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Can her beauty be enough to straighten Dino out?

Hey pallies, likes in the days of the gold rush, if you found a bit of glitterly suff in a particular area, there will most likely be more gold to be mined.  So havin' recently had a bit of a  Dino-rush at Mr. Mike Perry's self-tagged blog, "Mike's Take On the Movies ~ Rediscovering Cinema," we decided to try and do a bit of more minin' of Dino-devotion there today.  And, likes of course we were richly richly Dino-rewarded.

What follows in big screen devotee Mike's "take" on "10th starring vehicle together Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis" in "Money From Home."  For whatever reason, this Martin and Lewis big screen effort was one of three Dino and Jerry classics not included in those great Paramount DVD sets of our great man and his great partner.  However, it finally did get released as a single DVD for our Dino-viewin' pleasure.

Mike's review is simple and sincere and we are gratefully glad for his effort 'cause reviews of this particular flick seem few and far between.  And, we are thrilled to be able to feature 'nother pallie deeply deeply devoted to  of our King of Cool.  Recently when we left patter at Mr. Perry's blog of our postin' of his review of "Showdown," Mike respectly replied..... "My pleasure, I have always been a Dino fan. He made everything seem so easy. Love both the music and the films. I always like to tell people that even Frank deep down wanted to be just like Dean. Thanks for sharing my post. Much appreciated."

So, we 'gain salute our Dino-diggin' pallie Mr. Mike Perry for continuin' his efforts of spreadin' his  passion for our Dino at his personal blog...likes hopes we are able to post more and more of Perry's passion for our Dino in the future."  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-message.  Diggin' for Dino-gold, DMP

Money From Home (1953)

Posted by Mike Perry in Daily Take

Money from Home - web classic poster

In their 10th starring vehicle together Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis headline this 3D production based on a story from Damon Runyon. Like any Runyon story we get gamblers, gangsters a bit of romance thrown in for good measure with character names like Honeytalk Nelson, Jumbo Schneider and The Seldom Seen Kid.

Martin stars as Honeytalk Nelson who is in over his head with IOU’s to a local mobster played by the one and only Sheldon Leonard. All he has to do to clear up his debt is fix a horse race with the help of his cousin who happens to be an animal loving veterinarian in training played by the other half of the famed comedy duo Jerry Lewis. Songs and romance ensue as things get a little complicated due to the fact that the the horse Martin needs to prevent from winning the big race happens to belong to beautiful Marjie Millar. Can her beauty be enough to straighten Dino out? What do you think? British stalwart Richard Haydn turns up as the would be jockey but as fate would have it the horse just doesn’t cotton to him. It sure likes Jerry though which leaves our bumbling hero as the opportunistic rider. Most of the fun in this entry comes from Jerry doing a British accent as he impersonates Haydn as well as a scene where he lip synches to Dean and various radio programs under Millar’s window.

The feature was produced by Hal Wallis who seemed to have a hand in building many bright stars of the 1950′s and was directed by George Marshall. Marshall was an old hand at these type of films and directed countless features from Glenn Ford and Bob Hope comedies to both Destry films. The 1939 and 1953 versions. He had already done two features with our star duo, Scared Stiff and their debut My Friend Irma before this entry. Photogenic Marjie Millar who plays Dino’s love interest had her career sadly cut short when she suffered a serous injury in a car accident in 1958. Sheldon Leonard went on to a successful career in television productions but could always turn up as a gangland character when he chose to. Also in the cast is long time television actress Pat Crowley and character actor Robert Strauss as The Seldom Seen Kid.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Heart Over Mind"

Man o man pals...I simply CAN NOT even believe what I'm hearin' on this week's Serenade!!! Once again...some crazy chicalina is totally disrespectin' our bestest pal!!!
I don't know WHY Dean puts up with these silly senoras! Right in the very beginin' of Spring too!!!

Well pallies...guess we ALL gotta live & learn. Even our wisest wiseguy pal, Dino.

 I'm takin' us back to the CRAZY 70's for this one, pallies. "Heart Over Mind",  again features a "blond" Dean & is at a time in his life which I refer to as his "Second Comin'"! Hahaha! Hey pals...whateva works!

Don't worry pallies...Dino eventually goes back to his classic black wavy "Doo" that we all know & love! I suppose we ALL can use a change once in a while.

Now I'm not exactly sure WHICH lovely lady Dean is thinkin' 'bout on this jam...but we ALL knows that our pal was DEF I NATE LY goin' through a FEW relationship changes back in these CRAZY times! What CRAZY days they were!!!

