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Your Mental Sorbet: Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin reunion

Hey pallies, on this last day of January, as we anticipate the beginnin' of Dino-amore-month tomorrow right here at ilovedinomartin, we share a Dino-vid posted at the groovy blog "Child Of Television." Shared by blogger Tony Figueroa, this "Mental Sorbet" features our Dino and the jer makin' up durin' the jer's MDA telethon back, as I recall, in the Dino-year of 1976. In this case I have a hunch that any "sorbet" comsumed by our Dino woulda had to been flavored with a bit of J&B!

And, as Tony sez, anythin' that includes our Dino certainly does takes out any "bad taste in our mouths." Loves to see how amorin' our Dino and the jer are in this piece of priceless Dino-history recorded for Dino-posterity! To checks this out in it's original blog format, just clicks on the title of this Dino-gram. Dino-only, DMP

Friday, January 29, 2010

Your Mental Sorbet: Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin reunion

Here is another "Mental Sorbet" that we could use to momentarily forget about those things that leave a bad taste in our mouths.

Now that the dust appears to be settling from our latest late night talk show war and in the interest of not being cynical he is a famous show-biz reconciliation.

Stat Tuned

Tony Figueroa

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dino has held forth as the host of Sammy’s bar area

Hey pallies, 'and now, direct from the bar, Dean Martin!' That tagg line is how our Dino was introduced in 'Vegas and other spots as he began his live performances. So, it oughta be no surprise that where our Dino has turned up next is in a bar, Sammy Patrenella's bar...well that is a "robotic version" of our Dino graces the bar at Patrenella’s Ristorante Italiano in Houston.

Today's Dino-post is from the blog "The Pecan Park Eagle" by Mr. Bill McCurdy (clicks ont title of this post to go there). Mr. McCurdy's write-up of Sammy Patrenella's Sicilian eatery is so well done, I have decided to share the whole thin' this Dino-time, not just the cool Dino-mention, 'cause this joint is surely a pad that our Dino woulda loves to wine and dine in. Knows that if I am ever gets Houston way that I will stops by to meet our Dino in the bar for a drinks and stay for some homemade Italiano delights.

Thanks to McCurdy for not only sharin' the Sammy Patrenella story with us, but for liftin' up the name of our Dino as well.... Dino-delightedly, DMP

A Short Ride on Houston’s First Rail System.

The Sicilian Joy of Patrenella’s!
By Bill McCurdy

Patrenella's and the best authentic Sicilian cuisine in Houston is located at 813 Jackson Hill, at the corner of Jackson Hill and Barnes, just one block south of where the street "Ts" into Washington Avenue. NOTE: Patrenella's has its own Bocce Court too.

Sammy Patrenella, 75, and his Patrenella’s Ristorante Italiano are both Houston classics. If you have never tried Sammy’s classic Sicilian fare, you really owe it to your palate to do so. Come for the food and stay for the joy. You will be dining in a place built on the love of family, friends, and the best, most truly delicious Sicilian food in Houston when you do.

The menu includes the best beef, chicken, and seafood offerings that come to mind from the mention of any Italian food dishes, all prepared according to ancient family recipes and served with the freshest vegetable fare, pasta dishes, marinara sauce, and special oil seasonings that the veteran diner comes to expect from the true artists of Italian cooking. Patrenella’s isn’t simply good enough for Houston. It is a place that could easily hold its own with the best Italian places in The Hill section of St. Louis. Patrenella’s also bakes its own bread and offers some of the most delicious pizza in town as well. It contains its own small bar and offers all the right options of good wine to go with all the right foods for those who choose the fully European experience in dining.

In spite of its royal good taste choices in food and drink, Patrenella’s is laid back and casual in the way most Houstonians prefer their dining out experiences. Coat and tie or sporting casual wear are welcomed equally at “Sammy’s Place.”

Patrenella’s is open for lunch, Tuesday through Friday, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and for dinner, Tuesday through Saturday, from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. No lunch service is available on Saturdays and the restaurant is fully closed on Sundays and Mondays. For evening reservations, simply call 713-863-8223.

The Patrenella family home from 1938 is now the front door on a chain of three houses that owner Sammy Patrenella has strung together as the new home of his restaurant since 1991!

The story of Patrenella’s Ristorante Italiano is best told by Sammy Patrenella himself. You will find these same words on the back cover of his menu. They are written to explain the old photo featured above this section in today’s article. The original of this photo hangs proudly with other family mementos at Sammy’s Place.

Here are Sammy’s words:

“In 1938, my father, L.L. Patrenella, built this house in which you can now enjoy the food and hospitality of our family. After immigrating to Houston from his native Sicily, he started a grocery store in this neighborhood; it stood a mere block away. He and my mother, Nita, live behind the store. They were always cooking Italian recipes and giving samples away to the customers. I’ve always had a dream for a restaurant that would carry on the traditional good tastes and love of my mother and father. So, my wife, Josephine, my son, my daughters and I have uniquely renovated this house in which I was raised. We have kept it consistently dedicated to the ambiance of the historic Heights and Sixth Ward. The warmth and the great cuisine of the traditional Italian kitchen is presented to you by three generations of the Patrenella family. Please come by and enjoy.” – Sammy Patrenella.

Sammy's childhood home and two others have been linked since 1991 as the site of Patrenella's Ristorante Italiano. Safe parking is no problem in this gentle old Houston neighborhood.

When three-year old Sammy and his family first moved into their new house at 813 Jackson Hill in 1938, a Houston Chronicle human interest spotlight story described the new family home as “modern throughout.” Sammy says he later asked his mom what that meant. She told him, “Of course, it was modern throughout. The house even had an ironing board built straight into the wall.”

Thank you, Mama Petronella! We doubt that many women from the year 2010 equally share your enthusiasm for such conveniences as built-in ironing boards.

"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore!"

A friend recruited this robotic version of a famous entertainer as a gift to Sammy Patrenella a few years ago. Dino has held forth as the host of Sammy’s bar area ever since his arrival from New Orleans. The joy of life and the spirit of giving oozes from the walls of this happy place in ways large and small. This little Dean Martin “Mini-Me” simply fell into the mood of the place.

Sammy Patrenella (L) and Houston consigliere Richard Coselli.

The smile on Sammy’s face is as big as his heart. The smile you are receiving here from our last featured photo of Sammy greeting his luncheon guest and lifelong friend and fellow St. Thomas High School graduate Richard Coselli reaches out as an invitation for you to stop by sometime and also partake of the joy that is dining at Patrenella’s.

Let me put it this way: The Goombahs above are making you a dinner offer that they each hope you will not refuse. Life’s too short to miss out on the joy of this world’s best food and greatest company.

Have a terrific Friday, everybody!

Friday, January 29, 2010

..... but when Dino sings to me I know it’s good. Come on sing to me Dino.”

Hey pallies, a few ago I posted a vid and commentary 'bout a pallie winnin' big with the Dino-slot-machine. I promised to share more of those vids with you and today is that Dino-day pallies! And, not only are you goin' to see a quartet of vids of the Dino-gamin'-unit in action, but I also found a little story of a chick named Susan who made it big with our Dino on one of those Dino-chines!

