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Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Side By Side"

Welcome back pals o' mine! This time round' I'm kinda combinin' a couple different signature "Serenade" spins. This one's celebratin' this famous week in Dino-history that was featured a few days ago on this very blog! The beginin' & end of Martin & Lewis.

I decided to do a sorta "Duetin' with Dino" meets a "Cool Then, Cool Now" tune that I never really paid much attention to before. The name of this Cool little Duet is "Side by Side".

I believe its from the Colgate Comedy Hour. Circa 1955. Nearin' the end of this historical team's run, it's a little bitter-sweet to see these two, knowin' the soon to be outcome. But still, it's a wonderful song and as always, it's great to see Dean in his prime and ready to REALLY take the world by storm with, in this Dino-holic's humble opinion, a solo career that has never been matched!

Let's sit back, reminisce bout' "the good ol' days", and enjoy this classic vid!

"Side By Side"

Oh we aint got a barrel of money,
Maybe we're ragged and funny.
But we'll travel along
Singin' a song.
Side by side.

I don't know what's comin' tomorrow
Maybe it's trouble and sorrow
But we'll travel the road
Sharin' the load
Side by side.

Thru all kinds of weather,
What if the sky should fall
Just as long as we're together
It dosen't matter at all.

When they've all had their quarrels and parted
We'll be the same as we started.
Just travelin' along
Singin our song
Side by side.

Oh, the road gets a little bit bumpy
And our nerves get a little bit jumpy
We needn't complain
But we remain
Side by side.

There are times when his smile ain't so sunny
Times when his fun isn't funny.
So we fuss and we pout
But still we go out
Side by side.

Life can be demandin'
Life isn't always play.
We reached an understandin'
It's gotta be his way.

There are folks who parted us neatly
But we have fooled them completely.
Had us both on a shelf
Look for yourself,
Side by side.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Rise and Fall of Dino's Lodge

Hey pallies, likes dudes I am absolutely breathless havin' totally totally comsumed some of the most insightful and finely crafted Dino-prose that likes I have ever ever read. From the pen of Dino-devotee-extraordinare Mr. Kliph Nesteroff comes "The Rise And Fall Of Dino's Lodge" posted at radio station WFMU's blog space, "WFMU's Beware Of The Blog."

In his Dino-reflections, Mr. Nesteroff gives the most stellar, evocatively detailed account of the birth of "Dino's Lodge," why it thrived and eventually why it died...while also sharin' details of the eatery that Jerry Lewis opened, "Jerry's," in direct competition with "Dino's Lodge."

Likes I can't remember when I have had ever so so much pleasure in readin' a Dino-account and likes I can't remember when I have learned so so many Dino-details in one relatively short piece of Dino-literature. Nesteroff even goes so far as to include pertinent quotations from our most beloved Dino's boypallie Ricci and girlpallie Deana.

This is certainly MUST READIN' for all true lovers of our great man. So, likes haves at it pallies...enjoys growin' in your Dino-knowledge from gifted Dino-proser Mr. Kipp Nesteroff! ilovedinomartin send out our greatest of great Dino-appreciato to Mr. Nesteroff for creatin' such a thrillin'ly thorough Dino-presentation on the life and times of "Dino's Lodge." To read this in it's original format, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-report. Dino-awed, DMP

The Rise and Fall of Dino's Lodge

A tall, neon approximation of Dean Martin's face once radiated a mysterious ambiance down on the Sunset Strip. The sign could be spotted in episodes of Dragnet, blaxploitation favorite The Candy Tangerine Man and even an episode of The Andy Griffith Show. Much of the time it was treated as if it were just a typical building facade that fictional characters would drive past without comment. But today, to see a giant neon Dean Martin face makes one arch an eyebrow. What in Lord's name is that!?

Dino's Lodge was a real-life Los Angeles restaurant that lasted twenty years. It is primarily remembered by fans of the television series 77 Sunset Strip. Ed Byrnes played the pseudo-hipster character Kookie, a kid working as a valet at Dino's Lodge, which was a neighbor to the private eye headquarters of the program's protagonists. When Dino's Lodge first opened it was a happening nightspot frequented by the Hollywood elite. When 77 Sunset Strip made it famous to television viewers, it descended into a tourist trap and was abandoned by its celebrity clientele. By the early seventies, this restaurant that had once hosted parties for Frank Sinatra, was part of a cornball travel agency package that advertised a two-hundred and forty-dollar "guided tour of a motion picture studio, a full day at Disneyland and dinner at Dino's Lodge."

From the very beginning the weird looking sign was one of Hollywood's campiest icons. "Dino's Lodge was immensely popular," says Shawn Levy, "serving home-style Italian food and grilled entrees in a wood-paneled atmosphere meant to replicate the great roue's den." Behind those wood-panels, however, hides a story of mismanagement, lawsuits and vindictive Jerry Lewis spite. The project, in the words of Dean Martin himself, was one of "total regret."

No comedy team in the history of show business had greater success than Martin and Lewis. They were the rock stars of comedy, creating a blistering hysteria among their fan base that only Elvis and The Beatles would go on to rival. When Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin decided to disband their professional relationship, it was an expensive ordeal for both of them. "They had to settle contracts for movies that wouldn't be made and nightclub appearances that would never happen," says Ric Martin, Dean's son. "Dad didn't easily fly solo. The first movie he made in 1957 without Jerry, Ten Thousand Bedrooms, was a flop. Jerry's [first solo film] came out at the same time and was a hit." Ric says that Dino's Lodge was borne of urgency. "In debt and desperate, Dad agreed to several business deals on the side in the hopes something big would come along to reignite his career. He sold his name to a restaurant and bar on Sunset, which became famous as Dino's Lodge."

The address of 8532 Sunset had been home to an auction house in the nineteen forties, one that specialized in wooden furniture. Although it was a swinging place as far as Hollywood geriatrics were concerned, it was not on the radar of the Brown Derby set. By the early fifties the space had been renamed, remodeled and opened as a dining spot called the Alpine Lodge. The family restaurant had a loosely defined wooden shoe concept and was not particularly successful. Described as "an attractive Swiss restaurant which fell on hard times," the owners soon dropped the word Alpine in place of the name Dino, while leaving much of its decor intact.

Los Angeles business owners Alex Wexler, Paul Wexler and Harvey Gerry owned the Alpine. Paul Wexler approached Dean Martin and his business partner Maury Samuels with the proposition of using his name in order to save his floundering business. Dean agreed, and he was soon a co-partner in Alpine Lodge Inc. Dino's Lodge had its grand opening in the spring of 1958. When the strange sketch that became the memorable sign was raised to the sky, its base cemented to the ground and the switch turned on, most assumed this meant it was Dean Martin's restaurant. Of course, this is exactly what the owners of the former Alpine wanted. "Contrary to report," explained an April 1958 edition of the Los Angeles Times, "Dean Martin does not own the restaurant on the Strip ... They just use his name and give him a percentage." It was a large percentage. Fifty percent.

Dean frequented the restaurant during its first year. It was initially very popular with major Hollywood stars. The Vincent Minnelli film Some Came Running starring Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Shirley MacLaine, had its star-studded post-premiere party at Dino's Lodge. It was one of many such events during the first sixteen months. Dino's Lodge was hot. The view was great, people loved their strawberry melbas and the joint was open until five in the morning. It was soon "serving an early morning breakfast from 1 to 5 am. Steak sandwiches and eggs served in any fashion by candlelight."

