Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our worldly wise Dino and the babe

Hey pallies, likes I loves these Dinoeve Dinopixs of our great man and the kid....and likes what Dinowisdom is shown in these Dinopixs....likes of course our Dino has to be the Father Time character and obviously the kid has to be the babe. Father Time is so wise and so so savvy....likes our one wiser in the ways of the world then our great man....and well, no one more unknowin' of the world then the babe. No wonder the jer looked up to our Dino....'cause our Dino introduced the kid to all thin's worldly. Wishin' all my Dinoholic pallies the greatest of great Dinoeves and the bestest of best in the year of our Dino 2009. Dinowisely, DMP

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

an O11 Dinotrib featurin' ATAKITH

Hey pallies, which searchin' for great Dinoclips from O11...the cool Dinoeve Dinoflick, our Dino lead me to this way cool Dinotrib that features our Dino singin' "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" with cool shots from the flick....loves seein' more and more pallies doin' cool Dinovid Dinotribs...enjoys pallies and be sure to make our Dino the center of your Dinoeve Dinocelebrations..... Dinosharin', DMP

Monday, December 29, 2008

Whens I think Dinoeve, I thinks O11

Hey pallies, just this Dinomornin' as I was 'bout ready to gets on the ol' computer...our Dino inspired me to realize that the true Dinoterm for NYE ougha be DINOEVE...after all no one knows how to celebrate the comin' of a new year likes our Dino...and when I thinks of Dinoeve likes I thinks O11 'cause it is the original Dinoeve heist flick...'cause as you will recall pallies, it was at the stroke of midnight at the Dinocaper was pulled enjoys this trailer of the original O11 with the one and only DINO....ands keeps preparin' for Dinoeve '08. Dinoinspired, DMP

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Dino and the Frankie remembers a past NYE

Hey pallies, here' that Dinoclassic Dinoclip of our Dino and the frankie thinkin' back to a past NYE....Miss Ruth is in great form in this wild and wonderful Dinovid...helpin' prepare all true pallies of our Dino to have a swingin' NYE.... Dinodiggin', DMP

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dino and company gets us into the NYE mood

Hey pallies, as we prepare to celebrate New Year's Eve with our Dino, thought I woulda begin postin' some Dinoclips and such from the Dinoshow that woulda gets us into the Dinoparty here is a NYE clip from our Dino and company to get's the Dinoball a Dinorollin'...btw, the frankie is almost even funny Dino-only, DMP

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dean Martin: The Ouija Interview

Hey pallies, likes wanna makes clear two thin's...don't believe or endorse Ouija boards and ain't especially happy with the way this writer dude tagged David Hansen treats our Dino...but am glad to see our Dino bein' remembered none the less....and does have a hunch that our Dino woulda get a laugh or two outta this parody. If you wanna sees this in it's original format, as Dinousual, just click on the tagg of this Dinogram.... Dinohonorin', DMP

Dean Martin: The Ouija Interview

On this very night, 13 years ago, on this same stretch of road, in a dense fog just like this, Dean Martin, Rat Packer and connoisseur of Frank Sinatra's table scraps, chewed his last martini olive. Martin's was a life on house credit, and his death, on Christmas Day in 1995, warranted the faint honor of a momentary dimming of the Las Vegas strip's neon.

But death can't excuse the famous lounge lizard from his duties to his public. His celebrity has been left unattended for over a decade now. Nary so much as a wave or a wink to his devoted fans, who are themselves beginning to politely rap on death's door. We're no stranger to rousing the dead. And on this occasion, it seemed only appropriate to do so on a belly full of chilled vodka, picking the pimentos from our teeth. So, with chestnuts over an open fire and another pail of stiff martinis en route, Gimme Noise proudly presents Dean Martin: The Ouija Interview.

Gimme Noise: Mr. Martin?
Ouija Board: (no response)
GN: Hey Dean.
GN: Deano!
Dean Martin: YES
GN: Hold on.
DM: (no response)
GN: It's loud in here. What say we move to a table in the back.
DM: (no response)
GN: Okay. That's better. So what the fuck man?
DM: (no response)
GN: I bet you fucking rake it in on Christmas.
DM: (no response)
GN: Come on. Don't be such a tightass, Deano.
DM: (no response)
GN: Deano. My great aunt Marge.
GN: Loves your shit.
DM: (no response)
GN: "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie."
GN: You're seriously telling me that was the best you could do.
DM: (no response)
GN: (no response)
DM: (no response)
GN: Is Frankie there?
GN: Put Frankie on.
GN: (no response)
GN: He too is there. I can hear him. Put his ass on the horn.
GN: I'm not going to do nothing. Just want to talk to him.
GN: You think you're better than me, don't you.
DM: (no response)
GN: Look at me when I'm talking to you.
GN: Eyeball me again I'll take some starch out of that collar for you.
GN: I'm just trying to have a good time with my girl.
DM: (no response)
GN: Up in here with a tux all on. Like you was somebody.
GN: Don't touch me. Get your hands off me.
GN: You better just walk away.
GN: Walk away.
DM: (no response)
GN: Bigshot putz. Trying to mess up my party.
DM: (no response)

Posted by David Hansen at December 25, 2008 3:23 AM

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Honorin' our Dino with Marshmallows

Hey pallies, as I began this series of preparin' ourselves to honor our Dino on Dinowinterday with this totally stellar Dinoclip of our Dino singin' 'bout marshmallows, so I close my Dinotribute with this same Dinoclip. I loves everythin' 'bout this Dinoclip 'cause it truly shows how cool, hip, and randy our Dino is....and likes what a great time our Dino has at doin' his thin'...who else can sing 'bout fluffy marshmallows with such total one...and that is the Dinotruth. Enjoys this Dinoclip and remember to properly honor our great man as we pause to remember his life and times and celebrate all he means to true Dinoholics... Dinoaddictedly, DMP

Dinowinterday Dinotribute

DINO, it will be thirteen years tomorrow that you went away. After living your life to the fullest, your physical body was tired and worn out, and you were ready to depart the planet. Even though you are no longer with us, you spirit glows ever brightly in our midst. Everytime we hear one of your songs, everytime we watch one of your movies, everytime we see a clip of your incredible television show, we continue to stand in awe of you and what you mean in our lives. Elvis dubbed you the King of Cool, and indeed you were, and indeed you still are. No one ever was or ever will capture cool like you. So our beloved DINO, know that you are more loved and appreciated then ever. You will ever put a smile on our faces and a song in our hearts. Thank you for loving us, and know that we truly love you. You sang "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime." Well DINO, we will always remember, and we will always love you.

