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The King of Cool and the Chairman of the Board (1962)

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Hey pallies, likes just gotta sneak in 'nother post this very Dino-day.  Likes just discovered that our most devoted of Dino-devotees, our swingin' pallie Scotty over at his coolest of cool blogs, "BlueisKewl." has posted 'nother powerful pose of our most beloved Dino and his bestest of best pallie Mr. Frank Sinatra.

It's that incredible image of these two icons smokin' back stage at NBC and Scotty has nailed it when he tags the pose, "The King of Cool and The Chairman Of The Board.   It is perfect picture of what true palliedom is all 'bout.....enjoyin' the pleasure of each other's presence while  enjoyin' a pleasure of life.

Ever since ilovedinomartin discovered our youthful pallie Scotty at "BlueisKewl" accentin' his Dino-delight on our great man's great day, and encouraged Scotty to keeps showin' more and more of his Dino-passion to his readership, he boldly has to ilovedinomartin's total total Dino-appreciato.  So pallie Scotty keeps publicly postin' more and more cool Dino-poses helpin' your readership grow in their Dino-adulation and helpin' fuel the Dino-revolution into full full Dino-throttle!

Likes to view this in it's original format at our Dino-dude Scotty's pad, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-effort.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP


"Go, Dean, go!"

Hey pallies, likes simply simply had to post 'nother one of those fabulous Dino-gifs from Dino-addicted tumblr blogger Miss Andrea, age 20 of Canada.  It is likes so truly truly thrilliln' to find so so many of today's youth so turned on to our most beloved Dino and creatin' such cleverly creative ways of deeply and delightfully homagin' our deeply, delightful Dino!

Today's gif is tremendously tagged "Go, Dean, go!" and is taken from a marvelous moment from the Dino-show with our great great man swingin' with the great great Step Brothers."   Our Dino sure knows how to make the moves!  Likes just viewin' this gif is such a giant gift and of course makes us so so Dino-happy.
Happiness is Dean Martin!

ilovedinomartin is 'gain thrilled to put the accent on 'nother of today's youth, Miss Andrea and thanks her deeply deeply for showin' such deep, pure, and true devotion to our Dino and spreadin' Dino-happiness all over the tumblr pad.  If you clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram you will  be transported to Miss Andrea's Dino-gif pad over at tumblr.   Dino-delightedly, DMP

"Go, Dean, go!"

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Dean Martin as Joe Ricco in Mr. Ricco, 1975

Hey pallies, likes all us Dino-holics knows that our most beloved Dino is where it is at and likes we can never ever gets 'nough of our great man.  And likes technology has gifted us with so so many new ways of gettin' our Dino-fix.  Likes case in point, one of the coolest of the cool new ways of groovin' on our Dino is through what is tagged gif....Graphics Interchange Format....where pallies are able to takes Dino-images and turn 'em into great works of total total Dino-creativity.

And, likes one of the coolest web pads applyin' gif technology is the youth oriented blog hangout Tumblr....where images of cool rule.  One of the hardest of hard thin's for ilovedinomartin to always figures out is original source of each post 'cause likes of so so many repostin's.  Today we shares with all you Dino-addicts a totally totally rad gift based on pixs from our great man's last great big screen starrin' role as Joe Ricco in the crime caper "Mr. Ricco.

\This was filmed in 1975 while our great man was in his most swingin' of swingin' moddest of mod periods...and these poses from Ricco bear this out.  ilovedinomartin salutes the nouveau hipster Dino-devotee who hangs their hat at so refreshin' so find tons of today's youth puttin' the accent on our Dino in the hippest of hip ways!  Likes to checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Dean Martin as Joe Ricco in Mr. Ricco, 1975

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A Swingin' Review of The Dino-inspired Teen Read, "The Spectacular Now."

