Sunday, December 31, 2017

Danny G's Happy Dino-Year 2018 Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Winter Romance"

Wooooo Hoooooo!!!

Happy Dino-Year 2018!!! will be. In a few hours. Haha!!

Man o man...what a whirlwind it's been, pals!!! I'm not even sure what DAY it is...never mind the year! Hahaha!!!

Thins' have been so so crazy durin' these last few Mondays seem like Fridays & Wednesdays are like Saturdays!!!
Hopes I'm not writin' Danny G's THURSDAY Serenade with Dino!!! Haha!!

Not that that would be a bad thin', either!

Matter o' fact...might be a GREAT idea!!! Haha!!!
Anyway...we made it!

Dean lead us through the thick & thin of 2017.

Some good...some not so great.

But guess what, mi amici!
It's time to start fresh!!! friends...I'm POS I TIVE Dino will help swing us into the BEST year yet!

Now pals...I'm SURE I've shared my crazy little New Years tradition with all youse cool cool Dino-philes before.'s just one of those VERY special little thins' that I loves sharin' with all my fellow Dino-holics. it is, again.

Actually this was somethin' my Nanna G. would do with my bro & I on New Years Eve, while Mom & Pop were out dancin' & celebratin'.

Soon as the BALL soon as Midnight struck...she would lead us to the front door... & open it up...lettin' the old year out...& the new year in! Haha!  

We got such a KICK outta this yearly routine as kids, that I STILL do it to this very day with my mini Dino-holics! Haha!

Nanna was such a SWEET & FUN lady!
 My earliest memories of Dean were actually with her & I wathchin' Martin & Lewis flicks in her parlor.
Yes sir pallies...that's where it ALL began!

I knew there & then...that I was a tried & true Dino-holic! Ha!

Ok, pals...let's get the very last Sunday Serenade of 2017 spinnin'!

What do youse say we bid farewell to the old year & say "Hey there, pallie" to 2018...with a little "Winter Romance"?
I think it's PERFECTO to ease us into a new wintery well as a COOL COOL NEW YEAR!

Well, mi amici...let's ALL thinks of the message Nanna G. was tryin' to instill in our young minds. 
Let your old worries go...leave them in the past...And enjoy life from today goin forward!

Dean spreads the same vibe to me now & EVERYDAY!

Let's make this a GREAT year pallies!

Dino's at our side & he's leadin' the way!

OK ol' pals o' mine...turn it up & raise a glass to the good times to come!

Salute & Happy New Year!!!

I never will forget the station where we met
You dropped your skis, a happy circumstance
No one would have guessed we had started
Started a winter romance
And all the way to Maine, on that enchanted train
The passing scenery didn't get a glance
We held hands completely, light hearted
Off to a winter romance
We danced that night, by candle light
The world was white with snow
The way we felt, we never felt
The snow could melt and go
But though the snow is gone, the romance lingers on
And those who said it didn't stand a chance
Will know when they see us together
That love's not controlled by the weather
And all of our summers, we'll have our winter romance
Though the snow is gone, the romance lingers on
And those who said it didn't stand a chance
Will know when they see us together
That love's not controlled by the weather
And all of our summers, we'll have our winter romance

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Celebratin' Dino-eve With Our Dino And His Pallies - New Year´s Eve 1970

Hey pallies, likes our Dino-wintery season is comin' to an end as we moves into the coolest of the cool celebrations of Dino-eve.   Likes we share our Dino-eve post a day early this year to leave the way completely clear for our most devoted of Dino-holics Danny G. to share what we know will be the most special of special New Years Eve edition of his Sunday Serenade With Dino.

Traditionally ilovedinomartin has shared one or more vid clips from our most beloved Dino's 1970 New Year's Eve ver-si-on of the Dino-show, but  only on Dino-eve this last few years have we been able to share the entire broadcast in all all it's deeply delightful Dino-glory!!!!!

Likes, likes before  Dino-eve 2014 as we were searchin' youtube for what might be up there from that 1970 programme, we were likes thrilled beyond thrilled to discover that a pallie tagged "Saucio2014" had actually uploaded the whole show in a series of 6 vid clips.  So, below, for our fourth year on the eve of 2017, is all the fun and frolic from that classic episode and will definitely definitely puts all us pallies into the swingin'est of swingin' Dino-eve-mood!

We digs each and every moment of this fabulous broadcast, but we gotta 'fess up that our most fav of fav clips is still numero five which  has our most beloved Dino and his bestest of best pallie Frank, along with Miss Ruth Buzzi and the Golddiggers puttin' on a radio programme for New Years Eve.

We mostest of most digs that seg of this particular clip when Sinatra brings our Dino to the microphone introducin' Dino sayin' "...."And, now staggerin' up to the microphone, direct from the three month tour of his wine cellar, the baritone of the breweries, Mr. Blinky Tomlin"....and our Dino begins sings the ditty "The Object Of My Affections," usin' all his most marvelous  movements that he is the coolest of cool at, simply drippin' with the hugest of huge hipness and the remarkable of remarkable randiness!

Likes happy Dino-eve to Dino-holics everywhere, and tremendous thanks to "Saucio2014" for bringin' so so much Dino-happiness to all us Dino-philes through sharin' this most amazin' NYE episode of the Dino-show in total!

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Friday, December 29, 2017

Let's Begin The Dino-eve Partyin' Early Dudes!

Hey pallies, likes we interrupt all our swankest of swank sharin' of the deepest of deep devotion to our Dino on the twenty second anniversary of his departure from our planet to gets the Dino-eve 2017  vib goin' here at ilovedinomartin.  Not to worry dudes, we will be ringin' in the new Dino-year 2018 with likes just a ton of perfectly profoundly powerful potent posts of awesome adulation of our one and only Dino from 'round the globe....and we promise not to stop sharin' 'em to we get 'em all posted here at our humble little Dino-home.

