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Gettin' Ready For "The Day That Coolness Came To Earth"

Hey pallies, likes as we close outta the month of May here at our humble little Dino-conclave ilovedinomartin we want to share with youse what we consider a magnificant pose of our magnficant that we never ever have seen before.....makin' us ponder just how many billions of pixs were snapped of our most beloved Dino and just how many are still out their in cyberspace just waitin' to be discovered.....pure pure Dino-treasure just waitin' to be mined!  So, enjoys this newest Dino-discovery.

And likes we wanna remind all youse Dino-holics that our special month of celebration all the month of June of  "The Day That Coolness Came To Earth" accentin' the anniversary of our Dino's birth, June 7, 1917 is just waitin' to commence tomorrow.  We here at ilovedinomartin woulda loves to invite any and all of youse who name the name of our Dino to consider sharin' your own post of personal Dino-devotion to this very very special month of honorin' the life, times, and teachin's of our King of Cool.

Perhaps you woulda likes to share a special Dino-pix with some patter, or perhaps a fav youtube clip with words of homage to our Dino....or anythin' else your Dino-heart so so desires.  How cool woulda it be to have a ton of  Dino-holics each sharin' some personal passion for our Dino and to the blog readership?!?!?!?!  Simply writes us at to lets us know that you wants in on this Dino-action.  Dino-anticipatin', DMP

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But what comes across most powerfully in this definitive memoir is the depth of love Lewis felt, and still feels, for his partner, and which his partner felt for him: truly a love to last for all time.

Hey pallies, likes been a very long time since we have published a review of a book dedicated to the life, times, and teachin's of our Dino, probably mostly 'cause there has not been a new Dino-read in a long least one worthy of makin' mention of.  But, likes today we are delighted to publish a recent review of our great great man's great great partner in comedy, Jerry Lewis's tome of amore to his partner, "Dean & Me (A Love Story), written with Mr. James Kaplan.

We have been meanin' to return to Mr. Lewis' masterpiece of deep, pure, and true devotion to our Dino, and today's most is makin' yearn the more to give this lovin' memoir a second read.  From the book review blog, "The Skeptical Reader - I read and I spectulate" come a remarkably sensitive review scribed by Miss Yamini.

As you read through her review, you know that this Dino-bio profoundly moved Yamini.  Twice she tells her readership...."This book. Broke. My. Heart. It yanked it right out of my chest, crushed it, and then stomped all over the piece."  Don't want to give the reason away, so youse are goin' to have to read all the details, but suffice it to say, she gets how much Mr. Lewis always has and always will love our most beloved Dino.

We were quite deeply moved by how much Yamini was moved as she took this tremendous tome into her heart, and we thank her for sharin' her evocative emotional response to Mr. Lewis' recountin' of his decade long partnership with the King of Cool.  To checks this out in it's original source, please clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-reportin', DMP

Review | Dean & Me (A Love Story) by Jerry Lewis and James Kaplan

Dean & Me by Jerry Lewis
Published: 2005
Genre: Memoir
Edition: Hardback, Doubleday
Length: 352 pgs.
They were the unlikeliest of pairs—a handsome crooner and a skinny monkey, an Italian from Steubenville, Ohio, and a Jew from Newark, N.J.. Before they teamed up, Dean Martin seemed destined for a mediocre career as a nightclub singer, and Jerry Lewis was dressing up as Carmen Miranda and miming records on stage. But the moment they got together, something clicked—something miraculous—and audiences saw it at once.
Before long, they were as big as Elvis or the Beatles would be after them, creating hysteria wherever they went and grabbing an unprecedented hold over every entertainment outlet of the era: radio, television, movies, stage shows, and nightclubs. Martin and Lewis were a national craze, an American institution. The millions (and the women) flowed in, seemingly without end—and then, on July 24, 1956, ten years from the day when the two men joined forces, it all ended.
After that traumatic day, the two wouldn’t speak again for twenty years. And while both went on to forge triumphant individual careers—Martin as a movie and television star, recording artist, and nightclub luminary (and charter member of the Rat Pack); Lewis as the groundbreaking writer, producer, director, and star of a series of hugely successful movie comedies—their parting left a hole in the national psyche, as well as in each man’s heart.
In a memoir by turns moving, tragic, and hilarious, Jerry Lewis recounts with crystal clarity every step of a fifty-year friendship, from the springtime, 1945 afternoon when the two vibrant young performers destined to conquer the world together met on Broadway and Fifty-fourth Street, to their tragic final encounter in the 1990s, when Lewis and his wife ran into Dean Martin, a broken and haunted old man.
In Dean & Me, Jerry Lewis makes a convincing case for Dean Martin as one of the great—and most underrated—comic talents of our era. But what comes across most powerfully in this definitive memoir is the depth of love Lewis felt, and still feels, for his partner, and which his partner felt for him: truly a love to last for all time.
Review banner
This book. Broke. My. Heart. It yanked it right out of my chest, crushed it, and then stomped all over the piece.
I was introduced to Dean Martin’s work through Jerry Lewis. Strange, huh? Most people seem to know more about Dean Martin as a part of the “rat pack” than they know about his days working with Jerry Lewis, or even who Jerry Lewis really is. It seems strange to me too that I loved Jerry Lewis’s goofy self and Dean Martin’s seductive voice but never made the connection that they worked together and were best friends before they both become individuals hits. So when I found out, I knew I had to know more. But the internet when it comes to celebrity gossip? The worst. Source. Ever. So I read this book.
And IT. BROKE. MY. HEART. (Did I mention that already?)
While reading this book, back and forth in my head, I was looking for clues as to who would really cause this dilemma in such a friendship. For a good chunk of it, I thought for sure it would be Dean Martin but as I began to notice that Jerry Lewis was truly the lead for a lot of their acts, I thought perhaps Lewis’ ego will get the better of him. In the end though, I think neither was to blame. While watching TV, sometimes when I see one of those typical dramatic break-ups when couples talk about how they just “outgrew” each other—I think: “This is bullshit. The writers just don’t want us to get bored with such happy, corny scenes.” But in Lewis and Martin’s case, I think this is really what happened. They just…outgrew each other.
Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin met as struggling artists barely able to make enough to make it a hit in Hollywood. They did not have much but when and since they met, they always had each other. Jerry always looked up to his partner and Martin never looked forward without him.
I was expecting certain things to be hidden but this book and it’s author was honest about everything. Well, almost. But close enough for me to trust this book and its story. I expected a few good anecdotal stories and a few tears and that’s exactly what happened. I knew that most of everything in this book is true, things really did happen the way they did, but even while knowing that Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis’ friendship did not last, I kept hoping they wouldn’t separate. Even though I knew they did okay in the end, it was harder than I expected watching them struggle with the love and hopelessness they felt towards each other.
I understood how much Jerry loved his partner, I connected with him far deeper than I expected. After all, he’s just a celebrity, I wrongfully made the assumption that he isn’t meant to have close relationships with everyone he worked with. But he really loved Dean Martin, from the beginning. He did a lot of things for his partner and though Martin seems to have always looked out for Jerry, sometimes I felt like Lewis did not deserve the attitude Martin gave him. For example, Jerry Lewis made sure to always throw Martin birthday parties and give him plenty of presents but in all their years together, Martin never gave him anything back. That was really unfair. It did not matter that Dean Martin had emotional issues and that his father had always told him not to get too emotionally attached. This is the man who looked up to Dean, worshipped him.
And so when Dean Martin began to resent the fact that Jerry Lewis was the main attraction of their shows, he should have talked about it. He never did. And then there was a point at which Jerry attempts to learn golf, something Dean Martin cherished because that was “his” thing, and gets better at it than Dean so of course, Dean Martin’s ego takes a big punch. And that’s when they broke up.
I was upset that Dean Martin never showed Jerry Lewis that he cared (for better or for worse) but at the same time, I understand him. I get it. It feels strange that I sympathize with Dean Martin as much as I sympathize with Jerry Lewis but I really do not blame anyone for this situation. Martin was what he was. I think in the end, their break-up was really always meant to happen. I am not happy about it but it’s in the past and I still love them both and probably always will.
One last thing I have to mention, which is probably just naivety on my part, was how blunt both the artists were about their extramarital affairs. I know this was not a big deal back then, especially considering how famous Kennedy (the freaking President) was for sleeping around but I don’t know…I was just surprised by how often they slept with other girls and how they really never felt any sense of guilt about it. I was even more surprised by Jerry Lewis’ wife acceptance that if he is on the road, he’ll sleep around and that’s just the way it is. I felt like a prude for being surprised but I guess although I always knew this probably was the case for almost all celebrities back then (and possibly even now) I just didn’t want to acknowledge it until someone actually gave me some proof. Lewis was kind of funny in these parts too because even if he was a grown man sleeping around with other women, he was still so naive about certain things that it was endearing and very, verystrange to see Dean Martin “educate” him about women and sex. He really was like a big brother to Jerry.
Anyways, I found flaws in both Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin as I tried to understand why they broke up, but really I have no grudges against either of them. Lewis is a wonderful comic that always makes me laugh and Martin’s voice made me swoon the first time I heard him. I love them both and always will and I am so pleased to have had the chance to read this story, even if it made me cry (you should know, I really resent crying).

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This was to be perfect comic fodder for Deano

my gif LOL funny gifs my gifs drugs weed gpoy pot herb mary jane green stoned the rolling stones accurate Rolling Stones Dean Martin dean martin show

Hey pallies, likes how many entertainers single performances on the small tube are still bein' remembered and deeply discussed after say 50 years?  Likes very very few woulda be our hunch, but today's Dino-devotion continues to show now only the stayin' power of our Dino, but his continuin' transformin' power over time and culture.

 From what the blog scriber tags "The music blog for music fans like you," "The Sound And The Fury" this very day has posted that  golden moment in all of television history on this golden jubilee year of it's first appearance in 1964 of our most beloved Dino headlinin' "The Hollywood Palace" with his primo "send up the Stones" with his timeless line....."I've been rolled when I was stoned myself, so"

Our King of Cool's " facaetious intros and outros" on The Rolling Stones are still hugely remember and dug to this very Dino-day....50 years later.   We note that while the scriber of this post doesn't seem to be someone who appreciates the timelessness of our Dino's legacy of cool, he still has shared this iconic moment in all of Dino-history with his readership.  We find that so so cool, 'cause it shows the continuous impact that our great great man is havin' on time and culture.

