Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Dino-ween

Hey pallies, likes just wants to stop by and wish all you pallies the happiest of happy Dino-ween. So so loves the Dino-lantern that graces today's what coulda be better then seein' our Dino's huge Dino-buddhagrin in jack-o-lantern fashion?!?!?! Likes who needs to beg for mere candy store candy when we can likes always always gets a natural Dino-high by groovin' on the sweetness of our most beloved Dino? So likes be sure to takes in huge quanities of our Dino to get Dino-buzzed on Dino-ween! Keeps lovin' our Dino! Dino-endulgin', DMP

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Little Green Apples"

Hey pals! Time once again for nother' Sunday Serenade! Man o man pallies, I am so so hooked on the 1969 al-b-um "I Take A Lot of Pride In What I Am", that I had to pick one more of it's country-pop tunes for this weeks Serenade!

I can't gets me nough' "Little Green Apples"! What an absolutely Be-a-u-ti-ful song! It is pure Dino-magic! You can FEEL the love oozin' from our great man's lips on this one!

I truly believe that Dean had his one true love, Jeanne, in mind while recordin' this one. No one does it better than Dino & NO ONE can spread the Dino-love like Dean himself! Enjoy.

And I wake up in the morning
With my hair down in my eyes and she says hi
And I stumble to the breakfast table
While the kids are gonna to school goodbye
She reaches out and takes my hand
And squeezes it and says how you feelin' hon
And I look across at smilin' lips
That warm my heart and see my mornin' sun

And if that's not lovin' me then all I've got to say
God didn't make little green apples
And it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime
There's no such thing as Doctor Suess
Disneyland or Mother Goose is no nursery rhyme
God didn't make little green apples
And it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime
And when myself is feelin' low
I think about her face aglow and ease my mind

Sometimes I call her up at home knowin' she's busy
And ask if she could get away and meet me and grab a bite to eat
Then she drops what she's doin' and hurries down to meet me and I'm always late
But she sits waitin' patiently
And smiles when she first sees me cause she's made that way

And if that ain't lovin' me then all I've got to say
God didn't make little green apples
It don't snow in Minneapolis when the winter comes
There's no such thin's as make believe
Puppy dogs and autumn leaves and BB guns
God didn't make little green apples
And it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime
When myself is feelin' low
I think about her face aglow and ease my mind
To ease my mind to ease my mind

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wish All Your Pallies Dino-ween

Hey pallies, likes Dino-ween is just 'round the corner this comin' Monday, and I thought I would reminds all you dudes 'bout a great Dino-resource that I discovered last Dino-ween for all us Dino-holics to use to send Dino-ween to our fellow Dino-addicts. From the "Dean Martin Informationscenter Deutschland"..., comes a great collection of Dino-ecards just waitin' for you to share with all your pallies on this special Dino-holi-day!

And, besides sendin' to all the Dino-philes you know, likes how 'bout sendin' to some of your pallies who are yet to be sold-out to our Dino...certainly a great way to encourage their Dino-devotion!!!!! I've included some of the coolest of the cool Dino-ecards with this post, but to view 'em all and make your Dino-selections, just click on the tag of this Dino-report to goes to the original site.

Happy Dino-ween to all our ilovedinomartin Dino-devotees...and as ever, keeps lovin' our Dino! Dino-weenin', DMP

Thursday, October 27, 2011

5 shades of Dino - how Dean Martin made me feel happier.

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-sharin' comes from down under Dino-holic Mr. Mark Selan at his self-tagged blog "Mark's Collection Of Spelling Mistakes." I remember first groovin' on Mark's devotion to our most beloved Dino when this first appeared in Februrary of 2008, but likes I checked and never shared this with all you pallies then. If you clicks on the tag of this Dino-message you will see that I left Mark some Dino-patter back then and he left me a cool Dino-reply as well.

Well on rediscoverin' this post yester-Dino-day I decided to share it with all you dudes, even though four of the five Dino-vids are no longer available on youtube. Why you Dino-quire?....'cause Mark's message of the extraordinaryly profound influence that our Dino has on ordinary pallies likes you and me is still as Dino-true as the day that Selan first penned these Dino-thoughts.

As you will read back in 2007 Mr. Selan likes found himself in a funk...."hit with the melancholy" as he 'plains it. And, likes who did Mark turn to, to bring him comfort and a sense of happiness?....likes, of course, none other then our Dino. Selan sez, "I started listening to Dean Martin. Compulsively." And, likes as you read Mark's Dino-prose, you will see that indeed our Dino did his work and made him " feel happier."

Such is the power of our Dino! Likes whenever I am feelin' down pallies, likes all I gotta do is listen to a Dino-tune, watch a Dino-vid or even look at some Dino-pixs and likes I just can't stay sad while under the Dino-influence!

Hats off to Mr. Mark Selan, for speakin' such Dino-truth so boldly to his readers....givin' his personal Dino-testimony of the transformin' power of our Dino!
As I sez, to view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-message. Dino-awed, DMP

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

5 shades of Dino - how Dean Martin made me feel happier.

Late last year I got hit with the melancholy. Probably because of the suckiness of work, family infecting me with their madness and a general loss of direction (I need to do stuff; like build cellars, publish magazines or learn something new otherwise I feel a bit pointless).

I started listening to Dean Martin. Compulsively.

Martin came to prominence as Jerry Lewis’ straight man. And I loved Jerry Lewis as a kid. I remember every Sunday afternoon they’d play a Lewis movie, but only if I behaved in church – such was the power of my parents; act up in church they’d make sure Jerry Lewis (or as I said it apparently – “jer-wee woo-wis”) wouldn’t be on. So I’d tune out for an hour and a bit while the chubby priest prattled on in Slovenian backed by a tone deaf choir whose age averaged medieval, in the end learning a great patience.

At first it was all about the Jerry, but as I got older i noticed it was Martin that really carried the films. Jerry by himself was way to hammy, throwing up every slapstick trick and seeing what would stick. Martin gave the flicks a certain cool, some structure. In Hollywood and Bust (which I may have seen more than Star Wars) Martin hated Lewis, but you can’t tell. That's kind of cool.

So in my funk I’d gravitate to certain songs, which slowly become less and less depressing.

You belong to me

Just remember when a dream appears
You belong to meI'
ll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome too and blue

At the time, Em was flying around to Sydney, making work trips to Mt Gambier, Whyalla so the song did kind of strike a cord. What’s interesting is that originally it was a female torch song; you can imagine it being sung to boyfriends and husbands going off to fight the war. But with Martin singing it sometime in the late 50s it brings in a new resonance – women strengthened during the war, boarding planes and leaving their traditional roles of housewives to see the world while their partners mournfully miss them. In my mind I picture a curly haired Ava Gardner type journalist, camera slung over her shoulder searching for the next big scoop, visiting beautiful exotic locales and meeting interesting people, while Martin is stuck at home hoping his girl doesn’t forget him. It’s all rather hopeless and depressing.

(Of course I don’t feel really comfortable with “You belong to me” so i prefer to mumble “You’re the one for me” in tune, of course.)

Little ole Wine Drinker Me -

And when they ask who's the fool in the corner,

Travelling a little bit away from dumpsville but still within city limits, Martin is broken hearted, far from home, his only consolation is drinking wine, which I think is probably the saddest alcohol. Some will say bourbon, but nope; wine is cheap, easy to drink and no hungover is as bad as a one from 3 bottles of cheap red wine. But it is a nice way to suffer.
Except for wine and a working jukebox, Dino’s got nothing going for him; but when you consider the old adage of wine, women and song – two out of three ain’t too bad.


Nobody calls me freind,

Its sad the shape I'm in

Going back to Houston
I Got a girl waiting out for me
Well at least she said she'd be

Dean Martin loved Country music, apparently. He even played a cowboy in one of the best traditional Westerns ever. Though in this video he's bit more Roy Rogers than John Wayne. Houston is about a down on his luck guy just wanting to get to Houston. Its pretty depressing but there’s some life, a bit of hope that his girl might be waiting there for him, but in the least he's got a home and bed. Its got some clever lyrics and is kind of funny, especially when compared to the other ‘funny’ western song; Not Enough Indians which is archaic and misogynistic.

