Sunday, March 27, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino "Cha Cha Cha D'Amour"

 Hey pals...Welcome to our Numero Due (two in Italiano) Sunday Serenade with Dino ...Spring 2022!

Yes...I'm STILL rantin' 'bout it bein' Spring ...& Man o man, mi amici...does that feel GREAT to say! Ha! 

So, pallies...what's shakin', on this SUNNY March day? 

Hopefully not youse! Haha!! 

Hopefully not chilly weather. 

We is startin' to see some DEFINATE improvements 'round 

No problemo, either way though, my friends. It's SPRING!!! Don't matter if it's warm 'nough. Don't matter if rainin' or blizzardin'! Don't even matter if this damn virus is still hangin' 'round! Your ol' pallie, Danny G., DEF I NATE LY ain't complainin'!!  

For I've been sayin''s a state of mind, mi amici. 

For me...there simply ain't NO better time of year! 

It's a season of new beginnins'! 

A chance to start fresh! 

Hey, pals...I can ALWAYS use a fresh start! Haha!! 

Snow is gone...for now anyway. Birds are slowly startin' to sing! 

Man o man , my friends...I cants' help but get SO SO 'cited!!! 

We needs a jumpy little Dino-jam to shake off these wintery chills & gets our Springtime blood flowin'! 

Screw the Corona! Throw on some Dino! 

I know a PERFECTO tune for this week's Serenade! 

Let's get those dancey latin beats thumpin' & get our sleepy wintery hearts back to pumpin'! Ha! 

A BIG...JUICY...EXTRA SPICY dose of "Cha Cha Cha D'Amour" should wake youse up! 

Turn this one WAAAYYY up, pallies! 

We'll make the cold & the COVID run for the hills! It's time to cha cha with Dino! Hahaha!!! I 

Found a COOL COOL vid, too. 

VERY nice pics. Little blurry though...unless that's just my martini kickin' in. Ha!  

This should get thins' shakin'. 

Hey, baby...that's how we like it, ol' pals o' mine...shaken, not stirred! 

Let's go!!! 

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Tik A Tee, Tik A Tay"



Welcome back, mi amici & welcome to our NUMERO UNO Sunday Serenade with our beloved Dino, Spring 2022!!! 

We's made it, pallies...WE'S MADE IT!!! 

Ahhhhh....Springtime. It & Dean just seem to fit SO SO nicely together. Don't youse agree, pals? O good!  

Kinda likes a hand in a glove...likes a foot in a fine Italian loafer...likes a green green olive in a dry dry martini! Haha! 

Man o' man, mi amici... I thinks we need to kick this swingin' season off with a COOL COOL & BOUNCY little jam! 

A tune that will REALLY shake off those wintery webs & gets us in a "sunshinin' state of mind"! 

Let's get a wee bit silly for this special Serenade, pallies! 

We'll start with a jumpin' drum beat...add some maniacal backup singin'... mix in a touch of Dean's sweet sweet Italian type croonin'...shake it all up...real good...& pour us a TALL, COOL, REFRESHIN' glass of "Tik A Tee Tik A Tay"!!! Ha! 

Now THAT'S a concoction to get ANYONE flyin'! I'm buzzin' just thinkin' 'bout it! Hahaha!!! 

OK, my Dino-diggin' Spring chickens...I'm ready! Are youse?! GREAT! 

So as my pops, Big John G, would say..."Shake it...Don't break it"! Haha!! 

I'm pourin' up shots of Dino, today! 

Drink em' up, my friends! 


Sunday, March 13, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Just In Time"

 Hey pals!!! What's up?!!! 

Do I seem a wee bit "over-excited" today?! Haha!! 

Well, mi Dean Martin-diggin' amici...I is!!! Hahaha!!! 

It's just this COOL COOL time of year, I guess. 

Spring is in the air & Dino-jams just seem to fit in SO SO perfecto-ly! Ha! 

They sound...if it's at ALL possible...even better! It's just the season, I'm thinkin', pals. The whole damn thin'! So upliftin' to me! And even though this crazy world seems so so upside down, at the moment...I couldn't be floatin' on more of a Springtime cloud! 

Oh...and by the way, pallies...gots one more VERY cool thin' goin' on that brings one of my all-time FAVE Dino-tunes to mind! 

This Tuesday...March 15th...will mark what would have been Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton's 58th weddin' anniversary. 

Now youse may be wonderin'...Gee, Danny G....what's that gots to do with our most beloved Dino & our Cool & Swingin' Sunday Serenade?!!! curious little disciples of I've told youse once or twice before...just watch "Liz & Dick"! Haha!! 

It's a FUN FUN flick 'bout their crazy but passionate relationship. And here's the Dino-link...Dean's "Just In Time" opens the movie! 

O Man O soon as I heard Dino croonin' to the openin' credits...I was hooked! 

Liz & Dick & Dino...Now THATS one for the ages!!! Hahaha!!! 

I must’ve watched this flick 100 times & still cant gets my fill! Do yourselves a favor & grab a copy, my friends. Pour a glass...or two...of vino...& let the fun begin! 

OK, pallies...that's 'nough crazy ramblins' from me...time to jam! 

And speakin' 'bout "time"...I hope youse all "SPRUNG" ahead & turned your clocks forward! 

Wow! 'Nother hour to dig on some Dino!!! 

What a GREAT GREAT season this is gonna be!!! 

Turn it up, pals! 


Sunday, March 06, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Let Me Love You Tonight"


Welcome to March, my friends! 

How's the your part of the world? 

Thins' still a little cold & snowy here. Not too too bad though, mi amici. 

There IS light at the end of the tunnel! Supposed to start warmin' up...a little. 

Couple more weeks of Winter still to go, but...we got this pals! Don't forget...Spring is a state of mind! 

Fear not, ol' pallies o' mine...Dino will see us through! Haha!! 

So, mi amici...let's get some appropriate Dino-tunes flowin'! 

It's funny how thins' inspire the exact jam I choose each week. Just kinda hits me over the head! Haha!! Well, pals...this week was no different. 

It actually was inspired by a couple thins'. 

First is DEF I NATE LY Spring fever. It's brewin' up inside of me! Ha! 

Second is LOVE itself...still bein' in the air from last month's romantico serenades. 

But what REALLY made this Dino-jam an obvious choice & PERFECTO transitionin from Dino-Amore Month, was a GREAT GREAT flick I watched this week. 

I've actually watched & mentioned it on this blog before. "Atonement." 

It's a story 'bout two people. Completely in love! Torn apart because of an awful lie. Never to reunite...but...a TRUE love that never ended, nonetheless. 

So So sad, pallies. 

DEF I NATE LY gotta watch...if youse already hasn't. 

Now, mi amici...don't get me wrong. I'm not into all the "sappy" love flicks out there. 


But...every now & then...a TRUE Love story does move me. I mean I'm not made of stone, pals! Hahaha!!! 

Anyways...checks out this movie. 

Now, in the mean time...with Dino-tunes...Spring...& TRUE love, in mind...checks out "Let Me Love You Tonight". 

It's SURE to move well.