Sunday, October 02, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Blue Moon"

 Welcome back, pallies & welcome to October! 

AaaOooooooo!!! That's me doin' my bestest werewolf howl, Haha!! 

Man o man... I gots to admit...I'm REALLY a nut for this whole spooky season! 

Love the decorations, the scary movies, the ghosts & name it! If it's Halloweeny...I'm diggin' it! 

Now, I was havin' a bit of a problem comin' up with the perfecto tune for the first week of this Cooly Creepy month's Sunday Serenade, pals. I wanted to incorporate the spooky, cooky, eerie & scary feel with our numero uno swoonin' crooner! WOW...that was a mouth full! Haha!!  

Anyways, pals...I musta summoned the ghost of Dean himself...cuz all of a sudden... it hit me! "Blue Moon"! 

I just looked out my window last night & there it was! Not quite full, but Man! What a gloriously devlishly Dino-fied vision! 

Half covered by clouds & glowin' like a giant lightbulb. Now, I don't know 'bout youse...But I can't thinks of ANYTHIN' that gives me more of a thrill... & a FUN FUN chill... than a BIG...BRIGHT...moon on a COOL COOL October night! Haha!! 

I LOVES it, pallies!  

OK, my friends...lets get into this creepy & cool season! Time to have some SCARY fun times with our ghostly pal, Dino! 

Beware the moon... you Dino-holics! Hahaha!!! 


Sunday, September 25, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Only Forever"

 Welcome back, pals o mine! 

Happy Fall 2022! 

Let me ask...did youse get the yard work started yet? 

Pack up the patio stuff? 

Stock the shelves with crushed tomatoes & vino?! Haha!! 

Hey,'s gonna be gettin' chilly 'round these parts! I needs my Autumn supplies! Haha!! 

Yup...its that time of year, my friends. Time to hunker down & turn the Dino up! I'm thinkin' if we can gets' 'nough Dino-tunes flowin' this Fall...we should be able to keep that "warm & fuzzy" glow uh-glowin' right through to Spring! 

Now, palsies, are youse with me?!?!?! Yay! I just knew I could count on ALL my fellow Disciples of Dean, out there! here's what we is gonna do. Seein' how this is the last week of September...& spooky & chilly October is comin' up next...I thinks we should EASE into the cool cool weather headin' our way, with a "nice n' easy" Dino-tune. 

How's 'bout somethin' off Dean's "Pretty Baby" vinyl masterpiece? 


DEF I NATE LY one of my FAVE al b ums. 

I knows of a jam that will relax us right into this fantastic frenzy of foliage, headin' our way, mi amici! 

This week's Serenade, "Only Forever", is just what the doctor ordered! It's calm & soothin' & is SURE to light the fires that will keep us warm. 

I'm also completely & whole heartedly lovin' & diggin' this cool cool vid, that's I stumbled over! Lots of great great pics of our main dude, Dino...that I ain't never laid eyes on! 

Now , I don't know 'bout youse guys...but I'm gonna go pour me some of that "Fall supply" vino...& heat this beautiful mornin' up! I is feelin' a little chill in the air. Haha!! 

Join Dean & I, pallies! 

Youse'll be all SNUGGLY 'til the April thaw comes! Ha! 


Sunday, September 18, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Let Me Know"

 Welcome back, mi amici! 

And welcome to the LAST Sunday Serenade with Dino of Summer 2022, as well! 

Man o man...where do the months go, pals?! Years, for that matter! 

Cant even believe I've had the privelage of doin' these FUN FUN Sunday Serenades for 11 WON DER FUL years now! Yup...Fall of 2011 was my first. 

TRULY can't express how much I enjoy writin' my deep deep thoughts 'bout life... through the eyes of a Dino-holic. Haha!! 

And at the same time...spreadin' the Dino-message! 

VERY humb'ly...I THANK youse for your weekly interest in my insanity & I THANK our fearless leader, DMP, for offerin' me the job. One which I take very the funnest of ways, my friends! 

Now, pallies o' mine...let's get to this week's Serenade! 

Seein' how it's the last week of the summery season...I figured I transition us...gently...into the new one. Somethin' REAL mellow & O so soothin'! 

Well, pals...thinks I got just what Dr. Dino ordered! 

