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Dino-amore-month Just 'Round The Dino-corner

Hey pallies, likes just a little heads up that our special celebration of Dino-amore-month is just 'round the corner. While the life, times, and teachin's of our Dino are celebrated each and every Dino-day of each and every Dino-year, durin' three months of the year we likes puts special accents on honorin' our beloved Dino. Durin' June we celebrate the birth of our Dino and durin' December we honor our Dino's death.

And, durin' February. the month of amore, we celebrate Dino-amore-month 'round these parts 'cause likes as all true Dino-holics knows, there never was and never will be anyone more amorin' then our beloved Dino!

Likes it woulda be so so cool this Dino-year if more pallies who loves our Dino woulda likes speaks their Dino-love through sharin' their favorite Dino-pixs..writin' their Dino-passion in likes some Dino-prose, and celebratin' their Dino-devotion by puttin' together a special amore edition of a Sunday Serenade with Dino. And, these are just some of the ways that pallies likes us can show the world why we truly truly sez...ilovedinomartin!

If you woulda likes to speaks with me 'bout sharin' your love of our Dino durin' Dino-amore-month, please likes just email me at Truly I so loves spreadin' my Dino-passion each and every Dino-day at this here Dino-blog...but how cool it woulda be if you dear Dino-devoted readers woulda openly and unabashedly shares your Dino-devotion with the wider Dino-world.

Likes pallies I felt so so Dino-inspired to use the amazin' Dino-pix above for this Dino-announcement. For me it is an outstandin' pix of Dino-amore....our beloved Dino with his omnipresent cigarette surrounded by such a bevy of adorin' is purely Dino-magical! Lookin' forward to celebratin' Dino-amore month with all you pallies...let's show our Dino likes how much we loves him! Dino-devotedly, DMP

"Dean Martin as Dean Martin"

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-gram 'gain give a nod to the international nature of Dino-devotion. Today's Dino-inspiration comes from a dude from an Aussie dude from New South Wales....dfordoom and his delightful blog "Cult Movie Reviews."

Mr. dfordoom recently put the accent on Helmer numero tres, "The Ambushers." Gotta agree with dfordoom when he alludes to this Helmer caper not bein' the best of the quartet, but his dude is to right on when he sez....

"Dean Martin doesn’t bother to act, he just plays the role as Dean Martin, but that appears to be intentional. It provides an excuse for countless Dean Martin in-jokes. Whenever he wants to seduce a woman he always puts on a romantic record, generally a recording by some guy called Dean Martin. So whether you like his performance depends entirely on whether you like Dean Martin as Dean Martin."

Indeed, our Dino is likes at his Dino-best when our Dino is purely, simply, and truly bein' DINO! So as we close out the month of January and so so looks forward to beginnin' Dino-amore-month tomorrow, likes enjoys this Dino-review of "The Ambushers" with some great screen caps thrown in.

ilovedinomartin expressed our Dino-appreciato to dfordoom for featurin' our Dino as Matt Helm at his pad...helpin' his readers to turns on to the Dino-magic and grow in their Dino-knowlege and Dino-devotion. Hopes dfordoom for be sharin' more reviews of other Matt Helm flicks, indeed more and more Dino big screen classics in the Dino-days ahead. Likes to view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram. Dino-helmed, DMP

Saturday, 29 January 2011 The Ambushers (1967)

Even if you’re a fan of 1960s spy spoof movies you may find the Matt Helm movies to be a bit of an acquired taste. And The Ambushers, the third in the series, has a particularly poor reputation.

There’s no doubt that The Ambushers is a very silly movie, with amazingly goof (and cheap) special effects. But it’s intentionally silly. Whether you enjoy the silliness is of course a matter of taste. There were two main approaches to making spy spoof movies in the 60s. You could try to retain at least a semblance of a proper spy movie plot but play it for laughs as well as thrills. Or you could abandon any pretense of plausibility and play it purely for laughs The Matt Helm movies, and especially The Ambushers, fall into the second category.

There is a plot. Well, almost. The US government has invented a flying saucer. Some bad guys have hijacked both the flying saucer and Sheila Sommers, its glamorous female pilot. It has a glamorous female pilot because it’s powered by electro-magnetism, and as everyone knows electro-magnetic energy is instantly fatal to males. The beautiful female pilot escapes. As well as being the top flying saucer pilot in the country she’s also an agent of the crack counter-espionage organisation ICE. She and ICE’s top agent Matt Helm (Dean Martin) are assigned to find the missing flying saucer. Sheila is also out for revenge on her former captors.

There’s also another glamorous female, played by Senta Berger, and she also wants revenge on the same gang of bad guys. That’s it really. Very little in the way of plot twists or double-crosses. Mostly it’s just a romp and an opportunity for Dean Martin to make lots of wisecracks.

Dean Martin doesn’t bother to act, he just plays the role as Dean Martin, but that appears to be intentional. It provides an excuse for countless Dean Martin in-jokes. Whenever he wants to seduce a woman he always puts on a romantic record, generally a recording by some guy called Dean Martin. So whether you like his performance depends entirely on whether you like Dean Martin as Dean Martin.

Senta Berger doesn’t do too much apart from looking like the typical glamorous eurobabe as femme fatale but she does it with a certain amount of style.

The film’s greatest strength is the chemistry between Dean Martin and Janice Rule who plays Sheila Sommers. It’s not so much actual romantic chemistry as comic chemistry. Ms Rule understands exactly what is required of her and the interchanges between her and Martin really do sparkle. She’s by far the best thing about this movie.

Being a 1967 movie aimed squarely at the widest possible audience it’s all very tame. The violence is cartoonish and jokey, with the hero threatened by drowning in a vat of beer being a typical example. Being Dean Martin he doesn’t find the idea of total immersion in alcohol scary in the least. The sexiness is confined to lots of innuendos and girls in bikinis.

The fact that Matt Helm’s secretary is a gorgeous young woman who rejoices in the name of Lovey Kravesit gives you an idea of the general tone of the movie. That, and the fact that the female agents of ICE conceal most of their high-tech gadgetry in their bras.

In fact it’s a bit like an American version of a Carry On movie, with the same sort of cheeky but good-natured abundance of double entendres and the same air of general lunacy. It’s certainly closer in spirit to Carry On Spying than to a James Bond movie.

If you’ve never seen a Matt Helm movie it’s perhaps best not to start with this one. The Silencers would possibly be a much better choice. But The Ambushers is still harmless fun, and it certainly has a wonderful 60s vibe to it.

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Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Always"

Hey pallies, likes today I am totally totally thrilled to welcome one of ilovedinomartin's most devoted pallies, Miss AOW (Always On Watch) to likes our humble little Dino-blog to share her amazin' Dino-passion through what I hopes is only her first of many many Sunday Serenades with Dino. Miss AOW is taggin' her Dino-message, "He Sings To Me!"