Hey pallies, likes as I was ponderin' the coolness of yester-Dino-day's post 'bout the swingin' Deanager character of Sutter Keely in "The Spectacular Now," it caused me to ponder whether or not ilovedinomartin have chimed in before on this great Dino-honorin' tome.  Well, indeed, after doin' just a wee bit of Dino-research I found out that on November 12, 2008 we had indeed shared an awesome review of Tim Tharp's outstandin' Teen Read by a Mr. David Elzey at the "Guy Lit Wire" blog.

So, dudes likes below is that original Dino-post pretty much in it's original format with all it's Dino-glory.  Likes can't wait to see this novel that has just come to the big screen.  This is simply an awesome op for more and more of today's youth to get into the Dino-groove and begins their journey of life-long Dino-devotion!  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP


November 12, 2008


The Dean Martin of Oklahoma

Hey pallies, more and more our Dino is appearin' in today's literature. The lastest novel that spreads some Dino-love 'round is a youth fiction book tagged "The Spectacular Now" by Tim Tharp, which has just been tagged a finalist for the National Book Award. The main character of this novel is a dude tagged Sutter Keely, a senior in high school who loves his seven and sevens (one of our Dino's fav liquid libations) and is likes a total Dino-wannabe.

 How cool that Mr. Tharp is introducin' our Dino to a new generation through his new book. Read all 'bout it below from this blog post by a guy tagged David Elzey. As Dino-always, if you wanna read it in it's original form, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-post and goes over to the Guys Lit Wire Blog. So loves seein' all the ways that the Dino-message is bein' proclaimed to today's youth who are turnin' on to our main man is such way cool Dino-ways.... Dinodiggin', DMP

The Dean Martin of Oklahoma

It's an odd, almost unsettling experience to finish reading a book, fire up the internet to see what sort of buzz the book has, and then discover that almost simultaneously the book was just named as a finalist for the National Book Award. That's exactly what happened a few weeks back, in one of those moments when you wonder if the universe is trying to tell you something important.

Cue eerie music for... The Spectacular Now.

Sutter Keely is a charmer. A senior without a care, he is an unrepentant alcoholic living in the now, willing to embrace the weird. The only problem is that his beautiful fat girlfriend Cassidy is getting tired of his shtick. He's late and constantly drinking Seagam's and 7-Up; he's fun but irresponsible; he's a good time at parties but he's selfish. When the last straw comes and Cassidy finally dumps him Sutter figures she'll eventually come back around to his wannabe Dean Martin swagger.

The problem is that Cassidy is looking down the road at life beyond high school and Sutter isn't there. And not just Cassidy, all of Sutter's friends seem intent on trying to figure out what comes next. After years of floating without a care Sutter doesn't see the big deal, or the need to plan beyond his current buzz. So when Cassidy shows how serious she is by picking up with a new boyfriend, Sutter redirects his energies toward hooking up his best friend Ricky with a girl of his own.

Wallowing drunk, he is found passed out on a lawn early one morning by Aimee, one of those withdrawn girls everyone walks all over. Taking her on as his own special project to help her grow a spine and realize her inner self, Sutter finds himself promising to take her to the prom, officially declaring her his girlfriend, and knowingly leads her on in an effort to build self esteem. But Aimee isn't like the other girls he's dated, willing to hang out with a party boy until it's no longer fun. Aimee has fallen in love -- deep, hard, and seriously -- and slowly begins to entangle Sutter into her plans and dreams, into their combined future together. She could be the girl Sutter has always needed, the one he never realized he'd always wanted, a girl who could change him for the better.

If Sutter doesn't first succeed in dragging her into his own dead-end spiral.

Will Sutter reform, confront his deadbeat father and clean up his drinking? Or will Aimee become his sloppy, drunken sidekick, the girl who abandons her dreams of college and NASA to stay by the side of the only guy that has ever bothered to give her the time of day?

Up until the final pages there's no way of knowing how this is going to turn out. Tharp does a nice job of having the characters remain true to themselves in such a way that every meeting is a quiet trial of wills. When Cassidy continues to get together with Sutter on Thursday afternoons after they break up -- and with the full knowledge of their new dating partners -- Cassidy makes no bones about the fact that she will probably always be drawn to Sutter's bad boy antics but cannot let him back into her life as anything more than a buddy. This suits Sutter just fine, but his unspoken longing for Cassidy seeps in and pushes him that much farther along. He's like a comet that gains velocity in her orbit, then spins wildly out into the universe seemingly with a lack of control, but he's always drawn back into her gravitational orbit when he reaches the outer limits with Aimee.

