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(at one point during filming, Dino asked Frank if he might finally look at a script)

Hey pallies, likes here is part numero duo from Mr. John McElvee's fabulous collection of Dino-hearted offerings at his self tagged blog, "John McElwee's GREENBRIAR Picture Shows."  To us, this "The Rat Pack and Ocean's 11 --- Part Two" shows off McElwee's huge knowledge of cinema and the English language...stunnin'ly scribed and fabulously focused.  McElwee continues his great case for his deep desire that the Rat Pack woulda taken this heist flick much more seriously.

This provocative prose from John, of course, captured our Dino-attentionado....."In probably the film's best exchange, Dean Martin points up futility of O11's scheme and the group's lack of fitness to carryoff same, this rare occasion of DM reading Ocean's dialogue with something like conviction. Was he speaking more to futility of having made this movie? (at one point during filming, Dino asked Frank if he might finally look at a script)"

First we are pleased as punch that John  kudos our Dino with "probably the film's best exchange."   Second, we never ever remember hearin' the story 'bout our most beloved Dino askin' Mr. Sinatra to see the script"....a very very cool Dino-detail for sure.  Truly McElvee offers convincin' evidence for his cool case of desirin' much more from the Pack's efforts in O11.  We have to 'fess up that even with all the wondrous words and tremendous thoughts that our new pallie John offers, we loves the flick just as it is....probably 'cause, likes of course, we loves everythin' that our delightful Dino does just as it is!

Likes, 'gin John offers a stunnin' set of images from the film.  We are particularly fond of the one we share below....loves the evocative expression on our Dino's fabulous face; loves the tag line that McElvee coolly 'n cleverly adds..."Watch Out, Dean!  There's A Real Actor Behind You."

Once 'gin our Dino-diggin' pallie Mr. John McElvee has effusively expressed his pure pure passion for our one and only Dino and we are thrilled to find 'nother dude who is likes totally totally sold out to our main man.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply click on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  More from our Dino-holic pallie John tomorrow, right here at ilovedinomartin.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP


The Rat Pack and Ocean's 11 --- Part Two

The caper itself was so outlandish as to discourage imitation. That much was probably agreed upon going in. Robbing Las Vegas in 1960 would have been another name for suicide. Not for a moment does this plan seem a serious one, Ocean's 11 tempering the Pack's lunatic notion with comedy and what amounts to a town's own Surgeon General's warning: Never, ever try this for real. That undercuts suspense, of course. We don't sense a Mafia's heavy hand toward protecting its own, but surely membership issued Frank a Do Not list prior to shooting. You Wouldn't Call It a Gang, said Warner ads. Well, no you wouldn't, except maybe Our Gang for childish means by which this heist is executed. Did rivalMob families ever consider a for-real knock over of Vegas casinos? Surely if they did, Ocean's 11 would be no model for planning. Guess the town was sewn up too tight for anyone to ponder such a thing. In probably the film's best exchange, Dean Martin points up futility of O11's scheme and the group's lack of fitness to carryoff same, this rare occasion of DM reading Ocean's dialogue with something like conviction. Was he speaking more to futility of having made this movie? (at one point during filming, Dino asked Frank if he might finally look at a script)

There were cameos to pass dull parts easier.Red Skeltondid a funny to Frank's deadpan reaction and was off within a minute,same with Shirley MacLaine and what looks like an ad-libbed drunk scene opposite Dean. More effective were drop-ins by faded names tossed a day's work for reasons lost to time. I'd guess George Raft and Hoot Gibson were greeting at some lounge/casino in town. Both had filled such position at one time or other. Raft was not long back from shaking hands at Cuban tables before lights went out there. He lends gravitas to a post-robbery boardroom scene that's reasonably close, I suppose, to what might have gone on among Mafia chieftains should a real Vegas raid have taken place. Was gang-connected Raft too close to actuality of casino ownership for comfort? Guess Mobsters figured George for a late show relic too far past prime to suggest true crime, not unlike his back to the 20's racketeer in Some Like It Hot. Hoot was something else, a face dating to when Vegas was all sand. Who knows ... maybe he'd chased indians across that desert once. Anyway, he was there for viewers ancient enough to recognize him, up to and including Frank and Dino ... both may have sat in as boys on Hooter's silent shoot-em-ups. I'd love knowing just whose idea it was to give him a break on Ocean's 11.

