Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christmas In July With Our Dino: "White Christmas"

Hey pallies, likes on this last day of July, we again gets to chill out to 'nother Dino-winter-tune. This time 'round it is our beloved Dino singin' a likes totally groovy version of "White Christmas." Our Dino lends his unique style to everythin' he sin's, but it is none truer then with his version of "White Christmas."

Our pallie, Ky recently shared this Dino-detail with the readers of the ilovedinomartin Dino-dialogue group and I share it with all of you here....

"The story goes that Dean was singing White Christmas on one of his shows.
Irving Berlin happened to be there and leaned over to Greg Garrison and told him Dean`s is his favourite version of White Christmas.
Later Greg told Dean and Dean being modest was so taken by surprise."

Ain't it it coolest pallies that Mr. Irving Berlin, the creator of the winter-tune classic "White Christmas" digs our Dino's version to the most? So sits back and diggs the chillin' sounds of our Dino dreamin' of a "White Christmas." Dino-chillin', DMP

Friday, July 30, 2010

Christmas In July With Our Dino: "Marshmallow World"

Hey pallies, as the Dino-month of July likes windes down thoughts we oughta at least celebrates a little Dino-chillin' in the midst of the steamy conditions outside. Gotta 'fess up that I loves to listen to Dino-winter-tunes all year long...and my absolute fav of favs is our beloved Dino singin' 'bout a world filled with marshmallow....and this is my absolutely fav Dino-vid-version of our great man and the sticky stuff.....

So in celebratin' a bit of Christmas In July, here for your Dino-viewin' Dino-chillin' Dino-pleasure is our Dino singin' "Marshmallow World" in the hip, cool, and ever randy way that only our Dino can dos it! Dino-chillin', DMP

Thursday, July 29, 2010

‘I’m closer to Dean Martin than Jimi Hendrix’

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-love comes from the pages of the Providence (Rhode Island) Journal's online presence "" From the pen of the Journal's Pop Music Writer Mr. Rick Massimo likes comes his review of entertainer extraordinare Mr. George Thorogood. As you will read below, Mr. Thorogood is likes an all 'round entertainer....throughly good at his craft. And, likes who does George wanna be more compared to....well in his own words....‘I’m closer to Dean Martin than Jimi Hendrix’.

Ain't that just the coolest pallies....'nother of today's up and comin' modern entertainers who likes simply wants to be more and more likes our Dino! And, why not....'cause there certainly never was or ever will be anyone to wants to emulate more than our King of Cool.

Enjoys readin' this interview with George Thorogood and rejoicin' in his desire to become more and more like our beloved Dino. Thanks to Mr. Massimo for doin' this write up that puts the accent on our Dino. To read this in it's original format, as usual, just clicks on the tagg of this here Dino-gram. Dino-promotin', DMP

‘I’m closer to Dean Martin than Jimi Hendrix’

Thursday, July 29, 2010

By Rick Massimo
Journal Pop Music Writer

George Thorogood

Sure, he’s had the occasional hit single such as “Bad to the Bone,” “Who Do You Love?” or “Gear Jammer,” but George Thorogood has been putting together a career one night at a time in front of one audience at a time for more than 35 years. Some artists chafe at the adjective “workmanlike,” but Thorogood doesn’t; in fact, in interviews he’s usually aggressive in his modesty about his talents, using phrases such as, “I’m no genius,” and, “I’m seeing how many coats of paint I can put on ‘Johnny B. Goode’, ” to describe himself.

Indeed, in a phone conversation he says, “I only know three licks — but I know ’em cold.”

It’s as a live act, he says, that he and The Destroyers continue to evolve. “There are new ideas coming all the time, new jokes coming to me all the time, new songs to put in the set (he’s still in the early stages of touring behind last year’s “The Dirty Dozen” disc, which paired six new songs with six older, out-of-print tracks), as opposed to getting better on the guitar. I’m a guitarist second, an entertainer first.”

The success of his albums and singles gave people the wrong impression of what a Thorogood show promises, he says. “We were a good nightclub act. And then we put out these albums with all this guitar playing, and people were shocked when I walked out on stage and told a joke or used a little shtick. ‘Why is he making a joke about the bartender?’ They didn’t get it. I’m closer to Dean Martin than Jimi Hendrix .… People see me and say, ‘This guy’s a hell of an entertainer; plus, he’s not a bad guitar player either.’ Not the other way around.”

Thorogood says the show stays fresh for him over the years because he and his band can, and do, play different types of venues all the time. He has opened for huge acts such as The Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen who always play in stadiums, and he says he’s seen what that kind of consistency can mean to a band. “Some of those people didn’t care for that; they said, ‘Aw, it’s boring.’ I did not. Consistency made me better.…

“[But] I’ll be in a House of Blues one night and in a casino the next night, and the next night after that I might play a proscenium theater, and the night after that a rock festival. So I always have to be on my toes. I always said that if I got the same setup every night, like Springsteen or Mick Jagger or Steve Miller, I’d be the greatest rock entertainer, just like they are.”

He’s kept essentially the same band together for his entire 35 years in the business, and that continuity has allowed Thorogood to evolve his live act, a process he says continues to this day.

“Picasso never stopped painting; Van Morrison and Joni Mitchell never stopped writing. Because that’s what they are. I saw Rodney Dangerfield five times, and every time was better than the last time. Because that’s what he does. And I’m the same way.”

George Thorogood and the Destroyers and Cadillac Martini play Friday night at 7 the Nantucket Nectars Sunset Music Series, at the Newport Yachting Center, off America’s Cup Avenue. For tickets, call (401) 846-1600, ext. 2, or go to

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dean Martin. Found.

Hey pallies, likes just loves findin' more and more Dino-lovin' all over the web. Today we turn to the blog "middlesex MD" and a chick tagged Julie for likes some heavy duty Dino-devotion. Seems Miss Julie had a grandmommy-o who snagged her and her sisters some autographed Dino-pixs and Julie like recently unearthed her copy much to her delight.

As you will read she is one sold out pallie to our beloved Dino. Loves her Dino-patter and likes all the outstandin' Dino-vids she has chosen to share with her reader. Thanks Miss Julie for your unabashed sharin' of your Dino-smitteness and for helpin' others to come to know, love, and fall head over heels for our Dino!

To read this in it's original context, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-post. Dino-awed, DMP

Dean Martin. Found.

July 27, 2010 by jujuridl

My libido woke up.

This week we shoveled out a room to make room for a new hobby. In the unearthing, my husband found my long-lost, autographed picture of Dean Martin:

Oh, be still, foolish heart!

My grandmother snagged two of these, one for my sister, and one for me, in Rome, when Martin was shooting there on location. She sent them to us when we were still too young to really understand what Dean could do for us.

But at the time, we were living on a naval base in the tropics, where it was hot, hot, hot. We spent most of our time in the base movie theatre, which had a sound track that ran the same songs over and over and over again between films. That track included “Everybody Loves Somebody, Some Time.” That voice could tease desire out of even a 10 year old. It turns out.

We fell a little in love then, but a lot in love later when we returned to the States and snuck around to watch Dean Martin on his television shows, and Dean Martin movies and listened even more to Dean Martin records. We have loved him ever since.

A quick quiz among a gathering of girlfriends suggests we are not alone. Dean still does it for a remarkably wide age demographic, doesn’t he? I know it included my mother, who would be in her late 70s now. And it extends to friends in their 40s…. I wonder if he could have ever known what lust he could inspire?

Anyway. Dean’s there for you on YouTube, whenever you want him. Here’s hoping he still works for you the way he does for me:

Especially for my sister:

That’s Amore:

Innamorata, sizzle:

Memories are made of this:

Medley with Petula Clark, oh melt:

This reminds me that I need a sequined pantsuit:

That’s just a sampling, friends. Happy memories…

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

'an dean martin should apologize t the rolling stones' - bob dylan

Hey pallies, likes wow dudes, today's Dino-gram is likes a totally rad read from the MOG pad from a dude tagged emscee (clicks on tagg of this Dino-post to goes there).
This Dino-centric message puts the accent on our Dino and his hip and with it comments to the Rollin' Stones on their appearance on "The Hollywood Palace" in '64.
You knows the Dino-drill's that clip where our Dino shares his hipper then hip and groovier then groovy Dino-wisdom...