Tharp pulls a nifty trick in giving us the portrait of a charming young drunk well on his way toward becoming a pathetic one. But he doesn't judge -- Sutter's friends are more than willing to do that, and they do it with a large dose of tough love despite the apparent futility of their gestures. There were moments when I was almost afraid Tharp was romanticizing teen alcoholism in trying to present a realistic portrait, but Sutter's own aimlessness undermines anything remotely cool about being drunk. It plays as humor when Sutter goes to his sister's house for dinner and nearly sets himself on fire when he tries to secretly smoke a joint in her closet, but Sutter's empty apologies and quick judgments about his family members make the laughter ring hollow.

I wasn't as impressed with Tharp's last outing, The Knights of Hill Country, because there was something about it that felt stale. This time out Tharp returns to his Oklahoma soil with an approach that feels slightly on edge. Not edgy, but teetering at the brink of excess and charm -- much like its main character. It is unflinching in its handing of teen drinking, almost casual, but equally sober about what sort of dead end that leads to.

I don't think it's necessarily undeserving the National Book Award, but given the competition I'm having a hard time seeing this pull through as the winner. Then again, perhaps the universe was indeed trying to tell me something. We'll find out soon enough.

The Spectacular Now

by Tim Tharp
Knopf 2008

The Knights of Hill Country
by Tim Tharp
Knopf 2006

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Sutter is a great fan of Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes I gotta 'fess up dudes that I ain't been so excited to share a Dino-gram with youse for the longest of longest Dino-times.  Likes we all knows how much our most beloved Dino loved to put the accent on youth and how our King of Cool himself coined  the term Deanager to apply to the masses of youth in his day that dug our great man to the greatest of great Dino-extent.

Well today ilovedinomartin is thrilled to report to youse 'bout a work of fiction aimed at the Teen Scene that has the main male teenage character who is "a great fan of Dean Martin."  From the yalsc blog, "The Hub - Your Connection To Teen Reads" comes a post from Miss Diane Colson that reviews "The Spectacular Now" by Mr. Tim Tharp.  And as Miss Colson sez 'bout Tharp's main character..." Sutter Keely, the irrepressible party boy who narrates author Tim Tharp’s The Spectacular Now, is one of YA lit’s most poignant characters.  He’s good-hearted and funny- as long as he has his flask of whiskey near at hand."

So it woulda comes as no surprise dude that Sutter is a real Deanager.  Indeed Miss Diane quotes from the tome..... "As Sutter says, “The Rat Pack consisted of these ultra-suave playboy singers from back in the days before hippie bands changed everything - Dean, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. These guys knew how to party. They tore Las Vegas to pieces.” (p. 115-116).

Now pallies, likes how totally totally rad is that dudes.....the life and times of our Dino bein' lifted up in a most popular of popular of teen reads!  This is certainly guaranteed to draw many many of today's nouveau hipsters into the Dino-know and helps 'em to fall head over heels for our great great man!  And, likes besides that dudes as Miss Colson points out, "The Spectacular Now" has just been recently released as a big screen effort....and just hopin' that the flick will carry over Sutter Keely Deanger statis it it's flick form.  Likes 'cause this will awesomely spread Dino devotion far and wide and help even more to fan the flames of the Dino-revolution all the more.

ilovedinomartin salutes Mr. Tim Tharp for bein' so cool as to hugely feature our great man in his great teen scene tome, and to Miss Diane Colson for puttin' us on to this fab Dino-news and for creatin' such a cool cool Dino-reflection includin' Dino-pix, prose, croon clip, and vid clip as well.  Words truly can not 'press the thrill of knowin' that many many more of today's youth are bein' drawn into the Dino-fold.