So we thanks the blogger at "The Sound And The Fury" for bringin' this historic moment in the life, times, and teachin's of our Dino to his readership....and remindin' all of us of the power that our most beloved Dino has over time and culture.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Dean Martin versus The Rolling Stones

Chuck Berry couldn't have been more prescient when he wrote "Roll Over Beethoven". Its intention may have sprung up out of naive youthful bravado, however it turns out that it was a powerful statement of intent. Everybody thought rock and roll was a passing fad. Nobody knew that 60 years down the line just how influential it would be, and continues to be.

This video is another classic example signifying the changing of the guards. This is a clip of the Rolling Stones on the Dean Martin Show in 1964.

The band were huge in America at that point, as was pretty much every British band with guitars and drums. Variety shows all over America were rushing to book the new young bands at every opportunity. One thinks that maybe Dean Martin didn't have a lot of say in this booking. I assume Dean Martin knew his target audience well, and knew that the Stones wouldn't appeal to them - they were more likely to appeal to the kids of his fans. This was to be perfect comic fodder for Deano: the perfect opportunity to send them up.

The Stones' performance isn't exactly incendiary here. However the key thing to notice is that, within a few short years of this recording, Martin would no longer be a hit-maker. His record sales declined sharply from this point forward, and they never recovered. On the other hand, by the time he recorded his last LP in 1973, the Rolling Stones were one of the biggest bands in the world. The new guard had overtaken the old guard.

Dean Martin has clearly placed himself here as the top dog with the Stones as the underdogs. This wouldn't have happened if it was The Who. Ironically, it was the great crooners, while they disdained rock music, conceded defeat in a few short years. As the pop songwriters progressed in their skills, it was Dean's fellow Rat-Pack crooners, namely Frank Sinatra, who were recording Beatles', Jimmy Webb and Paul Simon songs. Go Figure.

Here, then, is the performance on the Dean Martin Show, circa 1964, perfoming "Not Fade Away" and their supercharged version of Muddy Waters' "I Just Wanna Make Love To You". Complete with Dean's facaetious intros and outros. Listening to him send up the Stones, it's no wonder kids of the day hated the older generation...


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This gesture spontaneous, generosity, by a stranger on the other side of the Atlantic, feel that it is not trivial, and makes us rethink many things... thank you, MR DINO MARTIN PETERS...!

Hey pallies, likes yesterday when we gots back on the ol' web after the long weekend, likes we were thrilled to gets some patter here from Mr. Jose Luis Alcaide Elejalde lettin' us know that he had left us a message over at our Facebook pad.  Well with all the time and energy we puts into this little Dino-blog, we 'fess up that we ain't got much time for Facebook, but knowin' that Jose had left us some patter there, were simply had to take the time to read it.

Faithful ilovedinomartin readers will remember that Mr. Elejalde is the greatest of great Dino-holics who shared a trilogy of great Dino-hearted posts at his Spanish blog, "Deep Roots" that we gratefully shared here last week (see May 19, 20, and 21 Dino-entries).  Each of his three  impeccably researched and magnificently scribed posts showed us just how pure and how deep Jose's devotion is to our most beloved Dino and we were awe struck by the time, energy, and resources he obviously poured into this labor of immense love for our great great man.

Well, likes when we read Jose's personal epistle to us, he directed us to his Facebook wall where he had written the kindest of kind Dino-honorin' words of appreciato for ilovedinomartin which we just had to share with all youse Dino-holics.  His thoughts are shared below in both his original Spanish words as well as an English translation.  BTW, you  know how kind Jose is?   When he wrote us ilovedinomartin dudes, he used google translation to make sure we coulda read it in English....that is how grand this grand Dino-devotee is dudes!

ilovedinomartin wants to share our deepest of deep Dino-appreciato with Mr. Jose  Luis Alcaide Elejalde  and his associate Miss Mabel P. Vadillo for writin' so so beau-ti-fully 'bout ilovedinomartin and sharin' the link with his Facebook pallies.  Jose know that we stand ready to share any and all scribin's you create in the cause of Dino with our ever growin' family of Dino-addicts!  To checks out Jose's Facebook page, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  With mucho Dino-gratitude, DMP


STATEMENT in relation to the BLOG "Deep roots" Although we are aware of the tracking we are having outside of our borders... We were surprised, an American gentleman, "Dino Martin Peters", who has a blog dedicated to the figure of our admired DEAN MARTIN, called "ILOVEDINOMARTIN", we have welcomed the trilogy that we have dedicated to the great Crocetti, and the surprise has been even greater, to see who has published on his blog, our biographical manuscript about the same... Taking the trouble of translating it into English, compartiendola in both versions, "Spanish and English"... all a Mr detail which moves us deeply, and that is very appreciated!
DEEP roots, is a blog of American music, in Spain, i.e., a drop in the ocean... But it's a drop that just cross the Atlantic, to win more hearts... This gesture spontaneous, generosity, by a stranger on the other side of the Atlantic, feel that it is not trivial, and makes us rethink many things... thank you, MR DINO MARTIN PETERS...!

MABEL P.VADILLO and José LUIS warden (Translated by Bing

Jose Luis Alcaide Elejalde shared a link.
May 22 · Edited
Aunque somos conscientes del seguimiento que estamos teniendo fuera de nuestras fronteras… Nos ha sorprendido, que un caballero norteamericano, “Dino Martin Peters”, que tiene un blog dedicado a la figura de nuestro admirado DEAN MARTIN, denominado “ILOVDINOMARTIN”, nos haya felicitado por la trilogía que hemos dedicado al Gran Crocetti, y la sorpresa ha sido aún mayor, al comprobar que ha publicado en su blog, nuestro manuscrito biográfico sobre el mismo…. Tomándose la molestia de traducirla al Inglés, compartiendola en ambas versiones, “Española e Inglesa”… ¡Todo un señor detalle que nos conmueve profundamente, y que es muy de agradecer!
RAÍCES PROFUNDAS, es un blog de música americana, en España, es decir, una gota en el océano… Pero, es una gota que acaba de cruzar el Atlántico, para conquistar más corazones… Esto gesto espontáneo, de gran generosidad, por parte de un desconocido al otro lado del Atlántico, sentimos que no es baladí, y nos hace replantearnos muchas cosas…


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What's A Holiday Weekend Without MATT HELM!

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Hey pallies, likes when we gots on the 'net after the long weekend, we found likes some wonderful patter from a dude tagged Tommy Ross who so so was diggin' a Matt Helm Dino-calendar post that we shared sometime 'go.  We are always thrilled to have new pallies check in and share their Dino-appreciato, and so likes we thought we woulda checks out Mr. Ross's bio and see if perhaps he had a blog or two or three and then see if he had done some bloggin' in the name of Dino.

Well we indeed found Mr. Ross's bio which tell us among other thin's that he hails from Palm Springs, Cali and that he is in the communication/media biz.  And, he does have a number of blogs and when we landed as his swingin' blog "Tommy's Beach" we were thrilled to find that he had indeed done a wee bit of Dino-action...and likes what Dino-action it is.

Tommy musta posted it round last year's Memorial Day's Weekend, 'cause it is tagged "What's A Holiday Weekend Without MATT HELM!, and likes we are so so sorry to not have seen it sooner 'cause it woulda been just the perfect Dino-post for this past holiday weekend.  But, likes we are so so delighted to share it today.  Likes, of course, we are ab-so-lutely thrilled with Tommy's selection of a Helmer caper to feature, as likes youse all know how enraptured  we are with "Murder's Row" simply the bestest of best of our Dino as swingin' spyster Matt Helm.

Likes we totally totally digs Tommy's choice of choice Dino-poses...most with lovely Miss Ann-Margret.  And, for our Dino-viewin' pleasure we gets a great MR trailer as well!  ilovedinomartin is most most delighted to finds us 'nother lover of our most most beloved Dino and to share his Dino-action with all youse Dino-philes.  Great to meet you Tommy and thanks ever so much for sharin' your devotion to our Dino with your readership!   Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP


 What's A Holiday Weekend Without MATT HELM!
A little movie called Murderer's Row! 
Get down!

Dean Martin & Ann Margaret, how classic is THAT!

10 minute sample - Hovercraft chase scene


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Danny G's Special Memorial Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Think About Me"

Welcome back pals! Welcome one & all! Well mi amici...It's that special time of year when we take a look back & remember ALL the sacrifices that our men & women of the military have made for our WON DER FUL country!
 It's ALSO that special time when we remember those who have come & gone. Those who have touched our lives in the MOST special ways.
I thinks its only appropriate, o pals o mine, to dedicate this week's Serenade to ALL those who have helped shape OUR lives in any special way!

Now pallies...I can only speak for myself...but I can't thinks of many people who have helped me through life's ups & downs as much as our mostest faithful of friends, Dino!
 He's been there for me to share the great great times...& he's been there to help me through those blue blue days as well.

"Think About Me" is just 'nother gift from our "ever present" pal remindin' us that no matter what this crazy life hands us...we have a WON DER FUL eternity waitin' for us all! Well, that's what I thinks anyways, pallies. we go! Let's get this great great tune rollin' with a happy thought pals! I'm picturin' this eternity to be filled with friends & family...yummy drinks flowin'...& our bestest pal Dean playin' a nightly show at the Sands! Ahhhh... now THAT'S my kinda eternity! Well...Happy Memorial Day pals! Remember our heroes! They give SO SO much for us! Enjoy!!!

Think about me whenever you're lonely
Think about me whenever you're blue
Think about me when you have heartaches
Think about me thinking bout you
In the evenin' when the sun sets and blue shadows fall
All through the starry night till another day calls
I'll be here waitin' for eternity waitin' for you to return to me
(Think about me) when you have heartaches
(Think about me) thinking bout you
(Think about me)

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Scotty's Sharin': Dean Martin Enjoying the Pool at Home with his Children 1958

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Hey pallies, likies we just  can't believe our eyes dudes.  Likes we just moseyed back on over to one of our fav of fav pads for the greatest of great Dino-action, "BlueisKewl" where our gettin'-ever-more-daily-addicted Dinoholic pallie Scotty hangs out and we found 'nother purely powerful post shared the same day that Scotty put up those glorious gifs of our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis makin' funny live at the  Paramount Theatre in New York City July 1951, he put up a quintet of positively perfect pixs of our Dino and his boy and girl pallies havin' the greatest of great time in the family pool circa 1958.