Hey pallies, likes unfortunately I will not have access to a computer tomorrow on Dinowinterday, so am postin' my Dinowinterday Dinotrib on the eve of the remembrance day of our Dino's departure from his pallies. I hope all you pallies will join in honorin' our great man and celebratin' his incredible life and times on Dinowinterday. Dino-only, DMP

a Heavenly Message from our Dino

Hey pallies, knows that I have posted this before, but on the eve of Dinowinterday, it does seem very Dinoappro to again share this heavenly message from our Dino....remindin' us that our Dino may be physically departed from our presence, but he is always always with his true pallies.... Dinodevotedly, DMP

I'm dreamin' of our Dino

Hey pallies, likes we are finally on the eve of Dinowinterday...and here is a great Dinoclip of our Dino singin' his stellar version of "White Christmas." Hopin' all of you pallies will properly honor our great man on Dinowinterday....keepin' the Dinolegacy and our Dinodreams glowin' and growin'.... Dinodreamin', DMP

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Tribute To Our Dino..."Welcome To My World"

Hey pallies, while searchin' for more Dinoclips to share as we get ever closer to honorin' our Dino on Dinowinterday...just likes came across this Dinotrib that was just posted yesterDinoday honorin' our Dino and his departure from the appropriate that it is of "Welcome To My World." All true Dinoholics only wanna be welcomed into our Dino's as the song sez, our great man is waitin' for all his true pallies there! If you wanna see this in it's original form at youtube, likes just clicks on the tagg of this refreshin' to find others who see to honor our Dino as Dinowinterday fast approaches.... Dinowalkin', DMP

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dean Martin Honored with The Recording Academy® Lifetime Achievement Award

Hey pallies, likes I am just so totally Dinothrilled to share this Dinonews with you. It has just been released that the Recording Academy has named our Dino as a recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award. No one is more worthy of this honor then our great the press release states...

"With a career that spans across all ages, Dean Martin* enjoyed great success in music, film, television and the stage. With his smooth vocals, Martin became one the best-known musical artists, recording such hits as "Memories Are Made Of This," "That's Amore," "Everybody Loves Somebody," "Mambo Italiano," and "Ain't That A Kick In the Head." His timeless appeal continues to transcend generations as his recent collection was certified platinum and hit the Top 5 on Apple's iTunes music store album chart."

It is so Dinowonderful to gets this Dinonews as we are so close to honorin' our Dino on Dinowinterday...December 25...the day our Dino departed from our presence. Our Dino may no longer be physically with us, but his coolness continues to transend all time and space. As the release states...."His timeless appeal continues to transcend generations."

I have posted the pertinent Dinodetails from the press release below, but if you wanna read it in all its Dinoglory, likes just click on the tagg of this Dinogram. Dinopsyched, DMP

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Recording Academy® has named Dean Martin as a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. The special invitation-only ceremony will be held during GRAMMY Week on Saturday, Feb. 7, and a formal acknowledgment will be made during the 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast, which will be held at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009, and broadcast live at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.

"This year's recipients are a prestigious group of legendary performers, creative architects and technical visionaries who have made lasting contributions to the music and global communities," said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy. "Their outstanding accomplishments, legendary passion and artistry have positively affected our culture and will continue to influence and inspire generations to come."

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors lifelong artistic contributions to the recording medium while the Trustees Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the industry in a non-performing capacity. Both awards are determined by vote of The Recording Academy's National Board of Trustees. Technical GRAMMY Award recipients are determined by vote of The Academy's Producers & Engineers Wing Advisory Council and Chapter Committees as well as The Academy's Trustees. The award is presented to individuals and companies who have made contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field.

About the Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree:

With a career that spans across all ages, Dean Martin* enjoyed great success in music, film, television and the stage. With his smooth vocals, Martin became one the best-known musical artists, recording such hits as "Memories Are Made Of This," "That's Amore," "Everybody Loves Somebody," "Mambo Italiano," and "Ain't That A Kick In the Head." His timeless appeal continues to transcend generations as his recent collection was certified platinum and hit the Top 5 on Apple's iTunes music store album chart.

Established in 1957, The Recording Academy is an organization of musicians, producers, engineers and recording professionals that is dedicated to improving the cultural condition and quality of life for music and its makers. Internationally known for the GRAMMY Awards — the preeminent peer-recognized award for musical excellence and the most credible brand in music — The Recording Academy is responsible for groundbreaking professional development, cultural enrichment, advocacy, education and human services programs. The Academy continues to focus on its mission of recognizing musical excellence, advocating for the well-being of music makers and ensuring music remains an indelible part of our culture. For more information about The Academy, please visit

Walkin' in a Dinowonderland....

Hey pallies, likes the only world I wanna walks in is our Dino...and as Dinowinterday is only 4 Dinodays away...wanted to post 'nother great Dinowintertune...remindin' us that our Dino is likes totally wonderful and every true Dinoholic wants to walk in Dinowonderland....enjoys pallies, and be sure to gets those plans Dinoready for honorin' our Dino on Dinowinterday.... Dinodevotedly, DMP

Sunday, December 21, 2008

our Dino and the frankie racin' 'round

Hey pallies likes snagged this Dinopix over at flickr....our Dino and the frankie durin' that famous Dinowinterday Dinospecial that featured our great man and his great fam with the frankie's bunch...wasn't that Dinowinter circa 1967? Loves to see how playful our Dino is and always puttin' the accent on youth-filled activities...betcha our great man was tryin' to help the frankie relax... Enjoyin' the Dinodifference and nows likes only 5 Dinodays to Dinowinterday... If ya, wanna view this Dinopix over at flickr, just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram... Dinoholicly yours, DMP

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dean Martin crooning Christmas carols from hidden speakers in the trees was right up her alley.

Hey pallies, you're never too young to fall in love with our Dino and to have our Dino makes your spirits bright... Here is a great article from the Bluffton Today Newspaper (South Carolina) written by a lady tagged Miranda York 'bout her two month old "miracle" babe who has already become smitten with our Dino...Ms. York writes about viewin' a light display..."She may be only 2 months old, but the lights and motion definitely caught her eye and Dean Martin crooning Christmas carols from hidden speakers in the trees was right up her alley." Ain't that just the Dinocoolest...a two month year old who has already caught Dinofever....just goin' to prove that there never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool. This wee one will make sure that Dino will never ever be forgotten. You can read the whole Dinostory below, or to view it in it's original format, likes just click on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinoaddictedly, DMP

[How to make your love life flourish while being a savvy local tourist]
Santa on a shoestring and Ridgeland full of lights

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times,” wrote Dickens, and he was spot on. This year is such a blessing — MySports Nut and Ihave a love for the ages and we have our health, a roof over our heads and food on the table.

We have our families and our friends and we have good jobs.

And as if that wasn’t enough to ask for, we were given the biggest miracle of all — our little baby girl. These truly are the best of times.

But today is also ascary time. We, along with countless other families, are holding on by not much, weathering this economic storm that we hope will pass before we run out of resources. Good people are losing jobs, homes –and the stress is causing some to lose families, too. In our home this year you won’t find a Christmas tree. There are decorations, yes, and we plan to spend the actual holiday up North with family where we presume a big tree awaits.

But trees are rather expensive, and it was cut from our budget last week. We are fortunate that our Little Miracle isn’t yet old enough to know the difference in these, the worst of times.

After church last week we went to Savannah to get the only Christmas gift Iwant this year –our Little Miracle’s pictures with Santa.