But, likes Dino-eve beckons dudes....and if ever a celebration was made for our most beloved Dino it woulda be Dino-eve!     Our Dino was swinger extraordinare....especially after he broke the strings with his second wife...numbero duo, Jeanne.  No longer the homebody he was portrayed to be, Dino enjoyed makin' the clubbin' scene with the youth of his particular at the swingin'esqe Discotheque of them all....The Candy Store.  We deeply digs all the cool candids shot of our Dino at this where it is at club.....Dino wearin' the modest of mod fashions of the day and makin' the scene with Miss Cathy Hawn who woulda becomes the third and last Mrs. Dean Martin.

Likes truly truly Dino-eve belongs to our Dino!  And, as we gets the party here at ilovedinomartin off to an early start we once 'gain, as has become 'nother Dino-tradition here, we share  two historical 'n hysterical  poses  of our Dino and Jerry as Father Time and the babe-in-arms.  Likes ain't  it hard to believe that these here pixs were  swankly shot to celebrate the comin' of 1952....65 count-em-65 years ago!

How fun to see our most delightful Dino decked out as Father Time...lookin' so wonderfully wise with his long flowin' robe and sickle...and Mr. Lewis  dressed  as a new born ready to toot his horn....indeed these beau-ti-ful boys are certainly totally totally  type cast!   ilovedinomartin wishes all you pallies a swingin' and safe New Year's Eve and the bestest of best New Years!

Keeps checkin' in at ilovedinomartin for more of that great great Dino-action in the comin' year as well as some fabulous Dino-clips from the Dino-show bein' shared  tomorrow on the eve of Dino-eve.  And, likes most of all, all youse Dino-holics , keeps drinkin' deeply deeply from the Dino-fountain of complete cool!

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Remembering Dino Paul Crocetti

Hey pallies, likes we continue to stand in amazin' awe of the magnificant multiplicity of wondrous ways that our most most beloved Dino continues to be hugely honorably homaged on the ol' world wide web....and by the incredibly increasin' number of today's youth fallin' head over heels for our great great man.

As we continue to swankly share the deepest of deep devotion to our Dino on this 22nd year of his departure from our planet on December 25, 1995 we turn today to a youthful Dino-holic tagged Kayley, 28 years old from the US, formerly known as "Classickat" and who now tags her tumblr pad "DO YOU KNOW THE BANANA MAN, THE BANANA MAN?"  Miss Kayley as part of her intriguin' intro proudly proclaims that "Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis are everything to me.

Likes below is her creatively crafted reverent remembrance of our Dino that includes a series of 8 great gifs remarkably reflectin' 8 different roles that our Dino played...likes any of youse pallies up to sharin' what each of those roles were?  In addition, Miss Kayley shares  wonderfully wise words crafted by our most beloved Dino's most beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis that speaks of his awesome affection for our Dino.

We gotta 'fess up that we are tremendously touched by Mr. Lewis's tender thoughts that begin with these most movin' words, "He was my hero. He was my father, my brother, my friend."  Our Dino was everythin' to Mr. Lewis and we are hugely humbled to be able to share the depth of Lewis' affection for his partner.

We thanks Miss Kayley for her energetic efforts to reverently remember our Dino on this 22nd anniversary of his departure from earth.  With youthful Dino-devotees like her, we keenly know that our Dino will always always be loved and his legacy of cool will continue forever!  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Remembering Dean Martin June 7, 1917- December 25, 1995 ∞)
“He was my hero. He was my father, my brother, my friend. And what made him special was that he wasn’t even clear about the magnificence of his basic talent that happened to have been in his bones. His sense of humor, his sense of time, his ability to do what he did, made him not only special, but probably as unique as anyone that was ever in our business. 
- Jerry Lewis

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Among my favorites is just about anything Dean Martin sings, but especially "A Marshmallow World".

Hey pallies, likes on these days after Dino-departure day we continue to bring youse more delightful Dino-devotion of the season from all over the blogsphere.  Today we visit with a lovely lady, Miss Sybil Bruncheon who holds forth at her self-tagged blog "SybilSez."  In her seasonal selection, "CHRISTMAS MUSIC: Guilty Pleasures & Dirty Confessions / The Holiday Music Edition......,"  Miss Sybil shares her amazin'ly awesome adulation of our most beloved Dino."

In swankly speakin' of her fantastic fondness for marvelous music of the season, Miss Bruncheon sez, as we have already quoted in the tag of this Dino-gram: "  Among my favorites is just about anything Dean Martin sings, but especially "A Marshmallow World".

As many of youse Dino-phile may recall, "A Marshmallow World" is our fab fav of Dino-wintery croons as well, so we, of course, revel in Miss Sybil's remarkable reflections.  We are totally totally thrilled to find yet 'nother deep digger of our one, our only Dino, and shares it with all youse Dino-holics as well!

We sweetly salute Miss Sybil Bruncheon's potently powerful post of awesome affection for our King of Cool and trust her open and affirmin' Dino-message will aid many of her remarkable readership to grow in awesome appreciato of our Dino.   To checks this out in it's original source, per usual, simpy clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.  As a little bonus, we simply had to share the youtube vid of our most fav vid of our coolest of cool crooner Dino singin' "A Marshmallow World."

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

CHRISTMAS MUSIC: Guilty Pleasures & Dirty Confessions / The Holiday Music Edition.....

Sybil Bruncheon

Christmas Music Dean Martin (1073).jpg

I know it's very tacky, but I start listening to the Music Choice "Sounds of the Seasons" channel on cable during Thanksgiving week.... As silly as it is to many people, I sometimes just enjoy the simple pleasure of Christmas carols to ease my mind and lower my stress....especially after this election cycle!!! JEEESH!!! Among my favorites is just about anything Dean Martin sings, but especially "A Marshmallow World". His garbled, nearly falling-down-drunk phrasing amuses me no end! It's that funny, facetious Las Vegasy presentation that doesn't pretend to be something that it's not. Whenever I hear him sing, he just sounds like a favorite uncle clowning around the kitchen and wanting to be loved! ...and oh, how I love him! Thank you, Deano-rooni!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ed's Epistle:...The 12 Days Of Dino

Hey pallies,  likes we begin these days after Dino-departure-day with a return to yet  'nother greatest of great Dino-epistle from our greatest of great Dino-proser Ed.  First shared on the pages of ilovedinomartin durin' the Dino-winter-season 2013, we are thrilled to be able share it once 'gain with all youse Dino-philes 'cause it is indeed likes the most special of special Dino-wintery tributes that any only-devoted-to-Dino dude coulda ever desire. Deep from the depths of his personal devotion to our Dino comes our Brother Ed's superbly scribed  Dino-reflection, "The 12 Days Of Dino."