So, before the vids, we first visit the "Mary Liz Reads And Writes" blogg where none other the Miss Mary Liz shares the Dino-experience of her friend Susan while they were vacatin' in "Vegas. If you wanna read all 'bout these ladies' adventures in our Dino's playground you can just clicks on the tagg of this post to go directly to Miss Mary Liz's home base.

Loves how this Susan chick makes such a stellar Dino-proclamation....“I have no idea how I am winning, and don’t even know what to root for, but when Dino sings to me I know it’s good. Come on sing to me Dino.”

Knows if I ever does get to 'Vegas and I gets to do some gamin', I certainly will go directly to the Dino-chine and let's the Dino-magic happen! So enjoys Miss Susan's Dino-encounter and of course the youtube clips of the Dino-slot-machine in action. Dino-favorin', DMP

Susan opted to stay and play the machines. It turned out to be a good move. She and the Dean Martin penny machine made for a lucrative combo. She recouped her loss from a cancelled flight and another night at Caesar’s Palace, due to wind and rain in Phoenix. She made me laugh when she said,

“I have no idea how I am winning, and don’t even know what to root for, but when Dino sings to me I know it’s good. Come on sing to me Dino.”

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hey pallies, Nancy's a mom, gramma, and great gramma. By the tagg of her blog "Knitting Path Of Life" you gets the clue that she's into knittin'. She also loves reading and cross stiching....and most importantly to all us Dino-philes she's into Dino-proclamation!

As you can tell, today's Dino-spotlight comes from one of our Dino's more mature fans, who just happens to hail from our Dino's home state of Ohio. Our Dino once proclaimed that he loved to play for "de common folk"....and it is always so cool to find 'nother of 'em liftin' up the name of our Dino and helpin' others to learn and grow in their Dino-devotion.

Trusts this lady has done her part to pass on some Dino-love to her children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren. To view her Dino-patter at her blog, as usual, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-message. Thanks goes to tis Ohio Knitter for spreadin' some Dino-history to her faithful readers. Dino-relatin', DMP

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Early life

Born Dino Paul Crocetti in Steubenville, Ohio to Italian immigrant parents, Gaetano and Angela Crocetti (née Barra), his father was an immigrant from Abruzzo, Italy and his mother was an Italian of part Neapolitan and part Sicilian ancestry. Martin was the younger of two sons. He had one brother, Bill. Martin spoke only Italian until he started school at the age of five. He attended Grant Elementary School in Steubenville, Ohio and took up the drums as a hobby as a teenager. He was the target of much ridicule for his broken English and ultimately dropped out from Steubenville High School in the 10th grade because he thought that he was smarter than his teachers. He delivered bootleg liquor, served as a speakeasy croupier, wrote crafty anecdotes, was a blackjack dealer, worked in a steel mill and boxed as welterweight. He grew up a neighbor to Jimmy the Greek. At the age of 15, he was a boxer who billed himself as "Kid Crochet". His prizefighting years earned him a broken nose (later fixed), a permanently split lip, and many sets of broken knuckles (a result of not being able to afford the tape used to wrap boxers' hands). He won 11 of his 12 bouts.[3] For a time, he roomed with Sonny King, who, like Martin, was just starting in show business and had little money. It is said that Martin and King held bare-knuckle matches in their apartment, fighting until one of them was knocked out; people paid to watch. Eventually, Martin gave up boxing. He worked as a roulette stickman and croupier in an illegal casino behind a tobacco shop where he had started as a stock boy. At the same time, he sang with local bands. Calling himself "Dino Martini" (after the then-famous Metropolitan Opera tenor, Nino Martini), he got his first break working for the Ernie McKay Orchestra. He sang in a crooning style influenced by Harry Mills (of the Mills Brothers), among others. In the early 1940s, he started singing for bandleader Sammy Watkins, who suggested he change his name to Dean Martin.

In October 1941, Martin married Elizabeth Anne McDonald. During their marriage (ended by divorce in 1949), they had four children. Martin worked for various bands throughout the early 1940s, mostly on looks and personality until he developed his own singing style. Martin famously flopped at the Riobamba when he succeeded Frank Sinatra in 1943, but it was the setting for his introduction.

Martin repeatedly sold 10 percent shares of his earnings for up front cash. He apparently did this so often that he found he had sold over 100 percent of his income. Such was his charm that most of his lenders forgave his debts and remained friends.

Drafted into the United States Army in 1944 during World War II, Martin served a year stationed in Akron, Ohio. He was then reclassified as 4-F (possibly due to a double hernia; Jerry Lewis referred to the surgery Martin needed for this in his autobiography) and was discharged.

By 1946, Martin was doing relatively well, but was still little more than an East Coast nightclub singer with a common style, similar to that of Bing Crosby. He drew audiences to the clubs he played, but he inspired none of the fanatic popularity enjoyed by Sinatra.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why 'La Bande de Rats' Were in Las Vegas

Hey pallies, likes as a continuation of yester-Dino-day's post on the new Rat Pack expose by French historian Georges Ayache, we presents 'nother installment from the informative "Who 2" blog again written by Mr. Holznagel.

Seems this Holznagel pallie gots intrigued by the shot of our Dino, Peter, and the frankie in 'Vegas that appears on the cover of the new tome. So, checks out what was learned by Holznagel's sleuthin' by readin' "Why 'La Bande de Rats' Were in Las Vegas."

As ever, to read this at the original "Who 2" site, just click on the title of this Dino-message. Likes I said yesterday, loves seein' that our Dino is front and center in this Rat Pack pix...and with his ever present cigarette! Truly shows who was really steerin' this band of Rats!!!!! Thanks to Mr. Holznagel's research that brings more to Dino-light 'bout this cool front cover photo. Dino-learnin' and Dino-growin', DMP

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why 'La Bande de Rats' Were in Las Vegas

Our recent review of Une Histoire Américain by Georges Ayache included this shot of the book's cover:

That's Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Peter Lawford strolling in old downtown Las Vegas. What we didn't notice until last night was an odd detail above them: a horizontal blank spot. (You can see it blocking the "BINGO" sign above Dean's head.

By tweaking the photo contrast we were able to solve the mystery:

"OCEAN'S 11." That's the movie that the Rat Pack made in 1960, with Sinatra as war veteran Danny Ocean leading a band of 11 swindlers who rob five Vegas casinos one New Year's Eve. (It was remade, of course, in 2001 with George Clooney in the Sinatra role.)

We can't read the rest of the sign except for the word "Downtown," but it looks like it might list dates and times. So presumably this photo is from 1960 and the boys were in town to promote their new movie.

The back page of Une Histoire Américaine identifies the "photo de couverture" as being from A quick search there and sure enough: 1960 at the Ocean's 11 premiere.

Just a sidelight for Rat Pack scholars.

The extra contrast doesn't do much for Sinatra's look, though.

See the review of Une Histoire Américaine >>
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Releasin' This Dino-day, January 26, 2010

Hey pallies, just a little Dino-reminder that today is the release date for the "new" Dino-al-b-um, "Dean Martin: Essential Love Songs." The reason that I puts the new in quotation marks is 'cause as I have reported earlier this month these are exactly the SAME DINO-TUNES as in the Dinodisc, "Dean Martin: AMORE." that released this same time last year. As far as I can tell the al-b-ums are identical 'cept for their covers and release dates.