"Now.....somethin' for the youngsters. Five singin' boys from England who sold a lot of al-b-ums. Albums. They're called the Rollin' Stones. I'VE BEEN ROLLED WHEN I WAS STONED MYSELF. So, I don't know what they're singin''bout, but there they are at."

Never knew that Mr. Bob Dylan created a poem that featured our Dino...gotta say that I don't agree with Dylan's thoughts on our Dino apologizin' to the Stones...which I am certain he never did...and today I'm sure Bob Dylan as a Dino-devottee of today woulda retract dem words if he thought 'bout it. But, how cool to have Dylan include our beloved Dino in a poem on the back of one Bob's al-b-um covers! Loves learnin' more and more amazin' Dino-details of our great man!

And we also learn that our Dino and the Stones actually covered the exact same song...but of course as you listen you will discover that our Dino's version is so so much more with it then the Stones take. And, likes I just gotta mention how stellar it is to have that totally moddish pix of our Dino, Miss Ann, and his boypallie Dino Jr. and band to begins the Dino-message....

We sez our thanks to emscee dude for this provocative as well as evocative Dino-post...and for helpin' this Dino-holic and probably many others learn more Dino-details. Dino-growin', DMP

'an dean martin should apologize t the rolling stones' - bob dylan

Artist:The Rolling Stones/Dean Martin/Dino, Desi & Billy

Dylan wrote that in one of the poems on the back of the 'Another Side of Bob Dylan' album, and it was obvious at the time what he was referring to, but someone buying that album now (are the liner notes still included in the cd package? maybe not) might be in the dark.

Back in the olden days, when rock artists appeared on TV, it was usually (except on American Bandstand-type shows) on network variety shows, where they were given a token slot for the youngsters (you've seen the clips of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show even if you're really young, so you have some idea). So to see The Rolling Stones in 1964, you might have to watch The Red Skelton Show (did that man ever do or say anything remotely funny, ever?) or Hollywood Palace.

When The Stones first appeared on Hollywood Palace, the guest host was Dean Martin, who made a series of tasteless, condescending wisecracks about the band. This is a sample:

Well, I don't know if Dean ever apologized t the Rolling Stones, but Dylan was right, he should have, 'cause not many months later, his son Dean Martin Jr was in the pop-rock group Dino, Desi and Billy, who did some Stones covers ('Satisfaction,' 'Get Off My Cloud') and some Dylan ('Mr. Tambourine Man,' 'It Ain't Me Babe' - from 'Another Side of Bob Dylan'!! -- and 'Like A Rolling Stone,' funny on so many levels), and protest songs such as this:

Not only that, but Dino and The Stones even covered the same song, Arthur Alexander's 'You Better Move On' (posted here the other day by Randy Newman).

What I said the other day about everything being connected? Here you have proof.

Monday, July 26, 2010

On July 25, 1946, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis began their partnership

Hey pallies, loves to see more and more mentions of how our Dino and the kid appeared as a duo the first time on July 25, 1946. This particular Dino-mention is short and sweet, but so much loves this pix of our Dino and the jer tht likes I just had to post it. This particular Dino-report comes from the pad "Digtriad" and their feature "Today In Entertainment History." As ever, to view this in it's original format, just click on the tagg of this Dino-gram. In our Dino, DMP

On July 25, 1946, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis began their partnership as a nightclub song and comedy act with a performance in Atlantic City. They split up in 1956.

Yesterday In Dino-history: July 25, 1946 our Dino and the jer stage their first show together

Hey pallies, likes so so sorry that I didn't gets this posted on the 64th anniversary of the Dino-date of our beloved Dino and the jer stagin' their first show together as a team. We say our thanks to the pallies at ABA for rememberin' and honorin' our Dino and the kid on this oh so important day in Dino-history. To view this in it's original format, just click on the tagg of this Dino-gram. Dino-rememberin' and Dino-honorin', DMP

This Day in History July 25

206th day of 2010 - 159 remaining

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Crooner Dean Martin and comedian Jerry Lewis staged their first show as a team this day in 1946 at Club 500 in Atlantic City, NJ. Actually, the two had met while performing -- separately -- at the Glass Hat in New York City and decided to try an ad-lib act together. The rest is entertainment history.

The duo went from earning $350 a week to $5,000 a week in under eight months, with Martin playing the romantic straight man opposite Lewis as his goofy, unpredictable partner. Ten years later, the curtain came down on their final team performance at the Copacabana in New York. Over that decade, the zany two made seventeen movies including My Friend Irma, That’s My Boy, The Caddy, Pardners, Jumping Jacks and The Stooge.

Dean Martin went on to become a recording star (Memories are Made of This, Return to Me, Everybody Loves Somebody), movie star (The Young Lions, Rio Bravo, Sons of Katie Elder, the Matt Helm series) and host of his own TV variety show, The Dean Martin Show. Lewis pursued a solo career in Hollywood as comic lead (The Sad Sack, Cinderfella, The Nutty Professor); director (The Bellboy, The Errand Boy, The Patsy, Family Jewels, Which Way to the Front); producer; teacher (USC); and consummate entertainer. It would take 20 years for the two to speak publicly with each other again.

Martin died December 25, 1995. Lewis continues to set records in fund-raising during his annual Stars Across America! Labor Day Telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (he has been chairman of the MDA since 1950). The Las Vegas resident continues to make nightclub appearances and returned to the stage in the Broadway revival production of **** Yankees in 1996. Critics called his performance as the Devil, a rip-roaring success.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Serenade With Dino and the jer: "Two Lost Souls"

Hey pallies, in honor of yesterday's anniversary of our Dino and the kid makin' the split in both their work and personal relationships, Sunday Serenade features the duo singin' "Two Lost Souls." The clip comes from the November 13, 1955 episode of the Colgate Comedy Hour, the very last time our Dino and the jer appeared on this landmark television programme.

"Two Lost Souls" comes from the Broadway musical "Damn Yankees," which years later Mr. Lewis would star in on the great white way.

Very interestin' that "Two Lost Souls" was likes the very last song Martin and Lewis sang as a team on the little screen. Even near the end of their partnership the amazin' chemistry between our beloved Dino and the jer continues to likes shine many ways the song describes their decade long journey of fame and fortune and most importantly as soul mates.... Enjoys "Two Lost Souls" pallies! Dino-soulfully, DMP

Dean Martin - Jerry Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour Clip

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Martin took one aisle away from the floor; Lewis took the other.

Hey pallies, likes today is a very very important day to remember in our Dino's history. It was on July 24, 1956 that our beloved Dino and the jer parted ways after exactly 10 years of teamin' up as the greatest comedy duo in all of history.

There are likes many many great posts 'round these Dino-parts to read mucho info on the who, what, when, where, why and how of the break-up. Today we feature some heart-felt insights 'bout our Dino and the jer's last night together from the blog "Frontier Net."

From the writings "The Copacabana, An Illustrated History" by Kristin Baggleaar (clicks on tagg of this here Dino-gram to goes there) comes some deep details of our Dino and the kid's swan song.

So, sit back and reflect on the meanin's of this most bitter-sweet day in all of Dino-history. Gotta 'fess up pallies, likes for years I didn't have any appreciato for Jerry Lewis what so ever, and felt that the split-up was exactly what Lewis deserved.