Truly, truly there has never ever been anyone more deeply devoted to our Dino AND more in-the-Dino-know then our Dino-bro Ed.  Our Ed profoundly  proves this with all the amazin' Dino-facts and figures that he has assembled in his powerfully potent prosed parody of the 12 Days of Christmas.

ilovedinomartin thanks our brother in Dino, Ed, for this from-the bottom-of-his-Dino-heart trib to our most beloved Dino in this Dino-wintery season 2017.  Pallie Ed has once 'gain set a new supreme standard of passionate prose in awesome amore of our man of Amore....our most beloved  Dino!   And, likes we hopes you also greatly grooves on this grooviest of groovy powerfully potent pose of our most beloved  Dino!!!!! 

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Tom Elliott: Dean Martin, 1967 Black and White Photograph
Ring-a-ding, Ho-Ho, and all that other Merry Jazz, baby! The Holli-Dino-Days are upon us like Santa Clause on a snowy roof pally. Tis the season of Dino-music, Holiday movies, family, merriment, and all sounds and sites that make these times special. The year has been great, and grand finale is a doozie! The voice of the season has been declared OH-ficcialy ladies and gentlemen, and it's our Dino. "Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow". Now I don't know a better way to finish off this year with that Dino-news!

Ah, the Holidays. During these times a pally gets to dreaming, thinking bout the memories that makes these days so special. The glow of dusk on Christmas eve, the dawn of Christmas morn. The anniversary of the Passing of our Dino,  I reflect on this 19th year A.D., After Dino., to remember some of the things he's brought us.

And in the spirit of the season, I've put together something little to remember our Dino this Christmas. Behind the gifts, past the tree, under the stars, Dino flows through the ether. Like the air we breathe, he is everywhere. I celebrate this Christmas with the ones I love, and listen to man who's helped all of us enjoy the holidays a little more every year.

I present you The 12 Days Of Dino…

On the 1st Day of Christmas our Dino gave to us
A Golden Globe for Best TV Male Entertainer

On the 2nd Day of Christmas our Dino gave to us
2 Billboard #1 songs
and a Golden Globe for Best TV Male Entertainer

On the 3rd Day of Christmas our Dino gave to us
3 Hollywood stars
2 Billboard #1 songs
and a Golden Globe for Best TV Male Entertainer

On the 4th Day of Christmas our Dino gave to us
4 Emmy award nominations
3 Hollywood stars
2 Billboard #1 songs
and a Golden Globe for Best TV Male Entertainer

On the 5th Day of Christmas our Dino gave to us
5 Chapels in the moonlight
4 Emmy award nominations
3 Hollywood stars
2 Billboard #1 songs
and a Golden Globe for Best TV Male Entertainer

On the 6th Day of Christmas our Dino gave to us
6 hundred songs
5 Chapels in the moonlight
4 Emmy award nominations
3 Hollywood stars
2 Billboard #1 songs
and a Golden Globe for Best TV Male Entertainer

On the 7th Day of Christmas our Dino gave to us
the 7th Day of June
6 hundred songs
5 Chapels in the moonlight
4 Emmy award nominations
3 Hollywood stars
2 Billboard #1 songs
and a Golden Globe for Best TV Male Entertainer

On the 8th Day of Christmas our Dino gave to us
8 Motion Picture Herald Awards
the 7th Day of June
6 hundred songs
5 Chapels in the moonlight
4 Emmy award nominations
3 Hollywood stars
2 Billboard #1 songs
and a Golden Globe for Best TV Male Entertainer

On the 9th Day of Christmas our Dino gave to us
9 Dean Martin Show seasons
8 Motion Picture herald awards
the 7th Day of June
6 hundred songs
5 Chapels in the moonlight
4 Emmy award nominations
3 Hollywood stars
2 Billboard #1 songs
and a Golden Globe for Best TV Male Entertainer

On the 10 day of Christmas our Dino gave to us.
10 years o' Martin n Lewis
9 Dean Martin Show seasons
8 motion Picture Herald awards
the 7th Day of June
6 hundred songs
5 Chapels in the moonlight
4 Emmy award nominations
3 Hollywood stars
2 Billboard #1 songs
and a Golden Globe for Best TV Male Entertainer

On the 11th Day of Christmas our Dino gave to us...
11 years of a Dino 'roastin'
10 years o' Martin n Lewis
9 Dean Martin Show seasons
8 Motion Picture Herald awards
the 7th Day of June
6 hundred songs
5 Chapels in the moonlight
4 Emmy award nominations
3 Hollywood stars
2 Billboard #1 songs
and a Golden Globe for Best TV Male Entertainer

On the 12th day of Christmas our Dino gave to us…
12 Golden records
11 years of a Dino 'roastin'
10 years o' Martin n Lewis
9 Dean Martin Show seasons
8 Motion Picture Herald awards
the 7th Day of June
6 hundred songs
5 Chapels in the moonlight
4 Emmy Award nominations
3 Hollywood stars
2 Billboard #1 songs
and a Golden Globe for Best TV Male Entertainer

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Danny G's SPECIAL Sunday Serenade with Dino: Dino Departure Day 2017: "Silent Night, Peace On Earth"

Hey there, pallies.

Well...we made it.

Welcome to Winter 2017. 

Man...just cants believe nother' Christmas is here.