Faithful readers of ilovedinomartin knows that Miss AOW has been in love with our Dino from a very tender age, and her devotion to our great man has only increased through each and every Dino-year.

Miss AOW has chosen to share her very personal personal Dino-reflections on "that old standard "Always." Her thoughts may be brief in words, but likes they are so so long on deep, pure, and true Dino-devotion. As your read Miss AOW's thoughts likes you just knows they are comin' from her heart that is filled to the brim with love for our King of Cool.

Thanks so so much Miss AOW for witnessin' to the power of Dino in your life..and likes may each of us pallies always have that same passion in each of our lives for the one and only Dino! Dino-always, DMP

He Sings To Me!

On the web, one of my nicknames is "Always."

So, when Dino sings that old standard "Always," I feel as if he's singing the song directly to me:

Can there be anything more comforting than the sound of Dino's voice singing directly to me and crooning my nickname so seductively? Nope.

And who knows? Maybe I subconsciously chose the blogger name "Always On Watch" because I so love the sound of Dino's crooning "Always." After all, I've been his devoted fan for decades!

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Our Dino and Ricky horsin' 'round on the set of "Rio Bravo"

Hey pallies, likes since ilovedinomartin is in the "Rio Bravo" mode seems very appro to share this facinatin' pix of our beloved Dino and Ricky Nelson doin' some foolin' 'round on the set of "Rio Bravo."

Was put on to this great Dino-pix by our Dino-driven pallie Kinezoe...this bein' the third and last Dino-link sent the ilovedinomartin way by our Spanish Dino-holic in some Dino-patter.

Likes thinks it is so so cool to see our fun lovin' Dino and the youthful Ricky playin' 'round durin' a break in the action of the filmin' of this classic western.
Woulda likes so so love to have been able to be on the set when our great man was filmin'...knowin' how how serious he was 'bout his actin' how playful he was likes when the cameras were turned off.

Again, ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Kinezoe for sharin' this Dino-treasure with us...'cause likes you just never know how even a Dino-pix likes this will helps bring 'nother pallie to true, deep, and pure Dino-devotion! Dino-viewin', DMP

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MovieRetriever's 100 Greatest Movies: #23 Rio Bravo

Hey pallies,likes on the heels of yester-Dino-day's review of "Bravo" from our pallie Kinezoe's blog..although as related in his Dino-patter, the author of said is his pallie Mr. Francisco Machuca (see Wednesday's Dino-post), ilovedinomartin features yet 'nother essay on this classic Dino-western.

From the flick blog, "MovieRetriever," comes "MovieRetriever's 100 Greatest Movies: #23 Rio Bravo, an essay by Robin Wood, first published in the flick tome, "International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers." This Wood pallie is obviously a huge fan of "Rio Bravo" and has many many outstandin' thoughts to share.

When it comes to our Dino the accent turns radically provocative when Wood sez....

"The "gay subtext" that many critics have sensed in Hawks's films – their tendency to become (in his own words) "love stories between men" – surfaces quite clearly in the Dean Martin-Ricky Nelson relationship, though it is never allowed expression beyond the exchange of looks and is swiftly "contained" within the group (a progression beautifully enacted in the famous song-sequence).

This is a twist to "Bravo" that I have never heard before, and would be very interested in other pallies' thoughts on Wood's claim.

Probably of all our Dino's screen credits, "Rio Bravo" has engendered more reviews then any other, and likes it is always great to see 'nother pallie spreadin' the word of "Rio Bravo" and thus helpin' more and more pallies to knowin', lovin', and honorin' our beloved Dino.

ilovedinomartin is thanksful to blogs like "MovieRetriever" for helpin' spread the Dino-message and encouragin' us to more Dino-dialogue on possible deeper messages within the flick. To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-post. Dino-focused, DMP

100 Greatest Movies

January 26, 2011

MovieRetriever's 100 Greatest Movies: #23 Rio Bravo

Posted by Turk182 in 100 Greatest Movies

Rio Bravo is one of the supreme achievements (hence justifications) of "classical Hollywood," that complex network of determinants that includes the star system, the studio system, the system of genres and conventions, a highly developed grammar and syntax of shooting and editing, the interaction of which made possible an art at once personal and collaborative, one nourished by a rich and vital tradition: it is an art that belongs now to the past; the period of Rio Bravo was its last flowering.

The film at once is one of the greatest westerns and the most complete statements of the themes of director Howard Hawks. One can distinguish two main currents within the western genre, the "historical" and the "conventional": the western that is concerned with the American past (albeit with its mythology as much as its reality), and the western that plays with and develops a set of conventions, archetypes, "stock" figures. Ford's westerns are the finest examples of the former impulse, and in the westerns of Anthony Mann (for example, Man of the West) the two achieve perfect fusion. Rio Bravo is among the purest of all "conventional" westerns. Here, history and the American past are of no concern, a point amply demonstrated by the fact that the film is a virtual remake (in its thematic pattern, its characters and character relationships, even down to sketches of dialogue) of Hawks's earlier Only Angels Have Wings (set in the Andes mountains) and To Have and Have Not (set on Martinique). Hawks's stylized and anonymous western town is not a microcosm of American civilization at a certain point in its development but an abstract setting within which his recurrent concerns and relationships can be played out. All the characters are on one level "western" archetypes: the infallible sheriff, the fallible friend, the "travelling lady," the garrulous sidekick, the comic Mexican, the evil land-baron. On another level, however, they are Hawksian archetypes: the overlay makes possible the richness of characterization, the detail of the acting, so that here the archetypes (western and Hawksian) achieve their ultimate elaboration. With this goes the remarkable and varied use Hawks makes of actors' personas: Martin, Dickinson, and Brennan have never surpassed (perhaps never equalled) their performances here, and the use of Wayne is extremely subtle and idiosyncratic, at once drawing on his "heroic" status and satirizing its limitations.

The film represents Hawks's most successful transcendence of the chief "binary opposition" of his work, its division into adventure films and comedies. Here the thematic concerns of the action pictures – self-respect, personal integrity, loyalty, stoicism, the interplay of mutual respect and affection – combines with the sexual tensions of the comedies (Wayne's vulnerability to women permitting a fuller development of this than is possible with, for example, Bogart in To Have and Have Not). The ambiguous relationship of Hawks's work to dominant American ideological assumptions (on the one hand the endorsement of individualism and personal initiative, on the other the rejection of established society in favour of the "primitive" male group, the total lack of interest in such central American ideals as marriage, home and family) permeates the whole film. The "gay subtext" that many critics have sensed in Hawks's films – their tendency to become (in his own words) "love stories between men" – surfaces quite clearly in the Dean Martin-Ricky Nelson relationship, though it is never allowed expression beyond the exchange of looks and is swiftly "contained" within the group (a progression beautifully enacted in the famous song-sequence). Within a system necessarily committed, at least on surface level, to reinforcing the status quo, Hawks's cinema continuously suggests the possibility of alternative forms of social and sexual organization.