77 Sunset Strip joined forces with Dino's Lodge in a collective agreement that was hoped to reap mutual benefits. Dino's had become one of the most iconic signs along the Strip's already colorful allotment of venues. Warner Brothers television, having placed their new series in the neighborhood, wanted a feel of authenticity. Shots of the sign were used in the opening credits sequence and in many of the establishing shots. A mile away at the Warner Brothers studio, an exact facsimile of Dino's front door, abridging canopy, and parking lot entrance were constructed. The collaboration may or may not have helped 77 Sunset Strip become a hit, but it unquestionably served as an infomercial for Dino's Lodge, making it one of the most popular destinations in Los Angeles.

Thanks to Kookie's weekly endorsement, Dino's Lodge was thriving. Martin was increasingly enthusiastic about the venture. August of 1959, Dean re-negotiated his contract so that his brother Bill could have a job. It was arranged that in order for Dino's to remain Dino's, Bill Martin would be appointed general manager and Dean would receive an additional thousand dollars a month for the continued use of his nickname and neon face. In October Dean was a guest star on a Frank Sinatra special. He appeared on camera seated, his legs crossed, the bottom of his shoe tilted up. Plastered on the sole were the words "Eat at Dino's" and the familiar caricature. Dean and Maury Samuels made plans to branch out. They decided on new Lodge franchises in San Francisco, Miami Beach and Palm Springs. Meanwhile, 77 Sunset Strip aired an episode with special guest star Jim Backus and named his character Maury Samuels. Business was booming for the whole Sunset neighborhood. "It was pretty cool going to dinner at a restaurant Dad owned," says Martin's daughter Deana. "We didn't go there often because it attracted too many fans and Dad would spend the entire evening signing autographs and posing for photographs."

Dino's Lodge became a showcase for sultry female lounge singers, some that were also B-movie starlets, the majority of which nobody had ever heard of. Most would never be heard from again.1 Dino's Lodge could take such risks, as people were drawn to that neon sign, not the acts within. Even Gigi Galon, a CBS Television secretary was thrown onstage for a weekend of ballads. There appeared to be a strict "girl singer only" policy so that no poor masculine sap would be compared to the venue's patriarch. Years later, one of the obscure girl singers landed Lodge co-owner Paul Wexler in court. Michelle Triola was hired to sing at Dino's Lodge in the early sixties on the pretense that, "She had friends that would spend money and Lee Marvin was her boyfriend." In the late seventies when Lee Marvin was divorcing the woman, she fought for half the actor's earnings. Reports at the time explained, "she has contended she gave up her singing career to take care of Marvin and help him in his career." Marvin's defense brought in Wexler, among others, to testify that she had no talent, would never have made it as a singer and therefore was not entitled to anything.

Wexler was embroiled in another Dino's-related court case years earlier. August 29, 1961, Dean filed a lawsuit against Wexler and the other principle players "charging mismanagement and fraud in the operation." The Associated Press said, "In one complaint Martin asked the court yesterday to order disolution of Dino's Lodge, Inc., charging three of his partners, Paul Wexler, Harvey L. Gerry and Alex Wexler wasted the corporation's assets and abused authority. In the other complaint Martin demanded $24,000 under an agreement which he said he was promised $12,000 a year beginning in August 1959. Martin said he has received nothing from the corporation." January 1962, the court denied a petition "for a preliminary injunction to prevent the Sunset Strip restaurant from using his nickname, likeness and caricature." Superior Judge Gordon L. Files ruled "Dino's Lodge was entitled to use of the entertainer's nickname and likeness because of previous long use [and because] Martin had made personal appearances and actively participated in the management and control of the restaurant for more than two years." Dino was asking for one-hundred thousand dollars in damages "on grounds he has not been paid a monthly salary of $1,000 since July 31, that the contract has been broken; and that his brother, William Martin has been discharged as general manager." Dean fumed on the courthouse steps. "Any actor who opens a restaurant should have his head examined!"

Jerry Lewis should have had his head examined. October 15, 1961, Jerry Lewis threw a wad of cash in the lap of Maury Samuels, after Maury and Dean had engaged in a bitter, undisclosed disagreement. Maury left Dean Martin immediately. He became business partners with Jerry Lewis in the creation of a jealousy-laden new eatery called Jerry's. A caricature of Jerry Lewis was turned into the restaurant's sign, towering high above the Sunset Strip, three blocks from Dino's Lodge. Not to be outdone by the iconic Dino's sign, Jerry had his caricature mounted "in neon lights revolving 100 feet above the building." The menu at Jerry's was supposedly going to be in stark contrast with his competitor. Dino's Lodge was known for its overpriced Italian dishes. Jerry's, it was announced, would be "specializing in American and Hebrew viands." Why then did Jerry Lewis take another wad of cash and wave it in front of Dino's head chef Rene Robbin? Likewise, another chef named Rafael Shapiro, a taskmaster in the Dino's Lodge kitchen, was subsequently stolen. The raid was complete when Jerry took the maitre'd from Dino's Lodge, an Italian man named Luigi, who'd soon be welcoming folks to an evening of "Hebrew viands."

Despite Lewis having copied his ex-partner's restaurant in location, staff, sign and concept, it differed in one major respect. Ric Martin says that, "Dad seldom if ever ate at Dino's." Shawn Levy explains that "Jerry Lewis's was a different sort of operation altogether ... it was an extremely hands-on enterprise. If Jerry was in town, he was a good bet to be at the restaurant, table-hopping and schmoozing like a Borscht Belt hotelier. In contrast to the understated masculinity of Dino's Lodge, Jerry Lewis's was a study in gaudy textures - dark walnut paneling, silver and purple highlights, heavy drapes, huge chandeliers, deep banquettes and plush armchairs. The two massive sets of double doors that led into the place bore silver handles in the shapes of Js and Ls. The gigantic menus (ten by twenty inches closed) were covered in black velvet and embossed with grandiose silver JL logo on the front." Dino's Lodge had the initial purpose of keeping its two separate entities financially solvent. Jerry's on the other hand was borne of insecurity, petty jealousy and total narcissism. "Each elegant touch [of Jerry's]," says Levy, "was undercut by a vulgar one: In the largest of the three dining rooms, a long curved window revealed Los Angeles beneath the Hollywood Hills, but the same room sported a large framed stained-glass composition of Jerry as a hobo clown."

By February 1962 Dean Martin had had enough. He pulled out of Dino's Lodge and severed all his ties with the venue. He continued to draft plans with his attorney for "a possible appeal of a lost court action which permits present owners to continue use of his name over the restaurant." Variety said his image remaining as the establishment's trademark was "an irksome prospect to the singer-actor who wants to erase all memories of the place." Another column explained "that as a mere actor and an entertainer ... the attention he received from fans was for autographs and pictures, but as a restaurateur 2 he got only snide notes, bouncy checks, insults and threats from inebriated customers." Dean's kids still watched 77 Sunset Strip at home. The singer would join his children, with a noticeable grimace on his face. "We would sit and watch the program at home as a family," says his daughter Deanna, "and we enjoyed seeing Dad's face on the marquee ... but, sadly, the entire venture ended badly ... lost the fight to have Dad's name removed from the marquee. And so it stayed for years afterward ... we never went there again."

February 1963 - Jerry's was in trouble. The trade papers reported that Lewis was trying to sell his diner of spite. Jerry's was said to be "in the red for a quarter of a million dollars or more." The comedian's interest had waned almost completely, especially since Dino had left the food industry. A restaurant founded on jealousy lost its way with nothing to be jealous about. Longtime Angeleno Mark Evanier further surmised that Dino's Lodge outlasted Jerry's because "Dean Martin's name suggested a classy evening of good Italian food and wine, whereas Jerry's implied an evening of food being thrown at you by loud waiters." But on one occasion the waiters at Dino's Lodge caused a much louder ruckus. Sometimes it was as if Dino's Lodge was suffering from some kind of curse.

Waiter Walkout Stuns Diners at Plush Eatery

The tinkle of cocktail glasses... the aroma of fine food... murmurs of sophisticated conversation...waiters dressed smartly in black pants and red jackets with gold buttons... This mood of genteel elegance pervaded Dino's Lodge on the Sunset Strip Saturday night.

And then the waiters got mad.

Connoisseurs who went to the plush restaurant at the dinner hour Saturday night found everything normal at first. "All of a sudden there were some very loud noises in one of the corners," said Travis Key, 21, of San Francisco, a patron. "They kept getting louder and louder." Key said a group of waiters had congregated and were talking in angry voices. "I heard a man on the telephone telling one of the owners that the waiters were going to walk out because a man who worked there six years had been fired," Key said. "Then one of the waiters walked over to our table and said, "We ought to charge entertainment tax for this show we're putting on."

Then the waiters quit.

Key, who was having dinner with his fiancee, actress Paula Costy, 19, said about 10 waiters and some bus boys went into a rear room, changed into street clothes, and walked out. "The maitre'd began waiting on tables," Key added. "Then a gentleman in a T-shirt came in and tried to help."

Some well-fed customers got tired of waiting for their checks and walked out, Key said. Paul Wexler, one of the restaurant owners of the restaurant which is named after singer Dean Martin, said later that normalcy soon was restored. He declined to discuss the waiters' walkout. But as waiters in black pants and red jackets with gold buttons bustled about the dimly lit restaurant, another owner, Harvey L. Gerry, confided: "Some of our old customers are helping us out."

- Art Berman, Los Angeles Times, September 1, 1963

Dino's Lodge continued to pulsate in popular culture. 77 Sunset Strip lasted another two seasons. A violent heist film, The Right Hand of the Devil, showcased Dino's Lodge, even casting two employees in bit parts.3 House pianist Jack Elton and bartender Luigi Gardneri were credited as "Dino's Pianist" and "Dino's Bartender" respectively. Ray Dennis Steckler's Wild Guitar had an opening sequence with a bemused Arch Hall Jr. staring at the sign. An officially sanctioned LP titled An Evening at Dino's Lodge was pressed with Jack Elton on piano and Steve LaFever4 on bass, which the Los Angeles Times described as "a dark album that really swings." The Andy Griffith Show brought Andy, Opie and Aunt Bea to Los Angeles for an episode where they briefly gawk at Dino's Lodge. The Northern Natural Gas Company used Dino's Lodge in an advertising campaign, bragging that the Dino's Lodge kitchen cooked with natural gas - implying that you should too.

By the late sixties, with the actual Dean Martin long out of the picture, the venue started booking male singers. There were forgotten men like Grant Griffin, Tony Colti, Barry O'Hara, Sol West and "a Dick Haymes soundalike" named Bob Mannings. Dino's Lodge lasted until the latter half of the nineteen seventies. It was a shadow of its former self, with none of the building updated for the times. Neighboring venues had evolved from fifties lounges to psychedelic dens and, eventually, nineteen seventies denizens of sleaze. Dino's Lodge faded. Shortly before it died altogether, they brought in the most intriguing singer they had ever booked.

Duke Mitchell was a singer that had been despised by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. During the height of Martin and Lewis mania, Mitchell was part of a terrible Martin and Lewis knock-off named Mitchell and Petrillo, known solely for their one film Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla. Both Mitchell and partner Sammy Petrillo bared an uncanny resemblance to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, so much so that Martin and Lewis once threatened legal action. "Mitchell and Petrillo have the same haircuts, expressions, gestures and even ancestries of Martin and Lewis," explained the Associated Press. What little success they enjoyed in the comedy world was due to the similarity. So here was Duke Mitchell - a washed up Dean Martin rip-off artist that both resembled and sang like Dean Martin, performing an entire weekend at a washed up venue that had Dean Martin's face on every menu, every candle holder, every ashtray - and his neon mug beaming high above the street and long into the night. The real Dean Martin... nowhere to be found.


1Girl singers that performed at Dino's Lodge included:
Jennifer Adams
Beverly Ballard
Lorraine Barrie
Queen Bey
Bunny Bishop
Gloria Blake
Diana Booth
Carol Brent
Marilyn Brown
Cathy Carter
Lois Denny
Karen Dolin
Joan Dixon
Doris Dren
Betsy Duncan
Ruth Gillis
Julie Gregg
Georgi Griffith
Cathy Hayes
Lori Hilton
Bonnie Jacobs
Jessica James
Suzy Kay
Judie Lawler
Michelle Lee
Jana Lund
Ann Mason
Bambi McCormack
Kikie Paige
Donna Percy
Anita Ray
Dottie Reid
Ann Richards
June Rudell
Bevery St. Lawrence
Jeri Sullivan
Louise Vienna
Gloria Wood
Beverly Wright

2Dean said actors investing in the restaurant biz should have their heads examined, but he still maintained brief soirees with the Dean Martin Restaurant and Lounge in Miami and a tiny cabaret in the Las Vegas Riviera called Dino's Den. As far as I know, the proposed Dino's Lodge in San Francisco and Palm Springs never came to be.

3Here is an IMDB user review for Right Hand of the Devil. "Three guys rob ticket seller at L.A. Sports Arena in a TR-3. Not enough room so one is shot by buddies. Pepe (Aram Katcher) kills other guy. Pepe picks up girlfriend (ticket seller) And pushes her over cliff in a convertible. (Fiery crash) Pepe loses all the money at races in South America, goes to Dino's on Sunset Blvd. and picks up old drunk lady. At motel drunk lady is old girlfriend. Throws wig and wooden leg at Pepe then shoots him a few times; the last one in his bald spot! Pepe wanders out and spends the last 5 minutes dying around a lamppost. Wow, what a movie!!!!"

4Steve LaFever was a member of "The Wrecking Crew," the nickname given to the prolific and proficient group of studio musicians that permeated every major pop album to come out of Los Angeles in the nineteen sixites, generally without credit.

Dino's Lodge was bulldozed to the ground in 1985. A non-descript office building was built in its place. The British paper The Telegraph was aghast when it reported in 2003 that it "doesn't even have a plaque to mark the spot."

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Singing Dean Martin Doll

Hey pallies, the web is likes just chocked full of Dino-treasures to be discovered. Yesterday it was dem cool Dino-T's and likes today it's a feature from the blog "Daisy's Doll House" that features one of dem ultra ultra cool singin' Dino-dollie's.

Likes how cool is it dudes to have Miss Daisy who obviously is head-over-heels devoted to her doll collection share this Dino-devotion at her blog. As you will read the Dino-treasure belongs to her sis. Likes for such a long long Dino-time I have been desirin' my very very own Dino-singin' Dino-doll.

Hats off to Miss Daisy for sharin' this very delightful Dino-creation with all her readers. To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-report. In our Dino, DMP

Singing Dean Martin Doll

This is a singing Dean Martin doll by Gemmy Industries. The doll looks a lot like the real Martin except that it is made out of plastic and its head is oversized. The red handkerchief that peeks over the edge of Martin’s breast pocket is a nice touch.

The doll has a repertoire of only two songs, “Everybody Loves Somebody,” (1963), that knocked the Beatles out of the popular chart’s number one position, and “That’s Amor” (1953).

He is from my sister's collection, and he is standing in her dust ;-)

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dean martin t-shirt T-Shirt

Hey pallies, likes in doin' some Dino-researchin' of a recent Dino-post likes our Dino directed me to the rad pad "redbubble" that features some likes totally totally swingin' Dino-art includin' the two outstandin' Dino-shirts pictured below.

Created by artist "ralphyboy" either of these Dino-T's woulda be likes just the thin' to share your Dino-devotion with the world. Likes 'specially thinks that today's nouveau Dino-hipsters woulda find this very very mod Dino-apparel just the thin' to publicly profess their passion for our most beloved Dino.

To view these Dino-T's at the "redbubble" site and check out the price and orderin' proceedures...just clicks on the tag of this Dino-proclamation. Thanks to ralphyboy
for showin' his Dino-devotion with such stellar Dino-results. Likes will be sharin' more Dino-art from this pad in a very very few. Dino-delightedly, DMP

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You've said you admire Dean Martin.

Hey pallies, today's Dino-discovery is a small portion of an interview that Mr. Chris Willman conducted with Miss Amy Winehouse 'round a decade ago. Recently shared at Reuter's U.S. edition, the inteview includes a Q&A focusin' on our most beloved Dino.

As you will see the way that Miss Winehouse answered Mr. Willman's quire, it is totally clear that she was in the Dino-know. ilovedinomartin expresses our sympathy to the family, friends, and fans of Miss Winehouse on her untimely death. To read the entire interview, clicks on the tag of this Dino-message to goes to the original source.

Thanks to Reuters and Mr. Chris Willman for lettin' us all know Miss Winehouse's understandin' and admiration for our beloved Dino. Dino-awed, DMP

Q: You've said you admire Dean Martin. He got to the point where people expected a certain image, so when he wasn't drinking, he had to have colored water in his glass.

A: "No, it was the opposite -- the other way around. He started out with colored water, and then in the end he did start drinking like that."

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Kylie's Review of The Best Of The Dean Martin Shows From Time-Life

Hey pallies, likes today we bring you a special review of the recent Time-Life Dino-dvds by Miss Kylie Hughes. Ky has been a Dino-devotee even before she came outta the womb, 'cause likes her father has been a life-long lover of our most beloved Dino.

Kylie hails from down under and although young in age---early twenties---she is long in her Dino-passion. I am so grateful that she has taken the time to express her personal opinions related to the 6 disc release of the Best of the Dean Martin Shows, and I know you will find this edifyin' Dino-readin!

Thanks Ky for tellin' it likes it is and givin' our ilovedinomartin readers your considered Dino-reflections. Dino-forever, DMP

I wanted to share my thoughts on the recent release of The Time-Life collection The Best of the Dean Martin Shows.
These shows have been so heavily edited, it`s beyond belief. Some episodes have been cut back from 53 minutes to around 18 minutes.

Let`s start with Dean's songs...we see Dean come on at the start telling a few jokes, then Dean says, "Here`s a nice man to tell you who our guests are tonight."
Dean is then supposed to sing his opening number but the song has been cut from the show. Disbelief !

The first show goes straight to Dean introducing Bob Hope doing a long monologue.
Another show goes to Dean introducing Orson Welles who later gives a very long and very boring monologue On the plus side we get to see The Old Time Radio Sketch, always funny but this same sketch is included on The Guthy Renker Dvds.

There are no couch songs, most fans of The Dean Martin Shows I`ve known over the years look forward to Dean singing a serious song on the couch. We see Dean open the closet and then sit on the couch, then they skip the song and go to Dean introducing another guest. For the finale, Dean says be sure to be watching next week and the end credits start rolling.

The end credits are the only part of these shows which have not edited. We get to see stills of all the parts which have been cut. Being such a big fan of Dean singing, I felt like screaming before I was even halfway through the set.

There are 20 edited shows and we only hear Dean sing his opening solo song on 3 shows..."The Birds and the Bees," already released by Guthy Renker....later in the set, "If You Knew Susie,"...and finally, "Somebody Stole My Gal" from 1971.
We do get to see an opening duet with Dean and Gene Kelly singing "I Want to Be Happy" from the later 1972 episodes.

There are duets but most have been edited. One of the most annoying edits is the duet with Sammy Davis Jr. On my original copy of this show, Dean and Sammy sing a great medley of songs but all we get here is a short rendition of Birth of the Blues. Everything else has been edited out.

The shows are more about Dean's guests than Dean himself. We see musical numbers from Joel Gray, Peggy Lee, Dinah Shore, Jack Jones. We see long monologues from people like Orson Welles, Woody Allen which by the way is the same long monologue already included in the Guthy Renker sets plus Bob Newhart and there are other comedy monologues from guest stars I`ve never heard of.

One of the biggest dissappointments for me is a show from 1970. I was so full of hope that Dean would sing the "Welcome to my World" medley with The Golddiggers, instead we see Dean saying goodnight surrounded by The Golddiggers and as if to rub salt into the wound Time-Life show the closing credits with pictures of The Golddiggers.As a big fan of Dean Martin and The Golddiggers medleys this really had me shaking with anger.

Afterwards I wanted to skip a few nights before I decided to watch more. I wish I could find something good to say about this set but I`m at a loss. This set is an insult to The Dean Martin Shows.

I realise there are many fans who have never seen The Dean Martin Shows and this set might not impact on them as much as it would to those of us lucky enough to have seen at least some of the original Dean Martin Shows. I had heard bad things leading up to getting this set but I wasn`t prepared for just how bad this is.

Anyone who has never seen The Dean Martin Shows before and this is their first experience of seeing The Dean Martin Shows would most likely be uninterested if the complete shows were ever released after watching these, which I think is very unlikely to happen now.

There are a few great moments, for me seeing Dean finish a show singing "Everybody Loves Somebody" uninterrupted by voice overs had me glued to the screen. Although it`s been released before, another great moment is seeing Dean sing "Small Fry" with his son Dino Jr. Another great song is "Four of a Kind" performed by The Ding a Ling Sisters...and there is a lovely duet with Kate Smith.

So many great parts of the original Dean Martin Shows are missing, the opening songs, the couch songs, Let`s Play Musical Question. And hard to believe but Frank Sinatra is missing completely. I never thought I`d say this but if you want to see Dean Martin at his best, buy the Guthy Renker set.

The set is a disgrace and an insult to Deans memory. Having watched all the discs I feel the last 2 discs were the best of a sorry lot. The episodes are longer and we get to see the full unedited sketch of Dean singing "My Buddy with Phil Silvers which is great. Overall, nothing like we had been hoping for.

Thank you

Kylie (Deansgirl)

Monday, July 25, 2011

On This Day In Dino-history: July 25, 1946

Hey pallies, likes today is 'nother very very important day in all of Dino-history. It was on this date 55 years ago this very Dino-day that our most beloved Dino and the Jer did their first nightclub performance in Alantic City...and of course the rest is Dino-history.

Today's Dinoremembrance comes from the blog pad "" and features an outstandin' pix of our amazin' Dino and the kid makin' funny. Likes everythin' our Dino does it likes so so the point that the team of Martin and Lewis performed for exaxtly 10 years to the day....beginnin' July 26, 1946 and endin' as we shared yesterday on July 25, 1056. Certainly was the decade of comedic brillance between our beloved Dino and the Jer.

So so loves rememberin' and honorin' these most important days in the life and times of our great man. To view this in it's original format, likes clicks on the tag of this Dino-message. Dino-rememberin', DMP

Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis Began Performing As A Nightclub Song And Comedy Act

On July 25th, 1946, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis began their partnership as a nightclub song and comedy act with a performance in Atlantic City. They split up in 1956.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Martin took one aisle away from the floor; Lewis took the other.

Hey pallies, today is one of those most important Dino-dates in all of Dino-history to remember and honor. It was 55 years ago this very Dino-day, July 24, 1956, that our most beloved Dino and Jerry called a finish to their exactly 10 year old partnership as the greatest comedy duo in all of history.

Usually, I tries and do a fresh Dino-message each and every day 'round this here ilovedinomartin Dino-blog, for today I am turnin' to an outstandin' post that was featured here on this very day 'cause it is certainly an outstandin' retellin' of what happened on the last night that Martin and Lewis took the stage at the Copacabana....truly some heart-felt insights 'bout our Dino and Jerry's last gig together from the blog "Frontier Net."

From the writings "The Copacabana, An Illustrated History" by Kristin Baggleaar comes some deep details of our Dino and the kid's swan song.

So, sit back and reflect on the meanin's of this most bitter-sweet day in all of Dino-history. Gotta 'fess up pallies, likes for years I didn't have any appreciato for Jerry Lewis what so ever, and felt that the split-up was exactly what Lewis deserved.

But, ever since readin' Jerry's tome "Dean and Me: A Love Story," I have grown in my understandin' and appreciation of just how much Jerry loved, and still loves our beloved Dino! In fact, I have become likes totally totally jealous of Jerry Lewis...because he got to spend 10 intimate and glorious years with the coolest person ever...and got to know our Dino better then any other person alive ever has or ever will. What coulda be more wonderful then that! In fact, I remember in readin' in Tosches' outstandin' Dino-bio that Jerry was jealous of the Jeanne and the Jeanne was equally jealous of Jerry...and who could blame 'em...they each wanted our Dino for themselves...and don't we all feel the same Dino-way?!?!?!

Anyway, on this special Dino-day in Dino-history we remember the legacy that our Dino and the jer had together, and see this endin' as a hugely important new beginnin' for our great man. Dino-rememberin', DMP

The Copacabana

An Illustrated History by Kristin Baggelaar

By summer 1956, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis officially announced that they were breaking up as a team; however, together they were committed to one last engagement at the Copacabana. Perhaps because it was the last time they would ever work together, Martin and Lewis' final two-week stand at the Copa did a record-breaking business.

The diminished floorshow space was a tribute to their draw and mass impact. The Doug Coudy production numbers were curtailed as the acts, including the personable dance team of Conn & Mann, were stage waits for the headliners. Martin & Lewis worked with smoothness and no apparent personal friction despite all the press about their rift, but some dissension was evident with their Pardners bit, a cafe trailer for their soon-to-be released Paramount film of the same name. To their professional credit they played it straight, with Lewis foiling for Martin's crooning, and likewise, Martin foiling for his partner's clowning. While both were well received, it was felt that solo or team, the impact was not as resounding as in the past until their final night. Every celebrity in Manhattan was in the audience to witness the pair's swan song of one of the greatest comedy acts in history. They pulled out every schtick in their comedy bag for the star-studded crowd, from squirting seltzer down Milton Berle's shirt front to cutting off Monte Proser's necktie. The sophisticated cafe crowd wouldn't let them quit.

The final moments of the last show of their farewell engagement at the Copa on a hot Tuesday night, July 24, 1956, are pressed indelibly in the minds of those who were present. Martin's face was impassable, cool to the end. They finished with the final crescendo from Pardners: "You and me, we'll be the greatest pardners, buddies, and pals!" They joined hands for a last bow. Martin hugged Lewis. The audience exploded in an emotional uproar. Jackie Gleason jumped up and grabbed the mike, wiped away a tear, and said, "Folks, this can't be allowed to happen." The audience roared its approval, but Martin & Lewis just shook their heads, no. It was over. There was no encore. Martin took one aisle away from the floor; Lewis took the other.

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Marina"

Hello Pals o' mine! Welcome back to the Sunday Serenade! Well friends, we're bout' a month into summer and things are definitely heatin' up here in ol' Massachusetts!

The best way that I've found to keep myself cool is floatin' round the pool while drinkin' a choice beverage & of course listenin' to some cool cool Dino! Nothin' is cooler to me than discoverin' a tune that I've never ever heard!

Well, that's exactly what happened to me this week! The song is "Marina". What a great find for me pals! It's a fresh, fun little tune with some Italiano seasonins' thrown on it! Don't know where it came from...don't know how I've never heard it before. But that's the wonderful power of Dean Martin!

Just when you think you've heard it all...Bam! Our great man hits us with nother' timeless classic! Gotta love bein' a Dino-holic! Here we go pals. Find some shade...grab a cold one and turn this one way up!

The whole wide world is wild about Marina.
In Italy they call her "La Marina".
If you see her you'll never will forget her.
And you can tell the world I'm gonna get her.

Marina Marina Marina
Your lovely, your sweet, your divine.
Marina Marina Marina
I won't rest until you are mine.

All my love is for you.
How I do adore you.
Oh my darlin' I implore you,
please listen to my plea.

When we go out dancin'
you are so entrancin'.
You got all the others glancin'.
I'm filled with jealousy.

The whole wide world is wild about Marina.
In Italy they call her "La Marina".
If you see her you'll never will forget her.
And you can tell the world I'm gonna get her.

Marina Marina Marina
Your lovely, your sweet, your divine.
Marina Marina Marina
I won't rest until you are mine.

All my love is for you.
How I do adore you.
Oh my darlin' I implore you,
please listen to my plea.

My heart caught on fire.
You fill me with desire.
Now there's one thing I aspire.
To hear you say "si si".

Marina Marina Marina
Your lovely, your sweet, your divine.
Marina Marina Marina
I won't rest until you are mine.

Marina Marina

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Remembering Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes decided to checks back with our pallie Mr. Din Merican (see last Dino-post) likes to see if he and Dr. Kamsiah made it to Westward Memorial Park to pay their respects to our most beloved Dino. So so glad to report that I found the followin' post showin' a pix of Dr. Kamsiah at our Dino's place of rest, and an outstandin' selection of Dino-vid bein' shared in remembrance of our Dino.

Mr. Din included thoughts and vids on other greats like Mel Torme and Peggy Lee, but am simply sharin' the Dino-portion with all you pallies here. To view the entire post, likes just clicks on the tagg of this here Dino-message.\

Ain't it wonderful to know that pallies like our great Dino-devoted pallie Din Merican loves our Dino so so much to make a great effort to pilgrimage to Los Angeles to pay homage to our amazin' Dino at his final restin' place.

Thanks to Mr. Merican for sharin' the honorin news of their visit to our Dino's grave and selectin' some wonderful Dino-songs to help others to grow in their deep, pure, and true Dino-devotion. Dino-forever, DMP

.–Dr.Kamsiah and Din Merican
Remembering Dean Martin

Los Angeles, California

July 23, 2011

This Weekend’s Entertainment: Remembering Dean Martin

On July 21, Dr. Kamsiah, Ibrahim Karim (better known to all of us Semper Fi) and I visited the Westwood Memorial Park, Hollywood to pay our respects to Dean Martin, So this week, we thought that we should feature Dean Martin.

Dean Martin starts off with his famous ” Everybody loves Somebody Sometime”. As a singer, Martin copied the styles of Harry Mills, Bing Crosby and Perry Como until he developed his own and could hold his own in duets with Sinatra and Crosby. Like his good friend Frank Sinatra, he could not read music, but he recorded more than 100 albums and 600 songs. His signature tune, “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime” reached the number-one spot in the United States in 1964.