Seems so far away, then all of a it is.

'Nother important day is here, also.

Dino-Departure Day.
It crept up as well, pals.

'Nother year since we lost our main man, Dino. 

That's a tough one to say, pals. Truly hurts me. But...what makes thins' a little bit easier on my bein' part of this GREAT GREAT blog...'specially today.
Gives me a chance to share a little piece of myself & my thoughts 'bout Dean.
What he's meant to me throughout my life. 

Today...although we is reminded 'bout what we've  lost...we also think 'bout what we still have!

Life is GOOD!

Dino keeps it that way! Ha!
Enjoy it!

We will spread good will to others & share positive thoughts.

Let's not sulk & be blue.
Let's celebrate! 

Let's 'member all the good stuff that made Dino...Dino!  Fun...Happy...Foolish...& OH SO VERY Cool! Haha!!

To be thought 'bout...every once in awhile...Swoonin' & Croonin'...makin' people smile!

Yup...THAT'S how I'm guessin' he would dig thins' the most!   

What a great great time of year to REALLY get in touch with your inner Dino, too, my friends! 
Just soak in his vibe & spread it all 'round!

I'm so so thrilled be able to play one of the ab so lute BESTEST of the BEST Christmassy tunes... by the ab so lute BESTEST of the BEST Christmas crooners!

The song I've chosen, for this VERY special  Sunday Serenade, same as last year... DEF I NATE LY  HAS to be..."Silent Night/Peace on Earth". 

How could I NOT pick this BEA U TI FUL tune?

With the 22nd anniversary of Dean's big exit...Dino-Departure Day......I NEED to play a song FILLED with true, pure Dino-passion!

Don't know 'bout youse pallies...but this tune REALLY moves me!
So So softly POWERFUL & So So gently SOOTHIN' to my soul.

It takes me to a place... where we is ALL forever young & Dean is ALWAYS & FOREVER present'.

Ahhhhh...Nice nice stuff, pals. 

Well...I wont keep youse any longer.
Knows youse got thins' to do.
New memories to be made.

Let's ALL 'member the TRUE meanin' of the day, pallies & keep that vibe goin' ALL year long!

Oh...& don't forget, my the middle of all the chaos these next few days...take a minute to 'member Dino.
The worlds not seen a shinin' star like him again.

Merry Christmas pallies. 

Silent as the snowflake in the night
Holy is the spirit of this night
All the world is calm and peaceful
All the world is bright and joyful

Spirit of love and child of peace
Love unending that shall not cease
Peace, my children of goodwill
Peace, my children, peace, be still

Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin mother and child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

(Silent night)
(Holy night)
(All is calm)
(All is bright)
Round yon virgin mother and child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Requiescat Dino

Hey pallies, likes this is gonna  be our last post before Dino-departure Day as we expect to be offline from December 22 through December 25.  Likes we are awesomely  assured that our most Dino-devoted pallie Danny G. will be servin' up a most special of special edition of Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade With Dino that lands on the eve of the 22st anniversary of Dino-departure Day.  So, likes be sure to tune in for that pallies.

Likes for our last Dino-gram before Dino-departure Day we are so so powerfully pumped to be able to likes once 'gain share with you the deepest of deep Dino-devotional prose that we have ever been able to post here at ilovedinomartin, and we had  been waitin' for literally years to locate this potently powerful post and bring it to you.

For years now, we had searched the 'net with no avail to find wise wonderful words that Dino-biographer Mr. Nick Tosches solemnly scribed on our most beloved Dino's departure on December 25, 1995.  The only clue we had for the search is that Tosches' elegant  essay spoke of our Dino as
"the American Buddha."   Well, likes last fall in 2016, we once 'gain took up the effort of findin' Nick's touchin' and tender tribute to our Dino, who he wrote so potently and powerfully in his tome, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dreams."

Well, likes this time pallies our search was rewarded with findin' what we were so solemnly searchin' for at a link from Google Books, which you can goes to by clickin' on the tag of this Dino-message.
What we were lovin'ly led to is a chapter in Tosches' tome, "The Nick Tosches Reader," which btw also includes Nick's other excellent essay which we have shared a number of times here, "God Created Dean Martin in His Own Image, Then Stood Back."

The prose that we had been searchin' for is tagged "Requiescat Dino," and as explained below, was scribed by Tosches for "The Village Voice."  Since we were not certain what "requiescat"  means we did a little searchin' and discovered that it is "a wish or prayer for the repose of a dead person."  In his own words in the introduction Nick states that this remembrance "was written simply and directly from the heart," and we couldn't concur more with his thoughts.  Likes as we said in the beginning, we heartfully believe that this is truly the deepest of deep Dino-devotional prose that we have ever read and shared here at ilovedinomartin.

With great goodly gratitude to Mr. Nick Tosches for hugely honorin' our Dino in this way, and with the deepest of deep delight to be able to post it here for reverently rememberin' our most beloved Dino on this 22nd  anniversary of Dino-departure Day, we share "Requiescat  Dino."

We remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

I wrote two very different memorials to Dean Martin following his death on Christmas Day 1995.   One of them, published in the New  York Times was a piece of shit, or at least ended up being such by the time it reached print. The other published in the Village Voice and reprinted here, was written simply and directly from the heart.

Requiescat Dino.

   I spent Christmas quietly, pleasantly alone.   Late in the afternoon, as it grew dark and I was preparing to go out, I turned on the radio.   It was WCBS-AM, an all news station, but what I heard was "That's Amore."   I knew then that Dean Martin had died.   I experienced an errie and subdued wave of melancholy.   I have never met the man, yet for many years---since long before I had thought of casting the shadow of his life through the pages of a book---I had felt an odd, abiding affinity with him, as of something in the blood, as with an old uncle to whom unsaid and unsayable ways, breezes of dark and of light, bound me.   I liked to know he was there, in this world, though I knew he long had been receding from it, and in this slow fade to black there likely was a cautionary lesson to be learned concerning those breezes and those ways.   This little wave of melancholy brought with it chill, like the final stirring and vanishing of one of those familiar breezes from the world.

