Monday, August 31, 2015

..... and Dean Martin over the Beatles

Hey pallies, likes  our on-goin- search to satisfy our Dino-as-Helm cravin's recently took us to yet 'nother coolly coolly tagged blog, "ONCEWEREBATCHELORS," where a blogger dude posted the Helmer related post, Matt Helm's Rat Pack Wheels."  It's pretty short, with the major emphasis on sharin' a number of poses of one of our hot man's hot wheels...the "space age beaut, a 1962 Ghia L6.4."

 We found much pleasure in learnin' that this dude's daddy-o loved the "Dean Martin - Jerry Lewis comedies" and that dude himself as we proclaim in our opennin' tag to this post  was really into "Dean Martin over the Beatles."  And we digs how this guy shares gettin' into our Dino as swingin' spyster Matt Helm as "a kid"....likes what coulda be cooler then that!

Here's hopin' that all youse Dino-holic pallies enjoys this bit of Dino-diversion this very Dino-day.  We sez our thanks to unknown blogger dude and thanks him for doin' his part to share some Dino-devotion with the larger world.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-delightedly, DMP

 Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Matt Helm's Rat Pack Wheels

My fascination with the early Sixties, before everything around here went to hell in a VW bus, is well documented.  Give me the Space Race, the New Frontier, topless-only Playboy centerfolds, and Dean Martin over the Beatles (let's leave the Stones out of this argument, because it won't help me make my point).

My father loves Dean Martin - Jerry Lewis comedies.  Go figure, he's not French.  If one was being shown saturday afternoon on Channel 9, he and I watched it.  So I was already familiar with the tipsy smoothie bit by the time I discovered Matt Helm.  Dean's secret agent was supposedly America's answer to James Bond, but it seemed more like the answer to Maxwell Smart, and a precursor to a certain International Man of Mystery. With all the busty women, lux interiors, secret compartments, in-car video phones, and gunplay what's not to like for a kid like me.  Dean Martin did four Matt Helm flicks, each a lesser version of its predecessor.  If you are willing to spare only a little time, watch the first film, "The Silencers".

Heck, just watching that trailer gives you a clear idea how much Mike Meyers ripped Helm off with his retro-anachronistic Austin Powers.  And in none of Helm's four films will you hear the words "groovy" or "far out".

In case you were wondering what ol' Dino might've driven when rolling onto the Paramount backlot to get made up for Helm, he probably drove this space age beaut, a 1962 Ghia L6.4, lightly customized by Hollywood car smith George Barris for Mr. Martin.

This was his, or so we're told.  Italian coachwork by Ghia, power train by Chrysler.  Real leather.  Real wood.  All style.  Early sixties style.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "La Giostra" (Merry-Go-Round)

 Welcome back, mi amici! How's thins'? Desperately holdin' onto Summer? Me too. Still gots a few more weeks though. Let's SQUEEZE out a little more fun! Or... LOTS more fun! Yea...that's better, pallies! Dino-fun! It's actually VERY easy. Just let Dean lead the way! He KNOWS where the fun is at! Just listen! I'll gives youse an example of what I'm talkin' 'bout. Last weekend...there I was...Danny G....walkin' along...mindin' my own buisness... just goin' for a walk...contemplatin' the teachins' of Dino...when all of a sudden, pals...I HEARD HIM SPEAK! Stopped me dead in my tracks! Thought I might be havin' some kind of out-of-body-Dino-experience! Man! Could this TRULY be the second comin'! No. Not to be. BUT...almost! Realised I had wandered within hearin' distance of our churches annual Italian festival! Man...what a smell...what a sound! Dean was beconnin' me! Of course I HAD to checks it out! What a time! People everywhere! Singin'! Dancin'! Eatin'! Music playin'! ALL thins' Dino! Now, the FUNNEST part for the kiddies was DEF I NATE LY the carnival! Watchin' the wee ones laughin' & spinnin' on the Merry-go-round...Dean croonin' in the o man...brought me right back to those FUN FUN days of childhood, pallies. What a nice feelin' memberin' those years, pals. So...for today's Serenade...I thought we could ALL use a little Summer fun from our youth. It's been a long time. Thinks we ALL would like 'nother twirl on "La Giostra". Summer's not over yet, mi amici! Keep followin' Dean! Just gotta listen for him...he's EVERTWHERE! Enjoy the ride, pals!

(La giostra d'amore La giostra d'amore La giostra (?) So, merry-go-round of love) When I want your carress And your eyes tell me yes But your lips tell me no Round in circles I go, on love's la giostra (The merry-go-round) With my feet off the ground On that merry-go-round I go nowhere, but fast Oh, how long will I last, on love's la giostra ? When my head's in a spin You give out, you give in And your kisses are sweet Then my heart's at your feet, just as before Being in love is like taking a ride on a giostra La giostra (?) So, merry-go-round of love (La giostra d'amore La giostra d'amore La giostra (?) So, merry-go-round of love) When my head's in a spin You give out, you give in And your kisses are sweet When my heart's at your feet, just as before Being in love is like taking a ride on la giostra La giostra (?) So, merry-go-round of love (La giostra d'amore La giostra d'amore) La giostra (?) So, merry-go-round of love ….

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hey pallies, likes this is likes, likes totally totally rad dudes!    Recently we have been on a surfin' search for a plethora of posts accentin' our most beloved Dino playin' his  coolest of  cool, hippest of hip, randiest of randy persona  as the swingin' spyster, 'cause likes we can never ever get 'nough of our one and only Dino as the one and only Matt Helm.

Likes our google Dino-blog searchin' for Helm has taken us to a number of beau-ti-ful blogs for some passionate posts accentin' our one and only Dino.  Today we are perfectly pumped to share with you some delightful Dino-action from a most interestin' tagged blog "SLOW ROBOT A GO GO" where two nouveau hipsters tagged "Dr. Morbius (from parts unknown) and mOw" share, what perhaps in all our years of Dino-reportin' at  ilovedinomartin, is not only the longest, but also both provocative and evocative tagged prose, "WHOS THE HUGE CAR DRIVIN, LOTTA BOOZE CHUGGIN SEXZUAL HARRASSINGEST SPY AROUND?  MATT HELM IS AND HE IS DEAN MARTIN, AND IT IS CALLED THE SILENCERS."

Now, likes with a title likes that how coulda they go wrong with their coolest of cool, hippest of hip, randiest of randiest review of Helmer numero uno "The Silencers."  While they have shared a bit of patter and a few Dino-as-Matt-Helm images in the post, the awesome action comes if you clicks on
the link " Slow Robot A Go-Go Show 110 – The Silencers."

Likes this perfectly primo podcast has these two delightful dudes dialogue back and forth givin' a powerfully provocative play by play commentary of "The Silencers" that certainly  unequivocally evokes emotions of the coolest of cool kind.  Likes we have never had more fun listenin' to anyone sharin' such incredible imaginative insights into our most beloved Dino as Helm.