The guy what steals Ocean's 11 is Caesar Romero. He pretty much takes charge of the third act. Did Frank and company know or care about this Joker's heist? A group of five to whom I ranOcean's 11 last week all agreed it was Romero's show from the robbery's finish on in. 1960 observers thought so too. Several polls place him in supporting Oscar nominee contention forOcean's 11, observed Variety in December of that year. Caesar himself got out a trade ad to spread word of critic's approval (above). For my money, he's the cool cat in this show --- suave, unflappable and making most of scenes via commitment several times that of blasé Rat Packers. One scene Sinatra would undoubtedly have ordered reshot, had he noticed, shows CR entering a room and towering over the diminutive star. Did Romero get his lion's share of Ocean's 11 for showing up to work as opposed to oft-truant principal players? My viewing group came away from Ocean's 11 wishing he'd framed the caper ... maybe in that event it would have come off successfully.

Some reshooting might have helped. Peter Lawford prevailed upon Warners to fill in obvious holes, but they attended more to splashy premiere plans than squaring away a better movie. Power-less player Lawford would go along to get along, a sad fate for anyone in Sinatra's razzmatazz orbit. To his credit, though, Frank kicked in on selling side of O11, attending a June New York meet with director Lewis Milestone and WB execs to round out plans for an August grand open in Vegas. Sinatra liked the pic well enough to private preview it for John and Jackie Kennedy at his Palm Springs home. Spencer Tracy was also there ... wonder if Spence gave Frank an honest answer when asked how he liked the show. World Premiering at LV's Fremont Theatre was sure enough a blowout. Streets jammed, a parade up the Strip, celebrities near outnumbering civilians. Some of revels would turn up on Jack Parr's vid show later. A "summit meet" at the Sands preceding the open reunited the Pack and fired up WB's Steve Trilling to propose filming the act to send out as a follow-up concert feature. But where could it be shown?, asked Army Archerd: The boys rehearsed the material in the locker room, an indication of the tenor of the entertainment offered by the jolly boy's club.

Lewis Milestone was ringside for the Sands party and premiering that followed. He'd afterward go on a twelve-city US tour to promote Ocean's 11. Whatever this director earned over a long career was doubtless dwarfed by percentage payday realized here. He'd later speak well of the film and Sinatra to historians. 1960 showmen in for less loot felt Warners was working a caper of its own, as even neighborhood sub-runs were being hit up for 50% of receipts, a distributor grab in excess of Paramount's 35% demand for the same summer's Psycho. Erstwhile co-producer Peter Lawford, rich off those terms, shopped a biopic around on champ jockey Johnny Longden he'd worked on for several seasons, but ... no takers. His Thin Man TV series had wrapped and expulsion from the Pack would come later, thanks to contretemps with Frank that were in no way Peter's fault. The Chairman himself looked back on Ocean's 11 as a "fun" movie and little more. He'd live long enough to see Rat Pack (a term he always despised) high-life celebrated anew by hipsters not yet born when the pic played new. Just the fact it moved up Warners' Blu-Ray release schedule makes clear O11's continuing hold on fans wishing its ring-a-ding world could live again as their own.

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Dean Martin was set

Hey pallies, likes we're gonna does somethin' a bit different this very Dino-week.  Likes 'cept for a special "This Day In Dino-history" post and barrin' any late breakin' Dino-news, we are plannin' on continuin' to devote this week to Dino-scriber Mr. John McElwee's  and likes a ton of Dino-homagin' posts from John's self-tagged blog, "John McElwee's GREENBRIAR Picture Shows."

If you were with us yester-Dino-day  likes youse knows that we put the tags Dean Martin and swinger into the ol' google search bar and one of the terrific thin's that popped up was some sweet scribin' a la Dino from McElwee 'bout our Dino's swingin' performance in the sex farce "Who Was That Lady."
Well as we mentioned in yesterday's Dino-post, we decided to see if McElwee had other Dino-devotion for us to share...and so likes today and tomorrow we will share John's rad reflections on "The Rat Pack  Does Vegas."