Likes, likes we have only see a couple of these poses before, and  we are in absolutely Dino-glory! to finally see the other three (numeros 2, 3, and 5).  To see candid photos of our Dino bein' so so playful with his youngens simply brings huge happiness to our hearts.  Likes oh what absolute rapturous delight it simply was to have our King of Cool as daddy-o of daddy-o's!

We simply can't thanks our pallie Scotty 'nough for findin' and postin' these purest of pure pixs of deepest of deepest Dino-delight for all us Dino-philes.  Scotty is to be  highly commended for delvin' deeper and deeper into the life, the times, and the teachin's of our Dino and sharin' them with his blog readership at the coolest of cool blogs "BlueisKewl."  We'll stayed tuned Scotty and be waitin' with bated breath for your next Dino-discovery!  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-awestruck, DMP

Dean Martin Enjoying the Pool at Home with his Children 1958

A Trick I Learned From Dean Martin's Son

Hey pallies, likes speakin' of our most beloved Dino's boypallie Ricci, the followin' Dino-devotion appeared while doin' our usual 20 pages of google blog Dino-discovery.  From the pad "Badger And Blade" comes the Dino-related thread, "A Trick I Learned From Dean Martin's Son," from a dude tagged Eric.

As youse will read below, Eric had the awesome op to interview our Dino's boypallie Ricci who was promotin' his self scribed bio on his Dino daddy-o, "That's Amore."  Seems that Eric and Ricci "e got on the topic of colognes and how our Dino perfected the coolest of cool way of applyin' 'em.  Likes we don't wanna takes the thunder 'way from Eric's post, so youse are goin' to have read all the cool details below.

Likes how mucho we loves to find these awesome true-to-life Dino-details and be able to pass 'em on to all youse Dino-addicted pallies!  We salute our new pallie Eric for postin' this thread and helpin' all us Dino-holics grow in our Dino-edification.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-learnin' and Dino-growin', DMP

 A Trick I Learned From Dean Martin's Son

A few years ago, I interviewed Dean Martin's son, Ricci. (From Dean's second marriage to Jeanne Biegger.)

At the time, he was promoting his dad's biography.

We got on the topic of colognes and he mentioned that his dad wore Woodhue by Faberge, which is no longer made. (Besides Dean, Cary Grant was the only other celeb that wore that cologne and invested in the company. Apparently when he died in '86, they stopped making it.)

Anyway, Ricci said he always tried to smell like his dad, but just couldn't get it right. That's when Dean told him the secret: Put a couple of drops of water in your hands with the cologne or put it on while you're still wet from the shower.

Maybe this trick is not a secret to a lot of you, but I had never tried it. Since then, I have done it with various colognes and it definitely alters the way the cologne smells. (I still can't match, exactly, the way Old Spice smells on my dad, but I'm getting closer.)

Friday, May 23, 2014

.....she had grown up in a household where Dean Martin’s music was played and loved and that his songs had helped shape her life.

Hey pallies, likes a few ago we shared a recorded interview that our most beloved Dino's boypallie Ricci did for a Brit radio station promotin' his comin' tour of "His Son Remembers, An Evening Of Dean Martin Music And More" at several venues in Great Britain.  Today we shares with youse a review of one of his gigs at
Portsmouth Guildhall.

Scribed by Mr. Mark Acheson for the "Gigs And Music" section of the "Portsmouth News," it is quite brief, but on target as Acheson reflects on what it is like for a son to work in the shadow of your greatest of great daddy-o.  Mark compliments Ricci in his ability to bask  "in the adoration felt for his father."

What we were most thrilled with is Acheson's sharin' of one of the audience's members homage to our most beloved Dino......."For me, perhaps the most telling moment of the show was provided by an audience member who said she didn’t actually want to ask a question but just to tell Ricci that she had grown up in a household where Dean Martin’s music was played and loved and that his songs had helped shape her life."

Likes how wondrously wonderful is that pallies?!?!?!?!  Here's a obvious lover of our Dino speakin' of the transformin' power of our amazin' man.  How totally rad to have this lady openly and boldly give testimoney to how our Dino's croons "had helped shape her life."  Likes all we can say is likes how amazin'ly awesome is that!

As a little bonus, if you clicks on the tag of this Dino-message you will go directly to where this was first posted and you will be able to watch a couple minute vid of the closin' number of Ricci's Dino-trib where he croons our main man's main song, "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime."  ilovedinomartin salutes our Dino's boy pallie Ricci for keep the Dino-light glowin' Dino-bright, and to Mr. Mark Acheson for his favorable review of Ricci's show.  Dino-reportin', DMP

Review: Ricci Martin, Portsmouth Guildhall

by Mark Acheson

If you’re a son who chooses to follow the same career path as a famous father, it’s inevitable that to a large degree you’ll live in his shadow.

Ricci Martin elects to do so, his stage dominated by huge projected images of his legendary dad Dean Martin as he pays a personal homage.

And it is a flesh and blood reminder of the wonderful legacy left to the world by the Rat Pack maestro.

Okay, although Ricci has a very good voice with which to croon his father’s greatest hits no-one but no-one can come close to that wonderful lustrous tone and, okay, he doesn’t really give a lot away of lot of secrets when he wanders among the audience for a question and answer session about Dino.

But he endears himself to fans as he basks in the adoration felt for his father. And he takes them back to a golden age as he sings classics such as Volare, That’s Amore and the show-closing Everybody Loves Somebody.

For me, perhaps the most telling moment of the show was provided by an audience member who said she didn’t actually want to ask a question but just to tell Ricci that she had grown up in a household where Dean Martin’s music was played and loved and that his songs had helped shape her life.

Such is the rich legacy that Ricci Martin is reminding us of. As his dad said, memories are made of this.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Scotty's Sharin': Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Performing at the Paramount Theatre in New York City July 1951

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Hey pallies, likes we simply simply felt so Dino-led to goes on over to our greatest of great Dino-addicted pallie Scotty's beau-ti-ful blog, "BlueisKewl" 'cause we had a hunch that he was up to some Dino-good.  And, likes indeed when we arrived there we discovered that he had likes shared 'nother great Dino-feature with his readership.

This time 'round, Scotty has shared a new art form of Dino-devotion a series of 4----count 'em----4 gifs of our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner, Mr. Jerry Lewis performing at the Paramount Theatre in New York City in July 1951.  These are really really fun remembrances of this greatest of greatest comedic team at the peak of their careers together!  Likes digs those crazy crazy moves o'pallies of ours!

ilovedinomartin thanks and salutes our Dino-delighted pallie Scotty for continuin' to share this passion for our great great man at his great great blog.  Scotty continues to do his part to fuel the fires of the Dino-revolution that is takin' place all 'round the globe!  To check this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Performing at the Paramount Theatre in New York City July 1951

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MARTIN, as a communicator - to the fullest extent of the word - was unrivaled.

Hey pallies, likes today we conclude our trilogy of amazin'ly awesome Dino-devotion from the pen of Mr. Jose Luis Alcaide Elejalde at his appropriately tagged blog, "Deep Roots."  As mentioned yesterday, Elejalde has profoundly and powerfully shared the deep deep roots of our Dino's life, times, and teachin's with his readership.

In this third outtin', Jose accents three more areas of our Dino's multi faceted life.....his amazin'ly varied big screen performances, his remarkable recordin' career, and his relationship with fellow crooner Mr. Frank Sinatra.  While Elejalde 'fesses up at the end of his profound prose, "Who was Dean Martin? The truth? I have not the slightest idea ...," and, indeed, which none of us have any honest idea, he shares many many marvelous moments in our great man's great career.

Jose speaks of a number of great roles that our Dino played in the movies, and speaks most beau-ti-fully 'bout his ability to play comedy as well as drama to perfect perfection.  We, of course, couldn't agree with him more 'bout our Dino's  powerful portrait of the "cowboy with an addiction" as Dude in 1959's "Rio Bravo."  We likes totally totally digs Jose's recountin' of how our most beloved Dino won the part of "Dude" from director Howard Hawks.  And, like youse are goin' to simply have to read all the rest of Elejalde's wise words on our Dino's film career for yourselves.

Next up is a wonderful section on our Dino's recordin' career.  Jose does a more then credible review of the various tunes our Dino crooned on vinyl.  And of course stands in awe of how in the year of 1964, our one and only Dino was the only artist to be able to knock the Beatles off the charts with his numero uno croon of "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime."  Likes' 'gain youse are goin' to have to take the time to read Elejalde's remarkable reflections on our Dino's remarkable recordin's.

Last, but not least, Jose reflects on the "blood brother" relationship with his pallie of pallies Mr. Frank Sinatra.  'Gain we applaud the wondrous words that Elejalde uses to describe the friendship...."Likewise, no one can take care of SINATRA, let alone MARTIN. Even, perhaps more so in this case, since the Hoboken, developed greater psychological dependence on the Ohio, which did not happen much, by the Ohio, to the Hoboken ...."  Need we say more pallies?!?!?!?!

Dudes, likes we coulda goes on and on 'bout Mr. Jose Luis Alcaide Elejalde's wonderfully wise words on our most beloved Dino's most amazin' life....but likes then, youse would never gets to read his huge homage for yourselves!  We send out of greatest of great, grandest of grand appreciato for Jose's dedication to sharin' his deepest of deep devotion to our Dino through the printed word!  To checks this out in it's original format, as usual, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.   Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP


They say that the best way to tell serious things is making people laugh. However, the great tragedy of the comic, is that no one takes them seriously. Lifetime, versed reviews have stated, that bring out laughter is a much more difficult issue, which lead to crying. The theory is supported by the fact that there are many cases in which the comedian usually excel as an excellent dramatic actor. On the contrary, it is more difficult to find examples of dramatic actors, that you uncover as good comedians.

MARLON BRANDO, with this considered a genius, claim this, which I do not doubt, but I always found something "heavy" for a genre so subtle, as is the comedy. However, GARY GRANT, the king of the comedians are molded very convincingly in those few but fruitful occasions that trod the land of pure drama.

BRANDON, won two Oscars, and other major awards throughout his career. Always, had the unanimous critical acclaim. GRANT, suffered the sad but comical. I mean, he had to wait to retire from film to Hollywood Academy, would remember him and grant him an Oscar tribute for "a life dedicated to film." Son, this category of granting oscars, when the actor were located closer to the other side, that of the latter. A personal capacity, would eliminate such awards, then, seems to be that value long dedicated to the craft of acting, rather than the performances themselves ...