She did such a great job –she didn’t even cry. There was no one else in line at the time, and so we spoke briefly with Santa while he bounced our Little Miracle on his big, red knee. You wouldn’t believe what the kids are asking for this year. Or maybe you would. Not toys or cars or cell phones — but money for mom and a job for dad. Be careful what you put out there in your living rooms — your kids are absorbing everything.

Between the collection plate at church and prints of our Little Miracle’s pictures with Santa, we had tapped out our date budget for the week so we headed home to rustle up some dinner from our own fridge. By the way, the real Santa is at the Oglethorpe Mall — no Santa’s helpers with bad fake beards here — and the most economical package is to spend $10.99 on adisk and print you own pictures from home. This also makes it easy to share them via e-mail and Facebook.

We dined at home in front of the fireplace. Claymation Rudolph was on the television and the laptop was open nearby for us to send our Santa pictures to friends and family. We were feeling quite Christmassy and it was early yet. We had no money, but it was a mild night — and Isuddenly had a fantastic idea. We fixed a large thermos of hot chocolate, packed everyone into the car and headed to Ridgeland to see the Christmas lights. Each year, the town of Ridgeland puts together a Christmas light exhibit around the lake at the Blue Heron Nature Trail just off of I-95’s Exit 21. It had been about four years since Ihad gone but I distinctly remembered two things — itis free and it is beautiful. Lighted and animated Christmas scenes and figures dot the lake, the lawn and the trail. Each scene is sponsored by a local business or organization.

We saw exhibits from the Jasper County Chamber of Commerce and Ridgeland firefighters as well as local businesses and individuals. It’s a true community display that they should be very proud of. We navigated the trail with our Little Miracle bundled up in her stroller. She may be only 2 months old, but the lights and motion definitely caught her eye and Dean Martin crooning Christmas carols from hidden speakers in the trees was right up her alley.

About halfway through the trail — on the boardwalk part — there is a cute little covered gazebo adorned with icicle lights and benches. We paused there — loitering shamelessly under the “No Loitering” sign — and enjoyed some hot chocolate. I had even packed a small Ziploc bag of mini marshmallows as an extra treat. We snuggled and sipped hot chocolate while the Rat Pack wished us a Merry Christmas and lighted toy soldiers marched in the distance. We had one of those movie kisses that made us forget — for the tiniest, briefest of moments — that we weren’t alone. But just then our Little Miracle cooed and gurgled as if to say “Hey, what about me?” in her little baby language.

And we laughed, and smothered her with kisses before packing up the hot chocolate and heading home. In this, to borrow once again from Dickens, “the spring of hope … the winter of despair.


Hey pallies, in Dinosurfin' the bay, founds this Dino-ornament that is likes a j-box that plays our Dino's stellar classic, "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime." If you woulda likes to place your Dinobid on this at the bay, clicks on the Dinotagg of this Dinopost...nows only 5 Dinodays to Dinowinterday.... Dinolovin', DMP

Friday, December 19, 2008

"'s Martin's yuletide tunes making me happiest."

Hey pallies, just so so stellar to find more and more pallies openly declarin' there Dinopassion in's Dinodiscovery is a lady tagged Pat Clark, Scene Editor for the Modesto Bee, sharin' with the world her crush on our Dino and her lovin' of our great man's way of singin' Dinowintertunes. I have printed the portion of Miss Clark's column that is Dinofocused, but likes it you wanna read the whole column, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram. As we move ever forward to Dinowinterday, so so great to find others who know that truly only our Dino matters..... Dinosharin', DMP

OK, enough grousing. It's Christmas and there are more important things to talk about.

Like my posthumous crush on Dean Martin, of course.

Gee, that almost seems creepy, huh?

But it's really not. Sure, Dino's been gone a long while now. Plus, if he still were with us, he'd be old enough to be my grandpa.

OK, kind of creepy.

Still, none of that takes away from the fact that his croon-alicious Christmas songs were then, are now and forever will be the catchiest, the kickiest seasonal tunes to be found.

I've been toodling about in my car, bebopping with jazz hands all season thanks to the holiday stations on ye olde satellite radio. I'm completely charmed by the '60s-era tunes crooned by Martin.

I can picture him, cigarette between his fingers, sitting on that big piano on the set of his 1960s television show, handsome, smiling, singing and looking almost unbearably suave.

Look up "suave" in the dictionary and we all know who's picture we'll find there.

Of course, cigarettes hardly are suave these days, but in the '60s, they were cool, cats. It's a sad note that he ultimately contracted lung cancer and died on Christmas Day 1995.

Somehow, Dean Martin and Christmas songs go together like, well, Perry Como and Christmas songs. Or Andy Williams and Christmas songs. This year, it's Martin's yuletide tunes making me happiest.

I don't even think "Baby It's Cold Outside" references Christmas in its lyrics, but it's all about the winter's cold and it's played often on the holiday stations. Maybe you've heard it: Dino and some unidentified female -- whose credit on the song seemingly fell victim to 1960s sexism -- sing a back- and-forth duet, sparring over whether said female will head home on a cold winter's night or stay at his place for another, um, drink.

"My mother will start to worry (Beautiful, what's your hurry?)/My father will be pacing the floor (Listen to the fireplace roar)/So, really, I'd better scurry (Beautiful, please don't hurry)/but maybe just a half a drink more (Put some records on while I pour)."

It's utterly adorable and you can hear the smile in Martin's voice as he sings. Who wouldn't have a crush?

There's just nothing like an old Christmas standard sung by an old standard to make sure the warm fuzzies stay in your holiday.

Reach Scene editor Pat Clark at

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dinowinter Dinodoll Up Dinoclose And Dinopersonal

Hey pallies, loves this up close and personal Dinopix of a Dinowinter Dinodesirin' of one of dem for my very Dino-won under my Dinowinterday Dinotree....if you wanna checks this out in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram...only 6 Dinodays 'til Dinowinterday... Dinoawed, DMP

Our Dino Jingles The Bells

Hey pallies, oh what fun it is to listen to our Dino jingle the bells....loves the way that our great man makes every winter tune his very very Dino-won....enjoys this Dinotune as we await honorin' our Dino on Dinowinterday..... Dinodiggin', DMP

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Dinoclaus with some of his pallies

Hey pallies, likes here's 'nother cool Dinoclaus Dinopix with some of our great man's pallies....our Dino makes such a cool man in red....hopes all you pallies are makin' cool Dinopreps for honorin' our Dino on Dinowinterday.... Dinodiggin' DMP

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can you image wrappin' your Dinowinterday Dinogifts with Dinotape?