Open the door and let the good times in -

Don't let nothing stand in your way
Just open up the door and let the good times in
Tomorrow's gonna be better than today

What I appreciate about this song is the production, not so much in the video but in the Capitol Records (or Columbia) audio release. A lot of Dean Martin songs from the late 50s - early 60s have these awful back up singers that all sound like cloned fat bald men, or blonde stepford wives; their only job is to repeat the lyrics in unnerving perfect harmony. Its frustrating in something like Standing on the corner, to have this barber shop quartet echoing the lyrics; washing the tomcat out of the lyrics making it into something homogenous and safe. This song though has this great party mood, even though its about a poor, hungry smoker who’s girlfriend is fooling around on him and has discovered rodents have drunk all his alcohol – essentially a miserable existence there's this great unbridled hope and joy. You can't help but smile.

On an evening in Roma -

Down each avenue or via, street or strata
You can see 'em disappearing two by two
On an evening in Roma
Do they take 'em for espresso
Yeah, I guess so
On each lover's arm a girl
I wish I knew
On an evening in Roma

Finally, away from the blues; far from the sad drunk who’s woman has left him; the poor jobless stooge far from home – this is an ode to being with the one you love. Even cheekily wondering what those couples are getting up to as they slip away. I sway from being a francophile to an italophile (???) but I hear this song and I’m Marcello riding my vespa on cobbled streets on my way to meet my senorina, dodging hanging laundry hoping no one will notice the melted chocolate gelato on my suit.

Don't know what the country's coming to
But in Rome do as the Romans do

Makes decisions so much easier.


Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-post shows that our Dino is as hip as ever. From the groovy pad, "Cheezburger" and a nouveau hipster dude tagged Sharktattoo, comes this likes totally totally rad comic parody of "That's Amore."

Hipster dude sez, "Yo dawg, I heard that you like Dean Martin so I put some Dean Martin in here for you!" Sharkie responds, "When the moon hits you a big pizza pie-" And, then likes our Dino sez, "That's a moray." Hipster dude then ponders this Dino-wisdom....

Cool to find one of today's youth groovin' on our Dino in this cool cool way! To view this in a larger format, likes just clicks twice on the pix below...or simply likes click on the tag of this Dino-gram to goes directly to Sharktattoo's Cheezburger pad.

Hats off to Sharktattoo for givin' his readers and all us Dino-holics a reason to put a huge Dino-buddha-grin on our faces! Keeps lovin' our Dino! Dino-buddha-grinnin', DMP


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The pairing of Dean Martin’s hunka-man antics with Judy Holliday’s utterly unique interpretation of the dippy blonde make for a chemistry and romance

Hey pallies, likes dudes how I oh so yearn to be in the Big Apple this Saturday night, October 29, to be able to catch our Dino's only big screen musical, "Bells Are Ringing," on the big screen. From the blog ALT Screen, "a comprehensive digital resource covering alternative film screenings in the New York City area," comes the excitin' Dino-news that pallies in New York City will be able to catch our Dino and Miss Judy Holliday in this wonderful musical romp at the BAM Rose Cinemas...this very Saturday evenin' at either 6:50 or 9:30 p.m.

And likes to whet readers appetites for goin' to the screenin's this outstandin' ALT Screen blog has put together a wonderful trib to "Bells Are Ringin' includin' some great screen caps, a great vid clip from the flick, and an amazin' group of film academics reflections on the musical. It is truly truly heart-warmin' to be able to indulge in an in-depth study of one of our Dino's best screen efforts.

And, likes I just gotta say that I loves the Dino-graphic of our most beloved Dino and Miss Judy that heads up this Dino-review...likes never ever saw it before! ilovedinomartin sends out our deepest of deep Dino-appreciato to the pallies at ALT Screen for puttin' this readers on to this golden opportunity to see our Dino and Miss Judy Holliday havin' the times of their lives on the big screen. Likes only wishes that I coulda fly to New York for this Dino-viewin! To view this in it's original format, likes clicks on the tag of this Dino-message. Dino-yearnin', DMP

Saturday Editor’s Pick: Bells Are Ringing (1960)

By Alt Screen on October 23, 2011

Playing Sat Oct 29 at 6:50*, 9:30 at BAMcinématek [Program & Tix]
*Q&A with Minnelli scholar Joe McElhaney and former editor-in-chief of Cahiers du Cinema Emmanuel Burdeau

“The Complete Vincente Minnelli” series sadly winds down this coming week at BAM, but not before a screening of one of his most delightful and underrated musicals.

The pairing of Dean Martin’s hunka-man antics with Judy Holliday’s utterly unique interpretation of the dippy blonde make for a chemistry and romance quite piquantly apart from most Hollywood fare. Comden & Green originally wrote the role for Holliday, but despite 964 successful performances on Broadway she struggled mightily on set to reinvision the part for the screen. Regardless it remains one of her best, as Stuart Galbraith eloquently puts it, “Holliday’s image was the antithesis of the MGM star – she was mortal – and thus the stakes are much more personal and the impact greater,” a comment made more poignant as Bells was Holliday’s last film appearance – she succumbed to breast cancer several years later.

Some critics thought it was Minnelli who struggled with the adaptation to film. But as Joe Baltake notes, “With his shrewdly-made Bells Are Ringing, Minnelli, seemingly cognizant of changing times, serious redefines the film musical into something lighter, less insistent and virtually dance-free. Note in particular the revolutionary way in which Minnelli staged Martin’s ‘I Met a Girl’ number and what’s left of ‘Mu-Cha-Cha.’”

Bells Are Ringing is an important end to another era, as it was the last MGM musical overseen by Arthur Freed.

The name-dropping sequence alone is worth the price of admission (with a meta-rific inclusion of “Vincente Minnelli”):

Jonathan Rosenbaum selects it as one of his 10 Favorite Offbeat Musicals, for DVDBeaver:

Film academic Jane Feuer argues that the musical is mainly a conservative capitalist genre where traditional values get reinforced, so part of what’s so refreshing and singular about this winning Judy Holliday vehicle (her final role, adapted from a stage hit) is how socially progressive it is. (By comparison, even The Pajama Game, a pro-union musical, is almost terminally sexist.) This is about a lonely switchboard operator who works for a Manhattan answering service and insists on linking up her company’s various clients with one another, meanwhile helping them to straighten out their lives. The famous team of Betty Comden and Adolph Green (Singin’ in the Rain) wrote this, Jule Styne supplied the terrific tunes, and Dean Martin does a fine job with the part of a blocked playwright. As usual, Minnelli knows how to get the most out of CinemaScope framing, taking the story’s utopian notion of social interaction and literally stretching it out visually. Among the period touches are Frank Gorshin’s parody of Marlon Brando’s Method acting; among the cameos are Holliday’s own husband, jazzman Gerry Mulligan, as a blind date; and among the memorable songs are “Just in Time” and “The Party’s Over”.

The Telegraph reports that, for the record, Brando’s feelings were hurt:

Some time late in 1960, Marlon Brando went to see the Vincente Minnelli musical film Bells Are Ringing. You’ll love it, friends had told him. And since Judy Holliday and Dean Martin were never better, and Just In Time is one of the great standards, perhaps he did. At least until the moment when Frank Gorshin (gleefully funny, a few years later, as the Riddler in the Batman television show) mumbled and stumbled into his Brando routine and giggles swirled around the cinema. Brando sank down in his seat, bemused. What were these people laughing at? He hadn’t mumbled in years!

In his feature on the director for Alt Screen, Joe McElhaney describes one of the film’s best musical numbers:

Always for Minnelli there is this ambivalence, this nervous hesitation about the matters at hand, and it manifests itself at virtually every level. For example, no filmmaker quite moves his camera as he does, where it is rarely a question of the camera simply following an action and delineating a space. What one so often finds are two or more contradictory movement ideas taking place at once within a single shot or sequence. In the “I Met a Girl” number from the underrated Bells Are Ringing (1960), as Jeffrey Moss (Dean Martin) is singing in Times Square, a craning camera follows his movements down the street in a single take. But the extras in the sequence are largely moving against him, around him, and completely filling the frame so that the effect is rather like watching someone swimming upstream.

