Thursday, June 30, 2016

This Day in Dino History

Hey there pals!
So so glad to be here today...bringin' youse some "Dino Days in History" info...from a number one pallie of ours, Ed.
Seems that today marks the 50th anniversary, to the day, of the realease of two VERY cool Dino jams!
"Marshmallow World" & "One In A Million"!
 Now, pallies...I knows for sure that we donts even wanna THINKS 'bout Christmastime yet! Haha!! So...let's listenin' to a little croonin' from Dino's 1966 release "One In A Million" from his Reprise al b um "The Hit Sound of Dean Martin"!

 I wanna thanks our great pal, Ed. for sharin' this cool cool info! "Thanks pallie!"
This is EX ACT LY the kinda input we need to keep our blog flowin'!
If any of youse would like to share ANYTHIN' "Dino"...please email me at
I'd love to hear from youse!
 Ok, mi amici...enjoy & I'll see youse Sunday!

(How many teardrops)
Have I cried over you
A million and one tears
A million and two

(How many lonely nights)
Have my arms ached for you
A million and one nights
A million and two

Loving you darlin'
While I thought you loved me, only me
But you were just fooling
And the fool you were fooling was me

How many sweet dreams
Will never come true
A million and one dreams
A million and two

(Loving you darlin'
While I thought you loved me, only me)
But you were just fooling
And the fool you were fooling was me
(How many sweet dreams)
Will never come true
A million and one dreams
A million and two
A million and one dreams
A million and two

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I Know I Can't Forget"

Hey pallies.
 Feelin' blue, my friends.
 Don't know what's goin' on with our pal of pals, DMP!
 Its been since June 7th, Dean's Birthday, that we've heard from out fearless leader!
Where did he go?!
 Is he OK?!
 Cants stop thinkin' 'bout it!
I'm still hopin' & prayin' that this is a "temporary situation".

 We gots to stay positive, pals.
Hate to bring youse down. I'm just worried 'bout him.
 Well...I guess we'll have to carry the Dino-torch for him! Keep the flame STRONG & BRIGHT!
That's the purpose of our blog & man o man...that's what we is gonna do! Ha!

Picked a mellow...somber type Dino tune for this week's Serenade, pallies. Just seemed to fit this mood I'm in.
Hopes it soothes youse like it does me.

Keep DMP's mission flowin' & growin', mi amici!
We owe him that.
 Stay Dino-focused & DEF I NATE LY Dino-positive!
 Ciao for now!


There were other loves before I found you
And I wish sometimes that we had never met
For life without you darling can never be the same
For having loved you once I can't forget (Forget)

I remember all your smiles and laughter (And laughter)
I remember love light shining in your eyes
And though I only had you for just a little while
When you were there the whole world seemed so right

(All) I remember these things through bitter tears
(All) The touch of your hand in mine
(All) And though you're not here through the lonely years
With memories of you I'll never be the alone

There'll maybe other arms to soothe my sadness
There will be other loves that I have never met
But life without you darling can never be the same
For having loved you once I can't forget you

(For life without you darling can never be the same)
For having loved you once
(For having loved you once)
I can't
(I can't)
(I know I can't I can't forget)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Missin' DMP & Keepin' the Dino-Ball Rollin'!

Hey there, pals.
 I wanted to stop by & let all know that I have still not heard ANYTHIN' from our one & only DMP.
I'm very concerned...but stayin' Dino-positive, pallies...that he is OK & WILL be returnin' to us soon!
 I'm gonna give somethin' a try here, my friends. I've found several unfinished posts of our fearless Dino-diggin' leader that I'm gonna get into shape & share them with youse. Mostly articles 'bout Dino's 99th birthday.
 The one i'm goin' to attempt to post now...seems to have been for the day after & was completed by DMP!
I'm very excited to share this last blog with ALL his pals!
Hopes I can figure out how! Haha!!
Bare with me, my friends!
See youse Sunday.
This one's for you, pallie.

Dino represents the hipster who loved to party, drink, smoke and have a good time.

Hey pallies, likes there are so so many great great postin's in huge honor of our Dino's 99th anniversary of his descent to earth, likes we hardly know where to start in our Dino-postin', but today we are powerfully pumped to share a remarkably reverent reflection from the blog tagged "THE OTTO FILES." In checkin' back over previous posts, we have stopped by this pad a couple of times in 2015 for other Dino-remembrances that you can locate HERE and also HERE.