Hey pallies, likes I never ever saw this Dinopromo before....Tuck tape with our Dino and the kid's images on the tape holder....a way cool way to wrap all those Dinowinterday Dinogifts for Dinosure....but this retro tape from the '50's has a tagg of 69.95...mighty expensive Dinotape for Dinosure...likes if I bought this I obviously woulda never use read more about it, just click on the tagg of this Dinopost.... Wrappin' our way to Dinowinterday, DMP

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Pack

Hey pallies, loves searchin' for more cool stuff to post as we move closer and closer to rememberin' Dinowinterday. Today's Dinofind comes from a blog tagged Crooner Culture and features that fab and famous pix of our Dino and the rest of the pack from O11 but with a cool Santa Dinotwist to it...enjoys pallies and so Dinohappy to find this cool blog....speakin' of the blog, just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram to checks it out. Dinodiggin', DMP

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dino's Got The "Christmas Blues"

Hey pallies, here's 'nother Dinoclassic Dinowintertune as we get closer and closer to honorin' our Dino on Dinowinterday. Dinohonorin', DMP

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Have a "Winter Romance" with Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes so so refreshin' to find 'nother of today's youth that truly loves our Dino. Here's an amazin' Dinoreview of the steller Dinowinteralbum, "A Winter Romance," by Jason Gelt, LA Vinyl Records Examiner. This dude really "gets Martin" and truly understands our great man. Mr. Gelt's advice to "get retro" with our Dino is right on the Dinomoney. So enjoys this young modster's Dinoprose and by all means, likes if you don't have a copy of "Winter Romance"...goes out with out delay and grabb one. To read this in it's original format, likes just click on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinofocused, DMP

Have a "Winter Romance" with Dean Martin
December 12, 1:25 PM
by Jason Gelt, LA Vinyl Records Examiner

Fuggetabout all those lame Christmas albums populating the record bins this time of year. Get retro with one of the best holiday records of all time, Dean Martin's "Winter Romance." It's secular, it's seasonal and it's so smooth you'll want to sip it over ice by the fire. Released in November of 1959 at the height of Dino's cool lounge years, this delightful collection was the boozing crooner's first holiday foray for Capital Records.

No Jesus, Mary or Joseph here. No Santa Claus either. Not even a Christmas tree. This album is all about sex. No kidding. Even buttoned-up old standards like "Winter Wonderland" and "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" sound a little lascivious coming out of the corner of Dean's mouth. The original cover art depicts the suave songster outside of a wintry ski lodge, embracing one adoring blonde while he makes libidinous eye contact over her shoulder with another blonde. Even the LP liner notes hint of salaciousness: "Dean's easy, caressing style adds special cheer...producing just the kind of lover's glow to stir everyone to...romancing."

Lover's glow? Mr. Martin, you're making us blush. Picture him, clad in a white turtle neck sweater, easily caressing a partially undressed nymphet in front of a roaring fire, while he unloads cool-and-hot numbers like "June in January," "Baby, It's Cold Outside," and "Out in the Cold Again" with his characteristic so-laid-back-he's-almost-asleep panache. Various issues of this album exist -- with varying cover art -- although the vinyl is harder to track down than Frank Sinatra's far more sanctimonious Christmas LP. Go figure. But copies on CD are readily available from a variety of retailers.

So take my advice: get some corn for poppin', turn the lights way down low, pour three fingers of Scotch and allow Dean's warm and willing voice to wrap itself around you.

Martin and Lewis at the 500 Club

Hey pallies, loves to find great stories of our Dino in other's blogs and pass 'em on to all my Dinoholic pallies. Here's a great piece of Dinohistory...our Dino and the kid's debut at 500 Club in AC from Tom Metzger's blog Owning The Stage. I love this dude's insights in what made our Dino and the kid so successful....their playfulness and their ability to play to each other and not the audience....traits that our Dino continued to use in his solo career which made him even more successful and beloved then when part of Martin and Lewis. Hopes all you pallies loves this Dinoprose as much as me. As per usual, if you wanna read this in it's original Dinoformat, likes just click on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinodelightedly, DMP

Dec 12 Martin and Lewis at the 500 Club
Tom Metzger in On Stage
Kari brought this snippet of an article about Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis to my attention today:

Martin and Lewis’ official debut together occurred at Atlantic City’s 500 Club on July 24, 1946, and they were not well received. The owner, Skinny D’Amato, warned them that if they did not come up with a better act for their second show later that night, they would be fired. Huddling together in the alley behind the club, Lewis and Martin agreed to “go for broke”, to throw out the pre-scripted gags and to improvise. Dean sang and Jerry came out dressed as a busboy, dropping plates and making a shambles of both Martin’s performance and the club’s sense of decorum. They did slapstick, reeled off old vaudeville jokes, and did whatever else popped into their heads at the moment. This time, the audience doubled over in laughter. This success led to a series of well-paying engagements on the Eastern seaboard, culminating in a triumphant run at New York’s Copacabana. Patrons were convulsed by the act, which consisted primarily of Lewis interrupting and heckling Martin while he was trying to sing, and ultimately the two of them chasing each other around the stage and having as much fun as possible. The secret, both said, is that they essentially ignored the audience and played to one another.

It’s great to have a window into the past, to see how two iconic performers pulled success out of the jaws of failure by changing their plan! The article doesn’t say what their original, uninspiring act was like, but it’s easy to see why the new plan would be so entertaining. It paints a picture of a very playful and un-self-conscious duo, creating an atmosphere that violated the usual assumptions and boundaries of stage performance at a club like the 500 club. It was new and different, and it woke people up!

One of the most interesting things to me is that they “essentially ignored the audience.” As Stanislavski would say, they set their focus of attention on each other. It can be very powerful to paint a scene for the audience to observe, instead of engaging in a direct conversation with them. In today’s world, TV has trained people to be very adept passive observers. Sometimes they can even be uncomfortable if you look at them too long from the stage! That’s a sad comment about our times (in my humble opinion) but you may as well accept the fact, and make use of it.

The new and improved Martin and Lewis act also had the hallmarks of improvisation and play. They relied on their instincts and basically did whatever they thought of in the moment! That kind of plan really lets you listen to the audience and engage in a back-and-forth conversation. So in spite of what I said earlier, the “passive observers” are providing half of the conversation just by their reactions and their energy. Can you imagine Martin and Lewis trying to pre-record their new act without an audience? Impossible.


Hey pallies, our pallie Neal Patterson,the Dinoholic Dinocreator of the Dinoaction Dinofigure, over at his cool blog Polyvinylman shares his stellar version of the 1966 Dino Christmas Show usin' his action figures...loves this so very much...this dude has such true Dinodevotion and so so Dinocreative. As per Dinousual, if you wanna checks this out in it's original Dinoform, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram. Movin' our way toward Dinowinterday, DMP

Friday, December 21, 2007

"It's the Dean Martin Christmas Show! Tonight's special guest - Joey Heatherton! Also on tonight's show - Dom DeLuise and The Golddiggers!"

"Ho, ho, ho, this is your ol' pal Dino wishing you all a very merry Christmas. Later on, we'll have the beautiful Golddiggers out here to help me perform some of your favorite Christmas songs. But first, let's see who our mystery guest is behind our special Christmas go-go bead curtain!"

"Why it's Mr. Sean Connery! C'mon over Sean, and I'll mix you a vodka martini - shaken not stirred."

"Ya' know Sean, you and I are in the same line
of work now. In my latest picture, I play a suave,
hard-livin', hard-lovin' super spy like yourself."

"With all due respect Dean, I think James Bond
could kick your alcoholic as - say, I think there's
someone under this bar."