Well ALWAYS has a way of workin' thins' out & Dino is ALWAYS there for US when we need a little bit of guidance through these challengin' changes. Just follow your hearts mi amici! Enjoy!  

I love you so much that I can't leave you
Even though my mind tells me I should
Then you make me think you really love me
Then all my thoughts of leaving do no good

You've got me heart over mind worried all the time
Knowing you will always be the same
You'll keep hurtin' me I know but I just can't let you go
'Cause my heart won't let my love for you change

Now friends tell me they see you out with others
In my heart I try hard to forget
You come home and tell me you still love me
I still hope there's some chance for us yet

You've got me heart over mind worried all the time
Knowing you will always be the same
You'll keep hurtin' me I know but I just can't let you go
'Cause my heart won't let my love for you change.

'Cause my heart won't let my love for you change
'Cause my heart won't let my love for you change

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tommorow In Dino-history: March 29, 1973

Hey pallies, likes  the month of March was a popular month for our Dino to officially break the ties with two of his wifes.   As reported a few days ago, it was on March 23, 1949 that our Dino legally finished his marriage with wife numero uno, Elizabeth Anne McDonald.  And, tomorrow is the anniversary of his legal partin' of the ways with wife numero duo.  In was on  March 29 in 1973 that our great man officially ended his marriage to Jeanne Biegger.

Dino has originally sought the divorce from Jeanne after he met, while playin' in 'Vegas, 21 year old Miss Gail Renshaw. Our most beloved Dino was swankly swankly smitten by Renshaw, then serving as Miss USA.

After a time that amore cooled, and at the point that our Dino's divorce was finalized  waitin' in the wings was Miss Catherine Mae Hawn, a 24 year old beauty parlor receptionist, who he was engaged to and who would become Mrs. Dean Martin less then a month after our Dino's divorce was finalized from Jeanne.

Likes it is always, always so great to remind ourselves of all these important dates in the life and times of our most most beloved Dino!  Dino-learnin' and growin', DMP

March 29, 1973  Divorce with Jeanne Biegger is final

What’s Your Favorite Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis Movie?


Hey pallies, likes we are goin' to slip in 'nother one or two Dino-posts this day 'cause we ain't goin' to 'round the 'puter for a few.  In doin' our almost daily google blog searchin' of Dino-treasures to be uncovered, this very day we came 'cross a new Dino and Jerry poll created by Mr. Gary Cahall over at the big screen blog,
"MovieFanFaire - News and Views For The Movie Collector."   Cahall asks the provocative quire in the tag of his prose, "What’s Your Favorite Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis Movie?"

So, pallies, likes clicks on the link to this post and make your Dino-thoughts be known.  Our fav of fav Martin and Lewis flick?  Well, it certainly is hard to pick only one....but, likes, as many of youse pallies knows, we believe that our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner's greatest big screen effort is "Artists And Models"......the most beautiful of beautiful silver screen success of our Dino and Mr. Lewis.

ilovedinomartin salutes Mr. Gary Cahall and all the pallies at "MovieFanFaire" for providin' this awesome op to make our Dino-devotion be known!  Dino-sharin', DMP

What’s Your Favorite Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis Movie?

Last time out we wanted to know your favorite Jerry Lewis movie, and several of you wrote about Jerry’s work with Dean Martin. Well, you spoke and we listened, so here’s a poll asking for your top Martin and Lewis comedy. 

....... but it’s Dean to me that always seemed at home while in the saddle.

Hey pallies, likes how totally totally thrillin' for us here at our humble little Dino-home to continue to come 'cross bloggers who loves to share their devotion to our Dino through reviews of our most beloved Dino's big screen efforts.
And, likes today we share with you  yet 'nother new-to-ilovedinomartin blogger accentin' one of our Dino's flicks in a very very cool way.  From the self-tagged blog, "Mike's Take On the Movies ~ Rediscovering Cinema," blogger Mr. Mike Perry shares with us his "take" on our most beloved Dino's last western flick, "Showdown."