This "Otto" dude is truly a deep deep devotee of our most beloved Dino and his June 7, 2016 post tagged "DEAN MARTIN AT 99" in indeed incredibly more proof positive of how much he "gets Martin." His wonderfully wise words of intense insight into the life, times, and teachin's of our Dino are beau-ti-ful to behold and his 10---count -em----10 vid clips, most from the Dino-show give his readers much pleasure in Dino-viewin'.

We salute the pallie who swankly scribes for "THE OTTO FILES"....probably Otto, and salute him for his remarkable written word skills as well as his powerfully perfect perspective on our one and only Dino....sure to draw many many of his readership into a deeper devotion to our one and only Dino. Dino-awed, DMP


Today would have been Dean Martin’s 99th birthday. Next year, at this time, we’ll be celebrating his centennial. It’s quite remarkable how popular Dean Martin remains in today’s culture, more than two decades after his passing.
Martin’s enduring legacy is both impressive and ironic. He endures in the culture as a symbol of the cool swinger. Dino represents the hipster who loved to party, drink, smoke and have a good time. In our more enlightened society the practice of drinking to excess, smoking with impunity and living a life of partying without limits or consequences is viewed through a clinical lens of disease or addiction. Dean and his Rat Pack contemporaries represent of simpler time of “ignorant bliss.” But here’s the kicker – Dean wasn’t nearly the raucous party animal he made out to be. Don’t get me wrong, he was no Perry Como but he wasn’t as wild as his pal Frank Sinatra either.
When Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis ended their partnership in 1956, the show biz world was stunned. Hollywood luminaries intervened to try to convince them to stay together. It is impossible for young people today to imagine just how big “Martin & Lewis” were in our culture. However, after their impending breakup was announced, those who had a soft spot for the handsome singer, who was increasingly getting edged out of the spotlight by his ego-crazed partner, were concerned for Dino’s future. It was generally believed that Jerry Lewis would go on to greater fame and fortune while his partner would fall flat on his face. Lewis had convinced their fans and friends what he himself had come to believe, that Jerry Lewis was the real talent in the duo.
Upon their breakup, Dean’s first solo motion picture was a piece salaciously entitled “Ten Thousand Bedrooms.” Unfortunately, the movie was not nearly as enticing as the title. It was a flop, only encouraging the belief of some in the business that Dean without Jerry was a wet firecracker. But Dino was no novice to show business. By the time of his split with Lewis, Dean Martin had been singing for his supper for nearly 20 years.
He hired a talented comedy writer named Ed Simmons to help him craft a nightclub act. Dean knew he needed “a hook.” Like so many in show biz, Dean loved the nightclub comic Joe E. Lewis. He thought that he could pull off a “drunk persona” like Joe E. had thrived on for decades. Simmons wrote him some material in that vein. Once out on stage, and with the security of the written material, Simmons said Dean seamlessly began to ad-lib his own ideas into the material he’d written. The act was a success and he would forever be thought of as “Drunky Dean.”
The irony of Dean’s success as the drunken, self-deprecating comic/singer is two pronged. First of all, while Dean was certainly a drinker in good standing, many times on stage he had nothing more lethal that apple juice in his glass. It had the same hue of Scotch and worked well to wet your whistle while singing. Years later when NBC signed Dean to an extremely lucrative contract, Dean quipped, “Do you think NBC would pay millions of dollars to a drunk?”
In the most successful years of his career, 1950s – 1970s, Dean kept a pretty routine schedule. Up at dawn, breakfast alone before the family woke up, out to the gold course for 9-27 holes of golf (depending on his work schedule) and then home for dinner with the family, perhaps watch a western on TV (Dean loved westerns) and in bed by 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. so he could wake up early the next morning and do it all over again. That’s not to say he never went out or went to parties. He did what he had to do but his wife Jeannie was far more interested in the social scene than Dean was.
Dean was essentially an insulated personality. He was not, by nature, a gregarious social butterfly. He abhorred small talk. He once told his children, “It’s not the chit I mind so much as it is the chat.” His daughter Deana fashioned a poignant portrait of her famous dad in her 2004 memoir, “Memories Are Made Of This.” In one passage, Deana writes, “He was surprisingly tactile. He touched people, hugged them, squeezed their shoulders, and allowed them to touch him in return. With his relaxed manner, he had the ability to set people immediately at ease. He was undoubtedly a complicated man, a Gemini with two distinct facets to his personality, and sometimes he would say or do hurtful things without realizing it. There must have been a mass of emotions going on beneath the surface that we didn’t know about, but Dad never revealed them. Instead, he made it his business to present the image of a sweet guy who was everybody’s pallie. Shirley MacLaine said of Dad, ‘he was nice to everyone, he just didn’t want nice to go on too long.'”
An interesting sidebar is the realization that Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra were such complete opposites. Sinatra was a guy who seemed to not only thrive within a group but one who seemed to need “the group.” Whether it was because he needed to be a leader or he just hated to be alone, he was always creating a party atmosphere around him. Dean just wanted to be left alone. And yet, I believe their affection for each other during the heyday of the 1960s was genuine.
The other irony I alluded to above was the longer that Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were together, the more Jerry felt he needed to prove to everyone that he could do everything. His insecurity even drove him to try to prove to people that he, too, was a singer. He was not. It is painful and embarrassing today to watch any of the old clips with him trying to sing along with, or better than, his partner. Could he sing harmony like a great old vaudeville showman? Yes. Was his voice and style polished enough to record an album of vocal selections as he did in the late 1950s? No. But the cruel joke was that his partner was every bit as funny, if not funnier, than he was! Jerry Lewis was a clown and a great one. But Dean Martin was a comedian. In fact, as years went by, it seemed Dean enjoyed making people laugh more than he enjoyed singing.
In the end, Dean’s years without Jerry were more successful than Jerry’s years without Dean. Jerry had about a decade run of successful motion pictures without Dean but he failed more than once in creating a TV career and he certainly didn’t sustain any kind of recording career. Dean, on the other hand, found success in films, recordings, nightclubs and TV, especially TV. One of Jerry’s complaints about his partner was that he didn’t like to work too hard and that was a justifiable complaint. Dean Martin was not burdened by the same sense of ambition, drive and need to be in control that Jerry Lewis and Frank Sinatra both displayed. Therefore, when it was learned that Dean was going to do a weekly network variety show with minimal work and rehearsal, disaster was predicted. Nevertheless, Dean pulled it off brilliantly. The more goofs he made, the more people felt like Dean had been thrown in front of the cameras without having any idea of what was going on, the more the audience loved it.
Dean Martin’s legacy as “The King of Cool” continues to enchant new fans 20 years after his departure from the world stage. The King may be dead, but long may he reign!
I’ve posted this one before but it never gets old.
He was, in actuality, a very good dancer.
The following is one of my favorite moments from Dean’s TV shows. Proof of Dean’s terpsichorean talents.
Here’s Dean with another daughter, Gail.
And Dean with someone else’s daughter!


