Monday, June 29, 2009

It has Dean Martin in it......

Hey pallies, found this cool post by a dude tagged sancerre at the Daily Kos site on the series "The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo." Clicks on tagg of this Dinopost to goes there.

Well as you Dinoholics will recall our Dino did an episode of that series that was tagged "Dean Martin and the Moon Shiners".....likes what coulda be more appro for our Dino?!??!?

Anyway in this sancerre guy's esteemed opinion the Dinoescapade ranks numero uno in his ain't that the coolest....and as a total Dinoaddict likes I coulda agree with him more....our Dino is always the bestest of the best.

The 10 Best Sheriff Lobo Episodes
by sancerre2001
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It's a trend on Daily Kos that I couldn't resist being a part of.

First we had the 10 Best Simpson's episodes, the Seinfeld, then Buffy.

Well, I can't let Loboheads not have a voice here on Daily Kos.

The following is a list of my 10 favorite Sheriff Lobo episodes. I'll dispense with the synopses, Loboheads know what happened.

Note: this is a very subjective list. Your list will differ, no doubt, and I'll leave out episodes that other Loboheads will think are classics. So be it, that's what comment threads are for.

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Here we go, sanceree2001's top 10 Sheriff Lobo episodes. Let the controversy begin!

10. Lobo and the Pirates - What can be said about this season 2 gem...sublime, hilarious, thought provoking. Many squad cars are destroyed.

9.The Girls with the Stolen Bodies - If you were to point to a template of the ideal Lobo episode, this would be it. Girls, Bodies, Stolen things. A classic.

8.Who's the Sexiest Girl in the World? - I lurve this episode, which seeks to answer an age old question, how many squad cars can you destroy in one hour?

7.The Big Game (aka The Panhandle Pussycats Come to Orly) The third episode produced, this put Lobo on the map. Unfortunately, the Panhandle Pussycats broke up right after this Lobosode aired, I guess the pressure was too much.

6.Keep on Buckin' - The last episode, sadly, and on many Loboheads list of best ever! If Fellini had been alive at the time, he would have directed this episode, it's that good.
5.Run for the Money (2) [begun on B.J. and the Bear] - The Odyssey of Late 70's TV. Wow, many, many, many squad cars are demolished.

4.The Roller Disco Karate Kaper - One of the many Lobo episodes that capture the spirit of the 70's perfectly.

3. The Day That Shark Ate Lobo - The one that started the whole Lobo phenomenom. Remember Lobomania, this is the episode that started it. It rocketed straight to #51 in the Nielson ratings.

2.The Senator Votes Absentee - I'm a politics junkie, and this is 60 minutes of pure politics, and squad car destruction. Put this Lobosode up with Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and All The Presidents Men.

1.Dean Martin and the Moonshiners - What can I add to the pages and pages of scholarship devoted to Dean Martin and the Moonshiners? Nothing. Let me just say, this is the best thing ever produced in the southern-based, squad car destroying, Waylon Jennings theme songing, chimpanzee starring, short-short wearing genre. It has Dean Martin in it for God's sake.


Keith said...

Hey pallie DMP. Wow! That's so cool. I watched this show, but didn't remember Dino up there. That's been so many years ago. I was a kid then.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Keith, yeah, how cool is it that our Dino apprears all over the tube.....