It's clear that Mr. Perry is definitely an addict of films as his bio states that he "has been collecting films and film memorabilia since he was a 12 years old. He currently has amassed over 7000 titles and his collection of films, film books and memorabilia continues to expand."  Mike shares a brief but very nice review of "Showdown," and we just has to mention his coolest of cool comment on our great man...."By this time admittedly he looked to be mailing in some of his scenes but after all he is Dean Martin."  Likes just goes to show pallies how laid back and relaxed our Dino always always made his actin' appear!

ilovedinomartin thanks our newest Dino-reviewer Mr. Mike Perry for accentin' truly one of our Dino's lesser known flicks.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  And, likes don't forget to watch the vid clip that Perry has provided for our Dino-viewin' pleasure.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Showdown (1973)

Posted by Mike Perry in Daily Take

This was the final western for both Rock Hudson and Dean Martin. It also turned out to be the final film from long time director George Seaton. Although both of our leading men were a little old for the plot line of the film, it is still quite watchable and much better than Martin’s previous western “something big”.


As old friends on opposite sides of the law Martin still keeps his persona intact with his usual off handed humor and laid back approach. Hudson is the local rancher turned sheriff who has to go out and bring his old friend to justice after Dean robs a train with some dubious partners. Nice work done here by Susan Clark as the frontier woman who chose Hudson over Dean leading to Dean’s leaving the ranch he once operated with Rock.

The strength of the film comes from the flashbacks that are sprinkled throughout the film. Especially when they have a couple of young actors playing the lead roles as kids. It’s a little different and fits nicely into developing the friendship that the two main characters have had for each other. Inevitably the clash between the two takes a turn which leads to a satisfying ending that one should be able to see coming.

Hudson does fine here but it’s Dean to me that always seemed at home while in the saddle. Although you could call Pardners his first oater it was of course Rio Bravo that cemented his contribution to the western. By this time admittedly he looked to be mailing in some of his scenes but after all he is Dean Martin. The director Seaton was behind the camera for a few notable films over the years including Miracle on 34th Street and Airport with Dino in 1970. A young Ed Begley Jr. turns up here briefly in one of his early bits. The music from David Shire is a little off at times and one wishes that there had been a Martin song over the opening credits.

Although no Peckinpah classic here, there is enough gunplay to satisfy the western fan and of course the Martin/Hudson followers as well.

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Dean Martin may be one of the most successful school dropouts ever.

Hey pallies, likes we gotta 'fess up that we just never ever tire of discoverin' and sharin' more and more blogs showin' awesome affirmin' affection for our most beloved Dino.  Today we takes youse to the blog, "Nostalgia And Now," where retired newspaper man Mr. Andrew Godfrey hangs his hat.  Godfrey, who calls Sulphur, Louisiana home in his retirement, recently posted some Dino prose 'n  pixs under the tag, "Dean Martin – 56 Years of Entertaining."

While it is our hunch that Andrew's Dino-entry is meant to be more in the "Nostalgia" then "Now" category.....though we here at ilovedinomartin that the Dino-sound is more "Now" then ever 'mong today's youth, Mr. Godfrey shares a variety of insights 'bout our Dino with his blog readership that definitely coulda helps them grow in knowin', lovin', and honorin' our great great man.

Likes our particular fav Dino-thought from the pen of Godfrey is how we have tagged this Dino-gram....." Dean Martin may be one of the most successful school dropouts ever."  Likes what a truly true Dino-observation is that dudes?!?!?!?!?!   Likes we woulda goes so far as to say that our Dino IS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL DROPOUT EVER!!!!!

Enjoys readin' this well scribed Dino-read pallies, and ilovedinomartin says our thanks to Mr. Andrew Godfrey for puttin' the accent on our most beloved Dino very very successful long career as entertainer extraordinaire!  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.
Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Posted by Andrew Godfrey on March 18, 2014

Dean Martin – 56 Years of Entertaining


Dean Martin 1917-1995

Dean Martin was born Dino Paul Crocetti on June 7, 1917 in Steubenville, Ohio. He didn’t speak English until he was five years old. Then he dropped out of school in 10th grade and delivered bootleg liquor, dealt cards as a blackjack dealer and did some boxing as a welterweight. He made this comment about his boxing ability  ”I won all but 11.”[, which was nothing to brag about since he was only in 12 boxing matches.  His boxing name "Kid Crochet" probably didn't help his boxing career.

Martin sang with the Ernie Kay Orchestra and then was drafted by the Army in 1944 and served in Akron, Ohio. He appeared in his first full length movie in 1949, when he appeared in My Friend Irma.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Lewis is now 88 years old.

Dean Martin first team up with Jerry Lewis at the 500 Club in Atlantic City, New Jersey on July 24, 1946. The first show did not go well and the owner threatened to fire them, if they couldn’t do better in their second act. That is when they came up with the act, where Martin tries to sing a serious song, while Jerry is doing everything possible to distract from his singing. The act went over big and began their run as a team.