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Danny G's Special Father's Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ol' Oak Tree"

Welcome pallies, welcome!
 How's my fellow Dino-holics doin'? 
Hangin' in there?
Good! Me too.
Worried 'bout our  fearless leader, though.
I'm just gonna keep doin' what I do, pals. Spread the Dino-vibe.
That's ALL any of us can do...durin' this concernin' time, my friends.
Keep the blog & the Dino-message movin' forward!
 Let's hope DMP returns to us, sooner than later! We need him! 
This Father's Day Serenade comes as a "special" request!
 A certain Dino-phile out there has asked me to share a certain Dino-croon that reminds them of easy, stress free days. "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ol' Oak Tree" probably has this power with MANY of us "Minions of Martin"! Haha!!
Seems this FUN FUN jam brings my friend back to happy days as a young Dino-holic!
 This GREAT GREAT comfortin' croon was a FAVE of a VERY special "father figure" in their life.
Also was one of my Dad's Faves!
How PERFECTO is that, pals?!
One GREAT tune...two GREAT guys! Ha!
 Can NEVER replace the father or "father figure" in your life, mi amici.
I thinks of mine everyday.
  Ahhh, so nice to have those memories brought to mind with certain Dino-jams. So So nice to create NEW memories now that I'm a Dad...memories my wee-ones will thinks back upon someday!
OK pals o we's go!
Let's jump back to 1975.
Dean's in Vegas, baby!
 Ken's on piano...& life is good!
What a time it musta been, huh pals?!  
Cherish everyday, mi amici...someday these memories will warm OUR hearts & comfort OUR souls too!
 Let's ALL say a prayer for Dino Martin Peter's QUICK return to us!
The "Father figure" of our humble little blog!
If anyone wants to contact me or contribute to our swingin' little me at
Happy Daddy-O Day, my friends!
Enjoy, pallies.