Essay by Robin Wood

Release Date: 1959
Rating: Unrated

Starring: John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Angie Dickinson, Walter Brennan, Ward Bond, John Russell, Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Estelita Rodriguez, Claude Akins, Malcolm Atterbury, Harry Carey, Jr., Bob Steele, Myron Healey, Fred Graham, Tom Monroe, and Riley Hill
Director: Howard Hawks
Writers: Jules Furthman and Leigh Bracket

Source Citation: Wood, Robin. "Rio Bravo." International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers. Ed. Sara Pendergast and Tom Pendergast. 4th ed. Vol. 1: Films. Detroit: St. James Press, 2000. 1024-1026.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dean Martin as his alcoholic assistant, whose recovery of self-esteem is the main theme of the plot.

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-thoughts comes from our Dino-lovin' Spaniard Kinezoe at his very cool blog, "No todo es kippel." In some likes recent Dino-patter sent through a Dino-comment here at ilovedinomartin, our Dino-passionate pallie not only likes put me on to yester-Dino-day's stellar post from fellow Spaniard Francisco Machuca, but also 'bout his most recent Dino-feature showcasin' that Dino-classic western "Rio Bravo."

Kinezoe shares likes some very interestin' insights into what is considered by many many Dino-holics as our great man's greatest screen performance. Loves how our Dino-cravin' pallie Kinezoe proclaims that likes our Dino's character, Dude,like carries the "main theme of the plot."

Kinezoe is likes truly one sold out dude to our beloved Dino and likes I am sure he has brought many many pallies to true Dino-devotion through his blog. ilovedinomartin sez our deepest of deep Dino-thanks to Kinezoe for puttin' us on to his current liftin' up of the name of Dino and we trusts that we will have many many more Dino-opportunites to share his Dino-reflections in the future. To likes view Kinezoe's post at his pad and thus, to read it in Spanish, likes just clicks on the tagg of this here Dino-prose. Dino-reflectively, DMP

Monday January 17, 2011

Rio Bravo . Loyalty and professionalism

Time is always won when one approaches the blog of Francisco Machuca . The best reviews of movies and books from across the web, always brimming with odd quotes and anecdotes delivered with a style and a wisdom that invite reflection. Experiences, thoughts, interesting digressions of the author ... A must see for any inquiring mind.

Rio Bravo (1959), Howard Hawks has come to be regarded as a perfect example of both the western genre, and the work of its director. But, at the time, was not very well received by critics. For example, the New York Times said of her: "It's nearly as five television westerns, one after another." However, the critic Arthur Knight, issue of The Saturday Review was able to see further: "This is a typical movie, the West, like so many of Hollywood has offered us, but, directed by Howard Hawks, which means that everything is different there than usual. There is excitement, suspense, the thrill of contemplating old landscapes of the West and to see good triumph over evil " .

After the failure of Land of the Pharaohs (1955) spent three years before the Hawks resume his career with Rio Bravo , which rolled between May and July 1958 in Tucson, Arizona. Hawks decided to "try some of the spirit with which we shot in the old days" , and was inspired to some extent in High Noon (1952), Fred Zinnemann, about a sheriff who has to deal with a group of outlaws. As pointed out by Hawks himself in his interview with Peter Bogdanovich: "Gary Cooper was trying to get help and everyone failed him, which is pretty stupid, especially considering that in the end, was able to perform the work himself . I said then: Let's do the opposite and to adopt a truly professional standpoint, as Wayne is responsible for identifying when they offer help: If you are good, take it. But if not, I'll take care of them " .

But Noon is not the only western that inspired Hawks. The same situation of a charge of enforcing the law had to keep a prisoner in a state of siege had been already given in the train at 3.10 (1957) and Walter Brennan had played a cantankerous another jailer good western, The Proud Ones (1956) that as Rio Bravo , had as its theme the relationship between a sheriff and his assistant.

However, in Rio Bravo deliberately prefaced characterizations and psychology into action. He had noticed that the television series over the public were familiar with the arguments of Western cinema. With enough courage, Hawks and his screenwriters Leigh Brackett and Jules Furthman, paid little attention to the personalities of the wicked. The prisoner, played by Claude Akins, is the only one that appears somewhat individualized, while those who come to rescue beings almost anonymous.
Instead, Hawks, focuses on the relationship between John Wayne as a sheriff and Dean Martin as his alcoholic assistant, whose recovery of self-esteem is the main theme of the plot. The grumpy old jailer and the young gunslinger played by Ricky Nelson completed a group united by the professionalism and mutual loyalty.

Posted by Kinezoe on 01/17/1911
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Hey pallies, likes I always diggs it when 'nother Dino-devotee puts me on to some cool Dino-prose. Today's Dino-post was introduced to me by our great Spaniard Dino-holic Kinezoe who bloggs at his pad "No todo es kippel"

In some Dino-patter Kinezoe made recently at ilovedinomartin he linked me to 'nother Spanish pad "El Tiempo Ganado (Earned Time) where Mr. Francisco Machuca of Barcelona, Spain had done his own Dino-tribute. Well, took me a bit of time to find a way to get Mr. Machuca's Dino-devotion translated into English, but likes gotta tells you pallies likes it was totally totally worthwhile.

Machuca's Dino-prose tagged "A MAN WITH A GLASS IN THE HAND" is so rich, so deep, and so pure in it's Dino-praise and Dino-understandin'. This dude proclaims that our beloved Dino is not only "the coolest man of the twentieth century," but likes "also the happiest."

Likes this Spaniard really truly "gets Martin."

Deep Dino-thanks goes to our pallie Kinezoe for puttin' us on to his pallie Francisco's Dino-patter. And, likes of course mucho Dino-appreciato to Machuca for sharin' his Dino-insights with his blogg readers helpin' them to know, love, and honor our beloved Dino. To read this in it's original format and in Spanish, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram. Dino-awed, DMP

To Kinezoe, I promised.

It is assumed that people crave happiness above anything else. But missing models.

The big question is: can a man be happy with a drink in hand, a joke on his lips, a lot of women around and a mountain of dollars in the bank? My opinion is yes. Absolutely, yes. Put in evidence to Dean Martin. No doubt that was the coolest man of the twentieth century. I maintain that it was also the happiest.

Dino Paul Crocetti (1917-1995), known as Dean Martin, born in a village in Ohio and worked as a bootlegger, dealer, metal worker, writer of jokes, boxer, singer, artistic duo of Jerry Lewis, actor and presenter television. He is remembered above all as a founding member of Frank Sinatra's rat pack, as a character related to the mafia and a drunkard crooner.