Stephen Harvey in Directed by Vincente Minnelli:

Considering the movie’s adherence to its source, the Comden and Green spirit would have dominated, no matter who had directed it. Yet it’s still unmistakably a Minnelli movie – something like The Clock with production numbers acted out by pastel-colored cousins to his favorite screen archetypes. Minnelli was drawn to self-doubting heroines whose imaginary alter egos are more confident and glamorous than they could ever be. Ella’s field trip among the upper crust was already a highlight in the play, but Minnelli shapes “Drop That Name” into one of his characteristic lamb-to-slaughter set pieces, in which a gauche outsider is swallowed up and spat out by well-heeled pagans. The scene is cluttered and airless and as blindingly lit as an operating room, the soundtrack clattering with mirthless snickers. In her demode Minnelli-red dress, Ella is surrounded by Metro’s slinkiest starlets in tight metallic-hued sheaths, gliding serenely past his camera with inhuman aplomb. Minnelli always did love a party, but as usual his heroine makes a quick dash for the exit at the first opportunity.

Apart from a few inserted shots, Minnelli doesn’t have the luxury of authentic backgrounds to evoke Comden and Green’s Manhattan. So instead, he peoples those sound-stage streets with dozens of anonymities as vivid and eccentric as his romantic leads. It’s hard not to figure out that his version of Times Square is a facsimile But the throngs racing past this set testify to his gift for treating extras like quirky character players, who give texture to the frame, rather than take up space. The energy of the city street sets the tempo for Martin’s exultant solo, “I Met A Girl,” but Minnelli dispenses with the set entirely. Seen from his high-angle perch, Martin is the central dot in a pointillist sea of people running, laughing and shoving. For all his outre tastes, in one crucial sense Minnelli’s alertness to realities made Bells Are Ringing a more persuasive portrait of the city than the stage version could ever have been. Similar to many Broadway musicals of the 1950s, the ensemble had consisted of two dozen homogenized singers and dancers – all young, all pert, nearly all white. Even if it was a reconstituted Culver City, Minnelli’s New York is a carefully stirred melting pot of every race and all ages, from kids to crones. Minnelli makes sure that for the uninitiated movie theaters everywhere, these characters distill the idea of New York as forcefully as the high-lifers in Gigi‘s Maxim’s did for Paris.

Thomas Elsaesser in Vincente Minnelli – the Art of Entertainment:

Despite the difference between Judy Holliday’s blunt vivaciousness in Bells are Ringing and Leslie Caron’s spiritual and graceful sensibility in Gigi, both films share the common drive for a liberation that inevitably leads to the spectacle, and both films are, in this sense, concerned with the ethics of the mise-en-scene – in one film understood as the (benevolent) influence on other people’s lives, in the other as the assumption of a role in a formalized and stylized society. Judy Holliday wants to play the good fairy to the clients of a telephone answering service, but at first she creates merely confusion, chaos, and mischief. But although her role-playing makes her seem unreal to herself, her clients eventually bind together – to produce a theater play. In an important aspect, however, her predicament highlights one of the inspirations of Minnelli’s art. Through Judy Holliday’s escapades we see a dichotomy between the richness of the American imagination and the restrictive fore of conventional morality. Significantly, the police handcuff her for her flight of fancy, ironic symbol of society’s attitude to the creative artist.

Jean-Loup Bourget, also in The Art of Entertainment:

The convention in Bells Are Ringing derives from fairy tales, fairy tales that are supposed to transform the lives of average Americans. Bells Are Ringing, however, doesn’t oppose reality and fantasy, which go hand in hand in the film. Judy Holliday was well known for always playing down-to-earth characters, and several sequences rely on the populisme, the unanimism that characterized The Clock and which is supposed to be so foreign to Minnelli’s sophistication. As she waits for Dean Martin, Holliday cheerfully greets passerby, walks by a movie theater that plays Gigi, and through example prompts Dean Martin to start singing among the crowd. The scene is filmed in a nigh-angle shot that stresses the unanimous sharing of happiness on the smiling faces of the New Yorkers, Later, however, an awkward situation opposes “Melisand Scott’s” plebian simplicity to the name-dropping sophistication of show business people at a party. The interest of this sequence doesn’t lie in its hypocritical satire of Hollywood but in the fact that Minnelli’s sympathies are ambivalent: at that specific moment, the film proves unable to work either as a satire of Hollywood or a satire of Judy Holliday; as a result it becomes dramatic[...] the shit from naturalness to sophistication, the film constantly seems on the verge of rebelling, of becoming more of a bitter dramatic comedy than a musical.

It is true that some of these devices are commonplace in musicals; with Minnelli, however, the conflict is present in the very style of the film and now only in the dramatic structure. Moreover, Minnelli’s musicals are far from always producing the kind of exhilaration audiences experience in other musicals, and their conclusions don’t always affirm the triumphant reconciliation of nature and artifice that is the rule of the genre.

Raymond Durgnat for Film Comment (March/April 1973) – a famous piece defending the musical genre:

A conspicuous form of communication is art, and the film abounds in creative artists of one kind or another. Jeff can‘t write for drinking. ln fact he drinks so deep that he can’t even communicate with himself—he has to leave rude notes to himself via Susanswerphone. Another client, Otto, pretends to be selling classical music to the masses-Titanic records—but in fact he’s an illegal off-track bookie, using classical music titles as a code (“Humperdinck is Hollywood”). Another artist is the dentist, who daydreams about making the hit parade and composes little melodies to himself on his airhose. And the embittered Method actor breaks into the big time when he finally consents to stop starving for his art and instead uses his art to get some food (he pretends to be a Fred Astaire type). Matching the cops’ impersonation–only this is repersonalization.

All these artists are on their inspirational uppers, and it’s Ella who brings them new inspiration, simply by putting them in touch with one another. She describes the dentist to the playwright, who puts him in his play, where he’ll be played by the Method actor. The intrigue builds up into an intriguing meeting —face-to-face—between the actor, the author and the living original—such a meeting might well be awkward. Remember Old Joshua, in Prevert’s Les Enfants du Paradis, savagely reviling Baptiste for “stealing his identity” by putting him in his play? And certainly any playwright will recall all the legal dangers involved in unintentionally describing someone. The dentist might well feel edgy at being studied by the actor. But their sensible symbiosis—and commensalism, over a meal or a drink—occurs in a setting offering further reflections on the theme of art/entertainment encountering reality. They’re in a bunny club where chorus girls come down off the stage and start drawing mustaches on our heroes’ faces—the three faces of one character. But our friends take no notice of all these fake intimacies, this pseudo-happening; they just carry on talking as if the bunnies weren’t there. The name of the number the bunnies are singing is “The Midas Touch”—Midas being the patron saint of the profit motive, and no friend of natural togetherness.

Durgnat continues:

Bells are Ringing is highly ingenious and inventive, for not only every situation, and therefore (given Hollywood’s discipline, in the interests of directness, clarity and strength) every line of dialogue, but every conspicuous visual detail or configuration opens up intriguing aspects of the basic theme. There are two scenes at railroad stations-railroads being another form of communication line, and railroad stations being switchboards for people rather than voices. Jeff, going off to the country to work undisturbed (so that communication becomes separation!), says goodbye to Melisande, and pushes his way through a suddenly-busy swirl of crowds; the world is full of people, a bustling but human world. Later, alone and forlorn in search of her, he stands in a telephone booth, centrally placed in the left-hand side of the Cinemascope screen. The empty right-hand side is filled by the long length of a train, which slows to a halt. The doors open automatically, directly opposite the telephone cabin. It occurs to us that maybe, by Hollywood magic, or by the magic of l’amour fou, or by the magic of prayer-by-telephone, Ella may step off the train. But no. The carriage remains empty. The doors slide close. The steel train slides out. Jeff hangs up. Communication-by-separation went with crowds, people like corpuscles of blood, circulating, pulsating. But this desert of empty steel and plateglass is an Antonionian eclipse (as Kim Novak was an orchidaceous icon of alienation before l’avventura. And isn’t Judy Holliday an ebullient, unfrozen semi-double of Kim Novak? a converse, in sympathetic energy, to the affectations of Monroe? halfway between Novak and Monroe, and devoid of a neurosis which can reasonably be regarded as not merely personal things, but as having social determinants or reinforcements also?).