 I'm coming home I've done my time
Now I've got to know what is or isn't mine
If you received my letter telling you I'd soon be free
Then you'll know just what to do if you still want me
If you still want me

Oh tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree
It's been three long years do you still want me
If I don't see a ribbon round the ole oak tree
I'll stay on the bus forget about us put the blame on me
If I don't see a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree

Bus driver please look for me
Cause I couldn't bear to see what I might see
I'm really still in prison and my love she holds the key
A simple yellow ribbon's what I need to set me free
I wrote and told her please

Oh tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree...

Now the whole damned bus is cheering and I can't believe I see
A hundred yellow ribbons round the ole oak tree

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Keepin' the Dino-ball rollin'! "You Can't Love 'Em All"

 Hasn't posted since last week & I haven't received a response to my emails.
Don't know what's goin' on, mi amici.
If any of youse has heard anythin'...please shoot me an email at  

Well, in the meantime, pallies...let's stay positive that DMP has just a temporary situation & will be back soon!
Let's keep this blog rollin' with some great great Dino-croonin'! See youse Sunday!

[Dean] Hello doll
[Girl 1] Hello doll
[Dean] Eight?
[Girl 1] Date
[Dean] Hello doll
[Girl 2] Hello doll
[Dean] Ten?
[Girl 2] Amen
[Dean] Hello doll
[Girl 3] Hello doll
[Dean] Twelve?
[Girl 3] Twelve-fifteen
[Dean] Bye bye
[Girls] Hello Doll

You can't love 'em all
You can't love 'em all
Love may be wonderful but the chances are small
You can't land each one that passes by
But you can try
You can try
You can try

You can't kiss 'em all
Oh, you can't kiss them all
The ones who have tried have found that they're not quite that tall
They'll call you an optimistic dope
Oh, you can hope
You can hope
You can hope

They've been able to prove
There are mountains you can move
They've been able to show
There's a way to make rain and snow
But you simply can't love 'em all
No you can't love 'em all
'cause one day that one gal will catch your eye
And you'll know why
You'll know why
You will know why

'cause one day that one chick will make you sigh
And you'll know why
Yeah, you'll know why
You'll know why you can't love 'em all

Hello doll

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Off Again On Again"

Welcome back, ol' pallies o mine! this one kinda crazy Spring or what?
One day it's pretty blue skies... 85 degreezes & sun so so bold! Then... the very next's gray drippy clouds &  breezes O so cold.
 I don't know if I'm comin' or goin'...will it be sunny or snowin'! Haha!!
Man, pals...I'm gettin' so poetic this week! Ha!
I'm def i nate ly gettin' myself in the mood for some Cool Cool Dino-croonin'!
Actually... kinda gets me thinkin' 'bout a certain swingin' little number off Dean's "The Lush Years" al b um... one of my own personal FAVES!
 "Off Again, On Again" gots Dean in the midst of a REALLY messy situation, pallies! 
Seems our great man was in this totally crazy relationship with some totally far out chickalina!!!   This whacked out senora doesn't know WHAT she wants!
Kinda like this OTHER crazy mama, Mother Nature! Haha!!
Now if Dino was to ask ME what he should do, with this gonzo goumada (girlfriend) ...I'd say..."Dean...c'mon pallie, this broad isn't worth all the drama!
 Either she's in... or she's out!
Now let's go grab a drinky!" Ha ha ha!!
Who knows pals...he might even take me up on it! Hahaha!!!
Yea...that's our guy, mi amici.  
Doesn't let much bother him.
Never let a cloudy day get him down or let a sassy lady mess him 'round.
No way! Ha! 

So, my friends...let's give these last few weeks of Spring 'nother  chance before we jump into Summer  & let's hope Dean gives this chicky JUST one more try & then it's Splitsville!
 Enjoy pals!  