If you don't have the "AMORE" set, you may just wanna add this volume to your Dino-collection. If you already have the "AMORE" recordin', really not much reason to shell out your hard earned bread for this one. Dino-reportin', DMP

'La Bande de Rats' Book Review: Une Histoire Américaine

Hey pallies, any of you dudes parlez vous francais? Reason I ask is 'cause there's a new volume out on Rat Pack lore written by a French historian George Ayache. Today's Dino-prose comes from a blog tagged "Who 2" (clicks on title of this post ot goes there) and a review of said book by Mr. Holznagel.

The title of the tome is "Une Histoire Américaine" which in the words of the reviewer
"translates as An American Story and it's the tale of our very own Rat Pack, a nickname which is rendered here charmingly as la bande de rats."

As you peruse the review you will find this is one cool look at our Dino and his rat pallies. How stellar that the French now have a randy read of these swingin' 60's legends. Just hopes this volume gets translated into english sometime soon.

Most of all loves the cover of this book....'cause who is front and center with his ever present cigarette? None other then our Dino....the true leader of this band of rats! Stay tuned tomorrow for more from "Who 2" and Mr. Holznagel 'bout this stunnin' cover Dino-pix.

Thanks to the "Who 2" folks and 'specially Mr. Holznagel for bringin' this new book to our Dino-attention! Dinodelightedly, DMP

Friday, January 22, 2010

Frank Sinatra and 'La Bande de Rats'
Book Review: Une Histoire Américaine

By Georges Ayache

256 pages -- 20.00 euros

We are holding in our hands Une Histoire Américaine, the handsome new book from French historian Georges Ayache.

The title translates as An American Story and it's the tale of our very own Rat Pack, a nickname which is rendered here charmingly as la bande de rats.

Une Histoire Américaine arrived at the Who2 literary desk through the kindness of Editions Choiseul, the Paris publishing house which has just brought out Mr. Ayache's French-language book. We promised to give it a look, and they didn't seem to mind that our French is typically limited to the phrases "comme ci, comme ça," "baguette," and "Brigitte Bardot."

No matter. Mr. Ayache starts things off with a bang on the very first page:

"Dépêche-toi, Phil. Notre gosier va se dessécher avant même que tu n'aies appuyé sur ton satané déclencheur!"
Which Google translates as:

"Hurry, Phil. Our throat is dry before you have pressed your damn trigger!"
That's Frank Sinatra talking, of course. The boys are posing for Esquire magazine and cracking wise while ignoring the directions of the photographer ("indifférents aux gesticulations du photographe").

And why exactly are they indifférents? Because they are "Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop. Des monuments du show business!"

Des monuments, indeed. Also, degenerates! The book calls them "un groupe de bringueurs, de dragueurs invétérés." Bringue is a slang term for a drinking party or rave-up, while dragueur means "minesweeper" (fantastic!) but can also be translated as "dredger" or "flirt."

Which gives us "a group of drinking party boys and incorrigible flirts" known as the Band of Rats. Who wouldn't recognize that description? (And let us please change Sinatra's nickname from "Ol' Blue Eyes" to "the Ol' Minesweeper.")

Other celebrities pop up in later pages, including Humphrey Bogart, whose wife Lauren Bacall is said to have coined the name 'Rat Pack' in the first place. Bogart is a world class bringueuer himself, as Ayache notes when Bogart is dragged before a judge for an incident involving (from what we can tell) drinking, a dame, $25,000, and the El Morocco nightclub:

Le juge, qui n'etait pas exactement un gai luron, entreprit de le questionner. Il ne devait pas être déçu: "Étiez-vous ivre au moment des faits qui vous sont reprochés?"

"N'est-ce pas le cas de tout le monde à trois heures du matin?" répondit Bogey.

Or in auto-translation:

The judge, who was not exactly a gay fellow, began to question him. It should not be disappointed: "Were you drunk when the crime you are accused?"

"Is this not true of everyone at three o'clock in the morning?" replied Bogey.

That Bogey!

It may be true of everyone at three o'clock in the morning, but it was true of le bande de rats at practically all times. A glance through the book reveals parties and drinking sessions with a cornucopia of Hollywood names: Judy Garland, Ronald Reagan, Rita Hayworth ("tout juste de se séparer d'Orson Welles"), phony Russian prince Mike Romanoff, Marilyn Monroe and (of course) JFK.

The president is anointed an honorary dragueur by Sammy: "Tout le monde a Vegas savait que Jack voulait des filles." ("Everyone in Vegas knew Jack wanted girls.") Unlike some authors we could name, Mr. Ayache knows how to get down to brass tacks.

And how does it all end? Poignantly.

Enfin fidèles à euxmêmes, à jamais. Avec en musique de fond, Sinatra fredonnant à sa façon inimitable "The Best Is Yet To Come." Oui, malgré tout, le meilleur est encore à venir.

"Finally true to themselves, forever. With background music, humming in Sinatra's inimitable way with "The Best Is Yet To Come." Yes, despite everything, the best is yet to come."

Until now, a truly great book on the Rat Pack has never been written in French. Une Histoire Américaine looks to us like that book.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Hey pallies, this latest Dino-news has this pallie flyin' as Dino-high as I can get...from a great spy blogg tagged "Spy Vibe" and it's creator Jason Whitson comes the huge news that the current issue of the "Video Watchdog" mag (#154) contains a color spread reviwin' our Dino's classic performances in the Matt Helm quartet of flicks.

Think what this will mean for the spreadin' of the Dino-way to movie lovers of all ages and stages. To have a fine movie review mag like "Video Watchdog" sharin' the pleasures of our Dino in a featured full color layout means so so many more will be drawn to know, love, and honor our Dino. Can't wait to gets my copy pallies!

We thank Mr. Whitson for drawin' this news to our attention (and as usual, if you want to read this whole post in it's original format, just click on the title of this post). If you clicks on the link provided by Whitson, you will be transported to the Video Watchdog Mag site and you will be able to see and read more 'bout this....includin' the Dino-preview shown below. Dino-thrilled, DMP

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Spy Vibers will want to stop by Barnes and Noble this weekend and pick up a copy of issue #154 of Video Watchdog. The front and back cover not only feature beautiful photos of John Steed and Cathy Gale from The Avengers, but also cinema's original international man of mystery, Matt Helm. Much of the issue is devoted to writer Kim Newman's excellent (and thorough!) coverage of surviving episodes of the first season of The Avengers as well as complete coverage of season two episodes in the order they were originally taped. In addition to the meaty, Spy Vibe tasty text, Newman provides a number of fantastic photographs. If that wasn't enough to whet your secret agent appetites, Newman also reviews the Matt Helm Lounge box set of the four Dean Martin classics, The Silencers, Murderers' Row, The Ambushers, and The Wrecking Crew. If you can't find Video Watchdog at your local retailer, you can also order issues directly from them here.