"It's the Men from U.N.C.L.E.!"
"Open channel D - we've just uncovered a spy ring.
There's two more coming through
the window right now!"

"Holy quadruple agent! Be careful, Batman,
they have more gadgets than you do!"
"Never fear, old chum. I'll fend them
off with my Explosive Christmas Bat-balls!"

"Hey, you two get outta here! You're not even on this network! In fact, everyone clear out! This bar is getting too crowded!"

"I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, things got a little outta hand for a moment. Let's slow things back down with some nice Christmas carols, sung with my good friend, Miss Joey Heatherton. Say, where is Miss Heatherton anyway?"

"She's down here with me. Say Dean,
where are you hiding the scotch?"
"Frank, you're not supposed to be
on this show until next week! I think
we need to take a commercial break!"
Posted by Neal Patterson at 10:20 AM

Friday, December 12, 2008

Matt Helm Dinoaction Dinofigure

Hey pallies, likes I have been waitin' for Dinoever to post 'bout this cool Dinoaction Dinofigure as part of my Dinodevotion as we move Dinoever Dinoforward toward Dinowinterday. This Dinoholic dude tagged Neal Patterson shares his cool story of how he came to true Dinodevotion. How cool is it that it was when his daddy-o took him and his bro to "Airport" that he proclaimed our Dino as his hero. Well as you will read Neal loves our Dino as Matt Helm and so Dinodesired to have his very own Dinoaction reads on to see how he created one of his very Dino-own. Pallies, who how I Dinocrave to have one of these Dinofigures in my Dinostockin' for Dinowinterday. If you wanna read Neal's Dinostory in it's original settin' at his hip blog Polyvinyman, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram. Dinohopin' for Dinowinterday, DMP


Presenting childhood memories and adult obsessions of action figures and related toys from the 60s and 70s. I also delve into the art of customizing action figures to create one-of-a-kind figures the toy makers didn't think of or didn't get around to making.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my belief that Dean Martin was the coolest actor to ever appear in movies. There are plenty of actors that I think were pretty cool (Clark Gable, Robert Mitchum, etc.), but none of these actors combined manliness with impeccable comic timing like Dean Martin. Who else could’ve held his own next to Jerry Lewis for 10 years, and still had a long, successful career afterward both in comedy and drama? He played a wide range of roles, but he was always essentially Dean. That may sound like a put-down, but I really mean that as a compliment. No matter the character, whether he was an alcoholic gunslinger or an airplane pilot, you always sensed an underlying truth to his performances because the essential person that was Dean Martin always came through. And that person was damned likable.

I didn’t always feel that way. When I was a pre-schooler, I became frightened of him whenever he would come on the t.v. screen in his variety show. To this day, I don’t know what caused this irrational fear, but whenever Dean popped on the screen, sliding down the fire pole with his glass of scotch, I would start to cry and my mom would have to put me to bed.

Then my dad took my brother and me to see Airport. This was the first grown-up movie I ever saw in a theatre, and I was mesmerized. So much action, so much tension, so much excitement. And right in the middle of it was Dean Martin, saving the day as the cool, in-control pilot Captain Demerest. I suddenly saw Dean Martin in a whole new light. He became a hero.

Around the same time, the Matt Helm movies were seeing regular rotation on television. They were clearly inferior to the James Bond films, but I got a big kick out of Dean Martin playing the hero again. Unfortunately, not only were the films trying to spoof James Bond, they were also caught up in the era of camp where the thinking was, the more ridiculous the better. In fact, audiences quickly realized that, not only was ridiculous not very exciting as it killed all sense of suspense, ridiculous was also not very funny when ladled out in heaping spoonfuls. The Matt Helm movies were devoid of any suspense since we were presented with the premise that our “hero” would escape all peril and save the day even though he was drinking and fornicating through most of the picture. Still, as a kid, I didn’t worry too much about these issues, and enjoyed the films for the action and gadgetry.

In college, I took to reading the James Bond novels and was struck by how different they were from the movies. I knew the Matt Helm books had to be light years away from the movies, and after reading The Silencers, I was proven correct. Although all four Matt Helm movies borrowed characters and plot points from the novels, the elements were shaken vigorously with several shots of scotch and a dash of absurdity to create the final scripts. It’s a shame too, because the literary Matt Helm was about as tough a spy as you will find. He was, in fact, a government assassin who, while not entirely lacking in humanity, kept it well hidden while on the job. Think Lee Marvin rather than Dean Martin.

While I’m still trying to collect and read all the Matt Helm novels, I still have a warm spot in my heart for the Matt Helm movies. I even bought them all on VHS, then again on DVD. And when Sideshow Toys started putting out their James Bond action figures, I kept longing for a Matt Helm figure. I wanted a nice rendering of Dean Martin as Matt Helm standing between my Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan James Bonds. Of course, Sideshow would see no strong bottom line in such a creation, so I had to make my own.

The big issue was the headsculpt. Where would I find a head that looked like Dean Martin? My answer came while I was flipping through my book on Marx action figures. Marx made a Best of the West figure called Sheriff Garrett and, for reasons lost in the sands of time, created him to look exactly like Dean Martin with a moustache. The likeness was uncanny. I quickly went into eBay mode and finally won a vintage Sheriff Garrett figure. Once I had it, I repainted the head to cover over the moustache and change the gray hair to black. I used a skin tone to match the hands, but I’ve never been satisfied with it since it’s very pale. Dino had a darker complexion than my figure, but it works okay. The outfit was relatively easy, since the movie Matt Helm was partial to turtlenecks. I put him in a yellow one like in The Silencers, and used some mod checked paints from an old Ken doll. I couldn’t get a jacket that matched the suede one in The Silencers, but this mod tan jacket works pretty well. I’m still looking for new clothes to make a version that will look exactly like one of his outfits in the movies.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dinosnowin' Dinodoll

Hey pallies, each day we get one Dinoday closer to's Dinotrib is a winter version of the Dinosingin' Dinodoll singin' "Let It Sonw, Let It Snow, Let It Snow." Knows that I have one of these Dinotoys on my Dinolist for Dinosure...
Dino-only, DMP

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Makin' Dinospirits Dinobright

Hey pallies, loves this Dinopromo for our Dino's updated "Christmas With Dino" Dinowinteralbum.....ain't our big daddy Dino the coolest sittin' in that chair?......comes from the offical Dinosite..if you wanna checks out that Dinopad, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram. Be sure to gets ready to honor our Dino on Dinowinterday.... In our Dino, DMP

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

That's why I like Dean Martin so much.

Hey pallies, likes how very cool to know that Daniel, Larry the Cable Guy, Whitney is likes a total Dinoholic. Daniel professes that as a kid he loved watchin' the Dinoroasts, and as the tagg of this Dinogram proclaims Whitney likes our Dino so so much. How cool to find 'nother Dinotestimony of how our great man has inspired 'nother up and comin' entertainer...per usual pallies, likes if you wanna reads this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinodelightedly, DMP

Monday, December 8, 2008
Larry the Cable Guy 'gits-r-done'
The Blue Collar Comic brings his act to the new arena in Ontario.
Budding stand-up comic Daniel Whitney never thought in his wildest dreams a character he created on a whim would turn into such a success.