Off again on again off again on again)
Off again on again it's here and then it's gone again
Oh this is some romance
In again out again it's with and then without again
Let's give it half a chance
It's cold and then hot again you're mine and then you're not again
You're always playing peek-a-boo
I'm in a stew about blue about what am I going to do about
Off again on again you
(Off again on again it's here and then it's gone again)
(Oh this is some romance)
(In again out again it's with and then without again)
(Let's give it half a chance)
It's cold and then hot again you're mine and then you're not again
You're always playing peek-a-boo (peek-a-boo)
I'm in a stew about blue about what am I going to do about
Off again on again you
(Off again on again you)
Off again on again you

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

If anybody deserved a signature cocktail it was legendary bon vivant Dean Martin.

Noah Rothbaum
Hey pallies, likes digs this dudes. tremendous tributes to our Dino on the 99th anniversary of his descent to earth and comin' in from all corners of the known 'net world and we are beginnin' to collect 'em and share them with all youse Dino-philes durin' our month long celebration of "The Day That Coolness Came To Earth.

Likes the first huge homage to our most beloved Dino came our way from our pallies at google Dino-'lerts that sent us over to the beau-ti-ful beast of a blog pad, The Daily Beast where Mr. Noah Rothbaum, who get this dudes  "is The Daily Beast’s Chief Cocktail Correspondent and the author of The Art of American Whiskey and The Business of Spirits. He’s also the associate editor of the forthcoming Oxford  Companion to Spirits and Cocktails."

So Mr. Rothbaum is sorta likes the King of Cocktails, bein' Chief Cocktail Correspondant and all.  And likes how woulda the King of Cocktails hugely homage our King of Cool...well, of course with a post tagged "Toast Dean Martin With His Signature ‘Flame of Love’ Martini."  Likes dudes, how better to celebrate our one and only Dino's day of birth then to enjoy the liquid libation of his one and only martini?!?!?!?!

Noah has crafted wise and witty words tellin' the tale of how the 'Flame of Love' martini got to be and offers this  as a wonderful toast to our wonderful man.  To checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  We thanks cocktail connoisseur for his potent post celebratin' our most beloved Dino's 99th anniversary of his birth in Steubenville, Ohio.  Dino-toastin', DMP

 btw, we deeply digs the powerful image that Noah has chosen to grace his post....our fav two members of the Rack Pack, of course our most beloved Dino and Mr. Peter Lawford.

RAT PACK06.07.16 12:00 AM ET

Noah Rothbaum

Toast Dean Martin With His Signature ‘Flame of Love’ Martini

In honor of what would have been Dean Martin’s 99th birthday, we celebrate his special Martini, involving a showman’s infusion of sherry and flaming orange peel.

If anybody deserved a signature cocktail it was legendary bon vivant Dean Martin.

Dino, who would have turned 99 today, was, of course, an integral member of Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack--and that’s not to mention producing dozens of hit songs and staring in a range of television shows and movies, including 16 screwball comedies with partner Jerry Lewis.

Martin was also no stranger to bars, like Sinatra. He supposedly worked as a teenage in Prohibition speakeasies in his hometown of Steubenville, Ohio, including a stint as a croupier.

While Ol’ Blue Eyes was a very strict Jack Daniel’s drinker, as the story goes, Martin was generally a whiskey drinker and was in need of his own tipple.

However, James Kaplan, author of Dean and Me: (A Love Story) and Sinatra: The Chairman, is quick to point out that Martin’s well-known public drunkenness was for much of his career a shtick, which he started in the late 1950s after his partnership with Lewis ended. In fact, Martin was usually actually drinking apple juice on stage.

One night in 1970, as he was wont to do, he was drinking at celebrity hangout Chasen’s, the historic Los Angeles restaurant, which was started by New Yorker founding editor Harold Ross and failed comedian Dave Chasen in 1936 and stayed open for 59 years. (A New Yorker obituary for the establishment didn’t underplay its cultural importance and called it “a restaurant that has meant to Hollywood what Maxim’s has to Paris and “21” to New York.”)