But, ever since readin' Jerry's tome "Dean and Me: A Love Story," I have grown in my understandin' and appreciation of just how much Jerry loved, and still loves our beloved Dino! In fact, I have become likes totally totally jealous of Jerry Lewis...because he got to spend 10 intimate and glorious years with the coolest person ever...and got to know our Dino better then any other person alive ever has or ever will. What coulda be more wonderful then that! In fact, I remember in readin' in Tosches' outstandin' Dino-bio that Jerry was jealous of the Jeanne and the Jeanne was equally jealous of Jerry...and who could blame 'em...they each wanted our Dino for themselves...and don't we all feel the same Dino-way?!?!?!

Anyway, on this special Dino-day in Dino-history we remember the legacy that our Dino and the jer had together, and see this endin' as a hugely important new beginnin' for our great man. Dino-rememberin', DMP

The Copacabana

An Illustrated History by Kristin Baggelaar

By summer 1956, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis officially announced that they were breaking up as a team; however, together they were committed to one last engagement at the Copacabana. Perhaps because it was the last time they would ever work together, Martin and Lewis' final two-week stand at the Copa did a record-breaking business.

The diminished floorshow space was a tribute to their draw and mass impact. The Doug Coudy production numbers were curtailed as the acts, including the personable dance team of Conn & Mann, were stage waits for the headliners. Martin & Lewis worked with smoothness and no apparent personal friction despite all the press about their rift, but some dissension was evident with their Pardners bit, a cafe trailer for their soon-to-be released Paramount film of the same name. To their professional credit they played it straight, with Lewis foiling for Martin's crooning, and likewise, Martin foiling for his partner's clowning. While both were well received, it was felt that solo or team, the impact was not as resounding as in the past until their final night. Every celebrity in Manhattan was in the audience to witness the pair's swan song of one of the greatest comedy acts in history. They pulled out every schtick in their comedy bag for the star-studded crowd, from squirting seltzer down Milton Berle's shirt front to cutting off Monte Proser's necktie. The sophisticated cafe crowd wouldn't let them quit.

The final moments of the last show of their farewell engagement at the Copa on a hot Tuesday night, July 24, 1956, are pressed indelibly in the minds of those who were present. Martin's face was impassable, cool to the end. They finished with the final crescendo from Pardners: "You and me, we'll be the greatest pardners, buddies, and pals!" They joined hands for a last bow. Martin hugged Lewis. The audience exploded in an emotional uproar. Jackie Gleason jumped up and grabbed the mike, wiped away a tear, and said, "Folks, this can't be allowed to happen." The audience roared its approval, but Martin & Lewis just shook their heads, no. It was over. There was no encore. Martin took one aisle away from the floor; Lewis took the other.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dean “Tex” Martin

Hey pallies, today's Dino-thoughts comes from a blog tagged "Streetlight Santa Cruz Blog." A pallie tagged Cat, who musta works in the "Streetlight Records" shoppe, recently got in a copy of the classic Dino-al-b-um Dean "Tex" Martin. Loves how they shares some of the liner notes that are likes so full of Dino-devotion as well as the amazin' Dino-cover pix. Ain't our man the greatest with his country look!

Thanks to Cat for sharin' this Dino-treasure with us and likes we are totally certain that this Dino-treasure will finds a great home with some Dino-holic. As usual, to veiw this in it's original format, just clicks on the tag of this Dino-post. Dino-discoverin', DMP

Dean “Tex” Martin

July 19, 2010

by Cat

How amazing is this? You’ve heard of the country-pop crossover, but back in the day, the pendulum swung the other way for Dean Martin, as he made himself a little country album y’all.

Country Style came over the counter the other day, and despite the temptation to pass on it due to condition, we couldn’t do it. I imagine it will probably end up on someone’s wall; or in the bathroom; or…you just never know with these things.

Here are some of the highpoints of the album notes:

“Dino down home? Why not? The Delta hasn’t been the same since his trip down south in Down Yonder.”

“When you have taste and charm, grace and feeling, you’re a stranger to no one.”

“Sometimes serious and sometimes comic, the result is always Dino (I mean Tex).”

“So look out pard. Better hide the chitlins and stash Ellie Mae.”

“There’s a paisano loose in your hills, wearing a Stetson, followed by a gang of guitar-plunkers in Sy Devore suits and Dodger baseball caps and headin’ your way.”

In case you’re still reading, and genuinely interested in this little cultural tidbit, here is the track listing:

1. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
2. Face in a Crowd
3. Things
4. Room Full of Roses
5. I Walk the Line
6. My Heart Cries for You
7. Any Time
8. Shutters and Boards
9. Blue, Blue Day
10. Singing the Blues
11. Hey, Good Lookin’
12. Ain’t Gonna Try No More

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pit Boss: Dean & The TV Set

Hey pallies, likes thanks to our pallies over at "" we gets 'nother wonderful installment of Pit Boss by Mr. Ed Walters. You're gonna love this Dino-riffic tale of our beloved Dino showin' the hugeness of his generous heart.

Gotta 'fess up that I loves to read these Dino-remembrances from his time in 'Vegas, Baby, 'Vegas and hearin' first hand accounts of just how wonderful our King of Cool is. Thanks to "" and Mr. Walters for sharin' these heart-warmin' Dino-tales with us. To view this in it's original format, just click on the tagg of this here Dino-gram. Dino-hearted, DMP

Pit Boss: Dean & The TV Set

by Ed Walters on July 21, 2010

Pit Boss Wednesday at

Today’s installment is among the funniest of the entire series of Ed’s Pit Boss posts. This one never fails to make me laugh. – RA

It’s around 1967 or so. Dean is starring in The Copa Room at night. I’m on the day shift in the Casino. On my break I go to see the guys in the Dealers room. This is the room where the dealers go on every break to rest or eat. It is located at the end of the long hallway that goes between the showroom and the kitchens. The entertainers all come in the back way through this hall. It leads out to the pool and grounds. The famous steamroom and Health Club you read about is next to the pool.

So it’s afternoon and I go to the dealers room to see how the Dodgers are doing in the World Series. I’m standing in the doorway, watching the game with the dealers and the waitress who serves them.

It’s tough to watch because the TV keeps screwing up. This is before cable, so the picture keeps going in and out. I’m about ready to leave when Dean comes up behind me. He watches it for awhile. One of the dealers keeps hitting the side of the TV to straighten out the wiggles.

Koufax throws a ball. Then another ball. One dealer yells “Koufax is going wild.” Dean says “Stop hitting the set. Your throwing the ball off.” Everyone laughs.

Dean starts walking out, down the hall. Dean says, “Eddie, get a TV that works, something in the modern age.” He heads out. He had been rehearsing something in the showroom. Yes, he did rehearse once in awhile. He was actually in much more command of his material than people think. I’ll talk about that another time.

Next day, I come in around noon to start the shift. Dealers comming in from their break are smiling and talking about the big, new TV that is now in the dealers room.

I check into it. Front desk tells me, Dean Martin came to them this morning and asked one of the bellhops (he knows them all, they know him) to go with him. They take the Sands station wagon and Dean asked, “Where do you get TV around here?” Guy says “I know a place.” Dean, says, “Let’s go there.”

The bellhop who went with Dean tells me the story of Dean going in the store and like only he can says to the salesman. (Can you picture, Dean saying this?)

“You got TV?”

“Do they get baseball?”

“What size do I need for baseball?”

The salesman, astonished this is Dean Martin is doing everything to be helpful. He asks Dean, “Do you need an antenna?”

Bellhop asks Dean if they should get an antenna. Dean tell him to get whatever he needs.

The salesman brings over a nice big antenna with all the rods sticking out. Dean is looking at each antenna stem (whatever you call it) Dean says to the salesman, ” Which one is for baseball?”

The poor salesman is just not sure if Dean is serious or not.

I’m laughing out loud listening to the bellhop tell me this. A typical Dean story.

The salesman gives Dean the bill, Dean laughs and says “Oh, you want money too!”

On the way out of the store, the salesman finally get enough courage to ask Dean, “Are you Dean Martin?”

Dean says, “No.” and walks out.