They were heard on radio from 1948 to 1953 on the Martin and Lewis Show. The pair would go on to star in movies that seemed to feature Lewis more than Martin, because of his madcap actions on the big screen. Martin was incensed when a Look magazine cover only showed Lewis, since Martin had been cropped out of the photo.

Their association ended ten years exactly, from their first appearance in Atlantic City. Their friendship was really never the same, until Frank Sinatra brought Martin on stage at the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon in 1976, which was 20 years, after their 1956 breakup. They remained friends, until the death of Martin in 1995.

Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop and Dean Martin who comprised the Rat Pack.

Martin was part of the Rat Pack that included Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop. They would entertain audiences with their mixture of singing and comedy.

He was also active in acting in motion pictures, with his appearances in Young Lions (1957), Rio Bravo (1959) and would appear in Cannoball Run (1981) and Cannonball II (1984).

This was an active time for Martin as he was appearing on stage, recording record albums, appearing in movies and in 1965 he would start appearing on the NBC show Dean Martin’s Comedy Hour, which would remain on the air until 1974. 263 episodes were filmed of the show and hope they can be seen somewhere on a television network 49 years, after the first show debuted on television. Martin also hosted many Dean Martin Celebrity Roast shows in later years.

Made Impact As A Singer

1958 would see his recording of Return to Me top out at #4 and  Volare peak at #12. It may have been able to climb higher on the charts, but it had been recorded many times, before Martin released his version of Volare.

Surprisingly his song You’re Nobody Till Somebody Love You was only #25 on pop chart, but reached #1 on adult contemporary chart. This was the year the Beatles hit America, so that probably had something to do with it.

The year 1967 would see his last two #1 hits, which only went to #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart, when In the Chapel in the Moonlight and In the Misty Moonlight would take the #1 spot.

Dino: The Essential Dean Martin Collection has 30 of his biggest hits and can be found at for one cent, plus shipping if you buy a used copy of the collection.

Dean Martin may be one of the most successful school dropouts ever. He became successful as part of the Martin and Lewis comedy act, singing as soloist for big bands, recorded for many years, acted in many blockbuster movies and hosted a successful television show for nine years.

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Dean Martin's Burger Recipe vs Frank Sinatra's Burger Recipe

My Photo

Hey pallies, likes today's post is certainly been one of the hottest of the hot Dino-features ever to hit the ol' world wide web.  Likes we featured it here a ton of time 'go when it first hit the 'net, but likes we feature it 'gain this very Dino-day 'cause our most devoted-to-Dino pallie Scotty over at his true cool blog, "BlueisKewl," recently shared it with his readership.

Likes these two recipes sound vary much like their proposed authors.....our most beloved Dino and his pallie Mr. Frank Sinatra.  As Scotty sez, we really don't know the original source of these burger notes, "but it is still pretty funny anyways!"

ilovedinomartin salutes our passionate pallie Scotty for his on-goin' efforts to life up the life, times, and teachin's of our most most beloved Dino!  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Likes for the moment, we thinks we have not caught up on all of Scotty's Dino-homagin' posts!   Dino-sharin', DMP

Dean Martin's Burger Recipe vs Frank Sinatra's Burger Recipe

There seems to be some question if this is real or photoshopped but it is still pretty funny anyways!  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dean Martin Preparing to go on Stage at a Las Vegas Night Club 1971

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Hey pallies, likes we are always always tryin' to keeps up with our ultra ubber Dino-devoted pallie Scotty's Dino-postin's over at his ultra ubber coolest of cool blog, "BlueisKewl."  We simply loves to honor Scotty deep, pure, and true passion for our Dino by sharin' all his Dino-discoveries with all youse Dino-philes.

But, likes recently we have fallen a bit behind, so likes we are goin' to try and rectify that as soon as possible.
So, likes today we shares what we believe is Scotty's most recent Dino-gram that features what we humbly consider one of our Dino's most fabulous of fabulous poses, as Scotty tags it, "Dean Martin Preparing  to go on Stage at a  Las Vegas Night Club 1971."  Likes how coolly our most beloved Dino holds his ever present cigarette, and on the table before him are some of his essential essentials.....includin' a liquid libation and some extra glasses, a pack of his smokes of choice, Kents, ash tray, etc., etc.