To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.  Dino-psyched to likes the max, DMP

Jukebooks: The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

2013 AUGUST 21
 Sutter Keely, the irrepressible party boy who narrates author Tim Tharp’s The Spectacular Now, is one of YA lit’s most poignant characters.  He’s good-hearted and funny- as long as he has his flask of whiskey near at hand.  Sutter’s happy with his life  in the moment. He prefers not to dwell on the past or the future, a strategy that threatens to implode as Sutter nears the end of high school. A movie of The Spectacular Now was released early in August 2013.
The Spectacular Now by Tim TharpRat Pack from left - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop
From left – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop
Sutter is a great fan of Dean Martin, a singer/comedian/variety show host from the mid-twentieth century. Martin had a reputation as a drinker; he once had a vanity license plate “DRUNKY.” He was the epitome of Rat Pack cool, with a cocktail glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other. As Sutter says, “The Rat Pack consisted of these ultra-suave playboy singers from back in the days before hippie bands changed everything - Dean, Frank SinatraSammy Davis Jr. These guys knew how to party. They tore Las Vegas to pieces.” (p. 115-116)
So here on Jukebooks we’re featuring the Dean Martin song that Sutter calls his theme song, Ain’t That a Kick in the Head, music by Jimmy Van Heusen and lyrics by Sammy Cahn.

The song most associated with Dean Martin is Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime, written in 1947 by by Sam Coslow, Irving Taylor and Ken Lane. Here is a playful rendition of that song, to get a taste of Dino’s legendary charisma.

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Dean is always a pleasure to watch........

Hey pallies, likes ilovedinomartin is pleased as punch (spiked, of course) to share with you the second installment of our pallie Tyler Michael's favs from the uno volume of best of the Dino-show.  From Deanager Ty's self tagged blog, "HOLLYWOOD MOVIES AND TV REVIEWS BY TYLER MICHAEL" comes his top five of his top ten fav Dino-moments of skits.

From Deanager Ty's remarks it is clearly clear that this first volume of the best of the Dino-show is simply loaded with great great Dino-moments and Michael shares 'em as only this devoted Dino-holic can.  So likes sit back and enjoys one of today's amazin' youth sharin' their amazin' passion for viewin' the Dino-show.

ilovedinomartin salutes Deanager Ty Michael and thanks him for helpin' spread so so much Dino-devotion 'round his wonderful blog.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.   Dino-psyched, DMP


Welcome to the Top 5 Favorite Dean Martin Variety Show Volume 1 DVD Moments.



This skit has me roaring with laughter every time I see it. Dean and Bob play a reporter and a photographer and the two sneak in to a nudest camp to get pictures. However, they're uncomfortable without their clothes, they leave the camp naked and crazy things begin to happen. The moment that kills me is when Dean is stairing at Bob while they're naked and Bob tells him that he's stairing at his "scar from the war". The thing I truly love is it's all left to the imagination. There's no real nudity, there's very few props, there's no one with them when they interact with people and there comedic acting is what gives you the image and the laughs. Just goes to show, you don't always need much to do a skit.



We came from a skit with no props, to a big vaudeville musical number with great sets, lovely girls, tons of fun props, a big finale, memorable songs and we have three stars. Kate Smith, wow what a amazing voice, it's beautiful, it's powerful and I sometimes wonder what happened to great voices like hers. Dean is always a pleasure to watch and how he and Kate sing together is great and charming. Lucille Ball is one of the chorus girls and boy does she stand out like a swore thumb with her comedy and charm that only she can bring. It's a great musical number as well as being very mind blowing in the shows standards.



Dean and Bing are like on my top 5 favorite singers list and seeing them sing together is epic. While not being anything new since they have sung together before, to me no matter when ever they're together always makes me smile and this skit is one of them. They crack jokes, sing some of Bing's hits and the chemistry between them is phenomenal. Sadly on the DVD the first few minutes is cut which really disappoints me, however, from what I have it's still great.