So later that day, I’m back watching the game and Dean comes by. All the dealers give him a standing ovation. He had been playing golf and just wanted to make sure it has been set up as he asked.

The game is going well. The Dodger pitcher is doing well. You hear strike and strike etc. One of the dealers says to Dean, “He’s pitching good, right Dean?” Dean says “Of course, he can see the plate now.” Everyone laughs. The waitress thinks Dean is serious, and asks “Really, did the TV make a difference?” He replies, “Yes with all those squiggles, he couldn’t see the plate. Now he can.”

He smiles at me and starts heading out of the room. He purposely bumps into me. Says “Get back in the Casino, before they rob the place.” I laugh and yell back, “Where you going?”

He answers, (picture Dean, golf slacks, golf sweater, beautiful tan, and that wonderful smile and in that drawl we all know, says,)

“Hey buddy, I just saved the World Series. This is hard work. I need to go and get some rest.”

He laughs and is out the door to get some rest before the first show of the evening.

Yes, the dealers and all of us at the Sands really loved Dean.

We still do.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If you didn't know I am an unabashed Dean Martin fan.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dean Martin

If you didn't know I am an unabashed Dean Martin fan.

You see as a youngster of the 80s the norm was to listen to popular music, watch 80s teen films and go with the trend. I had no idea the 80s happened. I had no reference to popular culture. My attentions were towards school which I liked but wondered into creative dreamland, while being woken up with blackboard dusters imprinted on my chest.

Films were also a big part, but I tended to watch Martin & Lewis, Abbott and Costello, Presley, and Martial Arts films my Father would rent for me and my brothers as I was heavily into Karate, also participating two nights a week.

My musical background also had nothing to do with the 80s. I listened to 'Golden Oldies' on my Mother's car stereo, at home to Creedence, Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin on her Cassette tape and to horse races on my Father's car stereo. At my grandparents house I would listen to Dean Martin, One of my Grandmothers favourite.

He is my favourite singer, The baritone voice, the charisma in the words and the easy flow music that has stood the test of time. People think of Dean Martin as the fellow who sung 'That's Amore' that Italo-American song of the 50s, but Dean is much more than that. To me, he is the coolest cat that ever lived.

'Motivation is a lotta crap' -Dean Martin-

By far my most used quote, he is right, Human's only do things as they need to be done, not for a motivational reasoning. If I have to do something, then I just will...OR....won't. It is simply your choice, or mine.

It just displays the man's easy way at looking at life, from the music he chose to sing and how he did. If you listen to live recordings of Dean, you will truly understand what I mean. First and foremost he was an entertainer and one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen, bar, Jerry Lewis.

Many may not know but Mr. Martin was nominated for 4 Emmy's and 5 Golden Globes with one win, for his hit show "The Dean Martin Comedy Hour" which I have seen many episodes and they are hilarious. The show ran for 9 years from 65-74 and Dean signed the biggest contract at NBC ever. You see the man was loved and would attract guest like Orson Welles, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Geroge Burns, Bing name them, chances are they were on it.

The laid back attitude is a treasure to have, something only a few years ago, I prided myself on. When I am at most happiest or in need of a cheer up, you will hear the tunes of Mr. Martin blaring through my house...Oh with myself trying to keep up with his Royalty.

I want for one day to be able to incorporate his music within a short film of mine. His music appears on more than 150 films and TV of note. I looked into using his music once, but it was a maze...but who day.

Anyhow, if you havent heard of the man, please do so, it won't let you down, get a Capitol recording, or a live recording from the Sands Casino, or a Rat Pack recording, or watch an episode of The Dean Martin Show, or a Celebrity roast and you will know what I am talking about...

A man who could sum up love in one verse, then make you laugh at it, then make you think - true! then make you sing it ALL day long. I'll leave you with this one;

"How lucky can one guy be,
I kissed her and she kissed me.
Like the fella once said,
Ain't that a kick in the head"

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Cartoon Cave: Ricci Martin

Hey pallies, likes today's post comes from our talented cartoonist pallie Mr. Pete Emslie and his fun blog "The Cartoon Cave." A few ago our pallie Pete took a great deal of time to respond to one of the Dino-posts here askin' the provocative quire...
"Who had more talent frank sinatra or dean martin?" Wanna first sez my thanks to Pete for insightful and passion response...and likes if you haven't read it yet, I certainly woulda 'ncourage you to goes back to the July 12 Dino-gram to likes do so.

Today's post from "The Cartoon Cave" (clicks on tagg of this Dino-gram to goes there) shares a great pix of our pallie Pete and our Dino's boypallie Ricci together after a perform of Ricci's Dino-trib where Pete got to meet and greet Ricci and give Ricci his stellar Dino-toon that Emslie created of our beloved Dino.

How timely is this Dino-event considerin' that ilovedinomartin just put the accent on Ricci this past Dino-week as Ricci shared his Dino-groove with Festa Italiana in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. btw pallies, any of you dudes gets the opportunity to catch Ricci durin' the fest?

Thanks Mr. Pete Emslie for sharin' your Ricci encounter with us and glads to know your great impression of Ricci and his amore trib of his Daddy-o! Dino-embracin', DMP
Saturday, July 17,

Ricci Martin

A few weeks ago I put up a few pics taken on my vacation in Las Vegas with my Mom. We saw three shows while we were there, but only one of them I quite liked, the other two I found a bit disappointing. These were smaller shows, not featuring the big name headliners. Although in my opinion, Vegas headliners sure aren't what they used to be, as I really had no great inclination to see any of the name performers who are currently playing there. I sure do wish I'd seen Vegas back in the day when Frank, Dean, Sammy and all of their contemporaries held court. I reckon I was born too late.

Ironically, though, just several days after returning home from vacation, Mom and I went to see an entertainer at Mississauga's Stage West dinner theatre that would be a terrific choice to see headlining a show in Vegas. Ricci Martin is the son of Dean Martin, and for a few years now he has been doing a really lovely tribute to his famous Dad on stage, singing many of Dean's big hits accompanied by a small band. Don't misunderstand, though, as he's not attempting to impersonate his Dad in any way, like you see in those Rat Pack tribute shows. Ricci is blessed with a fine singing voice that is uniquely his own, and so his interpretations of Dean's songs are not trying to compete with his memory.

This was the third time that Ricci had performed here, and so I've also gotten to know Tony Busseri of ARB Productions who is the fellow who has brought in not only Ricci Martin, but other terrific performers I've gotten to see like Bobby Rydell and the legendary Al Martino. Thanks to the generosity of Tony and his business partner Stan, I was able to go backstage after the show to present Ricci with the caricature I did last year of his Dad. I know Ricci was quite thrilled with the gift and was kind enough to pose with me for a photo. We were able to chat for awhile about Dean, Frank and that Golden Age of entertainment that I love so well. I really hope Ricci will come back to perform for us again here in Mississauga, and I heartily recommend his show if he plays in your area too!

Monday, July 19, 2010

and the Winner is our Dino singin' "Since I Met You, Baby"

Hey pallies, likes just to let's you know that the votin' has finished at "ibeatyou" for best Dino-entry, and likes I am so so proud to tells you all my Dino-holic pallies that this dude's Dino-entry, "Since I Met You, Baby" took first place hands down with 52 votes cast for it and with a rating of 4.7 outta a 5.0 scale.

The cool thin' is pallies that likes our Dino couldn't loose 'cause each and every entry was a Dino-vid...but gotta tell you likes I am as please as Dino-punch that our Dino's only MTV vid took top honors. Thanks to each and every pallie 'round these parts that helped to bring success to our Dino! With deep Dino-appreciatio, DMP btw, to checks this out at the original site, likes just clicks on the tagg of this here Dino-gram.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Serenade With Dino: "Red Sails In The Sunset"

Hey pallies, likes it's time for 'nother Sunday Serenade With Dino. Up today is a stunnin' version of the romantic classic "Red Sails In The Sunset." 'Nother of our Dino's couch songs from the Dino-show, it looks like at the time of filmin' our great man was probably in the midst of filmin' a western with that unshaved rugged Dino-look....and likes of course with his ever present cigarette in hand.