What an awe-filled candid of our awe-filled man!  ilovedinomartin continues to express our deepest of deep Dino-appreciato for the continual efforts of our Dino-diggin' pallie Scotty to 'press his Dino-adulation to his blog readership helpin' all of 'em develop deeper and deeper devotion to our King of Cool.  Likes to checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-psyched, DMP

Dean Martin Preparing  to go on Stage at a  Las Vegas Night Club 1971


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Yesterday In Dino-history: March 23, 1949

Hey pallies, likes yester-Dino-day was likes 'nother memorable day in the life and times of our most beloved Dino. It was on that date, March 23, in the year of 1949 that our Dino's divorce to his first wife Elizabeth Anne McDonald was finalized. The marriage had produced four prodigy for our Dino...Stephen Craig (born June 29, 1942), Claudia Dean ( born March 16, 1944), Barbara Gail (born April 11, 1945) and Deana (Dina) (born August 19, 1948).

In a few short months after his divorce from Betty, our Dino married beauty queen Jeanne Biegger. Always always so great to grow in our knowledge of all these Dino-details. Keeps lovin' and learnin' 'bout our Dino! Dino-always, DMP

March 23, 1949 Betty and Dean's divorce is final

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Somebody Stole My Gal"

Welcome back ol' pallies o mine! SPRING HAS SPRUNG & A RING HAS RUNG!!! We made it!!! I knew we would...we had Dean leadin' us the whole way!
Time for celebration! New Beginnins'! Nother' chance to get thins' right!
Let's get the first Serenade of the new season kicked off with a fun fun jam from our fun fun pal!

 Now youse might not thinks that a tune entitled "Somebody Stole My Gal" sounds like a very fun situation , but pals let me tell youse...when Dean does's nothin' BUT fun!

This vid has been recently remastered & is so so crystal clear youse would SWEAR it musta been on last night's Dean Martin Show!!! Wouldn't that be so so great pals??!! Imagine havin' Dino & his weekly variety show back!!!

 O to return to those WONDERFUL days huh' pals? Well, Springtime is magical. Let's pretend...just for few...that it's 1971 & Dean's show is just 'bout to start!

 Got my vino...sittin' in my fav chair...the whole family is here for this! Here we go pals! I'll see youse there!!! Enjoy!

Somebody stole my gal
Somebody stole my pal
Somebody came and took her away
She didn't even say she was leavin'
Her kisses I love so
He's gettin' now I know
And gee, I know that she would come to me
If she could see, her broken hearted lonesome pal
Somebody stole my gal
Her kisses I love em' so
He's gettin' now I know
And gee, I know that she would come to me
If she could see, her broken hearted lonesome pal
Somebody stole my, somebody stole my
Somebody stole my gal.

Friday, March 21, 2014

On This Day In Dino-history: March 21, 1964

Dean Martin's hand and footprint ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theater

Hey pallies, likes on a much much more happy note, it was also on this day, March 21, in the year of our Dino, 1964 that  our great great man  graciously consented to have his great great handprints cemented at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Likes truly truly we are never ever in better hands then when we place ourselves in our Dino's. When we gets to take our Dino-pilgrimage west, we most certainly will place our hands where Dino placed his and feel the  marvelous magic of bein' where our Dino has been.

ilovedinomartin salutes Mr. Ron Smith at his timeless blog, "Eight Days A Week" for remindin' the universe this very day of this remarkable event in the life and times of our most beloved Dino.  To checks this out in it's original site, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.

On This Day In Dino-history: March 21, 1987

Hey pallies, likes  it was 27 long years 'go on this day,  21 March 1987, our Dino's beloved boypallie, Captain Dino Jr., while pilotin' a Guard F-4 Phantom fighter jet for the California Air National Guard, crashed the plane in California's San Bernardino Mountains during a snowstorm. Dino Jr. and his Weapons System Officer, Ramon Ortiz, were both killed in the crash.  Truly it is the saddest day in the life of our Dino.

Likes his incredible Daddy-o, Dino Jr. was a renaissance man of extraordinary talents.....singer, actor, tennis pro, pilot. Dino Jr. was destined to become heir apparent to the throne of our King of Cool, but likes that was so so tragicly cut short by the crash of the jet on that darkest of dark days.

The demise of Dino Jr. began the demise of our most beloved Dino himself. Our great man simply lost the will to live without his prodigy by his side. Truth be told, probably the only man that our Dino looked up to was his beloved namesake Dino Jr.

Below is a picture of Dino Jr.'s gravesite and a bit of information on Dino Jr. and the location of the grave. We thanks the pad Seeing Stars for this picture and information. To checks this out in it's original format, as usual, just click on the tag of these Dino-reflections. Also included below is a brief footage  of the memorial service for Dino Jr.  Dino-sadly, DMP

The Grave of Dean Martin Jr.