That was the public image he forged to hide, not to offend with its elegance and have scope to develop their particular ataraxia. In fact, it was Sinatra who was to Dino a curious psychological dependence, and it was Sinatra who kept mafia relations. As for the glass, Shirley MacLaine, who also belonged to the rat pack, revealed in his autobiography that used to be full of apple juice. Dino liked J & B, and consumed in large quantities, but also liked to work sober and going to bed early.

Dino seemed to have no passions, no opinions or ideology. Indifferent to everything. Biegger Jeanne, who was married to him for 24 years, said neither she nor anyone else knew who was hiding inside this guy joking, smiling, fascinated by both men and women. Never discussed. If something did not like, tell a joke and left.

As there were concerns of its success, it gave no other. Tend to forget that Elvis Presley copied his phrasing admitted to interpret songs like Love Me Tender or Are you lonesome tonight?, That in old age almost ousted the number one sales of the Beatles with Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes, they got not a but three stars (as a singer, as an actor and showman) on the Walk of Fame Hollywood, which was one of the most successful television programs and enduring American television, and died with 50 million dollars in the bank and the largest block of shares in RCA producer.
Also sometimes forget that it was, with Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., one of the main financial contributors to the campaign of Martin Luther King for civil rights for blacks.

Devoid of vanity, and did not mind working in lousy movies so that the atmosphere was fun, he dived for years in the orgiastic nonsense that organized Sinatra in Las Vegas, while behaving like a gentleman, was perhaps the Marilyn Monroe's only friend who did not abuse it.

He suffered from claustrophobia, and knew heal himself: he locked himself in a small lift and stayed in it, up and down a New York skyscraper, sweating, fainting, anxiety until it disappeared.

When Sinatra was determined to make one last major tour with the rat pack in 1988, a few months before the death of Dino, one of eight children of Dean Martin. In addition, suffered from emphysema. I was horrified by the idea that three old gave the show in the biggest stadiums in the country. But he had never failed to friends, and I could not fail this time. Came to the appointment, knowing that would look ridiculous.

He died without an enemy, on Christmas Day 1995. Ten years later got a gold record for the posthumous greatest hits album. Three years ago, in 2006, still placed a song (Baby, it's cold outside) among the 10 most sold in the U.S..

All this made him calm and smiling, with a glass in hand, a joke on his lips and many wonderful women around him.

He was happy, I'm sure.

"The Very Best of the Rat Pack"

Hey pallies, likes here is more info on the new Rat Pack Release. From the pad, "Reverb The MSN Music Blog" comes this post by Mr. Mark C. Anderson, comes the list of tunes on "The Very Best Of The Rat Pack."

The Dino-tunes are favourite classic Dino-fare 'cept for a track that features our Dino and the Sam singin' "Sam's Song." Likes will certainly have to pick this up for that selection alone!

ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Mr. Anderson for helpin' to promote this new al-b-um and helpin' others to draw close to our Dino. And, btw, loves the outstandin' pix that Anderson chose to use to highlight this pack patter. To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this here Dino-post. Dino-delightedly, DMP

Frank Sinatra: An exclusive listen to an unreleased track

The Chairman of the Board lives on in new Rat Pack release

Posted by Mark C. Brown Wednesday, January 19, 2011 8:16:37 AM

Blue Eyes is back. And he brought his pack.

As U2's Bono was quoted after Frank Sinatra's death in 1998, "Sinatra was the 20th Century. He was modern, he was complex, he had swing and attitude. He was the big bang of pop...the man invented pop music."

But at the same time, like Elvis and Marilyn, Frank never went away.

"The Very Best of the Rat Pack" pulls together 18 tracks by Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin, all songs representative of the singers' Las Vegas heyday, singing classic songs in classic rooms on the strip - many of which, sadly, no longer exist.

For the youngsters, the Rat Pack was an evolving cast of characters (actually started by Humphrey Bogart) that solidified into a classic lineup: Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop.

The album doesn't go on sale until Jan. 25, but in an MSN Music exclusive, here's a never-heard alternate version of the Sinatra classic, "I'm Gonna Live Until I Die."

The album features solos, duets and a bunch of stone-cold classics including "Come Fly With Me," "I've Got You Under My Skin," "Luck Be a Lady" and plenty more, including possibly the best-titled song of all time, Martin's "Ain't That a Kick in the Head." Here's the complete tracklist for you obsessive types out there. Get more info at

1. Come Fly With Me – Frank Sinatra
2. Ain’t That A Kick In The Head – Dean Martin
3. Too Close For Comfort – Sammy Davis Jr.
4. I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Frank Sinatra
5. Who’s Got The Action? – Dean Martin
6. A Lot Of Livin’ To Do – Sammy Davis Jr.
7. Ring-A-Ding Ding – Frank Sinatra
8. Eee-O Eleven – Sammy Davis Jr.
9. Luck Be A Lady – Frank Sinatra
10. Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) – Dean Martin
11. Birth Of The Blues – Sammy Davis Jr.
12. Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra
13. You’re Nobody ’Til Somebody Loves You – Dean Martin
14. I Get A Kick Out Of You – Frank Sinatra
15. Sam’s Song – Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr.
16. I’m Gonna Live Until I Die – Frank Sinatra (Alternate Version)
17. Everybody Loves Somebody – Dean Martin
18. Me And My Shadow – Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr.

Rat Pack Memories

Hey pallies, likes the Dino-magic just keeps gettin' shared farther and wider then Dino-ever! Today's Dino-news comes from the blog, "Etier Photography," where likes photographer F.C. Etier puts us on to likes a new Rat Pack al-b-um bein' released this very Dino-day.

Pictured above is the cover of this new collection tagged "The Very Best Of The Rat Pack." Mostly likes sharin' this post 'cause I truly truly diggs the pic (below) of our Dino with Sam and the frankie. Stay tuned for 'nother Dino-gram this day that will feature more info on this new al-b-um release.

ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Mr. Etier for puttin' us on to this new al-b-um of tunes from our Dino and pallies. ilovedinomartin celebrates each and every new release that includes our Dino 'cause you just never know how our Dino will use such an al-b-um as this to draw others to knowin', lovin', and honorin' our great man! To view this in it's original blog format, as usual, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-post. Dino-reportin', DMP

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rat Pack Memories

Reprise Records is releasing a new collection of songs from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. Don't ask me how they selected the songs. All the selections are fine, especially the ones by SDJ, but two of my favorites are missing!
"Just the Way You Look Tonight" by Sinatra and
"That's Amore!" by Dean Martin

Here's the link to my review:

Thanks for clicking through and checking it out. A comment would be great, too!
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Yesterday In Dino-history: January 23, 1946 Dean declares bankruptcy

Hey pallies, this is surely one of 'em darker days in Dino-history. On this day in the year of our Dino 1946, our great man found himself declarin' bankruptcy in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. By doin' some researchin' I found that the case is listed as: Bankruptcy file 84544, Crocetti, Dino a/k/a Martin, Dean.