   I had heard lately that he was in bad shape, but I had been hearing this for years.   Every once in a while, someone would catch a glimpse of his solitary public decay in one of he three restaurants where in recent years he had sat and drank and smokes and sometimes ate---Hamburger Hamlet, La Famiglia, and Da Vinci.   The supermarket tabloids had been declaring him dead for years: "Frail Dean Martin Flees Hospital in Cancer Nightmare: Doctors Give Only Months to Live," announced the Enquirer in the fall of 1993.   A few months later, it was "Beloved Dino Is Wasting Away."   Then, in the Spring of 1994, "Dean Martin: His Tragic Last Days."  And the great man had lived on.   He was quoted as saying he wanted "to die at La Famiglia with a Scotch in one hand and a cigarette in the other"; but he outlived La Famiglia and had to move to Da Vinci for his J&B-and-sodas and his ashtray.

   He was 78.  I wanted him to hit 80, the age at which Buddha died.   That is how I sometimes thought of him" the American Buddha.   The idea of tragedy, of last tragic days, appeals and sells.   But Jeannie, his wife of many years and in the end his closest friend, long had told me that somehow, in his seclusion and his silence, he was perfectly content.

    A couple of months ago, I agreed to serve as the executive producer of a Dean Martin reissue for the Scamp subsidiary of Caroline Records.   All  I had to do was choose the recordings and write the notes.   I was looking forward to him being alive when I wrote the notes, alive and in his 80th year when the album came out; Looking forward to playing the Bodhidharma angle, saying that if Dino grew a beard and wrapped himself in saffron cloth he would be considered a spiritual master in his silent wisdom and withdrawal from the world into contentment.
And I would half believe what I would say.

   It was, in a way, Dean's refusal to wear a robe of piety, his absolute and innane lack of pretension that has stood in the way of a wider recognition of and deeper respect for his work.   Just listen, say to his 1951 Capitol recording, "Torma a Surriento," or watch him in Billy Wilder's banned and overlooked "Kiss Me Stupid," from 1964.   Of course, after a while, in his enlightenment, he stopped taking any of it seriously.   Unlike Sinatra, he never adopted the air of gravitas, never bore himself with self-importance, or treated his work as if it were art.
And that is why, in an age when pretense prevails over substance, every coughing of Sinatra has been reverently preserved and packaged while Dean has been regarded with the insouciance with which he regarded the world---but Sinatra, for one, was aware of what lay beneath that insouciance, and his words upon Dean's death may be the most beguiling he has ever uttered: "He has been like the air I breathe."

   While I was working on the long strange book that came to be called Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams, it was Jeannie who told me that I would learn nothing about Dean from Dean, that he had completely divorced himself from, had no interest in, his memories and his life.   Still, I wanted to meet him and when the book was done and published, Jeannie set about arranging a rendezvous.   At the last minute, Dean told her, "If
I'm going to meet the guy I should at least show him the respect of reading his book first."   Dean had read Black Beauty as a boy.   Or so he claimed.   Such was the extent of his reading.   So that was that.

   In the days following his passing I found that I wasn't alone in feeling that a breeze had died away.   I ran into people who seemed to express something like sadness, something rarely heard in idle talk of a stranger's death.
"Jesus,"  I heard more than once.   "I was hoping he at least would've outlived that fucking Jerry Lewis"---a sentiment of sincerity if not quite of mourning and one of such seeming popularity that Hallmark might well consider its message for a mass-produced sympathy card.   And me, meanwhile, with my poignant fucking breezes thinking out loud, "I hope those stupid sons of bitches at Dell know to reissue the paperback but quick."

Anyway, he was one of a kind, and he lived.   A mystery maybe even unto himself: but he lived."

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ed's Epistle.....Remembering Dino This Christmas

Hey pallies, likes it just wouldn't be the Dino-wintery season without the most powerfully pure prose from our brother in Dino, Ed of Ed's Epistle fame.  So, on this 20th  day of Dino-winter month, we share  a post that Ed first scribed for Dino-departure-day 2009.  

In his profoundly personal way, as only Ed can do it, he sensitively & solemnly  shares with us how deeply the passin' of our Dino effected him, and how only a few months later, the man who introduced him to our King of Cool, his wonderful Dino-devoted father, also followed Dino beyond the grave.

It is with the purest of pure  pleasure that we once 'gain share, "Ed's Epistle.....Remembering Dino This Christmas".......some of our Brother Ed's most deeply deep Dino-hearted  sentiments ever.  Thanks Brother Ed for helpin' to bring so so much Dino-light to our Dino-paths!    

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Christmas is a time of mixed emotions. Early childhood memories are filled with trees, lights, and gifts. Dino on the turntable and family in house. These are the days  were the basis of all future life moments are compared. 

Things evolve as one ages. Times of receiving are replaced with times of giving. Times of being with family are replaced with times of remembering family. We settle for good health rather than good gifts. Memories and present family we rely on to get through present day ills and worries. 

Family and friends who in the past filtered out the bad and rang in the good are no longer with some of us. Time for reflection and hopes for the future will fill my holidays.

Dino slipped away from us on a Christmas morning some fourteen years ago. Exited quietly on the most tranquil morning of the year. Typical Dino to duck out when no one was looking. Not wanting the attention, the spotlight. It was Christmas morning 1995, while Dino song filled the world’s airways, and hearts with his voice, his soul left this earth. Dino going Splitsville from his own party to catch a late western, Christmas morning he left to go the big bar upstairs. He knew no one was looking, I'm sure. The Rat Pack lost it's cool. 

The world turned a page, started a new chapter.

When the image of Dean flashed on the screen, the family paused to watch. It's not good when a show is interrupted for a special announcement, on Christmas morning of all times. Worse when the image is the one you associate your childhood with. The smile happy, the voice song, the laugh fun, the face Dino.