Bells Are Ringing certainly doesn’t feel like the product of book-learning. Its clear and economical structure betrays the play of sensitive and agile intelligences, of a director perfectly attuned to the theme underlying the diversity of the writers’ situations, scenes and terms. The composer (Jule Styne) certainly gets the point–after Ella has sung, “l’m in love with a man — Plaza oh, double-four, double three, what a perfect relationship – I can’t see him-he can’t see me” The music switches to a passionate tango to And yet I can’t help wondering – What does he look like?” – the tango implying the archaic absurdity of expectation, of daydreaming. The communications network is also a labyrinth, offering so many options that one easily becomes the slave, not of the lamp, but of the switchboard. Certainly the film has too much common sense to subscribe to McLuhan’s idiotic myth of the global village. The woman who slaves over a hot switchboard has to cool her skirts over an electric fan.

That the film’s thematic unity is likely to “communicate before it is understood” indicates the absurdity also of Truffaut’s erstwhile, and much admired, disdain of the well-constructed script. Probably most spectators find Bells Are Ringing a relaxed, even sprawling film, compared with, for example, Singing in the Rain, although that Comden-Green story is thematically the more diffuse. It answers to the underlying theme of friendship vs. show-business. It often happens that a film working with the grain of comfortable myths and ambiguities can work up a greater animal energy and emotional subtlety than a film which, without resorting to the counter-energy of scandal, as Wilder so brilliantly does, works against the grain, and so may jolt and fumble and, by trying to be tactful, seem awkward. In defending, Bells Are Ringing I am in effect defending another category of film—the film which, accepting all that is true in the conformist myth, nonetheless does so with an intelligence and sensitivity which reveal at least the outlines of those parts of reality against which the myth is braced. It may thus involve one emotionally as well as intellectually in a way which musicals have too rarely explored, and which critics have too often resented.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Of Course His Birthday Cake was Shaped Like a Bottle of Scotch

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-post woulda be coolest to share on our Dino's birthday, but likes that is month 'way and likes can't waits that long to share this ultra-swank Dino-find..but likes maybe will repeat this one next June 7th.

From the blog pad, "Bertram Potts, Moritmer Brewster & Other People Of Great Importance,"...likes digg that tag dudes!....comes this choice bit of Dino-history.
Seems that on our Dino's 44th date of birth, June 7, 1961, some of his best pallies threw a birthday bash for him at the Sands in 'Vegas baby 'Vegas.

All the groovy Dino-details are below....a very cool cool Dino-report includin' the fact that our most beloved Dino was served "an enormous birthday cake shaped like a bottle of scotch." Likes how totally totally Dino-rad is that!

Thanks to pallies Bert and Morty for sharin' this stellarly stunnin' tid bit of Dino-history with all their blog readers. To view this in it's original format, likes clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram. Dino-grooved, DMP

Of Course His Birthday Cake was Shaped Like a Bottle of Scotch

Dean Martin was given a surprise party for his 44th birthday at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. Unfortunately it didn’t end up being a surprise though because he showed up early! The highlights of the party were actor Peter Lawford playing waiter, Eddie Fisher singing a special song, “I Love Dino But Not Like My Liz,” and an enormous birthday cake shaped like a bottle of scotch. The guest list included Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Joey Bishop, Vic Damone, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor.

Source: Dean Martin’s Party a Dilly, The Miami News, Jun 17 1961, Page 8
Photo: Dino’s Den

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dean Martin stopped everything and asked for a picture with my grandma!

Hey pallies, likes nothin' and I means nothin' warms my Dino-heart more then readin' a true-life Dino-encounter that shows our most beloved Dino's tender-hearted personality...and likes I knows that today's Dino-postin' will warm your Dino-heart as much as it is warmin' mine.

From the self-tagged blog, "Garrison's Blog," Mr. Mick Garrison as part of his "Easter Sunday" 2009 post tells 'bout, while at a fam holiday gatherin', goin' into his granny's room and sittin on her bed and lookin' through an old photo al-b-um that contained pictures of his grandmother with a variety of famous celebs. And, he relates how his grandmother just happened to get her pix snapped with our great man while our Dino was participatin' in a golf tournment.

Likes I'll leave it to all you pallies to read all the heart-warmin' Dino-details of how our Dino stopped the action to get his picture taken with Mick's grannie....simply makes us Dino-holics have even more reason to be devoted to our Dino!

Thanks to Mr. Mick Garrison for sharin' his granny's Dino-tale with his readers and lettin' pallies likes us grow deeper, truer, and purer in our Dino-adulation. To read this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram. Dino-delightedly, DMP

We went in to grandmas room, laid on her bed, and looked through an old photo album. It was amazing to see her and my mom with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Jim Brown, Tommy Johns, and a bunch more celebrities. There was a picture of Dean Martin with five or six security guards around him. She said no one could get near him. She saw Dean walking down the fairway at some golf tournament and Dean saw Grandma and said "hold it... Come here (to grandma) We need to take a picture". Grandma ran up to him and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. She was so excited. I think that is so cool! Dean Martin stopped everything and asked for a picture with my grandma!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Make It Rain"

Hey pallies, welcome back to nother' Sunday Serenade with our Dino! This week we go to one of Dean's "country-pop" type al-b-ums "I Take Alot of Pride in What I Am".

To me, "Make it Rain", is one of Dino's more self-righteous tunes. Kind of like a song for "the common folk" he once said he liked to perform for. I bet Dean was the type of guy who considered all of us pallies equal and didn't much care for anyone who thoughts themselves better than someone else.

This jivin' little ditty really gets me pumped up & ready to take on the world! With Dean on our side pals...we CAN'T lose!!! Play this one really loud for Dino! He's always listenin'...

Make It Rain

The wealthy ones like you look down
On the common folk like me
Makin' bets to what degree of fool we are

Through your rose-colored windows
You see yourself above us
Standin' in the mud gazin' at the stars

But the rich and poor have in common
The common cold, the heartburn and the heartache
Put our pants on just the same

Your worth don't make you better, babe
'Cause I can tread water, babe
As long as you think you make it rain

While you got your raisin, girl
And your diamond-studded world
I got pulled up on the hungry side o' town

I cut my teeth on bacon rind
There ain't no hide as tough as mine
But it might be fun awhile to be your clown

So, get your whip and do your thing
And I'll run around the ring
Ride my white horse, wear my armor too

Aah, but I don't easy blister, babe
I'll be your court jester, babe
Don't think you won't pay fiddler too

Aah, I put your hand in mine
It was a shockin' time to find
The water hot, current strong, deep and wet

You had me strugglin' for a time
A draggin' on your line
But never fear, this fish will never swim

While you're playin' with my mind
I'll be payin' with your money, honey
As long as your account can stand the drain

I'll fan the flame and make it hotter
'Cause I think I can walk on water
As long as you can make it rain

Aww, I'll hang around awhile
Study your style
Come out a whole lot wiser man indeed

'Cause last time anyone as grand
As you appeared and looked around
Found the grandest star up in the East

Hey, but I don't see no halo
Just a little girl with a lot of gold
Want one more trinket for her golden scene

Aah, but you got a hot one hangin', kid
Don't let him say you never did
You best be my guest, make it rain

Aah, make it rain
Babe, make it rain
Make it rain
Oh, make it rain

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dean Martin Gets a Grip

Hey pallies, likes all the Dino-faithful here knows how much I loves our Dino as Matt Helm...and that of the four Helmer my least fav is "The Ambushers." But, likes even though Helmer numero tres is least in my Matt Helm rankin's, today's Dino-thoughts show that even this lesser Dino-effort still has so so much Dino-pleasure to recommend it!