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Dean Martin- Gentle on My Mind

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-gram comes from the "Blowing The Dust Off The LP's: Album A Day Reviews" blog modded by a dude tagged Bradley. I likes his review of our Dino's "Gentle On My Mind" al-b-um very much. Instead of just listin' each of the 10 Dino-tunes on the disc, Mr. Bradley shares with us a little Dino-patter 'bout each. Seems this guy gets Martin and he has some cool thoughts to share on each of the tracks of this classic LP recordin'.

Besides the review, this Dino-lovin- pallie always does us the Dino-favor of postin' a Dino-clip from the Dino-show of our great man singin' the title tune of this al-b-um. So, enjoys the review and the clip and keeps our Dino always gently on your minds... And, as usual, to view today's featured blogger' blog, just clicks on the title of this post pallies'o'mine... Dino-forever, DMP

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dean Martin- Gentle on My Mind

Born Dino Paul Crocetti in Steubenville, Ohio to Italian immigrant parents,Dean Martin was one of the multi talented original members of the "Rat Pack". Martin also had the shadow of the Mafia connections that were rumored with him. And who can forget the teaming of Lewis and Martin, who were big box office draws of their time. The Album Gentle on My Mind peaked at #14 in the United States and #9 in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom the title track became a major Pop hit, reaching #2 in March 1969.

Side 1.
1. "Not Enough Indians" - Like I am on the set of a TV western and I keep going past the same Rock. Dino knows how to have fun with the words and you can see him preform this song. ( 3 out of 4)

2. "That Old Time Feelin'" -His voice is a smooth as a newborns Bottom. Feels like I am hanging out at he Cool Cat Pad. (3)

3. "Honey" - The Bob Russell version has more soul, but Dino's voice still makes this wonderful song work. (2 3/4)

4. "Welcome to My Heart" - What it feels like drinking cocktails with Dino. (3)

5. "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" - Dressing up to the nines. Very classy. (3)

Side 2
1. "Gentle on My Mind" - This song sticks out from the rest of them. This is what you want from Martin. The song's were he plays around and has fun. You remember what makes him a good performer. (4)

2. "That's When I See the Blues (In Your Pretty Brown Eyes)" - I wish my Grandma was alive to sing this to me. (3)

3. "Rainbows Are Back In Style"- Rock Hudson's favorite song on the album. I kid. Although, this song could of been in one of those Hudson/Day Flicks. This song gives you hope. (3)

4. "Drowning In My Tears" - Shallow end if they come from Sammy Davis, Jr. (2 3/4)

5. "April Again" - April is the cruelest month and so is this song. Very Dry. (2)

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

On This Day In Dino-history: January 23, 1946 Dean declares bankruptcy

Hey pallies, this is surely one of 'em darker days in Dino-history. On this day in the year of our Dino 1946, our great man found himself declarin' bankruptcy in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. By doin' some researchin' I found that the case is listed as: Bankruptcy file 84544, Crocetti, Dino a/k/a Martin, Dean.

Bankruptcy? could such a charmin' and talented guy as our Dino ever go broke one may ask? Well, our King of Cool had not yet been able to strike pay dirt in the entertainment market, and he had a pile of debts, so likes bein' the wise and pragmatic man he is, he simply filed a piece of paper acknowledgin' his present situation.

But, while we might paint this Dino-time in red for his current economics bein' in the negative, and view this setback as our Dino bein' between a rock and a hard place, our Dino was not destined to stay bottomed out....he was just waitin' to make an amazin' charge ahead for fame and fortune.

It was not more then a month later when our Dino's fortunes began movin' to the top! In February 1946 our hero and the jer appear on the same bill at the Glass Hat in New York...and of course the rest is Dino-history. Martin and Lewis went on to be the most successful and most loved comedy duo in the history of the world. Dino achieved the fame and forture that he knew he was his due.

Likes, no wonder everybody loves our Dino....his is the story of makin' all his dreams come true. On January 23, 1946 the world woulda counted our Dino out....havin' to 'clare to the world he was broke. Did our great man moan and groan and wallow in self-pity? way, pallies. Our amazin' man picked himself up, dusted himself off and moved on toward the prize.

The Dino-story is one of movin' from down and up and comin' havin' more fame and acclaim then anyone else in the whole world! The Dino-story is 'bout not only dreamin' dreams....but makin' all those dreams reality. So, while January 23, 1946 may be viewed as a very dark day in Dino-history....just remember pallies that was not the end of the Dino-journey, but really just the beginnin' of the Dino-path to Dino-victory!

What Dino-music woulda be appro to remember and honor such a day in Dino-history? Two Dino-tunes come to mind. The first is the old depression era tune, "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime." Found a youtube Dino-trib of our hero singin' this tune from his live performance with the frankie at The Sabre Room in Chicago on June 10, 1977. The second is the upbeat Dino-tune "Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder" with our Dino singin' with his chicks on the Dinoshow. Enjoys pallies! Dino-honorin', DMP

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dino: Dean Martin

Hey pallies, sure by now you knows how Dino-psyched I gets when I find 'nother pallie comin' to true Dino-appreciato....younger guys and gals, oldsters and every possible age inbetween....there is just nothin' quite likes discoverin' 'nother pallie discoverin' our Dino....comin' to know, love, and honor our King of Cool.

But, if I am completely Dino-honest with ya, gotta 'fess up that there is somethin' particularly special to this Dino-phile 'bout findin' one of today's youth who gets hooked on our Dino....becomin' a true Dean-ager in Dino-speak.

So, it is with a special Dino-kind of Dino-'citement that I share today's Dino-post with ya. It's written by a young lady named Kayla Caryl at her cool blog "Elphie Girl<3."

As you will read below this youngen' is likes totally smitten with our Dino and his music is to honor our great man is plannin' to sing a Dino-tune for a talent show at her school. How cool is it to find 'nother Dean-ager in the rank and file of Dino-devottes?!??!?!

So, why am I so moved by findin' 'nother of today's youth seekin' out our Dino....I thinks it 'cause it is a true Dino-sign that our Dino will be known, loved, and honored forever....for as each new gen comes to Dino-love they will keep our Dino's light shinin' Elphie Girl states "Dino the Man Forever!."

I applaud Elphie Girl for openly speakin' of her Dino-devotion and will be waitin' to see if she posts more on the Dino-tune that she selects for the variety show. To read her blog in it's orginal format, as always, just clicks on the title of this Dino-post.

Since Elphie Girl speaks of always singin' country, thoughts I would share with her and all you pallies, our Dino singin' some country on the Dino-show with Miss Loretta Lynn and Mr. Tom T. Hall....enjoys Miss Elphie and all you Dino-holics outta there.... Dino-hooked, DMP

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dino: Dean Martin

DEAN MARTIN!! Dean Martin has to have one of the most AMAZING voices EVER!!! He is a musical GENIUS!! I don't know there is just something about him!! I just love love love love his music... so I think I am going to sing a song of his for our variety show... I think that will be amazing!! Not as amazing as him... not even close lol... but that is something totally different from country.. which I like always sing!! ALWAYS!! Because my dad can play country... so he plays while I sing... but I think this will add a variety to the variety show!! ((haha))... so I think I may... I just still don't know which I will sing... he's got so many good ones... it is so hard to pick which exactly I am going to do!!... I may ask Mr. L tomorrow at my lesson, but I'd like to kinda know by tomorrow... so we can start looking for the music!! I really really want to start working on it.. like uberly duberly bad... I just don't want to sound bad... anywho... I think I am gonna sign off!!