We coulda goes on and on 'bout all this, but all that does is delay you enjoy the awesome action for yourself.  Big note pallies:  the Dino-actions doesn't begin until likes minute 33 of the likes fast forward it for over a half an hour of deeply delightful  Dino-fun.  We sez our awesome appreciato to dudes Dr. Morbius and mOw for givin' us so so much pure pleasure.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.  Dino-funnin', DMP


title Matt Helm The Silencers DVD Review Dean Martin PDVD_001

 Slow Robot A Go-Go Show 110 – The Silencers

Tonight Dr. Morbius (from parts unknown) and mOw reviewed their Top Ten list then jumped right into Austin Powers. No, that isn’t right… it was more booze and more broads and bigger cars and a little dumber. OH… that’s right, Dean Martin is Matt Helm in THE SILENCERS! Listen, laugh and love won’t you? thank you.

Slow Robot A Go-Go is now part of the  SLICE RADIO  family!  Look for some promotions to win awesome prizes and make sure to log onto Slice early and often. Also make sure to add us on twitter @slowrobotagogo to keep up on new news and developments. Also, please join our facebook group group to get the inside scoop on all our wacky shenanigans. But never mind all that… here is THIS?!?!



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Dean Martin never really drank,

Hey pallies, likes if anyone ever lived their dream if woulda been our most most beloved Dino...livin' life to the max and always always on his own terms.  Well today we'll share some patter with youse 'bout a dude (with a Dino-connection of course!) who is also livin' their dream by usin' their scribin' skills to "write about Ultimate Luxury Experiences: People, Places and Things."

His tag is Jim Dobson and his bio tells us that he has  "been a writer and world explorer for over 30 years. I am highly experienced in exotic travel and luxury adventures and have been lucky to work and travel with some of the biggest celebrities and corporate executives." And, likes of course one of dem "biggest celebrites" is none other then our Dino.

Today we share a short segment of Dobson's recent post for "ForbesLife" tagged "Living Like Sinatra: The Ultimate Rat Pack Weekend in Palm Springs."  Likes when and where did Jim encounter our most beloved Dino and his pallies Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Davis Jr.?  Likes as youse will read below, Jim was one of the luckiest teenagers ever 'cause his daddy-o worked in the casino biz and Jim met our Dino and the rest of the pack as he grew up "in the 60's and 70's in Lake Tahoe.  Likes gotta 'fess up that we are ubber extraordinarily  envious of Jim startin' his "ultimate luxury experiences" hangin' 'round our ubber ultimate Dino!

Likes we're thinkin' that we are goin' to have to do some ol' 'net searchin' to see if we can find any other scribin's by Mr. Jim Dobson 'bout our King of Cool.  To read his post in total, simply, as usual, clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-'mazed, DMP

Living Like Sinatra: The Ultimate Rat Pack Weekend in Palm Springs

By Jim Dobson Contributor

I was a pretty lucky kid. I remember growing up in the casino business where my father worked, and being surrounded by a lot of legendary people. From family gatherings with Frank Sinatra, to hanging out backstage with Sammy Davis Jr. at every one of his concerts, it was an exciting life for a freckled faced, innocent kid. I would come to meet the members of the Rat Pack purely by the company we kept. As a wide eyed teenager I got to know them fairly well; Dean Martin never really drank, Sammy Davis was more spiritual than you could imagine and Frank was always entertaining beautiful women. They were a part of my life growing up in the 60’s and 70’s in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra

 Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin golfing in Palm Springs
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin golfing in Palm Springs

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Scotty's Sharin': Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra 1966

My Photo

Hey pallies, likes our bestest of best Dino-phile Scotty-o from "BlueisKewl" has come through 'gain with phenomenally potent poses of our most beloved Dino shared with the greater Dino-world.  Below are two cool candids of our most beloved Dino and his Rat Pack pallie Mr. Frank Sinatra snapped sometime in 1966.  In both of this incredible images we see our main man with his ever present cigarette just waitin' to be lit up.  And, we might add, these are two Dino-views likes that we ain't ever laid our eyes on least as far as our Dino-memory carries us!

Just lookin' at these swank shots makes us wonder where they were clicked and what excitin' event our King of Cool was sharin' with the Chairman of the Board.  Gotta sez that we likes deeply deeply digs the Dino-buddha-grin on our Dino's face in the first pix.  Just glancin' at our Dino can't help but bring a similiar grin to his devotees' faces as well!

Once 'gain we gives our awesome appreciato to our Dino-holic pallie Scotty-o for searchin' and sharin' more 'n more perfect poses of our one and only Dino....helpin' to bring more and more of his readership into knowin', lovin' and honorin' our one and only Dino!  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra 1966

Comedian and Actor Jack Carter is pictured in the first photograph as well.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

.....but here’s one possible timeline that explains Dean’s central role.

Ed Driscoll
Hey pallies, likes we have been growin' hungry for some new patter on our most beloved Dino as swingin' spyster Matt Helm, so we felt Dino-directed to do some google Dino-blog explorin' by puttin' Dean Martin and Matt Helm in the search engine.  Likes the first new thin' to pop up was the powerfully provocative post tagged , "Dean Martin: Matt Helm, or the Real Manchurian Candidate?"
Likes just readin' the title of this prose scribed by columnist Mr. Ed Driscoll for the blog "P J MEDIA." gots us wonderin' what sort of Dino-direction that Driscoll was headin' in.

Well, likes, it turns out that while we were a wee bit disappointed that the only mention of our Dino as Helm is in the title, we were incredibly impressed by Driscoll's undeniable understandin' of the remarkable role that our most beloved Dino played in "the collapse of postwar pop culture (that) occurred after the death of JFK,"

Driscoll  makes the extremely evocative proposal of  "one possible timeline that explains Dean’s central role."  Accordin' to Ed's theory, our Dino's role began with his historic hysterical intro of the Rolling Stones in 1964 on "The Hollywood Palace,   As Driscoll knowin'ly deducts...."Clearly, Martin saw the future as well — and was not happy."

Driscoll then coolly and convincin'ly connects the Dino-dots between our Dino's 1968 Christmas Special, his lead role in the 1970 big screen disaster epic, "Airport," and our Dino's "mid-seventies Roasts" establishin' the amazin' influence that our Dino had on changin' the culture of that day.

While we are guessin' that Mr. Driscoll is proposin' all this tongue-in-cheek, and probably doesn't even know the depths of what he is actually sayin'........he does a thrillin' job of showin' the tremendous transformin' power of our King of Cool over the culture.   One of the thin's that Driscoll doesn't mention, but truly shows the perfect power of our one and only man is how he single-handedly knocked the Beatles off the charts a mere year after he took on the Rolling Stones!