Dino, the son of Dean Martin, part of the 60's pop band "Dino, Desi, and Billy." An Air Force Captain, he was killed when his plane crashed into a mountain; buried at the huge military National Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. His grace is against the south fence bordering Wilshire Blvd, in Section 419, grave P-28.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis: Commercial for Chesterfields

Hey pallies, likes while we are at it, we have one more entry from our Dino-devoted pallie Mr. Charles  Cairns that continues to put the accent on our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis.  As we continue to honor Mr. Lewis in this week of the anniversary of his birth, we share with you from Cairns' blog his post, "The first choice among young Americans."

The focus of Charles' prose is a Martin and Lewis show that he listened to that had an advert that promoted
Chesterfield smokes "as appealing to young smokers."  In his post Cairns shares a full color Martin and Lewis Chesterfield  advertisement that features Dino and Jerry as sailors (coulda it been 'round the time of "Sailors Beware"?)  as well as a vid clip of  Dino and Jerry's promo for "The first choice among young Americans."

It's clear that Cairns is a huge huge fan of Martin and Lewis and it is simply our delight to share his efforts with all youse Dino-holics.  ilovedinomartin 'gain salutes our Dino-devoted pallie Mr. Charles Cairns for helpin' his readership groove on the great great team of Martin and Lewis.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-always,ever, and only, DMP


"The first choice among young Americans"

c0 a pack of Chesterfield cigarettesI've heard lots of old radio ads promote cigarettes as the first choice among doctors, but recently a Martin and Lewis show I listened to promoted them as appealing to young smokers.

My guess is this was ad speak for "Not your grandfather's cigarette."

When I was a smoker, I had a friend tell me, “Clarence, you have the soul of a smoker,” by which he meant I had a relationship with tobacco that was more than an addiction. It was a love affair. And he was right.

c0 A Martin & Lewis ad for Chesterfield cigarettes
But I did break off the affair, and I miss it to this day. If I could smoke and not get yelled at by my wife or die from it, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis: Commercial for Chesterfields(sound doesn't match picture)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I need a break: Martin and Lewis Drop the F-Bomb.

Hey pallies,  likes now quite a while back, ilovedinomartin visited at the blog "Clarence Oddbody" (the angel character from "It's A Wonderful Life) where the blogger, our  pallie Mr. Charles Cairns, published some wonderful Dino-memories of his bro Tom and himself as youngens  watchin' Dino and Jerry  flicks at night on a portable 12" Black and White TV set between their beds.

ilovedinomartin knows that if a pallie has posted some Dino-devotion, there likely will be more Dino-gold to be mined from said blog.  And, when we searched Mr. Cairns cool blog, indeed we found 'nother great Dino-honorin' post.  In Charles post, " I need a break: Martin and Lewis Drop the F-Bomb,"  Cairns highlights that great great audio clip of our great man and his sidekick tryin' to made a promo for their flick "The Caddy" when they crack thin's up and use some colorful language in the process.

 It's a audio clip that has been shared a number of times here at ilovedinomartin, but certainly time to shares it 'gain, likes 'specially in honor of the anniversary of the birthday of our great great man's great great partner in comedy, Mr. Jerry Lewis.  Likes this clip superbly shows how how much our Dino and Jerry loved bein' together and the fantastic fun they had, even doin' bloopers for a promo of "The Caddy."

In addition to "The Caddy" clip, Charles posted 'nother audio clip, "Dean and Jerry Fake Argument," when among other fun thin's our smooth smooth man and his funny guy talk 'bout Jerry tryin' to get his tonsils out, but only gettin' 'em stretched.  Likes never ever heard this sketch before, and ilovedinomartin 'grees with our new pallie that this skit "narrowly skirts some of the subtle cruelty that gets you asking 'is this a little real?' "
Gotta 'fess up that we particularly loves our Dino's crack ups in this audio clip.

ilovedinomartin expresses our deepest of deep Dino-appreciato to our Dino-diggin' pallie Mr. Charles Cairns for sharin' these marvelous Dino-moments with his readership and showin' such amazin' devotion to our King of Cool.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2012

I need a break: Martin and Lewis Drop the F-Bomb.