Always loves to watch our Dino's facial expressions 'cause they likes always adds so much to our beloved Dino's interpretation of each song he sings. Not as serious as last Sunday's "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife," "Sails" still is sung with a nod to the more serious side of our Dino. So, sits back and enjoys 'nother romantic standard from our man of amore...the one, the only, DINO!!!! Dino-ever, DMP

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The biggest, noisiest and naughtiest contender in the new spystakes is The Silencers, with Crooner Dean Martin playing Matt Helm

Hey pallies, likes from the web pad "M16 Home of James Bond 007" comes this post featurin' an article published in the March 4th, 1966 edition of TIME magazine 'bout the many and varied James Bond inspired spy capers.

Likes of course one of the secret agent series lifted up is our Dino playin' his Dino-self as agent Matt Helm. Below you will find the opennin' patter from the original TIME prose with the section devoted to our Dino as Helm.

Certainly very very cool to be able to read these retro words 'bout "The Silencers" and the man who brought it to life....our amazin' DINO!!!!

So enjoys readin' a blast from the past pallies. And, likes to read this whole prose in it's appearin' at M16, as usual, just clicks on the tagg of this here Dino-report. In our Dino, DMP

During the height of spy mania Time Magazine investigated the numerous 007-inspired spy flicks...

Time Tunnel: The Spies Who Came Into The Fold

15th July 2010

TIME Magazine - March 4th, 1966
Movie moguls have long sought the perfect pop-art hero, the infallible magnetic moneymaker with equal pull for kids under twelve and adolescents up to and beyond retirement age. Tarzan, a perennial favourite, still takes to the trees occasionally to fight for right, but with obsolete weapons. The Wild West gunfighter endures, though an hombre who traditionally hates kissin' and gets his kicks by digging spurs into horseflesh seems equally ill-adapted to the times. The exquisitely contemporary hero is girl-happy, gadget-minded James Bond, whose legend has already tempted a host of imitators to bland larceny. Now five new spy spoofs reverently ape Bond, with more a-making to catch the rich financial fallout from Goldfinger and Thunderball.

Naked Naiads
The biggest, noisiest and naughtiest contender in the new spystakes is The Silencers, with Crooner Dean Martin playing Matt Helm, a secret agent for ICE (Intelligence Counter Espionage). Its plot pits Helm against the mastermind of one of those atomic conspiracies, headquartered in what appears to be a sunken carrier under the desert near Alamogordo.

But the real contest is between nudity and gadgetry. The striptease fun, with Cyd Charisse as team captain, begins during the opening credits, then gets right down to business in Martin's circular bed, which turns, travels, tilts, finally plunges him naked into a swimming pool with a naiad identified as Lovey Kravezit. While the camera plays anatomical peekaboo, they are dried on two cylindrical Freudian symbols, then dressed and breakfasted by machine.

Innuendo roars through Silencers, with nothing omitted save scrawling feelthy pictures on the screen. Now and then, Martin sleepily warbles a song parody, his way of adding sauce to all the gleeful violence, drunken driving and self-conscious smut. Chief compensation over the Ion? haul is Stella Stevens' zany, refreshing performance as a tourist who flees a conducted bus tour and plunges into escapades with the resolute air of a girl making every minute of her vacation count.

Above: Dean Martin as the smooth-talking Matt Helm.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pit Boss: Dino Deals 21

Hey pallies, likes what a great Dino-post haves we got for all our Dino-devoted pallies this Dino-day. From the Frank Sinatra devoted blog, "" comes superb Dino-remebrances by Mr. Ed Walters 'bout some times when our "Dino Deals 21" in 'Vegas, Baby, 'Vegas.

Below are two Dino-vignettes recalled by Walters that what brings one of those Dino-buddha-grins to your faces pallies....oh, how I loves hearin' others share their experiences of bein' with our great man, and oh, how I yearns to have been there when Dino dealt out the cards....certainly woulda made my whole the words of Mr. Walters....

"Now for the players in the casino it was a special treat. Can you see the people’s faces when they’re playing 21 and a new dealer steps in and it’s Dean Martin. I would love watching their faces. It’s something they would talk about all their lives."

So enjoys readin' this amazin' Dino-memories pallies....and thanks to "" and Mr. Ed for sharin' these historic Dino-details with us. To view this in it's original format, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram. And, ilovedinomartin also sez our thanks to the pallies at Blue-Eyes for linkin' our humble little Dino-blog ilovedinomartin to their blog for all their loyal readers to have ready access to all the Dino-action 'round this Dino-pad! Dino-enthralled, DMP

Pit Boss: Dino Deals 21

by Ed Walters on July 14, 2010

Some of the guys did deal 21 at times. Only a select few. It really was not allowed to happen per the Vegas Casino Gaming regulations, but in the early days of the Sands, as you guys know, a lot of things happened.

I don’t recall seeing Sinatra deal 21. I know you hear about it, but I can’t remember him dealing. I’m not saying it didn’t happen – I just didn’t see it. I would be surprised if he did, because he’s not the type of guy who does something unless he does it well.

Dean Martin, now he loved to deal and was good at it. I mean very good. Dealing 21 is a skill and takes a lot of practice. Dean came from Stubenville, Ohio, where a lot of our dealers came from. There was good action there. I played some high stakes pool and craps action at the Rex Cigar store. Across the river was 2 gambling joints, in Covington, Ky. The Beverly and another one.

Dean would come in the pit, usually after playing golf and practice dealing. I would put him on a live game. I mean games going on in the pit. He did great. And a great guy to work with. No ego, no putting on airs. He dealt a regular game. He had “good hands.” I would let him deal till he wanted out. When the new dealer would come in, Dean would show his hands, face open and back out like every other dealer.

Now for the players in the casino it was a special treat. Can you see the people’s faces when they’re playing 21 and a new dealer steps in and it’s Dean Martin. I would love watching their faces. It’s something they would talk about all their lives.

Some interesting things happened during those games. One day, Dean is dealing to a table of all woman. They all love it. Some would swoon and get weak at the sight of him. One lady is staring at Dean. He’s dealing and smiling. She is getting turned on. I mean really turned on. She is moaning and sighing.

She goes “Oh” – Dean goes “Oh.” She moans – Dean moans. He’s dealing around the table. She moans, he moans. She goes “Oh Oh” He goes “Oh Oh” People are seeing this. Toni, a Cocktail waitress, and some others are standing in the Pit by the table watching this scene.

The lady finally….., well puts her head on the table and rests. She is exhausted. She looks up and is embarrassed. Toni puts her tray down and starts applauding her. The others at the table start applauding too. I do too. Finally the applause stops and there is a silence.

Dean looks around and smiles and says “Thank you for the applause… It was nothing.”

Typical Dean.

A few days later, Dean comes in. I put him on a table, only two woman and a few men. Dean is getting started. Doing well. I’m arranging the chips in the rack so I know what we started with. Guy in the second seat says “That’s a nice sweater.” Dean would wear a sweater. It was summer but he wanted to protect his shoulders from the air conditioning. Dean says “Thank you.” The fellow says “I really like it. It makes you look so handsome – You are cute.”

I start walking away.

Dean is yelling “Help – I’m in trouble.”

Dean Martin was a wonderful guy to work with. All of us in the casino really liked and respected him. I would say we loved him. We still do.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

a bit of our Dino's boy-pallie Ricci doin' his Dino-salute...

Hey pallies, likes if you clicks on the tagg of this here Dino-post you will be transported to a page at Ricci Martin's homepad where you can view a promo vid of Dino's boypallie doin' his Dino-honorin' show.

And, likes below you will find a short clip of Ricci live singin' Rifle Pony and Me during a soundcheck in Largo Florida in FEB of 2010.