It's's's...well...IT"S PURE DINO!!! Haha!! 

Pulled it from my own personal "Go to" place for ULTIMATE chillin'! Dean's 1966 al b um, "Relaxin". 

"Let Me Know" will DEF I NATE LY... gently...glide youse into these comin' cool, crisp days ahead. 

Sit back & close your eyes, pallies. Dino's at the wheel & he's on cruise control, Hahaha!!! 

Let's embrace Autumn & see what Dean has in store for us next! It's gonna be a GREAT Fall, pals...just hit PLAY & relax. 


Sunday, September 11, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "You Were Made For Love"

 Welcome back, my friends! 

How's September treatin' youse so far? 

Not so, in my part of the world. Was a BEA U TI FUL Blue-sky'd 80 degrees yesterday! 

Summer just HATES to go, I guess! 

I don't mind so much though, mi amici. Fall is a GREAT season too! 

I just LOVE the spooky vibe in the air from now 'til Halloween! 

Truth be told...I loves September! The weather is still comfy & a break from the heat isn't so bad either. that I thinks 'bout it, pals... I actually can't wait for the Autumn solstice...that means Fall in British. Haha!! 

'Nother cool cool occasion is comin' soon as well. This week was the birthday of a VERY special someone to Danny G...who just so happens to be a GIGANTIC Dino-holic! 

Hey! That gives me a SWINGIN' idea, pallies! I is gonna send today's Serenade out to this someone & let her know just how SPECIAL she is! 

Seems that gettin' further & further from her younger years has got her stressin' a bit. Hey...tell me 'bout it, mi amici! Haha!! Anyway...She DEF I NATE LY has NUTHIN' to worry 'bout, though pals. She's a GREAT GREAT lady & STILL has ALL the fellas howlin' at the moon! Hahaha!!! 

Thinks she just needs a little Dino-croonin' to lift her spirits. 

Now let me see...hmmmm. 

Got it!

A touch of Dean's "You Were Made For Love", should get her smilin'! 

DEF I NATE LY get's me in a happy mood, pallies! 

So, this one's for you...birthday girl! 

Enjoy your week & enjoy the Dino-jam... goin' out just for you!  

Ciao bella!

Sunday, September 04, 2022

Danny G's SPECIAL Labor Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "In The Misty Moonlight"

 Welcome back, all my hard workin' amici! 

Happy Labor Day Weekend! 

Happy September, too! 

Today feels like a GREAT day to catch our breaths. Don't it?  It's a day to chill out...have a drink...& just relax! 

Monday's day off is a time to honor ALL the GREAT GREAT folks who work every day & do their part to contribute to this GREAT GREAT country of ours! Youse keep the machine runnin', pallies! 

Now...we ALL have our job to do, my friends. From police & firemen & stay-at-home moms & dads. Each one is important & is worthy of praise. 

Well, pals...I can think of a VERY VERY COOL COOL HARD WORKIN' fella...goes by the name "Dino". This was one laborin' kinda guy, my friends! Sure, he made it look it easy. But...Dean was one of the BUSIEST cats in the entertainment world, pallies! From performin' live & recordin' makin' movies & doin' TV shows...He was some kinda work-aholic! Haha!! 

People can say that he was lazy & only played golf...but WE knows the facts, mi amici! 

I have one more VERY special somebody in mind today, pals. Mama mia. My mom. Mama G.! It was her birthday yesterday! Yay, Mom! 

She was/is ALWAYS there for ol' Danny G., even when I was actin' like a fool! Haha!! Which was quite often, pals! Hahaha!!! 

Now THAT'S Labor! Ha! 

She's sacrificed a lot for me & ALWAYS has my back. Not to mention...was one of the first to introduce me to the sweet sweet sound...of the voice...that is Dean Martin!  

I thinks I will play one of her all time FAVE Dino-tunes for this week's Serenade, my friends. As I likes to do every year... "In the Misty Moonlight". 

It's sure to bring a happy thought of Mama G. & is a cool cool jam to relax to on this chilled-out kind of day. 

So, here we's go, pallies! 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Happy Birthday, Mom! 

Let's keep that Dino & vino flowin'!!! 


Sunday, August 28, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Once In A While"

 Well hey there, pallies! 

Looks like the smolderin' Summer heat is lettin' up! 