(Originally posted July 1, 2011; minor edits.)
c0 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis very large scan suitable for desktop wallpaper, from PepeTube.comA little levity from one of my favorite comedy duos.
Brother Tom and I used to stay up late and watch old Martin and Lewis movies on the Late Late Late Show, keeping our laughter down to muffled giggles so Dad wouldn’t yell upstairs for us to go to knock it off and go to sleep.
c0 Parental Advisory Explicit ContentDean Martin and Jerry Lewis drop the F-bomb during a taping of a radio promo for "The Caddy," 1953

Dean and Jerry Fake Argument
In this clip, Dean and Jerry have a fake argument; very funny, but IMHO narrowly skirts some of the subtle cruelty that gets you asking "is this a little real?" Some homo-erotica insinuation that was (and is still) common among male duo acts.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Belated Happy Birthday To The "Goofy Partner Of The Sauve, Romantic Dean Martin."

Hey pallies, likes below is a repost of much that was first shared here on March 16, 2010 in honor of Mr. Jerry Lewis's birthday.

This salute to Mr. Jerry Lewis on his birthday first appeared on the pages of the web pad ABA DSS, but when I tried to click on the original link we created the page no longer exists.  None-the-less we share it 'gain this day 'cause it is a lovin' tribute to a man who always has and always will love our most beloved Dino.

It was on this day in 1926 that as the prose below coolly states, that the "goofy partner of the suave, romantic Dean Martin" came into the world."   Lewis when speakin' about his partner in performance was quoted as sayin',  "Dino means more to me than a partner in a two-act. Outside of my wonderful wife, Dean is the person I’ve been closest to in my whole life. We’re so close that our minds think like one mind. There’s a very deep and profound love between Dean and me, and our act is good only because of this feeling of closeness."

We here at ilovedinomartin offer our heartiest of hearty belated best wishes to Mr. Jerry Lewis on the anniversary of his birth/   Thanks you for all the great entertainin' moments that you provided with our beloved Dino....and even more thanks for lovin' our great and man and not bein' ashamed to say so. Dino-lovin', DMP

Who could have known that Joseph Levitch, the baby boy born on this day in 1926 in Newark, New Jersey, would someday wear the crown of the ‘King of Crazy’! Maybe his father had a clue when he introduced his five year old on stage at Brown’s Hotel in Loch Sheldrake, NY. Little Joey sang, Brother, Can You Spare a Dime. Today, that theatre bears the name of this actor, singer, dancer, musician, comedian, producer, professor, and humanitarian. Maybe you’ve been to the Jerry Lewis Theatre in the borscht belt in upstate New York. Certainly, you’ve seen Jerry Lewis perform.

Maybe your first experience was seeing him in his role as the goofy partner of the suave, romantic Dean Martin. From 1946, when the two performed together for the first time in Atlantic City’s 500 Club, till a decade later when the partners split; we were entertained with club appearances and no less than a dozen movies. The first, My Friend Irma, premiered at New York’s Paramount Theatre. The opening stage act starred Martin and Lewis in person.

Jerry Lewis’ mugging skills became the central force behind many of the movies the two made. Films like That’s My Boy and The Caddy catapulted him into stardom. From 1951 through 1959, Jerry’s name appeared in the top ten of box-office stars (6 years with his partner and 3 solo). In fact, in 1959, Paramount signed him to a fourteen-film contract for ten million dollars -- probably the most expensive contract signed with a performer at the time. He was back in the top ten from 1961 through 1964 and had received acclaim as Best Director for The Nutty Professor from the French.

Comedian, film star and director was never enough for the zany, talented Lewis. He had a top-ten hit in 1956, Rock-A-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody; his own TV variety show from 1965 to 1974 and he continued to make movies, work the club circuit, and teach film at USC. His devotion to supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Association is known world wide. There are few who have never seen the annual Labor Day Telethon for MDA hosted by the untiring Jerry Lewis. Undaunted by protesters he continues the quest to raise money to help those stricken with neuromuscular diseases.

And, undaunted by the fact that his talents have never been truly recognized by his fellow Americans, Jerry Lewis continues to entertain us. A cult hero to the French, he remains ‘Le Roi du Crazy’.

Are you too cool for Martin and Lewis ? Not Me !

Hey pallies, likes between all the hub bub of our recent massive massive bloggin' on our Dino as spyster Matt Helm and the Day Of The Wearin' Of The Green, we gotta 'fess up that we officially missed the 88th anniversary of our most beloved Dino's most beloved partner Jerry Lewis' birth on March 16.  Happy belated birthday Mr. Lewis!