Bankruptcy? could such a charmin' and talented guy as our Dino ever go broke one may ask? Well, our King of Cool had not yet been able to strike pay dirt in the entertainment market, and he had a pile of debts, so likes bein' the wise and pragmatic man he is, he simply filed a piece of paper acknowledgin' his present situation.

But, while we might paint this Dino-time in red for his current economics bein' in the negative, and view this setback as our Dino bein' between a rock and a hard place, our Dino was not destined to stay bottomed out....he was just waitin' to make an amazin' charge ahead for fame and fortune.

It was not more then a month later when our Dino's fortunes began movin' to the top! In February 1946 our hero and the jer appear on the same bill at the Glass Hat in New York...and of course the rest is Dino-history. Martin and Lewis went on to be the most successful and most loved comedy duo in the history of the world. Dino achieved the fame and forture that he knew he was his due.

Likes, no wonder everybody loves our Dino....his is the story of makin' all his dreams come true. On January 23, 1946 the world woulda counted our Dino out....havin' to 'clare to the world he was broke. Did our great man moan and groan and wallow in self-pity? way, pallies. Our amazin' man picked himself up, dusted himself off and moved on toward the prize.

The Dino-story is one of movin' from down and up and comin' havin' more fame and acclaim then anyone else in the whole world! The Dino-story is 'bout not only dreamin' dreams....but makin' all those dreams reality. So, while January 23, 1946 may be viewed as a very dark day in Dino-history....just remember pallies that was not the end of the Dino-journey, but really just the beginnin' of the Dino-path to Dino-victory!

What Dino-music woulda be appro to remember and honor such a day in Dino-history? Two Dino-tunes come to mind. The first is the old depression era tune, "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime." Found a youtube Dino-trib of our hero singin' this tune from his live performance with the frankie at The Sabre Room in Chicago on June 10, 1977. The second is the upbeat Dino-tune "Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder" with our Dino singin' with his chicks on the Dinoshow. Enjoys pallies! Dino-honorin', DMP

NOTE TO READERS: This Dino-post was first shared here at ilovedinomartin on January 23, 2010.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Think About Me"

Hey pallies, likes welcome to 'nother start of 'nother great Dino-week here at ilovedinomartin. Today awesome Assie Deanager Levi Hollingsworth shares with us his Dino-impressions on the Dino-tune "Think About Me."

Master Levi has written several Dino-reviews for our Dino-serenade and it seems with each and every one our Levi shows more and more growth in devotion to our beloved Dino.

It's pallies like our youthful Levi who are makin' sure that there never ever comes a time when our Dino ain't bein' thought 'bout. Likes with dudes likes Levi pointin' the way, the Dino-light keeps glowin' Dino-bright.

So reads on pallies to read our down under pallie Levi's thinkin's on our Dino's great tune "Think About Me." ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Deanager Levi for his very thought-filled Dino-impressions and likes we hopes to hear lots more from you soon Mr. Hollingsworth...keeps lovin' our Dino and keeps sharin' your Dino-devotion with others.... Dino-only, DMP

My Sunday Serenade is a song Dean Martin sang in a recording session on the 13th of March 1967. The Producer was Jimmy Bowen and the arranger was Ernie Freeman who were responsible for helping Dean Martin with many of his best recordings of the

The song was for an upcoming album called Happiness Is Dean of Deans greatest albums. I first heard "Think About Me" many years ago and I liked hearing the song. It was just one song of so many I liked though. There were other songs I liked better.

I first saw Dean sing "Think About Me" on one of his television shows. He was relaxing on the couch and the way he sang this song was so nice and I found myself liking this song even more.

Its a sad song, it makes me think we all need someone in our lives who will think of us even if its just now and again. It could be a girl, a parent or even a friend.
As long as someone is thinking about us we can never be alone. Its only when people stop thinking about us we are really alone.

I think about a special girl every day of my life and I hope she thinks about me at least now and again. I think about my friends, not just the friends close to home but also my overseas friends.

I think Dean would have been thinking of a lady in his life while he sang this.
Those of us who watched Dean sing this song we're thinking of him because for just a few minutes he is holding our attention and we cant be distracted.

I think this song is important in another way. When Dean Martin left us in 1995 I think he would have died knowing his family and his fans would be thinking about him and in his last moments I think he thought about his family and his fans. I dont think he could have known how many of his fans think about him, even now 15 years after he left. As long as we live he will always be thought of and that means he will always be loved.

Thats something we all need in our lives.

from Levi

I want to thank my friend Kylie for helping me with the recording dates and giving me a few ideas to work on.

(Mark Lewis - Jimmy Williams - Larry Harrison)

Think about me whenever you're lonely
Think about me whenever you're blue
Think about me when you have heartaches
Think about me thinking bout you
In the evening when the sun sets and blue shadows fall
All through the starry night till another day calls

I'll be a waitin' for eternity waitin' for you to return to me
(Think about me) when you have heartaches
(Think about me) thinking bout you
(Think about me)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dean Martin Record DRINK COASTERS

Hey pallies, likes from the web pad "Etsy" comes some way cool Dino-treasure for our liquid refreshments....a set of four hand-crafted Dino-record drink coasters!

This dude Christopher has used mucho Dino-creativity to provides pallies likes us a great way to celebrate our love of Dino and enjoys so Dino-like libations at the same Dino-time! To view this in it's original format and possibly makes your Dino-purchase, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram!

ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Mr. Christopher for sharin' his passion for our Dino in this way. Dino-desirin', DMP

Dean Martin Record DRINK COASTERS - with Solid Corian Granite Base
From Christophers Coasters

This is a really great Unique Gift For the Music Lover in Your Life.....your friends will be amazed by these Coasters. I make them myself from old records that are not up to playable standards.These are the actual record centers, chosen for their unique labels, and photos over labels.
This is a set of 4 ROCK DRINK COASTERS with Corian Granite Base
Excellent Gift for the Person Who has Everything.
I can custom make you any artist OR YOU CAN MIX & MATCH...... Email me if you would like a different artist or a custom made set...
WITH YOUR OWN PHOTOS. . . IDEAS: Photos of your Kids or Grandkids or Pets or Favorite Sports Team, or Movie Star, Whatever!
your car or motorcycle, etc. It takes about 1 week from custom ordering to shipment. To discuss your ideas for custom coasters call me at (928) 230-9525 or e mail at gelgurl [!at]
All Coasters have a Thick Coating of Crystal Clear Epoxy Glaze Coat with a High Gloss Finish, Labels will always be preserved and easy clean up....just wipe with clean cloth.All Coasters have a Cork Bottom... so will not damage any of your Furniture.These are HAND MADE from original used vinyl records and have slight label variations,defects blemishes, faults and wear of normally used records.
Please see my Etsy Store for other Record Coasters
Priority shipping for $4.95 should be delivered with in 4 days
International Shipping is $10 First Class.
If you would like this as a gift with gift card, please email me before ordering. I usually ship within 24 hours after payment – custom orders take longer. Ships from United States
ship to cost with another item
United States $4.95 USD $0.00 USD
Everywhere Else $10.00 USD $0.00 USD