Dino the Man Forever!!!

<3 :D :P
Posted by Kayla Caryl at 5:33 PM

Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Of My Guilty Pleasures: Dean Martin as Matt Helm in "The Silencers."

Hey pallies, oh how I just loves findin' more and more bloggers sharin' their Dino-passion 'specially for our Dino as Matt Helm. Today's Dino-find is from the blog "Riesen's 2b's Blog-O-Rama." This Riesen dude has done a tremendous job of sharin' his "guilty pleasure" of viewin' our great man as Mr. Helm in "The Silencers."

Loves learnin' hows this Dino-devottee came to first view our great man as Matt...and this blogger has done just a stellar job of usin' some Dino-pixs very creatively to enhance the post. And, a huge thin' for this Dino-holic is that Riesen shares how all four of the Matt Helm flicks are available at a pad called Crackle.

Gotta 'fess up that I have never heard of this site before, but it is just loaded with viewin' goodies. To view this post in it's original format, again, just clicks on the tag of this post to goes there...and when you goes there you can click on links to gets to our Dino at Crackle....happy Dino-viewin' pallies'o'mine! Dinodelightedly, DMP

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Of My Guilty Pleasures: Dean Martin as Matt Helm in "The Silencers."

Many years ago, probably in the seventies, CBS used to show nightly movies at 11:30 p.m. This was way before they had Pat Sajak as a talk show host and way before Dave Letterman left NBC to establish The Late Show. At that time I used to work the night shift at a restaurant in my home town and would get home just in time to catch whatever movie was showing. If it was something that didn't appeal to me, I would usually switch to Johnny Carson. At that time, if you didn't have cable, you were left watching the big three networks, or, if your reception was strong enough, the rare independent station. At that time, we lived in a rural area and cable was not an option.

Oh yes, and more importantly, usually your cable was touted as providing better reception, and at the most, you maybe had ten or fifteen additional channels. If that. Also, it was the time when HBO was first getting it's start and the big thrill there was that you could watch movies uncensored with no commercials. The only time I would get the chance to see that was when I would visit my brother who lived in Portsmouth, Ohio. Back then, if you had HBO that is usually where your channel stayed and you watched whatever was playing on it, no matter good or bad. It was a real novelty back then.

And so, getting back on topic, it was because of the CBS Late Movie that I first saw Dean Martin as Matt Helm and have always considered the series of movies one of my guilty pleasures.

Matt Helm was a fictional character created by author Donald Hamilton. He is a U.S. government counter-agent—a man whose primary job is to kill or nullify enemy agents—not a spy or secret agent in the ordinary sense of the term as used in spy thrillers. In the books, Helm was one of the most tough-minded, pragmatic, and competent of all fictional agents, whatever their roles. Dean Martin's Matt Helm, which he portrayed in a series of films from the mid to late 60's, was night. These films, produced by Irwin Allen (Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Lost In Space) were played strictly tongue-in-cheek, even more so than the Flint movies which starred James Coburn. The only resemblance to the books was the titles of the films, the name Matt Helm, and his cover identity.

Some folks may remember a TV series of Matt Helm that starred Tony Franciosa. It too deviated from the books and was unsuccessful.

Dean Martin as Matt Helm, to me, was pretty darn slick. What you basically had was the Dean Martin persona, a wise-cracking, fun loving, easygoing playboy. If you watch the films now, they are definitely dated, but so are the earlier James Bond. Like the Bond films, there is a plot where Helm has to save the world from a sinister organization. In the case of The Silencers, it is The Big O, led by Victor Buono. There are cool gadgets, beginning with Helms bachelor pad, in which his circular bed not only rotates, but also moves across the floor, elevates, and conveniently drops him into a huge bubble bath where a lovely woman awaits him.

Silly? Sure. But it is all part of the fun of a spy series that never takes itself seriously. There are bits like this all through the film.

What made me think about how much I enjoyed the Matt Helm series was when I spotted "The Silencers" at While I can't embed it here, you can click here to watch it at Crackle. They also have Murderer's Row, The Ambushers and The Wrecking Crew there so that you can enjoy all four of these Helm films.

If you are interested in the TV show, starring Tony Franciosa, they have that as well. Click here to tune in.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ed's Epistle....The Summit At The Sands

The Big Bang? Please. Atomic blast? Insult! Incomparable the event that occurred Jan 20 1960. Three men, one stage, a martini elixir for all your ills. This cocktail too potent to be served in large doses, instead shot glass amounts in the small Copa Room in the Sands. The Sands Hotel, erected Dec 15th 1952, born Jan 20 1960, for all intents and purposes, the birth of Vegas. The 60's rung in by the boys who would own them. Dino, Frank, and Sam.

The entertainment gods sent forth this day the coup de grace, the grand finale. Tis written in scripture, three great men will appear in the desert, one wielding voice, one possessing cool, and one the dance. Entertainment apocalypse is set into motion when three men simultaneously address the people of the Sands, in the Sands. They shall drink the firewater from crystal cups. They shall create a Reprise of song, and bring forth a new Camelot. For these three men will be forever remembered as the best of times. Their moment to be forever compared to. They shall be named "The Rat Pack". Tis this 'Pack" that will bring down the final curtain. There will be no others after this. The best was saved for last. It shall be called, "The Summit At The Sands".

"Dag", Dino the Genesis of Cool. The evolution marriage of voice and suave to perfection.

Frank the exhibitor of voice. Chairman of the Board, leader.
"Las Vegas Nev, where the elite meet to greet" Frank Sinatra

"Smokey", Sam the Entertainer. Pound for pound the most talented of the pack. Sing, dance, Sam was blessed.

Vegas became the destination where the entertainer came to be entertained. Where the beautiful came to see the beautiful. Birds of a feather, they all flocked pallie. Just a hop-skip-jump from Hollywood, Vegas was the playground for the rich and famous. Only in Vegas where there more celebrity in the audience than on stage. Everyone wanted to experience the Rat Pack, the scene. Disneyland for adults. Catch a show, then play some Dino-rules blackjack. Only in Vegas where talent deals the hands. Best of times.

Benchmark of cool. The center of the universe where they stood. Movies, song, shows. Vegas the base station. Frank sung bout flyin to the moon, Dino sang bout the moon hittn your eye. NASA took note. Not a coincidence. The boys transformed Las Vegas into Vegas. A place in the desert into a destination. The Pack made Vegas hip, the cornerstone for all future generations to build upon. Vegas Baby! Vegas! They gave Vegas an edge. Vegas' persona was born the day the Rat Pack called The Sands home. Vegas sans Rat Pack is Branson Missouri.