August is windin' down...& dare I say it...Fall is slowly creepin' on in. 

Now, tell me pals...what's a TRUE, TRUE Dino-holic s'posed to do...with what's left of a Cool Cool Summer?! 

Well...what else, mi amici?! 

Keep the Dino-ball rollin' with nother' hot & sultry SWOON by the One & ONLY King of CROON! Haha!! 

That's what! Haha!! it the King of Cool? 

Oh Well...either way pals...this week's Serenade, "Once In A While",  is nother' one of those great, great Summertime tunes...that REALLY heats thins' up & at the same time is sure to calm & relax your very soul! 

I just am So So sure...that it set the mood on many a moonlit,  balmy night, in good ol' Stu'ville...for many young lovers! Hahaha!!!  

I can picture a young...suave...Dino Crocetti serenadin' some lucky young chicalina with this very tune! 

Now listen pals...Dean ain't askin' for much here. Just a quick thought every now & then. 

I guess, pals...we all would like to think...that a once special someone thinks 'bout us...every now & then. 

Maybe pals...just maybe...there's someone out there that you haven't seen in a while...and maybe...just maybe...THAT somebody might be worth a quick well. At least...once in a while. 


Sunday, August 21, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "They Didn't Believe Me"

 Hey pals! It's Sunday! 

Now...that can mean only ONE thin'! 


Yup...time to do some Sunday Serenadin' with our BESTEST pallie, Dino! 

Ain't nothin' wrong with that, mi amici! After all...what's a BEA U TI FUL summery day without some FUN FUN summery Dino-jams?! Just average, I thinks. 

Gotta make it FUN, pals!'s gonna be September soon! Crazy how the days go by. 

Hey...guess what?! No problem! We're still partyin' with our pallie! 

Summer ain't over yet, my friends! We gots PLENTY of HOT HOT days ahead! Simply add a little Dino-croonin' to the mix...& thins' will keep on SIZZLIN'!  

Anyways, mi amici...gonna play a tune I've mentioned here before...has never been recorded on a record by our pal. At least not to my small amount of knowledge. Haha!! 

Not to fear though, my friends!!! There are a few times he sang it on the air...& we is LUCKY 'nough to have one right here!!!  

"They Didn't Believe Me" is a hidden treasure & def i nate ly PURE & TRUE Dino-magic! SO SO much fun watchin' Dean do his thin' to this cool cool number! Thinks I'll put this one on REPEAT! Now THAT is what Summer is ALL 'bout! Over-indulgin' in Dino! Hahaha!!! 

It's a Completely Cool Cool Concoction, pals! 

Youse just gotta grab a beverage o' choice...maybe a pallie or two...get outside, in this summery weather...& throw on some Smooth Smooth Swingin' jams by Dino!  

Nice...simple equation, pals. 

Never forget...We is Dino-holics...we'll keep the party goin! 


Sunday, August 14, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "In A Little Spanish Town"

 Good mornin', pals! 

Good afternoon & evenin', as well! Whatever time it is that youse is able to stop by our little, wee Dino-waterin' hole...Welcome! 



The heat is finally lettin' up 'round my neck o' the woods! 

Not a minute to soon either, mi amici! I felt like I've been meltin'!

I don't likes to squawk...'cause I know some spots are MUCH worse than my 90s...but man o man,'s been bloody HOT!!! Haha!!  

Anyways...thins' is coolin' off. For the time bein', at least. 

So...palsies o' mine...youse know how I ALWAYS says that Dino's "French Style" al b um, just seems to go SO SO well with the Springtime season? Well, my just so happens that our bestest of best bro, Dino, also has us a swingin' piece o' vinyl that is simply PER FEC TO for the hot & humid...sweaty & sultry, dog days o' Summer! 


Let's me introduce youse to yet 'nother one of Danny G's FAVE o' FAVES al b ums for these lazy days & balmy nights..."Dino Latino"! 

Amen! Hahaha!!! 

It's true, pals! I swear to youse...on all that is Holy...Dean must've put these COOL COOL recordins' together...with these HOT HOT months in mind! 

Youse gots to try it out for yourselves, mi amici! I know you have it...somewhere. If's only a keypad away. 

It's sure to squeeze out the last few drops...of these last few weeks...of Summer...& keep youse on ice all the way to Christmas! Haha!!  