From the motor vehicle accented blog, "Driven" comes a swingin' post puttin' the accent on our most beloved Dino as Matt Helm in "The Ambushers." Whoever scribed this Dino-post sez it all with the tag of this Dino-prose, "Dean Martin Gets a Grip."
Indeed watchin' and listenin' to our Dino makin' with the wise cracks as he is makin' it with all the cool chicks in this flick is certainly worth the price of admission!

Thanks to the pallies at "Driven" for sharin' this touchin' pix of our Dino gettin' a grip on the action...certain to peak motor vehicle affectionados' attention and sendin' 'em off to get their fix on our most affectionate Dino! To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-message. Dino-grippin', DMP


Dean Martin
Gets a Grip

Dean Martin as secret agent Matt Helm in 1967′s The Ambushers

Meet the inspiration for Mike Myers’ shagadelic secret agent – Dean Martin as undercover man Matt Helm.

The Rat Pack-er made a a series of Helm films in the Sixties, designed as a spoof on James Bond.

Booze, babes and swinging style were not enough to counter less than stellar scripts, alas.

Here we see Martin, a government agent disguised as a fashion photographer, laughing it up on a Lambretta Cento scooter with a lovely lass in 1967′s The Ambushers.

What else is he supposed to hold on to….?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dean Martin and some biggies!

Hey pallies, likes today we get to return to a blog of one of our most sold-out Dino-devotees. His tag is Mr. Otto Bruno, and he hangs his hat at his self-tagged blog, "" In his post "Dean Martin and some biggies!," Mr. Otto shares his thrill at the "much more access" that pallies likes us have to clips from our great man's great TV show via sites 'specially likes youtube.

In this Dino-entry, Bruno shares wonderful moments with our wonderful man interactin' and croonin' with the likes of the Mills Brothers and Mr. Louie Armstrong. These clips are just a little sample of the magic contained in each and ever moment of each and every Thursday night's viewin' of the Dino-show.

So, sits back and enjoys our Dino and company havin' the times of their lives! ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Mr. Otto Bruno for 'gain puttin' the accent on our most beloved Dino...and givin' his readership 'nother great dose of Dino-delight! To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of these Dino-thoughts. Dino-reportin', DMP

Dean Martin and some biggies!

October 19th, 2011 | Classic Television, Great American Songbook

If you read this blog then you know I’m a big Dean Martin fan. It makes me very happy that in recent years we been given much more access to the great material from his 1960s variety show than we had in the previous 25 years. In recent days, I’ve spent a good deal of time on YouTube for something I’m working on for my radio show. (Sundays, 12-2 p.m. Eastern, right HERE). In between my fits of hysterical laughter provided by the likes of Don Rickles, Buddy Hackett and Dino has been some great musical numbers with Dean and friends.

Dean’s variety show in the sixties was quite unusual because, among other things, they often kept in the mistakes. It usually lead to even funnier circumstances. There was never any shortage of mistakes because Dean did not rehearse. He’d come in the day of the taping and quickly run through the musical numbers with the musicians and then watch stand-ins run through the sketches and the numbers that he was scheduled to perform with his guests who’d been there rehearsing all week long. Whatever the case, the end result was magic that is still fun to watch today.

I’ve pulled three particular clips to show you for a very specific reason. Dean did the variety show for about seven or eight years before it morphed into the Dean Martin Roasts. At the start of the run, he was pretty conscientious despite the unusual set-up of the show. However, as time went on, he got a little sloppier and goofed around more and more. Perhaps one of the reasons was because he thought that was what people were tuning in to see. In some cases, I’m sure he was right. But I like the next three clips because it’s Dean with four musical artists for whom he obviously had great respect. You can see it in his performances and interactions with Herbert, Donald and Harry Mills and Louis Armstrong.

Here are some true gems of 20th century entertainment.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Dean Martin Show - 6-DVD Set for 'The King of Cool, Collector's Edition'

Hey pallies, likes I have been waitin' with bated breath to hear news 'bout the upcomin' release of Time-Life's second set of Dino-discs tagged 'The King of Cool, Collector's Edition.' Well, yester-Dino-day our pallies at google 'lerted that the pallies at "TV Shows On DVD" has issued a post on said DVDs. From the pen of Mr. David Labert with credit goin' to "reader Chris Greulich," we finally have a wee bit of information on this 6-DVD set.

The big question that all us dudes wanna knows...will this set have more of our Dino singin' solo or not?, has not been answered here as "In-depth details haven't been provided so far about the contents." We do know the list of entertainers that will be included..see below, as well as the followin' facts and figures..."18 episodes with 128 musical songs and countless comedy sketches."

Gotta 'fess up that I am concerned that this new set will be as edited as the previous one, 'specially when we read..."Like the previous releases of this show, we expect these episodes to contain as much material and music as Time Life is able to get clearances for, from a rights and legal standpoint." We will just have to wait and see pallies...but for this Dino-dude more Dino is always better then no be sured I have already but my order in for this new set.

So, checks out the Dino-info contained below, and stay tuned 'cause ilovedinomartin will be sure to let you know when we finds any more Dino-details on this new release.
We sends our Dino-appreciato out to the pallies at "TV Shows On DVD"...'specially poster Mr. David Lambert and reader Mr. Chris Greulich. To checks this out in it's original format, likes clicks on the tag of this Dino-message. Dino-sharin', DMP

The Dean Martin Show - 6-DVD Set for 'The King of Cool, Collector's Edition'

Available to own starting November 8th

Posted by David Lambert


Our 6-DVD Collector's Edition captures all the glory, the glamour and the glitz of Dean Martin and the greatest era in show business. For the first time at retail, Time Life's newest DVD release gives us even more Dino -- The King of Cool: The Best of the Dean Martin Variety Show, Collector's Edition contains an irresistible blend of classic entertainment showcasing only the best moments from Dean's hit TV show.

Dean and his incredible celebrity guests fascinated us music and outrageous comedy skits. Following on the heels of the multi-platimum retail success, The King of Cool: The Best of the Dean Martin Variety Show, Collector's Edition showcases the comedy of Red Buttons, Mickey Rooney, Sid Caesar, Jackie Mason, Bill Cosby, Carroll O'Connor, Bob Newhart. Rounding out this all-star cast are musical delights by Ella Fitzgerald, Eddie Fisher, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Mathis, Liberace, Herb Albert and The Supremes. Our 6-DVD set includes 18 episodes with 128 musical songs and countless comedy sketches.

The Dean Martin Variety Show first aired on NBC in 1965 and remains a one-of-a-kind in the history of TV. For almost ten years Dean captivated the public, showing us he could do it all. Whether it was Dean's familiar entrance sliding down a pole or the famous living room door, where you never knew who was going to walk through, Dean captured all of us with his easy informality and incomparable charm and talent. He was a buddy to all the guys and a darling to the, he's cool to all ages!

This past June, Time-Life released The Dean Martin Show - The Best Of, Collector's Edition, a six DVD set. Now we've learned that Time Life will be following up on November 8th - just three weeks away! - with another 6-disc release titled "The Dean Martin Show - The King of Cool, Collector's Edition" Priced at $59.95 SRP, you can pre-order it now from (see the button link just over the cover art shown below). Like the previous releases of this show, we expect these episodes to contain as much material and music as Time Life is able to get clearances for, from a rights and legal standpoint. In-depth details haven't been provided so far about the contents, however, but stay tuned and we'll pass them along if we're able to. Our thanks to reader Chris Greulich for the heads-up about this item!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dean Martin: The seducer

Hey pallies, likes today we continue to put the accent on international Dino-love. Yesterday we heard of the Dino-affection of a chick in Croatia; today we visit with
Miss Josée L who hails from Québec, Canada. Writin' in French at her flick tagged blog, "Cine-immortel," Miss Josée has done an extensive series of blog posts on famous actors and actresses...of course, likes includin' our most beloved Dino.