So hopin' many of you pallies are goin' to be able to makes your way to Milwaukee this weekend to catch Ricci' amore to his daddy-o at Festa Italiana... Dino-diggin', DMP

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Dino's boypallie Ricci at Festa Italiana in Milwaukee

Hey pallies, likes sorry dudes that I didn't get this heads up likes to y'all sooner pallies, but wanted 'specially all our midwestern USA pallies to know that our Dino's boypallie Ricci is performin' his Dino-trib at Festa Italiana in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this very Dino-weekend.

At 9 p.m. July 15-18 Ricci will share the magic of Dino on the Palermo's Pizza Stage on the Festival grounds. To get more information, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram to goes to the Festa Italiana homepage and from there you can get all the info that you will need. Does hope many of our pallies in the great midwest will get to see Ricci Martin gives his amore to his Dino daddy-o. Dino-reportin, DMP

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

will the real Dean Martin please stand up

Hey pallies, likes how amazin' is' Dino-post is 'bout 'nother murder mystery that is likes totally Dino-centric. From the blog "The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews," which first put us on to Miss Gayle Carline's murder and mayhem classic "Freezer Burn," comes news of "Driven To Ink" by Karen Olson.

Set in our Dino's playground 'Vegas baby 'Vegas, this new tome features a bunch of Dino imitators includin' one that ends up by the victim found in the trunk of a car.

How splendid to find our Dino at the center of 'nother murder mystery...just shows how the Dino-legacy continues to grow and glow....our Dino is simply turnin' up anywhere and everywhere each new Dino-day.

We say our thanks to Miss Harriet Klausner for reviewin' "Driven To Ink" and puttin' us on to a great new Dino-read. To view this review in it's original format, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram.

Can't wait for September 7 to gets my hands on this new murder mystery that is likes givin' the nod to our beloved Dino! Dino-psyched, DMP

Driven to Ink Karen E. Olson
By harstan
Driven to Ink

Karen E. Olson

Obsidian, Sep 7 2010, $6.99

ISBN: 9780451231574

In Las Vegas, Brett Kavanaugh is a tattoo artist who caters to a high class clientele. Her store, The Painted Lady, is located in an upscale mall unlike her prime rival Jeff Coleman, who owns Murder Ink in an out of the way strip mall next door to a bail bondsman. When Sylvia Coleman wants to marry Bernie Applebuam, Brett lends them her car so they can drive to the chapel served by several Dean Martin imitators.

The day after she retrieves her vehicle, Brett hears a thump in the trunk. When she opens it inside is a dead Dean Martin actor. Underneath the human corpse is the remains of a rat. The victim is Ray Lucci who worked at the chapel where Sylvia and Bernie got married. Around his neck is a clip cord missing from a room of one at Brett’s tattoo artists. Additionally the honeymooners are missing and not on their honeymoon. Brett and Sylvia’s son Jeff investigate as she feels violated and both worry that the newlyweds and all the Martin impersonators may be in danger, but the scenario escalates dangerously when another person is killed.

Driven to Ink is a delightful amateur sleuth mystery that focuses on a Vegas that tourists rarely visit. Readers see Sin City through the eyes of residents who know what lies beneath the glitter and glamour of the Strip. This is a multilayered plot with so many twists that the audience will struggle with who the killer is nothe motive. Karen E. Olson provides a refreshing mystery with a touch of whimsy as readers shout: will the real Dean Martin please stand up.

Harriet Klausner

Monday, July 12, 2010

Who had more talent frank sinatra or dean martin?

Hey pallies, today's Dino-post asks the provocative quire, "Who has more talent Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin? This question appears at the pad "Yahoo Answers" and was asked by a dude tagged "morrellpark_toast." So far there have been two answers (includin' yours truly) both givin' the nod in the affirmatvie to our beloved Dino.

Likes I invites you to chime in with your Dino-thoughts...likes of course I knows that anybody hangin' 'round a blogg tagged ilovedinomartin willa likes have only one possible answer....DINO!!!....but likes it woulda be cool to have likes tons of Dino-holics all puttin' the accent on our Dino in their own likes Dino-way.

So, to express your Dino-love, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram to goes to the question at yahoo have a few before the question closes down.

And, for your Dino-viewin' pleasure, here is 'nother amazin' clip of our Dino and the frankie havin' a blast on the Dino-show....just watchin' our Dino evokin' so so much Dino-energy, anybody witha likes any sense woulda say indeed our Dino is likes way in the lead in the talent department. Enjoys pallies and likes remember, truly, truly, only Dino matters.... Dino-promotin', DMP

Open Question

Who had more talent frank sinatra or dean martin?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Serenade With Dino: "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife"

Hey pallies, gonna 'tempt to start likes a new Dino-feature here at our humble ilovedinomartin Dino-blog......"Sunday Serenade".........our Dino singin' one of his fabulous songs...often from the couch on the Dino-show.

Today we feature that oh so dramatic song "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife" sung to likes total Dino-perfection. Knows that our beloved Dino's rendition of this deeply movin' anthem just stirs such passion within my bein'.

Indeed, our Dino croons so many of his tunes with such light-hearted fun, but when it comes to a serious song like "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife" our Dino pours his whole soul and bein' into capturin' the depths of meanin' from each and every word of the lyrics. Anyone who has ever said that our Dino does not have depth in his performin' has obviously never seen him bare his heart and soul in "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife."

Gotta 'fess up that I chose to share this particular Dino-song with ya, 'cause I read at 'nother Dino-location that this is the fav Dino-couch-song of our newest Dino-devotee here at the ol' ilovedinomartin blog.

Sit back and soak in the Dino-depths of Dino-emotions from "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife." Deeply in Dino, DMP

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dean Martin Festival 2010 | Singing Statue

Hey pallies, likes you're gonna really diggs this dudes.... Our pallie Noebie is back with a youtube clip from his Dino-pilgrimage to Dino-mecca for Dino-fest 2010. This very short, but oh so very sweet vid was shot in the Stu-ville post office where they have one of those singin' Dino-dolls as part of their stamp cancelation in honor of the yearly Dino-celebration.

As you watch this vid you will see that our pallie Bri's little girlpallie Caroline is likes totally enchanted with the singin' Dino-doll. Gotta tell ya pallies this youngen has it bad for our Dino...she will certainly become a sold out Dino-devotee in no Dino-time, if likes she already ain't. Thanks to our pallie noebie (Brian Noe) for sharin' this delightful Dino-vignette for all us pallies to enjoy. Dino-enchanted, DMP

My daughter was fascinated by this singing Dean Martin Statue at the U.S. Post Office signing event in Steubenville, Ohio during the Dean Martin Festival on June 18th, 2010.

Friday, July 09, 2010

our Dino joinin' the birthday 'bration for "Freezer Burn"

Hey pallies, likes you just gotta watch this very very short clip from our great Dino-lovin' pallie Miss Gayle Carline. July 5th was the first anniverary of Miss Gayle's stellar murder and mayhem tome "Freezer Burn" that features Dino-addict character Benny Needles and to 'brate the book's one year mark, Miss Carline decided to throw a birthday bash for it by creatin' a birthday vid on youtube.

And, likes I am likes totally totally Dino-thrilled to say the b-day vid is likes all Dino-focused....with our Dino partyin', hat and all, and the sounds of our Dino singin' his signature Dino-tune "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime" at the end of the clip. We says our congrats to Miss Gayle Carline on the first anniversary of "Freezer Burn" and our thanks to this great lady for liftin' up the name of our Dino is this way cool way!

Likes if by some misfortune, you have not had the priviledge of readin' Miss Gayle Carline's Dino-honorin' murder mystery, please run, don't walk, to your local book purveyer and order yourself a is likes totally totally Dino-riffic!!!! Again, thanks Miss Gayle for honorin' our beloved Dino as you honor your first novel on it's first birthday! Dino-celebratin', DMP btw, to see our Miss Gayle Carline's blogg, "On The Edge Of The Chair Of Literature," just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Even books need birthdays

Freezer Burn was officially launched a year ago. One of the nice things about books, apart from the sheer beauty of the written word and the way they take you to exotic lands and introduce you to interesting people, is their longevity. Books released years ago are still in print and being sold at bookstores, on Amazon, and in other retail nooks and crannies.