Friday, January 21, 2011

Caught on camera... the intimate photos that show the Rat Pack in full swing

Hey pallies, likes was so so hopin' to be able to share more photographs from that new Rat Pack pix book featured here at ilovedinomartin just a couple of days ago

Well, likes our Dino is so so good to his pallies that likes he led me this very Dino-day to the "Mail Online" pad of the Brit newspaper "Daily Mail Reporter" which is featurin' a totally totally outstandin' photo essay on this totally totally amazin' book by the pallies at "Reel Press."

Likes all I gotta say is likes I loves the patter and I loves loves loves all the pixs of our Dino and the rest of the pack. Likes hardly any of us dudes are likes gonna have likes 'nough bread to gets a copy of this tome for likes how great to at least gets to see some of the photographs found there in.

ilovedinomartin sezs our huge huge thanks to the pallies at "Mail Online" for sharin' these Dino-treasures with us. To view this in it's original format, as usual, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-prose. Dino-psyched, DMP

Caught on camera... the intimate photos that show the Rat Pack in full swing
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 10:34 AM on 21st January 2011

They were the the elite of Hollywood and also the original bunch of rebel-rousers.

But unlike so many of today's stars who delight in posting personal pictures of their boisterous antics on social networking websites, the Rat Pack kept their capers private.

Until now, that is.

The tight-knit group comprised of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop - who succeeded the original band of Humphrey Bogart and his pals - have had their good times caught on camera and finally released in a book.

The original rebel-rousers: Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Joey Bishop clown around on the set of Ocean's Eleven in 1960

Letting off some steam, the Rat Pack way: Lawford, Sinatra, Davis Jr along with Al Hart, rumoured to be the Mob's chief financial man, sweat it out in the steam room at the Sands in Las Vegas.

The negatives of the intimate snaps, which were never meant to be published, were discovered in a cardboard box in a photographic agent's office.

The shots of the handsome inner circle enjoying themselves at pool parties, beach houses, on film sets and backstage were captured by their friends and themselves.

Fans of the infamous group can now own these shots, which show a relaxed side of the stars that was never captured in formal studio portraits, in a limited edition book by Reel Art Press.

Entitled The Rat Pack, the exclusive book sells for a price ranging between £400 to £5,000, ensuring only the most dedicated fan will have this album in their collection.

Put them up: Davis Jr gets some pointers from Muhammad Ali in January 1965, in Manhattan, New York, after the comedian had performed a show

Friends in high places: Sinatra and John Kennedy share a joke at the Sands, in February, 1960

And the photos prove just why the fun loving group earned their reputation as being wild and mischevious.

Sinatra, Martin, Davis Jr, Lawford and Bishop are snapped as they clown around with each other and are caught bursting into peals of laughter as they entertain themselves.

The original Martini man: Dean Martin, known as the King of Cool who recommended a drink for breakfast, in an off-guard moment in 1961

Doing it his way: Entertainer Frank Sinatra performs a tablecloth trick in hotel room while his guests look on

Their sharp outfits are paired with half smoked cigars and glasses of liquor, but the most noticeable element of the photos is the fierce loyalty and comradeship of the high-spirited group.

In one snap Davis Jr and Sinatra whoop with delight as Martin appears to relish landing a punch on a startled Bishop on the set of Ocean's Eleven, which they all starred in.

Clowning around: Davis Jr breaks into peals of laughter while Sinatra and Martin struggle to keep a straight face in 1970

Always on the hunt for a good time: Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra can't help themselves as they try to perform with Johnny Carson at a benefit concert in St. Louis, Missouri on June 20, 1965

Another exclusive photo seizes the moment that Sinatra performs a party trick by whipping a cloth off a table in a hotel room, scattering the contents everywhere as his guests look on.

Martin - nicknamed 'the King of Cool' - is sprawled across the stage in one shot, but receives little help from a gleeful Sinatra, who is seen bursting into laughter at his friend's fall.

In one intimate moment a giggling and topless Davis Jr is seen sporting boxing gloves while boxing legend Muhammad Ali holds his wrists and appears to be coaching him to box for the camera.

Campaign trail: Sinatra, Lawford with his wife Pat, Kennedy's sister, and actor Tony Curtis at the 1960 Democratic National Convention

Smokin' hot: This intimate shot captures Sinatra and Martin as they unwind in the NBC studios in 1962

A rare quiet moment: Frank Sinatra catches a quiet moment in 1960

Height of fame: Sinatra heading toward the Cal Neva Lodge by private plane
In more than one photo, members of the hard-drinking troupe can be seen casually walking together, hands stuffed in their suit pockets as admirers gaze at them.
The attention paid off for Lawford who met Patricia Kennedy, sister of President John F. Kennedy, and married her, with Sinatra dubbing him 'Brother-in-Lawford'. The Rat Pack helped campaign for Kennedy and the Democratic Party.
In one snap Sinatra can be seen casually chatting to Kennedy with his hand on his hip, laughing at the president's joke.

Iconic: The boys at the Sands in front of the sign announcing their show

Ocean and his eleven: The original 1960 movie sees the Rat Pack star as a group of friends who plan rob four of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve
Initially called 'the clan' and 'the summit' they were later branded by the press as the 'Rat Pack', after they learnt Bogart's wife and actress Lauren Bacall was so appalled at seeing her husband and his group stagger back from a night out in Las Vegas that she accused them of looking like a pack of rats.

Whatever they were called, the group will always be synonymous with a good time.

Under the spotlight: Sammy Davis Jn entertains the crowds at the Sands

Candid portrait: This shot of Sinatra at the Cal Neva Lodge in 1962 is one of the many taken from the exclusive book, selling for a price ranging between £400 and £5,000

Read more:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

On This Day In Dino-history: January 20, 1960..our Dino debuts at the Sands

Hey pallies, likes today is the hugest of huge day in Dino-history...accordin' to the Dean Martin Timeline (clicks on tagg of this post to goes there) it was 50 years ago this very Dino-day that our beloved Dino first set foot on the stage at the Sands Hotel in 'Vegas...and he did so with the rest of the Rat likes this musta also be the time when the Pack was filmin' "Oceans 11" durin' the day.

