m pregnant.”

“[On Frank Sinatra] I’m truly fortunate to be counted as one of Frank’s friends, I’m pretty lucky every night I get on my knees and pray, I pray that I can get off my knees. Yeah Frank’s been a real pill, pal … he helped me when I started singing in cafes and helped me with my recording and motion picture career. Frank thanks for your support, I swear I’ll wear it till the day I die. This man’s success has served as an inspiration to every American boy. Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken, New Jersey as an unwanted child and now he’s wanted in five States. Especially in the State of New York, as you know New York City has been having financial trouble, nobody knew Frank had lent money to New York until they found the Statue of Liberty with her arms broken.”

With wife Jeanne and son.

“[On second wife Jeanne] I have seven children that I am so proud of. I’m a grandfather at fifty. And I found Jeannie, such a wife. She took my four children from my previous marriage, and she won ‘em over, and she was so young. They call her Mom, you know. And we had three others, but she loved ‘em like my four. Isn’t that fabulous? After my divorce, the court eventually gave me the children, and I think it was the first time in California that a man got the children…But what luck that my Jeannie was there and was such a fine lady. My Jeannie and her blue eyes. I call ‘em Nazi eyes. Thanks to them, I don’t even care about givin’ my ex-wife $2,400 a month for 18 years.”

To those who felt he joked his way through songs during concert and nightclub appearences: “You wanna hear it straight, buy the album.”

Upon filing for divorce from his second wife: “I know it`s the gentlemanly thing to let the wife file. But, then, everybody knows I`m no gentleman.”

With co-star Marilyn Monroe.

“I’d hate to be a teetotaler. Imagine getting up in the morning and knowing that’s as good as you’re going to feel all day.”

Dean and Nancy Sinatra.

Holding Audrey Hepburn.

“Oh! So very much! Oh! Every night—I still have never missed a night without prayin’. And I have my Saint Christopher, and when I get on the airline, I cross myself and pray to Him. I don’t get on my knees, I pray in bed. Oh yes, I believe in God. I don’t understand too many things. For example, when a baby comes from a lady, who’s gonna make this thing with the ears and the nose and the mouth and the eyes? Who? God does. And when people die, what do they say? “God help me,” they say. Cause who they gonna turn to? Henry Ford? Naw, they’re gonna turn to God. He’s the one who put ‘em here and takes ‘em away…I remember when President Kennedy died, rest in peace, was shot. I ran to my car and I went down to church and I lit a candle at the altar and I prayed. And I said to God, “Please don’t let him die.”…When your mother dies, and your father dies, or a friend dies, what do you do if not prayin’?” -Dean Martin, when asked whether he believed in God, 1967