The Sands Hotel. Forever immortalized in the Rat Pack movie "Oceans Eleven" and numerous live performance recordings. "A Place In The Sun", now just a memory. The Sands imploded June 30 1996. With Dino and Sammy gone, and Sinatra retired, she was no longer needed. She fulfilled her role in history, in the writings. The old lady was razed only when the prophecies were satisfied. The three men have cometh. They served the in song, comedy, and dance. They drank the liquids of fire, entertained the entertainers, sung to the singers, and acted for the actors.

No others prior or since have captured the land as the Pack did. There's were the reasons turntables turned, and spirits drank. Apart they were entertainers, together they were THE entertainment.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dean Martin Wild Party Slot Machine Bonus Win at Sands Casino at Bethlehem

Hey pallies, this is so cool.....I knew 'bout the Dino-slot-machine, but have never ever had the op to see it in I comes 'cross this site which leads to a youtube clip of the Dino-machine in action....loves it pallies!....loves it! Likes it is 'most likes really bein' there. Thanks to the "Online Games" pad for sharin' this and to view that site, again, just clicks on the tagg of this post to goes there.

And while on the theme of Dino-gamin'-action, stay tuned for a special ed of Ed's Epistle comin' the way of ilovedinomartin tomorrow featurin' some Dino-historial fun with the accent on 'Vegas baby! Can'ts wait to read it pallies!!! btw, also looks for more info here soon on Dino-gamin' from your ol' pallie DMP.

Dean Martin Wild Party Slot Machine Bonus Win at Sands Casino at Bethlehem

This is a nice win on this often requested subscriber video. This is a 175 times the bet slot machine bonus win on Dean Martin Wild Party. This was at the Sands Casino at Bethlehem on 01-14-10.

Duration : 0:1:12

Monday, January 18, 2010

Yesterday In Dino-history: January 17, 1974 Dino Jr. Arrested

Hey pallies, yesterday was a huge day in Dino-history as it was on January 17, 1974 that our Dino's boy pallie Dino Jr.was arrested on suspicion of possession and sale of two machine guns. He was arraigned and released the next day on $5,000 bail.

Below you will find a copy of two new articles printed in mags of the time givin' all the details on the arrest. We thanks our pallie Nici over at the ilovedeanpaulmartin pad at yahoo groups (clicks on tagg of this Dino-post to goes there) who first posted 'em there for our Dino-edification.

This musta been quite the traumatic day for family Martin...but it all turned out just fine for heir-apparent to the Dino-throne Dino Jr. Dino-historically, DMP

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Win 1 of 5 Dean Martin 'Essential Love Songs' CDs

Hey pallies, likes if you are willin' to give out your name, rank, and serial number (or stuff likes that) you can gives yourself the opportunity to possibly win one of the "new" soon to be released Dean Martin 'Essential Love Songs' CDs.

To enter, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram to goes to "The Celebrity Cafe' pad and enter your informatio. Woulda be more psyched to do this my Dino-self 'cept as posted yester-Dino-day, the songs on this "new" Dino-disc are exactly the same as the Dino-al-b-um, Dean Martin 'AMORE,' released at this same time last year.

Anyway pallies, if you wants an opportunity to tries and win, just clicks the title of today's post and sees what happens. Dino-sharin', DMP

Win 1 of 5 Dean Martin 'Essential Love Songs' CDs

Dean Martin’s most romantic ballads have been gathered for a new mood-setting collection, Essential Love Songs, to be released January 26 by Capitol/EMI, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 16 classics are featured, including “You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You,” “Just In Time,” “That’s Amoré,” “I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face,” and “Dream A Little Dream Of Me.”

For Dean Martin, singing came as naturally as breathing. Effortlessly cool and dynamic in his life and career, Martin’s recordings showcase his trademark style of casual, easy charm. His timeless love songs remain universal favorites and perfect accompaniments to any romantic occasion.

Prize: Dean Martin 'Essential Love Songs' CD
Sponsor: EMI Catalog Marketing

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dino-enthusiasts BEWARE! "AMORE" vs "Essential Love Songs"

Dino-enthusiasts BEWARE! "AMORE" vs "Essential Love Songs"

Hey pallies, when I was doin' the editin' of yester-Dino-day's post I was thinkin' that the titles of the Dino-amore-songs in the "new" upcomin' collection, "Dean Martin: Essential Love Songs," seems like some of the same tunes as in last year's "Dean Martin: Amore," CD. And, 'cause both al-b-ums are puttin' the accent on our great man singin' his greatest amore tune, I woulda not be surprised if a few of the Dino-selections woulda be the same.

But, this mornin' when I looked at the titles on "AMORE," I thoughts to myself, "these all seem likes the same songs as bein' released on "Essentials." Well pallies, soon as I got on the computer this mornin' I compared the 16 songs on "AMORE" to the 16 songs on "Essentials." And, guess what pallies....THEY ARE TOTALLY EXACTLY THE SAME SELECTIONS!

Now, the tunes are not in the same order on both al-b-ums...but they are exactly the same 16 Dino-numbers. How uncool is that! The folks at Capitol are goin' to get unsuspectin' Dino-philes likes us to buy the same exact Dino-al-b-um all over 'gain, except of course for the change in cover.

I was so thrilled last year when our Dino's "AMORE" hit number one of the Billboard Charts it's first week out and stay high on the charts for a while. I was fully expectin' "Essentials" to do the same....but thinks how many of us truly fully Dino-devoted Dino-enthusiasts woulda---gone off on January 26 and purchased this "new" Dino-collection without realizin' what we were really doin.

Well, I am so grateful to our Dino for nudgin' me to look closely at the "AMORE" al-b-um and then closely compare it with the list of Dino-selections on "Essentials."

I'm all for more and more of our Dino bein' released, but please, please don't rip off all us Dino-holics by simply puttin' a new cover on the same al-b-um that is only one year old. Dino-reportin', DMP

Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Dino's 'Essential Love Songs' -- In Stores January 26th!

Hey pallies, likes here is 'nother reminder of the imminent release of a new Dino-disc by our pallies over at Capitol Records. First reported here in early December, that press release has recently been posted over at our Dino's myspace pad (clicks on the title of this post to goes there).

So marks January 26th on your calendars and gets out there and get's yourself the latest Dino-release. Likes this is the second year in a row that Capitol Records has capitolized on how essential it is for some new amore from our Dino as Dino-amore-day approacheth.

Last year ilovedinomartin did a special series of Dino-posts durin' Dino-amore-month on the then new Dino "AMORE" CD. Hopin' we will be able to do some similar Dino-tune-tribs for the "Essential Love Songs" release. Stay tuned pallies. Dino-lovin', DMP

Sunday, January 10, 2010

'Essential Love Songs' -- In Stores January 26th!


New CD & Digital Compilation to be Released January 26 by Capitol/EMI

Hollywood, California – December 3, 2009 - Dean Martin’s most romantic ballads have been gathered for a new mood-setting collection, Essential Love Songs, to be released January 26 by Capitol/EMI, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 16 classics are featured, including “You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You,” “Just In Time,” “That’s Amoré,” “I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face,” and “Dream A Little Dream Of Me.”

For Dean Martin, singing came as naturally as breathing. Effortlessly cool and dynamic in his life and career, Martin’s recordings showcase his trademark style of casual, easy charm. His timeless love songs remain universal favorites and perfect accompaniments to any romantic occasion.