Loves her very provocative title, "Dean Martin: The seducer," sure to grab the attention of her faithful readers. Her Dino-essay includes many of the usual high points in Dino-history..and likes you just might test yourself to look for the few errors she has made in tellin' the Dino-narrative.

My fav part of her Dino-reflections is how she not only lists our Dino's extensive movie credits, but includes a bit of a description of many of the flicks...likes for example..."At War With the Army / Soldier recalcitrant" and " Sailor Beware / The polka sailors " Really digs these evocative descriptions!

Again, likes pallies how cool is it, to find Dino-adulation by pallies of such a variety of ages, from diverse parts of the known world! ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Québecian Miss Josée L for sharin' her take on the life and times of our great man..sure does trust that your Dino-efforts will bear much fruit in pumpin' up the Dino-revolution in your neck of the world! To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram. Dino-grooved, DMP

May 29 2011

Dean Martin: The seducer

Dino Crocetti was born June 17, 1917 in Steubenville (Ohio). He lived with his mother, Angela and his father, Gaetano Crocetti was barber. Dino has to leave school at the age of 13 to work in a service station, became a boxer under the name Kid Crochet and minor, but was nearly killed in a mining accident. At 17, he was a casino dealer and smuggler of illegal alcohol and finally choose the best path to 24 years, singer and stage actor.

Dean married Elizabeth McDonald in 1941 and had four children: Stephen Craig (1942), Gail, Claudia (1944) and Deanna (1948). He was a showman in nightclubs and of course, that deceiver deceived his wife, who went with the children in 1949.

In 1946, he met Jerry Lewis, who was looking for a partner to form a duo. The first evening of entertainment in nightclubs was a fiasco, but the following, quite the opposite.

In 1949 he married Jeanne Bieggers who gave him three children: Paul Dean (1951), Ricco and Gina. The duo Dean Lewis was engaged in sixteen comedies: "My friend Irma / My Friend Irma" (1949), "My Friend Irma Goes West / Irma in Hollywood" (1950), "At War With the Army / Soldier recalcitrant" "That's my boy / My God can not lie (1951)," Sailor Beware / The polka sailors "," The Stoodge / The ham and his accomplice, "" Jumping Jacks / Paratrooper in spite of himself "(1952)," Scared stiff / You Afraid, "" The caddy / golf delights and Love "(1953)," Living it up / It's not a life, Jerry, "" Money from home / a gallop with the Devil "(1954), "Three Ring Circus / Clown is king" "Your never too young / A chapter at the school" (1955), "Artists and Models / Artists and Models", "Pardeners / The coward's Wild West" and "Hollywood or bust / A real crazy film "(1956). Exhausted from being the tenure of Lewis ham, he decided to pursue a career only in 1956. He sang with the Rat Pack consists of: Sinatra, Sammy Davis jr., Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Shirley MacLaine and then solo, and he hits, "Everybody Loves Somebody," "In the chapel in the moonlight" and "Gentle on my mind."

Dean turned, finally alone, in other kinds of films, including "The Young Lions / The Young Lions" (1958), Some Came Running / Some Came Running, "" Rio Bravo "," Bells Are Ringing / A number of thunder, "" Ocean's Eleven / The Unknown Las Vegas "(1959)," Who's got the action / Strangers on a gang games "," Toys in the Attic / The tumult, "" Four for Texas / Four of Texas "(1963)," Robin and the Seven Hoods / Seven Thieves Chicago, "" What a way to go? / Croque Madame-husbands "," Kiss me stupid / idiot Kiss me "(1964), "The Sons of Katie Elder / The four son of Katie Elder" (1965), "The Silencers / Silencers very special" and "Texas Across the River / Texas, here we are." He had his show "Dean Martin Show".

His wife has said in an interview that he was only interested in golf and that spoiling children non-stop. Dean got angry and left her by threatening to marry a new friend Gail Renshaw, without really thinking. His wife filed for divorce in 1966 before he returned.

He turns, among others: "Rough Night in Jericho / Violence in Jericho" (1967), "How to save a marriage and ruin your life / ring finger, rope around his neck," "Five Card Stud / Five cards down "(1968)," Airport / Is there a pilot on the plane? "(1969). He met Cathy Hawn, hairdresser and mother of a daughter, Sasha whom he married in 1973 to 1976. Dean sank into alcohol and was arrested while drunk. He loses his contract at NBC and its issuance. In 1982, it will be rushed to hospital and his ex-wife Joan was at her bedside. The couple resumed living together. Their son Dean Paul, who became an actor and pilot, died in the crash of his jet in 1987.

Suffering from emphysema since 1991, Dean Martin died December 25, 1995 in Beverly Hills.

29 mai 2011Dean Martin: Le séducteur

Dino Crocetti est né le 17 Juin 1917 à Steubenville (Ohio). Il vivait avec sa mère, Angela et son père, Gaetano Crocetti qui était barbier. Dino a quitter l’école à l’âge de 13 ans pour travailler dans une station-service, devint boxeur sous le nom de Kid Crochet, puis mineur, mais faillit être tuer lors d’un accident minier. À 17 ans, il fut croupier d’un casino clandestin et contrebandier d’alcool pour enfin choisir la meilleure voie, à 24 ans, chanteur et comédien de théâtre.

Dean se maria avec Elizabeth McDonald en 1941 et eut 4 enfants: Stephen Craig(1942), Gail, Claudia (1944) et Deanna(1948). Il était show man dans les cabarets et évidemment, ce séducteur trompa sa femme, qui partit avec les enfants en 1949.
En 1946, il rencontra Jerry Lewis, qui était à la recherche d’un partenaire pour former un duo. Le premier soir de spectacle dans les boîtes de nuits était un fiasco, mais les suivants, tout le contraire.
En 1949, il épousa Jeanne Bieggers qui lui donna 3 enfants: Dean-Paul(1951), Ricco et Gina. Le duo Lewis-Dean fut engagé dans seize comédies:”My friend Irma/Mon amie Irma”(1949), “My friend Irma goes west/Irma à Hollywood”(1950), “At war with the army/Le soldat récalcitrant”, “That’s my boy/Bon sang ne peut mentir(1951), “Sailor beware/La polka des marins”, “The Stoodge/La cabotin et son complice”, “Jumping Jacks /Parachutiste malgré lui”(1952), “Scared stiff/Fais-moi peur”, “The caddy/Amour délices et golf”(1953), “Living it up/C’est pas une vie, Jerry”, “Money from home/Un galop du diable”(1954), “Three ring circus/Le clown est roi” “Your never too young/Un pitre au pensionnat”(1955), “Artists and models/Artistes et modèles”, “Pardeners/Le trouillard du far west” et “Hollywood or bust/Un vrai cinglé du cinéma”(1956). Épuisé d’être le faire-valoir du cabotin de Lewis, il décide de faire carrière seul, en 1956. Il chantait avec le Rat Pack composé de: Sinatra, Sammy Davis jr., Peter Lawford, Shirley MacLaine et Joey Bishop et ensuite en solo, ou il fit des hits: “Everybody loves somebody”, “In the chapel in the moonlight” et “Gentle on my mind”.
Dean tourna, enfin seul, dans d’autres genres de films, dont: “The young lions/Le bal des maudits”(1958), Some came running/Comme un torrent”, “Rio Bravo”, “Bells are ringing/Un numéro du tonnerre”, “Ocean’s eleven/L’inconnu de Las Vegas”(1959), “Who’s got the action/L’inconnu du gang des jeux”, “Toys in the attic/Le tumulte”, “Four for Texas/Quatre du Texas”(1963), “Robin and the seven hoods/Les sept voleurs de Chicago”, “What a way to go?/Madame Croque-maris”, “Kiss me stupid/Embrasse-moi idiot”(1964), “The sons of Katie Elder/Les quatre fils de Katie Elder”(1965), ”The silencers/Matt Helm, agent très spécial” et “Texas across the river/Texas, nous voilà”. Il avait son émission de “Dean Martin Show”.
Sa femme ayant dit, lors d’une entrevue, qu’il ne s’intéressait qu’au golf et qu’à gâter les enfants sans- arrêt. Dean se fâcha et la quitta en menaçant d’épouser une nouvelle amie Gail Renshaw, sans vraiment le penser. Sa femme demanda le divorce, en 1966, avant qu’il ne revienne.