In Part One, Mr. McElwee makes it clear that he wants "to go back to 1960 and shake Frank Sinatra (and most of his pallies) for not applying himself more to Ocean's 11."  Well, we gotta 'fess up that on that point we appreciate John's choice of position, but for us much of the greatness of O11 is simply the ubber ultra laid back attitude of the swingin' cast playin' 'round with this flick set in the playground of playgrounds of the universe...'Vegas baby 'Vegas.

Likes what we mostly encourage you to do this Dino-day is soak in all the glory of the many and varied images...mainly includin' our main man that John has awesomely assembled for the post.  Likes we especially wants to hugely highlight the image below....'cause it's a Dino-graphic that we ain't ever seen before....truly truly puttin' the accent on our swingin' Dino as swinger extraordinare.

Also, McElwee has uncovered a couple of couple of cool primo promos for O11 that we ain't had a gander at before as well....."Six Spectacular Door Panels" that one coulda order to decorate their pad, and "11 Dollar Bill Give Away" featurin' our Dino and the pack on fake dollar bills.  Both of these are such incredibly cool promos that we woulda loves to gets our hands on.  We are gonna have to search the ol' web to see if we can find anymore info on 'em.

So, here's "The Rat Pack Does Vegas --- Part One" with mucho appreciato to Mr. John McElvee for puttin' all this Dino-fun together.  Likes, to checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-psyched, DMP

The Rat Pack Does Vegas --- Part One

I want to go back to 1960 and shake Frank Sinatra for not applying himself more to Ocean's 11. Same goes for Rat associates, save perhaps Peter Lawford, who spent five years bringing O11 to fruition and made honest effort toward better outcome than what $3.1 million finally bought. Most was Warners' negative cost, dollars they knew would come back, and did, to swinging tune of $8.1 million, participants calling that a fine day's work and the heck with posterity's verdict. Did a goldbricking Pack really think so little of movies as to fritter away promise of this one? Dean tried on The Young Lions as Frank had with Golden Arm, and bothapplied selves to Some Came Running. Had they lost respect on this occasion for playing something close to lives they actually led? Ocean's 11 could have been a crackerjack thriller with song and novel background like movies seldom saw. Real commitment first time out might have been impetus for a Rat Pack series we'd respect more than spoiling cheese O11 and successors amounted to. But where's use of crying for lost opportunity fifty years out? Irony's jest is a remade Ocean's 11 for 2001 breeding (so far) two sequels, proof of standards since '60 lower even than Sinatra and Company's when they sluffed through the original.

My family drove by Vegas on a motor trip west in 1962. I remember glittering signs outside, less the casinos within where my first game of chance was played upon a slot machine near the entrance. Pity I couldn't appreciate Sin City at its summit for being aged eight, but I do recall wondering why indoors kind of shrunk from massive neon canopies without. Surely a movie about all that would be fun, though. Peter Lawford thought so on receipt of a heist yarn he'd bought five years ahead of Ocean's 11. Modest prospects saw it farmed to TV director Gilbert Kay for a 1956 follow-up to his feature bow, Three Bad Sisters, indie Matador Productions going forward with this actioner not unlike then-recent Five Against The House. Somehow that fizzled and Ocean's 11 came across Sinatra's bar counter, his interest, ofcourse, making it a go. Lawford would stay on as co-star and now junior producer, their company called Dorchester. Casting announcements began flying, seemingly all of Hollywood wanting in on Frank's party. Dean Martin was set, then temporarily out for scheduling conflicts, Jack Lemmon slated to replace him in December 1958. By March of '59, they wanted Sugar Ray Robinson for what ultimately was the Sammy Davis part. Sinatra and Lawford sought Robert Wagner as well, but Fox wouldn't loan him. Neither could Steve McQueen get a leave from Wanted --- Dead Or Alive, the latter announced along with Tony Curtis as late as October 1959. Frank wanted cast-mates he'd worked with, thus an invite to A Hole In The Head's Edward G. Robinson, who proved unavailable. By time casting firmed up in January 1960 (as late as 1/8, Robert Culp was being floated for a "key role"), the caravan was set to winter in at Vegas for casino locations.