Likes, oh oh, how likes I wishes that I had been in 'Vegas to see our great man with the rest of the pack makin' funny and croonin tunes at the Sands. Likes what a wonderful day to celebrate the life and times of our beloved Dino and his swingin' association with the Rat Pack.

As a little Dino-bonus, likes checks out the great Dino-clip of our beloved Dino and the rest of the pack playin' the Copa Room at the Sands in '63. Loves watchin' our Dino swingin'! Dino-celebratin', DMP

January 20, 1960 Makes debut at Sands Hotel where he performs with fellow Rat Pack members Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop. He was a regular there until 1968, moving to the Riviera, then the MGM Grand, and finally Bally's.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'The Rat Pack' in photos

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-news come via the web presence of the Los Angeles Time's entertainment page where journalist Mr. Nate Jackson shares news of a new limited edition Rat Pack "visual footnotes" mega volume featurin' many rare and never before seen shots of our beloved Dino and the rest of the pack.

With the least expensive edition priced at $650, this is a book that most of us Dino-holics can only dream of ownin'....but so so cool to know that in this 50th Anniversary year of the first Rat Pack flick, the original "Oceans 11," such a rare volume as been created to honor our Dino and his pallies.

So loves the featured pix in this article....our beloved Dino and the frankie smokin' on a stage at NBC in 1962....likes any of you pallies gots likes a clue what show they were in the midst of filmin'?

Look for more Dino-patter on this beautiful new picture book as I explore more the "Reel Art Press" pad that is publishin' this amazin' book.

ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to our pallie Danny G. who likes puts us on to this Dino-news, and to Mr. Nate Jackson and the pallies at the L.A. Times for doin' this feature. To checks this out in the original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram. Dino-desirin', DMP

'The Rat Pack' in photos

The limited-edition book is a sprawling compilation of visual footnotes in the everyday world of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and their cool cronies.

Frank Sinatra, left, and Dean Martin on an NBC set in the photo '1962 — Smokin'. Frank and Dean" from the book "The Rat Pack." (© 1978 Bob Willoughby, © 1978 Bob Willoughby/ mptvimage)

By Nate Jackson, Los Angeles Times

January 16, 2011

In the public eye, they lived a fantasy that mere mortals could only dream of. But between the ellipses of Rat Pack lore existed a carnival of leisure, stress, politics, starlets, heartache and happiness. For decades, some of the only photographic evidence was stashed in a cardboard box labeled "Do Not Print." That is, until now.

"The Rat Pack," a limited-edition volume by Reel Art Press, is a sprawling compilation of visual footnotes in the everyday world of Frank Sinatra and his band of brothers. In private life, their mystique lingered in the clothes they wore, the cigarettes they smoked, the women on their arms and the rules they broke. The bulky hardcover pools guarded snapshots with gems from the cutting-room floor taken at the Cal Neva Resort in North Lake Tahoe and the star-studded gatherings at Peter Lawford's Santa Monica beach house. Among them are shots by Bob Willoughby, Sid Avery, Ted Allen, Bernie Abramson and others in their inner circle.

"When you look through the book, it's like being a fly on the wall," said editor and RAP co-founder Tony Nourmand. He collaborated with Andy Howick of the MPTV photo agency to trace shots of Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Lawford during their heyday in the '50s and early '60s. Excavations into MPTV's archives unearthed a trove of unprinted negatives; shots of Sinatra partying with Marilyn Monroe and Spencer Tracy, wisecracking with mobsters and sharing dinner with President John F. Kennedy. It also included photos of Sinatra with Lauren Bacall, who coined the "Rat Pack" phrase for Sinatra's friends. "They're not posed shots," Nourmand said. "It's the same as you going to your friend's house, taking out your iPhone and taking shots of people who were sitting around."

Shawn Levy, who wrote the book "Rat Pack Confidential," pitched in with an introduction and captions accompanying 448 pages of meditative silhouettes and backstage antics in color and black and white. "I don't think it changes our sense of who they were or what kind of lives they led," said Levy. "But it gives us more of a sense of how they lived … how they ate, how they drank."

One crucial tidbit unearthed by Levy was the name of the late Floyd McCarty, who shot a classic photograph of the gang posed in front of the Sands Hotel marquee, shoulder to shoulder in the scorching Las Vegas sun. Nourmand and Levy also obtained interviews with the last surviving Rat Pack photographers, including Lou Jacobs Jr., 90, and Bernie Abramson, who died in August, two months before the book was published.

The book starts at $650 for the Masters Edition and $1,650 for the Deluxe Edition, which includes a wooden slip case and a bonus image of Sinatra and Martin signed by the photographer, Gerald Smith. The customizable, $4,000 Heritage edition — limited to 30 copies — includes a rare, vintage photograph and signatures from Nourmand, Levy and art director and designer Graham Marsh. For the Rat Pack, only the best.
Copyright © 2011, Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"...playing golf with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin by happenstance..."

Hey pallies, likes I am always amazed by the amazin' number of lives that our Dino has life and in death. Likes I am always thrilled to read 'bout 'nother pallie who got to met and greet our Dino and be blessed by bein' in the presence of our great man.

Today's Dino-remembrance comes from the on-line presence of the "Galveston Daily News" where reporter Hayley Kappes shares news of the death of Monsignor Eugene Cargill, a much loved parish priest.

Accordin' to this feature article, Father Cargill durin' a 60's trip to 'Vegas "by happenstance" got to play golf with our Dino and the frankie. Now how cool is that...priest in is early years of ministry gets to swing clubs with our Dino! And likes how outstandin' that he musta shared time and time again that eventful Dino-event!

ilovedinomartin expressed our heartfelt sympathy to the friends and parishioners who mourn Cargill’s death. Thanks to the Galveston Daily News and Miss Kappes for includin' the Dino-remembrance in this tribute to Monsignor Eugene Cargill. To view this in it's original format, just clicks on the title of this Dino-message. Dino-sharin', DMP

Photo by Jennifer Reynolds

Monsignor Eugene Cargill, who served St. Mary Catholic Church in League City for more than 20 years, waves during the 2009 Blessing of the Shrimp and Pleasure Boat Fleet at the Kemah Boardwalk. Cargill died Monday at 76.

Friends, parishioners mourn Cargill’s death
By Hayley Kappes
The Daily News
Published January 18, 2011

LEAGUE CITY — District Court Judge David Garner remembers walking into the Rev. Eugene Cargill’s office at St. Mary Catholic Church for the first time.

Autographed photos of astronauts from NASA’s Apollo program decorated the walls.

Cargill shared stories with Garner about playing golf with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin by happenstance during a trip to Las Vegas in the 1960s.

Then there was the cake Cargill baked that fetched $20,000 at a church bazaar silent auction.

Monsignor Eugene Cargill passed away Monday morning at Cornerstone Hospital in Webster. He was 76.