Part of the collective American soul died that morning. Part of me left that morning. Ten months later, I personally had another loss in my life. The big guy who brought Dino into my life took an exit himself. My dad died the next September. Dino I and Dino II in my eyes, limo tailights. Rough year for this pallie. 

Fortunately, the spirit of Dino has grown bigger since his passing. Dino is as big as ever. His is now the rank of legend. Dino owns the Cool recipe. He copyrighted 'sigh'. He's untouchable. He lives in memory, on screen, and in voice. Frank may have done it his way, but Dino did it our way. We get it. Christmas is tonic. Some parts happy, some sad, some hopeful, some remorseful. All mixed together makes you humble. I am fortunate for what I had, and what I have. Make someone feel that this season. Create some memories, play some Dino. Today is tomorrow memories.

To all of your family and friends, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I hope you're season are is filled with Dino, and your heart with happiness!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Northern Ireland's answer to a young Dean Martin


Hey pallies, likes we gotta 'fess up that we weren't plannin' to post a second Dino-gram on this 19th day of Dino-wintry month, but the days of this Dino-season are tickin' quickly by and we have such a sweet treat that has come our way and we don't wanna wait to shares it.  Likes faithful readers of ilovedinomartin may remember readin' a post here at ilovedinomartin on July 10 of this Dino-year featurin' Mr. Daire O'Hagan a young laddie from Ireland who is solidly sold out to our Dino and whose croonin' is remarkably reminiscent of our most beloved Dino.  That original post, "Is this 17-year-old schoolboy really Dean Martin reincarnated?" can be located HERE.

Well pallies, likes since sharin' that powerfully potent post, Daire has been sharin' his passion for croonin' Dino-tunes, and in the post below, once 'gain from the online presence of "BelfastLive," Miss Shauna Corr swankly shares an ubber update on Daire and his music in the post, "Watch: Northern Ireland's young 'Dean Martin' is taking requests for the 12 days of Christmas."  Likes, as the post states Dino-devotee Daire is spreadin' holiday cheer on his musical facebook page with 12 special croons in honor of the season.  Day by day you can listen to them HERE on Daire's facebook page.

Daire has also had created an amazin' professionally done music vid of "The Christmas Song" that appears near the end of this Dino-gram and can also be found on Daire's youtube pad HERE.  We gotta 'fess up that nobody reminds us more of our Dino then this young man...we coulda watch his seasonal vid croon over and over and over....we have done so and will be doin' so in the Dino-days ahead.  Likes there will never ever be anyone as great as our King of Cool, but Mr. Daire O'Hagan is honorin' our Dino and his legacy in the most amazin' way.

We sez our thanks to Miss Shauna Corr and all the pallies at "Belfast Live" for updatin' us on this up and comin' cool crooner who is so so smitten by our one, our only Dino.  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-message.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Watch: Northern Ireland's young 'Dean Martin' is taking requests for the 12 days of Christmas
The teenage crooner said he is hoping to spread a little festive cheer with his timeless renditions

Daire O'Hagan loves a good croon

Northern Ireland's answer to a young Dean Martin is recording a song every night for the 12 days of Christmas in a bid to spread some festive cheer.

Talented teenager Daire O'Hagan has been making a name for himself in the world of music since he spoke to Belfast Live in July.

This 17-year-old's singing voice and youthful looks do not match up
Now the A-Level student has decided to showcase his amazing voice with a series of 12 songs in the run up to Christmas - and you can event put in a few suggestions of songs you'd like to hear.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas anyone?

The now 18-year-old said: "I decided to do 12 songs because people are always saying to me that I don’t have enough songs up.

"They keep telling me they want to hear more of the music that I love (the rat pack) so I hope this will give me a chance to show lots of different songs that I love and hopefully let people see that crooners music is my passion."

Aside from keeping his Facebook fans happy Daire has been on the Phil mack show in Wales and has even made a Christmas music video.

"I’ve had great time over the last few months," he added.

"I attended the Phil Mack show in Wales and made a music video 'the Christmas song' which is on my page.

"And I will be hopefully be playing on different radio stations over the next week or so."

The busy teenager said all you have to do to request a Rat Pat era song in the run up to Christmas is put a request under a video the has already shared here.

On This Day In Dino-history: December 19, 1949

 Hey pallies, likes prepares yourself for a lotta laughs this 19th  Day of Dino-winter season as we takes you to the neatly nostalgia blog, "Fred Allen's Old Time Radio Home  -  Podcasts from my personal collection of old time radio shows," where Mr. Allen has shared the December 19, 1949 radio programme of the Martin and Lewis Christmas Show.

Likes it is fantastic fun to go back in time 68 years and listen to how much fantastic fun our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis have in their classic comedy routines accentin' our Dino and Jerry's disappointment that " they haven't been invited to the mayor's Christmas Ball, but they still try to find a way to get invited."  Likes all the amazin' awesome antics this dynamic duo goes through tryin' to get into the ball brings the biggest of big Dino-buddha-grins to our faces!

And, our Dino coolly croons the classic Dino-wintry tunes, "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," "White Christmas" and a bit of "Silent Night" in both English and Italian  as only our Dino can do it!  And, likes the episode closes with touchin' and tender thoughts from our Dino and Mr. Lewis wishin' their listenin' audience a Merry Christmas.

We thanks Mr. Fred Allen postin' this wonderful old time radio Dino and Jerry programme that certainly will brighten all our Dino-spirits!  To views this in it's original site, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-post.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Martin and Lewis Show 49-12-19 Christmas Show

 Dean and Jerry are disappointed they haven't been invited to the mayor's Christmas Ball, but they still try to find a way to get invited. Dean sings "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," and "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas."

