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Hey pallies, likes knows that I have Dinoposted this Dinoclip before, but with the political conventions 'bout to commence, I wanted to lets you all know that I cast my vote for our is a great clip from the Dinoflick Ada, where our Dino plays Bo Gillis, candidate for governor....singin' "My The Lord Bless You Real Good."
Enjoys the Dinovid pallies, and oh how wonderful woulda it be if our Dino was runnin' for prez...the white house would certainly be the most swingin' of pads.....

Dean Martin brought a $90,000 lawsuit against Seddon.

Hey pallies, I loves to read's what was happenin' in our Dino's life 50 Dinoyears ago. Dino and company were returnin' from partyin' at Peter Lawfords when this happens... If you wanna read this in it's original format, just click on the tagg of this Dinopost. Thanks to the Los Angeles Times Blogs and Larry Harnisch of the Daily Mirror for this Dinoretro. Dinodevotedly, DMP

Donald Robert Seddon of 824 17th St., Santa Monica, was apparently a rather jealous individual. While cruising the streets of Los Angeles one night, he thought he saw his wife riding in a car with another man. At Warner Drive and Wilshire, he rammed his car into the other vehicle, then spun into a third car.

Seddon, in fact, rammed the car of total strangers, David R. North and his wife, Patricia, both 22, of 1541 S. St. Andrews Place.

As it turned out, the third car was carrying some prominent people: Tony Curtis and his wife, Janet Leigh; Dean Martin and his wife, Jean; and songwriter Sammy Cahn and his wife, Gloria Delson. They were headed home after a party at Peter Lawford's house. Fortunately, Frank Sinatra was right behind them and contacted police with the radiotelephone in his car.

No one was seriously injured in the accident, The Times said, but Dean Martin brought a $90,000 lawsuit against Seddon.

The Times never reported on the outcome of the lawsuit and Seddon's name never again appears in the paper. Because Janet Leigh was pregnant at the time of the accident, she was taken to UCLA for an exam to make sure neither she nor the baby was injured. In November, she gave birth to Jamie Lee Curtis.


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Dean Martin "Welcome To My World"

Hey pallies, our Dino is just so good to his pallies...likes this latest Dinovid from youtube takes my fav of fav Dinosong, "Welcome To My World" and begins the Dinotrib with the August Dinopix that is just so HOT and COOL at the same Dinotime...truly Dinomagic for Dinosure....DINO is IT!!!! Dinodiggin', DMP

Greatest Drunks Of All Time: Dean Martin

Hey pallies, like the web is full of amazin' Dinotribs. I am especially in awe of all the pallies who are created such cool Dinovid Dinotribs over at myspace. Likes I don't have the equipment or the talent to show such I can do is pass on some of 'em to Dinolovers through the ilovedinomartin Dinoblog. Here is a Dinotreasure that I recently Dinodiscovered or at the tube which puts the accent on our Dino's love of liquid refreshments...enjoys pallies.... Dinosharin', DMP

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Dean Martin Dinocalendar Dinopix for August

Hey pallies, like have been doin' quite the Dinosearchin' to find just the right Dinocalendar Dinopix for August...the month that our Dino heat up the musical competition my singin' his ever cool signature song, "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometiome," and knockin' the Beatles off the charts. The Dinopix for August needed to be very HOT and yet totally COOL at the same time....never saw this Dinopix before, but likes once I saws it, I knew this was IT!!! Let's me know what your Dinothoughts are on this Dinocalendar Dinopix for August.... Dinostrivin', DMP

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August 15, 1964: The Day Our Dino Knocked The Beatles Off The Charts

Hey pallies, today is truly a day of Dinocelebration 'cause it was on August 15, 1964 that our Dino knocked the Beatles off the number 1 slot on the charts with his stellar Dinosong "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime. No one but our Dino had the ability to do such an amazin' feat.....provin' that Dino was what the world was searchin' for....Dino was IT!!!! Everybody was in love with the King of Cool and the world was in awe of this man who defined cool. Enjoys listin' to an original 45 rpm edition of the tune that made our Dino #1. Dinoawed, DMP

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Dino Befriends Sharecropper Turned Carpenter

Hey pallies, this has been quite the stellar week for Dinoreportin. Today's Dinofind comes from the Thousand Oaks Acorn Newspaper and tells the remarkable story of the Pruett family who came to Thousand Oaks after WWII. Read how our wonderful Dino befriended Emmett Pruett...using his skills, playing pool with him, and so much more. I loves to read this Dinostory 'cause it shows how truly kind and down-to-earth our great man is. If you want to read this story in it's original format, please click on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinodelightedly, DMP

Longtime resident reflects on 62 years in T.O.
Ruth and Emmett Pruett came to town with their three children seeking employment after WWII
By Nancy Needham

NANCY NEEDHAM/Acorn Newspapers FAMILY SAYS LAST GOODBYE—The Pruett family bids farewell to Thousand Oaks as Ruth Pruett, 92, moves from her home of 62 years to live in Oregon with her daughter. The family moved to this area when it was unincorporated back in 1946. Most streets back then weren't paved, lions roared a few blocks away in Jungleland and monkeys that had escaped swung in the treetops. The Pruetts left a life of sharecropping in Missouri and found some Hollywood glamour here, mixed with a simple life in a safe place to raise a family. They watched as their community grew. From left: Linda, Ruth, Gary and Carroll Pruett.

In 1946, when Ruth and Emmet Pruett and their three children— Carroll, 9, Linda, 4, and Gary, 2— moved from Missouri to a small California town, they found roaring lions, a few paved streets and about 500 people living in what was to become Thousand Oaks.

"We were sharecroppers who couldn't find work after the war," Ruth said. "Emmett had family living in Hidden Valley, and they said there was farmers who needed workers, so we came to California."

After they arrived, she said, Emmett took a walk and stopped to watch a man building a house. Soon the man asked him, "You looking for work?" Emmett answered, "Maybe." The man told him to pick up a shovel and get busy.

That's how Emmett, who later built the original Lupe's and Sizzler restaurants in Thousand Oaks, began his career as a carpenter and contractor, his son Carroll said. He was also "carpenter to the stars," doing work for his friend, singer Dean Martin, and other celebrities, including Robert Wagner and Richard Widmark.

The local celebrities did their grocery shopping with everyone else at Oakdale Market on Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Ruth said.

Carroll recalled how his father and Martin used to go out and shoot pool together. The character of Emmett the bookie in a recurring barbershop sketch on "The Dean Martin Show" was named after Emmett Pruett, Carroll said, and his brother Gary still has the barber chair that Martin gave their father.

Many of the families' Christmas decorations came from a Dean Martin Christmas special. Some of those decorations were sold recently at a garage sale held to help Ruth prepare to move out of the Crescent Way home where she had lived for 62 years.

The 1,200-square-foot house was originally much smaller. Linda said she used to sleep on a rollaway bed in her parents' room while her brothers shared a twin bed in the hallway.

The Pruetts paid $5,000 for the home when lots in the area were selling for $50 each, Carroll said. Property tax cost $48 for the first year.

Emmett added on to the house, and he and Ruth lived there together until he passed away eight years ago. On Sunday, with the help of all three of her children, the 92yearold packed up her belongs and moved to live with her daughter in Oregon.

"It's okay that I go now," she said with tears in her eyes and a sigh in her voice. "I'm going to miss my friends here—and the weather— it'll be different."

Before she said goodbye she and her children took time to remember what life was like in Thousand Oaks almost two decades before it became a city.

Emmett served on the water board. The water company consisted of one truck and one water tank, Carroll said. The land surrounding them was ranchland with cattle on it. Neighbors raised steers, chickens and goats. Everyone had a garden.

Not far away they'd hear lions roaring every night and morning at Goebel's Lion Farm. Once a black panther escaped, and the children worried they would get eaten. Many years later, Newbury Park High School's mascot was named after that escaped panther.

"The worst escape was the monkeys. About 400 or 500 of them got loose, and everybody had monkeys in their trees," Ruth said.

It took two or three weeks before the monkeys got hungry enough to go back to Goebel's, she said.

The chimpanzee trainer for Goebel's lived across the street from the Pruetts. He trained the chimps to work in films, and some of them appeared in Tarzan movies.

"He had chimps over at his house wearing clothes. He'd bring them over to play with Linda because she had a small table and chair set that was just the right size," Carroll said.

"I liked it until one of them bit my finger," Linda said.

Children would leave the house early in the morning to go outside and play and would not return home until after dark. They ran wild through the open fields, had dirt clod wars, played hide-and-seek and kick the can. The older boys would hunt rabbits.

As a child, Carroll worked at the lion farm, which later became Jungleland, selling bags of peanuts to the crowds who came to see the elephants, lions, camels and other wild animals. He earned a penny a bag and would sell until he sold 100 bags and made $1.

With his earnings he could go to the closest movie theater in Camarillo, buy a malt and have a couple of sodas during the next week, he said.

When Carroll and his siblings were teens they would swim with their friends in a community pool at 223 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, where a four-story building now stands. A season's pass for a family cost $10.

There were barbecues at the Janss Ranch, located where the Janss Marketplace is now. There was an airport, and the hangar stood where Denny's restaurant is at Thousand Oaks Boulevard and Moorpark Road.

In the early 1950s when Marlon Brando came to town to shoot the movie The Wild One, every boy in town had to get a motorcycle. Usually, though, things were pretty quiet around town, the family recalled.

There was only one school in town for younger children. High school students were bussed to Camarillo.

Moving from Missouri, where all of her family lived, was not an easy thing for Ruth to do 62 years ago, but she fell in love with Thousand Oaks.

"I was never as close to my family again," she said, though she did keep in touch, driving with the children back to Missouri each summer in a car with no air conditioning.

The Pruetts recalled a lot of snow in the winter of 1948 and a flood in 1951. They welcomed the boom of the 1960s because it brought dependable water—the old water used to stink—and more shopping and schools.

Ruth has been a volunteer at Manna, two doors away from her home, and will miss the gang over there, she said.

Gary lives in Vancouver, Wash., and Carroll lives in Arroyo Grande, Calif.

Ruth, who has seven grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren, said she's ready for a new adventure. And she and her family plan to come back and visit Thousand Oaks, their hometown forever.

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Dino Records "That's Amore" 55 Years Ago This Dinodate

Hey pallies, just found this cool Dinoreport at the popculturefanboy blog........

55 Years Ago Today In 1953 - Dean Martin records the tracks "That's Amore" (Session 3098; Master 11694-6), which was used in the soundtrack of Martin and Lewis' Paramount Pictures movie "The Caddy" and "You're The Right One" (Session 3098; Master 11695-5), with an orchestra conducted by Dick Stabile. Both tracks were released on the same single by Capitol Records.

How cool that in the same week we celebrate the historic Dinofact of our Dino knockin' the Beatles off the charts, we also celebrate the recordin' of "That' Amore"
for the Dino and the kid flick "The Caddy." Enjoys watchin' this wonderful clip from that Dinoflick where our Dino sings one of his signature Dinoamoresongs. If you wanna read this Dinohistorical note in it's original form just click on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinodelightedly, DMP

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Read All About Our Dino Knockin' The Beatles Off The Charts

Hey pallies, dudes like I found this cool site that features a page from the book,
"The Billboard Book of Number 1 Hits" that tells all 'bout our Dino knockin' the Beatles off the charts. Sorry that I couldn't copy it and post it here, but likes it you clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost you will be sent to the proper Dinopage where you will be able to read all 'bout it. So click on the tagg of this Dinopost and read the Dinohistory of our Dino puttin' the Beatles to shame. Dinodiggin', DMP

Dean Martin sings "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime"

Hey pallies, like in honor of of our Dino knockin' those mop tops off the charts durin' this week in '64, I decided to share a variety of Dinovids of our Dino signin' his signature Dinosong. Enjoys these various Dinoversions.... Dinodiggin', DMP

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Dino Knocks The Beatles Off the Charts On This Week In Dinohistory

Hey pallies, like just read that it was on this week in Dinohistory in 1964 that our Dino knocked the Beatles off the charts with his stellar Dinotune, "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime." Finally everybody knew that our Dino was all that really mattered....enjoys the Dinovid, and if you wanna read the Dinoreport in it's original form, just clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinoamazed, DMP

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Rat Pack Film Rights Sold

Hey pallies, we thank a dude tagged Ben Boulden for sharing this Dinoinformation at his Gravetapping Blogsite,which mostly features reviews of books. This is too cool that Randisi's first Rat Pack Novel is going to the big screen...of course like Dinowonderin' like who is gonna play the Dinorole.....inquirin' Dinominds wanna watch for more 'bout this cool Dinoproject....if you wanna read this in it's original blog format, just clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinodelightedly, DMP

Saturday, August 09, 2008
Robert J. Randisi: Rat Pack Film Rights Sold

I received some really cool news from Robert J. Randisi a few days ago…

I've sold film rights to my first Rat Pack book, EVERYBODY KILLS SOMEBODY SOMETIME, to Sandy Hackett, the late Buddy Hackett's son. I will be writing the screenplay. Plans are to begin filming January 2010. Sandy Hackett will star as Sands Casino pit boss Eddie G., who in the story is asked by Frank Sinatra to help find out who is sending Dean Martin threatening notes, while they are filming Ocean's 11 in 1960 Las Vegas. All of the Rat Pack members appear in the book, as well as other historical characters like Sands boss Jack Entratter, George Raft and Angie Dickinson.

This book was followed last year by LUCK BE A LADY, DON'T DIE, and in December HEY THERE (YOU WITH THE GUN IN YOUR HAND) will be published. All the books come from St.Martin's Press, and I'm presently working on the fourth, YOU'RE NOBODY TIL SOMEBODY KILLS YOU.

I’ve read both of Randisi’s Rat Pack novels and I think each would translate well to film. You can read the Gravetapping review of Luck Be a Lady, Don’t Die Here, and a shorter review of Everybody Kills Somebody Sometime Here.

Also, Randisi has a new Western out from Leisure Books titled Double the Bounty. I’ve seen it at a couple of different locations—Barnes & Noble and a local grocery store—so I know it’s available and the cover art is pretty good, but the newer Western releases from the large New York houses have been improving—beautiful scenery with a real western flair that really makes me excited to dip into the action and story inside.

Congratulations Bob!

Dean Martin's Wild Party Slots Hits The Floor

Hey pallies, dudes likes I had heard 'bout this slot machine dedicated to our Dino, but likes I had never heard a description of it or seen a pix of the cool machine....well was just directed my 'nother internet site to the blogger blog SLOT BLOGGER and this March 1, 2008 post. Very informative and I loves the Dinolook and the Dinodescription of this Dinomachine....if likes you wanna read this it it's original format, just click on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinodiggin', DMP
Dean Martin's Wild Party Slots Hit the Floor

Sometimes you find new slots in the strangest places. Last night I was downtown to play my free $15 at Binion's and decided to park at the Vegas Club across the street.

Strolling through the casino to my car, I spied "Glitz" a new "Money Burst" game from WMS I saw next to the Dean Martin game I'd admired at the Global Gaming Expo. With giddy anticipation I checked the bank of machines opposite "Glitz" and there it was! "Dean Martin's Wild Party!"

Sometimes you just never know which casinos are going to feature the new games first. The Vegas Club, in conjuction with it's neighbor the Plaza (both run by Tamares Group -- which has a rather tenuous hold on it's holdings) have seen better days. Still, I've noticed that whoever is running the slot selection is not afraid to try new things, and keep the mix on the casino floor fresh.

Dean Martin's Wild Party is a volatile game, but worth the trouble if you can hit a bonus round. It is unusual in that it starts with only two lines that funnel into sixty.

You get sixty lines for thirty credits, and the bonus round of five free spins is triggered if you get four of the same symbols (wilds count) in the first four positions. These symbols hold for the remainder of the spins. If you get three bonus symbols you also get the free spins but have a choice to make (I didn't get there so I don't exactly know how this works) to determine the first symbols.

During the bonus round Dean-o and his background singers keep you entertained with a song I don't quite recall entitled "Go, Go, Go!" and "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" -- if you are lucky the bonus can be long as all the lines hit and tally up. I got two wild symbols that guaranteed a payoff with every spin. Of course you can speed things along by hitting a button, but as this was my first bonus on this machine I let it take it's time and savored the moment. My thirty cent bet turned into $25.00 in the bonus round.

"Glitz" works the same way, but I don't care for the graphics so I didn't try it out.

Once again I can't find any info on the machine on WMS' website, but consulting my catalog, I see they describe "Money Burst" as "new reel layout, 60 lines for 30 credits, and fast play drive hyper-volatile math model." I'm not so sure I like that "hyper-volatile math model" part. I would say if you are lucky enough to hit a bonus round to skee-daddle like I did.

I almost got out the door of the Vegas Club, but another new slot caught my eye -- this one from IGT. A new Wheel of Fortune machine I didn't notice at the Global Gaming Expo -- "Viva Las Vegas" featuring Elvis Presley as "Lucky" and Ann Margret as "Rusty."

