Sunday, April 26, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "April In Paris"

Good mornin', afternoon, evenin', friends!
Whatever the case may be!

Hey, pals...I'm not even 100% positive that it's even Sunday!

Am I doin' "Danny G's Thursday Serenade with Dino"?!
It's kind've all been blurred together, these days.

Am I right?

Groundhog a friend o' mine, calls it.

Everyday seems the same as yesterday...& the day before & the day before that.

I would've bet my last bottle of Zin that Tuesday was actually Wednesday!
Had to check my phone twice that day.

O well, mi is, what it is.

We makin' the best situation out of a not so cool situation.

We're doin' the right thin'.
We're stayin' safe...I hope.
Pourin' up some vino...& chillin' with our main man, Dino.

Speakin' of our main dudes...I'm wonderin' where our fearless leader, DMP,  has been.
I know he has his personal thins' he deals with, from time to time...but I'm gettin' a little worried now. Been a couple months since his last re-emergin'... & that was brief.
Let's keep him in our prayers, pallies.

OK...let's get some Dino flowin'.
Sound good?

Keeps me goin', my friends.

Keeps the optimism brewin' in me.

I know thins' are crazy...but Dean's jams...spirit & vibe...seriously help me keep my eye on that light at the end of the tunnel, pallies.

Now...there's NO WAY...I was lettin' April slip away...without sharin' some "April in Paris".

A soft & mellow tune.
Pure tranquility, mi amici.

I put pictures to words, in my dizzy mind,  as I listen to the lyrics. 
Try it, pals.
Close your eyes...& let Dino take the wheel.
It's sure to put all this craziness aside...& soak in some of Dean's "cool".

OK, pallies o' mine...stay safe by stayin' home.

We're getting; there...I think, hope.

Whatever...enjoy the Serenadin'.


Sunday, April 19, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "C'est Si Bon"

Man o' man, pals...What the heck is goin' on here?!

Was this whole Springtime thin' just a crazy dream?!

Did I just wake up in December?!

Maybe I should be spinnin' "Marshmallow World", still...instead of "April in Paris"!

I'm lookin' out my window, & all I see is a fluffy blanket of snow!
My green grass is gone...the buddin' flowers are buried...& the Blue birds are takin' cover!
Pure insanity!

I guess the only thin' to do is laugh, mi amici.

After all...these ARE insane times!

The whole world seems to be upside-down, right now.

I suppose a little New England snowstorm in mid-April should be expected at this point.
Who knows, pallies...maybe tomorrow the sky will fall!

Yup...2020 is DEF I NATE LY gonna be one for the record books.

Well, my friends...I won't let a few inches of snowflakes throw me off.
I'm stayin' the course, man!

I got's me plenty of Dino & plenty of vino & I'm doin' just fine.

Gettin' use to sittin' home, anyway, pals o' mine.

I'm bettin' wherever youse is...readin' this...your skies are blue & the sun is shinin'.
So, with that in mind...I will continue onward...with Springtime Dino jams in my heart...& a Scotch on the rocks in my hand!

Let's get to Dean's "French Style" al b um.
Let's pick a fun one.
Somethin' to take our crazy minds, off this crazy world.

How's 'bout some "C'est Si Bon"?
Sounds good to me, pallies!

I'm doin' 2 great great vids from Dino's show for this one, pals.
Simply couldn't pick one over the other!
I love the first for Dean's fun & silly kinda way 'bout him...& I loves the second for his SUPREME vocal.
Hey, pals...what other choice do I have ?!

Oh, & by the way...THIS is the Dino-tune with the reference to ol' Franky, at the end.
I don't know where my head is at, lately, mi amici.
I think we ALL are thinkin' with scrambled eggs for brains, right 'bout now.

O well, is what it is.
And it WILL pass!

Stay Dino-focused!
Stay safe & stay home!

We'll get through it.


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "The Poor People Of Paris"

Hey pals!

Happy Easter!

Is all my fellow Dino-diggin' peeps followin' the rules?
The social distancin' thin'...the masks...the stayin' home?
That's what we gotta do, mi amici.