We are sorry that our feeble efforts truly ain't doin' justice to Mr. Ed Driscoll's extraordinary efforts, and that it took us almost three years to uncover this Dino-gem.  We strongly strongly encourage you to take the time to soak in each power-filled paragraph of Driscoll's evocative and provocative prose.
We sends our belated thank you very much to him for his profoundly powerful prose stunnin'ly showin' the power of Dino over the culture of his day.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.   Deeply diggin' Dino, DMP

btw pallies know that we had planned on doin' a couple of follow up posts based on the two posts by Mr. James Lileks that somehow inspired Driscoll, but lookin' more closely at both of 'em, we find that they are just such complete downers we have chosen to let sleepin' dogs lie, if you know what we mean.

Dec 20, 2012

Dean Martin: Matt Helm, or the Real Manchurian Candidate?

Yes, as always, we ask the important questions ’round here.

Dean Martin has appeared twice in recent weeks on James Lileks’ Bleat, and both occurrences represent the dueling nadirs of postwar pop culture. Back in late November, Lileks featured stills from Dean Martin’s craptacular Celebrity Roasts from the mid-1970s. As I wrote back in my link, this was the last redoubt of my parents’ idols, after the New Left conquered Hollywood at the end of the previous decade.

But the handwriting was already on the wall, even before the left had won the war.

This week, Lileks featured stills from Deano’s 1968 hour-long Christmas “Special,” and on the previous day, wrote a great set-up to how the swank postwar Rat Pack era had sunk to such a cavernous depth:

It’s quite the artifact – an intersection of the waning culture and the new Hip, Vibrant, With-It culture that was seeping into everything. It’s mesmerizing and horrible. 1968 may have been the worst year between WW2 and 2001. Judging from this short 48-minute account of attitudes, styles, musical selections, design, clothing, and general tone, you might think that the culture was utterly exhausted, so incapable of doing anything but beaming treacle into the slack faces of middle-aged men and women pasted to their La-Z-Boys, huddling indoor against the winter wind and the shrieks of the dying society, that there was no way back.

We survived. Things got better.

Well, at least for a time. (True story: I read Lileks’ post featuring Deano’s Christmas Special on my Android tablet on the treadmill at the gym while listening to Peter Gabriel’s Security album on headphones. I almost fell off the machine the moment I was struck by the cognitive dissonance of those two never-the-Fairlight-shall-meet cultures colliding inside my cranium.)

Sociologists are still sifting through the evidence of how the collapse of postwar pop culture occurred after the death of JFK, but here’s one possible timeline that explains Dean’s central role. In 1964, Dean presented the nascent Rolling Stones to an American culture that was still digesting what it thought about the well-scrubbed, suit and tie wearing Beatles. The Stones, spurred on by manager Andrew Loog Oldham, were at the height of their anti-Beatle phase, inspiring such lines as ”Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?” and “The Beatles just wanted to hold your hand — the Rolling Stones wanted to rape and pillage your town.”

But the music industry quickly went all-in supporting the Beatles, Stones and similar groups. Shortly after the Beatles’ American debut, as Mark Steyn has written, Dean’s contemporary Nat “King” Cole saw the handwriting on the wall — or more precisely heard it; not through the grapevine, but through his telephone receiver. He “called up his record company, whose coffers he had enriched for many years, and hung up in disgust when the receptionist answered: ‘Capitol Records, home of the Beatles.’”

Clearly, Martin saw the future as well — and was not happy:

The haunting fear of what was to come lies all over Dean’s 1968 Christmas Special. The fulcrum that ties that show with his mid-seventies Roasts was 1970′s Airport, in which Deano played the pilot of the film’s Boeing 707, which was nearly blown out of the air by an angry bomber. Which means that Dean also inspired the seventies’ run of disaster films, featuring Earthquakes, Towering Infernos, sinking Poseidons, and an omnipresent Shelly Winters. These films would be fueled by (and would add fire to) the notion that America was in serious decline during that awful decade of Vietnam, Watergate, the Arab Oil Embargo, Iranian Hostage Crisis and polyester.

All of which forces us to reach our conclusion about Martin, and contemplating it is not an easy statement to make about a beloved cultural icon. But  considering the amount of damage the man unwittingly inflicted upon the culture, isn’t obvious that the real Manchurian Candidate wasn’t Laurence Harvey, but the enemy agent who spent years infiltrating the Rat Pack, and eventually passing himself off as Sinatra’s closet friend, before wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting nation?

Too much, you might ask? Well, consider this: I haven’t even mentioned Jerry Lewis until now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rat Pack Together Again 1988 Tour Souvenir Program Sinatra Dean Martin - $20

Hey pallies, likes of late, we have been gettin' some google Dino-'lerts from postin's on craigslist. Up to today, we have chosen not to share 'em 'cause they were pretty much Dino-treasure that one could acquire tons of places.  But, likes today's postin' from the Detroit craigslist particularly caught our attentionado 'cause it features an original souvenir programme from the "Rat Pat Together Again Tour in 1988.

Millions of us Dino-holics wishes that we coulda been there in the flesh when our most beloved Dino and his pallies Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Davis Jr. made music together.  This is the tour that our main man left after doing just six of the performances, and 'though no one could ever truly replace our great great man, Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Davis Jr. continued the tour with Miss Liza Minnelli.

Well, for at least only successful Dino-addict, the opporunity is ripe to at least own an official programme from this historic event in the life and times of our one and only Dino.  Likes, the price seems quite fair.  We're puttin' this up right away so that if you wanna tries and grab it, youse does it soon.  To checks out all the details, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram to goes to the original craigslist postin'.  Dino-sharin', DMP

Rat Pack Together Again 1988 Tour Souvenir Program Sinatra Dean Martin - $20 (west bloomfield)

image 1

“That’s Amore,” Dean Martin’s 1952 classic, cradles the stadium rather than rocks it.

Hey pallies, likes takes us out to the ol' ballgame pallies, so likes we can hears our Dino croonin' a tune!  Likes from the blog pad of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette comes prose from columnist Miss  Elizabeth Bloom, "Pirates' walk-up music: the classical version"..... 'bout how she envisions Pittsburgh Pirates players changin' their walk up to bat tunes from popular music to classical melodies.  To read all her thoughts simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.

Likes below we are sharin' the portion of Miss Bloom's writin's that are directly Dino-related.  As you will read below, Elizabeth let us know that Pirate's catcher, Mr. Francisco Cervelli, uses our most beloved Dino's much beloved croon "That's Amore" to accompany him to the plate.  It's a Dino-detail that we are deeply delighted to learn! And, likes as you will read below, our Dino is 'mong his most fav crooners!

What a wonderful way for a Dino-devotee to proclaim this Dino-devotion to the world....and we sweetly salute Mr. Cervelli for so opennin'ly makin' his Dino-adulation known.  And we loves his wonderfully wise words,...