Running time - 30:10 min

Monday, December 18, 2017

The Night Before Christmas...Dino-style

Hey pallies likes it has become a longstandin' annual Dino-tradition here at ilovedinomartin for the postin' of our own Dino-devoted pallie Danny G.'s classic Dino-poetry parody, "The Night Before Christmas...Dino-style."   Likes first shared here at our humble little Dino-home in 2010, it is our purest of pure Dino-delight to share it 'gain this year on this 18th  day of Dino-winter-month  to likes puts us all us Dino-holics into the coolest of cool Dino-seasonal mood!

Likes week-in, week-out our wholly Dino-hearted pallie Danny G. continues to crank out his fab-u-lous column, "Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade With Dino" for all us dudes' Dino-pleasure while he also serves as a faithful Dino-example to his growin' boy and girl pallies Nicky and Stel.  And, this Dino-seasonal prose gives testimony that Danny-o is  truly truly an up-and-comin' proser of hip, cool, and ever randy Dino-parodies as well!

We knows that likes you will 'gain grooves on Danny G's retellin' of our most beloved Dino and his pack of pallies waitin' their visit from the jolly ol' man in red himself.  We wisely wishes that our pallie Danny-o woulda be able to scribe more and more awesome Dino-reflections for the the Dino-edification of our waitin' readership.  Thanks  once 'gain Danny-o for your awesome Dino-funnin' and for the many and varied ways you continue to lift up the name of our Dino here at ilovedinomartin.  
We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Twas the night before Christmas
at the Dean Martin pad
chicks and pallies were groovin'
the music was rad.

Martinis were pourin'
shaken not stirred
Dino's "White Christmas'
was all that was heard.

The stockings were stuffed
with vodka and gin
Ol' blue eyes and Sammy
just stumbled in.

The boys in their tuxes
broads wrapped in their minks
Sir Dino was mixin'
some holiday drinks.

Then up on the roof
they heard a hell of a smash
Sammy yelled out
"Hey man, Santa just crashed!"

Frank invited him in
for a drink and a smoke
Santa said "Sure!
I'll take a rum and a coke!"

A bundle of booze
he had on his back
the tag on the bag
said "For the Rat Pack"

Dean gave Jeannie her gift
"To the one I love most"
"It's just what I wanted,
The Dean Martin Roasts!"

Dino caught Santa's eye
and gave him a wink
straightened his bow tie
and finished his drink.

The party still swingin'
Dino snuck up to bed
while visions of showgirls
danced in his head.

As St. Nick jumped in his sleigh
and rose to the heavens
They all gathered round'
to watch "Ocean's Eleven".

But they heard him exclaim
as he flew through the sky
"Merry Christmas Dino Crocetti,
your my kinda guy!!!"

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

Welcome back, pals!

How's it swingin'?

I mean your Dino-Winter Month, of course!

Hope youse is absorbin' as much of Dean's Christmasy croonin' as humanly possible, pallies.

We only gots one more week 'til it's all over!

Man! These December days REALLY seem to shoot by!

Waaaaaaa!!! G

onna miss all these holiday Dino-tunes!!! Waaaaaa!!! 
What's a Dino-Winter Month-aholic to do, pallies?!
Waaaaa!!! Waaaaa!!!

Hey....wait just a croonin' Dino-minute, (sniff sniff)!!!
I ALMOST forgot (sniff sniff)!!!

The only thin' that Month simply transitions into Dino-Winter SEASON!!!


Our fearless leader, DMP,  has been callin' it this all along!


Feelin' MUCH better now, mi amici!

Dean's wintery tunes will keep us on ice 'til the first signs of Spring!


What a guy!

He'd NEVER abandon us right smack in the middle of this chilly, snowy season!

Actually, as my "dear" old Uncle reminded me...Winter hasn't even officially started yet!

We still gots PLENTY of time for these type o' tunes! 

Anyways, pallies...speakin' 'bout my ol' Uncle...he REALLY had me thinkin' back to my younger days.
We were laughin' 'bout all the crazy thins' that have happened over the years.
Reminisced 'bout all the peeps that have come & gone.

REALLY gots me longin' for those olden times & Christmases gone by.

Man, mi amici...what I wouldn't give to be back there, now...just for a bit. Hang out with my Dad...give my Nanna a BIG foolish with my friends.
Just be young & free of worry, once 'gain.

I guess we ALL wouldn't mind that huh, pals?

Well...guess what, my friends?!
Deans gonna help us do just that!

Today's Serenade, "I'll Be Home for Christmas", is that ONE special song that REALLY takes me back there. 
Takes me back to those WONDERFUL days!
In a melancholy way, for sure.

I'm hopin' that it will bring ALL youse, pals o' mine, some GREAT GREAT memories of this GREAT GREAT season, as well! 


I'll be home for Christmas
You can plan on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents 'neath the tree

Christmas eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
And you'll be in my dreams

I'll be home this Christmas, darling
I'll be coming home to you
And there's nothing in the world
Gonna get in my way

I'll be home for Christmas
You can plan on me
Please have snow
And mistletoe
And presents 'neath the tree

Christmas eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
And you'll be in my dreams
I'll be home for Christmas
Till then you'll be in my dreams

Saturday, December 16, 2017

our other theme is A Dean Martin's Christmas (Dean died on Christmas day in 1995.)

Hey pallies, likes all youse Dino-philes can image just how mucho mucho often the name of our most beloved Dino is bein' lifted up at blog  pad after blog pad 'cause as all us Dino-holics knows nobody, and likes we mean nobody croons wintry tunes likes our King of Cool.  Likes if we were to tries and post every blogger who has included Dino-seasonal selections at their blogs we would be workin' 24 hours a day 'round the clock and we woulda never ever be able to share 'em all.

But, likes we recently came 'cross a supremely swank salute to our one and only Dino that we simply have to share with all youse deeply devoted pallies of Dino!  From the awesome annals of the bodacious blog, "Dr. Caligari's Cupboard where Kevin,  an obvious Dino-holic's  Dino-holic hangs his hat, comes Kev's Dino-seasonal offerin' that begins "OK, Frank wasn't the only member of the Rat Pack to sing carols -."