Martin was talking to Chasen’s long-serving bartender Pepe Ruiz “and he was sick of drinking the same Martini all the time and he was like “Pepe don’t you have something different?,” says Robert Pulcini who directed the documentary Off the Menu - The Last Days of Chasen’s with his wife Shari Springer Berman. (It was the first of many movies the couple co-directed, including the Oscar-nominated American Splendor.) After all, the restaurant was a good place for a celeb to find a signature recipe: it was where the non-alcoholic Shirley Temple was dreamed up for the child star.

Ruiz’s two major twists on the standard Martini recipe, according to famous bartender Dale DeGroff’s book The Essential Cocktail, was that he replaced the traditional dry vermouth with some very dry sherry, which he used to coat the inside of a cocktail glass.

The other interesting step was that Ruiz dramatically flamed large orange peels over the empty glass, which covered it with a film of toasted orange flavor. The oils in the zest of an orange are flammable and the burst of fire can not only add a dash of citrus but also a bit of excitement to a drink’s preparation.

Ruiz would then shake some vodka with ice and strain it into the prepared glass. To maximize the orange quotient he would flame a final piece of orange peel over the finished drink.

“There was a drama, there was a showmanship to it,” says Springer Berman. At Chasen’s, “the food wasn’t just about the food. And the drink wasn’t just about the drink. It was about the performance.”
It quickly became a staple. “Heaven,” is how Barbara Sinatra described how it tasted in her book, Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank.

There was one small problem. Once the other celebrities saw Martin and his friends drinking the cocktail it, like the Hobo Steak and the Snowball dessert, became a signature of the restaurant. And “it takes a really long time to make, so it would cause a huge backup at the bar,” says Springer Berman. “The waiters were like, ‘That damn Flame of Love it takes forever.’”

The Flame of Love


1 dash Tio Pepe Sherry
2 oz Vodka
Orange peels

Glass: Martini

Add a bit of sherry to a cocktail glass and swirl it around. Pour out any excess. Then flame two large orange peels over the glass. Add the vodka to a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake and strain into the prepared glass. Flame a final piece of orange peel over the finished drink and add it as a garnish.
Based on the recipe in Dale DeGroff’s book The Essential Cocktail

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Since We Met You Dino, We Are Different Dudes

Dean Martin Since I Met You Baby 2 min 44 sec  9:1:83  Red Car

Hey pallies, likes it is finally here, "The Day That Coolness Came To Earth"....the 99th anniversary of our Dino's descent to the earth.  It was on June 7, 1917 that our most beloved Dino entered the world in Stubenville, Ohio, and the world has never ever been the same 'gain.

So, likes what have we chosen to share with all youse Dino-devotees on this most swankly special of special Dino-days?  Below is a youtube vid that we have been waitin'  with bated  breathe for months
to put up here at ilovedinomartin.  In one sense it is a Dino-vid that we shared more often then any other here, but likes in 'nother sense it is BRAND SPANKIN' NEW to our humble little Dino-conclave.

Dean Martin Since I Met You Baby 2 min 44 sec  9:1:83  Red Car

The vid is, of course, our one and only Dino's one and only music vid, "Since I Met You Baby," directed by his youngest boypallie Ricci James  in '83 and aired on MTV.  But, this is a bit different version that landed on the web September 23, 2015 and as we sez, we have been waitin' in absolute anticipation for many many months now to share it on "The Day That Coolness Came To Earth."

Likes wonderin' it you note the wonderful way this ver-si-on differents from previous ones put up here at ilovedinomartin.  Yes, for one thin' the colorin' of this vid is much much more vivid that previous ones....and likes that's oh so so special...but there is 'nother dif as well...check it out and see what you thinks dudes!

Indeed, those of us who are totally totally sold out to our Dino knows that once our Dino entered our life, whether it was as a wee one, as a Deanager, or perhaps later in life....our lives will never ever be the same 'gain.   Happy 99th Birthday Anniversary to our King of Cool. and likes we are ultra ubber grateful for your powerfully potent presence in our lives!   Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Dean Martin Since I Met You Baby 2 min 44 sec 9:1:83 Red Car

Monday, June 06, 2016

Deano Live At The Sands Hotel

Hey pallies, likes it's the sixth of June, the seventy-second anniversary of D-Day and the day before our own D-Day....Dino-Day, "The Day That Coolness Came to Earth."  So, we been profoundly ponderin' just what sorta post that we oughta share to gets Dino-holics everywhere powerfully psyched up for the 99th anniversary of our most beloved Dino's comin' to earth.