Well, if besides all this, you're a singer, get them to stop see you as "a singer who acts" and start estimating, quite simply, a work of actor ... Anyway, is a very arduous task. was DEAN MARTIN, had a "comedic" innate, and also sang. Two qualities that can lead you to success in the entertainment world, but has not grant you excessive "prestige", as conceived by Hollywood. So, MARTIN, endeavored to show that a comedian first and foremost an actor. He was among the first to do so. When rolled "Rio Bravo" (1959), made ​​it very clear, playing "DUDE", a cowboy with an addiction, which is not to take it to laugh. Upon fulfilling the mission ... a 'Dry Martini "poured and was gradually relaxing ... During an interview in the early sixties, he was asked if he had not raised make a Broadway musical. Answered with another question: "Doing the same thing every night, my God! They represent boring I would not mind for two or three nights, but you can be sure! hate star in a blockbuster. " These words are a declaration of principles, and accurately reflect the playfulness that had MARTIN work .... take seriously, it's boring and tiring to health.

Let's review a little, his cinematic history ...

MATIN & LEWIS, staged a total of sixteen films for Paramount. The artistic results are mixed but each reaped more success than the previous one. In almost all, more or less repeats the same pattern: LEWIS, is "the frikie" simpleton, who keeps getting into trouble after another, creating situations where more complicated. DINO, the eternal companion, appears to save him from his troubles. Although, really MARTIN LEWIS who saves, "the rogue" making his move - in the background -. Kindhearted
A throughout the course, beautiful women who fall supermale seduced by the Italian press, to blow arise irresistible tunes of love. Sure, LEWIS characters are not as "dumb" as they seem, and they know dazzle the eternal feminine, his peculiar style. The approach was extremely effective at the box office, but simple and recurrent, especially if you intend to progress as an actor. However, sixteen are a very worthy example of entertainment through musical comedy. Even some of the tapes, especially those led by the increasingly valued FRANK THASLIN as "Artists and Models" (1955) and "Hollywood or Bust" (1956) are among the best comedies of the fifties. Recently, I returned to see "Hollywood or Bust", the last film of the pair, and ... "I peed laughing" ... I can think better review to assess a comedy, especially if we which was filmed almost seventy years ago.
was the last filming of the comedy team. "At that point in the movie," the two friends were barely speaking. Surprising to note that the chemical was still running like a charm. The film enjoyed considerable success. In my humble opinion, is an excellent comedy, in which HALL WALLIS, producer, deftly fail certain times of the film, the effect of promoting his new acquisition, ELVIS PRESLEY. Consider, once "MARTIN & LEWIS" were story ... What About "the organ"? ... They lent to METRO. There, he shot a romantic comedy set in Rome, with musical dyes, to which no one paid much attention, according to the review, pretty forgettable. It was called: "Ten thousand bedrooms" by RICHARD THORPE. Many visionary, he predicted a year of artistic life. They were delicate moments for race DEAN MARTIN. To avoid that "this year of life" be fulfilled, our hero managed to get right between the two "sacred monsters" of the "Stanislavski method" in its American version. Neither more nor less than, MARLON BRANDON MONTGOMERY CLIFT and.

The role of Whiteacre MICHAEL MARTIN is a singer - fence! - Forced to leave the microphone to take up the gun. Inevitably, the experience of war transform your way of seeing life. Whiteacre, was not a "candy character," as was the soldier MAGGIO to SINATRA. Neither "The Young Lions" (1958), estimable war drama on the theme of anti-Semitism line, became such a legendary film as "From Here to Eternity" (1953).

However, EDWARD DYMITRIK tape, bore the stamp of long stem production. BRANDON and CLIFT, were an excellent company to learn and DINO, not out of tune between "much prestige," which earned him get good reviews. cupier Former, began to play their cards.

There is a scene from "Rio Bravo", which takes place in a barn. In it, DUDE, crumbles almost breaking mourn, to his friend the sheriff JOHN T. CHANCE, played by JOHN
WAYNE. This sequence reflects rightly, helplessness felt by a person when he begins to be aware of its serious alcohol problem. MARTIN, was carried out a superb manner. DUDE, ultimately, became "the dark side" DINO "the drunkard". This act of the film, was a challenge for the comic. HOWARD HAWKS director, aware of the fears of his actor, reserved the sequence to the end of shooting ... "He did damn well - remembered HAWKS - really, that he realized he could act, and it was a great scene. He worked very hard, practiced with the gun and ended occurring him very well. those who are good work "... Ya think Mr. HAWKS, but How MARTIN came to "Rio Bravo"? ... "I always liked him. Me I met him personally. " Previously, DINO agent, had gone to the famous director in order to you to assess the possibility of having DEAN, pair the role of Assistant Sheriff ... "Okay - nodded HAWKS - I'm here tomorrow at nine o'clock "... The representative, conveyed some doubts about that its star, lograse "be here" as soon as the filmmaker intended. This, he cut sharply ... "Look, if you want to get into the movie, you need to be here at nine." DEAN, presented himself the next day, before HAWKS perfectly punctual, and began to tell him, "Well, I'm just a little busted Yesterday, I did a show in Las Vegas until midnight I got up early, rented a plane to arrive.. thus far , and it has to cost a lot across town. " director, nodded, asking: "Have you taken so much trouble to be here at nine? " "Yes" replied .. MARTIN. They then went on to discuss some aspects of the character, and soon, HAWKS, short conversation about abruptly, "Okay, you better go to pick up your wardrobe" ... DEAN, asked confused, "What do you mean? "..." You're gonna do "... concluded HOWARD HAWKS.

Mister HAWKS, continues his story:.. "He knew that if he could have taken so much trouble to talk to me, I knew the hard work was working, there was no problem because it has a great personality and he did, worked hard with that drunk "
with her ​​portrayal of "DUDE", showed that within their characteristics, could get to play, different types of characters. However, after "Rio Bravo", as mentioned, it prepared a "Dry Martini" and was relaxing ...
Later, I did some estimable films, others as, and a good number of expendable, but I think that never again interpret such a comprehensive and inspiring character as "that drunk" in such a round film as "Rio Bravo". MARTIN, continued inquiring about their dramatic possibilities in interesting films like "The Ambitious" (1959), " The third man was a woman "(1961), or" Toys in the Attic "(1963). Their performances were highlighted by the review but got little commercial fortune. Significantly, a musical with VINCENT MINELLI, "The phone rings" ( 1960) also raised very little. These failures, they would eroding her acting ambitions, and took another "Dry Martini". In "Kiss Me Fool" (1964), BILLY WILDER, made ​​a masterly caricature of himself. From here, the highlight of his film forays, is when it wears cowboy. The Western, was his favorite form of entertainment, and embarked on a few. Would emphasize the rolled orders HENRY HATHAWAY, "The Sons of Katie Elder" (1965), and "Poker Death" (1968). Among his film career, and once again, the landscape "Far West" line, has another great performance, though, much less remembered than "Rio Bravo" for the film, even being estimable, does not reach the level of Western HAWKS. The film, "Night of the Titans" (1967), and it DINO, played his darker character for the film. Called Undoubtedly, where "what happened tit" was starring in the trilogy MATT HELM, "Very Special Agent." A parody of James Bond films, the inimitable "DINO style." With MATT HELM, relaxation-based "Dry Martinis", peaked, however, JAMES "DINO" BOND, connected with the audience. Remember, "Airport" (1970), tape quite entertaining, authentic pioneer in the genre of "air disaster", for which, many are marching past glories of old Hollywood. The MARTIN itself, presented as his first "serious" production after several years.

In conclusion, it was a very uneven film career, in which he finished not fully utilize their skills as a performer ... On the other hand, was not bad either ...
You would like ELVIS PRESLEY fans that on your resume for the big screen, figurasen names: HOWARD HAWKS, BILLY WILDER, VINCENT MINELLI, Frank Tashlin, or HENRY HATHAWAY. Of course, Hollywood academy never contemplated the possibility that some of his greatest performances, was worthy of a nomination for the oscars.


voice DEAN MARTIN, not enough records SINATRA DAVIS JR, O BENNETT.
Occasionally though, listening to certain of his recordings, you have the feeling that sings below their means, and does not draw all their true potential . In "standards" Latin cut as "The Dove," or "Besame Mucho", type test new things, have a good time, and little else.
then you can not help but remember what declared by JERRY LEWIS, about which MARTIN,
sang, not take it seriously. There is some truth in it, but just something.
One quality that distinguishes MARTIN, not trying to say above, or, unlike other great crooners ... However, I think he excels in, one way very particular and genuine They constitute, as marking his great popular singer ... This quality, to which I am referring to is none other than, "naturalness" ... How to describe this gift when singing? ...
In my view, it is easy to disguise, how hard, getting that "no note" you're wearing a costume. And only among those who "do not they shout," we can say with certainty, the absence of such a disguise, then then the "mask" for "this unique species singing" is the skin itself.
Come on ... That all goes out to them ... Natural. MARTIN Gorge is prime ... Well ... What could be more virtuous to be natural? plain That ease, charged invaluable, especially in times of great adulteration musical, as the present. NAT KING COLE, to me, would be another great cultivator of this art. COLE, like Martin, was a troubadour without great fanfare, but of immense artistic results ... "Love me tender" Are you lonsome tonight?, are capital Elvis Presley recordings. In these songs, the King, led to a atmospheres which hovers the spirit of the Italian-American "crooner". If we refine a little our ear, we realize that your time on this serious sound so characteristic of CROCETTI, is felt the presence of BING CROSBY. Roots deep, are connected by a cool inexhaustible, watering land of the living. while SINATRA, embarked on more baroque musical projects, MARTIN, increasingly argued for simple formulas. DINO became "TEX" MARTIN, was carried away by the words, with his usual nonchalance ... "Iusston, iusston iusston" ... What kind! DEAN That ductility, halfway between silk and velvet, reach make him a touching ballad singer ... "Let me go Lover", "Return to me", "By the time I get to Phoneix." Vibration of the vocal cords, to extending the life rhythm of our hearts, encouraging , to celebrate the joy of living ... "Thats Amore", "Is not that a Kick in the Head." Perhaps you prefer creating climates, refreshingly warm ... "Its easy to remember", "I dont know why (I just do) "... O evocative moments of great intensity ..." My rifle, my pony and me. "    For lovers of country, we proposed a particular vision of cowboy music, proclaiming, "king of the road ", with remarkable track ... Not bad, this singer named as smiling, DEAN MARTIN.