Looks like it's the best chance we's got, at squashin' this UGLY thin'!
And we will squash it, pals.

Someday we will be able to look back and say..."Man o man...what a freakin' nightmare that was!"
Hopefully sooner than later...but...I thinks we got a way to go.

Anyways' pallies...I cracked myself up today...& I figured I tell youse why.

So, as soon as I got up this mornin'...I knew I had thins' to do.
A long list of errands.

As usual, I grabbed my Ear Buds.
Those "cordless headphone type thins"...for any of us over 50.
Haha...and headed out.

So, as I'm goin' 'bout my weekend duties...I gots my Dino croonin' in my ears.

Not really payin' to close of attention to what I'm actually listenin' to.
Just sailin' 'round with our pal.

Then, as I was wrappin' up my first job of the day...I my amazement...I had just been jammin' along to 'bout 30 minutes of Dino's "Winter Romance" al b um!

Just struck me funny that I've been waitin' & anticipatin' Spring for soooo long.
Waitin' to be able to crank up the Springtime tunes...& here I is floatin' 'round to Dean's Winter jams! Hahaha!!!

Hey, pals...just goes to show...Any Dino & ALL Dino is good ANY time & ALL the time!

Yea yea… I know...not very funny, Danny G..
Guess youse had to be there...but youse get the point.

Well, that's 'nough outta me.
Let's get back to the Springtime Serenadin'!

Yup...that could only mean one thin', pallies...I is jumpin' back to Dino's "French Style" al b um!
A Pure Pure work of art!

Get's me in that "April" kinda mood, my friends.
Youse too?
I bet it does! how's 'bout a wee bit o' "The Poor People of Paris"? I know...not my usual sort of Easter jam. But...I'm just in this crazy vibe right now. We need to let Dean get us smilin'. As he does, on this one, so easily.

Definitely one of Dean's funnest tunes.

Loves how he has to throw a reference to his bestest pal, the end.
Silly fella.

Well, mi amici...hope all is well.

Happy Easter!
Buona Pasqua!

Don't forget the reason for this great great season!

Stay home...Stay safe...& let's keep the Dino & the vino flowin'!


Sunday, April 05, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "April Showers"

Welcome back, mi amici.

Youse look stunnin'!
That will be a little funnier when youse hear it from Dino.

We'll get to that later.

So, dearest friends o''s thins'?

I've been prayin' extra hard for ALL of us.
Prayin' we all is safe...followin' this new crazy protocol & keepin' our chins up.

Not an easy thin' to do durin' these scary times, pals. I know.
But...we'll get there, my friends.

Good days WILL return & this too...shall pass.

Well, not much to do, sittin' in.
Not much to do...OTHER THAN PLAYIN' HOURS & HOURS OF DINO, that is!

Hey, man...nuthin' wrong with that!

Gots to make the best of the nasty cards we been dealt, pallies.

We gots performances...interviews...shows...roasts...Man O' Man, mi amici...we is gonna be ALLLLRIGHT!

I REFUSE to let this "brutta cosa" (ugly thin'), ruin our Spring!
Or ruin our fun fun crazy cool little Dino-fied blog!
Noooo way, pals.

This is my FAVE time of year...& I is gonna find some joy in matter what, my friends!

Gotta still appreciate the little blessins' we have!

The sunshine...the rain...the birds & bees...the flowers & the trees.
Just look out your window, friends o mine.
They're out there.

We maybe can't fully enjoy them today....but....a day will come.

So...all that bein' said...let's get to some sweet sweet Serenadin' from our main croonin' cat, Dino!

How's 'bout a little "April Showers" to set the mood?
Perfecto for a rainy Spring day like this, pallies.

The crazy banterin' 'tween Dino & Ken gets me rollin' everytime.
Takes away ALL this insanity...just for a moment or two.

Reminds me that thins' maybe lousy for now...but life STILL is GOOD!

So, my fellow followers of Dean...I'm sittin' here...lookin out my our big beautiful world...& all I can think look stunnin'!

Be safe, mi amici.