Likes it's a marvelous mix of youtube vids of Dino-seasonal croons includin' "Let It Snow," "White Christmas," "Blue Christmas, and a"A Marshmallow World," as well as the full episode of the 1968 Dino-wintry show.  And, we gets that great Dino-image of him and Mr. Lewis snoozin' on a sofa wearin' Santa Claus attire.  We are incredibly impressed that Kev also includes a number of Dino-quotations that gives us a swank samplin' of wise and wonderful words from our King of Cool.

As we did a wee bit of Dino-searchin' at Kev's bodacious blog, we discovered that Kev has done a number of Dino-seasonal post before that unfortunately we did not get in on so we invite you to checks 'em out at this links,   DECEMBER 2016DECEMBER 2015DECEMBER 2014, and  DECEMBER 2013.  There's two or three more previous years, but we noticed that most of the vid clips are no longer available.

We shouts our our awesome appreciato of Kev's obvious deepest of deep delight in our most most beloved Dino.  We profoundly thanks him for spreadin' so so much Dino-cheer at his blog over time and knows that his energetic efforts for our Dino musta brought just a ton of pallies to Dino-devotion!
To checks this post out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

OK, Frank wasn't the only member of the Rat Pack to sing carols -

I've got seven kids. The three words you hear most around my house are 'hello', 'goodbye', and 'I'm pregnant'.

our other theme is A Dean Martin's Christmas (Dean died on Christmas day in 1995.)

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! -

Although this song is associated with Christmas, there is no mention of the holiday in the lyrics. This was written by the lyricist Sammy Cahn and the Broadway songwriter Jule Styne in 1945.

White Christmas -

Blue Christmas -

Originally recorded by Western actor Doye O'Dell in 1948, the song found popularity two years later with a cover by Ernest Tubb. Elvis Presley recorded it in 1957 for his Elvis' Christmas Album

A Marshmallow World -

Written by the Brill Building songwriters Carl Sigman and Peter DeRose, this is a popular Christmas song, although it doesn't specifically mention the holiday

What the hell I'm starting to feel the bourbon, let's watch an entire episode of The Dean Martin Christmas Show -

I want to be remembered as a damn good entertainer, nothing spectacular. A good entertainer who made people enjoy themselves and made them laugh a little. I want them to think 'He was a nice guy. He did pretty good and we loved him.'

Friday, December 15, 2017

On This Day In Dino-history: December 15, 1974


Hey pallies, it's 'nother deeply delightful day in Dino-history....December 15 in the year of our Dino 1974. It was on this day in Dino-history that our most beloved Dino appeared on the annual Bob Hope Christmas Special croonin' "Marshmallow World"   Likes a couple of years 'go durin' our Dino-wintery time together, as the days grew  closer and closer to the twentieth anniversary of our Dino's departure from our presence on December 25, 1995, we just an ubber urgent need to share with all youse fellow Dino-holics our simple and yet,  hopefully special way of solemnly  showin' our absolute awesome appreciation for our King of Cool.

Likes for  a ton of time we've  had the deepest of deep  desire in  our devoted Dino-hearts to create a series of gifs sharin' an entire Dino-croon made up of a plentiful plethora of marvelous moments.  Our desire in doin' so was to absolutely awesomely  accent each and every nuance of our great great man's beautifully bountiful body movements.   From every fascinatin' facial expression includin' our Dino's extremely expressive eyes (likes who can ever resist his glorious glance?!?!?!?!?!) the wonderful  ways he gracefully gestures with his ever present Kent cigarette in hand, we knew a series of gifs would  capture him in the coolest of cool ways possible.

And pallies, like it was a beau-ti-ful breeze of a decision on which Dino-croonin' vid that woulda be the swank subject of extra energetic effort for our most beloved  Dino.   Likes what coulda be better then the  December 15, 1974 vid ver-si-on of our King of Cool croonin' "Marshmallow World" on a Bob Hope Christmas special? Likes none to our Dino-notion!  Here we find our most beloved Dino outfitted in  his extremely elegant tux with omni-present  Kent smoke in hand, sittin' on his green velvet throne, surrounded by all the seasonal trimmin's includin' delightfully  decorated Christmas tree inside and  swank snowman on the outside.

In 1974, at age 57,  we believe our Dino was at the absolutely awesome zenith of his coolest of cool career.  Dino was cooler, hipper, and randier then ever.  Always wantin' to put the accent on the youthful action of the day, Dino had surrounded himself with youthful ladies and gents....currently married to twenty something Miss Cathy Hawn, who he met while clubbin' at the coolest of cool Candy Store Discotheque.  When he wasn't wearin' the tux, he was often found sportin' the moddest of mod fashions....on the golf course, in segments of his variety show, and as swank swinger extraordinare, makin' the nightlife scene wherever the action was.

We think our Dino croonin' 'bout marshmallows is where it is at dudes, and it is our proud privilege to  once 'gain share, on this 14th day of Dino-winter month, on this 43rd anniversary of our Dino's awesome appearance with Bob Hope croonin' his swankest of swank seasonal selection "It's A Marshmallow World of Dino-winter month,  we shares with all youse Dino-philes the groovy great gifs of our one and only Dino swingin' at his swingin' best!   This year we were perfectly pleased to find a pad, "Giphy" to be exact, where gifs can now be coolly created up to 15 secs in length makin' for lovin'ly longer swank sections of this profoundly perfect presentation of this darin'ly delightful Dino-wintery croon.  And, likes, of course, we couldn't resist sharin' the original youtube vid of "It's A Marshmallow World" from that Bob Hope seasonal special.

Likes, once 'gain,  we hugely  hopes it brings you as much pure potent pleasure as it has brought us in creatin' it!   Likes, be a love, and sends us some patter 'bout what youse think!  btw, pallies, this is just the first of a number of Dino-traditional posts comin' your way in the Dino-days ahead and continue our coolest of cool celebration of Dino-wintertime and reverently reverent remembrance of our Dino's departure from our presence on December 25, 1995.

We remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters