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Ed's Epistle....This Day In Dino History....The Happy Birthday Maria Edition!

Sagittarius, the Archer, sign of Fire. Warm, friendly and knowledgeable. We at the blog have discovered that our man Dinos' Moon was MC in 24°39 Sagittarius. You and Dino share the Fire!

Maria. Pretty gal from Norway. Part student, part soccer player, all Dino. The girl is devoted to Dino like bees to flowers. If Dino were art, Maria would be the frame. She plays keeper on the soccer field, and keeper of The Dean at her blog. He's in good hands in Maria's blog. She's got a Dino spread-o-pics that makes this pally jealous! Give it a visit!

November 28 through December 4 1970
Dino on cover TV Guide this week in 1970

November 29, 1954
Capital releases single, “Long, Long Ago”/”Open Up The The Doghouse” w/ Nat King Cole released.

November 29, 1957
Recorded the Frank Sinatra show. Sang, “They Didn’t Believe Me”
Duet w/ Sinatra, “On A Slow Boat To China”, “Memories Are Made Of This”, “Innamorata”, “Oh Marie”, and “Don’t Cry Joe”.

November 29, 1953
Dino featured in Leisure Time magazine & on cover.

November 29, 1966
Reprise releases single, “Blue Christmas/”Marshmallow World” .

November 29, 1987
Dean hosts Las Vegas 75th Program "Las Vegas: An All-Star 75th Anniversary"

Happy 18th Birthday Maria! Here's to your day!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dino-speakin' With Maria

Hey pallies, likes over the course of a few weeks this summer, I conducted a Dinointerview with our youthful Dinolovin' pallie from Norway..... Maria. Decided to postpone havin' the interview posted until 'round Maria's big 18th birthday on November 29. So, today we are postin' Maria's tale of Dinodevotion, 'cause tomorrow our pallie Ed...y'all knows Ed...of Ed's Epistle is goin' to do a very special Dino post in honor of Miss Maria's date of stay tuned pallies to checks it out on the morrow.

Maria spoke quite candidly 'bout our Dino and her admiration for our King of Cool, so I hopes that y'all will take the time to read Maria's Dinoreflections. I knows you will enjoy readin' Maria's perspectives on our Dino and will find much Dinoedification in her Dino-observations. You will note that a pix of Maria is bein' shared as well as a trio of her most fav of favs Dino photos. Dinodevotedly, DMP btw, pallies, if you clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost you will be transported to Maria's blogg which is so so full of Dinodevotion.....

DMP: To begin with Miss Maria, would you tell us a bit 'bout yourself.

M: Well, I am 17 years old soon 18. I am going 3 year in secondary school and specifying in computers. I live in Norway, but I was born in Russia, have a lot of blending in my family. I have Italian, Greek and Russian roots. I play professional soccer and I have keeper position.

DMP: I'm wonderin' if you remember the first time that you ever ever saw our Dino?

Oh, I think I was around 5-6 years old. Back then I loved Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby, and once I heard my mother listening to Dean Martin and I just started singing along, even thou I didn’t know the words. I asked my mother once, what was the name of this song and she told me it was “When You’re Smiling”

First time I saw Dino, was when I was around 11 I think, I saw “Some Came Running” with Dino, Frank and Shirley.

DMP: How were you introduced to our Dino and how long did it take you before you fell head-over-heels for our great man?

M: Well, I was raised in this old fashion, loud half Italian family. And my uncle always told us kids, and specially boys that when they grow up, if they are smart and got talent they may become at least 5 % of what great Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra where. And, so whole my life I heard just good things about Dino and after a while I started to get interested and found a lots of films on TV with him. And it didn’t take me long time to fall in love and dream that one day I will meet someone like him. The dream is steel there and I have fallen in love with him even more : )

DMP: Since you are of a younger age, but so advanced in your Dinodevotion, I wonder what your parents think of your deep deep they understand and support your amazin' Dinodevotion?

M: Well, everyone from my Italian side of the family, yes. But the other part of the family is kind of worried that I spend so much time to know Dean, as they say: You have to be more interested in what’s cool now days and not about things that happened 50 years ago. But this “side” of the family is from Russia and they didn’t have opportunity to grow up with Dean, course of old regime you know… So they don’t know that much about Dean and Rat Pack etc. But I don’t think about what they say too much, I am kind of in that age where I know everything better that anyone else : P

DMP: Wonderin' when youngens your age discover your love of our Dino, what do they say?.....what do they think? Have you been able to win any of your peers to becomin' Dinocrazed?

M: Well all of my friends really don’t like “old” music and kind of mock me because of my love to Dean. They just think that it is creepy that I am some much in love with some old, dead and not at all handsome guy.. But that’s their choice and I am not trying to make them like him or listen to him if they don’t like it.. But I have a lot of older friends who love his voice and even ask me whether they could borrow my cd’s and stuff like that : ) And that’s something you know J

DMP: One of my fav questions to always ask pallies is based on one of my fav Dinosongs "Welcome To My World." What does it mean to you to be welcomed into our Dino's world and how has that impacted your life?

M: Even though Dean isn’t alive any more.. Just being able to look back in the history and look how one of the greatest entertainer, personalities lived and worked, makes me feel kind of privileged.. The song title itself is just typical Dean.. Course all his life this was really just HIS world, and everybody where just living in it.. This may make someone think that I am just crazy or something, but Dean has really helped me thru most difficult situations in my life.. He has shaped me as a persona and even made me a better person.. And if a person who is no longer with us, but can still have power to shape a person’s life and make us feel better where ever we need it.. Well, I will bow too this person… And that’s one of the reasons why he really was The King Of Cool..

DMP: Yes, it is amazin' how much influence our Dino can and does have over the lives of those who wanna live in his world. If it is not too personal, woulda you mind tellin' us a story or two of times when our Dino has helped you....guided you in the right path to follow?

M: Well, you see my parents decided to get a divorce almost a year ago.. And, well I wasn’t too thrilled about it (to put it mildly) And well, after that I just had trouble sharing my problems with my friends or anybody else.. But then I tough, instead of being angry and going around punching stuff wasn’t a good solution.. So every time I felt blue, angry etc. I just went up to my room, turned speakers as loud as possible and just listened to Dean for hours and hours… And all anger and sadness just went away, and I felt like I wasn’t in my room anymore, but just on a soccer field (it sounds stupid, but that’s really the only place where I feel relaxed) alone, playing a little and listening to Dean… And just like that, everything was just fine and cool… Nothing too worry about, no troubles, just me and Deans voice…

DMP: I know you have read many of the bios written 'bout our Dino....woulda you mind lettin' all us pallies know which ones you have read and what your Dino-opinion is of each?

M: Me and Dean: A love story. Very good and open book, where Jerry really opens up about what really went on when Martin and Lewis where a team. Second one is Dino, Living High In The Business Of Dreams. Here I wound out lots of new stuff about Dean. Good book, that I think tells a lot about his strength, weaknesses and his life. And Martini Man. Good book, but I can’t say anything else about it.

DMP: If some asks you....Why Dean Martin?.....meanin' why so devoted to Dino?...likes what woulda you say?

M: Well, I think the first time I heard his voice I just fell in love in that deep, baritone voice. Then I discovered Martin and Lewis, than his films and not that long ago Dean Martin Show. And I just feel that I have learned so much from him and after all I think that he is the sexiest man that has ever lived :D

Everything he did would be perfect, and the best of all is that he never forgot who got him there, he never forgot himself and never changed just because he was King Of Cool.

And this will sound stupid, but when I grew up I never had a stabile father figure around me but the things Dean did and the way he was gave me an example of what my own father would teach me in life. So there are thousands of reasons why I love him so much. Well there is nothing not to like about him, he was kind, real family person, down to earth, sweet, sexy as hell, talented in almost everything (he could dance, sing, act, be a comedian etc.) So to me he has always been an idol, role model and he gave me an idea for what a real man should be like.

And every time I feel down or I have some problems in live I just think what Dean would do and try to do the same thing and it worked every time!

DMP: I am intrigued by your statement "Everything he did would be perfect, and the best of all is that he never forgot who got him there, he never forgot himself and never changed just because he was King Of Cool."

Would you elaborate more on these cool Dinothoughts.....'specially this thought... "he never forgot who got him there, he never forgot himself ." Woulda loves to hear more 'bout your thoughts and feelin' on this......

M: Well he grew up in, well not poor family but not rich and then he dropped school and worked a lot and really worked for his fame. Then he met Jerry and they got rich, famous and had everything a man would need or want. But he still took care of his parents, he was the same dedicated father and he didn’t go all snobby. He always said that he is proud of being Italian and every person in the entertainment world said that he was easy, relaxed and always fun to work with and that he was the same person on stage as he was off stage. Just look at today’s movie “starts” they have everything and they forget who they were before all this fame. Dean always was King of Cool, and that’s because he was born like that. I think people like that are born once in a 100 years. So no matter how famous he was, he was always down to earth person and never changed.

After he and Jerry got really famous he took care of his parents till the end, the agent with whom he lived before Martin and Lewis (he “lived” in his office because he couldn’t afforded to rent a place for him self), Dean paid back every cent and stayed with him as long as it was possible.

DMP: So, tell me, why do you think that it is our Dino who got to be so blessed to be one of those "people like that are born once in a 100 years?"

M: Well, I think after the war, with all the problems USA needed that laughter. Martin and Lewis gave them that light, something good in the middle of chaos. And Jerry would never become as huge without Dean. And even now I believe that there are people who are feeling down, tuning on Dean and feeling better. I guess he will bring laughter for many many years. And unfortunately I think it will take long time before we see another genius like him... If we ever will…

DMP: Pallie, you said, "but the things Dean did and the way he was gave me an example of what my own father would teach me in life..." So our Dino has been a huge father figure in your life....would you elaborate on some of the essential teachin's of our Dino that you have related to your life?

M: Well, it’s really just the simple things in life.. Being kind, being strong and sticking up for what you mean and want, being proud of your heritage.. And the most important was, never care if people are talking about you, if people don’t like you.. Just living your own life, for yourself, your family and your closest friends. And if u get famous, never forget people who helped you on the way up.. After all you will meet them on your way down!

So just like Dean said: "They can’t hurt your feelings if you never have any."

DMP: Well, Maria, I thinks that this may be a good place to conclude this Dinointerview for now....leavin' us with some of our Dino's best wisdom. Thanks so much for doin' this ilovedinomartin Dinointerview and, btw pallie....Happy 18th Birthday.

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Ed's Epistle......Hello Dino-zens!

Welcome to Ed’s Epistle! Ramblin’s and Ruminations of a Disciple of Dino.
I am, as the title suggests, a Disciple a Dino. Steeped in the aura of one Dean Martin since before I can remember. Like a prince born into a bloodline. I neither picked nor chose to be a Dino Disciple. Dino to me has been the air I breathed and the sound I hear since my day of birth. I don’t question the sky of blue, and I don’t question the Dino. I behold the title and the inheritance with a badge of honor.
In my Ramblin’s and Ruminations, I share my personal experiences, opinions, and joy that I have with our man Dino. I have been to the beginning in Steubenville, and I’ve been to the end in a little cemetery in Westwood California. I’ve been to one of Dinos first haunts in The Spot bar, and I’ve been to his last haunt in Davincis restaurant in Beverly Hills.
I’ve read just about every book and have heard just about every song relating to Dino. I plan on hitting all Dino cylinders in my Ramblin’s. Song reviews, web site reviews, comparing and contrasting Dino and his contemporaries, book comments and reviews, and many other Dino facts and tidbits.
I am not a Dino expert, I’m just a guy expressing my Dino interest and energy in this beautiful little corner of the world we know as ilovedinomartin blog.
What makes us different than other blogs? Well, I believe we’re going to take Dino to the next level. Mr. DMP and myself are out-of-the-box thinkers. We plan on taking everything Dino has done and place each and every bit under the Dino-microscope. Some events never before have been under such Rabmliln’s and Ruminations spotlights. We believe even the most obscure Dino-bit deserves the attention the most popular Dino bit receives.
How are we going to do this? Just like anything else, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. We have a deep library of Dino facts and figures. We research and discover new Dino information daily. Dino-data and Dino-energy mixed up and stirred with the blog, add some Dino fans such as yourself, and bingo!
We have a great interest and devotion to bringing Dino to you. Striving to be the best dam Dino Blog on the net!
How we planning on accomplishing that?
We want to be an open blog. We would love to hear from you, the Dino fan. You can request information or reviews from anything related to Dino. Nothing is too menial or trivial for us to address. You can email me personally at I will try my best to answer all inquiries, questions and requests. You want to know about a date, time, or location of a Dino event, just ask! Request a review, give me a yell!
Welcome to our blog, won’t you come on in. Step into our blog, and leave your comments behind, welcome to our blog, built with you in mind!

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Ed's Epistle......Happy Dino Thanksgiving!

Location? On a stage somewhere, Anytown USA.
Time? When Dino roamed and owned the earth.
Dino: “You know why they call it Plymouth Rock? Those pilgrims backed up their Plymouth into that rock. That’s why they call it Plymouth Rock.”

True Story.
It was Dino that quickly pointed out that America was discovered by a fellow Italian, Amerigo Vespucci. In turn, it was America who discovered Martin, Sinatra, Como, Martino, Bennett, Vale, Laine, Darin, Damone, and Prima. All Italian-American singers who forever changed the American music landscape. Imagine a world without Dean Martin. Elvis has no direction. Sinatra hasn’t a Yin to Yang, and good luck with reviving the Humphrey Bogart-less Holmby Hills Rat Pack. Joey Levitch is still Joey Levitch. Who’s Joey Levitch you ask? Welcome to a Dino-less world. Joey Levitch became Jerry Lewis. The word “cool” would have been forever associated with the weather. The Beatles would still be remembered as being “untouchable”.
Let’s be selfish for a bit. Without Dino, we don’t have see our fathers settling down in his favorite chair smoking his favorite pipe, spinning his favorite Dino LP. The man who makes my dad happy is the man that makes us happy. Pleasure hasn’t a salesman. Time passes and finds me sitting down in my favorite chair with my favorite beverage, listening to my favorite Dino iPod playlist. Coincidence? Think not my fellow Dino-phile. Dino transcends generations, countries, languages, races, sexes. He touches all! Cool has no color. Cool is ageless. You’re only as far from cool as the nearest Dino LP, CD, book, what have you. If you can’t find cool, pick up a Dino LP, look at it. It’s your cool compass, it always points to cool. Without it you’re never lost pally!
The things in life to be thankful for? Dino said it best..
Tender kisses, nights of bliss. Small moonbeams, sips of wine. Wedding bells, little kids, and dreams to savor. Blessings, man, wife, love and life. Memories are made of this.
Be thankful for those who brought them to you. Return the favor, help make others lives more memorable.
Happy Thanksgiving Pallies!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recipe for Dean's favorite zuppe (soup)

Hey pallies, when you thinks of thankgivin' certainly we all think of eatin'....wells as I was wonderin' what to post this Dino day, our Dino puts this Dino recipe in my path in two ways...first saw it a couple of days ago at the premier Dino site and then it cames 'cross my path last night as a blog post at our Dino's myspace place (clicks on tagg of this Dino gram to goes there). How cool of our Dino to gives me such clear Dino direction!

Wants to thank our pallie, Ryan N., for sharin' this Dino fav with all us Dino lovers just in time to serve it for the day of givin' Dino thanks.

As our Dino sez, "When the stars make you drool Joost-a like pasta fazool....That’s amore." So cooks up your self a batch of this Dino dish knowin' you are eatin' likes our Dino eats....and enjoys the clip of our Dino singin' "That's Amore" from the Dino and the kid caper "The Caddy." Dinodevotedly, DMP

Monday, November 23, 2009

Recipe for Dean's favorite zuppe (soup)

Recipe for pasta fagiole.

2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 med onion finely chopped
2 (15 oz cans) cannellini beans
6 cups of water
Salt and pepper to taste
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
8 oz tuberini or salad macaroni pasta
1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese

Heat the oil in a large pot and saute the onions. Add 2 cans cannellini beans and the 6 cups of water. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle on the cinnamon. Cover and bring to a boil for about 10 minutes then reduce heatto a simmer and cook slowly for 2 hours. Bring to a slow boil again and add the pasta and cook until pasta is al dente about 10 minutes. Add freshly ground pepper and the parmesan cheese and serve. It's even better the 2nd day.

Serves 4

I always double the recipe and use chicken broth and water but otherwise it's the same.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ed's Epistle......Ramblin's and Ruminations of a Disciple of Dino

From the Bottom of My Heart Song Review

“From The Bottom Of my Heart”
Written by Danny Diminno & George Cardini
Arranged and conducted by Chuck Sagle

August 30, 1962 Reprise Recordings Single, flipside to “In A Little Spanish Town”

Dino oozes. It’s not a new Dino ooz, but it's a rare one. Even for his Dino ooz standards, FTBoMH is special. Seven syllables into this masterpiece and hes got you. Six words is all it takes. It’s over. The man exhales a few breaths, throws in a little sorrow, a pinch of anguish, and a mouthful of Dino emotion and it’s over. He owns you. You’re instantly sucked into his world for the next two minutes and forty four seconds. This is the epitome of ones acceptance into Deans world. Three seconds of the voice is all it took in this gem.
Show me anything else that takes away our breath, your soul, faster than those three seconds and I’ll eat my fedora. Dino takes this song by the proverbially balls from the get-go and he owns it. No mere mortal could do to these lyrics as what Dino has done here. No other human could breathe such life so effortlessly as he did with this relatively unknown piece. Straight out the gate Dino lays is out there. No tip toeing about, no warnings, nothing. He lyrically rips his beating heart of his own proud chest, throws it onto the floor for everyone to see what sorrow and desperate love pining has done to it. Crushed by the very same reason it beats. Some broad. The man is so laid out he slips into his indigenous tongue. The scene is so serious it requires two languages for Christ sake.
So effortless is the translation from English to Italian, you barely take notice. You understand not the words, but the feelings. You understand the voice. You get it. You don’t need some vernacular hand holding during this Dino moment.If you need to ask Dino for the translation, then you need to take your heart and throw it to the gutter! Cause it ain’t workin! I suppose the power of FTBoMH can be compared to the strength of “Just Say I Love Her’, or perhaps even “Come Back to Sorrento”.
To be honest, there are dozens of Dino tunes that steal your soul in the same manner. But in my world, nothing can touch the way
Dino steps up to the mike and takes control as he did in FTBoMH.

Preferred listening suggestion:To fully experience this slice of Dino succulence, one needs to totally surrender oneself to it. For me, this is a late night dish best
served after a glass or three of your favorite spirit, or perhaps a nice deep red vino. Do not serve this masterpiece with paper
plates and plastic forks. This piece deserves its own time, its own place, and its own fine china. Please give yourself enough time
to prepare for this dish. Don’t rush into this one. You’re selling yourself short if you do. Personally, I prefer to get to Level Two on
the Sauce Meter before I break this one out. Lights dim, or candles burning, whatever works for you. Close your eyes, and let go.
You’re in his world now. Enjoy, and good night.

From the bottom of my heart, Dear

I love you

Even though you broke my heart

I still love you

What more can I say

Since you went away

I just couldn’t hide my pride

Truly dear, oh how I cried

From the bottom of my heart, Dear

I miss you

I would give my very soul

Just to kiss you

Please come back to me

Hold me tenderly

Take me in your heart again

Be mine my love, forever

Dammi, dammi, dammi tanto amore

Fammi, fammi, fammi questo favore

Dolce come tu è la gioventù

Primavera sei per me

Vieni su fammi saper

dammi, dammi solo un pò di speranza

Un bacin da te per me è bastanza

Ma se nel tuo cor` puoi trovar ancor

Un pò piu d`amor, amor,

Be mine, my love forever.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome Ed to Team ilovedinomartin

Hey pallies, I am so so pleased and excited to announce to all you dudes that our pallie Ed who has ignited the pages of ilovedinomartin with his column, "Ed's Epistle......Ramblin's and Ruminations of a Disciple of Dino," has consented to becomin' a full partner in team ilovedinomartin.

Ed's Epistle......Ramblin's and Ruminations of a Disciple of Dino

I am still in the process of interviewin' Ed for a feature here at the Dino blog, so stay tuned to learn more 'bout his many and varied Dino connections, but any of you pallies who have been followin' his ramblin's and ruminations knows that he is one sold out guy to our Dino.

Havin' Ed on team ilovedinomartin means more Dino more of the time for all us Dinoholics. Ed's amazin' Dino talents will certainly draw more and more pallies into knowin', lovin', and honorin' our great man. When Ed writes Dinophiles look, listen, and learn......Ed's love of our Dino is infectious.....with the Dino results that ever more Dino devotion will be radiatin' out of ilovedinomartin.....spreadin' the Dino word farther and farther into the Dino universe.

It is with the greatest of Dino pleasure that I welcome Ed to team ilovedinomartin and hopes that all ilovedinomartin Dino devotees will takes the time to welcome Ed to our Dino conclave by droppin' him some patter on his Dino posts.

The Dino pixs and Dino clips spread through out this announcement are some of Ed's enjoys pallies....and the deepest of Dino thanks to Mr. Ed for committin' to workin' for our Dino at ilovedinomartin..... Dinodelightedly, DMP

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ed's Epistle...... Dino, Sittin on Top of the World

Not since the internet boom of the mid ‘90’s has there been such a buzz around the dens of Dino. The new partnership, which you heard first at ilovedinomartin blog, between the Dean Martin Family Trust, Universal Music Enterprises, and the Bradford Exchange, has this pally feeling like a feather in the breeze! Dino will be re-introduced to Italy’s fashion scene via PLG, his music catalogue to be managed by Universal Music, and his image marketed by the Bradford Exchange. The Dino-trifecta. Hello world!

A Dino-Renaissance is afoot. The powers that be, opened up the sealed Dino-vaults and have found untold fortunes of Dino-treasures. Open up those doors, and lay some happiness on me!
Till we get our fill, from the tree of Dino we shall eat. Aint no snake in this garden daddy-o! The fruits of Dino-labor are about to harvested, divided, distributed, consumed and celebrated! The way Dino!

“It’s about style and attitude.” Bruce Resnikoff, Pres. CEO UME.

Italy isn’t Italian enough, let there be Dino. Selling Dino to Italy is like selling Voltaire to France, water to fish. On a strada in Rome they were shopping for Dino, it was spring time. Italy’s about to experience what historians will later describe as, Dino-Boomers. Dino to Italy is vino to glass. Skirt to bella donna.

If you’re penchant for Dino resembles a bartender during prohibition, then you my pally friend are in for a treat. Your proverbial Dino beak is about to be wetted, drenched even. Pull up a stool, peruse the menu. New items. Dino calendars, CD’s, DVD’s, new material, new Dino rarities. And not just any ordinary company representing Dino. The Bradford Exchange is the best in the biz. Miracles I guess, still happen now and then!

These are good times pallies. A benchmark in Dino history. Raise your glass. Here’s to unreleased songs, concerts, pictures and new fans! Welcome to his world!

Let’s celebrate the only way we know how! Dino, take it away!

Friday, November 20, 2009

"Ed's Epistle: "On This Day In Dino History: November 20, 1952"

Ed's Epistle......Ramblin's and Ruminations of a Disciple of Dino

"On This Day In Dino History: November 20, 1952"

Fewer places I can conjure up to be on a warm Hollywood night in November 1952, than that tall sleek stack of 45’s off Hollywood and Vine. To witness Dino do to song what wine does the head.
At this point in his career, with already 100 songs recorded in 29 recording sessions, Dino has this business down pat.

Wear the hat, or hang the hat, his biggest decision of the night I’m sure. The man is about to put voice to tape for decades of future generations to enjoy, and he’s tossin' cigarettes into his mouth like a magician. Great ones make exceptional appear routine.

Friday night, November 20th, 1952, Dino cozies up to the silver pill in the Capital Studios for two recording sessions. Who says our Dino wasn't a devoted artist? The "Dean Martin Sings" LP sessions, released the following year on January 12, 1953.

5pm to 8:00pm
"Just One More Chance"
"I'm yours"
"With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming"
"There's My Lover"
"A Girl Named Sue"

9:30pm to 12:30am
"Who's Your Little Who-Zis"
"I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze"
"I Feel a Song Coming On"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dean Martin, the King of Cool, Gets Collectible, Digital and Swingin'................

Hey pallies, likes I just can't tells you how stoked I am to be sharin' this Dino news with all my ilovedinomartin pallies. The tagg of this Dino gram says it licensin' Dino partnerships have just been announced that means more Dino for more pallies, and in the words of this news release:

"Said Laura Lizer, executor of the DMFT: 'Dean Martin is an icon for every era, for every generation. Now, with new albums and new mixes, new products and new ideas, we're bringing that special magic of Dean Martin not only to today's fans but also to those who will become fans in the years ahead.'"

To checks this out in it's original format, just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram to goes to the PR Newswire pad where this was released.

And, pallies, please stayed tuned to this humble little Dino pad for some Dino patter from our Dinoholic Ed 'bout these here Dino happenin's. Watch for a special ed of Ed's Epistle.....Ramblin's and Ruminations of a Disciple of Dino set to print on Saturday for Ed's impressions of what these new partnerships mean for Dinoholics everywhere. Dinostoked, DMP

Dean Martin, the King of Cool, Gets Collectible, Digital and Swingin' With New Licensing Partnerships, Website E-Commerce and a Holiday Album Featuring 'Winter Wonderland - The Swingin' Yuletide Mix'

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Dean Martin, the iconic singer who defined cool, smooth, and suave expands into the collectible and digital universes with new partnerships announced today on the heels of a fresh just-in-time-for-the-holidays collection of 14 Dino Christmas classics, My Kind Of Christmas (Polydor/UMe), featuring a specially commissioned remix, "Winter Wonderland - The Swingin' Yuletide Mix."

Elevating the legendary singer (and 2009 Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award winner) to a level of brand awareness worthy of his stature as the King of Cool are agreements with the Bradford Exchange--who has licensed Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and other superstars for the collectibles market--and PLG, Italy's premier licensing agency, as well as the recent launch of a new Website ( powered by innovative e-commerce technology from Echospin.

Said Bruce Resnikoff, President/CEO, UMe: "Dean Martin as a brand has always been about more than music. It's about style and attitude. The ventures announced today ensure that one of the most recognizable personalities in show business history will resonate in pop culture far into the future." In 2008, UMe acquired worldwide rights to the recordings Martin made for the Reprise label as well as Martin's name and likeness from the Dean Martin Family Trust (DMFT).

Said Laura Lizer, executor of the DMFT: "Dean Martin is an icon for every era, for every generation. Now, with new albums and new mixes, new products and new ideas, we're bringing that special magic of Dean Martin not only to today's fans but also to those who will become fans in the years ahead."

With the worldwide licensing partnership between Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) and the Bradford Exchange, Martin's name, likeness, signature, logo and sound recordings may find its way onto products from plates, clocks and music boxes to pins, retro phones and radios. All products and product designs will be subject to the approval of UMe and the DMFT.

Added Maura E. Kelly, Vice-President Licensing and Art Acquisition, Bradford Exchange: "Dean Martin is an extraordinary figure in pop culture who continues to be rediscovered. We look forward to working with UMe and the Martin family to bring his inimitable and classic style to celebrity-branded products."

The Dean Martin brand will also reach Italy, the ancestral home of the man born Dino Crocetti, thanks to an agreement reached between UMe and Milan-based Professional Licensing Group (PLG), Italy's premier licensing agency. PLG will expand the Dean Martin brand, with the DMFT's approval, with products from apparel to accessories for the fashionable Italian market.

Noted Attilio Mazzilli, Creative Director, PLG: "Dean Martin was the most popular performer to ever have hits sung in both English and Italian. We are proud to represent here such a symbol of the connection between Italy and America."

Meanwhile, as Bradford and PLG develop products, the music of Dean Martin, including the recently issued My Kind Of Christmas, is now available via a new Website. Utilizing Echospin's market leading commerce and media delivery platform that facilitates the sale and promotion of digital, physical and mobile products by integrating direct-to-fan sales and promotions into Websites, fans will enjoy greater access, availability and ease of purchase through

The amore for Dean Martin continues into 2010 and 2011 with new CD and DVD releases culled from the DMFT audio and video vaults, including rare never before seen and recently discovered treasures, out of print, and unreleased performances.


Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) is the centralized U.S. catalog and special markets entity for Universal Music Group. Working in conjunction with all of the company's record labels, UMe provides a frontline approach to catalog management, a concentration of resources, a greater emphasis on strategic marketing initiatives and opportunities in new technological fields. UMe is also designed to aggressively develop a cohesive and strategic approach to maximizing catalog repertoire by initiating and implementing integrated marketing campaigns, direct to consumer programs, brand management initiatives and strategic partnerships.


Headquartered in Niles, Illinois, The Bradford Exchange was founded in 1973. Among its other licenses are Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jordan, Disney, Warner Bros., MGM, Mattel, Coca-Cola, NASCAR, Major League Baseball, and the NBA, NFL and NHL. The Bradford Exchange is the definitive leader in developing and marketing the finest quality collectibles ranging from plates and dolls, to music boxes and ornaments, to architectural villages, diecast cars, and more. No other companies in the industry sell to a greater segment of the market or have a greater variety of products; and no other collectibles companies have the resources and industry knowledge to consistently identify, develop and spearhead new trends in collecting. With the highest percentage of successful products and more awards than any competitors, the Bradford Exchange clearly dominates the field in product development, direct mail promotions and customer satisfaction.

SOURCE Universal Music Enterprises

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

56' Chris-Craft Salon Motoryacht - once owned by Dean Martin

Hey pallies, like any of you pallies have a mere $169,900 to loan this Dinoholic? That's all the bread that it woulda take to owns my self a Dino craft. If you read the Dino prose below, provided by a dude tagged Steve at a blog tagged "Seattle Jew," you will discover that a moteryacht once owned by our Dino is up for sale.

Image bein' able to cruise in a craft once motored by our Dino?!??!??! How cool woulda that be.... As usual, to check this out in it's original format, just click on the tagg of this Dino post. Dinodesirin', DMP

Monday, November 16, 2009

56' Chris-Craft Salon Motoryacht - once owned by Dean Martin

56' Chris-Craft Salon Motoryacht - once owned by Dean Martin: "Dean Martin fans rejoice! Crafted of teak and mahogany, this classic 1956 Chris Craft was once owned by the late Dean Martin. The stunning 56 ft yacht has been christened the “Innamorata, Italian for sweetheart, after one of Dean Martin's most memorable songs. She is currently being operated as a dinner cruise charter yacht on Lake Chelan. This is a unique opportunity to own a exquisite Christ-Craft motoryacht with a history of being owned by a celebrity. Imagine who could have been on board with Dean and his family; Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe. She is literally a window into old Hollywood. If you are looking for a turn key charter business in a great location, or would just like to own a peice of Hollywood maritime history- this is your chance. Whatever your pleasure, the Innamorata reflects the romance, elegance, and nostalgia reminiscent of the great Hollywood icons. She also has a fresh Gen-set and both main engines run strong. Asking $169,900 OBO. For more info please call 425-293-1269"

Posted by SM Schwartz at 11:08 PM

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ed's Epistle: "Remembering A Man and His Son"

Ed's Epistle......Ramblin's and Ruminations of a Disciple of Dino

"Remembering A Man and His Son"

”For rarely are sons similar to their fathers: most are worse, and a few are better than their fathers.” Homer

In the animal kingdom, the offspring of an eagle, is an eagle. In the entertainment kingdom, offspring of star is often a victim of circumstance. Rarely do the sons and daughters live up to the lofty accomplishments of their famous parents. Unfair and unsolicited comparisons is the nature of the inherited business.

Dean Paul Martin Jr., born November 17th 1951 to Dean and Jeanne Martin. The proudest family jewel in Dean Martin’s “King of Cool” crown. Common Hollywood bloodlines, unlike Royal Bloodlines, typically bestow nothing more than a surname. Or, in the case of Dino Martin Jr., a cognomen, a surname, and a suffix. Rare is the child who can take the burden of his father’s name, his famous father’s name, and further enrich it.

“When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.” Proverb

Dino Jr., accomplished tennis player, Golden Globe nominated actor, singer, and military pilot. Handsome man once married to actress Olivia Hussey, and later to Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill. To suggest Dino Jr. failed to enrich his bloodline would be an offense. Dino Jr. seized the spirit of Dean, added some drums, took to athletic competition, jumped on a motorcycle, and boarded a jet fighter! Dino Jr. wasn’t one to sit idle at the feet of his father, The Idol.