In April 1964, it came unprecedented in the history of popular music. The British group THE BEATLES, occupied the top five lists of American success.
"British Invasion" had begun in February of that year. "Reprise" record label
owned by FRANK SINATRA, got distribution for the USA market, discs Kinks, another British group. SINATRA, thought that "the longhaired London", they could be able to do battle with "those hairy Liverpool."
Reality was that The Beatles, they had no rival in THE KINKS, or any other pop group ... Also Who needs ... the KINKS, when you have among your ranks, DEAN MARTIN?
were blowing strong air currents, bringing winds of change. But MARTIN and "Crooners"
are flexible as cane, which seems to bend under the pressure of the novel, however, stand up again more strongly than before, because the roots of cane, sink with such vigor in the damp earth of their ancestors, which are inarrancables. 's world, stirring sugestionado by "Beatle craze". MARTIN, remained calm, and began to pour another Dry Martini, while preparing a new album, "Dream with Dean". KEN LANE, pianist and henchman DEAN from that magical night at the Sands, suggested a repertoire composed By "standars" as "Blue Moon" or "Fool rush in". Also, they decided to dispense with large orchestras. Alone, four musicians intervene to bring a new intimate reading a bunch of old songs. Lacking a complete hack that dozen, LANE, proposed "Everybody loves somebody" issue, the same composed by IRVING TAYLOR, fifteen years ago. In those years, the pianist worked orders Sinatra, who recorded a version of the song on the Columbia label. JEANNE MARTIN, wife of DINO, was present and encouraged her husband to record it. "Everybody loves somebody", close the new album DEAN MARTIN. The Long Play, was ready in the spring of that year 64, but the record company decided to save it for the summer. Also, during the month of April, it was decided to record an alternative "Everybody loves somebody" version, this time with an orchestra, and printing a faster pace. Finally, June was the month chosen to launch "Dream with Dean." Meanwhile, another album, consisting of a repertoire of half-times, and the alternate version of "Everyboddy loves ..." was published which ultimately , was appointed to this parallel title shot. "To hards days night" BEATLES global success, was forced to leave the top of the U.S. charts, with the rapid ascent of the classic MARTIN. Later that year, another single from the singer, "The door is still open to my heart", in tents while the proto-heavy, "You Really Got Me" by THE KINKS. The two releases "Reprise", reached the top 10, but the song came DINO higher. before closing 1964, another single from the "crooner", "Your Nobody Till Somebody Loves You", came back strong in the Hit Parade USA , thereby reaping his third hit in a year. The Beatles, were at the summit, and there, they had to make room to accommodate an artist, they would have never suspected. In all the books in pop music history, 1964 is cited, such as "The British Invasion", however, is hardly mentioned that was also the year of the great DINO. The sixties, became the singer's golden years. During the period from 1964 to 1971, he dispatched six million singles, and six and a half Long Plays. Much more, of what they could get to brag, many "hairy invaders".

About nine years ago, we could also consider that at the peak of his career.
's reach as high, allowed him to discover that success and prestige, things are different. Moreover,
"the top", it may become uninhabitable, and always, is much more dangerous descent, the climb to the summit, as the notoriety achieved, has nothing to do with personal achievement.
Towards 1955 , completed an album for Capitol Records, titled "Swingin 'Down Yonder". This work would totally unnoticed, as it was not associated with any film success by LEWIS, nor had much to do with the hits of DINO to date, ie "Thats amore", "Swan" or "Memories are made of this ". This latest single, also took over the top spot in the "Charts" USA, in 1955. "Swingin Down Yonder" is part of a select group of large forgotten recordings, or overshadowed by others, which were more important at the time.
The album has that stale flavor intensity of a good port, or those acids nuances of a rioja gran reserva, fermented to debug our taste buds ... ¿...?? Actually ... I do not know very well that "is co ..." I'm talking about, and I do not understand much about wines, mine is ... apple juice ... But I have left " Cool "... In short, a wonderful disc, an authentic "deli" flavored "dixie", ie longing south, its rivers, cotton fields, traditional stews, its roots ... "deep" of course. Although now that I think about it, Ohio is not the south ... A detail of no importance, when it comes as a singer, DINO "TEX" MARTIN. A singer who qualifies deploying an expressive, understated and natural strength. A singer, keying with the full power of simplicity, and known as modular tonifiquar our ears, something which is not much, in these times of so stridently. This, I learned just listening to the songs of singers like: AL JOHNSON, LOUIS AMSTRONG and BING CROSBY, among others, very present in this great work, done with careful affection. A singer, whose only merit was liven downtime, that arise when dearrollarse frames MARTIN & LEWIS. A singer "without prestige" in 1955, recorded "Swingin 'Down Yonder" .... The arrangements and production run to account LEE GILLETTE and Voyle GILMORE, talents, serving the Capitol factory in the fifties, with that, I think it is all said.

The man, comedian, television presenter, dramatic actor, singer ... also danced!
The Americans, with their great ability to synthesize, summarize all these facets in just over ... "Entertainer".
The concept is very American, and DEAN MARTIN, reached a higher dimension, setting the bar, my very high opinion, all those who consciously or unconsciously, have tried to emulate. It is difficult, encompass the full meaning of this word as it did DINO, because without a doubt, we are talking about "ENTERTAINER" in capital letters ... I missing something? ...
FRANK Upsss ... Sorry, I forgot you ... Unforgivable! Of course, you were "the other with
case "and you beat DINO in many things ... But in my humble opinion, and no offense FRANK, MARTIN, as a communicator - to the fullest extent of the word - was unrivaled.
It is unacceptable, addressing the figure of Dean Martin, and forget to mention FRANK SINATRA. Likewise, no one can take care of SINATRA, let alone MARTIN. Even, perhaps more so in this case, since the Hoboken, developed greater psychological dependence on the Ohio, which did not happen much, by the Ohio, to the Hoboken ....
FRANCIS AND DINO, fiiiuuu ... Two good items!

In the seventies, MARTIN, declared to a reporter that "Frank and I are brothers.
We cut into the tip of the finger, and become blood brothers. FRANK, we sought Christian chop on the wrist. I said, are you crazy? No way! This is enough. "
So, one, he ran "Jack Daniels" in the veins, and the other, "J & B". FRANCIS ALBERT was Sicilian, all visceral. DINO CROCETTI came from the Abruzzi region, whose locals are characterized as the opposite of a Sicilian, ie quiet people near the stoicism.

FRANK SINATRA, became the most powerful person in show. No, I could
question him or to say NO! Nobody ... except DEAN MARTIN, despite this or because of it, continue to be the most admired friend by "The Voice". Many testimonies of people close to the two legends say DINO, was the mirror where FRANCIS looked ....

The Sicilian, spent thousands of dollars on dress well.
The Abruzzi was elegant to dress "DUDE" alcoholic cowboy and ragged.  

SINATRA, had to watch for some guests, not to march your party early.
MARTIN, no organized parties therefore lacked time to go to all that invited him.

The sympathy FRANK sometimes could have a forced point.
DEAN, aroused laughter effortlessly.

I think I mentioned, that the ... Naturalness.

Nobody will think badly, never was in "The Voice", a hint of envy, because he was very sure of himself and his talent, just a healthy mix of rivalry and admiration. MARTIN, was like the big brother - SAMMY DAVIS JR, little - you do not stop to look closely, and you think.? "That girl, I saw her first do ... How much can want this bastard "

The two "crooners" knew well above. They agreed backstage and especially in many parties. Were womanizers, drinkers and raised in similar environments. However, they took theirs in bond. MARTIN, had not become so important singer to reach to interest SINATRA. In turn, the Ohio had to suffer since the beginning of his career, the inevitable and invidious comparisons with "The Voice". Something that greatly annoyed DINO.
Everything began to change in the summer of 1958. DEAN, had just premiered "The Young Lions"
winning the favor of review with that interpretation. Reached his ears that FRANK, was about to star in a new adaptation of JAMES JONES, author of "From Here to Eternity."
This new film is called "Like a Stream". It was a story of losers, which would direct
the reputed MIMELLI VINCENT.
Someone gave a nice party in Beverly Hills, which, SINATRA attend.
Get invitation for any party organized in Hollywood, was the specialty of DINO ..

"Hey you" - Sinatra yelled at in the middle of the party -. "What have I done now?" - FRANK kidding -. To get their attention, MARTIN, continued saying.? 'I hear you're looking for someone for your next film? Character is a player who likes to drink and has a deep southern accent Dude, you're looking at me me! ".... Deep Southern Ohio accent ... kind!

SINATRA not take long to convince producers and get hired MARTIN.
His intervention in the war drama Edward Dmytryk, the overall price of the "ability to do serious cinema comic" up markedly. Meanwhile, FRANK, knowing the reputation DEAN, saw in him the ideal to ease tensions hauling, shooting a fellow drama. Especially if it was going to be led by MINNELLI, a director "picky", those who exasperated to "The Voice." Each week, organized meetings late into the night. A call FRANKIE, people flocked as the composer and lover of Jimmy Van Heusen spree, and some "Italian friends" of the two "crooners".
Alcohol, gambling, music, Italian food. The entrance was vetoed women, except the charming Shirley MacLaine, who also was part of the cast of the film. WARREN BEATTY's sister, was the only woman who had an important role in this world of men.
"Like a Stream" is one of the great melodramas of the fifties, and during filming, FRANCIS AND DINO, he laid the foundations for a very hedonistic ethics of artistic work, which served to reestablish the "Rat Pack". Everything was cooked behind this great movie, did rekindle a spirit that seemed extinct, after leaving this world, original "Guru" of "rats" and "Father" of Frank Sinatra in Hollywood, HUMPHREY BOGART.

As he was moving the shooting, FRANK, radically changed its artistic value to the new partner. MARTIN's performance, is another of his magnificent and emblematic interpretations.
Later that summer, DINO, was the special guest, along with BRING Crosby in "The Frank Sinatra Timex Show". In early 1959, "The Voice" proposed to the directors of Capitol, producing an album to his new friend. The result was "Sleep Warm". Thus was established the covenant of blood brotherhood between two legends. Then the legendary performances in Las Vegas, the film "Ocean's Eleven" (1960) ... I mean, the heyday of the "Rat Pack" followed.
"The clan of rats" would be part of another story. However, you must always remember the following:

· Hollywood sucks.
· Do not ever trust the boss.
· Drink apple juice all you can.
· Love music as yourself.