–Dr.Kamsiah and Din Merican

Dean Martin

to pay respects to Dean Martin

Hey pallies, one of the greatest ways of showin' deep, pure, and true Dino-devotion is to make pilgrimage to our most beloved Dino's place of final rest at Westwood Memorial Park in Hollywood, and that's what Dino-holic Din Merican, he loves our Dino so very very much that he taggs himself "dinobeano," hopes to do as part of his trip to the USA.

His self-tagged blog, "Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger" gives news of his desire to homage our Dino and other favorite entertainers by makin' the journey to
Westward Memorial Park. Indeed this is a truly outstandin' way of expressin' one's true Dino-passion.

Mr. Merican has posted a vid compilation of two short special television essays homagin' our most beloved Dino on his passin'..includin' one created by Entertainment Tonight. I highly recommend you takin' the 5 or so minutes it takes to view 'cause both short segments are so so Dino-honorin'. And, less worthy of our Dino-attention are several vid clips created by folks who have visited Westwood Memorial Park.

Truly, truly one of my most hoped for Dino-desires is to one day pilgrimage to pay my respects at our great man's place of rest. ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Mr. Din Merican for sharin' his plans with all his readers and 'specially for postin' the outstandin' vid clip rememberin' the passin' of our beloved Dino. To view this in it's original format, likes clicks on the tag of this Dino-message. Dino-homagin', DMP

To Westwood Memorial Park, Hollywood

Los Angeles, California

July 20, 2011

Planned Visit to Westwood Memorial Park–Time Permitting

Dr. Kamsiah and I plan time permitting and with the help of our buddy Ibrahim Karim (aka Semper Fi) to visit the Westwood Memorial Park, Hollywood to pay respects to some of our favorite actors and entertainers. They include Mel Tome, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, and Peggy Lee. Right now, we are at Anaheim, outside Los Angeles, which hosts Disneyland. –Din Merican

Friday, July 22, 2011 was Dean Martin presents Engelbert Humperdinck.

Hey pallies, likes always always loves so much to hear how our ever kind and ever generous Dino has been of amazin' help to others. Today's post from the 'net pad Robin Leach's "Vegas Deluxe," is a special feature written by Mr. Engelbert Humperdinck 'bout his "unbelievable journey" in show biz.

On July 20th,at the age of 75, Mr. Humperdinck was awarded a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Engelbert's prose below retells his earliest days in show biz and how he broke into 'Vegas. It's so so heartwarmin' to hear from Mr. Humperdinck's of how our most beloved Dino was so so supportive to him: "For the first time in his life, he put his name on the marquee for an artist, it was Dean Martin presents Engelbert Humperdinck. That was the start of my career in Las Vegas."

Ain't that likes our Dino to be so so generous in usin' his clout to help 'nother make it to the big time....just likes makes me loves our Dino ever ever more...if that is Dino-possible!

Thanks to Mr. Engelbert Humperdinck for sharin' his tale of Dino-support and for pallie Robin Leach of "Vegas Deluxe" for sharin' this great story with his readers. To read this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.

Also included here for your viewin' pleasure is a stellar stellar clip of our great man and Engelbert duetin' together on the Dino-show singin' and patterin' 'round the song "Crosby, Sinatra, and Me." Loves it pallies, loves it! Dino-delightedly, DMP

Engelbert Humperdinck: ‘It’s been an unbelievable journey’

By Engelbert Humperdinck

I was 17 when I first started out at a working men’s club in the north of England. I went there not realizing they were doing auditions. I got up to sing -- everyone stood up and came to me after and asked me who my agent was because they wanted to book me in the club. I told them I wasn’t even in show business!

I began working when I was 15 doing engineering, I thought I was going to follow in my father’s footsteps, but I didn’t like it. I was still taking music lessons. When I sang in that club, it opened the door for me to open my throat and know what I wanted in life. I think everything happened for a reason, it was all pre-destined, and I think that’s why I’m here today. I don’t remember what love song that I sang that day, because there have been so many over the years.

When I started to try to make it in showbiz, I auditioned several times and was turned down several times. But I always said the first rule to communication is the willingness to take rejection, and I took it several times. I was ridiculed so many times -- “Don’t call me, we’ll call you” -- but I kept going back until it all started happening for me.

In the late ’50s, I got established on television on Song Parade, but without a hit record. I was singing people’s songs that were hits at the time. I became a household name, and then all of a sudden I got tuberculosis. I was in the hospital for six months and away from the business for 18 months. I came back fighting again, but nobody wanted to know me because everybody thought of tuberculosis as a disease.

Changing my name was the only chance I had at making it. When you try to come back into the business after being off and being rejected again, I had to change a lot of things. I knew that, so I watched The Beatles and their hairstyles. They had an image, so I decided to dye my hair really, really black, grow my sideburns really long and had a little flicker in the back. It was the start of my image, and then when my manager Gordon Mills gave me the name of Engelbert Humperdinck, I thought I was going to fall off the stool.

I said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said, “Well, it belonged to a German composer, and he’s dead, so you’ve got it now!” So I told him, “Alright, don’t lose your temper, I’m just asking a question.” It was difficult because it’s hard to spell, it’s hard to pronounce, and everyone called me Pumpernickel. Eventually, I broke through and I came back, and “Release Me” was born.

Engelbert Humperdinck receives a Las Vegas Walk of Stars honor at the Paris on July 20, 2011. His wife Patricia and children Scott, Jason and Louise were in attendance.

Dean Martin could never say it right, speaking of which, he’s the one who is responsible for me being in Las Vegas. He took a shine to me when I first began, when I first signed with the Riviera, Dean had a piece of that hotel. For the first time in his life, he put his name on the marquee for an artist, it was Dean Martin presents Engelbert Humperdinck. That was the start of my career in Las Vegas.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Embroider a Portrait of Dean Martin! C'mon! It'll be fun!

Hey pallies, likes her name is June, and her blog pretty much says it all, "I Sew Cute... and draw pretty nifty also!" And, likes today's Dino-feature is an outstandin' crafty Dino-creation that when finished woulda be likes so so cute and pretty nifty as well!

As you will note below, Miss June has created a pattern for all those Dino-creative pallies out there to embroider a portrait of our most beloved Dino. Likes how totally totally groovy is that! This Dino-pattern is simply 'nough that certainly any youthful Deanager coulda takes on this Dino-project with Dino-success.

Indeed, this certainly woulda be a great way to encourage Dino-devotion in today's youthful crafters....spendin' time stitchin' the Dino-portrait as they listen to our great man.

ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Miss June for sharin' this special way of craftin' a cool cool Dino-portrait. Trustin' this Dino-activity will bring many pallies into deeper, truer, and purer Dino-devotion! To checks this out in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this here Dino-message. Dino-awed, DMP

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Free Summer Project -

Let's Embroider a Portrait of Dean Martin! C'mon! It'll be fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Draw Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes this post is likes one of the more unusal Dino-finds. From the blog "Nothing But Art" comes a vid clip by someone tagged "Wizard" who actually before our very eyes draws a sketch of our wonderful Dino and the wacky Jerry.

This dude is very very good with pen and paper and it is quite amusin' to see the sketch of Martin and Lewis develop as we watch it happenin'.

Thanks to the pallies at "Nothing But Art" for postin' this unusual Dino-discovery. To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-feature. Dino-always, DMP

VReal Nothing But Art

How to Draw Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin

How to draw Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Music for a Sunday afternoon: Dino and Frank

Hey pallies, likes you just never know where our Dino is goin' to show up next. Today's Dino-devotion comes from a blog tagged Eastern Right, where I gather the posts of blogger Miss Karen Howes are mostly politico or religious in nature. But, our great pallie Miss AOW put us on to this great Dino-vid that Miss Karen posted on Sunday 'cause she "needed a Rat Pack fix...."

The vid is the croonin' of our beloved Dino with the frankie. It's in B&W and likes I don't ever remember seein' it before. It's particularly so so cool 'cause there is some totally totally rad patter between our King of Cool and ol' blue eyes. It's truly amazin' to see how in awe the frankie is of our great man and likes how relaxed frankie can be in the presence of of most beloved Dino! So sits backs and enjoys a fun romp between our most beloved Dino and his pallie frankie.

ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to our pallie Miss AOW for sharin' this with us, and of course, to Miss Karen Howes for puttin' on her blog in the first place. To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this here Dino-message. Dino-delightedly, DMP

Music for a Sunday afternoon: Dino and Frank

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Needed a Rat Pack fix...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dino-sketch by Greg Joens

Hey pallies, likes I am always in awe of artistes who are able to use their artistic talents to show their devotion to our Dino. From the self-tagged blog, "Greg Joens Sketch Of The Day" comes a fantastic renderin' of our beloved Dino.

It's clear that Mr. Joens is a very talented portrait artiste as his Dino-image is likes first first rate....a wonderful trib to our Mr. Wonderful. Likes to me it is absolutely amazin' what a guy like Mr. Greg Joens can create with a mere pencil and sketch pad....Dino-riffic for Dino-sure!

ilovedinomartin sends mucho Dino-appreciato to Mr. Greg Joens for showin' such Dino-devotion thorugh his pen and paper! The amazin' piece of Dino-art is sure to draw many to a deeper devotion to our beloved Dino. To view this in it's original format, just clicks on the tag of this Dino-prose. Dino-delightedly, DMP

Greg Joens Sketch Of The Day

Dean Martin

Dean Martin (June 7, 1917 – December 25, 1995), born Dino Paul Crocetti, was an American singer, film actor, television star and comedian. Martin's hit singles included "Memories Are Made of This", "That's Amore", "Everybody Loves Somebody", "Mambo Italiano", "Sway", "Volare" and smash hit "Ain't That a Kick in the Head?". Nicknamed the "King of Cool",[1][2] he was one of the members of the "Rat Pack" and a major star in four areas of show business: concert stage/night clubs, recordings, motion pictures, and television. Source: Wikipedia

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "L.A. Is My Home"

Hey pallies, welcome to nother' Sunday Serenade! This week I wanted to share a special surprise I received with all you Dino-holics! Mrs. G really pulled off a nice one this time. Her and my wee ones, Nick & Stella, managed to get their little Dino-lovin' hands on the new picture book, "Cool Then, Cool Now"!

Wasn't easy either pals. These little gems of pure Dino magic are flyin' off the shelves!!! From what she tells me, she had one local Barnes & Noble promise to hold their last one for her if she got there fast! Well, thanks to ME unknowingly throwin' a wrench in THAT plan, that Dino-copy was gone with the wind. Luckily for this Dino-holic she was at the right place & the right time at nother' Barnes & Noble the next day to grab THEIR last copy! The woman behind Mrs. G wasn't as lucky. As a matter of fact, she wasn't too happy either. I guess the early Dino-bird gets the worm lady! Sorry. I hate to ruin nother' Dino-lovers day, but...

Anyway pals, the book is GREAT! Lots & lots of cool cool pics of Dean and family and friends. Pics never before seen by myself anyways. These candid shots seem to be from family photo albums as well as some professional cameramen that were just tucked away for just such a book! There's also some cool commentary from various celebrities talkin' bout' our great man and exactly what it was that made him great. Just bein' himself. Just bein' Dean.

Also included in this true collectors piece are some great Martin tunes! Two cd's, made to look like old 45's of yesteryear, have 28 classic Dino ditties. There were eleven tunes that I didn't have on my trusty ol' ipod, so this was truly a double bonus for me pals! To sum this up pals o' mine, all I can say is, get yourselves a copy! You won't be disapointed.

Take it from me...Dino is DEFINITELY as Cool now as he was then!!! Anyways pals, enough bout' my wonderful surprise. This weeks serenade is one of these great songs that I previously was without. "L.A. Is My Home". Man, don't know how I got by without this little gem in my music vault! L.A. must be one fantastic city! I definitely got to make my way there someday soon and see for myself what Dean so so impressed with! Here we go pallies...enjoy!

Danny G.

L.A. Is My Home

It's good to live in L.A.,
Those bad jokes won't go away.
Our small & free way will stay,
we've come a long way, we've grown up!

Do you want concerts & games?
Or see a few famous names?
The climb at tears still grand
the natives all healthy & tan.

We have the fanciest cars.
Chum all the swankiest bars.
We can dine at the boat,
take a stroll down the street made of stars.

We can dress up or hang loose.
We even have a spruce goose!
Change of scene, rent a new limosine
and have brunch on the queen.

We have the mountains & shores.
Our town is never a bore.
You'll like museums & zoos.
There's no question whose are the best.

We used to be a small town.
Til' people came from around.
And now we have restaurants galore,
your favorite store and what's more...

L.A. is crazy but nice.
And movies added for spice.
No proddin' was needed, I heeded
the go west advice.

But if you don't like the view,
then don't call us we'll call you.
They sing about oceans all covered with foam.
You better believe we have one of our own.
You see all the stars from the park with a dome.
L.A. is my home!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter is only fiction, but Dean Martin ... Dean Martin! He's a Titan!

Hey pallies, likes "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" is all the buzz on this openin' weekend of the flick 'cause likes it is the last of the Harry Potter flicks. But as cool as the openin' of "Deathly Hallows - Part 2"....our Dino is cooler yet!

That's the Dino-truth accordin' to blogger Miss Anne Johnson at her blog pad "The Gods Are Bored." Seems "Spare" has tranformed the first floor of the family home into Hogwarts for a Potter Party. Spare quires his daddy-o, Mr. J. 'bout which character he is gonna play and the wise father sez Dean Martin!

Spare replies that our beloved Dino is a muggle. Miss Anne lifts up our Dino by sayin', "Dean Martin, a muggle? Who says? Harry Potter is only fiction, but Dean Martin ... Dean Martin! He's a Titan! Grovel in the muck, you pathetic wretch Voldemort! You are no match for Deano."

How cool to find Miss Johnson acknowledgin' the power and the glory of our Dino! Likes so so refreshin' to find this lady who is lettin' her boypallie know who truly is the magical one....our one and only Dino! And Miss Anne likes speaks such Dino-truth when she proclaims..."If J.K. Rowling had been a Dean Martin fan, she could not even have conceived Harry's opponents. Every time her thoughts turned to the Dark Side, she would have been completely disarmed. Ought to be a spell named "Volare." Just saying it causes the bad guys to dissolve into dust."

DINO RULES! ilovedinomartin sez our deep, pure, and true Dino-appreciato to Miss Anne Johnson and her blog for liftin' up the name of our Dino in this amazin'way and settin' the record straight 'bout who truly truly matters...DINO! To read this in it's original format, just clicks on the tagg of this here Dino-gram. Dino-only, DMP

Seriously, Voldemort, You Are SO Crushed!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored" on Harry Potter, Part II # VII movie premiere night! Spare has spent two days transforming our house into Hogwarts. (Alas, just the first floor. The second floor now looks like it was hit with one of those movie wind machines.)