So I don't believe in ditching last year's book for this year's model. Add to that the fact that this year's book isn't ready yet, and I really want to keep trying to get Freezer Burn into as many hands as possible.

In a rather looney moment, I got an equally looney idea: Have a birthday party for the book. After reason returned, I decided not to truly host a birthday party, but to make a video of a party to advertise my book. Brilliant!

Or not. I don't know, but I did it. It's on YouTube now, so the damage is done. Let me know what you think (but please be kind).

You can still buy Freezer Burn at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores everywhere - it's available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and other e-reader format!

Posted by Gayle Carline at 3:25 PM

Thursday, July 08, 2010

somethin' to introduce our youngens to our beloved Dino

Hey pallies, I was likes thinkin' how cool woulda it be it there were some Dino-resources likes to introduce our Dino to today's youngens....somethin' likes colorin' pages of our Dino to bring kiddies to our great man. Well, our Dino lead me into doin' a search and Dino-low and Dino-behold I am likes totally psyched to let's you know that such a kidpallie Dino-tool does exist!

Found at the blog Coloring Pages Book For Kids Boys, this outstandin' Dino-colorin' page is truly a wonderful way to starts gettin' our wee ones turned on to our King of Cool.

To view this in it's original pad, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram to goes there. Pallies, likes be sure to make of copious copies to share with all the tikes you know 'cause the earlier they gets turned on to our beloved Dino....the more likely they will be come true Dino-devotees for life!!!!! Dino-promotin', DMP

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-post is a reminder to goes on over to the "ibeatyou" pad to vote for your fav Dino-vid. The cool thin' 'bout this competition is that no matter which vid you cast your vote for, our Dino will be the winner 'cause likes all the vids in the contest are Dino-vids!

You will note that yours truly, Dino Martin Peters, has entered one of my most fav Dino-vids in the Dino-contest......our Dino's only MTV music vid, "Since I Met You, Baby." (actually I entered it twice likes by mistake) And, currently you will note that it is numero uno in the Dino-ratin's with a 4.7 outta a possible 5 score.

I woulda be likes so psyched if you saws you way to votin' for "Since I Met You, Baby," but likes whichever one you vote for, just be sure to do it soon. This Dino-competition will end in just a few....July 12 to be exact.

So, likes clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram to goes to the "ibeatyou" Dino-pad and VOTE DINO!!!!! Dino-scorin', DMP

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

History of Dean Martin - Music and Biography

Hey pallies, likes I continue to likes gets so pumped when I find more and more web addresses likes puttin' the accent on our beloved Dino. Today's Dino-find comes from the pad " oldies music" where correspondant Mr. Robert Fontenot has published a outstandin' profile of our Dino. To view this in it's original format, likes just click on the tagg of this Dino-post.

Besides the usual Dino-facts and Dino-figures, Fontenot gives his blog readers a marvelous list of our great man's numero uno and top ten lists of both hits and al-b-ums includin' year of release. There are also a number of Dino-links to be explored if you gots to Fontenot original post.

Likes y'all knows how much I loves learnin' new Dino-details....likes i never ever knew before that our Dino's wintertime al-b-um, the 1966 "Dean Martin Christmas Album" hit numero uno in pop al-b-ums.

So ilovedinomartin says our thanks to Mr. Robert Fontenot for liftin' up the name of our Dino and authorin' this very informative profile of our beloved Dino. Dino-delightedly, DMP

Profile: Dean Martin
By Robert Fontenot, Guide

Claims to fame:

His personal style, sense of humor, and easy way with a song earned him the title "The King Of Cool"

Perhaps the most well-rounded and versatile talent in the "Rat Pack"

More beloved by his fellow Italian-Americans than perhaps any other singer

Carved out impressive careers in the studio, films, and television

Along with Jerry Lewis, one of the postwar era's most enduring comedy teams

A major vocal influence on the young Elvis Presley

Dino Paul Crocetti on June 7, 1917 in Steubenville, OH; died December 25, 1995, Beverly Hills, CA

Great American Songbook, Lounge, Adult Contemporary, Easy Listening, Pop Vocal

Early years:
Dino Crocetti sang at an early age, like many Italian-Americans of his generation; but, like most children of the Depression, he also took on most any job he could find, legal and otherwise, working in speakeasies and steel mills and even boxing as "Kid Crochet." He eventually ended up in nearby Columbus as a featured singer in the Ernie McKay Orchestra, then Sammy Watkins', where the bandleader suggested he change his stage name of Dino Martini to something less ethnic. After WWII, Martin was a fixture on the East Coast nightclub circuit, but not one with a signature style.

While working at New York's Glass Hat club, he met comedian Jerry Lewis, and the two decided to form an act; after a rough start, the two quickly became the toast of the city, and were soon picked up by Paramount. There, they made an astonishing 16 films in seven years, all while maintaining a national radio show. Trouble was, Dean had begun to feel that his "straight man" routine was overshadowing his singing, and he left in 1956. Though he'd already had a hit with "That's Amore" (a song he hated), his solo success really blossomed in the '60s due to his association with Frank Sinatra's "Rat Pack" of entertainers.

Later years:
The late '60s and early '70s proved Dean was a triple threat -- adult contemporary crooner hits, movies (most notably his "Matt Helm" series of James Bond spoofs), and his laid-back TV variety show on NBC, featuring his lovable, boozy persona and a bevy of beauties called the "Golddiggers." Though Sinatra famously reunited him with Lewis on the comedian's charity telethon in 1976, the two never resumed their partnership, and Dean gradually drifted into semi-retirement. Martin, who never fully recovered from the sudden and shocking death of his son Dean Paul in a 1987 plane crash, passed away in 1995 from lung cancer.

#1 Dean Martin hits:

"Memories Are Made Of This" (1955)
"Everybody Loves Somebody" (1964)

Adult Contemporary:
"Everybody Loves Somebody" (1964)
"The Door Is Still Open To My Heart" (1964)
"You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" (1964)
"In The Chapel In The Moonlight" (1967)
"In The Misty Moonlight" (1967)

Top 10 Dean Martin hits:

"Powder Your Face With Sunshine" (1949)
"That's Amore" (1953)
"Return To Me" (1958)
"The Door Is Still Open To My Heart" (1964)
"I Will" (1965)

Adult Contemporary:
"Send Me the Pillow You Dream On" (1965)
"(Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You" (1965)
"Houston" (1965)
"I Will" (1965)
"Somewhere There's A Someone" (1966)
"Come Running Back" (1966)
"A Million And One" (1966)
"Nobody's Baby Again" (1966)
"Let The Good Times In" (1966)
"Lay Some Happiness On Me" (1967)
"Little Ole Winedrinker, Me" (1967)
"You've Still Got A Place In My Heart" (1968)
"April Again" (1968)
"Not Enough Indians" (1968)
"Gentle On My Mind" (1969)

#1 Dean Martin albums:

The Dean Martin Christmas Album (1966)

Top 10 Dean Martin albums:

Dean Martin Sings (1953)
Everybody Loves Somebody (1964)
The Door Is Still Open To My Heart (1966)

Important Dean Martin movie appearances:
"The Caddy" (1953), "The Young Lions" (1957), "Some Came Running" (1958), "Rio Bravo" (1959), "Ocean's Eleven" (1960), "Something's Got To Give" (1962), "What A Way To Go!" (1964), "The Sons Of Katie Elder" (1965), "The Silencers" (1966), "Bandolero!" (1968), "Airport" (1970), "Cannonball Run" (1981)