And above all ... "Never rat on a rat" (Never rat on a rat).

Who was Dean Martin? The truth? I have not the slightest idea ...
What I do know, with absolute certainties of this world ... It has much less class from him, left him.

Sources: "Rat Pack, living in his own way" by Javier Marquez.
"Hollywood stars" Peter Bodganovich.



Dicen, que la mejor forma de contar las cosas serias, es haciendo reír. No obstante, la gran tragedia de los cómicos, es que nadie les toma en serio. De toda la vida, versadas opiniones han afirmado, que hacer brotar la risa es un asunto bastante más peliagudo, que provocar el llanto. La teoría, viene avalada por el hecho, de que son muchos los casos en los cuales, el comediante suele descollar como un excelente actor dramático. Por el contrario, es más difícil encontrar ejemplos de actores dramáticos, que se destapen como buenos comediantes.

MARLON BRANDO, esta considerado como un genio, afirmación esta, que no pongo en duda, pero, siempre me resultó algo "pesado" para un género tan sutil, como es el de la comedia. Sin embargo, GARY GRANT, el rey de la comediantes, se amoldó muy convincentemente en aquellas pocas, pero fructíferas ocasiones, que pisó los terrenos del puro drama. BRANDON, logró dos oscars, y otros premios importantes a lo largo de toda su trayectoria. Siempre, tuvo el reconocimiento unánime de la crítica. GRANT, padeció el triste sino del cómico. Es decir, debió esperar a retirarse del cine, para que la academia de Hollywood, se acordase de él, y le concediera un oscar homenaje, por "una vida dedicada al cine". Son, esa categoría de oscars que otorgan, cuando el actor se encuentra más cerca del otro lado, que de éste. A titulo personal, eliminaría este tipo de galardones, pues, parece ser que valoran el largo tiempo dedicado al oficio de actuar, más que, las interpretaciones en si mismas...
Bien, si además de todo esto, eres cantante, conseguir que dejen de verte como "un cantante que actúa" y empiecen a estimar, sencilla y llanamente, tu labor de actor... En fin, es una empresa muy ardua.

DEAN MARTIN, poseía una "vis cómica" innata, y también cantaba. Dos cualidades, que te pueden llevar a triunfar en el mundo del espectáculo, pero no ha concederte excesivo "prestigio", tal y como lo concibe Hollywood. Así las cosas, MARTIN, se esforzó por evidenciar que un cómico, ante todo, es un actor. Fue de los primeros en hacerlo. Cuando rodó "Rio Bravo"(1959), lo dejó muy claro, interpretando a "DUDE", un vaquero con una adicción, que no es para tomársela a risa.

Una vez cumplida la misión... Se sirvió un "Dry Martini", y fue relajándose poco a poco...
Durante una entrevista, en los primeros sesenta, le preguntaron si no se había planteado realizar un musical en Broadway. Respondió, con otra pregunta: "¿Hacer lo mismo todas las noches? ¡Dios mio!
¡Que aburrido! No me importaría representarlo durante dos o tres noches, pero puedes estar seguro que
odiaría protagonizar un taquillazo". Estas palabras, constituyen toda una declaración de principios, y
reflejan exactamente el sentido lúdico que MARTIN tenía del trabajo....
Tomarse en serio, es aburrido y agotador para la salud.

Repasemos un poco, su historial cinematográfico...
MATIN & LEWIS, protagonizaron un total de dieciséis películas para Paramount. Los resultados artísticos, son desiguales, pero cada una de ellas cosechaba un éxito mayor que la anterior. En casi todas, se repite más o menos el mismo esquema: LEWIS, es "el frikie" inocentón, que no para de meterse en un lío tras otro, creando situaciones a cual más complicada. DINO, el eterno compañero, aparece para salvarle de sus apuros. Aunque, realmente es LEWIS quien salva a MARTIN, "el vividor", logrando conmover su - en el fondo - buen corazón.

A lo largo y ancho del recorrido, surgen bellas mujeres, quienes caen seducidas por el supermacho galán italiano, a golpe de irresistibles tonadas de amor. Claro que, los personajes de LEWIS, no son tan "tontos" como parecen, y saben encandilar al eterno femenino, a su peculiar estilo. El planteamiento, fue tremendamente efectivo de cara a la taquilla, pero simple y recurrente, sobre todo, si pretendes progresar como actor. Empero, las dieciséis constituyen un ejemplo muy digno de entretenimiento, a través de la comedia musical. Incluso, algunas de las cintas, especialmente aquellas dirigidas por el cada vez más valorado FRANK THASLIN, como "Artistas y modelos"(1955) o "Loco por Anita"(1956), figuran entre las mejores comedias de los años cincuenta. Hace poco, he vuelto a ver "Loco por Anita", ultimo film de la pareja, y... "Me he meado de risa"... No se me ocurre, mejor comentario para valorar una comedia, sobre todo, si pensamos que se filmo hace casi setenta años.

Fue el último rodaje de la pareja cómica. "A esas alturas de la película" los dos amigos apenas se hablaban. Sorprende comprobar, que la química continuaba funcionando a las mil maravillas. La cinta, gozó de un éxito considerable. Bajo mi humilde opinión, es una comedia excelente, en la que HALL WALLIS, su productor, aprovecha hábilmente ciertos momentos del film,  al efecto, de promocionar a su nueva adquisición, ELVIS PRESLEY.

Veamos, una vez que "MARTIN & LEWIS" fueron historia... ¿ Que hacemos con "el organillero"?... Le prestaron a la METRO. Allí, rodó una comedia romántica ambientada en Roma, con tintes musicales, a la que nadie prestó mucha atención, y según la crítica, bastante olvidable. Se llamó:"Ten thousand bedrooms", de RICHARD THORPE. Muchos visionarios, le pronosticaron un año de vida artística. Eran, momentos delicados para la carrera de DEAN MARTIN. A fin de evitar, que "ese año de vida" se cumpliera, nuestro héroe, consiguió meterse justo entre los dos "monstruos sagrados" del "método STANISLAVSKI", en su versión americana. Ni mas ni menos que, MARLON BRANDON
y MONTGOMERY CLIFT. El papel de MARTIN es MICHAEL WHITEACRE, un cantante - ¡valla! - obligado a dejar el micrófono, para empuñar el fusil. Inevitablemente, la experiencia de la guerra transformará su manera de ver la vida. WHITEACRE, no era un "personaje caramelo"
como lo fue el soldado MAGGIO, para SINATRA. Tampoco "El baile de los malditos"(1958), drama de guerra estimable, con el tema del antisemitismo de fondo, se convirtió en una película tan mítica como "De aquí a la eternidad"(1953). Sin embargo, la cinta de EDWARD DYMITRIK, llevaba la impronta de producción con mucho fuste. BRANDON y CLIFT, eran una inmejorable compañía para aprender y DINO, no desentonó entre "tanto prestigio", lo que le valió, obtener buenas críticas.
El ex cupier, empezaba a jugar bien sus cartas.

Hay una escena de "Rio Bravo", que se desarrolla dentro de un establo. En ella, DUDE, se desmorona casi rompiendo a llorar, ante su amigo el sheriff JOHN T. CHANCE, personaje interpretado por JOHN
WAYNE. Esta secuencia, refleja muy acertadamente, la impotencia que siente una persona cuando empieza a ser consciente, de sus serios problema con el alcohol. MARTIN, la llevó a cabo de una manera soberbia. DUDE, a la postre, se convirtió en "el reverso tenebroso" de DINO, "el borrachin". Este acto del film, supuso un reto para el cómico. El director HOWARD HAWKS, consciente de los temores de su actor, reservó la secuencia para el final del rodaje... "Lo hizo condenadamente bien - recordaba HAWKS - realmente, ahí se dio cuenta de que podía actuar, y fue una gran escena. Trabajó muy duramente, practicó con la pistola y terminó dándosele muy bien. Los que son buenos trabajan"...

Ya lo creo señor HAWKS, pero ¿Como llegó MARTIN a "Rio Bravo"?... "Siempre me cayó bien. Me encontré con el personalmente". Previamente, el agente de DINO, se había dirigido al insigne director,
con el propósito de que valorase la posibilidad de contar con DEAN, par el papel del ayudante del
Sheriff... "Esta bien - asintió HAWKS - que esté aquí mañana a las nueve de la mañana"...
El representante, transmitió ciertas dudas a cerca de, que su estrella, lograse "estar aquí" tan pronto, como pretendía el filmmaker. Este, le cortó secamente... "Mira, si quiere entrar en la película, tendrá que estar aquí a las nueve".

DEAN, se personó al día siguiente, ante HAWKS perfectamente puntual, y empezó a contarle: "Bueno, estoy un poco reventado. Ayer, hice un espectáculo en Las Vegas, hasta la media noche. Me levanté temprano, alquilé un avión para llegar hasta aquí, y me ha costado mucho atravesar la ciudad."
El director, asintió preguntándole:" ¿Te has tomado tantas molestias para poder estar aquí a las nueve?"
"Si".. Respondió MARTIN. Seguidamente, pasaron a comentar algunos aspectos del personaje, y al poco rato, HAWKS, corto la conversación de unas manera abrupta: "Esta bien, será mejor que vayas a recojer tu vestuario"... DEAN, preguntó confuso: "¿Que quieres decir?"... "Lo vas a hacer"... Concluyó HOWARD HAWKS.

Mister HAWKS, prosigue con su relato: "Sabía, que si era capaz de haberse tomado tantas molestias, para hablar conmigo, trabajaría duramente. Sabía que el trabajaba, no había problemas porque tiene una gran personalidad. Y lo hizo, trabajó duro con aquel borracho"
Con su personificación de "DUDE", demostró que dentro de sus características, podía llegar a interpretar, diversos tipos de personajes. Sin embargo, después de "Rio Bravo", como comenté, se preparó un "Dry Martini" y fue relajándose...
Posteriormente, hizo algunas películas estimables, otras a medida, y un buen numero de prescindibles, pero pienso, que jamás volvió a interpretar un personaje tan completo y estimulante como "aquel borracho", en una película tan redonda como "Rio Bravo".