Writers addressing the Rat Pack sometimes get a little ring-a-ding dingy themselves, so I'll try avoiding hep talk and propagating tired myths. One posits Lewis Milestone as a broken-down director thrown an O11 bone for submission to Frank's authority and willingness to take crumbs Dorchester/Warners handed him. What I found was Milestone in for a percentage of Ocean's 11along with FS, Lawford, and Dino. They named him producer as well. Someone has to be around the store all the time, said the veteran helmsman, and so long as chips were partly his, why not Milestone? Lawford was confident enough in the project to take allof his compensation on the backend. Ocean's 11 filmed mostly on days after all-nighters the cast pulled. Drinking, performing, then steam bathing it off for fitful hours' work did not make for focused performing. A finished Ocean's 11 would reflect many calls Sinatra missed. How else to account for so much of tiresome Akim Tamiroff and somnolent Joey Bishop? Also livening Vegas those months wasColumbia's Pepe company. Headquartering as well at the Sand's Hotel, they were separable from O11's crew only by different colored baseball caps issued respectively. On-camera overlap saw Dean Martin and Sammy Davis in Pepe cameos shot concurrently with work onOcean's 11.

Vegas and the Pack were riding crests that winter. Jack Kennedy checked in to see the boys perform and consolidate show biz support for his presidential bid. What was happening live naturally seemed more important than nonsense recorded on film. To think that for awhile, Sinatra intended to direct Ocean's 11. He did at least want it to look good, insisting that Warners shoot in Panavision, the company's first using that wide format. Lewis Milestone put a good face on Vegas when he told Army Archerd they'd overshot the location's budget by a mere $1,000. Latter-day viewers are surprised by modesty of O11 casino and hotel settings, figuring upon temples not unlike what's built over ruins of a Vegas strip gone decades now. Fact of matter is these were humble, at least by comparison, being stopovers for 50/60's travelers who didn't expect grandiosity we're conditioned for. Ocean's 11 is in part a sad revisit to ways of debauched life passed and an entertaining Olympus whose deities filled lounges nightly --- just a look at marquees in the film makes you realize anew those days ain't never coming back.

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Dean Martin at swinger summit

Hey pallies, likes the Dino-domino effect keeps goin' dudes.  Likes, likes we felt so so led to tag this past Saturday's Dino-devotion "Portrait Of A Swinger:  The '74 Dino" and likes just as we clicked the publish button, likes the thought came to us....musta be totally totally Dino-inspired.... to likes try puttin' the tags Dean Martin and Swinger into the ol' google blog Dino-search, and likes, of course, pallies we hit Dino-pay-dirt.

Below is the first Dino-treasure mined from our recent search.   It's a rad review of the 1960 sex farce. "Who Was That Lady" scribed by Mr. John McElwee at his self-tagged blog "John McElwee's GREENBRIAR Picture Shows."  Mr. McElwee is not totally new to this Dean scene as back on July 31, 2013, we shared his swingin' scribin' of  the Dino-western "Rough Night In Jericho."  Click   HERE to read John's tremendous thoughts tagged "Bad Man Dean Playing It Straight."

This time 'round McElwee has assembled some great Dino-images includin' a copy of an original print ad that has our most beloved Dino front and center givin' that irrestible glance that our Dino is famous for....even in the print ad it looks likes our Dino is lookin' straight at us.  John's patter is completely complimentary of our our main man, if not of the picture in total.

We deeply digs it when McElwee scribes, "We could wish better things for Dean Martin at swinger summit."  We so so much are in Dino-agreement with John when he speaks such truth that our Dino is  "being pretty much the character here that Billy Wilder would carry to extreme with Kiss Me, Stupid a few years later."

We also deeply deeply  digs John's closin' comments...."Dean Martin with inborn wit, but his co-stars apply frivolity with heavy hands, particularly Leigh, who wasn't gifted along such lines. Still, there is interest, for night clubs, street exteriors, and 60's lifestyle, if not gaiety in proceedings, this a case for most comedy from that period, especially ones that dealt in Light-Hearted Leers at Love."  Truly truly Mr. John McElvee "gets Martin" and likes how cool is that dudes?!?!?!?!?!

And, pallies, likes this isn't gonna be the only ol' Dino-treasure mined from McElvee as we got the Dino-inspiration to put the name of our most beloved Dino into the "John McElwee's GREENBRIAR Picture Shows" search engine and Dino-low and Dino-behold John has quite a bit more Dino-devotion that indeed will be bein' shared here at our humble little Dino-pad.