Whitney, better known as Larry the Cable Guy, began developing the redneck cable installer with the catchphrase "git-r-done" for a bit on an old buddy's radio show. According to Larry, before he knew it, he was doing that bit on more than 20 radio stations.

"I wanted it to be likable," he says of the Cable Guy's earliest on-air appearances, "and I wanted people to say 'Holy (bleep)' when they heard it – but still think it was funny and think that Larry sounded like someone they'd want to have a beer with and pick his brain.

"It's evolved so much since I started doing it. But I literally found my niche. It was easy for me to do, because it's basically a microcosm of everyone I grew up with. I grew up with nothing but farmers, and I'd listen to them talk, so I know how it really is – and I know what lines to cross and which ones not to. It was so perfect because I could be myself and be someone else at the same time."

Larry the Cable Guy was introduced to the masses when he joined up with comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Ron White as part of The Blue Collar Comedy Tour in 2000. The quartet of comics sold millions of copies of their DVDs and CDs and filled venues across the country.

The popularity of the Blue Collar franchise afforded Larry the opportunity to star in his own feature films: "Witless Protection," "Delta Farce" and "Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector." He also lent his voice to the animated Disney/Pixar film "Cars," as Mater the tow truck. Larry is currently on tour doing stand-up solo; he performs Dec. 11, at the new Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario.


Larry never thought he'd become a successful stand-up comic. As a kid, he loved to watch the Dean Martin celebrity roasts and was a big fan of Milton Berle and Don Rickles. His favorite show was "Monty Python's Flying Circus"; as he got older he took interest in Steve Martin.

But it wasn't until one night in 1985 – when his friends pressured him into getting on stage during an open-mic night at a Florida bar – that Larry even thought of stand-up as a potential career. The following year, he started working out material at the Comedy Corner in West Palm Beach, practically living at the joint.

From 1986 to 1993, he says, "My entire social life was spent at that club. I had a blast and I loved it. I busted my chops there until I went pro."

Back then, Larry the Cable Guy was just a two-minute part of Whitney's act. Of course, his shows have since become focused on Larry, infused by changing amounts of Whitney's personal life, since he now does his entire act in character.

"At first it was 90 percent bull … and 10 percent reality," he says. "The more I started doing this, the more it became 15 and 20 percent reality. And then I had a wife and kids and I wanted to talk about it in my act – so instead of making up a wife, now I have a real one. I still embellish a lot of things for the sake of a joke, but there is still some real life to it now."

Larry is grateful for his loyal and growing fan base, whose eagerness to have a good time at his performances is what keeps him motivated.

"My show's kind of like a family reunion, except for there's a roof on the place and nobody is kissing my sister," he says. He thinks his crowd can get stereotyped, "but I have all kinds of people coming to my shows – doctors, lawyers, middle class, lower class, upper class. My shows are for people spending their hard-earned money to be entertained – and that's basically all."


Although he enjoys being on the road on his own, Larry says he's had great times on The Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

"I'm gonna tell you, I wanted off of it, to be honest with you, because these guys were just using me to get to the top and I had enough of it. I told Foxworthy that he had to go and do his own stuff because I can't continue to carry all you guys," he says, laughing.

"No, really, to be part of the biggest-grossing comedy tour of all time is just amazing. I still can't believe it happened."

He describes each comic as having a different style, with Foxworthy the more family-oriented one, Engvall the guy who'll go where Foxworthy wouldn't with jokes, and White being a great storyteller.

"I was the one-liner comedy guy," he says. "It made a perfect mix for the end of the show when we were telling stories on stools. I was the glue that could take one story into another. It was definitely one of those things where the stars were aligned at the right time. It was a perfect time for it."

But will the Blue Collar comics ever ride again?

"I wouldn't be surprised to see us in Vegas when we're like 60," he says. "As the Redneck Rat Pack."

Larry's been writing new material and incorporating it into his act as he goes along, though he admits his humor veers more toward the "strange."

"I'm into the stupid and the absurd," he says. "In Dean Martin's book, he said he liked to do the really idiotic and stupid stuff and have the clever stuff to mix in. I'm like that. I'll do fart jokes all day long if I find them funny, but I like doing this kind of outrageously stupid humor. I wrote a joke the other day that made me laugh for three days straight, and it's the dumbest thing I've ever written – but also one of the funniest."

OK, Larry, what's the joke?

"My buddy said, 'Hey, were you talking about me the other day?' I says, 'No, why? Are your ears burning? Because I paid somebody to come over and burn your ears.'

"It's the dumbest thing, but I just started thinking about this guy paying somebody to burn his ears. And I tried it on stage and it killed. I'll do that and put a couple of clever jokes in it, and I like that kind of comedy. Anybody that does that kind of stuff really makes me laugh. That's why I like Dean Martin so much."

Despite all of the success, the 45-year-old Nebraskan lives a pretty low-key life when he's off the road. He's married with two children, ages 1 and 2. He loves George Strait and hair-metal band Cinderella. He's a huge fan of Nebraska Huskers football.

He carries around more money in his pocket these days, but Larry still sees himself as an "average guy" who likes to work and get his hands dirty.

"My buddy Greg owns a Western wear shop in Florida, and when I have time off I'll stop by. And if he has to step out or go to the bathroom or whatever, I know Western wear, so I can help out. And people would come in and there would be Larry the Cable Guy showing off some lizard boots."

One of his favorite stories happened more recently, when he helped a man unload his livestock off a truck after watching him struggle with it alone.

"The guy was a little shocked – like, 'Larry? What are you doing here?' I like doing stuff like that. To me, that is fun. I don't see Barbara Streisand unloading a sheep truck. But that's just the kind of person I am."

Contact the writer: 714-796-3570 or

Dean Martin, one of the Backstreet Boys

Hey pallies, likes I thought this was so Dinocool, our pallie Jack Yan at his blog Jack Yan on Vox speaks of singin' a Backstreet Boys' song to the tune of our Dino's "Everybody Loves Somebody Somtime." So pallies here are pixs of our Dino and the Backstreet Boys and clips of both the Boy's song and our Dino's classic. If likes you would likes to read Jack's Dinopatter in it's original form, likes just clikcs on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinocomparin', DMP

Jack Yan on Vox

Dean Martin, one of the Backstreet Boys
Dec 9, 2008 at 11:32 PM Post a comment
At the TSB party last week, one of the staff had some lyrics printed out. I believe it is from the Backstreet Boys. I don’t know much about popular music these days, or even if the Backstreet Boys are still going, but I saw the first few lines and began singing in the best tradition of Dino and the tune of ‘Everybody Loves Somebody’:

Rock your body, some time;
Rock your body right.

We are back again, brothers;
We’re gonna bring the flavour.

Rock your body, some time;
Rock your body right.

Gotta question for you, answer
Am I sexual?

Now throw your hands up in the air
And wave ’em around like you just don’t care.
If you wanna party, let me hear
’Cause we’ve got it going on again.