It's that cool, my friends! 

Well, let's not talk snowflakes yet, pallies...they'll creep in soon 'nough! Blah! 

OK, let's get to the Serenade! 

Probably my numero uno pick from this one is "In a Little Spanish Town". 

It's Fun! It swings! It get's my toes tappin', pals! Haha!! It's definitely got that vibe I'm longin' for...on a night like this! 

So...without further a due...Oh, & by the way, mi amici...I'm sendin' it out to a Dino-fan among Dino-fans...our very own & one & only...Ms. AOW! 

I know she loves this tune & I dedicate it to her every year. 

Enjoy, pallies...soak in the Dino-flow!  

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Buttercup A Golden Hair"

 Well, say there, pals! 

What it is! What it was! What it might have been! Haha!! 

Man...I thinks this crazy world has finally gots to me! 

I've found myself babblin'...on & on...incoherently...all week! Hahaha!!! Maybe my brain is gettin' a wee bit toasted, pals! Haha!! Actually...PICKLED would be more appropriate! Ha! 

OK...'nough foolishness. Let's talk a little bit 'bout what WAS & let's get to the Dino-tunes! 

Now, pallies...I simply HAD to use this week's COOL COOL Dino-jam for today's Serenade! 

It's for a sad event that I thinks 'bout & share, here at our Dino-blog, every year. 

Thursday, August 4th, marked the very unpleasant anniversary of the passin' of a very special lady...a very special girl-pallie of our Dino's. Marilyn Monroe.  

It's been 60 years since she took her final bow. Shame, pals. Was a fun & talented young soul. 

But...I believe in celebratin' what WAS...rather than cryin' over what WASN'T. 

"Buttercup A Golden Hair" is set to her & our pals flick, that never came to be..."Something's Got to Give". It featured Dino alongside a very lovely & naked Marilyn! Haha!! Fresh! Looks like it would have been a FUN FUN Dino-flick for sure! Such a shame it just wasn't meant to be, my friends. 

They both looked so good in this vid & youse could see the chemistry & friendship they shared. Bittersweet to watch, pallies. 

BUT...let's be thankful for what's we got's, pals! A Great Great tune & vid that's PERFECTO for a Great Great Summer night! 

R.I.P MM. Thanks for the memories.   

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Grazie, Prego, Scusi"

 Hey pallies...what's new & excitin'?! Haha!! 

My ol' boss used to asked me that EVERY mornin'. Used to crack me up 'cause back in those days...there were ALWAYS new & excitin' thins' happenin'! ALL the time! Hahaha!!! 

Oh well, mi's all part of bein' young & carefree.  

Not a worry in the world. Just good times.  

Nothin' better than that feelin', pals. Youth is priceless. 

Well, dear ol’ friends o’mine…What we ALL need to hold onto that youthful vibe...always! Or...we can try to get it back. Oh, it can be done, pal’s! Don't forget...we gots us a card up our sleeves. DINO! Yup! Good ol' Dean will keep us young forever! Maybe not in body...but in mind! 

Don't EVER lose that passion for life, pallies! Believe is the key. Dean's music! Let me help youse out a wee bit. 

Last week, I told youse I was gonna take your mind off the sweatin' & the stressin'. Well, pals...Danny G. would NEVER lie to his Dino-diggin' peeps!

I gots us just the right cure, for those Summertime blues, my friends! 

How's 'bout a wee bit of some "Grazie, Prego, Scusi"?! This tune is SURE to get that youthful PEP back into your STEP! 

The heat & the "agita" will melt away. The weight of the world will be lifted... & a NEW & IMPROVED you, will emerge! Haha!! 

I'm tellin' youse, mi amici...Dino has the power! Let today's bouncy little Serenade be the start of a NEW youth minded lifestyle! 

It's easy on the brain & carefree...just the way life should be! Maybe once was. Let's try our best to get it back, pallies! 

Once you feel that zest for livin’...youse'll NEVER let it go 'gain! 

Mind over matter, my friends! Dino-mind, that is. 


Sunday, July 24, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I'll Buy That Dream"

 Welcome back, pals! 

Danny G. here...reportin' live & sweatin' from my neck o' the woods, USofA! Haha!!'s this crazy, hazy heatwave treatin' youse? Still sizzlin'? Still hot & muggy? Yea, I know...some parts of the world NEVER seem to cool off! 