Il tourne, entre-autres: “Rough night in Jericho/Violence à Jéricho”(1967), “How to save a marriage and ruin your life/Bague au doigt, corde au cou”, “Five cards stud/Cinq cartes à abattre”(1968), “Airport/Y a-t’il un pilote dans l’avion?”(1969). Il rencontra Cathy Hawn, coiffeuse et mère d’une fille: Sasha qu’il maria de 1973 à 1976. Dean sombra dans l’alcool et se fit arrêter en état d’ivresse. Il perd ses contrats à la NBC et son émission. En 1982, il sera hospitalisé d’urgence et son ex-femme Jeanne est à son chevet. Le couple reprendra vie commune. Leur fils Dean-Paul, qui était devenu acteur et pilote, meurt lors de l’écrasement de son jet, en 1987.
Atteint d’emphysème depuis 1991, Dean Martin est mort le 25 Décembre 1995 à Beverly Hills.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dino-love from Croatia

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-reflections add even more proof that devotion to our Dino is truly truly international in Dino-scope. From the totally totally rad pad, "Wannabee Magazine" come this outstandin' post "The King of Cool: Dean Martin" scribed by Croatian Miss Jovana Katić. It is so so refreshin' to find people of other places and cultures spreadin' Dino-love in their own way to their own people.

Miss Katić weaves a delightful mix of Dino-history with classic clips of Dino-croonin' and iconic images of our most beloved Dino as a wonderful way of introductin' other Croatians to the King of Cool. Indeed, I am sure that Katić's Dino-efforts have and will bear much fruit encouragin' huge numbers in their desire to be a Dino-wannabe!

Likes pallies, I just loves doin' such Dino-researchin' to encourage Dino-devotion wherever it may be found, and so am likes delighted to be sharin' this Dino-message with all you pallies. Mucho Dino-appreciato to Miss Jovana Katić for her great reflections in honor of our great man. Have included both the English translation as well as the original Croatian lingo. To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram. Dino-awed, DMP

15 May, 2011

The King of Cool: Dean Martin

The audience loved him, and friends that he was highly valued. They came Elvis (Elvis Presley) It is considered the greatest man of time in which he lived. "He was great in everything he did. For me it was perfect. "- Said Steven Van Zant (Steven Van Zandt), guitarist Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen). Mr. Martin (Dean Martin) also marked the music of the fifties, and in art history left an indelible mark.

Born on 7 June 1917th in America. His parents were Italians origin. CSD did not like school and left it in the tenth year. Several years later he dedicated himself to boxing. Sports career did not last long, Dino gives up boxing and is devoted to some cost-effective operations. At seventeen, he found himself for the first time on stage with microphone in hand. The onset of the Ernie McKay band, he has brought a lot of networking. At the beginning of his career, more money was earned thanks to his charm and looks, but vocal abilities. However, this money was not enough to feed his four children, and in addition to the entertainers was a taxi driver.

Opportunity to perform in the great hall "Riobamba Room" in New York publishing house gets through MCA. 1946th released his single "Which Way Did My Heart Go?" and soon meets Džerija Luisa (Jerry Lewis), with whom he and performed in many clubs, performing skits. Voice of dvojci comedians quickly spread around town, and soon there was room for all those who wished to see their performance. The best performance they had in the legendary club "Copacabana" in New York. Their show is based on Džerijevom disruption Dinovog singing. The secret of success, as they themselves said, was that they completely ignored the audience and tried to get another party. During the early fifties Jerry and Dino became very popular in America.

Dino's musical career was on the rise, but the antagonism between him and Džerija grew from day to day increasing, so is this duo after ten years of joint co-operation broke up. Pressing the audience to stay together was great, so it's even more difficult the whole situation. Began the era of Rock & Roll-a, a CSD is committed to acting. Role in "The Young Lions," where he played next to the famous Marlon Brando (Marlon Brando), he was more than talicni. After this film achieve the doors of many movie studios were opened to him, as testified by the fact that by the end of his career Dino took another 35 films. Among the best known are: "Some Came Running," "Rio Bravo", "Bells Are Ringing," "Ocean's Eleven," "Matt Helm" and "Airport".

Mr. Martin and Jerry Luis

He quickly became a favorite TV across the face of American homes. On the well-known NBC television during the ten years to show "The Dean Martin Show."

Friendship with Sinatra runs since 1944. and the moment when it was replaced in one CSD performance in New York. A longtime close friends were side by side in all their life's ups and downs, and as a token of mutual friendship wore identical rings, which Sinatra specially ordered for him and Dino.

Dino Martin, Džudi Garland i Frenk Sinatra

For Dino was said that he was a humble man, who spent all their free time spent with family. He died on Christmas morning 1995th , and the words "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime" are inscribed on his tombstone.

The biggest hits were Dino Martina: "Sway", "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You," "Memories Are Made of This", "That's Amore," "Standing on the Corner," "You Belong To Me," "Volare, "" On an Evening in Roma "and" i'll Always Love You ".

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Jovana Katić - Give her a pen and paper and you will create a modern fairy tale. Ulepšaće you the day of the latest beauty trends and unusual stories about the eternal fashion classics. His creativity is printed on the pages of your blog Juliet's Pen.

15 Maj, 2011
The King of Cool: Dean Martin

Publika ga je obožavala, a prijatelji su ga veoma cenili. Elvis Prisli (Elvis Presley) ga je smatrao najvećim čovekom vremena u kome je živeo. “On nije bio sjajan u svemu što je radio. Za mene je bio savršen.” – govorio je Stiven Van Zant (Steven Van Zandt), gitarista sastava Brus Springstin (Bruce Springsteen). Din Martin (Dean Martin) je obeležio muziku pedesetih godina, a u istoriji umetnosti ostavio neizbrisiv trag.

Rođen je 7. juna 1917. u Americi. Njegovi roditelji su bili poreklom Italijani. Din nije voleo školu i napustio ju je u desetoj godini. Nekoliko godina kasnije se posvetio boksu. Sportska karijera nije dugo trajala, Din odustaje od boksa i posvećuje se nekim isplatljivijim poslovima. U sedamnaestoj godini se našao po prvi put na pozornici i sa mikrofonom u ruci. Nastupanje sa bendom Ernie McKay mu je donelo mnogo poznanstava. Na početku svoje karijere više je novca zarađivao zahvaljujući svom šarmu i izgledu nego vokalnim sposobnostima. Ipak, taj novac nije bio dovoljan da prehrani svoje četvoro dece, pa je pored posla zabavljača bio i taksista.

Priliku da nastupa u velikoj dvorani “Riobamba Room” u Njujorku dobija zahvaljujući izdavačkoj kući MCA. 1946. objavljuje svoj singl “Which Way Did My Heart Go?” i ubrzo upoznaje Džerija Luisa (Jerry Lewis), sa kojim je i nastupao po mnogim klubovima izvodeći skečeve. Glas o dvojci komičara se brzo proširila po gradu i uskoro više nije bilo mesta za sve one koji su želeli da vide njihov nastup. Najbolje izvedbe su imali u legendarnom klubu “Copacabana” u Njujorku. Njihov šou se bazirao na Džerijevom ometanju Dinovog pevanja. Tajna uspeha, kako su i sami govorili, bila je u tome da su u potpunosti ignorisali publiku i pokušavali da se međusobno zabave. Tokom ranih pedesetih godina Džeri i Din su postali veoma popularni u Americi.

Dinova muzička karijera je bila u usponu, ali je i antagonizam između njega i Džerija bivao iz dana u dan sve veći, tako se ovaj dvojac nakon deset godina zajedničke saradnje razišao. Pritisak publike da ostanu zajedno je bio veliki, pa je sve to još više otežavalo čitavu situaciju. Započinjala je era Rock&Roll-a, a Din se posvetio glumi. Uloga u filmu “The Young Lions”, u kome je igrao pored proslavljenog Marlona Branda (Marlon Brando), bila mu je više nego talična. Nakon ovog filmskog ostvarenja vrata mnogih filmskih studija su mu bila otvorena, o čemu svedoči i činjenica da je do kraja svoje karijere Din snimio jos 35 filmova. Među najpoznatijima su: “Some Came Running”, “Rio Bravo”, “Bells Are Ringing”, “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Matt Helm” i “Airport”.