Rock your body, some time;
Rock your body right.

Gotta question for you, answer
Am I sexual?

I thought it was pretty good as a crooner’s song. I thought it Mr Richard Cheese could perform it. One of the youngsters did not. Apparently the tune is nothing like that, but you have to admit some of it fits pretty well into the 1947 tune.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Our Dino, Miss Gail, the frankie and MIss Nancy

Hey pallies, likes this is just so Dinoinspired...picked this Dinopix to share this Dinoday and what happens this Dinomornin' but the Dinodiscovery that our Dino's girlpallie Gail has returned to Palm Springs with her sports writer husband Michael. To read 'bout Miss Gail's return to the springs, just click on the tagg of this Dinogram. And this Dinopix, thinks it musta be from that classic Dinowinterspecial in '67 that featured our Dino's clan with the frankie's... Dinodevotedly, DMP


Hey pallies, likes I never saw this Dinocover before or knew that our Dino was on the cover and featured in Look in their December 26, 1967 Christmas issue....but then likes who better to feature in the season of makin' spirits bright then our spirited DINO!!!! Lovew it pallies....keep gettin' ready to honor our Dino on Dinowinterday.... Likes clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost if you wanna read 'bout the Dinofeatures in this Dinomag. Dinolovin', DMP

Dean Martin, “A Very Cool Christmas”

Hey pallies, this dude Cory at his hip blog, "The Daily Wrazz," shares his passion for our Dino and in particular his loves of Dinowintermusic. This stellar Dinotrib shows that this is one true Dinoholic. Made the Dinodiscovery here that Barnes and Nobles has issued an exclusive version of Dinowintertunes tagged "A Very Cool Christmas"...gonna have to gets this pallies, if just to have this oh so hip new Dinocover. Enjoys this great Dinoreview of Dinoholiday songs, and likes as Dinousual, if you wanna read this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram.... Dinodelightedly, DMP

Where Brows Meet on Common Ground
Dean Martin, “A Very Cool Christmas”

Dean Martin
A Very Cool Christmas
Original release: October 21, 2008

“The world is your snowball just for a song
Get out, and roll it along!”
—“A Marshmallow World”

Of all the slick crooners in our yuletide wax, it was the late Dean Martin who made the biggest impression on me. He was smooth enough to admire subconsciously, but quiet enough to be unobtrusive as presents were ransacked and hugs passed down the line. But he could also be enjoyed, alone, guiding Christmas through a contemplative late-night gin.

With the sheer number of posthumous holiday packages bearing his name, it’s easy to associate Dino with blurry visions of sugarplums and spiked eggnog. But the truth is he recorded only two Christmas long-players in his lifetime, starting with the amore-themed A Winter Romance (1959) whose seasonal setting was happenstance; Dean admired the snowfall from the warmth of an active couch (“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”). In 1966 he turned in the more traditional The Dean Martin Christmas Album. Barnes & Noble has revived the latter, track list and sequence intact, as A Very Cool Christmas, a self-conscious title we can only imagine might make the King of Cool cringe, just a little.

At this point in his career, Dino had conquered all the necessary media — nightclub, stage, screen, radio, LPs, and television — with a work ethic that passed as maddening ease. That perception marks his albums as well: The casual listener might get the impression of an even more casual performer, rattling off bored takes at lightning speed, eager to retire to the nearest watering hole and hunker inside a glass of liquid magic. But Martin’s seeming detachment, which took him years to perfect, somehow imbues this material with an intimacy missing from some of the more emotive season-greeters.

When Dean wasn’t weaving his heavy-lidded murmur with the trills of his Rat Pack pals, he traveled with a female choir that did plenty of heavy lifting, a crisp, angelic gale to his frosty breath. They dutifully “ding-dong” through his “White Christmas” to mimic the pealing of holiday bells, soothe the shivering strings in his reassuring “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” and provide necessary punctuation for the otherwise relaxed “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”

Most of the disc sticks to standard arrangements, all lovingly adorned with the master’s slurred warble. Naturally, there are exceptions: “Jingle Bells” dashes through the snow on a beat far jauntier than Pierpont likely intended. “Blue Christmas” owes a soft debt to Elvis Presley’s version, but Dino’s way too hip to dip so deep into the hiccough bag. But he’s not so hip he’s unwilling to revisit A Winter Romance for inspiration, pilfering “Wonderland,” “Let It Snow!,” and the Cahn/Styne chestnut “The Things We Did Last Summer,” a wistful shimmer that glides like Sonja Henie across a lake entombed in ice and enveloped by a powdery dominion Dino likens to “A Marshmallow World.”

There was nothing so marshmallow-y soft about Martin, though the warm grooves here, fleeting though they may be, are sweet and compact enough to enjoy before a roaring fire — or roaring children, depending on your household. A Very Cool Christmas, or The Dean Martin Christmas Album sans popping vinyl and snakeskin-thick cellophane, goes down smooth, a sonic martini for yuletides somber or joyful and triumphant.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dinoclaus sing "Young At Heart"

Hey pallies, like wow, I have never ever seen this Dinoclip before....our Dino playin' Dinoclaus in his sleigh singin' that great Dinotune "Young At Heart." Indeed our Dino always wants to keep the accent on youth and he himself always stays so youthful....just like the man in red himself. So pallies, likes how are all your Dinopreparations for Dinowinterday comin'....enjoys this very hip Dinoclip o'pallies of mine...... Dinoaddictedly, DMP

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Our Dino sings Rudy

Hey pallies, as we grow Dinodaily closer to Dinowinterday, we continue our Dinopreparations with our Dino singin' the Rudy song liks no one else....diggs how our Dino turns this kiddie song into one hip and swingin' Dinowintertune....enjoys pallies.... Dinoswingin', DMP

Friday, December 05, 2008

I Had Dinner with Dean Martin, Swear

Hey pallies, checks this out pallies.....a wee one tagged C.J. appears to be into Dinoemulation at a very very tender age. Woulda loved to have been there to see this for my Dinoself. If you wanna read this in it's original format, click on the tagg of this Dinogram and goes over to the Have The T Shirt blog. Dinodelightedly, DMP btw pallies, for a glimpse of this Dinoemulatin' young man, goes to.........

Thursday, December 4, 2008
I Had Dinner with Dean Martin, Swear

There are phases of life we all go through, some we bid adieu to with gratitude and others we leave behind reluctantly.

Occasionally the opportunity comes along to step back into one of those long gone periods, and being a opportunistic type girl, when opportunity knocks, I answer.

Which is what happened when Eileen invited me to attend her son's Holiday Extravaganza Music Program where he would be singing, right into the mic.

It's been quite a while since I was in the audience as preschoolers performed songs off key while fidgeting and waving and picking their noses and crotches.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's begin at the beginning, when I arrived at Eileen's to find young CJ dressed to the nines, sporting a new haircut. We're talking spiffy here. Black Jacket/Dress Shirt/Dress Pants spiffy...enough said.

After he stood on the dining room table practicing his part using a sucker as a mic, we all went to dinner. All would include Eileen's two daughters and CJ's Grandma & Grandpa.