Well...I've heard...some like it HOT! Ha!  

I, for one, will take the sticky heat...over the frigid cold...any day of the year. pals.  But, mi amici...I knows it can be hard to find some much needed shade & peace of mind...durin' these tryin' times. Hard to keep our blood pressure down & our brains on ice. 

So with these hot & steamy days here to stay...for awile...I figured I'd pick 'nother really cool & easy...SULTRY type help chill thins' out...just a bit. 

A jam to get us swoonin' & croonin' &  ignore the sweatin' & the stressin'! 

Sound good to youse? Cool! Let's go! 

This week's Serenade, "I'll Buy That Dream", off Dino's 1964 al b um, "Dream with Dean", is the PERFECTO kinda song for a late night float in the pool...drink in hand...obviously. HaHa!! 

Maybe even a relaxin' ride in the moonlight...on a hot & muggy July evenin'! Man! What a thought! Haha!! 

Now, pallies...pool or no pool...I thinks we ALL can grab that drink... turn this Dino-ditty WAY up...and let Dean take us away. Balmy thoughts & hot, hot places. Yummy, chilled drinks & tan, happy faces! Sounds like Summer to me! 

We better put some of those thoughts on ice, goes quick. 

Here's to keepin' the Summer long & hot...but still OH SO COOL!!!  


Sunday, July 17, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "What Can I say After I Say I'm Sorry?"

 Hey, pals! What's shakin’?! 

Ice cold martinis...Hopefully! Haha!! 

So...pallies o' mine...are youse diggin' these big, BEA U TI FUL sun-filled days? Heat & all?! Yup...thins' is DEF I NATE LY gettin' HOT!!! 

Are youse hittin' the beaches & boardwalks? Carnivals & pools? Maybe even just findin' some shade...& chillin' with a little vino & a LOTTA Dino! 

Yes, pals...that's all youse really need! Warm breezes & our main man comin' out your speakers. Good 'nough for me! 

Summer is whatever youse wants it to be. 

It's just a time to relax & inhale life. Take all the stress...from all year long...& just let it float away. It's somethin' we all need to do! Not easy...believe me...I KNOW! Haha!! But...we can do it, my friends. 

Think it's 'bout time I jump back to Dino's 1966 al b um, "The Dean Martin TV Show", for a nice...easy tune. 

That's SURE to help youse shake off life's "agita". 

Now, let me see... Hmmmmm... So many GREAT jams on this one. I'm lookin' for a soft one, though. Gotta help my Dino-diggin' paisani put their brains on ice & just chill! Hmmmmm.... Got it! 

How's 'bout a nice...soothin'...dose of "What Can I say After I Say I'm Sorry?". 

I thinks this will do just PER FECT LY! It's slow & easy...It's gentle on the mind...IT'S COMFORTIN' TO THE SOUL, PEOPLE!!! Whoa Whoa Whoa, Danny G.! This is s'posed to be relaxin'...& I'm gettin' ALL worked up, here! Haha!! 

Cants help it, pallies! Dean get's me pumped!!! Ha!

Also…this jam just seems to have that hot, sultry…summery vibe to it.  Don’t Cha’ ‘gree, pals? Cool! 

OK...chill mode, now. Breathe this one in, my friends. Hold it in your lungs...then let it all out. It's SURE to remedy all the day's stress. 

Stay cool, mi amici. 


Sunday, July 10, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Where Can I Go Without You?"

 Welcome back, pals! 

Well, mi amici...looks like we all made it through ALL the SPECIAL days! Man! 

Patriots Day! Mothers Day! Fathers Day! Memorial Day! Indepenence Day! Wow! Am I missin' any?! Haha!! 

Anyway...It's nice to see we all made it safely through 'nother firecrackin' celebration! 

A time to party for our independence! 

Independence to crank up MUCHO Dino-tunes, that is! Haha!! 

Now...I say it's 'bout time we REALLY kick off this Summer! 

Time to break out those "o-so-mellow" Dino tracks! Youse know the one's I mean, pals. The "sit back & melt into your seat" jams. 

These hot & muggy days can be physically & mentally drainin', my friends. We need Dino-replenishin'! 