The show was full of outrageous and unpredictable stuff and these two are the best examples of it. In the opening of the show, Dean would swing down the fire pole while singing "Everybody Loves Somebody". Well in this opening, he swings down the fire pole and goes right through the floor. If that's not enough, Frank Sinatra pops out of the floor and tells the audience that he went through the wineceller. In the skit with the piano, the mystery closet and coach, Dean jumps on the piano and it completely collapses and the reaction from Dean and Ken is priceless. On Deans show you'll never know what to expect. 



This skit to me is the funniest one in the whole DVD for many good reasons. Dean and the Duke talk about singing and John Wayne says "That anyone can sing". So Dean tells him to sing his theme song, the music starts and John Wayne comically lips syncs to the song with Frank Sinatra's voice. At first I thought it was real until I realized I was listening to Franks voice, however, I wasn't disappointed because the way John lip syncs and acts is roaringly funny. Dean's facial expressions to John's voice are priceless and he even gets to sing some parts of the song. On top of it, they break the fourth wall, mess up a bit, Dean makes fun of Frank's "Dobbie Dobbie Do" and all that just adds to the charm and comedy of the show. This skit had me laughing as a kid and I still laugh at it to this day while also embracing it's charm.

And those are my favorite moments from "The Dean Martin Variety Show" Volume 1 DVD. Other celebrities you'll find on it is Carol Lawrence, Johnathan Winters, Phil Silvers, Jimmy Stewart and more. Maybe I'll do a Volume 2 sometime soon or early next year.

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Dino’s at it again…

Hey pallies, likes ilovedinomartin sure as shootin' has posted this Dino-image before, but likes we couldn't resist sharin' it 'gain 'cause of the randy tag to this Dino-devotion.  From the pad, " - A BLOG DEDICATED TO THE LAMBRETTA, THE WORLD'S FINEST MOTOR SCOOTER." comes this provocative pix of our most beloved Dino gettin' reachin' to hold on for a ride on the scooter.

Dino-holics everywhere will recognize this pose as our Dino playin' spyster Matt Helm in caper numero tres, "The Ambushers.  Our great man was always always havin' himself a blast as the coolest secret agent ever!

ilovedinomartin salutes the pallies at "" for sharin' such Dino-fun with their readership...certainly helpin' to draw many many more into the Dino-fold.  Likes to checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-diggin', DMP

 Dino’s at it again…

 Dean Martin on a Cento

Dean Martin on a Cento

Before Austin Powers, there was Matt Helm… a spoof secret agent played by Dean Martin. A hard drinking, womanising, wisecracking american counterpart to 007, Dino played it strictly for laughs, and took every opportunity to get his leg over. On this occasion, he’s given up trying to kick start the LD, and got his leg over a J Range… And riding pillion he’s looking for somewhere to hold on!

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Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Where Can I Go Without You?"

Man o man pallies...Dean's REALLY in a bind this time!!! He is quite frankly & quite simply head over heels for 'nother lucky chicalina!!! He can't get her outta his mind & can't kick her outta his heart!

This week's Serenade is off my fav o rite Dino al b um of ALL time..."The Lush Years". On this sultry little number,"Where Can I Go Without You?", we find our coolest of cool pal floatin' 'round the globe tryin' to get this sweet sweet dame off the brain.

To no avail though pals, Dino just can't seem to shake the memory of his precious love back home. I'm guessin' Dean's gonna hop the next shootin' star & just face the fact that he can't escape his heart! Good luck pallie!


I went to London town
Then on to Paris for the fun I could find
I've found I couldn't leave my memories behind
Where can I go without you

Tries seeing Singapore but that wouldn't do
Went to Vienna but I found you there too
Even in Switzerland your memory came through
Where can I go without you

I want to travel I wanted romance
I chased that rainbow across the sea
I'm tired of faces and quaint old places
If you can't be there with me

Back on that boat again and farewell to France
Farewell to London town they haven't a chance
I'll trade the sights I've seen for one loving glance
Where can I go without you

Back on the boat again farewell to France
Farewell to London town they haven't a chance
I'll trade the sights I've seen for one loving glance
Where can I go
Where can I go
Where can I go without you