What I'm trying to get at here, is that, not only did I get to step back into the entire Holiday Extravaganza Music Program thing, but I also got to experience young children in the car and young children out in a restaurant.

The car involved a lot of, "But he's grabbing me." "Yea, but I want that." "He won't stop bothering me!" "She's bothering me!" "I'm thirsty!" "I'm squished!"

The restaurant involved a lot of, "I want a milkshake." "Give me more ketchup, no, not a little ketchup, a lot of ketchup.....NO! Not a little ketchup!" "CJ set your bottom in your chair!" "Don't get ketchup on your dress clothes!" "If you don't set your bottom in your chair, you will not get a milkshake!"

Then back in the car for more of, "I didn't get a sucker! Give me your sucker!" and "I do what Mom says cause she's the Mudder."

At school Eileen settled CJ in his room with his teacher then she joined the rest of us in the auditorium where we were trying to reserve half a row of seats. I was busy trying to dodge an older woman, who had obviously lost her Holiday Spirit, as she accused the people behind us of being "rude" for reserving an entire row of seats. I was glad I was just trying to reserve half a row of seats thereby making me only marginally rude.

Finally, the show began with what I always think of us "The Parade of Children", it is kind of like the Parade of Animals at the circus only these animals are dressed really fancy and their hair is just so.

Once the Children got in place on the risers, several small performers stepped up to the three mics placed across the front of the stage. A song was song or a cute verse was spoken and then the teachers would shuffle the children around and more lined up at the mic.

And CJ? What was CJ doing during all this? Well, I pray to Gawd Eileen has a good pic of him on her blog, because I'm not sure I can do justice to his demeanor. He was....well.....honestly?

He had a certain swagger about him, a devil may care attitude, a sly smile.

He was standing there in his dress shirt and black jacket looking for all the world like Dean Martin.

If he'd had a cigarette and a drink it would have been a spitting image of the dude. Swear.

And when he stepped up to the mic for his solo, he lifted his chin and placed his lips as close to the mic as possible, without taking his eyes off it.

Again, he looked just like Dean, after a few too many drinks.

About halfway through the performance, CJ looked like he'd been on a four day bender. The little dude was tired. While the milkshake and suckers had given him a brief burst of energy at the restaurant and in the car, his fuel was depleted and it was past his bedtime. Who schedules a preschool performance to begin at 7:30 PM? No wonder they call it Holiday Madness.

Thankfully, the show was very brief and then it was on to the refreshment portion of the evening. The nice Church Ladies had set up an interesting spread. At least it struck me as interesting. Meatballs, Veggie trays, M & M's, Cookies and Punch. I dunno, seemed a bit odd to me, but CJ loved the Meatballs so what do I know?

Next I got to relive those moments that fill the space between when the performance ends and when you get to actually leave the building. That involves a lot of sending one kid to find the other two and while you're waiting, a different one wanders back but the other two are missing so you send this one to find those two and then finally all the kids come back but then Grandpa is missing so Grandma goes looking for him and before they make it back two of the kids have wandered off and, well, it took a while to gather our flock.

Then more car stuff which involved Eileen spilling a drink all over her lap which pooled into her shoe which reminded CJ that he was still thirsty but I told him the drink was spilled unless he wanted to drink it out of his Mudder's shoe and finally he agreed he could just wait a few minutes till we got home. And then there was, "Is he asleep? Did he fall asleep?" followed by, "I'm not tired!"

It was great fun and I appreciate the invite and honestly, if you're not doing anything early in December next year, you really ought to join Eileen at CJ's performance....I'm tellin' ya, the dude can sing.
Posted by Have the T-shirt at 11:09 PM

Dinosparkle Dinomallow

Hey pallies, likes here is yet 'nother version of our Dino singin' 'bout Marshmallows...with some Dinosparkle likes thrown in. Enjoys some true Dinomagic as we move one Dinoday closer to Dinowinterday.... Dinodevotedly, DMP

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Everybody Loves Our Dino....includin' the frankie

Hey pallies, again with Dinothanks to our pallie Terri, who first posted this great Dinopix at her Dinoblog tagged Dino's Den. Checks out the look on our Dino's face compared to the frankie, and how frankie is pointin' to our Dino as the man......even frankie knows that only Dino truly matters! Again, thanks pallie Terri for this great Dinopix that helps prepare us for Dinowinterday. If you wanna checks out pallie Terri's Dinoblog,likes just click on the link of this Dinopost. Dino-only, DMP

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Likes Total Dinodevotion Shown at ilovedinomartin Dinopad

Hey pallies, likes most of you pallies know that besides our ilovedinomartin Dinoblog, there is a Dinocompanion Dinosite also tagged ilovedinomartin over at yahoo groups where Dinoholics gets to share their Dinopassion with each other. Today this humble little Dinopad set a Dinogrand new Dinorecord of Dinodevotion when we reach 20,000 Dinograms of pure Dinolove sent through ilovedinomartin. This is quite the Dinoaccomplishment considerin' that this little Dinodialogue group have never had more then 15 Dinomembers at any given Dinotime. I would like to thank the followin' pallies who have shown their extreme Dinodevotion sometime durin' the almost three Dinoyears that ilovedinomartin has been diggin' our Dino....from France, Julian......from Germany, Nici.......from North Carolina, Keith......from Texas, Terri. We always are glad to welcome new Dinomembers, but are truly only lookin' for pallies who are likes totally devoted to our Dino and wants to make diggin' him a real Dinopriority. To checks out the ilovedinomartin Dinodialogue Dinopad, likes just click on the Dinotagg of this Dinopost. I have been waitin' for this Dinoday for a very long Dinotime and am likes totally thrilled to be able to share this Dinoaccomplishment with all you pallies. And all the honor of course goes to our Dino...our only reason for Dinoexistin'... Dinogratefully, DMP

Our Dino, the Sam, and frankie...

Hey pallies, likes today's Dinoentry into our Dinowinterday Dinopreparations is a Dinofestive Dinopix of our Dino, the Sam, and frankie all playin' the man in red...never have seen this Dinopix to my Dinorecollection and am likes totally Dinoindebted to my Dinolovin' pallie Terri, who shared this with her Dinoaudience over at her Dinoblog, DEANSGAL. To checks out pallie Terri's Dinoaction, likes just click on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinoinvigerated, DMP

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Dinothought From John Gushue

Hey pallies, findin' more and more pallies gettin' into the Dinospirit of preparin' for's a Dinoholic tagged John Gushue who shares his a Dinothought at his Typepad blog. Enjoys this great Dinopix and Dinowisdom...and as usual, if you wanna view this in it's original form, likes just click on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinosharin', DMP

Tuesday, December 02, 2008
A thought as the party season draws near

"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on."
- Dean Martin

Very Dinocreative Dinoclip of our Dino singin' 'bout Bells Silver

Hey pallies, loves how Dinodevotion likes takes so many Dinoforms...likes checks out this Dinoversion of Silver Bells with an sorta animated Dino...loves it pallies...loves it..... Prepares yourself for the comin' of Dinowinterday.... Dinolovin', DMP