Martin’s velvet voice provided his entry into show business, when he began singing professionally in Ohio’s ballrooms. He built a loyal following and moved on to the supper clubs and cabarets of New York City, before moving to Los Angeles and signing with Capitol Records. Martin’s meteoric rise to fame also made him a big-screen draw and landed him acclaimed film roles alongside legends including John Wayne and Marlon Brando.

Dean Martin is recognized as one of the 20th Century’s greatest entertainers for his decades of hit recordings, films, TV shows and stage performances. For more information, visit

Dean Martin: Essential Love Songs (CD, digital)

1. Just In Time

2. I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face

3. All I Do Is Dream Of You

4. You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You

5. Let Me Love You Tonight

6. How Sweet It Is....

7. Innamorata (Sweetheart)

8. Let’s Be Friendly

9. Dream A Little Dream Of Me

10. That’s Amoré

11. It Looks Like Love

12. My One And Only Love

13. It Won’t Cool Off

14. Heaven Can Wait

15. I Have But One Heart (O Marenariello)

16. Everybody Loves Somebody

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ne-Yo cites his style icon as..........Dean Martin.

Hey pallies, likes what name is rhythm and blues superstar Ne-Yo droppin' as his "Style Icon"....none other then our Dino....along with the Sam and frankie. How excitin' to find one of today's coolest musical artists givin' the nod to our Dino as his inspiration in style.

You all will remember how our Dino spoke of his deepest desirin' "to put the accent on youth." And here we have one of today's hippest youth desirin' to put the accent on our Dino! Dino is forever cool and that is why so many of today's young mods are fallin' for our Dino and seekin' to emulate him in every way!

We thank Renee Marchione for sharin' this great news with us at the Men's Fitness pad, and per usual, just click on the tagg of this Dino-post to read this fab Dino-news in it's original format. We give our Dino-appreciato to Ne-Yo for liftin' up our Dino and drawin' other of today's youth to know, love, and desire the Dino-way. Dino-delightedly, DMP

Ne-Yo's Style Vibe

by Renée Marchione | Photo by Chris Stanford

The R&B superstar (and style icon) behind hits like "Miss Independent" and "Closer" believes you should never underestimate the value of being dressed to the nines at all times. "Guys should appreciate their style, whether they're heading to the office or off for a night at the club," he says. "No matter what you put on, it's important to always like what you see in the mirror before you leave the house."

Find Your Inspirations
Ne-Yo cites his style icons as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin. "Those guys were always dressed to perfection without ever looking like they tried too hard." But don't copycat your icons. Mix in part of their iconic look without mimicking the whole outfit.

Don't Break the Bank
Macy's likes Ne-Yo's aesthetic so much, the store signed him as the face of its Alfani Red clothing line. "It's fashionable, affordable, and fits men well. No matter where you shop, you don't need to buy a whole closetful of clothes to improve your style," he says. Instead, invest in a few key pieces.

Be Comfortable
Being a performer dictates how he dresses. "I need to move in my clothes, so comfort is absolutely important." If you're not comfortable in what you have on, it'll show.

Create Your Signature Style
Ne-Yo certainly did. "I can't live without my hats!" he says. "I think every man should have a signature item that defines him."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Why do you always sing Dean Martin songs in the shower?"

Hey pallies, Aussies are certainly turnin' up more and more often showin' that they are truly Dino-lovin' Dino-devotees for sure......'cause here is our second Dino-post from down under this very Dino-week. From the official Sydney Morning Herald blog comes this piece of Dino-literature written by Australian actor Mr. William McInnes 'bout how he is followin' in the Dino-diggin' footsteps of his father.

Both of Mr. McInnes' parents dug our Dino, and it is clear that McInnes does himself...declarin' "All good songs sound like Dean Martin songs." And as a good father, he is tryin' to pass on the Dino-devotion to his own boy and girl pallies.
To read this in it's original format, again, click on the title of this Dino-gram.

How very refreshin' to read this true epic of Dino-devotin' bein' passed from generation to generation. I say my thanks to Mr. McInnes for showin' how truly important lovin' our Dino is in passin' on solid values to the next gen.

Searched for some sort of Aussie Dino-tune to pass on...and what I found is a particular fav Dino-clip of mine that has our Dino and Mr. George Gobel doin' a funny sketch as Mr. George sings "Tie Me Kangeroo Down." Enjoys the Dino-fun pallies and remembers to keep passin' on the Dino-devotion to your next generation...DINO FOREVER!!!!! Dino-delightedly, DMP

In my father's footsteps

January 13, 2010 - 9:58AM

Special times ... William McInnes with his daughter Stella (left) and her friend Grace. Photo: Jason South

What began as a walk to the supermarket for actor William McInnes and his children becomes a philosophical stroll down memory lane - a reminder of the inevitability of change and the endurance of parental love.

Early evening, walking with my son, my daughter and my dog along our street to the local supermarket. My son has a part-time job, packing shelves and doing things teenage schoolboys do at part-time jobs they have at the local supermarket.

My daughter asks me, "Why do you always sing Dean Martin songs in the shower?"

"They're not all Dean Martin songs," I tell her.

"Then why do they sound the same?" laughs my son.

"All good songs sound like Dean Martin songs," I say.

Both my parents liked Dean Martin. I laugh. We have lived in this street all my children's life.

The houses, almost all, have been or are in the process of being renovated. The street is quiet but is full of the kind of activity so many streets like this across Australia see: a builder's skip full of rubbish, people in the garden finishing off the weekend by weeding and clearing, some kids using a wheelie bin out in the street as wickets in a game of street cricket. A car turns into the street, chugs towards the players and a cracking voice calls out the timeless warning of the suburbs. "Car coming!" Wickets are wheeled to the side gutter to let the car pass. Outside one house, a plumber's van. It's Sunday evening. Time and a half. The plumber will charge extra.

It makes me think of fathers. Many years ago when I was, I think, as old as my son, a friend was told by an uncle of his that if you ever wanted to get a cheap deal from a tradesman, shake hands and press a certain knuckle on his hand. "If he's a Freemason mate, he'll look after you."

I had no idea what a Mason was but I told my father. "Oh for Christ's sake, why would you do that?" he sighed.

"To get looked after."

My father told me that I should never pretend to be something just to gain a bit of advantage. "If anyone wants to be something then let them but just don't try and bullshit your way in to be cut a bit of slack. Do that and you're a drongo."

He shook his head and sighed. "Masons."

Nearly 20 years later, my son is a toddler and my daughter only an idea. We are renovating our house, for the second time. It's a long weekend. I am digging merrily away on a Saturday when I hit a water main. Water floods.

These things happen. I call a plumber. He fixes it. It is very hot, so perhaps it is the heat. On the Sunday I swing with my pick and, with unerring accuracy, I hit the main again.

These things. Happen. The plumber arrives. Laughs. Time and a half. He fixes the main.

It is Monday. A public holiday. Yes, it must be the heat. These things happen in threes. My pick loves the water main. When the plumber arrives, he greets me like an old friend. "Mate, I should take you with me!"

We shake hands.