So, likes to Mr. John McElwee we gives our heartfelt Dino-thanks for accentin' our main man in "Who Was That Lady" and more Dino-adulation to follow!  To checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-swingin', DMP

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Laughs Are Light From This Ring-A-Ding Trio

Who Was That Lady? (1960) Is Sure Enough An Old Joke

I kept thinking of Psychowhile watching this, same year after all, with three overlapping cast members (Janet Leigh, John McIntire, Simon Oakland), Lady hewing to formula as Psychoupset all of a public's expectation. We could wish better things for Dean Martin at swinger summit, he being pretty much the character here that Billy Wilder would carry to extreme withKiss Me, Stupid a few years later. That's what great directors did: take clay tepidly molded by others and ease pedals to the floor; Hitchcock would manipulate Anthony Perkins' persona for Psycho and crack mold so an establishmentHollywood could never use it again. A Light-Hearted Leer At Love Among The Adults was how Lady was sold. There'd been popularity as a Broadway play. Today it yields more curiosity than laughs, 115 minutes an excruciating haul. Naughty humor was in vogue around '60, Pillow Talk and Operation Petticoat having paved way for suggestive dialogue and situations.

Whenever there was call for goodtime girls back then, you got either Joi Lansing or Barbara Nichols. Who Was That Lady? tenders both. The picture could as easily be another Martin and Lewis comedy, Jerry doing the Tony Curtis part with sex toned down (Lady, in fact, anticipates Boeing, Boeing). Aggrieved onscreen wife is Janet Leigh, similarly so in private life with more-less estranged Curtis. Lady is one of those projects where you read about water gun fights among the cast between scenes and, according to Leigh, spontaneous and "inventive" humor they'd ad-lib before cameras. All well and good if you're Dean Martin with inborn wit, but his co-stars apply frivolity with heavy hands, particularly Leigh, who wasn't gifted along such lines. Still, there is interest, for night clubs, street exteriors, and 60's lifestyle, if not gaiety in proceedings, this a case for most comedy from that period, especially ones that dealt in Light-Hearted Leers at Love.

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Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Let Me Know"

Welcome back, mi amici... & welcome to Fall 2015!

Man o man...where do the years go?!
Can't even believe I've had the PRIVELAGE of doin' these FUN FUN Sunday Serenades for 4 WON DER FUL years now!
TRULY can't express how much I enjoy writin' my deep deep thoughts 'bout life... through the eyes of a Dino-holic... haha... & at the same time...spreadin' the Dino-message! Owes it ALL to our Cool Cool host...Dino Martin Peters! Take a bow DMP!
I VERY humbly THANK youse for your weekly interest in my insanity! Haha!!
Now, pallies...seein' how it's the first week of a new season...I figured I'd EASE us on in.

Somethin' REAL mellow & O so soothin'!
Well, pals...thinks I got just what Dr. Dino ordered!

It's's's...well...IT"S PURE DINO!!! Haha!
 Pulled it from my own personal "Go to" place for ULTIMATE chillin'!
Dean's 1966 al b um, "Relaxin".
"Let Me Know" will DEF I NATE LY... gently...glide youse into these comin' cool, crisp days ahead.

Sit back & close your eyes, pallies.
 Dino's at the wheel & he's on cruise control, Hahaha!!!
 Let's embrace Autumn & see what Dean has in store for us next!

It's gonna be a GREAT Fall, pals...just hit "play" & RELAX.

Let me know the moment he lets you go
I'll be here to welcome you to my arms yes
I know how you feel
After a love affair is through
That's how I felt when you left me
I still love you
Let me know the moment you're feeling blue
Come to me and I'll never let you go no
I'll always love you can't you see dear
Let me know the moment that you need me
I'll always love you can't you see dear
Let me know the moment that you need me

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Portrait Of A Swinger: The '74 Dino

Hey pallies, likes sometimes dudes our searchin' for particular Dino-treasure has a domino Dino-delight leads to 'nother and 'nother.  Likes this past Thursday for example. On that Dino-date, September 24 to be exact, we remembered that day in 1974 when the Dean Martin Comedy Hour took the place of the Dean Martin Variety Show.

Well, as we shared yesterday, we tooks ourselves to google images to see if we coulda find a Dino-pose from the comedy hour that we coulda share. Well that search located a image from the vid clip of the opennin' moments of our most beloved Dino's newest comedic venture.  We shared that image and that coolest of cool vid clip yesterday.