Likes we thinks that we have found the potently perfect post for all youse Dino-addicted dudes. Recently we discovered a youtube vid  "Deano Live At The Sands Hotel" that included the entire al-b-um of our Dino's live performance on February 8, 1964 at the Sands Hotel in 'Vegas baby 'Vegas simply tagged "Live At The Sands Dean Martin."

We've been listenin' to it a marvelous multitude of times as background music as we scribe Dino-grams here at our humble little Dino-pad and we have found it to be the hugest of huge Dino-inspiration to our Dino-efforts.  It's over 58 minutes of absolutely amazin' deepest of deep Dino-delight.  Below are tracks with their timing and if you wanna see more info simply clicks on this here  LINK.

Beware pallies! This awesomely amazin' al-b-um is rated R for RANDY!   Indeed our most beloved Dino is at his randiest in this live remarkable recordin'  Likes, likes  pallies it likes youse are front and center as Dino does what Dino does best..mixin' comedic comments  with his veritable voice.  Man-o-man, it is the most beau-ti-ful blast from the Dino-past.  See youse back here tomorrow for "The Day That Coolness Came To Earth."

Medley: Bourbon From Heaven / It's Alright With Me

Opening Monologue

June In January

You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby

Memories Are Made Of This

That's Amore

More Laughs With Dean

'Throw-Away' Medley

Dino's 'Pretty Songs' Medley: You Made Me Love You / It Had To Be You / Nevertheless

On A Slow Boat To China

Medley: Volare / An Evening In Roma

Closing Monologue And Celebrity Introductions

Mr Wonderful / Closing Time

Deano Live At The Sands Hotel

Dean Martin in his fantastic and funny live performance, from the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas on February 8th 1964.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "It's Easy To Remember But So Hard To Forget"

Welcome back, my friends & Welcome to our first Sunday Serenade with Dino of "The Day Coolness Came To Earth" month, 2016!
This is DEF I NATE LY a special month & DEF I NATE LY commands a special Serenade!
 Now pallies o mine...with Dean's 99th Birthday only a couple days 'way...we may find ourselves lookin' back & ponderin' where the years have gone.
 Maybe feelin' a wee bit melancholy, too.
 I know I often do.
 Cants' help it, pals...that's just how I is.
We ALL miss our main man, Dino.
Miss the days he was still amongst us & know we won't EVER see the likes of him' gain.
 BUT...let's stay positive, mi amici!
Dean is, in a way, still with us!
He's left us SO SO many... COOL COOL "gifts" of himself...that he will NEVER really be gone!
'Member what I told youse last week..."our true heroes will really be with us ALWAYS!"
 I truly believes it, pallies.
It's up to us to keeps Dean ALIVE!
To share & spread his coolness to the next generation!
 Who could ask for an easier job than that, pals?! Haha!!
 I spread "The Dino" wherever I go!
I simply gets thrilled from the look I'll get when I mention his name to a stranger who maybe hasn't thought 'bout him for many years.
 Right away...their eyes light up!
They will say how much they loved him & how handsome he was! Haha!!
 I'm bettin' they go home & dig out that ol' vinyl al b um & reminisce 'bout some fun & happy days! That's our job! Ha!
Dosen't get any better than that, my friends! 

 OK. Let's get some "magic" swirlin'!
This week's Serenade, "So Easy to Remember But So Hard to Forget", seems to fit perfectly for a special time like this.
I'm gonna dedicate this one to 'nother very special "Dino diggin'soul" in my life...that has come & gone...& who would have celebrated a birthday yesterday.
This ones goin' up to Eddie V. 'Nother GREAT guy.
So, here we go pals...enjoy the live vid from Dean's show.
Keep smilin' & keep spreadin' the Dino magic!

Your sweet expression the smile you gave me
The way you looked when we met
It's easy to remember so hard to forget

I hear you whisper I always love you
I know it's over and yet
It's easy to remember but oh so hard to forget
So I must dream to have your hand caress me fingers press me tight
I'd rather dream than have that lonely feeling stealing through the night
Each little moment is clear before me
And though it brings me regret
It's easy to remember but so hard to forget