Din Martin i Džeri Luis

Ubrzo je postao i omiljeno TV lice širom američkih domova. Na poznatoj NBC televiziji se tokom deset godina prikazivao “The Dean Martin Show”.

Prijateljstvo sa Sinatrom traje od 1944. i trenutka kada ga je Din zamenio na jednom nastupu u Njujorku. Dugogodišnji bliski prijatelji bili su jedan uz drugoga u svim njihovim životnim usponima i padovima, a kao znak uzajamnog prijateljstva nosili su identično prstenje, koje je Sinatra specijalno naručio za njega i Dina.

Din Martin, Džudi Garland i Frenk Sinatra

Za Dina se pričalo da je bio skroman čovek, koji je sve svoje slobodno vreme provodio uz porodicu. Umro je na božićno jutro 1995. godine, a reči “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime” ispisane su na njegovom nadgrobnom spomeniku.

Najveći hitovi Dina Martina su: “Sway”, “You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You”, “Memories Are Made of This”, “That’s Amore”, “Standing on the Corner”, “You Belong To Me”, “Volare”, “On an Evening In Roma” i “I’ll Always Love You”.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

National Broadcasting Company: Release the entire Dean Martin Variety Show on dvd.

Hey pallies, likes checks this out dudes. At a pad tagged ""....."an online advocacy platform that empowers anyone, anywhere to start, join, and win campaigns for social change," a chick, Miss Brittany Ellington of Stockbridge, GA, has started a petition to NBC to "Release the entire Dean Martin Variety Show on dvd."

Likes how how cool is that. Ain't able to re-create the petition here, but if you clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram you will be able to go directly to the Dino-petition and let your Dino-desires be known. This is certainly what all true Dino-devotees most desire, gettin' their hands all full episodes, full seasons of the Dino-show on the peacock network!

Hats off to Miss Brittany Ellington for puttin' her Dino-desires into action...and who knows, perhaps, just perhaps pallies one of these Dino-days all our Dino-efforts will pay off big time! Dino-desirin', DMP

National Broadcasting Company: Release the entire Dean Martin Variety Show on dvd.


First Name Last Name Email

Address City Zip Code
Why are you signing? Add a reason (optional) ..


Why this is Important

There are so many of Dean's fans that would love to be able to buy this wonderful collection.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "True Love"

Hello again pals o mine! Today's Serenade comes from the 1960 al-b-um "This Time I'm Swingin'!" "True Love" is one of those songs that seems to get straight to the Dino-point. I love love me...let's do this! Ha ha! I love it! Pure Dino magic in it's most purest form!

Don't know bout' you, but speakin' from my own personal experiences...when I put a little ditty like this on...pour a couple of glasses of the ol' vino...and turn the lights way down low...I just knows for sure that some pure Dino magic is gonna happen for Danny G.!!!

Well pallies, before I start soundin' any more like Dr. Ruth, I better get to the croonin'. Pull up a loved one & enjoy!]

True Love

I give to you and you give to me
True love, true love
So on and on it will always be
True love, true love

For you and I have a guardian angel
On high with nothing to do
But to give to me and to give to you
Love forever true

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dean Martin at the Highball

Hey pallies, likes I was so so smitten by the Dino-pix below that Miss Debbie Barth shared in yesterday's Dino-post, that I simply had to do a bit of Dino-researchin' hopin to find it's source...and I was able to trace it back to a Mr. Michael Cote's Flickr account (clicks on tag on this Dino-gram to goes there).

While on the site I was able to see and transfer here a larger version of the pix, and thus able to read the Dino-inscription in all it's Dino-glory! As you can see it sez, "High Ball - Thanks for letting me test out the cocktail menu...all of it! I'll be back tomorrow! Dino"

In doin' more Dino-researchin' on the web, likes discovered that "The Highball" is a food and drink pad in Austin, Texas, home of Mr. Cote. So puttin' two and two together, guessin' that Mr. Cote snapped this shot while hangin' out at "The Highball." Likes woulda personally loves to make pilgrimage there to see this Dino-image in person! Now, likes the question is...did our Dino visit the high ball and scribe these words?

ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Mr. Michael Cote for snappin' this shot and sharin' it with the larger Dino-world! Keeps lovin' our Dino pallies! Dino-discoverin', DMP

Dean Martin at the Highball

Friday, October 14, 2011

Morning Coffee with an extra Dean Martin Please!

Hey pallies, likes one just never knows where our Dino will turn up next. Today we visit with Dino-devotee Miss Debbie Barth at her self-tagged blog, "This Is Really Debbie Barth." Debbie, in speakin' of the classy Rat Pack proudly proclaims, " My favorite was then and now … the incomparable … Dean Martin."

And, likes pallies Miss Debbie is gonna have a fabulous time liftin' up the name of our Dino on the Dino-morrow at her internet show, "On The Grid." She'll be speakin' with a great pallie of hers...Miss Patricia Booth-Julius, one of the original Golddiggers who was blessed to work closely with our most beloved Dino on his most amazin' Dino-show. This oughta be a great Dino-session, and likes I woulda encourage you all to partake of this stellar Dino-treat.

To view this Dino-prose in it's original format, and to find the link to listen to the Dino-edition of "On The Grid," likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.
ilovedinomartin is delighted to learn of 'nother follower of our King of Cool and to share with our readerss this unique Dino-opportunity!

Mucho Dino-appreciato to Miss Debbie Barth for speakin' so so boldly of her Dino-passion and helpin' others to get into the Dino-know...growin' in their deep, pure, and true love for our lovin' man! Dino-psyched, DMP btw, pallies is the Dino-pix that Miss Debbie has shared as new to you as it is to me? Still tryin' to read the entire Dino-inscription!

Morning Coffee with an extra Dean Martin Please!

Posted on October 13, 2011 by Debbie Barth

One of the really great things about being my age (yes … there are benefits!) is being around when singers/entertainers were not just stars, but super stars. They were on stage and in our living rooms purely because of their talent and their ability to make you fall in love with them. And, they had something very hard to find these days. They had class …. true … unadulterated … class.

Undisputedly, one of the classiest (my way of spelling this) acts back in the 50’s and 60’s was the Vegas show featuring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop, (aka the Rat Pack). My favorite was then and now … the incomparable … Dean Martin.

When Dean crooned … women swooned. He was “heart be still” handsome; his voice had the ability to melt the coldest of hearts, and …. according to a close friend of mine, and a former Golddigger on the Dean Martin Show, he was not only a gentleman, but a gentle man. He was carefree, funny and sexy. He was the definition of class.

It’s hard to say which Dean Martin song is my favorite. Certainly I love “Everybody Loves Somebody” and “Your Nobody Till Somebody Loves You.” But there are so many wonderful songs and it would be hard to choose just one.

I’ve been watching some of the old video clips of Dean Martin and listening to his music all week because I’ve been on the phone recently with my friend Patricia Booth-Julius (aka Patty). She was one of the original Golddiggers who danced and sang on his show. She shared some of her greatest memories and thoughts of Dean with me. Last night, we shared a call with my co-hosts at On The Grid. Seriously …. you would have loved to have been in on the tele-chat last night!

And, I’m happy to say that she is going to be our guest caller this coming Saturday morning. Patty was blessed to sing with Dean, but as far as being on the show itself, she worked hard for a very long time, and that hard work over the years paid off. She deserved to be there. She was also the lead singer at the Folies Bergère in Vegas, as well. Patty is another one that radiates class and draws people to her the instant they meet her. I am blessed to call her my friend.

I’m really looking forward to this Saturday morning, pouring myself a good strong cup of java, and chatting it up with the ladies. Till then, I think I’ll just listen to another Dean Martin song and do a little swooning of my own.