"“It’s kind of an old-school, romantic thing, and the way Dean Martin sounds is typically like a New York style, like Frank Sinatra,” he said. “It’s kind of voices from the past. And I think those kinds of music, they never end, you know? It’s not for six months and people forget about it. It’s going to be forever.”

Likes Mr. Cervelli, we couldn't agree with you more!  We shouts out our awesome appreciato to both Miss Elizabeth Bloom for her wonderful writin' and Mr. Francisco Cervelli for his wonderful choice of this Dino-croon each and every time he makes it up to bat!  Dino-delightedly, DMP


Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” vs. “La donna e mobile” from Giuseppe Verdi’s “Rigoletto”

Of all the songs that accompany Pittsburgh Pirates as they walk up to bat, Francisco Cervelli’s selection is the most surprising.

Surprising, “especially with a guy so electric like me,” Mr. Cervelli said, tongue-in-cheek, in the dugout before a home game against the Chicago Cubs.

“That’s Amore,” Dean Martin’s 1952 classic, cradles the stadium rather than rocks it. Judging from his musical choices, Mr. Cervelli appreciates the human voice, sans auto-tune. “In New York, when I had a chance, I went to Broadway shows,” he said, listing Andrea Bocelli, Tony Bennett, Latin music and Mr. Martin among his favorites.

“It’s kind of an old-school, romantic thing, and the way Dean Martin sounds is typically like a New York style, like Frank Sinatra,” he said. “It’s kind of voices from the past. And I think those kinds of music, they never end, you know? It’s not for six months and people forget about it. It’s going to be forever.”

“That’s Amore” begs for a selection drawn from the Italian operatic tradition, and the aria “La donna e mobile” from Verdi’s “Rigoletto” fits the bill.

When I played the aria for Mr. Cervelli, he knowingly asked, “Pavarotti?” and started to hum along.

But would he swap it out for “That’s Amore”? Don’t count on it: The song has become a trademark for the Pirates catcher, and in June, listed it among the best tunes MLB players have used in the current season. “I think that the people really like ‘That’s Amore,’ so I’m not going to change it,” Mr. Cervelli said. “It’s a perfect song for the city.”

Monday, August 24, 2015

.............but Dean was that act and so underrated as the greatest straight man in the Dinohistory of the business.

Hey pallies, likes dudes youse just never ever know where   the beloved name of our most most beloved Dino will be discovered next!!!!! Likes today we takes all youse Dino-holics to the boxin' pad "RING SIDE REPORT," where blog CEO/Publisher  Mr. "Bad" Brad Berkwitt from Oklahoma has beau-ti-fully lifted up the name of our Dino in the punchy published prose (every pun intended dudes!) "Packy’s World: Rocky Marciano SHOCKER, Dean Martin, Restaurant Service in 2015, My Pal Al & James “Quick” Tillis Awarded The Chutzpah Award."

The "Packy" referred to below is the scriber of the prose, former boxer "Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein – Feature Boxing Writer – Florida," who was best pallies with Mr. Berkwitt's father.   Recently Berkwitt published more of Mr. Goldstein's thoughts which include to our deepest delight, the hugest of huge homage to our one and only Dino.

We are sharin' only the Dino-centric part of Packy's prose, and if you like, you need only simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram to read all of Goldstein's thoughts.  What Packy shares is nothin' less then a powerful proclamation of deepest, purest and truest devotion to our Dino by sayin' " Jerry Lewis was nothing without Dean."

And, Packy shares with us his five most fav Dino-flicks of all times and likes we gotta 'fess up that we very much digs the marvelous mix of his quintet of our Dino's big screen efforts.  Somes of our Dino's best actin' gigs are here, as well as some of our main man's romps as well.  We are particularly pleased that likes us, Mr. Goldstein has a fantastic fondness for "Murder's Row" our most fav of fav of our Dino as swingin' spyster Matt Helm.

We deeply deeply appreciates Mr. Packy Goldstein's open and affirmin' devotion to our Dino which will surely help many more into the Dino-fold.  We also truly appreciates Mr. Brad Berkwitt givin' his father's pallie the open forum for his Dino-thoughts.   Dino-delightedly, DMP

Packy’s World: Rocky Marciano SHOCKER, Dean Martin, Restaurant Service in 2015, My Pal Al & James “Quick” Tillis Awarded The Chutzpah Award


Dean Martin…. Jerry Lewis was nothing without Dean. Sure, he could be funny, but Dean was that act and so underrated as the greatest straight man in the Dinohistory of the business. My top two were Dino and Oliver Hardy. Dean was also a fine actor and here are my top five movies he starred in.

5. Airport
4. The Young Lions
3. Murder’s Row
2. Sons of Katie Elder
1. Rio Bravo

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Buttercup A Golden Hair"

Welcome back pallies!
Hey, can I ask youse somethin'?
Have youse ever had a vision in your brain that youse just can't place?
Youse can see it...but youse just can't thinks where or when it's from!
Man o man...can this be frustratin'! Haha!!
Well, pals...this is what I've been goin' through ALL week! I've had this vision in my head of a BEA U TI FUL girl swimmin' in this BEA U TI FUL nightime scene. Sparklin' pool...moonbeams shinin' down...soft music echoin'. I could see it clear as day, pallies! Just COULD NOT PLACE IT! UGH!!!

Well, mi amici...once again...our BESTEST pal, Dean, has saved me from near insanity!
Thinks all this heat has finally got to me!
Maybe my brain is gettin' a wee bit toasted, pals! Haha!!Actually...pickeled would be more appropriate! Hahaha!!! bein' said...I simply HAD to use this COOL COOL Dino-jam for this week's Serenade! It's been here before...but...a summery tune like this is just TOO good NOT to play one more time!
"Buttercup A Golden Hair" is set to our pals flick that never came to be..."Something's Got to Give". It featured Dino alongside his lovely girl-pal, Marilyn Monroe.
Such a shame it just wasn't meant to be, my friends. They both looked so good in this vid & youse could see the chemistry & friendship they shared.
Bittersweet to watch, pallies.
BUT...let's be thankful for what's we got's, pals!
Great great tune that's PERFECT for a great great Summer night!

(Buttercup Buttercup Buttercup I love you)

Buttercup a golden hair
I'm feeling blue
Buttercup don't you know
I got to follow where you go
Buttercup I need you so
I love you

Buttercup a golden hair
My love is true
Buttercup can't you see
You mean the very world to me
Buttercup a golly gee
I love you

Every night I dream and dream and dream and dream about you
Even when I sleep I cannot do without you
Oh tell me Buttercup a golden hair
What shall I do
Buttercup I know I'll die
If you should ever say goodbye
Buttercup oh my oh my do I love you
(Buttercup oh my oh my do I love you)
Buttercup oh my oh my do I love you

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a risque Dean Martin farce

Hey pallies, likes today we goes back quite a bit in time to snag yet 'nother draft of a Dino-gram and bring it to the light of Dino-day, as we return to the courtroom novelty dvd review blog, "DVD Verdict" for yet 'nother review of  the  Dino-western-comedy, "Something Big." The reviewer is "Appellate Judge James A. Stewart," whose review of the Dino-show Christmas Special was also  shared HERE.