We're having a Potter Party!

Yesterday, in anticipation of this event, Spare asked my husband, Mr. J, what character he planned to be. Not missing a beat (and never having read a word of the opus), Mr. J said, "Dean Martin."

Spare exclaimed, "He's a muggle!"

Dean Martin, a muggle? Who says? Harry Potter is only fiction, but Dean Martin ... Dean Martin! He's a Titan! Grovel in the muck, you pathetic wretch Voldemort! You are no match for Deano.

I've done Harry Potter Smackdowns before, but this one is a no-brainer. There is no one, no one, in the whole of Harry Potter who could generate as much magic as Dean Martin. Other people can cower and run from Death Eaters. I'll just slip in my Dean Martin DVD, select "That's Amore," play it at a sensible sound level, and CRUSH SEVERAL EVIL EMPIRES SIMULTANEOUSLY. Voldemort? Down! Vader? Down! The Vanger clan? Cat food!

You want to send a bored war god packing? Play Deano singing, "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

If J.K. Rowling had been a Dean Martin fan, she could not even have conceived Harry's opponents. Every time her thoughts turned to the Dark Side, she would have been completely disarmed. Ought to be a spell named "Volare." Just saying it causes the bad guys to dissolve into dust.

In preparation for the Potter party, we decided that Mr. J should not be Dean Martin, because he would be totally cooler than anyone in the entire Potter pantheon, and far more powerful than the sad, befuddled wizards who led poor Harry down so many blind alleys.

Is anyone else laughing over this? Pinky swear, if I had video skills, I would do a YouTube where Dean faces off against Voldemort. Sports analogy: New York Yankees vs. Snobville T-ball All-Stars.

So now we have established a male icon who could crush Voldemort like a spent cigarette.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Now I have had a crush on Dean Martin all my life.

Hey pallies, likes Dino-devotion knows no no age or stage of life barriers. Case in point, today's Dino-reflection comes from the blog "Thoughts From Meme's Corner," where blogger "Meme" is an octogenarian who has, accordin' to the tag of this post.."had a crush on Dean Martin all my life."

Likes ain't it the coolest to know that there are oldsters likes "Meme" who have been hooked on our Dino their entire life! And, likes how cool that one of Meme's friends snapped some shots of our Dino while filmin' a western. Likes any of you pallies have a clue which Dino-flick this pix woulda comes from?

Anyway, wanted to share this Dino-mention with you to lets you know that there are long time devotees of our Dino are bloggin' away...even in their eighties...and to share this cool, probably never before seen on the web Dino-pix!

Thanks to pallie "Meme" for sharin' her Dino-passion and of that outstandin' on location pix of our Dino! To view this in it's original format, likes justs clicks on the tag of this Dino-message. Dino-forever, DMP

Thoughts From Meme's Corner

Now I have had a crush on Dean Martin all my life. A friend of mine was on vacation in the late 60s or early 70s, and Dean was there on location making a movie. He very graciously got this as well as several other shots of him for me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Something's Got to Give (1962)

Hey pallies, likes the 'net just continues to be flooded with our Dino! Here's a post from the pad JIWANG puttin' the accent on the flick that our Dino never finished, "Something's Gotta Give." Member c0d3 shares a brief synopsis of this Dino-Marilyn romp, as well as a copy of the movie primo reason for sharin' this post with you. Likes how Dino-holics likes us are so so desirous that this film woulda made it to the big screen...'cause our Dino and Miss Marilyn are likes so so hot together!

If you clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram you will get to the original post and if you likes knows what you are doin', likes I thinks you can download the restored 37- minute segment, part of the documentary of "Marilyn: The Final Days." ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to JIWANG and c0d3 for sharin' this will all their readers, and likes now the pallies at ilovedinomartin! Dino-reportin', DMP

Something's Got to Give (1962).DVDRip.XviD.avi

Somethings Got to Give (1962).DVDRip.XviD.avi
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Subs: English
Genre: Comedy | Romance | Short
IMDb info
Director: George Cukor
Cast: Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin and Cyd Charisse

Something's Got to Give is an unfinished 1962 American feature film, directed by George Cukor and starring Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin and Cyd Charisse. Nine hours of largely unseen footage from the film remained in the vaults at 20th Century Fox until 1999, when it was digitally restored by Prometheus Entertainment and assembled into a 37-minute segment for the two-hour documentary, Marilyn: The Final Days. It first aired on American Movie Classics on June 1, 2001, which would have been Monroe's 75th birthday.

Ellen Arden (Monroe), a photographer and mother of two small children, has been declared legally dead, having been lost at sea in the Pacific. Her husband Nick (Dean Martin) has remarried; he and his new wife, Bianca (Cyd Charisse), are on their honeymoon when Ellen, rescued from an island where she has been stranded for five years, returns home. The family dog remembers her, but the children do not. However, they take a liking to her, and invite her to stay.
Ellen assumes a foreign accent and pretends to be a woman named Ingrid Tic. Nick, flustered by the revelation that he's now married to two women, makes great effort to keep the truth from his new wife all the while trying to quash her amorous advances. Upon learning that she was marooned on the island with a man, Stephen Burkett (Tom Tryon) - whom she knew as "Adam" to her "Eve" - he becomes jealous and suspicious of her fidelity. To calm his fears, Ellen enlists a meek shoe salesman (Wally Cox) to impersonate her island companion.

Dean Martin Love

Hey pallies, likes hear name is Christy and she hangs her hat at her blog pad, "Fountains Of style faith love." In her own words Miss Christy describes herself as, "the happy mom to three little babies ages 3,2, and 1! I have a great fondness for my home and the happiness it brings to the souls of my family."

And, by the tag of Dino-post, "Dean Martin Love," Miss Christy is obviously a pure, deep, and true lover of our beloved Dino. Christy's homagin' of our Dino in such an open and adulated way, simply warms the depths of my Dino-heart. Beginnin' with a quartet of well-loved Dino-pixs, startin' with that most famous and much enjoyed pix of our Dino readin' "The Drinking Man's Diet," and followed by Miss Christy's personal Dino-testimony of devotion, this is a simply delightful honorin' of the life, times, and teachin's of our Dino.

Loves how Miss Christy gives one of her "secrets" to managin' three young toddlers and preparin' for dinner...."one of my secrets is cranking Dean Martin while I make dinner and try to make it through the last hour before the beloved husband gets home." Ain't it the coolest pallies that Miss Christy gets so so much comfort from spendin' time with our beloved Dino?

And, so so digs how Miss Christy receives such comfort from her sense of Dino-understandin'...."And of course you've got to appreciate his constant cigarette and scotch in hand, even if its a little too early to have your own much deserved drink after a day of tantrums, toddler trouble, and diapers you feel Dean wouldn't judge you if you did!"

Certainly hopes that many young moms are drawn to Miss Christy's Dino-prose and will also find similar comfort and understandin' from our great man! ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Miss Christy for so lovin'ly expressin' her passion for our Dino. To read this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-message. Dino-delightedly, DMP

Dean Martin Love

I know I'm the last person to be giving dinnertime/mom advice here(see last post) but one of my secrets is cranking Dean Martin while I make dinner and try to make it through the last hour before the beloved husband gets home.

I mean it just makes sense. How can you feel grumpy and tired while listening to him? He exudes cool. The big-band in the background, the occasional well-placed Italian phrase= gold!

And of course you've got to appreciate his constant cigarette and scotch in hand, even if its a little too early to have your own much deserved drink after a day of tantrums, toddler trouble, and diapers you feel Dean wouldn't judge you if you did!