Don't worry, pallies...I gotcha. 

It truly gives me such a COOL COOL vibe sharin' these COOL COOL tunes with my fellow Dino-holics. Week after week...month after month...& year after year! TRULY inspires me to keep the Dino-flow flowin' & keep the Dino-movement growin'! Haha!! 

So, pals...if youse is ready...allow me to ease us into the vibe with one of Dean's super sultry Serenades. 

These kinda jams just fit the season, pals. 

Today's Serenade, "Where Can I Go Without You", was plucked from my own personal FAVE Summertime Dino vinyl..."The Lush Years". 

Can't go wrong with ANY tune from this one, my friends! It's just pure Dino-perfection! 

Let's jump right into it! 

Let Dean take youse on his eternal flight. He's wunderin' & wonderin'...not sure what lies ahead...just floatin'. 

Grab hold of his star, we's go!!!

Sunday, July 03, 2022

Danny G's SPECIAL "Duetin' with Dino" 4th o' July...Sunday Serenade with Dino: Breezin' Along with the Breeze"

 What's shakin' pallies?! 

Happy 4th o' July! 

Man o' man...thins' is REALLY gettin' steamy now!!! Hazy...Lazy...Crazy days of Summer are DEF I NATE LY upon us, pals! 

Time to get your toes in the sand & a yummy drink in your hand! 

These are TRULY days made for max'n & relaxin', ol' pals o' mine. 

Well pallies...I thinks this week's firecrackin' Serenade is worthy of some easy goin' & laid back Summertime jams...don't youse?! 

Found us some COOL COOL tunes for these HOT HOT days from two of THE mostest easy goin' laid back dudes that I've EVER seen in ALL my years!!! 

Time for a little "Duetin' with Dino" with one of Dean's very good pals & earliest vocal style IN SPI RA TIONS..."The Bing!" 

Man these two cats REALLY can croon & REALLY do understand what's TRULY important in life...ENJOYIN" IT!!! 

We should ALL take some notes from Dino & Bing in this vid! Relax. Don't stress. Life's WAY too short to sweat the little stuff pals. Sit back & REALLY soak in this GREAT GREAT seven song medley, pals. 

Love the way they mesh them all together to make one smooth flowin' summery-type jam...for us to TOTALLY melt into! 

"Breezin' Along With The Breeze" starts it off & winds it down. 

Let's soak in the "laid back" vibe, pallies. Leave the stressin' for someone else. Someone who just don't get it. 

By the way pals...Check out that tan!!! Hahaha! 

Ok...let's get to the independence celebratin'! 

Stay safe & Enjoy!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Danny G's SPECIAL "The Month Coolness Came To Earth" Sunday Serenade with Dino: "A Hundred Years From Today"

 Welcome back, pals! 

Young & old...meek & bold...let's ALL come together & listen to this fella named Dino! Haha!! 

Hey...what a cool cool thin' to do, mi amici! He's our kinda' guy & he ALWAYS has somethin' good to say! 

Man o June really slippin' away already?! 

Well, pals...I guess it's time to drop the Summer down to low gear...& just cruise. Gotta stretch this HOT & STICKY season out as much as we can! 

I know, I know...Some days gots youse meltin'...feelin' like a snowball on the 4th of July! 90s this weekend! But, pallies o's truly worth it! 'Not many thins' I dig more than these HOT HOT days of COOL COOL outdoor Dino-tunes! 

Whether I'm chillin' with a friend...or floatin' 'round a pool...I ALWAYS gots Dean providin' the days soundtrack. 

Dino & Summer go together like bread & butter, pals. Let's soak it all in! After's these HOT Dino-diggin' memories that is gonna keep us warm all year long, my friends!  

Now...let's get to this week's Serenade! 

I've really been thinkin'...this whole month...'bout how TRULY awesome it is...that after ALL these years...ALL this time...the name Dean Martin...STILL carries SO SO much happiness, fun & respect! Man, mi amici...that's impressive to me! We STILL here his songs on TV commercials...I played the latest for us, just a couple weeks back. We STILL see his movies regularly! And even in today's high tech world of the internet...we is STILL flooded with new stories, tributes, & birthday wishes! Not to mention his very own festival...numerous impersonators...& countless new & old performers givin' thanks & showin' gratitude.

So So cool! 