Likes it woulda 'pear that Judge James gets "Martin" and his swingin' review of this swingin' western ought to encourage many to gets into the Dino-groove via "SB." Gotta 'fess up pallies that I have been likes so pleasantly surprised by the huge number of reviews, and likes mostly favorable, that have come 'cross the 'net. Each and everyone is sure to grow the Dino-revolution, and what coulda be Dino-grander then that?!?!?!?!

ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to "Judge" Stewart for givin' his stamp of approval for "Something Big." To view this in it's original format, as usual, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram. Dino-psyched, DMP

Something Big (1971)

Paramount // 1971 // 108 Minutes // Rated PG-13

Reviewed by Appellate Judge James A. Stewart // October 30th, 2012

All Rise...

Appellate Judge James A. Stewart wants to do something big, but the DVD Verdict brass objects to 800-point type.

The Charge

"All my life, I've wanted to do something big—really big."

Opening Statement

Remember Brisco County Jr.'s quest for "the next big thing"? It seems he was a couple decades late to the hunt. Dean Martin beat him to it in a tale of an outlaw who's out to do Something Big. If he's talking about getting into big trouble, he might just succeed.

Facts of the Case

Baker (Dean Martin, The Ambushers) is an outlaw with a tough little dog and a horse with gold fillings. As he plans "something big," he gets a letter that disturbs him; it seems his fiancee (Carol White, Prehistoric Women) is coming to bring him back to Pennsylvania. Adding more pressure is Cobb, who has the gatling gun Baker needs for his big caper, but wants nothing—except for a woman. Baker's idea of matchmaking involves taking a woman from a stagecoach. Naturally, Mary Anna (Honor Blackman, Goldfinger) is going to turn out to be the wife of Col. Morgan (Brian Keith, Hooper), a soldier whom Baker doesn't want to cross.

The Evidence

Something Big is a bawdy movie. It's PG-13 (actually GP in 1971), but it packs a lot of suggestion. At the same time, the characters—not just Cobb—pretty much seem to be alone, and the jokes come out of that loneliness.

Dean Martin's Baker is being pursued by Dover, the gal he left back east, as he pursues his something big. At the outset of the movie, he's running away from a woman who he seems to see as a nuisance. Somewhere in there, though, he becomes fond of Mary Anna Morgan, and a soft spot begins to appear. Dover could be seen as a comic pest, but she lets Baker know that this is her last try at getting him to the altar before settling down with another suitor. She loves him, but she doesn't want to be alone.

At first, Brian Keith's Morgan seems to be running away from his wife, too. It's assumed widely throughout the West that Mary Anna is "a cold, barren woman." Why else would he willingly come out here? However, viewers will notice that Mary Anna actually is a lady, as she tells Baker she is upon their first meeting, dealing with the Western hardships with dignity. Moreover, we learn that she and her husband both look forward to the month he spends back East each year. Blackman gives the role a grace that makes it the best thing about the movie. Along the way, the men encounter two comically lustful prospector sisters, Polly (Joyce Van Patten, Mame) and Carrie (Judy Meredith, Queen of Blood), completing the picture of loneliness in the Old West.

Something Big largely relies on the charm of the leads, whether it's Martin delivering his lines with a self-effacing drawl, Honor Blackman's warm smile, or Brian Keith's shift from jaded soldier to chivalrous tough guy as he learns his wife is in jeopardy.

Presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, the scenery looks suitably majestic, the blue sky coming through brightly against the arid landscape. On the audio front, we get a Dolby 2.0 Mono track in which the musical choices—including a theme sung by Burt Bacharach (not Dino?!?) and the light, bouncy music that accompanies Baker's stagecoach holdups—tilt the scale toward farce rather than Western action. The lone bonus feature is a trailer, which reveals a lot about the story.

The Rebuttal Witnesses

Even as I'm writing the review, the jazz radio station I'm listening to online is playing a cover of the theme to The Tender Trap, reminding me that, while Something Big isn't bad, it's far from the best farce you'll ever see.

Something Big shoots for a Vietnam War-era irreverence, but it's a rather predictable movie. You'll probably see every joke and every plot twist coming a mile away. At least you will if you know the basic rule of this style of sexual farce: suggestion runs rampant, but in the end, marriage is what really matters. Moreover, the plot point of the women coming West to round up their men hits home that ultimate conclusion a little less subtly than in similar movies.

Closing Statement

If you've seen enough of Dean Martin and risque farces to know what you're going to get, you'll probably enjoy Something Big. It did lighten an otherwise boring night for me. If the idea of a risque Dean Martin farce didn't pique your interest in the first place, though, I can't see that Something Big would change your mind.

The Verdict

Not guilty.

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Cool Cool Collage Of Our Dino and Jerry

Hey pallies, likes sometimes we feel just so Dino-directed to do some minin' of Dino-treasure yet uncovered by simply puttin' the name of our beloved Dino into the ol' google search engine 'long with 'nother word or phrase.  Likes Recently we simply put Dean Martin and hero ('cause, of course, our Dino is our HERO of heroes!) into the search line and low and behold a wonderful Dino and Jerry collage appeared!

From the Pinterset pad presided over by Miss Emily Marlow "My Hero: Jerry Lewis" comes the cool cool collage shared below.  While, we would have been more delighted if we have found it at a pad tagged "My Hero: Dean Martin" 'cause of course we believe that our Dino is truly truly everybody's hero whether they know it our not, we know that wherever great poses of Jerry appear, our Dino's gotta be in many of 'em as well 'cause the team of Martin and Lewis was the great comedic couple ever!

So enjoy pallies, and don't be surprised if we share more Dino and Jerry images from Miss Emily in the near future.  Thanks to Miss Emily Marlow for efforts that we share here!  To checks her pad out directly, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-only, DMP

My Hero: Jerry Lewis  Emily Marlow

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Dean Martin with Don Knotts Rare old clip

Hey pallies, likes today we are diggin' deep into the ol' ilovedinomartin archives where we had stored a funny funny vid clip from"The Dean Martin Show" from Nov 1, 1960, with guest star Don Knotts.
Our Dino begins the fun festivities sayin' "We're dedicating our show to the one and only Frank Sinatra.   Yes tonight we've paying tribute to a man who has achieved fantastic success  in every phase of show business; a man whose thinking is never narrow, but who sees everything in terms of the broad."