MARTIN, siguió indagando con respecto a sus posibilidades dramáticas, en films interesantes como, "Los Ambiciosos"(1959), "El tercer hombre era mujer"(1961), o "Toys in the Attic" (1963).
Sus interpretaciones, fueron destacadas por la crítica, pero obtuvieron escasa fortuna comercial.
Cabe resaltar un musical con VINCENT MINELLI, "Suena el teléfono"(1960) que también recaudó muy poco. Estos fracasos, irían mermando sus ambiciones actorales, y se tomó otro "Dry Martini". En "Bésame tonto"(1964), de BILLY WILDER, realizó una magistral caricatura de si mismo. A partir de aquí, lo más destacable de sus incursiones cinematográficas, es cuando se viste de vaquero. El Western, era su forma favorita de entretenimiento, y se embarcó en unos cuantos. Resaltaría, los rodados a las ordenes de HENRY HATHAWAY, "Los cuatro hijos de Katie Elder"(1965), y "El poker de la muerte"(1968).

Dentro de su trayectoria cinematográfica, y una vez más, con el paisaje del "Far West" de fondo, tiene otra gran interpretación, aunque, bastante menos recordada que la de "Rio bravo", pues el film, aun siendo estimable, no alcanza el nivel del Western de HAWKS. La cinta, se llamó "Noche de Titanes"(1967), y en ella DINO, interpretó a su personaje más oscuro para el cine.

Sin lugar a dudas, donde se" lo pasó teta", fue protagonizando la trilogía de MATT HELM, "Agente muy especial". Una parodia de las películas de JAMES BOND, al inimitable "estilo DINO".
Con MATT HELM, la relajación a base de "Dry Martinis", alcanzó su punto culminante, ahora bien,
JAMES "DINO" BOND, conectó con el público. Recuerdo, "Aeropuerto"(1970), cinta bastante entretenida, autentica pionera en el género de "catástrofe aérea", por la cual, van desfilando muchas viejas glorias del viejo Hollywood. El propio MARTIN, la presentaba como su primera producción "seria", después de varios años.

En conclusión, fue una carrera cinematográfica muy desigual, en la cual, no se terminó de aprovechar completamente sus aptitudes como interprete... Por otra parte, tampoco estuvo nada mal...
Ya quisiéramos los fans de ELVIS PRESLEY, que en su currículum para la gran pantalla, figurasen los nombres de: HOWARD HAWKS, BILLY WILDER, VINCENT MINELLI, FRANK TASHLIN, o HENRY HATHAWAY. Por supuesto, la academia de Hollywood, jamás contempló la posibilidad, de que alguna de sus grandes interpretaciones, fuese merecedora de una nominación a los oscars.


La voz de DEAN MARTIN, no alcanzaba los registros de SINATRA, DAVIS JR, O BENNETT.
Aunque en ocasiones, escuchando ciertas grabaciones suyas, tienes la sensación de que canta por debajo de sus posibilidades, y no extrae todo su verdadero potencial. En "standards" de corte latino como "La paloma", o "Bésame mucho", el tipo prueba cosas nuevas, se lo pasa bien, y poco más.
Entonces, no puedes evitar acordarte de lo declarado por JERRY LEWIS, acerca de que MARTIN,
cantaba, sin tomárselo muy en serio. Algo de cierto hay en ello, pero tan solo algo.

Una cualidad, que distingue a MARTIN, no pretendo decir por encima de, o, a diferencia de otros grandes crooners... Sin embargo, pienso que sobresale en él, de una manera muy particular y genuina, llegando a constituir, su gran marchamo como cantante popular... Esta cualidad, a la que me estoy refiriendo no es otra que, "la naturalidad"... ¿Como describir este don a la hora de cantar?...
A mi juicio, es disfrazar de fácil, lo difícil, consiguiendo, que "no se note" que llevas puesto un disfraz. Y sólo, entre aquellos a quienes "no se les nota", podremos aseverar con seguridad, la inexistencia de tal disfraz, luego entonces, "el antifaz" para "esta especie única de cantantes", es la propia piel.
Vamos... Que todo les sale... Natural.

La garganta de MARTIN, es privilegiada... Pues... ¿Acaso hay algo más virtuoso que ser natural?
Esa llana desenvoltura, que cobra un valor incalculable, sobretodo, en tiempos de gran adulteración musical, como los presentes. NAT KING COLE, para mi, sería el otro gran cultivador de este arte. COLE, al igual que MARTIN, fue un trovador sin grandes alardes, pero de inmensos resultados artísticos...
"Love me tender", Are you lonsome tonight?, son grabaciones capitales de ELVIS PRESLEY.

En estas canciones, el Rey, originó unas atmósferas por las que sobrevuela el espíritu del "crooner" italoamericano. Si afinamos un poco más nuestro oído, nos daremos cuenta, que a su vez, sobre esa sonoridad grave tan característica de CROCETTI, se deja sentir la presencia de BING CROSBY.
Las raíces profundas, están conectadas por un fresco caudal inagotable, que riega la tierra de la vida.

Mientras SINATRA, se embarcaba en proyectos musicales más barrocos, MARTIN, apostaba por formulas cada vez más sencillas. Se convirtió en DINO "TEX" MARTIN, dejándose arrastrar por la palabras, con su habitual desenfado... "Iusston, iusston iusston"... ¡Que tipo!

Esa ductilidad de DEAN, a medio camino entre la seda y el terciopelo, llega a convertirle en un baladista conmovedor... "Let me go Lover", "Return to me", "By the time I get to Phoneix".
La vibración de sus cuerdas vocales, consigue aumentar el ritmo vital de nuestros corazones, alentándonos, a festejar la alegría de vivir..."Thats Amore", "Ain´t that a kick in the Head".

Quizás, se le prefiera creando climas, estimulantemente cálidos... "Its easy to remember", "I dont know
why (I just do)"... O instantes de gran intensidad evocadora... "My rifle, my pony and me".  
A los amantes del country, les propuso una particular visión de la música vaquera, proclamándose,
"king of the road", con notable seguimiento...

No esta mal, este cantante tan risueño llamado, DEAN MARTIN.

En abril de 1964, aconteció un hecho sin precedentes en la historia de la música popular. El grupo británico THE BEATLES, ocupó los cinco primeros puestos de las listas de éxito norteamericanas.
"La invasión británica" había comenzado en febrero de ese mismo año. "Reprise", sello discográfico
propiedad de FRANK SINATRA, consiguió la distribución para el mercado USA, de los discos de THE KINKS, otro grupo británico. SINATRA, pensaba que "los melenudos de Londres", podían ser capaces de presentar batalla a "esos melenudos de Liverpool".

La realidad, fue que THE BEATLES, no tuvieron rival en THE KINKS, ni en ningún otro grupo pop... Además... ¿Quien necesita a los KINKS, cuando tienes entre tus filas, a DEAN MARTIN?
Soplaban fuertes corrientes de aire, que traían vientos de cambio. Pero MARTIN y los "Crooners"
son flexibles como el junco, que parece doblarse ante el empuje de lo novedoso, sin embargo, vuelve a erguirse con mas fuerza que antes, pues las raíces del junco, se hunden con tal vigor en la tierra húmeda de sus ancestros, que son inarrancables.

El mundo, se agitaba sugestionado por "la locura Beatle". MARTIN, mantuvo la calma, y se dispuso a servirse otro Dry Martini, mientras, preparaba un nuevo álbum,"Dream with Dean".

KEN LANE, pianista y hombre de confianza de DEAN desde aquella mágica noche en el Sands, sugirió un repertorio compuesto por "standars", como "Blue Moon" o "Fool rush in".

También, decidieron prescindir de grandes orquestas. Tan solo, intervendrían cuatro músicos para aportar una nueva lectura intimista a un puñado de viejas canciones. A falta de un corte con el que completar la docena, LANE, propuso "Everybody loves somebody", tema, que el mismo compuso junto a IRVING TAYLOR, quince años atrás. En aquellos años, el pianista trabajaba a las ordenes de SINATRA, quien registro una versión de la canción en el sello Columbia. JEANNE MARTIN, esposa de DINO, estaba presente, y animó a su marido a grabarla. "Everybody loves somebody", cerraría el nuevo álbum de DEAN MARTIN. El Long Play, estaba listo en la primavera de aquel año 64, pero la disquera decidió reservarlo para el verano. También, durante el mes de Abril, se resolvió grabar una versión alternativa de "Everybody loves somebody", esta vez con orquesta, e imprimiendo un ritmo más dinámico. Finalmente, junio fue el mes elegido para lanzar al mercado "Dream with Dean".

Al mismo tiempo, se publicó otro album, formado por un repertorio de medios tiempos, y la versión alternativa de "Everyboddy loves..." que a la postre, fue el titulo designado para este lanzamiento paralelo.

"A hards days night", éxito mundial de los BEATLES, se vio obligado a abandonar el primer puesto de las listas norteamericanas, ante el vertiginoso ascenso del clásico de MARTIN. A finales de ese año,
otro single del cantante, "The door is still open to my heart", estaba en las tiendas a la vez que el proto- heavy, "You really got me" de THE KINKS. Los dos lanzamientos de "Reprise", alcanzaron el top 10, pero la canción de DINO llegó más alto.

Antes de cerrar 1964, otro sencillo del "crooner", "Your Nobody Till Somebody Loves You", pegó fuerte en el Hit Parade USA, cosechando con ello, su tercer hit en un año.

Los BEATLES, se encontraban en la cumbre, y allí, tuvieron que hacer sitio para acomodar a un artista, del que no habrían sospechado jamás. En todos los libros de historia musical pop, se cita el año 1964, como el de "La invasión Británica", no obstante, apenas se menciona que también fue el año del gran DINO. Los sesenta, se convirtieron en los años dorados del cantante.

Durante el periodo 1964-71, despachó seis millones de singles, y otros seis y medio de Long Plays. Bastante más, de lo que pudieron llegar a presumir, muchos "invasores melenudos".

Unos nueve años atrás, también podríamos considerar que se encontraba en la cima de su carrera.
El llegar tan alto, le permitió descubrir, que éxito y prestigio, son cosas diferentes. Por otra parte,
"lo más alto", puede convertirse en un lugar inhabitable, y siempre, es mucho más peligrosa la bajada, que la subida a la cumbre, pues la notoriedad alcanzada, nada tiene que ver con el logro personal.