Well, the curtain falls on 'nother GREAT GREAT month long tribute to "The Day That Coolness Came To Earth"... let's ponder if Mr. & Mrs. Gaetano Crocetti could ever have imagined, that on that GREAT GREAT & BLESSED day...June 7th, 1917...their bouncin' & swingin' baby boy...would STILL be praised..."A Hundred Years From Today"! 


Sunday, June 19, 2022

Danny G's SPECIAL Happy Daddy-O Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Gentle On My Mind"

 Welcome back, Ol' friends o' mine! 

So So happy youse dropped by!  

First of all I wanna wish  "Happy Daddy-O Day" to ALL the swingin' Dino-lovin' dad's out there! Man! 

What a COOL COOL thin' it is, pals... to be able to celebrate all the COOL COOL fathers & father figures in our lives...right in the midst of "The Month That Coolness Came to Earth"!! 

Truly a special time of year, my friends. A BEA U TI FUL Spring day is perfecto to honor Dino & ALL these GREAT fellas, who mean/meant SO SO much! 

Now youse may know by now...I pick a Special Serenade every year for today's tune. A jam that brings me back to my youngest days of Dino-dom. A familiar song that reminds me of my Dad & keeps him in my thoughts everyday. 

Well, as I always do...I reach for a specific kind of Dino al b um. A real blue-collar sound. Pop was BIG into those Dino "trucker" jams! Haha!! The "C.B. radio" type tunes. A jam 'bout some down & out dude...tryin' to make his way back home or maybe some carefree fella just enjoyin' the simple life. Yea...those were his faves. 

Still cracks me up thinkin' 'bout him singin' along to these songs! He thought they were SO SO cool & I thought HE was SO SO cool for knowin' the words! Hahaha!!! 

Great memories, pallies. 

Today's SPECIAL SERENADE takes me ALL the way back to the mid-70's! Man! Where'd that decade go?! 

OK pals...let's get the music flowin'! 

No one COOLER than our Dino to keep that "easy livin" feelin'...cruisin' down the ol' white line of life, pallies! Haha!! That's my attempt at trucker talk! Haha!!'s to ALL the father figures. Includin' our very own "Father figure" of this here humble little blog...Dino Martin Peters. Wherever youse is, pal...we miss ya'! Your daily efforts to keep the Dino-message alive & thrivin'...are TRULY appreciated. Hurry back! 

So mi amici...let's keep that special guy in mind today. No matter who he was...or how he was part of your life...this one's for him. 

Thanks for everythin', Dad & thanks, Dino... for keepin' his memory alive! Your both FOREVER "Gentle On My Mind". 

Ciao & enjoy! 

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Danny G's SPECIAL "The Month That Coolness Came to Earth" Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Relax Ay Voo"

 Hey there, pals o' mine! 

How's it shakin'? 

Cants' believe we is just 'bout half way through June already! 

Man o' time flies, huh? Well...that's OK, mi amici. We are only week number two into "The Month That Coolness Came To Earth" & we is just gettin' started, pals! 

As a matter o' facto, pallies...I gots us somethin' a little special for this week's Serenade!

Now, I've mentioned this many times, pals & it's really not surprisin'...BUT...our one & only pal 'mongst pals...has once 'gain been WISELY chosen for yet 'nother new TV commercial! 

This time it's for "Airbnb"...& I is includin' the vid for those who have yet to catch it.  

Hey pals...obviously this tells the world that these "higher ups" no doubt knew the perfecto & catchy little jam to promote the fun fun vibe of their product! Yup! 

Couldn't help but boast to my kiddies how even after our great pal, Dino, has been gone for over a quarter century...his music is STILL bein' chosen to titillate the masses! Haha!! 

Hey, pallies o' mine...this speaks VOLUMES 'bout the spreadin' of the Dino-message. 
With so so many new, young, trendy Pop-artists out there today...Dean friggin' Martin is STILL a "Go to" grab the world's attention! 
Yes, mi amici...the Dino-passion is burnin' like a flame! 

Cool Cool feelin' too...knowin' that we is also doin' our part to keep Dean's spirit alive & thrivin'...just by bein' our Dino-blog. 

So thanks for your help pallies! Truly a blessin' to me, my friends. 

OK. Are youse ready for this week's Dino-Serenade?! 
Good! Me too! 