But, likes our omission was brought to light by Mr. Robert Horvat  at his blog pad, " If it happened yesterday, it's History."  While doin' our usual, almost daily, google blog Dino-search likes we came 'cross Horvat's  extremely evocative entry  askin' the profoundly provocative quire, "Are you too cool for Martin and Lewis ? Not Me !"

And, likes so a couple of days late, we are delighted to share Horvat's trib to our Dino and the birthday boy for all your Dino-readin' pleasure.  The huge highlight of Horvat's prose is his sharin' of a moment in  history when Jerry appeared solo as the special guest on July 22, 1956 edition of  "What's My Line."  It's not a vid clip that I remember seein pallies...but very very special indeed.  And, we so so appreciate the heart-felt way Robert's commentary of the clip points out Jerry's emotions at the eminent demise of the Martin and Lewis partnership.

We are most tenderly touched by these thoughts of Horvat, " I don’t think I have ever heard or read Jerry say a bad thing about Dean. Jerry seems to have this amazing affection for Dean even towards the bitter end that we, as an audience may never truly appreciate or understand. Jerry would later add once the panel guessed who he was that 'The reason why I was doubtful in answer because Dean’s pretty funny…'"

It appears that Robert intends to share more 'bout our Dino and Jerry's years together by what he says at the end, "Please join me next time as I retell the Martin and Lewis story from the beginning. Enjoy!"  We will enjoy readin' it ourselves and passin' it on to all youse Dino-philes.

Indeed, ilovedinomartin thanks Mr. Robert Horvat for remindin' us of the recent birthday of Mr. Jerry Lewis, and sharin' this very very well scribed prose on the amazin' lovin' partnership of our Dino and Jerry.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Are you too cool for Martin and Lewis ? Not Me !


The French love him, I love and those in his own country love to hate him. Many people consider him a relic of the past. Out of touch, with a big mouth and by today’s standards somewhat politically incorrect. I say give the guy a break. There are far more idiotic people in the entertainment industry and across this world that deserve to be ridiculed and criticized.

Jerry Lewis celebrates his 88th birthday this week but I will always remember him as that skinny kid, one half of the greatest comedy teams of all time.

Jerry Lewis with Dean Martin featured heavily on my television screen on a Saturday afternoon growing up. Their antics on film made me laugh as a kid until my sides burst.

For ten years from 1946 to 1956, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, bedazzled fans, firstly in America and later around the world. Then one day, it all came to an end. What happened ? Where did it all go so wrong, after years of being so right ? For years the two maestros would not comment on their split nor consider a reunion. In time, in this new series we will rediscover the joy that they gave millions and uncover a few of the commonly held reasons for their break up.

On 22nd July 1956 Jerry Lewis appeared on ‘What’s My Line’ to promote Martin and Lewis’ next to last motion picture release ‘Pardners’. The anguish on his face at losing his best friend and partner is evident in the clip I have linked below. He is asked by a panel of four people (blindfolded) a series of questions, so they can ascertain who’s the special guest. Jerry is usually almost always accompanied by Dean in promoting their pictures, however Dean through spite, anger or resentment had stopped promoting with Jerry towards the end of their professional career, leaving Jerry to appear on ‘What’s My Line” alone. 1956 was a horrible year for the two of them and a long drawn out ‘death’ would come 3 days after the ‘What’s My Line’ show at the Copacabana in Manhattan, New York.

During the show, Jerry is asked “Do you work alone ?”. Through loud cheers and laughter, Jerry’s angst is evident as he answers “No.” Unfortunately, Jerry knew deep down that this wasn’t  going to be true anymore. The next question may as well have been delivered with a loaded gun to his heart “Are you about to work alone ?” If there was ever a moment that you wished that you could disappear, it was probably then for Jerry as he answers “Yes”. With the panel sensing who their special guest was, he is finally asked “Are you the funniest one of the two ?” Jerry doesn’t  know how to answer the question and the host (moderator) next to him answers the question on his behalf. I don’t think I have ever heard or read Jerry say a bad thing about Dean. Jerry seems to have this amazing affection for Dean even towards the bitter end that we, as an audience may never truly appreciate or understand. Jerry would later add once the panel guessed who he was that “The reason why I was doubtful in answer because Dean’s pretty funny…”

And so the end of a beautiful partnership drew to a close in July 1956. Most people had hoped (back then) that it wasn’t  true, which was most evident when the host spoke on the behalf of the panel and audience by saying that “…we have got to hope that Pardners as a picture title means that you and Dean aren’t really gonna break up and that you will stay together..”

Please join me next time as I retell the Martin and Lewis story from the beginning. Enjoy!