So, likes yesterday, we thought we woulda likes to see if we coulda find an image of our Dino circa 1974.  We puts into the google image search Dean Martin 1974 and below is the incredibly irresistible image that came up.  The image sent us to photographer Mr.Ulvis Albert's self-tagged  home pad "Ulvis Alberts'com."  It was there that we located Mr. Albert's swankest of swank shot of our most beloved Dino that is included his his published book of photos tagged "Camera as Passport," which is available from his site, which you can reach by clickin' on the tag of this here Dino-gram.

Likes, this is primo pose of our one and only Dino, dressed to the nines  in his elegant  tux, with his ever present Kent cigarette in hand, shows him in all his glory.....the swingin' seventies Dino...longish hair and those mod mod sideburns...showin' that Dino is always always where it is at!  It's an extremely evocative and coolest of cool candid of our King of Cool.  Were are so deeply deeply delighted to share this powerfully potent pose of Dino with Dino-holics everywhere.  Likes it supremely spurs us on to searchin' for more and more yet to be uncovered Dino-treasure.  Dino-always, only, and ever, DMP

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Hey pallies, likes while doin'  a Dino-image searchin' to add a Dean Martin Comedy Hour related pix to yesterday's Dino-devotion 'bout the openin' episode on September 24, 1974 when the Dino-show became the Dino-comedy hour, we happened to stumble upon the Dino-image above which led us to an 'net pad tagged "efootage" and a vid clip of the opennin' moments of our most beloved Dino's comedy hour.

This opennin' Dino-segement is just so swingin' seventies dudes!  It has just a ton of the hippest of hip images of our mod mod Dino with his totally with-it-look includin'  his longish  hair with those coolest of cool side burns attached to old fashioned vintage images from the Victorian era.  Words simply can't describe the mix of swingin' Dino-poses with the very old fashioned stuff.

Likes below is what we consider the most swingin' of swingin' small screen tv show opener ever!
We are likes already totally totally addicted to viewin' this mod mod homage of our most beloved Dino.   Might we suggest that to enjoy this Dino-treasure to the max, be certain to click on the full screen option!  As usual, to view this in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-message.  Most Most Dino-delightedly, DMP

On This Day In Dino-history: September 24, 1973

Hey pallies, likes today is yet 'nother great great day of Dino-remembrance, for likes it was on this day, September 24, 1973 that the Dean Martin Variety Show was transformed into"The Dean Martin Comedy Hour."  The Dino-show  moved to Friday nights after eight years on Thursdays, and the major change  was to  feature a "Roast of the Week," modeled after the popular Friars Club roasts, with Ronald Reagan as the first guest.

Likes through the marvelous magic of youtube, we share with you below that first roast hosted by our most beloved Dino and featurin' pallies likes Jackie Vernon, Phyllis Diller, Dom DeLuise, Pat Henry, Jack Benny, and many others.   Our Dino is truly truly in his prime givin' out wise cracks between introducin' all the shinin' stars honorin' Governor Ronald Reagan.

"The Dean Martin Comedy Hour" lasted only one season, but the "Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts" became a series of specials on NBC that lasted until 1984.  Enjoys the roast below as we celebrate this day in the life, times, and teachin's of our one and only Dino!   Dino-reportin', DMP

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Dean Martin's Greatest Hits Album Signed and beautifully framed !

Hey pallies, likes have we got Dino-treasure for you or what dudes?!?!?!?!?!  Likes 'bout when we opened up our email just moments 'go, likes we were blown 'way with a google Dino-'lert that sent us off to the Phoenix, AZ pad of cool cool craigslist.  Likes a pallie 'round 'bout Chandler was has posted his Dino-offerin' of a "signed and beautifully framed"  al-b-um of our most beloved Dino's most beloved croons.....Dino's Greatest Hits, Volume One.

As youse will note below, the swank seller lays claim to the Dino-signature bein' absolutely authentic.  The askin' price is just under a thou......but the owner sez, "ANY RESPECTFUL OFFER WITH BE 'SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED'!  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO OFFER!"  This is likes our second only postin' from craigslist 'cause, likes of course, we coulda every Dino-day share some treasure for sale, but likes we thoughta there might be a Dino-holic in our readership who just might wanna makes an offer of this fabulous find a la Dino!