This one's goin' out to ALL youse Dino-holics who help keep Dean's vibe, vibin'! 

And now...dames & dudes..."Relax Ay Voo".  


Sunday, June 05, 2022

Danny G's SPECIAL "The Day Coolness Came to Earth" Sunday Serenade with Dino: "How Sweet It Is"

 Welcome back, mi amici & welcome to 'nother "Month Coolness Came to Earth" we gets ready to celebrate "The DAY Coolness Came to Earth!" Ha! 

Man o man, I am just SO SO pumped! 

Can't even believe our pal amongst pals is turnin' 105, this comin' Tuesday! 

Don't forget to checks out the Turner Classic Movies" (TCM) channel! They will be rockin' Dino flicks all damn day! Haha!! 

Man...What a time we've had, huh, pals? 

Day after day & year after year...Dino has been an ever present companion for us. He's my "Cumpare". A friend, swingin' through life with me. Side by side & never even a worry that he would let me down. 

It might be hard to believe or even understand, to many...but to we "Dino-holics"'s as simple & natural as olives in a martini. That's just the way it is! Dean is our pal. Like family, really. The COOL uncle who shows up for every party, weddin', or cook out. And when he does...MAN...what a time it is! The room wakes up! Dance floors are flooded like the party just started! Dino just has that effect on us. He equals FUN & GREAT TIMES! 

Now pals...I could go on & on 'bout what Dean means to me & how much happiness he's brought to my life. But...I think youse knows EXACTLY what I'm talkin' 'bout. He brings his spirit to us all.  

On June 7th, 1917...God sent us a gift. A gift that TRULY keeps on givin'. We were the lucky ones, mi amici. Most of us, anyway, can say we walked the Earth at the same time as he did. Now, to me...that's VERY cool! Of course, Dino's music & movies...TV shows & live performances, will be 'round forever,'s OUR generations that were here WITH him! 

VERY cool, indeed. 

OK, pallies...I gotta go. Got some Dino tunes I gotta get jammin' too! Haha!! 

Happy Birthday, Dino! 

Hey, wait a minute! I got SO caught up in the Dino-moment...I almost for the main reason I is here...the SERENADE! 

Well, pals...this ones easy. All I needs to do is think of Dino. He's my guy. My mentor...& my friend. Man o man, pallies..."How Sweet It Is!" 


Sunday, May 29, 2022

Danny G's SPECIAL Memorial Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Think About Me"

 Welcome back, mi amici. 

Hard to believe 'nother Memorial Day has arrived. Man! 

These years must be gettin' shorter 'cause I swear I was just doin' this a few months back! 

O well, goes on...& so do we! We is hopin' anyway! Haha!! 

O, & by the way...I am NOT callin' this the "un-official start of Summer"! No sir! It is still Spring for 'nother WON DER FUL month, pals! Let's not rush this GREAT season off! Please, pallies! I'm beggin' youse! Haha!! 

Ok...let me gets down to Dino-business, here. 

This beautiful, extra long weekend, is all 'bout the 'memberin' of those precious souls who have come & gone, my friends. 

The memories of our veterans. Our family. Our friends. Of course...our Dino. 

The EXTRA special people who have sacrificed for us...Who have guided us...And who have made our lives better just because they were here. 

I can think of many, mi amici. I'm sure youse can as well. 

Many of my own personal memories always seem to involve 2 of the coolest & funnest fellas, ever to walk the Earth! My Dad & Dean Martin. Ha! 

Man o man, pallies...these guys REALLY helped make me the Cool Cool cat I am today! Hahaha!!! Seriously though, mi amici...I owe a lot of fun & happy times to them both. Always had my one way or 'nother. Always made me feel invincible. And NEVER left my side. 

And, pals...let's not forget our fearless leader, Dino Martin Peters. We wouldn't be here, at the coolest blog on the "Net", without him. 

Today's Serenade, "Think About Me", is goin' out to ALL those who maybe gone from our sight...but NEVER from our hearts, souls & minds. 

Someday we will ALL be The Sands...watchin' Dino & the boys...laugin' & bein’ foolish! 



Salute, Dad! Salute, DMP! Salute, Dino! Salute youse ALL! 

Enjoy, my friends! 

Happy Memorial Day!