Covered by:
Bob Dylan, Celtic Frost, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Chris Isaak, Michael Buble, Ben E. King, Julie London, Perez Prado, Cliff Richard, Petula Clark, Gale Storm, The Everly Brothers, Jim Reeves, Frank Sinatra, Little Richard, The Statler Brothers, Paul Anka, The Drifters, Bobby Rydell, Brenda Lee, Peggy Lee, D.O.A., Connie Francis, Brent Spiner

Other Dean Martin facts and trivia:
Spoke Italian exclusively until he was five years old
Was strongly influenced in his singing style by Harry Mills of the Mills Brothers
The Dean Martin Show was turned into a series of popular celebrity roasts in 1973
An avid golfer who had his own signature series of balls
Was extremely claustrophobic in his younger years, but finally forced himself to ride elevators until he cured the sensation
The inscription on his tombstone reads "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime"
San Antonio,Las Vegas and Rancho Mirage, CA have all renamed portions of their highways after the singer

Dean Martin awards and honors:
GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award (2009)
GRAMMY Hall of Fame (1999)
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 1817 Vine St. (recording), 6519 Hollywood Blvd. (movies), 6651 Hollywood Blvd. (television)

Other important Dean Martin songs:
"Sway," "Ain't That A Kick In The Head," "Memories Are Made Of This," "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!," "I'll Always Love You," "If," "You Belong To Me," "Love Me, Love Me," "Kiss," "I'd Cry Like A Baby," "Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket," "How Do You Speak To An Angel?," "The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane," "Mambo Italiano," "Let Me Go, Lover," "Under The Bridges Of Paris," "Young And Foolish," "Innamorata," "Standing On The Corner," "Watching The World Go By," "The Man Who Plays The Mandolino," "Angel Baby," "Volare," "On An Evening In Roma," "Love Me, My Love," "From The Bottom Of My Heart," "Every Minute, Every Hour" "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You," "You'll Always Be The One I Love," "Houston," "That Old Time Feelin'," "I Take A Lot of Pride In What I Am," "One Cup Of Happiness (And One Piece Of Mind)," "June In January," "Come Back To Sorrento," "Just In Time," "I'm Yours," "Hey, Brother, Pour The Wine"

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Monday, July 05, 2010

On This Day In Dino-history: July 5, 1960

Hey pallies, thanks to our pallie Mark over at his capitol music history blog, "popculturefanboy' for sharin' that on this date in Dino-history, the original motion picture al-b-um of "Bells Are Ringing" was released. Certainly "Bells" is one of my fav Dino-flicks 'cause I love the amazin'ly pure chemistry that our beloved Dino has with the very talented Miss Judy Holliday.

"Bells" is the only broadway musical made for the screen that our Dino has ever starred in. Our Dino certainly triumphs in the role of writer Jeffery Moss opposite Miss Judy as telephone operator Ella Peterson. Gotta 'fess up that 'though I have the original disc of the broadway cast of this wonderful musical, I still have never got my hands on a copy of the Dino-soundtrack. Likes of course I does have in my Dino-possesion a grand DVD of this Dino-classic.

For your Dino-viewin' pleasure I have included a clip of probably the best known and certainly one of the greatest moments in the film.....our Dino and Miss Judy singin' "Just In Time." So enjoys this Dino-historical moment in Dino-history.

Thanks to our pallie Mark for sharin' this Dino-note with us. To view this in it's original format, just click on the tagg of this here Dino-gram. Dino-detailin', DMP

50 Years Ago Today In 1960 - Capitol Records releases the original motion picture soundtrack of "Bells Are Ringing" which stars Judy Holliday and Capitol Records artist Dean Martin

Sunday, July 04, 2010

our Dino, Marshmallows, and Fireworks

Hey pallies, likes on this 4th of July 2010, let's celebrate our freedom in Dino. There never has been, never will be anyone as free as our Dino....guess that our beloved Dino bein' so so totally cool also makes him totally free...

Here's a way cool clip of our Dino showin' his sparkly personality with some sparkle in the sky as well. This musta come from one of our Dino's wintertime specials 'cause the accent is on "Marshmallow World" and part the fireworks is in likes the form of a tree.

Watch how our Dino shows his totally free personality as he uses all of his amazin' moves to have a totally, totally rad time with the others on the beach...oh, how I woulda love to be one of those pallies watchin' our great man shows how his sparkly Dino-persona.

Happy 4th of July o'pallies of mine and celebrate your freedom to know, love, and deeply dig our beloved Dino!!! Dino-celebratin', DMP

Saturday, July 03, 2010 Dean Martin measured it

Hey pallies, gotta 'fess up that I just loves to learn more wisdom from our worldly wise Dino...and that's 'xactly what today's Dino-post is....some very cool patter from our ever wise Dino!

From the pad Freedom ENC where columnist Otis Gardner ruminates on his recent successful poker trip to our Dino's playground 'Vegas comes a piece of Dino-wisdom 'bout success that likes I loves so much, but likes have never ever heard before.

Mr. Gardner quotes a pallie of his, Mr. Jack Humphrey, who shared this Dino-insight....

"I had a wonderfully profitable trip but there’s different ways to measure success. A friend of mine, Jack Humphrey, and I were laughing about this very subject the other day when he told me how Dean Martin measured it.

Dean claimed to be a lucky guy. As proof, he said he’d gone to Vegas in a $30,000 Cadillac and returned home in a $200,000 Greyhound Bus."

Loves how our beloved Dino has that amazin' ability to put his Dino-spin on everythin' and makes it cooler then ever!!!!

Thanks to Mr. Otis Gardner for passin' on this Dino-wisdom for all us pallies to study and follow! Dino-embracin', DMP btw pallies, as per usual, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram to read this in it's original format.

Column - A profitable trip

July 03, 2010 12:00 AM

Otis Gardner

Freedom ENC

Last week’s column was about my recent Vegas poker trip. While the vast majority of my time was spent playing poker and sleeping, I managed to find time for an outside mission.

I’d planned to play some craps and blackjack but didn’t realize how much of my waking hours would be consumed around the poker table. I did manage to squeeze in a few side sessions.

I particularly enjoy those two games because the house has a very thin advantage. In fact, those are the only ones where a player like me can impact outcomes enough to actually get ahead.

I didn’t play blackjack at all this trip. I failed to run across the “right” sort of game. I like it to have certain rules regarding what the dealer hits, doubling after splits (DAS) and surrender.

The main absolute deal breaker for me is that it must pay 3:2 for a blackjack. Nowadays, 6:5 payouts seem to be the norm in Vegas. You can’t beat that game and I won’t try. I didn’t find a table with a vacancy I was willing to play.

Craps was another matter. Any craps game is fine with me as long as I can shoot from immediate stick-right. I’m left-handed so that is exactly where I need to be. The SR-1 position lends itself to my backhand lob.

I stayed at the Rio so planned to hit their tables early in the mornings before the tournament kicked off. I figured at dawn, I could saddle up to an empty table and shoot to my heart’s content. I don’t like betting on other rollers, but you have to at crowded tables.

You know what they say about best-laid plans. That place was wide open, as busy at 6 a.m. as 6 p.m. One morning I did find “my” place open and squeezed in to play a few rounds. I cashed out a little ahead and decided to take my act on the road when the opportunity presented itself.

That night I took a cab over to Bally’s. Bill’s Gambling Hall is nestled right next door, across the walkway. It’s a little hole in the wall by Vegas standards with friendly tables and low limits.

I shot there and then went back over to Bally’s. Both places were profitable for me, but I didn’t want to get greedy. It was a winning trip all around so why mess with it? I headed back to the Rio to get some sleep.

I had a wonderfully profitable trip but there’s different ways to measure success. A friend of mine, Jack Humphrey, and I were laughing about this very subject the other day when he told me how Dean Martin measured it.

Dean claimed to be a lucky guy. As proof, he said he’d gone to Vegas in a $30,000 Cadillac and returned home in a $200,000 Greyhound Bus.

I like my way better.