Hacia 1955, completó un álbum para el sello Capitol, titulado "Swingin' Down Yonder". Este trabajo, pasaría totalmente desapercibido, pues no estaba asociado a ninguna película de éxito junto a LEWIS, ni tenía mucho que ver con los hits de DINO hasta la fecha, o sea, "Thats amore", "Swan", o "Memories are made of this". Este ultimo sencillo, también se adueñó del primer puesto de los "Charts" USA, en 1955.

"Swingin Down Yonder", forma parte de un selecto grupo de grandes grabaciones olvidadas, u opacadas por otras, que obtuvieron mayor relevancia en su momento.
El disco, posee esa intensidad aromática añeja de un buen oporto, o esos ácidos matices de un rioja gran reserva, fermentado para depurar nuestras papilas gustativas... ¿¿¿... ??? ... En realidad, no sé muy bien de que "co... es" estoy hablando, ya que no entiendo gran cosa de vinos, lo mío es... El zumo de manzana... Pero, me ha quedado "Cool"...

En resumidas cuentas, un disco maravilloso, una autentica "delicatessen"con sabor a "dixie", es decir,
la añoranza del sur, sus ríos, sus campos de algodón, sus guisos tradicionales, sus raíces... "profundas" por supuesto. Aunque ahora que lo pienso, Ohio, no es el sur... Un detalle, sin ninguna importancia, cuando se trata de un cantante como, DINO "TEX" MARTIN. Un cantante, que matiza desplegando una fuerza expresiva, sobria y natural. Un cantante, que afina con toda la eficacia de la sencillez, y sabe, como modular para tonifiquar nuestros oídos, algo, que no esta de más, en estos tiempos de tanta estridencia. Todo ello, lo aprendió simplemente escuchando las canciones de cantantes como:
AL JOHNSON, LOUIS AMSTRONG, y BING CROSBY, entre otros, muy presentes en este fabuloso trabajo, realizado con esmerado cariño. Un cantante, cuyo único mérito era, amenizar los tiempos muertos, que surgían al dearrollarse las tramas de MARTIN & LEWIS.
Un cantante "sin prestigio" que en 1955,  grabó "Swingin' Down Yonder"....
Los arreglos y producción corren a cuenta de LEE GILLETTE  y VOYLE GILMORE, talentos, al servicio de la factoría Capitol durante los años cincuenta, con eso, creo que está todo dicho.

El hombre, el cómico, el presentador televisivo, el actor dramático, el cantante... ¡También bailaba!
Los estadounidenses, con su gran capacidad de síntesis, resumen todas estas facetas en un sólo termino... "Entertainer".

El concepto, es muy norteamericano, y con DEAN MARTIN, alcanzó una mayor dimensión, poniendo el listón, a mi juicio muy alto, a todos aquellos que de una forma consciente o inconsciente, han tratado de emularle. Es difícil, abarcar el significado total de esta palabra como lo hizo DINO, pues sin lugar a dudas, estamos hablando del "ENTERTAINER"con mayúsculas... ¿Me falta algo?...
Upsss... Perdona FRANK, me olvidaba de ti... ¡Imperdonable! Por supuesto, tu fuiste "el otro con
mayúsculas", y le ganas a DINO en muchas cosas... Pero bajo mi humilde opinión, y no te ofendas FRANK, MARTIN, como comunicador, - con toda la extensión de la palabra - no tuvo rival.
Es inadmisible, abordar la figura de DEAN MARTIN, y olvidarse de mencionar a FRANK SINATRA. De la misma manera, nadie se puede encargar de SINATRA, sin hablar de MARTIN. Incluso, quizás con mayor motivo en este caso, ya que el de Hoboken, desarrolló una mayor dependencia psicológica hacia el de Ohio, que no sucedió tanto, por parte del de Ohio, hacia el de Hoboken....
FRANCIS Y DINO, fiiiuuu... ¡Dos buenos elementos!

En los setenta, MARTIN, declararía a un periodista, lo siguiente: "FRANK y yo, somos hermanos.
Nos cortamos en la punta del dedo, y nos convertimos en hermanos de sangre. FRANK, pretendía que nos cortásemos en la muñeca. Yo le dije, ¿estas loco? ¡Ni hablar! Esto es suficiente."
Así es, a uno, le corría "Jack Daniels" por las venas, y al otro, "J&B". FRANCIS ALBERT, era siciliano, todo visceralidad. DINO CROCETTI, provenía de la región de Abruzzi, cuyos lugareños se caracterizan por ser lo opuesto a un siciliano, es decir, gente tranquila, rozando el estoicismo.

FRANK SINATRA, llegó a ser la persona más poderosa del mundo del espectáculo. Nadie, podía
cuestionarle o decirle ¡NO! ... Nadie, excepto DEAN MARTIN, y a pesar de ello o gracias a ello, continuar siendo el amigo más admirado por "La voz". Muchos testimonios de personas cercanas a los dos leyendas, afirman que DINO, era el espejo donde se miraba FRANCIS....

El siciliano, gastaba miles de dólares en vestir bien.
El de Abruzzi, resultaba elegante hasta vestido de "DUDE" el vaquero alcohólico y desharrapado.  

SINATRA, tenía que vigilar para que algunos invitados, no se marchasen de su fiesta antes de tiempo.
MARTIN, no organizaba fiestas, pues, le faltaba tiempo para acudir, a todas las que le invitaban.

La simpatía en FRANK, a veces podía tener un punto forzado.
DEAN, despertaba carcajadas sin esfuerzo.

Creo que ya mencioné, aquello de la... Naturalidad.

Que nadie piense mal, nunca hubo en "La voz", algún asomo de envidia, pues él, era muy seguro de si mismo y de su talento, tan solo, una saludable mezcla de rivalidad y admiración. MARTIN, era como el hermano mayor - SAMMY DAVIS JR, el pequeño - al que no paras de observar atentamente, y piensas: "A esa chica, la vi yo primero. ¿Como lo hace?... ¡Cuanto quiero a este cabrón!"

Los dos "crooners", se conocían muy por encima. Coincidieron en camerinos y sobre todo, en muchas fiestas. Eran mujeriegos, bebedores y crecieron en ambientes similares. Sin embargo, tardaron lo suyo, en estrechar lazos. MARTIN, no había llegado a ser tan importante como cantante, para llegar a despertar el interés de SINATRA. A su vez, el de Ohio, tuvo que sufrir desde el comienzo de su carrera, las  inevitables y odiosas comparaciones con "La voz". Algo, que fastidiaba mucho a DINO.

Todo, empezó a cambiar en el verano de 1958. DEAN, acababa de estrenar "El baile de los malditos"
ganándose el favor de la crítica con aquella interpretación. Llegó a sus oídos que FRANK, se disponía a protagonizar una nueva adaptación de JAMES JONES, el autor de "De aquí a la Eternidad".
Esta nueva película, se llamaría "Como un Torrente". Era una historia de perdedores, que iba a dirigir
el reputado VINCENT MIMELLI.

Alguien, daba una agradable fiesta en Beverly Hills, a la cual, asistiría SINATRA.
Conseguir invitación, para cualquier fiesta organizada en Hollywood, era la especialidad de DINO..

"Hey tu"- le gritó a SINATRA en medio de la fiesta -. "¿Que he hecho ahora?" - bromeo FRANK -. Al captar su atención, MARTIN, continuo diciéndole: "He oido que andas buscando a alguien para tu próxima película. ¿El personaje es un jugador al que le gusta beber, y tiene un profundo acento del sur? ¡Tio, me estas buscando a mí!".... Profundo acento del sur de Ohio... ¡Que tipo!

SINATRA, no tardó mucho en convencer a los productores, y lograr que contrataran a MARTIN.
Tras su intervención en el drama bélico de EDWARD DMYTRYK, la cotización general de la "capacidad del cómico para hacer cine serio", experimentó una notable subida. Por su parte, FRANK, conocedor de la reputación de DEAN, vio en él, al compañero ideal para aliviar las tensiones que acarrea, el rodaje de una película dramática. Sobre todo, si ésta, iba a estar comandada por MINNELLI, un director "tiquismiquis", de esos que sacaban de quicio a "La voz". Cada Noche, organizaron reuniones hasta altas horas de la madrugada. A la llamada de FRANKIE, acudieron gente como el compositor y gran amante de la juerga JIMMY VAN HEUSEN, y algunas "amistades italianas" de los dos "crooners".

Alcohol, juego, música, comida italiana. La entrada estaba vetada a las mujeres, salvo la encantadora SHIRLEY MACLAINE, que también integraba el reparto del film. La hermana de WARREN BEATTY, fue la única mujer, que tuvo un peso importante en aquel mundo de hombres.

"Como un Torrente", es uno de los grandes melodramas de los cincuenta, y durante su rodaje, FRANCIS Y DINO, sentaron las bases de una ética del trabajo artístico muy hedonista, que sirvieron para refundar el "Rat Pack". Todo lo que se coció detrás de esta gran película, hizo reavivar un espíritu que parecía extinguido, después de abandonar este mundo, "el Guru" original de "las ratas", y "Padre" de FRANK SINATRA en Hollywood, HUMPHREY BOGART.

Según fue avanzando el rodaje, FRANK, cambió radicalmente su valoración artística hacia el nuevo compañero. La actuación de MARTIN, es otra de sus magníficas y emblemáticas interpretaciones.

A finales de ese verano, DINO, fue el invitado especial, junto a BRING CROSBY en "The Frank Sinatra Timex Show". A principios de 1959, "La voz"  propuso a los directivos de Capitol, producir un disco a su nuevo amigo. El resultado fue "Sleep Warm". De esta manera, quedó consolidado el pacto de sangre de una hermandad entre dos leyendas. Después, se sucedieron las legendarias actuaciones en Las Vegas, el film "La cuadrilla de los once"(1960)... Es decir, el apogeo del "Rat Pack".

"El clan de las ratas" formaría parte de otra historia. Sin embargo, debeís recordad siempre lo siguiente:

· Hollywood apesta.
·No te fíes nunca del jefe.
·Bebe todo el zumo de manzana que puedas.
·Ama la música como a ti mismo.

Y por encima de todo... "Never rat on a rat"(Nunca delates a una rata).

¿Quien fue DEAN MARTIN? ¿La verdad? No tengo ni la más remota idea...
Lo que si sé, con la más absoluta de las certezas... Es que este mundo, tiene mucha menos clase desde que él, lo abandonó.

Fuentes consultadas: "Rat Pack, viviendo a su manera" de Javier Márquez.
"Las estrellas de Hollywood" de Peter Bodganovich.