To checks out the information at it's original site, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.
Dino-yearnin', DMP

Dean Martin's Greatest Hits Album Signed and beautifully framed ! Auth - $999 (chandler)

image 1

Dean Martin's Greatest Hits Album Signed and beautifully framed !


  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
post id: 5234411466

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Our very own Feature Boxing Writer Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein received more press from Ilovedino (Blog).

Hey pallies, likes today we once 'gain return to Mr. Brad Berkwitt's fantastic fightin' blog tagged, "RINGSIDE REPORT,"  where once 'gain Brad makes note of "more press" from ilovedinomartin 'bout Mr. Packy "Boom Boom" Goldstein's Dino-devotion featured at our humble little Dino-blog.

In a press released tagged, "RSR’s Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein Gets More Press – Breaking News,"  Mr. Berkwitt shares our patter on Packy's patter that we featured on September 15 of this very Dino-year.  All youse Dino-philes can likes access it  HERE  or from the press release below.

Once 'gain, we here at ilovedinomartin are humbled by Mr. Berkwitt's sharin' of our Dino-reportin....sure to bring a goodly number of pallies to the door of ilovedinomartin and into deeper appreciato for our most beloved Dino.

Likes, we 'gain sez our thanks to Mr. Brad Berkwitt and to Mr. Packy Goldstein for all their efforts in the cause of spreadin' Dino-devotion and makin' others aware of our Dino-conclave.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  With the deepest of Dino-thanks, DMP


RSR’s Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein Gets More Press – Breaking News

PACKYS-WORLD-500x300RSR Press Release
Our very own Feature Boxing Writer Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein received more press from Ilovedino (Blog). Click HERE.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein & his Column “Packy’s World” Gets Some Big Kudos from ILOVEDINOMARTIN Blog

Hey pallies, likes on occasion we puts the tag of ilovedinomartin into the ol' google search engine just to see if anyone has anythin' to say 'bout our humble little Dino-pad.  We 'fess up that most of the time we don't find anythin' of significance to share with all youse Dino-holics.  But, near the end of last week when we typed our beau-ti-ful blog tag into the drive we came 'cross 2---count 'em---2 remarkable references to our work at ilovedinomartin.

Both refs comes from one of our newest pallies Mr. Brad Berkwitt over at the fantastic fightin' blog, "RINGSIDE REPORT."  Regular readers of ilovedinomartin will recognize that it is at Berkwitt's blog that we got to know 'bout Mr. Packy "Boom Boom" Goldstein" and his deepest of deep devotion to our most beloved Dino.  Goldstein was the bestest of best pallies of Brad's father Al.

Today and tomorrow we will run  "RINGSIDE REPORT" press releases scribed by Mr. Berkwitt sharin' ilovedinomartin's praise of Packy's prose homagin' our one and only Dino.  Below is the first press release issued by Brad after he noted our praise of Packy in our blog post of August 24 that youse can read  HERE.

We are hugely humbled to have Mr. Berkwitt say such thoughtful thin's 'bout our Dino-blog...Brad scribed it  as "a great Dean Martin Fan Blog Website."   We are even more tremendously thrilled to note Mr. Goldstein's touchin' thoughts of deep, pure, and true Dino-adulation.  Packy shared, “Dean Martin was the epitome of cool. To have had the honor to have known him through Al Berkwitt (“Bad’ Brad’s Father) is one of the highlights of my life."

We sez our awesome appreciato for the shout out from Mr. Brad Berkwitt and Mr. Packy Goldstein lettin' more pallies know 'bout our little Dino-conclave and our efforts in the cause of our King of Cool.  To checks this out in it's original format at "RINGSIDE REPORT" simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Tomorrow we'll share more Dino-appreciato from Brad and Packy.  Dino-honored, DMP


Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein & his Column “Packy’s World” Gets Some Big Kudos from ILOVEDINOMARTIN Blog

PACKYS-WORLD-500x300RSR Press Release
Award winning columnist and beloved around the world, RSR’s very own Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein has received major kudos from a great Dean Martin Fan Blog Website.  Packy had the following to say, “Dean Martin was the epitome of cool. To have had the honor to have known him through Al Berkwitt (“Bad’ Brad’s Father) is one of the highlights of my life.  Thanks to “Ilovedinomartin blog” for the kind words about my column “Packy’s World”.