Well, instead of our Dino's pallie Mr. Sinatra comin' out it ends of bein' Mr. Don Knotts of The Andy Griffith Show fame.  Seems that Frank hasn't arrived yet, so Dino has Knotts take over the Sinatra role and you guessed it dudes, Don is big time funny tryin' to sing, drink, and smoke like Ol' Blue Eyes.  So, likes sit back and enjoy comedian Mr. Don Knotts and our most beloved Dino havin' a ton of fun on this Dean Martin special television programme from November of 1960.  Dino-delightedly, DMP

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Our Dino and His Boypallie Ricci Filmin' "Since I Met You Baby"

Dean Martin - Since I Met You Baby

Hey pallies, likes here at ilovedinomartin we simply have a ton of Dino-posts that have been started and simply waitin' to be put into proper Dino-form for sharin'.  Of of 'em is the powerful pose below of our Dino and his youngest boypallie Ricci James durin' the filmin' of our most beloved Dino's only music vid of "Since I Met You Baby."  This coolest of cool croon was part of our Dino's last al-b-um, "The Nashville Sessions," released on the Warner Bros label in 1983.

Dino's son Ricci was into makin' music vids at the time and what coulda me cooler then directin' his daddy-o Dino in that up and comin' art form.  Ricci, in his Dino-bio, "That's Amore," does a fabulous job of describin' workin' with his father in the filmin' of the vid includin' how the scenes 'round the swimmin' pool were shot at Dino's former wife Jeanne's home.

Dean Martin - Since I Met You Baby

The daddy-o. boypallie pix below, as we said was clicked on site as Ricci was directin' Dino.  We ain't got a clue rememberin where we snagged it, as it has been a draft post for long time now finally seein' the light of Dino-day!

We. of course, takin' any and all ops to once 'gain feature this one and only music vid by our our one and only Dino, share it below.  We find it most thrillin' that the vid was played on MTV upon release...showin' that the youth of the eighties were continuin' to fall head over heels for our King of Cool!

  Also if you clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram you will be directed to Ricci Martin's homepad where he has the bestest of best versions of the music vid on his bio page for the height of Dino-viewin' pleasure.

Dean Martin with son Ricci, making Dean's music video Since I Met You Baby, which Ricci directed.: Dean Music, Saint Dino, Martin 1917 1995, Ricci Direction, Rats Pack, 1917 1995 Age, Music Videos, Innamorata Dean, Dean Martin

Dean Martin - Since I Met You Baby by mimivar83

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Dean Martin played in the Odessa Pro-Am golf tournament at Odessa Country Club in 1966.

Hey pallies, likes over the past couple of days we have celebrated that most marvelous magical moment in the life, times, and teachin's of our Dino when on August 15, 1964 the pallies at Billboard proclaimed our Dino numero uno on the charts knockin' the Beatles outta their long held top position with what became our Dino's signature song, "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime."

Today, we fast forward 'bout a year to July 1966, when our Dino set 'nother record, not as noteworthy and not as all powerful as his Billboard boast, and yet 'nother extraordinary example of the transformin' power of our most beloved Dino.  From the annuals of the Odessa (Texas) American, which this year on October 2 will be celebratin' 75 years of continues reportin', comes the powerful proclamation that our Dino "played in the Odessa Pro-Am golf tournament at Odessa Country Club in (July) 1966" along with his pallie Mr. Don Cherry."

The reason that the pallie at the Odessa American are recallin' this Dino-event is 'cause our main man "helped to attract the largest crowds ever for the tournament.  More than 7,300 people attended on the final day."  This is a Dino-fact that we ain't ever heard proudly proclaimed before, and likes as we sez, not of the mighty magnitude of bustin' the Beatles, but yet 'nother inspririn' indicator of our Dino's superstar status.

We knows that if we had been anywhere near Odessa in July of 1966 we woulda wound our way
to get even a glimse of our King of Cool!  We thanks all the pallies at the Odessa American for sharin' this grand and glorious highlight in the Dino-journey and we wishes them well as they continue to share great moments in their 75 years of news reportin'  To checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-message.  Dino-studyin' and Dino-growin', DMP

 75 years of the Odessa American

1966: Celebrities and labor disputes

1966: Dean Martin
Dean Martin played in the Odessa Pro-Am golf tournament at Odessa Country Club in 1966.
Posted: Saturday, August 15, 2015 5:30 am

Celebrity appearances: In July, entertainer Dean Martin visited Odessa to play in the Odessa Pro-Am golf tournament at Odessa Country Club. Martin and his partner, Don Cherry, helped to attract the largest crowds ever for the tournament.
More than 7,300 people attended on the final day.

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“I’m gonna knock your pallies off the charts" -Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes today we follow up on Saturday's Dino-gram to youse and keeps the celebratin' goin' on the hugely historic Dino-event that happened on August 15 in the year of our Dino 1964....the date that the pallies at Billboard announced to the whole world that our one and only Dino had busted the Beatles of the musical charts with his numero uno croon of "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime.

Below is a reprint of fabulous Dino-prose that "actor, comedian, and voiceover artist" Mr. Eddie Deezen first scribed for his own website and that has been picked up by Miss Cellania at her pad "Neatorama."   Likes, we have shared Eddie's and Neatorama's version in the past, but today's reprint includes a number of glorious Dino-images not included in the original.

The only miscue in Eddie's sensational scribin's., and likes we have mentioned it here before, is, at least accordin' to famed Dino-biographer Mr. Nick Tosches, it was our Dino's boypallie namesake Dino Martin Jr. that our most beloved Dino spoke his most prophetic prose, "I'm gonna knock your pallies off the charts."  But, likes whether it was to Dino Jr. or Ricci, it none the less shows our Dino as the wisest of wise, bein' able to make his desires come true.

We sez our thoughtful thanks to Miss Cellania and all the pallies at Neatorama, as well, of course, to Mr. Eddie Deezen, for keepin' this historic moment in all of Dino-history front and center to the public eye, bringin' ever more pallies into deeper, truer, and purer devotion of our one and only Dino.
To checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-awed, DMP

Dean Martin Knocks the Beatles out of the #1 Spot on the Charts

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.
“I’m gonna knock your pallies off the charts"  -Dean Martin
Ricci Martin, son of the world-famous singer Dean, was just like most any other teenager in the early months of 1964. Ricci was totally crazy about and obsessed with the Beatles.

Ever since the Beatles arrival in America a few months previously, they had captivated teenagers far and wide and taken the entire country by storm. They were making appearances on TV, their new film A Hard Day's Night was a smash hit, and their songs were blasting out of every radio on the continent. The records: “She Loves You,” “I Want to Hold your Hand,” “Please Please Me,” etc. were inevitably turning up on the record charts- in the number one spot.

