Sunday, August 27, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Fools Rush In"

 Welcome back mi amici! 

Nice of youse to stop by. 

Well, here we are, pallies...the tail end of August. Man o man...where do the days go?! Even months fly by like weeks! 

Hey, pals...if I gots to be honest though...Summer is hot & fun & I really dig the beach goin'...BUT...I'm kinda anticipatin' the Fall season! As youse all know...I AB SO LUTE LY love that "spooky" vibe in the air! Haha! We'll gets more into that stuff soon. 

Hey pallies...I'm not sure if the end of the month is bringin' some swingin' & singin' at some jammin' cook outs or movin' boxes into some college dorm room. Either way, pals...I know thins' might get a wee bit hectic. I'm bettin' we could ALL use a little serenity.  

For today's Serenade, thinks' I'm gonna ask our BESTEST pal, Dean, to start windin' this Summery season down with some COOL COOL & VERY laid back croonin'. "Fools Rush In' should set the Dino-mood so so PER FEC TO! 

Real mellow & calmin', pals. 

What I love 'bout this particular jam is it's tellin' of throwin' it all against the be with a very special someone. Sensible or not...right or wrong. Now THAT's passion! Haha!! Man o' man, pallies...I better chill out, here! This is supposed to relax me! Haha!! 

Now, this tune has been sung many many times by many many singers, pallies. But...NO ONE & I mean NO ONE can turn it into PURE PURE tranquility likes our pal! 

So...when the grills have burned out...& everythin' is cleaned up & put away...find yourselves some "alone" time. 

Just youse & Dean. 

Pour up a little vino & soak it all in. 


Enjoy pals.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Home"

 Welcome back, mi amici. 

Home sweet home. 

To us, Dino-diggers...anyway. 

A home away from home & a place to hang our day's end. A quick stop...just to chill & collect our thoughts. Soak in the good & the "not so good thins'", that the day has shown. 

Maybe...just a place to clear your minds & listen to some cool cool Dino-jams. 

I'm hopin' that's what & the Sunday Serenades with Dino are to ALL the lovers of Dino out there. I know it is for me, mi amici. 

I thinks we ALL can use a place like that. Youse 'gree, pals? Just a comfy little spot to relax & catch our breaths. Yup...sounds good to me. 

How lucky we are, my have Dino & a place like this, to call "Home". Our own place. Away from the world's chaos. To just drift...& let life's stress melt away. Just for a moment or two. 

So, my we is grilling' & chillin' our way through Summer...let's think 'bout the nice peaceful times...that Dean brings our way. Every day. Every week. Every year. we's go. This is 'nother fave o' mine, off Dino's "The Dean Martin TV Show", vinyl masterpiece..."Home".   

Dino had the right idea for sure! "Though fortune may forsake me...sweet dreams will ever take me home". 

Ahhhhh, so true, pallies. 


Sunday, August 13, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "La Giostra"

 Buon Giorno, pals! 

Welcome back! 

Ahhh...that GREAT GREAT time of year is here, mi amici! Italian food...Happy people...Dancin' kiddies...& more Dino than youse can absorb in just one FANTASTICO weekend! 

Yup...youse guessed it...It's "Italian Festival"  season, here in good ol' New England! 

That bloody virus brought thins' to a screaming' halt for awhile, pallies. But...they is back! 

Man o man...I just can't thinks of a more PERFECTO way to celebrate these summery days...than to soak up these SWINGIN' SINGIN' vibes...down at the local festival with all my Dino-lovin', neighborhood pals! My paisani! 

OK...I better chill with the "Italian" thin'. It's makin' me wanna pour up the vino...& it's only 8:00am!!! Haha!! 

Can't help myself, pals! It's just such a WON DER FUL feelin' in the air. It's a time to forget life's troubles. A time to 'member what's REALLY important. Put the negative stuff on the back burner...just for a moment...& soak in the GOOD thins'! 

I know it isn't always easy, pallies...we ALL have troubles to deal with. But...I thinks I can help! 

I have a tune that is GUA RAN TEED to get youse floatin'! Thinkin' happy thoughts & gettin' that Pep back in your Step! Ha! 

Now, pals...when I thinks 'bout these FUN FUN festivals...the one thin' that seems to wrap the whole ball of smilin' faces, the Merry-Go-Round! " La Giostra"! 

It takes us back to years LONG gone by, my friends. 

Spinnin' round & round...catchin' a glimpse of certain faces as we twirl to the sounds of Dean's SMOOTH SMOOTH voice. 

Ahhhh...what a time it was! 

I think we could ALL use a spin! 

Today's Serenade, "La Giostra" is definitely one of my Summertime faves & I'm SO SO happy to FINALLY be able to share at our AWESOM little blog...with ALL my AWESOME fellow Dino-diggin' paisani! 

The festivals are back & Dino is in the air once more! 

Here we go, pallies! Turn it up & enjoy the ride! 


Sunday, August 06, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Grazie, Prego, Scusi"

 Hey pallies...what's new & excitin'?! 

Haha!! My ol' boss used to asked me that EVERY mornin'. Used to crack me up…'cause back in those days...there were ALWAYS new & excitin' thins' happenin'! ALL the time! Hahaha!!! 

Oh well, mi's all part of bein' young & carefree, I suppose. Not a worry in the world. Just good times.  

Nothin' better than that feelin', pals. Peace of mind is priceless. 

What we ALL need to hold onto that youthful vibe...always! 

Or...we can try to get it back! 

Oh, it can be done, my friends! 

Don't forget...we gots us a card up our sleeves. DINO! 

Yup! Good ol' Dean will keep us young forever! Maybe not in body...but in mind! Don't EVER lose that passion for life, pallies! Believe is the key. Dean's music! 

Let me help youse out a wee bit. Last week, I told youse I was gonna take your mind off the sweatin' & the stressin'. Well, pals...Danny G. would NEVER lie to his Dino-diggin' pals! I gots us just the right cure, for those Summertime blues, my friends! How's 'bout a wee bit of some "Grazie, Prego, Scusi"?! 

This tune is SURE to get that youthful PEP back into your STEP! 

The heat & humidity will melt away. The weight of the world will be lifted... & a NEW & IMPROVED you, will emerge! Haha!! 

I'm tellin' youse, mi amici...Dino has the power! 

Let today's bouncy little Serenade be the start of a NEW youth minded life! It's easy on the brain & carefree...just the way life should be! Maybe once was. Let's try our best to get it back, pallies! 

Once you feel that zest for life...youse'll NEVER let it go 'gain! 

Mind over matter, my friends! Dino-mind, that is.