“The fondest memories are the times he spent with us one-on-one,” Garner said. “My wife and I were money counters for church collections. When we were on duty, he would sit and visit with us reminiscing. He always had a story to share.”

Garner, judge of Galveston County’s 10th Judicial District Court, first met Cargill in the mid-1970s when the pastor served at Shrine of the True Cross Catholic Church in Dickinson.

Cargill was born in Houston and raised in Galveston, Monsignor Frank H. Rossi, of St. Michael Catholic Church in Houston, said.

Cargill joined the priesthood in 1959 at Immaculate Conception Church in Groves and served at Sacred Heart Church in Galveston and other parishes in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

Cargill served as chaplain for astronauts in NASA’s space program during the 1960s. He traveled with them to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for launches and provided spiritual guidance to the astronauts’ families.

He performed the annual Blessing of the Fleet in Kemah every May for more than 20 years.

In 1990, Cargill left Shrine of the True Cross to became pastor at St. Mary Catholic Church in League City, where he celebrated his 50th anniversary in the priesthood shortly before retiring in August.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, archbishop of the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese, called Cargill a “zealous and dedicated priest.”

“He so loved his parishioners at St. Mary Church, where he last served as pastor, that he continued to minister there beyond the normal age for retirement for a priest in this archdiocese,” DiNardo said in a statement. “When he retired last summer at the age of 76, his greatest concern was for his people and their spiritual well-being. He will be truly missed.”

He overcame a battle with liver cancer about 10 years ago, Garner said.

Cargill is survived by three of his sisters, Dolores Celli Jensen, Gwendolyn “Susie” Williams and Barbara Danner. Another sister, Edith Sabatier, died before him. His parents were Grady and Pearl Cargill.

Pam Hoerster, a parishioner of St. Mary and founder of the Hoerster Mediation Firm, knew Cargill for more than 15 years.

The two became close friends.

Cargill engaged parishioners by relating everyday problems through down-to-earth sermons, Hoerster said.

“I used to tease him that he could be a stand-up comic,” Hoerster said. “There was no one as sharp and witty and funny as Monsignor Cargill. He was artful and creative in how he humanized himself before his parishioners. He endeared himself to them, and they loved him for it.”



Visitation will begin at 5 p.m. Wednesday followed by a rosary at 7 p.m. at St. Mary Catholic Church, 1612 E. Walker St., in League City.

Services will be at 10 a.m. Thursday at St. Mary.

Burial will be at Mount Olivet Cemetery, 7801 Gulf Freeway at Hughes Road, in Dickinson.

Monday, January 17, 2011

This Day in Music Spotlight: Dino Martin’s Action-Packed Life

Hey pallies, likes today we turn the Dino-page back to January 17, 1974, the day when our beloved Dino's beloved boypallie Dino Jr. got 'rrested for tryin' to sell an undercover cop an AK-47 machine gun. When the dust settled Dino Jr. gots himself a small fine and some probation time. In the skeem of thin's not a particularly noteworthy event..'cept it was our Dino's boypallie and that make it huge news then...and not surprisely huge news today, 34 years later.

Today as I was scannin' some Dino-'lerts from google I saw several pads payin' homage to Dino Jr. on this day in Dino-history...very cool in my Dino-book to see the name of our Dino and his name-sake boypallie breakin' into print this very Dino-day.

Am sharin' the coolest of the various Dino Jr. remembrances. From the pad (Gibson as in Gibson guitars), from it's internet pad editor Mr. Andrew Vaughn writin' on the Lifestyle page, comes this touchin' Dino Jr. remembrance, "This Day in Music Spotlight: Dino Martin’s Action-Packed Life."

With special thanks to, Mr. Vaughn shares some special moments in our Dino's boypallie Dino Jr.'s swingin' life...includin' that rad story of the day that Dino-daddy-o had the frankie over for some drinks and after the frankie had heard the trio he then and there offered Dino Jr. and his pallies a record contract.

ilovedinomartin is thrilled to see such solid Dino. Jr. prose written by Mr. Andrew Vaughn. Thanks Mr. Vaughn, thanks for liftin' up the life and times of our Dino's boypallie Dino Jr. in this outstandin' way...sure to lead others to dicoverin' our Dino and comin' to know, love, and honor our great man and his "family Martin."

To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this here Dino-gram. And, as an added bonus pallies, here is also a vid of Dino, Desi, and Billy singin' there classic hit "I'm A Fool." Dino-lovin', DMP

This Day in Music Spotlight: Dino Martin’s Action-Packed Life

January 17, 1974

Andrew Vaughan|01.17.2011 Special thanks to

January 17, 1974 was not aparticularly good day in the eventful and erratic life of Dean Paul Martin (aka Dino), son of the legendary all-around entertainer Dean Martin. Kids of celebrities more often than not struggle to find any kind of normal in their own lives and Dino was not especially good at normal.

In the early ’70s he was on a roll. He’d fallen for movie star Olivia Hussey, tracked her down, wooed and married her and they had a son, Alex. Dino was a Hollywood golden boy and Olivia Hussey, star of Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet, was the Hollywood darling of the day.

Dino had a hobby that would cause a dramatic arrest to be made at his Beverly Hills home. Since he was young, Dino had rare unusual weapons and engaged a in a bit of buying, selling and trading. On this particular occasion he tried to sell an undercover cop an AK-47 machine gun. It was strictly illegal and Martin was arrested, arraigned and baled out the next day. He’d end up with probation and a small fine.

Always looking for adventure and excitement, Martin found it hard to settle and he and Hussey split up in 1978. By then he’d become a pretty good tennis player and starred alongside Ali McGraw as a pro in the 1979 film Players, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award as Best New Star of the Year.

But acting didn’t really do it for him and he took to flying. He’d had his pilot's license since he was 16 but, in 1981, he qualified to fly with the National Guard. Sadly, he died in 1987, when his National Guard F-4 Phantom fighter jet crashed in the San Bernadino Mountains.

Of course, growing up as Dean Martin’ son must have been easy in some ways. There were some highlights in Dino’s short, but action-packed life. As a kid he was briefly a pop star with the Dino, Desi and Billy act alongside Desi Arnaz Jr., and William “Billy” Hinsche. A teenybopper outfit, they had two Top 30 hits, “I’m a Fool” and “Not the Lovin’ Kind” in the mid-’60s. But it was the way the trio got their record deal that gives most insight into what it was really like growing up celebrity royalty in Hollywood in the 1960.

Hinsche, talking to, told a great story about that day: “[Frank] Sinatra and Dean [Martin] were together at the bar at the Martin’s house. We met Mr. Sinatra, set up and played. After we did our little set, he came over with Dean and said, ‘How would you boys like to have a contract with my label, Reprise?’ ‘Sure, Mr. Sinatra,’ and that was that.”