And now it was August of 1964 and the theme song to their brilliant first film A Hard Day's Night was sitting brightly atop the charts. And so it was, a few months previous, that Ricci Martin was raving on and on about "the Beatles this" and "the Beatles that" and “Beatles Beatles Beatles.”

Dean Martin, star of stage, screen, television, Las Vegas, and the record world, got fed up one day and, with a bravado that would have put Muhammad Ali to shame, confidently took Ricci to the side and breezily told him, “I’m gonna knock your pallies off the charts.”

Ricci smirked and barely held back from rolling his eyes right to his father's face. Sure, his dad was the great Dean Martin, but Dino hadn't had a hit record in six years. And come on man, these guys were the Beatles!

In 1962, Dean Martin had signed a recording contract with Reprise records, a company owned by his close friend and comrade-in-arms Frank Sinatra. In 1963, Reprise signed a man named Jimmy Bowden to their A&R department. Jimmy Bowden very much wanted to record an album with Dean Martin.

Dean, always an easy-going guy, agreed to work with Bowden, but Dean, a man who did not like change, wanted to record an album of soft, moody, Las Vegas-type songs. It was to be a typical Dean Martin album- slow ballads and love songs sung by the droopy-eyed crooner. It was to an album called Dream with Dean.

Bowden wanted to record Dean and tried to set an atmosphere that was pleasing to his artist. The recording studio was set up in a moody light to create the proper atmosphere.

He got together a small band and Dino quickly and smoothly recorded the first 11 songs for the album. The 12th he just hated. It was an old song that had been around called “Everybody Loves Somebody.” Dean had to be coaxed into recording the number, but after some pushing, he finally agreed.

Interestingly, the tune had already been recorded by several other artists. i.e. Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee and Dinah Washington. The song had never gone anywhere and seemed destined to be a small, trivial number in recording history.

“Everybody Loves Somebody" had been written around 15 years previously by Dean's close friend and piano player, Ken Lane. This factor, I’m sure, had a lot to do with Dean recording a song he couldn't stand. Dean was a very nice, easy-going guy and he probably just wanted to help a pal get some royalties.

When Dean's album came out, the song was given little notice and raised no stir. But then, early in 1964, Dean recorded the song again as a single. It was given a new arrangement, Dean sped up the tempo a bit, and added a more contemporary sound to it.

At first, the song went nowhere and Reprise decided to stop promoting it. But radio stations in New Orleans and Worchester, Massachusetts started playing it. It soon spread to other stations and gained popularity.

Lo and behold- on August 15, 1964, just as he had boasted to his skeptical son, “Everybody Loves Somebody" actually knocked the Beatles out of the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 record charts.

“See, I told you I was gonna knock your pallies off,” said Dean casually to his awestruck son.

Ricci Martin said he looked on at his father with pride, wonder and amazement. And thus, Dean Martin, in all probability, became the one and only person to correctly predict that he was going to knock the Beatles out of the number one spot on the charts and actually do it!

Billboard Top Five Songs August 15, 1964

1. “Everybody Loves Somebody" - Dean Martin

2. “Where Did Our Love Go?"- The Supremes

3. “A Hard Day's Night"- The Beatles

4. “Rag Doll"- The Four Seasons

5. “Under the Boardwalk"- The Drifters


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Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Watching The World Go By"

Welcome back to 'nother sunny day... Sunday Serenade... with our ONE & ONLY Dino!
 Man is it HOT!
Summer ain't over yet, mi amici!
Feels like a DEF I NATE beach day to me! Hey! That's a GREAT idea!
Let's get our stuff together & follow the Sun!
Youse know what to do...Go grab the beach towels...the giant umbrella...the pepper & egg sandwiches...& HIT THE BEACH! Haha!! Dino-style of course!
I'll fill the cooler with Scotch...youse grab some smokes!
Yes sir-ree...all's we needs now is the RIGHT Dino-tune!
It's gotta be summery...It's gotta be bouncy...It DEF I NATE LY gots to be Dino-eey! Hahaha!!!
Now let me see....hmmmm.
I know! I can no...did it already. Hey! How 'bout...nope. Did that one too. There's gotta be SOME COOL COOL tune that fits the bill...that I haven't done before!
"Watching the World Go By", is AB SO LUTE LY PERFECTO for a swingin' day in the sand!!!
 OK pals...looks like we is READY to ROLL!
I'll load up the Buick...youse grab the kiddies...Dino's ridin' with me!
 Let's do this, pallies!
See youse at the beach!!!

Watching the world go by (watching the world go by)
Under a sunny sky (sunny sky)
Strolling 'round the park on a Sunday afternoon (Sunday afternoon)
Oh how the moments fly (oh how the moments fly)
Watching the world go by (the world go by)
When you're with your love
Life is a beautiful tune (life is a beautiful tune)

Even if clouds are there
Way up above
For us the day is always fair cuz we're in love
Others may have some tears, others may cry
Darling not you and I (not you and I)
We'll spend years and years and years
Watching the world go by

(Watching the world go by) Some day Sunday
(Under a sunny sky) When church is through love
(Strolling round the park on Sunday afternoon) Hand and hand 'neath a crimson sky
We will dream as the world goes by
(Oh how the moments fly) One day one day,
(Watching the world go by ) Dreams will come true love
(When you're with your love ) They'll be beautiful days to see
(Life is a beautiful tune) In the future with me
(Even if clouds are there) Each tomorrow
(Way up above) We'll be fair
(For us the day is always fair cuz we're in love) Free from sorrow just as long as you care
Others may have some tears (others may have some tears)
Darling not you and I (not you and I)
We'll spend years and years and years
Watching the world go by

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On This Day In Dino-history: August 15, 1964

Hey pallies, likes time 'gain to share 'nother greatest of the great days in all of recorded Dino-history. Likes from the pallies at the greatest of the great recorded music sites, "Billboard" comes the reminder that it was 51 years ago this very Dino-day that our most most beloved Dino busted the Beatles off of numero uno position on Billboard's Hot 100 Hit List with what became our main man's main croon..."Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime."

What a thrill it was then, and is still today to celebrate this huges of hugest musical victory for our one and only Dino.  It took the mighty power of our King of Cool to knock the Kingpins of Rock and Roll off of their throne.  Below is some powerful patter from the pallies at "Billboard" 'long with a great youtube vid of a live recordin' of our Dino croonin' his number one hit.

We sez our thoughtful thanks to all the folks at "Billboard" who have honored our main man in this mighty way...showin' that the transformin' power of our Dino simply grows greater and great with each passin' year.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply, as usual, clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.   Always, Dino, Always, DMP

Aug. 15, 1964
Iconic crooner Dean Martin notched his sole No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit with "Everybody Loves Somebody." The song proved that middle-of-the-road music could still reign after Beatlemania had begun changing the course of pop earlier that year. "Everybody," in fact, dethroned the Fab Four's fifth No. 1, "A Hard Day's Night."