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Dean plays with his charm

Hey pallies, likes ilovedinomartin really seems to be on a Dino-roll when it comes to sharin' Dino-devotion from pallies who have previously had their Dino-adulation posted here at ilovedinomartin.  A couple ago we were delighted to share more from our Dino-honorin' pallie Scotty over at "BlueisKewl.  Yester-Dino-day we met with our pallie Stendek showin' more amore of our Dino at his pad, "Pellucidar Offerings 4."  And, likes this fabulous Dino-day we gets to give a noble nod of Dino-appreciato to our Deanager pallie Mr. Tyler Michael over at this self-tagged blog, "Hollywood Movies and TV  Reviews By Tyler Michael."

This time 'round our Deanager Ty has chosen to put the accent on his "Top 10 Favorite Dean Martin Show Vol. 1 DVD Moments (Part1)."   And, likes Dino-lovin' Ty has given us a peak at a quintet of great  sketches as featured on Vol. uno of classic moments from our most beloved Dino's most beloved small screen show.  Likes per usual Deanager Ty has some great patter on these  here great Dino-moments!

ilovedinomartin simply simply loves sharin' Dino-devotion wherever it is found on the ol' web, but likes we particularly loves loves to showcase Dinoaffirmations from today's youth and so we 'gain salute our pallie Ty true true Deanager as we note that Ty is just a mere nineteen years in age, but so so wise beyond his years in Dino-affection.  To checks out Deanager Ty's post in it's orginal format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.   Dino-always, ever and, only, DMP


Well everybody, here's another list of my favorite moments from "The Dean Martin Variety Show" and this will be the sketches on the Volume 1 DVD. So lets start the list here are...




This was the first time I saw the skit where Dean sits on the piano while Ken is playing it, telling jokes, sings a parody tune and opens the mystery closet to find a couple making out and shutting the blinds on him. Whys it low, the part where he sings on the couch was cut out and for me that's the beautiful part of the skit. Anyway, it's still a good skit just wish they had the whole thing.



I love Lucy, I honestly do, she's one of the best comedic actresses of all time and here this proves it. As Dean is giving a funny monologue about his trip to Hawaii, an old women off screen is laughing and crackling very hard. Dean stops the monologue, decides to put the women on stage and we find out that it's Lucille Ball sitting in the audience as this crackling women. She goes on the stage with a very wacky personality and she talks about some of the craziest things such as her relationship with a man, her town but she also keeps confusing Deans name, has a flower that she uses to change her look and there's a hint that her character has had maybe to many martinis.



I love Woody Allen, he's a great actor, stand up comedian and director and this monologue on the show is one of his funniest! His monologue is about a crazy experience about thinking about doing a commercial for Vodka. It has great timing, fun humor, clever twists and the end of his story when he meets a girl has me laughing every time. He's just a great comedian and this skit really shows his talent. By the way, this is also the only skit on the DVD without Dean, all the focus is on Woody Allen and for a few minutes I thought this was a show hosted by Woody Allen until I saw the next skit reminding me that this is Dean's show.



Ella Fitzgerald, another "wonderful" and "marvelous performer" and seeing her sing with Dean is very sweet and swinging. Dean plays with his charm while Ella sings her heart out while joining in on the fun. The songs in the Medley are very catchy, fun to sing along too and they are swingin'. The highlight for Fitzgerald is when she sings "How Long Has This Been Going On" because she sings it so beautifully that it's one of the many beautiful and haunting voices that I ever heard.



The skit is about four detectives who are on a mission but keep forgetting their mission. Rowan & Martin are really funny, Bill Cosby is hilarious with his mustache joke and Dean is just charmingly funny. The skit is full of great quotable dialogue such as "I have the Yo-Yo who has the string", "Pornographic...I mean photographic" and "I lost you at the Bakery" which I'll be referencing that line whenever I find a plot confusing in a film. I also love their fourth wall jokes, improv dialogue and how they all break out in laughter when something is wrong or if the line is just to damn funny. By the way their mission, well "I lost them at the Bakery".