I look at him and I think of that knuckle. That knuckle can cut me a bit of slack. I forget which one it is but press on and don't let go of the plumber's hand .

He looks at me and I press his knuckle with my thumb. Perhaps if I only pressed one, even a wrong one, it would have been all right. However I pressed every knuckle I could find - after all, it was double time.

The plumber wasn't a Freemason. He looked at me and I looked at him. I pressed a knuckle again. And smiled.

It all made sense to him. Three calls out. Nobody could possibly be that inadequate with a pick. He drew his hand back as if it had been burnt and said, in a rather unreconstructed tone, "Friggin' pervert!"

He got in his truck and drove off while water seeped around me: a bloody drongo. I laughed and wondered why didn't I listen to my father. Perhaps that is what all children must ask themselves at some stage during their life.

My daughter asks why I laugh and I say I was thinking of my dad and plumbers and leave it at that.

Fathers. We walk past the house of a man who owns little fluffy dogs. He walks them in the morning. Once, instead of the usual neighbourly nod, he stopped and told me how, the night before, his son had graduated as a doctor.

"We came here with almost nothing," he said, "and we own our home and my son, my son is a doctor. My son." And he laughed and whistled on with his fluffy dogs.

I think of him and my son says beside me, "They had to let some people go at the supermarket last week." I look at him: "Sacked them?" He nods. "I don't think I'd like to be sacked," he says. I nod.

As a teenager, I got the sack from the supermarket where I worked. I didn't really like working there that much but when they let a lot of us go, I felt pretty lousy.

That night, my father had leant on the door to my bedroom and said in his big voice: "You'll be all right." And he'd ambled off, humming Dean Martin.

So I punch my son in the arm and say, "You'll be all right." My son laughs and shakes his head.

We stop outside a house. All the cladding is gone and hand-made garden statues have been parked out the front with of bits of plaster and wall. There's Snow White with her eyes too close together and a collection of weird-looking dwarfs standing forlornly, victims of planned disaster. A shower is there too: the whole shower casing, dull ruby-pink in colour, plus a soap holder, taps and invalid handles.

It's a shock to see such a private bit of a home thrown out.

The old man who had lived here and stood in that shower would slowly pedal an old bicycle around the streets, a woman walking beside him. She was his daughter.

"Not bad for 89, eh?" he'd say to me as his daughter laughed.

Once, outside the house, he was having trouble getting on the bike and she stood beside him gently holding his elbow. "All right, all right," he snapped. "Go easy, Dad," his daughter said softly.

I asked if they needed a hand. The old man looked away. His daughter said they were fine. The old man held his daughter's hand.

"Remember when we made those?"he said, nodding towards Snow White. His daughter laughed. "You shouted so much. And I still think her eyes are close together."

Her father smiled a little and she helped him on the bike.

"Not bad for 91, eh?" she said. She said it with pride. "No, not bad at all," I said.

Fathers and children.

"Poor old Snow White," my daughter says. "They're throwing her out." And I hold her hand.

The street is changing. The old man died a year or two before. New people were in his house: their new home. Renovating it.

We often imagine we can somehow manage time: put things off and deal with stuff later.

But life isn't like that. It goes on and we go with it. We are finite. I walk along our street with my children. My son is already taller than me and my daughter is growing up. I am growing older. One day other people will make their home in the house in which we live. Make it their home.

Yet even though a street may change, some things don't. A father and his children. I think of the man with his fluffy dogs and his pride in his son. I think of the father and daughter - how all those years after making garden statues, he reached for her. How she steadied him; how proud she was of him.

Nobody has the secret to being a perfect parent and nobody has the secret to living, no matter how many life-guidance gurus bang on. All we can do is be: be with people we care about.

My father would yell and carry on. But I think I am more impatient than he was, even though he had five children.

He had a habit of bursting out with a "Hoy! You!" to one of us kids and then smothering us in a bear hug.

"You know, you're all right!" he would growl.

I never knew why he did it. But as I walk with my kids and our dog I think I see why. Life goes by. We grow and change. But if we care and let those we love know, maybe some things will always remain strong.

"Hey, you two," I say. "You're all right!" I try to sing a Dean Martin song. And our dog barks.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Something Big Is A Swinging Western"

Hey pallies, yesterday we looked a little bit at one of our Dino's lesser known western capers, "Showdown." That got me to rememberin' 'nother Dino-western that was done shortly before "Showdown." "Something Big" was released in 1971 and starred our Dino 'long with Mr. Brian Keith and a group of lovelies.

Billed as a "swinging western," it woulda 'ppear that "Something Big" was our great man's hippest entry into the shootem up genre. Although I unfortunately have never seen the film (never released on VHS or DVD that I can find), I do so well remember the newspaper adverts for this film and they did so well in playin' up the swingin' Dino-persona...lettin' the public know this was not your typical western.

Sorry that I couldn't find much to share besides a couple of the original movie posters and a youtube vid of the title tune. Truly does wonder why they had Mr. Burt Bacharach singin' the tune when they coulda used our incomparable Dino...perhaps it musta been 'cause Bacharach wrote the song.

Any of you pallies seen "Something Big" and coulda share some interestin' Dino-details? Dino-forever, DMP

Monday, January 11, 2010

Showdown (1973)

Hey pallies, how y'doin' partners? Well today's Dino-piece is 'bout our Dino's last foray into the western genre...."Showdown" featurin' our Dino with Mr. Rock Hudson. Posted this mostly 'cause I loves the poster so much....and there is an interestin' Dino-detail 'bout the relationship between our great man and the Rock while they were filmin' together.

Sad to say, this is one of our Dino's flicks that I have yet to view. Did find a little promo trailer on youtube to shares with all you pallies as well.

Thanks to the blog Movie MegaStore for sharin' this with us. If you clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram you can go there and download the flick for your viewin' Dino-pleasure...

And, if you click on this,, you'll find a past Dino-post that features an amazin' review of "Showdown" by our pallie Jeremy at his stellar blog "Moon In The Gutter."

By searchin' did discover that amazon has copies of the vid of "Showdown" for sale, and ebay has copies of the featured "Showdown' poster for sale as well. Dino-thralled, DMP

Showdown (1973)

Showdown is another version of the two buddies who take different turns in the road of life. It borrows elements from George Marshall’s supremely enjoyable Texas which starred two very young players named Glenn Ford and Bill Holden.

The buddies here are Dean Martin and Rock Hudson. They’re a little older than Bill and Glenn were. Rock Hudson is now a solid respectable citizen ranch owner, married to Susan Clark, and who also happens to be the sheriff.

Dino cleared out from the ranch they had and has been gone for two years so he doesn’t know that Hudson is the new sheriff. Maybe he wouldn’t have decided to rob that train with some very serious outlaw types. Unfortunately Dino was recognized and Hudson has to bring him in.

This turned out to be the last western film for both Dean Martin and Rock Hudson. Martin, starting with Rio Bravo in 1959, did a whole string of westerns of varying quality. But making them is hard work, a fact Dean discovered one day out in the desert heat making these films. The rest of his movies were done in modern dress.
Also for some reason two of the most agreeable stars to work with as attested to by numerous co-stars of both did not get along during the making of Showdown.