Sunday, September 27, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Only Forever"

Welcome back, mi amici. Welcome to Fall 2020!'s official, pals...Summer is gone & it's time to be movin' on. Now, I don't mean relocatin' or nothin' like that, pallies. I mean it's time to kick Autumn into FULL gear here! Let go of the hot & sweaty days of sun bakin' em' in for crisp & chilly nights & weekend leave rakin'! Haha!! It's not as bad as it sounds, pallies! Let's bang the sand outta our ears & get some cool cool Fall-type croons uh'-croonin'! Ha! These are GREAT GREAT times for throwin' in the ol' ipod headphones...gettin' outdoors...& spendin' some quality time...with Dino! Haha!! Yes, my friends...DINO! Who else is the BEST companion for cleanin' up yards & packin' up the patio?! He relaxes my soul & cleanses my brain. Turns work into fun & chores into play. I'll show youse what I mean, pals. Let's find a nice, easy tune to get youse started. Somethin' from the "Pretty Baby" al b um.  How's 'bout a little "Only Forever"? Yes...this is a perfect Serenade for today. A TOTALLY chilled-out croon to EASE us into the new season. Just soak it in, my friends. Inhale it...hold it....ahhhhhh. See what I'm sayin', mi amici? So So calmin'. OK, pallies...let's get outside & get to work! Oops...I mean play! Haha!!  Enjoy!  

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Let Me Know"

 Welcome back, mi amici! And welcome to the LAST Sunday Serenade with Dino of Summer 2020, as well! Man o man...where do the months go, pals?! Years, for that matter! Cant even believe I've had the privelage of doin' these FUN FUN Sunday Serenades for 9 WON DER FUL years now! Yup...Fall of 2011 was my first. TRULY can't express how much I enjoy writin' my deep deep thoughts 'bout life... through the eyes of a Dino-holic. Haha!! And at the same time...spreadin' the Dino-message! VERY humb'ly...I THANK youse for your weekly interest in my insanity & I THANK our fearless leader, DMP, for offerin' me the job. One which I take very the funnest of ways, my friends! Now, pallies o' mine...let's get to this week's Serenade! Seein' how it's the last week of the summery season...I figured I transition us...gently...into the new one. Somethin' REAL mellow & O so soothin'! Well, pals...thinks I got just what Dr. Dino ordered! It's's's...well...IT"S PURE DINO!!! Haha!! Pulled it from my own personal "Go to" place for ULTIMATE chillin'! Dean's 1966 al b um, "Relaxin". "Let Me Know" will DEF I NATE LY... gently...glide youse into these comin' cool, crisp days ahead. Sit back & close your eyes, pallies. Dino's at the wheel & he's on cruise control, Hahaha!!! Let's embrace Autumn & see what Dean has in store for us next! It's gonna be a GREAT Fall, pals...just hit PLAY & relax. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Marina"

Welcome back, my swingin' little Dino-diggin' paisani!
Man o man, am I in a mood today!
Don't know why, pals!
Just is!
Hey...that's good 'nough reason for me!

We gotta make the BEST outta EVERY DAY, mi amici!
Even the lousy ones.
Even in these CRAZY days!

When life hands us lemons...the hell with the lemonade, mi amici...squeeze them into a little vodka on the rocks...& throw on some Dino!

Yes, mam!

Now THAT'S the start of a COOL COOL day! Hahaha!!!

What's got into me today?!

All's I did was sit down here & get ready to put this week's Serenade together...& BAM!
This CRAZY mood just came rushin' through me, my friends!

My heart started racin' body started vibratin'...& my fingers started typin'!

It's like the spirit of Dean just jumped in me & took control!

Hey, pallies...that's OK with me!
Dino take the wheel!

OK OK...let me catch my breath.
Let me regains my composure.
Let me chill-ax, a wee bit!

If I don't get this Serenade goin'...I thinks I'm gonna pop!

I gots an idea!
Think I'll have a little fun with this silly mood I'm feelin'! 

I'm gonna let Dean pick this one, pals!

Yea, youse heard right! 

Gonna put my trust in Dino's big meaty hands...& let him tell me what tune to spin!
He will know exactly what we need!

Gonna just close my eyes & see what jam I clicks on.

OK, pallies...round & round it goes...where Dino will stop...nobody knows....& POW!!!
Did it!

Oh man o man...PERFECTO!


GREAT tune, my friends!

Fun Fun song with a Cool Cool groove!

I knew Dean would pick a winner!

Well, pals o mine...I'm hopin' this swingin' Dino-pick will stick with youse all week long... & help with ANY lemons that may have rolled your way.

The power of Dean's magic is un-endin'!


Sunday, September 06, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: You Were Made For Love"

Welcome back, my friends 

How's September treatin' youse so far?

Not so, in my part of the world.
Was a BEA U TI FUL Blue-sky'd 75 degrees yesterday!

Summer just HATES to go, I guess!

I don't mind so much though, mi amici.
Fall is a GREAT season too!
I just LOVE the spooky vibe in the air from now 'til Halloween!

Truth be told...I loves September!

The weather is still comfy & a break from the heat isn't so bad either. that I thinks 'bout it, pals... I actually can't wait for the Autumn solstice...that means Fall in British.

'Nother cool cool occasion is comin' soon as well.
This week is the birthday of a VERY special someone to Danny G...who just so happens to be a GIGANTIC Dino-holic!
That gives me a SWINGIN' idea, pallies!

I is gonna send this week's Serenade out to this someone & let her know just how SPECIAL she is! Seems that gettin' further & further from her younger years has got her stressin'.
Hey...tell me 'bout it, mi amici!

Anyway...She DEF I NATE LY has NUTHIN' to worry 'bout, though pals.
She's a GREAT GREAT lady & STILL has ALL the fellas howlin' at the moon!

Thinks she just needs a little Dino-croonin' to lift her spirits.

Now let me see...hmmmm.
Got it.

A touch of Dean's "You Were Made For Love", should get her smilin'!
DEF I NATE LY get's me in a happy mood, pallies!

So, this one's for you...birthday girl!

Enjoy your day & enjoy the Dino-jam... goin' out just for you!

Ciao bella!

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

On This Day In DIno-history: September 1, 1949

 Dean Martin & bride Jeanne on their wedding day (held at Herman Hover's House) September 1, 1949.

Hey pallies, likes this very Dino-day , September 1 in the year of our Dino 1949,  the weddin' bells did chime for our most beloved Dino and his queen of beauty bride Miss Jeanne Biegger. Dino and Miss Jeanne, wife numero duo, tied the knot at  the pad of Mr. Herman Hover.  This date likes 'gain holds the deepest of deep significance since Miss Jeanne   passed away on August 24, 2016  joinin' our Dino forever in the here after.

As we, with reverence,  remember this day of absolute awesome bountiful bliss for our Dino, ilovedinomartin shares with you a post that a Deanager tagged  Catie shared at her tumblr blog, "They always look better at night..," on this day of Dino-significance, last in 2012.  Our Catie combines an outstandin' weddin' pix of the beau-ti-ful couple with some potently powerful  prose scribed by Mr. Jerry Lewis from his magnificant Dino-bio, "Dean and Me: A Love Story."

Just likes we  totally totally  grooves to be likes readin' these kind of greatly glorious Dino-details....and these remarkable  reflections from Mr. Lewis notin' the extremely close relationship that our most beloved Dino had with his bestest of best pallie Jerry.   ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Miss Catie for creatin' this Dino-memory on her tumblr account, sure to bring many of today's nouveau hipsters to the keen knowledge and awesome adulation of our most most beloved Dino

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

You just got out of a marriage,” I said. “What the fuck are you rushing into another one for?”

He just stared at me, shocked that I had hit the issues on the button. I hurried to explain myself. “Forgive me, Paul.” I said. “Jeanne’s a great girl, and I think she would follow you to the ends of the earth. I know she would wait until you were ready. And there are four kids to think about.”

Dean thought for a moment. “Listen Jer,” he said. “You know me better than anyone, so what I say is between us. I do worry about my kids. But this feels so right. So strong.”

I nodded, finally understanding that he was really in love, and probably for the first time. “It’s your life, pal,” I told him. “And you have to do what’s best for you. You’ve always taken care of your kids; now it’s your turn to take care of yourself. Everything’ll fall into place.”

He threw his arms around me in a bear hug and whispered into my ear: “Thanks, Jer.”

As it turned out, Jeanne was the best thing that ever happened to Dean.

Jerry Lewis to Dean Martin on the day of his wedding to second wife Jeanne Biegger, September 1, 1949.