Dean Paul Martin Jr. accomplished what few celebrity children could. Almost in a rebellious fashion, Dino Jr. thrust upon the scene his own man. Outside of his first stint at singing and playing guitar in the teen group Dino, Desi, & Billy, Dino Jr. pretty much shied away from the music scene. Tennis was his new challenge. Motorcycles were his hobby.

When daddy-o Dino sauntered, Dino Jr. sprinted. When daddy-o Dino crooned, Dino Jr. careened. Whether the Dino gene drove him to be his own man, or follow in his father’s famous footsteps, we’ll never know.

“To a father, when a child dies, the future dies; to a child when a parent dies, the past dies.” Red Auerbach

San Gorgonio Mountain, aka Old Greyback. At 11,503 ft. it’s the highest point in Southern California. Old Greyback, hiding like a coward in a snowstorm, took the soul of Dino Jr. when his National Guard F-4 Phantom fighter jet plunged mountainside.

In celebration of the pride and joy of a great man.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I love Dean Martin and his old show.

Hey pallie, the blog is tagged Higher Powered and the blogger is named dAAve. This dAAve dude has posted probably the most watched Dinoclip ever....that of our Dino and Mr. Foster Brooks as the drunk airline pilot. Knows that all you pallies have probably seen this Dino clip countless Dino times but you all knows that true Dinoholics can never ever gets 'nough of our Dino and so enjoys it again dudes!

And, I also post this 'cause I love finin' pallies likes this dAAve who are not afraid of speakin' their Dino love and liftin' upi o

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Overshooting the airport

I love Dean Martin and his old show.

Not only did he have a beautiful singing voice but was a fine comedian as well.

Posted by dAAve at 6:13 AM

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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hey pallies, as promised here's the sixth and last installment in the Nick chicks view of "The Ambushers." Again, to view this in it's original format, just clicks ono the tagg of this Dinogram to goes there.

Knows that I don't much agree with Miss Nick's Dino observations, does makes this Dino heart glad to see the name of our Dino lifted up in this six part look at Matt Helm caper numero 3. Dinolovin', DMP btw, diggs those Dino goggles..I want's a pair of 'em....


Quintana gives Matt and Sheila a tour of the brewery, and of course Matt samples all the produce. Sheila notices some workers lifting barrels using stripped down versions of the walking fork lift truck from “Aliens”. Quintana explains how effective they are and how it works but it sails right over an increasingly sozzled Matt Helm’s head. So they skip on to a pool party where beautiful women are dancing around: Remember at the start I said I had a theory about the success of the Matt Helm movies? It’s that they pack a whole lot of gorgeous women in skimpy costumes in them. There, that’s it. That’s the only reason I can think of. Certainly action, story, characters and entertainment have nothing to do with it.

A helicopter arrives and out steps Mr. Salvador Dali goatee beard who captured the Menstrual Cycle. Sheila sees him and goes into a kind of trance whilst Matt tries to follow him and take his picture. The guy goes indoors and Matt is approached by a girl who dances up to him and gives a bit of expository dialogue to help him: The man is called Jose Ortega and she’s called Francesca Madieros and there’s a bit of flirtatious banter to follow because Matt Helm can’t speak in any other way. We also find out that all the beautiful instructors and trainees from ICE headquarters that we’ve met are here undercover and posing as the brewery dancing girls. We know this because they say things like "pssst! McDonald sent us to look after you" in a way that everyone in Tijuana can hear. Man, are those bad guys going to kick themselves when they find out that their hiring policy on dancing girls is so lax!

Speaking of the bad guys, Quintero and Ortega are meeting behind closed doors and Quintero is nervous: He’s sure Sheila is the pilot of the Menstrual Cycle (sheesh, don’t they remember little details like that, especially as they kidnapped her and tortured her until she was bleached white?) and that they’ve been discovered. Ortega, in true classic spy villain style, is unfazed and speaks in monotone to show just how unfazed a villain he is. However, Matt’s right outside taking photos which means we’re dealing with villains with an open door policy on secret meetings. A casually dressed guard eventually shows up and casually asks Matt to hand over the film because Senor Ortega doesn’t like having his picture taken. Matt obliges but little does the guard know that Helm is using the first digital camera in the world and that the pictures are being beamed electronically back to ICE HQ. McDonald identifies Ortega as an enemy called Leopold Caselius; sadistic leader of a fanatic group (which has no name) and sends the message to Matt using a transmitted message on a film strip which can only be read by Matt wearing beer goggles.

Sheila though, has decided to take matters into her own hands. Whilst Ortega goes to clean his hands after cleaning a pistol (just because you’re the villain doesn’t mean you can cut back on good hygiene), she sneaks into his office, grabs the pistol and shoots him when he emerges from the bathroom. Now what kind of villain leaves a loaded pistol lying on his desk and the door to outside wide open for anyone to sneak in whilst he’s in the bathroom? Well, the kind that obviously loaded the gun with blanks because after playing possum for a bit, he gets up. Sheila runs into the night, looking for Matt but being watched by the Turk. She finds Matt with Quintero and says they should leave but Matt, not wanting to pass up the chance of more booze, says what’s the hurry?

Ortega emerges unscathed onto the balcony and nods to Quintero, who nods to his laid back guard, who nods to the mariachi band leader, who has a pair of pistols concealed in a pair of maracas. Goons disguised as waiters surround Matt and Sheila in a way that is not suspicious at all, no siree Bob, and Matt fears the worst. But who should pop up to save them but Francesca? She gets the band to start playing up tempo again and whislt the Matt Helm fan club all start to get involved too, Matt and Sheila slip out the back. You see, once again goons just can’t help themselves but just stand around looking menacing for a minute whilst the heroes evaluate an escape plan. The female ICE agents stop the goons from pursuing Matt and Sheila by making their judo moves look like dance moves. So I guess McDonald’s plan of sending 30 go-go dancers to look after Matt worked after all: I will never doubt his judgement again.

Matt instructs Sheila to take the car and go back to the hotel (first place the bad guys will look for her, numnuts) whilst he deals with the goons. Laid back goon and half a dozen armed men stalk Matt around the car park whilst Matt converts his camera into a pistol. He shoots laid back goon and then uses the metal dissolving device on the others which melts their belt buckles but, strangely, not their guns. Everyone’s pants fall down and, whilst Matt hops onto a motorcycle, from out of nowhere music that sounds like a national anthem starts up and the goons all stand to attention and salute, allowing Matt to escape. No explanation of where this music is coming from is ever explained; it just happens, leaving my head spinning as I can no longer determine just what is and what isn't non-diegetic music in this movie anymore.

Sheila, in the meantime, speeds her way down a lonely highway, pursued by a helicopter. An assassin, concealed in the back seat, gets up and threatens her to take the next turn off. The car pulls over to the edge of a cliff and he says he has instructions to kill her, but first, he’s going to have his way with her. Sheila goes for a romantic clinch and there’s a bang: Her concealed weapon bra kills the assassin. I have to say my favourite person in this movie is Janice Rule as Sheila Sommers. She gives her role, and the concept of a fully loaded bra, far more class than it deserves. Oh, by the way that helicopter that was following them? It's vanished and is never seen again or referred guessed that already? Hey, you cats are alright!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ed's Epistle: "A Visit To The Land Of Dean" Part 2 in a series of 2

Ed's Epistle......Ramblin's and Ruminations of a Disciple of Dino

"A Visit To The Land Of Dean" Part 2 in a series of 2

Down a few blocks from the empty green lot is an old Dino haunt, The Spot Bar. Local legend has it that Dean and his pals dealt cards and palmed silver dollars in the back room here. You can stop in there and enjoy a very affordable snack. The place should be a museum, a national landmark at least.

You can follow the footsteps Dean surely took around back towards the alley; he most likely took this as a shortcut home. Look up and down the streets and alleys and see the exact old buildings and landscape he saw. I’m sure some are gone, but the skeleton is still there. Sidewalks as old as Dino himself crumble underfoot. He’s still there. It feels as he’s living through you. You’re the medium, and he’s soaking it all in. He’s seeing it all over again. He wants you to walk him around the place. Seeing how little the place has changed. You’re seeing it as he did. Walk over a couple blocks to Ft. Steuben. This place had to be the coolest place for teens to hang.

Growing up in a similar town, I know and understand the importance of alleys. Shortcuts, quiet places, hiding places. You know he knew these alleys more than he did the streets. Adults use sidewalks, kids use alleys. It’s their rite. If you go to Steu’ville, pay close attention to them. My male instincts tell me those areas are pure Dino.

I’m very intrigued with respect to know if Irma is still alive. I believe she was back in ’94. She’d be old in 2008, but man would that be cool to have her peaking out her back door to see what punk is snooping’ around the alley, only to have that punk be yours truly, or even cooler for you, you!

The downtown is a well kept and clean somewhat empty street. There are some small businesses located here. Pay special attention to ceilings and such. Many times these places don’t mess with ceilings. They leave hints of what the building used to look like. Vintage Steu’ville. Also a nice quaint touch is the murals. Badges of pride in otherwise quiet streets.

A must in Steubenville is the library. This place has this book full of Dino history. Clippings, articles and pictures that I’m sure you won’t find anywhere else. You want addresses and residencies of Dean in Steubenville, there you go! You can spend hours in the library soaking it in. Now I’m pretty sure Dino knew the place existed, and I’m not saying the library was his second home, but this place reeks of history. Nothing has changed. It’s a beauty!

The post office. They had at the time Dino postcards. Pretty cool to send a Dino post card to yourself with the Steubenville post office stamp on there. One of those rare cheap, free even, souvenirs.

The people of Steubenville are nothing shy of beautiful. Wonderful, happy, friendly people. They were all aware of Dino. They were also aware of the continuing decline of Steubenville, Ohio. It is sad to think that perhaps the entire part of town where Cool was born may be totally defunct within 10 years. I’m talking ghost town. It was mid day on a weekday and the population of Dino-ville couldn’t have been more than 1000 people. Maybe 500? Hard to say. The other side of Steubenville, the west side, looks more like Anytown USA. The Dino Mural is on a wall of grocery store. It’s a nice tribute, but the newness and the location is kind of a turnoff on account of the disconnectedness from Dino-ville.

More obvious points of interest are Dean Martin Blvd, and the Dean Martin historical Marker on the intersection of Dean Martin Blvd and Franklin Ave.. Jimmy the Greek is back in Steubenville, buried in a Steubenville cemetery.

Leaving Steubenville was pure downer. Knowing that as each year passes the inevitable death of Steubenville approaches closer. Not being a citizen, I fear that Steubenville is only a few elections away from having some town official fire up the bulldozers to raze what is left of Dino-ville. Will the upturn of the economy light the fire of real estate investors to buy up Dino-town only to tear down and turn it into the newest Anytown USA on the river front? Or will the economy continue to erode away Dino-town to the point where it because a full blown ghost town? I’m not sure. If I had a vote, I’d vote death by natural causes. Let the old girl fade away into the night. Her soul would slide into the Ohio River and drift away.

Let future archeologist find the place 100 or so years from now. There won’t be any signs or banners. Uninhabited for decades, overcrowded with trees, weeds, roots and moss. Crumbled buildings, murals chipped away. Steubenville is now Steubenville Forest. They will have their COOL Meters ticking away in search of the Holy Grail in small clearing near what used to be South 6th Street. The meter will peg to the right. The ticking has turning into a siren. The light is pulsing out of control. Here it is they gasp. We found it! This is it! This is where is started! We found where COOL was born! It wasn’t a fable, it did exist. He was here!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ed's Epistle: "A Visit To The Land Of Dean" Part 1 in a series of 2

Ed's Epistle......Ramblin's and Ruminations of a Disciple of Dino

"A Visit To The Land Of Dean" Part 1 in a series of 2

It’s only fitting Dean Martin be conceived, birthed, and raised in a small steel mill town named after a Prussian aristocrat. Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin von Steuben, one time George Washington’s chief of staff, one time inspector general, and one time Major general. One can only suppose that a man with so many names has equally as many women.

But I digress. Says here, Steuben had some issues handling his large sums money and was never married. Perhaps that has something to do with all those names. But I assume and digress even further. The man obviously has a great resume. He’s got numerous cities and a fort named after him. But it took someone bigger than Stueben to make Steuben famous. He needed help.

Steubenville Ohio. Little Chicago. City of Murals. Home to Jimmy The Greek, Rollie Fingers, and the most famous Cub Scout Drummer ever, Dino Crocetti. Catholicism has Bethlehem, mythology has Mount Olympus, and coolness has Steubenville Ohio. With all due respect to Graceland, it’s no Steubenville. The atomic clock of coolness effectively started on June 7th 1917 at 11:55pm in Steubenville.

Solar calendar? Inca calendar? Keep ‘em. The Cool calendar has its origin in Steubenville. The Cool calendar has 6 periods. The Steubenville Period, the New York Period (more older texts refer to this period as the Pre-Martin & Lewis Period), The Martin & Lewis Period, The Post-Martin & Lewis Period, The Rat Pack Period, and The Post-Rat Pack Period. But that is another story.

I’m not sure what more can be written of Steubenville Ohio that hasn’t already been written. Or Dean Martin for that matter. Or perhaps the relationship between Dean Martin and Steubenville Ohio. The name Steubenville has rolled off the tongue of Dino numerous times in movies and television shows. The film “Scared Stiff” being the most popular that comes to mind. Most casual Dino fans can identify Steubenville as his home town.

From what I’ve come to learn, the relationship between Dino and Steubenville can be compared to an ex-girlfriend where the relationship ended mutually. He found a hotter woman, and she agreed he did. She didn’t blame him, he couldn’t resist. He moved on, she didn’t. She stayed there, by the river. She followed him from afar. She has her story, once upon a time he belonged to her. He remembers her. He mentions her. She was his first love. Understandably he doesn’t come to visit much. He’s famous. One day he did stop by. He made her famous that day. Then he left. Privately she yearned for more visits. There wasn’t any animosity. There couldn’t be. Dean Martin was the best thing that ever happened to her.

I can only offer my experience from the visit to Steubenville during a spring day a couple years back. If I had to roll up the experience in one word, the word I’d have to use is surreal. I visited Steubenville not during the Dean Martin Festival, which occurs yearly during the month of June, but in April instead. There was no parade, no floats, no stages, and no banners. Just the broken sky of a spring day.

Steubenville in sunlight is like a piece of abstract art. Rusted steel bridges the Ohio River. Scabbed river banks to the east and rolling edge of hill to the east. Dean Martin Blvd hugs the Ohio River around old downtown Steubenville from north and south. The natural boundaries create the surreal feel I’ve suggested. You can walk the entire 1.5 mile by .5 mile area Dino would be familiar within a couple hours.

Modernism took a right when it got to Steubenville. It didn’t even slow down. That’s the beauty of Steubenville. The same city that inspired Dino towards showgirls and show tunes is the city you see today. If there were a way for blight to age gracefully, it has done so here. There are some newer tracts here. The House of Dean is long gone. Just a green little field. Newer houses are in that area now, however they look out of place. It doesn’t work, like when an aging actress gets plastic surgery, sure you look younger, but it just doesn’t look ‘right’.

The House Of Dean should have never been razed. It should have set crumbling like the ruins in Rome Italy. That’s the honor the house should have had been bestowed up on it. If Steubenville has one blemish, it’s that. I suppose it was too much for her to keep. The memories hurt too much.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

El Show de Dean Martin

Hey pallies, our Dinolovin' espanoel pallie Kinezoe alerted me to this "modest" Dinopost honorin' the Dinoshow that he did a few ago at this blogg. To view this in it's original format, just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram.

Kinezoe mighta think this is a "modest" post on our Dino...but nothin' that is ever done for our Dino will not bear good Dinofruit of helpin' pallies grow closer to our great I say my Dinothanks to Dinoholic Kinezoe and says keep up the good Dinowork! Dinosharin', DMP

viernes 7 de agosto de 2009

El Show de Dean Martin

Unas emocionadas palabras de Greg Garrison, director y productor de El Show de Dean Martin, sirven de introducción a esta entrañable y singular versión de "Everybody Loves Somebody".

Dino, su voz, su mirada y un piano. No hace falta más para encandilar.

Porque hubo un tiempo en que sí merecía la pena encender el televisor...

"L.O.V.E." (Dean Martin)

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone who you adore

Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don't break it
Love was made for me and you

Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don't break it
Love was made for me and you
Love was made for me and you
Love was made for me and you

Nada mejor que una buena ración doble de vídeos para empezar con energía y optimismo este agradable y cálido fin de semana. Que ustedes lo gocen ;)

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New Dinofeature comin' this way....Ed's Epistle......Ramblin's and Ruminations by a Disciple of Dino

Hey pallies, there is a new and regular Dinofeature 'bout to break onto the Dinoscene here at ilovedinomartin. Startin' in a very few will be a guest Dinocolumn tagged "Ed's Epistle....."Ramblin's amd Ruminations by a Disciple of Dino."

Ed is one pallie who is totally and I means totally sold out to our Dino. For some time now, Mr. Ed has been a reader of ilovedinomartin and recently took the plunge to leaves some Dinopatter. Since that time, Ed and I have been in correspondance with each other 'bout all thin's Dino. After readin' some of this Dinoholic's Dinoprose I asked him if he would consider sharin' his Dinopassion with all the pallies at this Dinoblog. I am so very grateful that Ed has consented to do Dinofeatures for this humble little Dinopad of ours.

What will Ed's Dinoprose be 'bout?....stayed tuned to finds out pallies. I am currently in the process of doin' an extensive Dinointerview with Ed so that all us pallies can get to knows him better. But, for the moment, here's a few words from Ed 'bout himself: "Lifelong fan of Dino. I’m a mid-century modern guy. I’m all about spreading the Dino word."

You'll gets to recognize our new Dinocolumnist by his tagg and by the cool pix of Ed walkin' the streets of Steubenville, Ohio which is shared below.

Stay tuned pallies for some of the greatest Dinoprose I have ever read. And, Ed, we offer you a warm ilovedinomartin welcome and looks forward to drinkin' in your Dinothoughts and sharin' in your Dinopassion. Dinoexpectantly, DMP

Ed's Epistle......Ramblin's and Ruminations by a Disciple of Dino


Hey pallies, likes we are comin' down the home stretch with this six part series by the Nick chick on "The Ambushers." Again, to view this in it's original format, just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram. Enjoys part 5 pallies... Dinoforever, DMP


So Sheila is rescued and cured and the only side-effect from her ordeal and treatment is that she under the impression that her and Matt are married, because some time in the past they posed as a married couple whilst undercover and that memory has surfaced and become real in her mind. Now, if you think this quirk is going to manifest itself in any significant way or influence the plot even the slightest, then you haven't been paying attention to anything I've said so far so GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY RECAP!

In the next scene, McDonald and Helm watch a boxing match on a cine projector which then turns into a commercial for a Mexican beer. Two Mexican beauties sing a silly jingle and shake their booties because....and Helm recognises the song as something Sheila has heard. I suspect a missing scene because this makes no sense with what we’ve seen up until now. McDonald says the jingle is a reworking of an old marching song used by a bunch of fanatics so Helm joins the dots and figures the head of the Mexican brewery must be mixed up in the flying saucer theft. See? Sherlock Holmes’ maxim perfectly used there: Once you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains, no matter how ludicrously plotted, must be the truth.

So McDonald’s idea is that Helm goes undercover as a photographer to do a photostory on the brewery way down in Acapulco. Oh, and he’s to take Sheila with him as well with her Komedy (tm) quirk of thinking she’s married to Matt. But enough of that silliness because coming up is McDonald’s explanation as to why Sheila must go on the mission and that she’s the only one who can fly the saucer out.

Ladies and gentlemen; I have bought into a number of bogus scientific concepts in movies in my life. I don’t mind Dr. Who’s “reversing the polarity of the neutron flow”, I can just about accept that the beauty was really within and that the drug crystals were a placebo in “Mudd’s Women” and that unlicenced nuclear accellerators can be used to catch ghosts but what McDonald says next is the most ridiculous, the most bullshit, the most brain dead scientific concept ever to grace a movie anywhere...ever.

You see, gentle readers, only a woman can fly the saucer. McDonald’s lab boys ran tests and found that electromagnetic forces kill men. All over the world, roadies for heavy metal bands take their lives into their own hands whenever they step out on stage to plug in a speaker lead and which is why no man can ever have a CAT scan. I’ve heard some stupid explanations in movies but this one tops them all. Throughout this movie, the writers have been working by the premise that women and men are different species which just happen to be biologically compatible when it comes to sex. And how women are able to survive exposure to electromagnetic forces while men can't is never explained: Maybe the saucer runs on sugar and spice and all things nice power? Maybe it’s in sync with a woman’s monthly cycle? That’s it! It runs by the power of menstruation. From now on, I will refer to the saucer as The Menstrual Cycle.

So it’s off to Acapulco; on the plane, Sheila and Matt banter about having a second honeymoon and his quip, “I can’t wait to get you south of the border” would have James Bond groaning in agony. But all is not smooth sailing, because sitting behind them is a man in sunglasses and a Fez, which was standard 1960s uniform for enemy spies. But Matt doesn’t notice him, even when he then follows them to their hotel in a way out looking car that has an aircraft tailfin bolted onto the back. Once checked in, Matt starts eyeing up a woman by the pool and momentarily forgets what a camera is called. He calls over to the hotel manager and asks what her name is. The manager warns Matt that he must stay away from her and have nothing to do with her. Matt asks why and, boom boom, it’s because she’s the manager’s wife. Matt reacts sulkily and mumbles something bad about the manager; damn, marriage is just so inconvienient when you want poon tang on demand.

So Sheila and Matt head to the brewery and Janice Rule is looking quite the MILF in a white hot pant suit and go go boots. They are met by an equally comely secretary who just gushes when she meets Matt, being a fan of his photographic work but not interested in posing for him: I guess there’s a joke buried in there somehow. So a number of businessmen accompanied by two girls dressed in beer mug costumes walk out for absolutely no reason other than to provide more female flesh on screen before we meet Quintana, the brewery chief, played by Kurt Kaznar from “Land of The Giants”: A good actor who mostly appeared in drek over the years.

And with that "Flip Top" picture, I will pause here...

The Dean Martin Show

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The Dean Martin Show

Today the variety show format is nearly unknown on American television. Saturday Night Live on NBC remains the sole survivor of the format, although it has traditionally concentrated on skit comedy much more than most variety shows. There was a time when variety shows were plentiful in the prime time line ups of the networks. In fact, there was a time when some of the biggest names of entertainment had their own variety shows. Judy Garland, Danny Kaye, Frank Sinatra, and many others had turns as hosts of their own variety shows. Among the most successful of them all was Dean Martin.

The Dean Martin Show debuted on NBC on September 16, 1965. While the show was often raked over the coals by critics, it proved to be a hit with viewers. Not only did The Dean Martin Show prove to be a hit in its first season, but it performed consistently well in the ratings for every season it was on. The series lasted for nine years, until May 1974. Afterwards the series had a bit of an afterlife in the form of spinoff specials entitled The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts would continue until 1984.

Dean Martin was no stranger to television or to variety shows when The Dean Martin Show debuted in 1965. In fact, with former comedy partner Jerry Lewis, he was one of the guests on the debut show of a variety series called Toast of the Town on June 20, 1948; it would later become better known as The Ed Sullivan Show. Both with and without Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin had appeared on such shows as The Jack Carter Show, The Jack Benny Programme, The Steve Allan Show, The Perry Como Show, and many others. Neither was Dean Martin a stranger to hosting variety shows. Martin and Lewis had served among the rotating hosts on The Colgate Comedy Hour from its debut on NBC on September 10, 1950 to the show's demise in 1955. In 1964 Dean Martin was the guest host of ABC's variety show The Hollywood Palace twice. It was on one of The Hollywood Palace shows which Martin hosted that The Rolling Stones made their first appearance on American television (Martin's jokes at The Stones' expense has since become the stuff of legend).

It might then seem curious to know that in 1965 Dean Martin was not particularly fond of the idea of doing a regularly scheduled television show. The reason was simply that Martin felt that a television series would prevent him from accepting offers for movies and nightclub performances. When NBC then approached Martin about the prospect of doing a variety show, he demanded terms so outrageous that he was sure the network would turn him down. Quite simply, Dean Martin demanded an exorbitantly high salary, that he be required only to show up for the actual taping of the show, and the show be taped on Sundays. Much to Martin's surprise, NBC accepted his terms.

The Dean Martin Show debuted in the fall of 1965 to a strong start. Its original format was very basic. Dean Martin and pianist Ken Lane were the series' only regulars. While Dean acted as host and sang a few songs, much of the show was filled with big name stars. It was very soon that the ratings for The Dean Martin Show began to falter. Having made a very big investment in the success of the series, NBC brought Greg Garrison in as the show's producer and director. Garrison was a television veteran who had directed such series as The Kate Smith Hour, The Milton Berle Show, and Meet Corliss Archer. In conjunction with musical director Lee Hale, Garrison set about revising the format of The Dean Martin Show. Martin's role on the show was increased, while the number of guest was decreased. Both Garrison and Hale worked hard to make Dean Martin more comfortable with the show. In fact, it was not unusual for Garrison to overbook guests should there be a need to replace them. Garrison and Hale's strategy worked. The Dean Martin Show climbed back to the top of the ratings. By 1967 the show was so successful that Dean Martin received from NBC what may have been the most lucrative contract up to that time.

From that time forward the format of The Dean Martin Show would only change a little over the years. Each show would begin with the strains of Dean Martin's 1964 hit "Everybody Loves Somebody." Dean would then enter by stumble down a flight of stairs, which was soon switched to him sliding down a fireman's pole. Dean would sing a song, tell a few jokes, and introduce his guests. For the next hour there would be more songs (if a singer was the guest on that week's show, he or she would usually perform a solo number and later a duet with Dean), skits, and chat. The Dean Martin Show did have a few regular segments. At some point in the show Dean Martin would retire to his music room, whereupon there would be a knock on The Closet door. The individual in The Closet was always a celebrity guest and most of the time Martin had no idea who would be (this was done to keep his reactions spontaneous). Among the guests who emerged from The Closet were Jack Benny, Johnny Carson, Jimmy Durante, Red Skelton, Flip Wilson, and many others. The Closet was conceived when Garrison needed a means for Martin's uncle, comedian Leonard Barr, to make a surprise visit to the show. In another regular segment, drawn from Martin's nighclub act, Dean Martin would start singing a standard which would invariably end in a gag. The show generally ended with a production number with Martin's guests, often in the form of a musical sketch.

For the show Dean Martin adopted the persona he had created after he had parted ways with Jerry Lewis--that of a drunken, slightly lazy, womanising playboy. This worked well with the atmosphere of the show, which was relaxed, affable, and unpretentious. Although the show was always taped, it very much seemed like a live show. Much of this was due to the fact that Dean Martin had demanded that he be present only for the taping of the show. For only two days The Dean Martin Show would occupy Studio 4 at NBC in Burbank. Saturday would be occupied by rehearsals and blocking the camera setups, with musical director Lee Hale standing in for Martin. On Sunday the show was taped. Although Martin memorised his scripts beforehand, he most often read from cue cards. If he flubbed a line, he simply made a joke and went on. There were no retakes, so that every error Martin made when straight onto tape.

As with many variety shows of the era, The Dean Martin Show did not air in the summer. There were no reruns. As a result, over the years the production crew behind the show would produce various summer replacements which would fill the timeslot of The Dean Martin Show. In 1966 The Dean Martin Summer Show (which didn't feature Martin at all) was hosted by comedy team Rowan and Martin, who would go onto host Rowan and Martin's Laugh In. In 1967 The Dean Martin Summer Show was renamed The Dean Martin Summer Show Starring Your Host Vic Damone. It was in during the 1967-1968 that it was decided the summer show should be a salute to the Thirties. The title for the 1968 summer series was inspired by the classic Busby Berkley musical The Golddiggers of 1933--Dean Martin Presents The Golddiggers. It proved successful enough to return for the 1969 summer season. For the 1970 summer season the show was moved to England and entitled The Golddiggers in London. In 1972 the summer replacement starred Bobby Darin in Dean Martin Presents The Bobby Darin Amusement Company. For 1973 the summer replacement series focused on country music, with the title of Dean Martin Presents Music Comedy. During the 1974 summer season, the show's time slot was filled by The Dean Martin Comedy World, which featured comics from all around the world.

The Dean Martin Show only changed a little over the years, but it did change.One of the changes to the show would come about because of its most successful summer replacement series. As mentioned above, it was in during the 1967-1968 that it was decided the summer show should be a tribute to the Thirties, executed as if network television existed at the time. It was Greg Garrison who had initially thought of the Thirties motif. It was Lee Hale who thought of the name The Golddiggers for the troupe of dancers and singers who would star in the show. Garrison and Hale then hired twelve women on the basis of their talent, attractiveness, and wholesomeness who would form the troupe. The Golddiggers made their debut on The Dean Martin Show during the 1967-1968 season. In addition to their own summer replacement series, The Golddiggers continued to appear on The Dean Martin Show and even appeared on other programmes (as well as appearing in Bob Hope's USO shows). In 1970 Greg Garrison and Nathan Hale picked four of The Golddiggers to peform as The Dingaling Sisters on The Dean Martin Show. In 1971 The Golddiggers were spun off into their own weekly syndicated show, Chevrolet Presents The Golddiggers. It ran for two seasons. Afterwards The Golddiggers did not appear on The Dean Martin Show, although The Dingaling Sisters continued to appear on the show until 1973.

It was in 1970, just as The Dingaling Sisters were formed, that a regular stable of comics was developed for The Dean Martin Show to help with its skits. Among the comics who regularly appeared on the series were Charles Nelson Reilly, Dom DeLuise, Nipsey Russell, Rodney Dangerfield, and others.

As hard as it is to believe today, The Dean Martin Show was for a time controversial. As the Sixties became the Seventies, the show increasingly became the target of feminists, who felt that the series promoted attitudes which objectified women. Garrison and Hale toned down many of the more sexist comments. Unfortunately, it was about that time that the ratings began to fall.

It was then in the fall of 1973 that The Dean Martin Show moved from the Thursday night timeslot it had held for its entire history to Friday nights. It also marked a major change in its format. Retitled The Dean Martin Comedy Hour, the show now featured a nearly half hour long "roast" segment patterned after the Friar's Club roasts, in which famous celebrities were roasted. A greater emphasis was placed on skits and a new country music segment was introduced. It was to no avail. The ratings did not improve. After nine years The Dean Martin Show was coming to an end. The roast segments had proven popular enough that they would be spun off into a series of specials, The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, which would continue until 1974.

Today it is easy to take The Dean Martin Show for granted as another celebrity show. It must be kept in mind, however, that in 1965 Dean Martin was a major star. He had a extraordinarily successful recording career, so much so that his hit "Everybody Loves Somebody" actually knocked The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" out of the top spot on the American music charts. As an actor he had appeared in such films as Rio Bravo, Toys in the Attic, and What a Way to Go. As a both a successful movie star and recording star, Martin was then able to attract top flight talent. Many big name guests appeared on the show over the years. Cyd Charisse, Bing Crosby, Van Johnson, Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Mickey Rooney, John Wayne, and Orson Welles all appeared on the show, many of them multiple times. As might be expected, fellow Rat Packers also appeared on the show, including Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, and Angie Dickinson.

The Dean Martin Show is part of my fondest childhood memories as one of those shows my family watched regularly. It formed part of our Thursday night ritual. Dad would cook popcorn (in a skillet--this was in the days before microwave ovens were common and he apparently did not believe in Jiffy Pop) and we would settle down to watch The Dean Martin Show. While I know that much of the humour must have went over my head, I did find the show very funny as a child. And even though my tastes ran to The Beatles, The Who, and The Monkees (that much has not changed), even then I enjoyed Dean Martin's singing. He was the first crooner and the first member of the Rat Pack of whom I became a fan. I watched the show until the very end, even though I thought in the final seasons that the roasts took something away from the show has it had been.

Apparently I was not alone in my love of The Dean Martin Show. Other big stars had tried their hands at variety shows before Dean Martin. Judy Garland had made a failed attempt at a variety show. Fellow Rat Packer had tried no less than twice. Dean Martin succeeded. And it must be kept in mind that for the nine years that The Dean Martin Show aired, he continued to appear in movies and in nightclubs, and he continued to record. In the end he proved to be one of the few major stars who actually produced a lasting, classic, television, variety show.
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