The info I found on IGT's website is adobe stuff, and seems to be for a more traditional mechanical reel game -- word to IGT and WMS -- if the slots are on the floor they should be represented on your website. Oh, and while you are at it, why not have more slot player oriented promotional material?

But I digress -- I hit a couple of bonus rounds (8 free spins) that may or may not entitle you to spin the wheel (a wheel symbol has to pop up) but after a few minutes I was down $10 and decided to go. I enjoyed the Elvis and Ann Margaret singing symbols and the expanding wild, but all and all, I found the bonus round rather boring and unfulfilling, especially when I couldn't hit a wheel spin.

So Wheel of Fortune "Viva Las Vegas" didn't hold my attention as long as Dean Martin's Wild Party, but maybe it was just the kinda night I was having.

I'm glad to see new slots on the floor, and I'll check today to see if Red Rock has added any new slots to the mix.
Posted by Slot Jockey at 12:08 PM

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Our Dino and the jer with Carmen Miranda in "Scared Stiff"

Hey pallies, our pallies over at the Music From the Monster Movies blog have posted this wonderful Dinoblog on the Dino and the jer flick "Scared Stiff." Just click on the tagg of this Dinopost and feast your eyes on lots of great Dinopixs from that flick 'long with great Dinocommentary and even a refreshin' to see more and more Dinodedication showin' up on other pallies' blogs. Why not leaves 'em some Dinopatter to let 'em know how much you truly appreciate their Dinoefforts... Dinosharin', DMP

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Why Dean Martin - now more than ever - is central to this election.

Hey pallies, now how cool is this...this OhioPlayer dudes understands the importance of our Dino in the upcomin' prez election....our Dino is central to all parts of our lives, and how great to find this dude who knows how truly important our Dino is...if you wanna reads this in it's original form, just click on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinoreportin', DMP

Why Dean Martin - now more than ever - is central to this election.
by OhioPlayer
Fri Aug 01, 2008 at 09:17:05 AM PDT
Dean Martin, arguably more talented than Frank Sinatra, is from Steubenville, Ohio, right in the heart of Appalachia (including WV, PA, etc.) And according to Dean Martin himself, as he was coming up he tried to imitate the style and grace of the Mills Brothers, trio of black brothers who were instrumental in laying the foundation for many others in entertainment.

OhioPlayer's diary :: ::
Why is this important? Because most white folks - especially those located in Appalachia do not know this small fact; more broadly, to the extent that they are aware of black community as the epicenter of most white mainstream culture, they would adamantly deny such.

These are the same folks who crossed over to vote for Reagan in 1980 of course now known as Reagan Democrats. And because many of them live in OH and PA, Obama must vigorously compete for this group because if he can win either or both states, he wins the election; btw, not knocking Obama strategy to put VA, CO, etc. in play just that I think the former is slightly more important. This is major portion of what McCain is attempting to do with the Spears & Hilton ad, that is portray Obama as a lightweight, glamorous Hollywood elite that folks in Appalachia can not identify with.

And here's the rub - Obama can't really make his case directly to these folks, at least not without some help. I'll explain by way of comparison to Kerry in 2004. Bush actually did the same thing to him and he responded by touring this region with Bruce Springsteen. Only problem with this tactic was that - as many others have pointed out previously - barely 40% of this group, escpecially white males, even voted for Bill Clinton, their Southern cousin. No what Kerry needed to do was motivate the black vote and in a state like OH that means the O'Jays, Bootsie and the Ohio Players (PA covered here as well as the O'Jays part of "Philly soul." Kerry certainly won the overwhelming majority of black voters but he did not get the turnout he needed. Add to this the fact that Bush increased his take of black vote in Ohio from 9% in 2000 to 16% in 2004 and that is his margin of victory.

Clearly Obama has no issue with motivating blacks, as well as young folks, to turn out; indeed, this has been one of his central tenets. Some even argue that this massive voter turnout can put him over the top w/o having to win states like OH and PA. My position is - why risk it? Especially when the campaign has the capacity to pursue both tactics. Thus, Obama needs to do an Appalachia tour with Springsteen and Mellenkamp as cultural surrogates. And selecting Kaine, Bayh, Strickland, Granholm as VP wouldn't hurt either. And the Obama campaign may very well have said tour in the works just waiting to release it after the convention. Whatever the specific plan, sometime in September/October Obama must AGGRESSIVELY go after this area and CONFRONT voters issues, real and perceived.

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