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Given the singer, actor, and Rat Pack member’s ties to old Vegas, it’s only appropriate that he’d be celebrated in a series of slots

Hey pallies, likes recently doin' our almost daily dose of Dino-searchin' through google blog search, we were invited into viewin' the music section of the online media magazine "Paste."  What took us there was the blog post "10 Music-Themed Slot Machines" scribed by Miss Sarah Kurchak.  As the tag of the post suggests,  Miss Kurchak has shared a detailed report of current and past musical celebs who are featured on Slot Machine action...folks still livin' likes Miss Dolly Parton and the Rolling Stones and folks who have departed our planet likes Elvis Presley and Michael Jackon.

And, likes no Musical Slot Machine prose woulda be complete with all the beloved name of our most beloved Dino!  As Sarah shares, "Given the singer, actor, and Rat Pack member’s ties to old Vegas, it’s only appropriate that he’d be celebrated in a series of slots with names like Dean Martin."  Likes ain' that the truth pallies?!?!?!?!  No entertainer is more connected to 'Vegas baby 'Vegas AND gamblin' then our Dino, and that is the Dino-truth.

Kurchak lists three Dino-accented slots...Vegas Shindig, Pool Party, and Wild Party and includes a youtube vid of what she considers "the best of the bunch"....Dean Martin's Wild Party.  One simply has to wonder just how many new pallies are bein' brought into the Dino-fold through playin' the Dino-slots....tons we are bettin'!

ilovedinomartin salutes Miss Sarah Kurchak and all the pallies at Paste Mag for includin' our most most beloved Dino in this powerful post.  Likes to check it out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.   Dino-delightedly, DMP

10 Music-Themed Slot Machines

By Sarah Kurchak

10. Dean Martin
Given the singer, actor, and Rat Pack member’s ties to old Vegas, it’s only appropriate that he’d be celebrated in a series of slots with names like Dean Martin’s Vegas Shindig, Dean Martin’s Pool Party, and Dean Martin’s Wild Party. Wild Party, the best of the bunch, comes complete with kitschy graphics and a Martin caricature that hangs out in the corner and serenades you during the bonus round.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Watch how to make Dean Martin’s Flame of Love

Hey pallies, likes we likes to keeps thin's new, fresh, and up to date here at our humble little Dino-conclave meanin' that not to often do we repeat Dino-information...if we did we woulda be daily publishin' posts on our Dino's famous recipe for bourbon burgers.  But, likes today we are goin' to make one of those exceptions and share 'nother postin' on " Watch how to make Dean Martin's Flame of Love."

Likes we checked and it has been over three years since we first posted information on this most special of most special of Dino-drinks, and since the topic has resurfaced on the ol' 'net we have chosen to share it 'gain.  Today ilovedinomartin takes you to yet 'nother internationale pad....this time of Aussie accent as noted by the tag of the blog, "AUSTRALIAN BARTENDER  - The Voice Of Bar Professionals." There barkeep Mr. Sam Bygrave shares the swank story-behind-the-drink as well as photography and vid by Mr. Steve Brown for all those pallies who want to mix it for themselves.

It is alway so so cool to learn more and more of the Dino-story includin' how our King of Cool havin' a special liquid libation created just for him.  So enjoys this excellent post by Mr. Bygave and Mr. Brown that fills us in on not only the background details, but also step by step details to make it for yourself and all your pallies.

ilovedinomartin salutes all the pallies at the "AUSTRALIAN BARTENDER" 'specially Mr. Sam Bygrave and Mr. Steve Brown for this very very informative Dino-post....learnin' Dino-history and learnin' how to put it into practice.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Watch how to make Dean Martin’s Flame of Love

By  on September 19th, 2014 
Printer-friendly version

By Sam Bygrave
Photography and video by Steve Brown
As far as drink histories go, you won’t find a more Hollywood story than this. It involves a long-standing Beverly Hils restaurant that counted Hollywood A-listers among its regulars, some flashy bartending technique, some mythmaking and tall tales, and the Rat Pack’s one and only King of Cool, Dean Martin.
Chasen’s was an LA restaurant that was set up in 1936. It was famous for its chilli, and captured the attentions of the who’s who of Hollywood: Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, and Clark Gable were just a few of the luminaries to grace its booths and barstools.
Later on, when they weren’t in Las Vegas, Chasen’s was also the hangout for the Rat Pack.
The story of how the Flame of Love came about is pretty solid, though the details change depending on who’s doing the telling (given the pranks and the tall tales that surrounded the Rat Pack this is, perhaps, no surprise).
So here’s one telling of it, anyway.
One night in comes Dino. He tells Chasen’s bartender, Pepe Ruiz, that he’s tired of drinking the same old Martini over and over again. Ruiz takes this on board. When Dino next comes in, Ruiz pops a little fino sherry into Martin’s Martini, and begins flaming orange zests over the martini glass. He shakes up the drink — according to Dale DeGroff’s The Essential Cocktail, Ruiz preferred to shake this drink — and pours it into the glass before some final pyrotechnics over the top.
The details from here get fuzzy, but at some point Dino introduces Frank Sinatra to the drink. Sinatra likes it so much, he buys a round — some say for the whole bar. Another version of it reckons it was Sinatra’s birthday and he bought it for his 52 guests. DeGroff’s telling reckons the order was for 200 drinks, and that Ruiz had to bring all the staff out of the kitchen and into the bar to pump them out.
Given that DeGroff is about as Hollywood as bartenders get, we’re inclined to take his word for it.

Flame of Love

45ml Stolichnaya Premium Vodka
15ml fino sherry
Orange zests
Stir both the vodka and sherry over ice. Zest orange into a chilled coupette, then strain mix into glass. Flame an orange zest on top of the drink, and drop the zest in for garnish.
Flame of love steps
Notes on ingredients:
• Stolichnaya Premium Vodka is an exceptionally smooth vodka with marshmallow, mineral and mild fruity aromas. Its supple entry leads to a smooth palate of frosting, talc and citrus rind flavours.
• The Stolichnaya distillery, Talvis, is located in Tambov, Russia. The vodka is filtered and bottled at Stolichnaya’s second home in Riga, Latvia.
• Stoli continues to maintain the brands Russian roots is because the Alpha Spirit alcohol used in production is sourced from Russia, but Stoli becomes vodka in the Baltic city of Riga, Latvia where the filtering, blending and bottling takes place – as it has done since 1948.
• The earth in Tambov, where Stoli sources its grain, is renowned for being one of the most fertile soils on the planet: the topsoil is as much as 12 metres deep and incredibly rich in humus, which gives the land its life and fertility. The soil is literally black and so rich that it requires almost no fertilisation, which is why the
grain is selected from this region
for its purity.
Notes supplied courtesy of Stolichnaya