Sunday, July 30, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry?"

 Hey, pals! What's shaken?! 

Ice cold martinis...Hopefully! Haha!! 

So...pallies o' mine...are youse diggin' these big, BEA U TI FUL sun-filled days? 

Heat & all?! 

Well...get ready for August! 

Yup...thins' has DEF I NATE LY been HOT!!! 

And guess what?! My AC broke last night! Ugh! Oh well, pals... haha...that's life! 

So, have youse been hittin' the beaches & boardwalks? Carnivals & pools? Maybe even just findin' some shade...& chillin' with a little vino & a LOTTA Dino! 

Yes, my friends...that's all youse really need! 

Warm breezes & our main man comin' out your speakers. Good 'nough for me! Summer is whatever youse wants it to be. 

It's just a time to relax & inhale life. Take all the stress...from all year long...& just let it float away. It's somethin' we all need to do! Not easy...believe me...I KNOW! But...we can do it! 

Think it's 'bout time I jump back to Dino's 1966 al b um, "The Dean Martin TV Show", for a nice...easy tune. That's SURE to help youse shake off life's "agita". 

Now, let me see... Hmmmmm... So many GREAT jams on this one. 

I'm lookin' for a soft one, though. Gotta help my Dino-diggin' paisani put their brains on ice & just chill! 

Hmmmmm.... Got it! 

How's 'bout a nice...soothin'...dose of "What Can I say After I Say I'm Sorry?". 

I thinks this will do just PER FECT LY! It's slow & easy...It's gentle on the mind...IT'S COMFORTIN' TO THE SOUL, PEOPLE!!! Whoa Whoa Whoa, Danny G.! This is s'posed to be relaxin'...& I'm gettin' ALL worked up, here! Haha!! Cants help it, pallies! Dean get's me pumped!!! Ha! 

Oh & guess what?! This is a double whammy! One live vid & one al b um recording'! 

Your welcome! Haha!!

OK...chill mode, now. Breathe this one in, my friends. Hold it in your lungs...then let it all out. It's SURE to remedy all the day's stress. 

Stay cool, mi amici. 


Sunday, July 23, 2023

Danny G's SPECIAL "Duetin' with Dino" Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Tony Bennett Medley"

 Welcome back, mi amici. 

Unfortunately , pals...we lost 'nother GREAT, this week. Crooner, entertainer & all 'round Cool Cool fella...Tony Bennett. 

I think it's much much more than just's well deserved & a MUST I do 'nother SPECIAL "Duetin' with Dino", featurin' Tony B. 

He's the last of a bygone era, in my humble opinion, pallies. 

Guys like Tony, Dino, Frank...just aren't singers...they are TRUE legends! 

The kinda men that seem to be harder & harder to find these days. True gentlemen. Class acts that the world could use a lot more of. 

But...let's not be blue, pals! at our crazy little blog...let's celebrate Tony & Dino! Swingin' together & havin' fun! 

Just think of ALL the top shelf music, movies, TV shows & ENDLESS amounts of COOLNESS they left us! Truly amazin'. 

We can only sit back & soak in the magic, pallies o' mine. 

And that's exactly what they wanted us to do. 

Enjoy the medley, my friends. 

Salute, Tony! 

You were one of the very best.  

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Marina"

 What's up, pallies...what's shakin'? 

How's July doin' for youse? Good? Great, maybe? Cool! Me too! 

Cants' get me 'nough of these HOT HOT Summertime days! 

The only thin' I is missin'...And I means the ONLY thin' some Fun Fun & Sexy cool Matt Helm flicks! I haven't come 'cross any, this whole swingin' season! What gives?! 

Now, pals...your probably gonna ask..."Danny G...don't youse own "The Matt Helm Lounge" dvd's?!" And I is gonna answer..."OB VI OUIS LY, pallies!"'s the thin', mi amici. It's just SO SO much more thrillin'...& excitin'...& hysterically zany...when ALL us Dino-holics can watch together! 

Yea, I know, I know... kinda silly of me. But, my's the plain truth! I'm as happy & comforted,  knowin' that all youse,  gets to watch these GREAT GREAT & Maniacal Helmer-flicks,  as I is watchin' them myself! Youse dig, pals? I love to share Dino! It's how it should be! Right?! Definitely. 

So...All that bein' said...I thinks I have a solution. For this week's swingin' Summertime Serenade... I not only picked Dean's TOTALLY hip pool party type jam, "Marina"...I also found it set to my FAVE of FAVE Helm flicks, The Silencers" for a vid! 


The gods have come together to create this one, pallies! 

Marina + Silencers = TOTAL SUMMERTIME FUN!!! 

Dino is lookin' GREAT & bein' funny & silly as ever in this! Haha!! Just his facial expressions alone get me rollin'! LOL!!! 

Our pal & Ms. Stella Stevens play off each other to perfection...& not to mention the HOT couple Dean & Ms. Daliah Lavi make! Man o' man!!!

So just sit back...relax...drink in hand & toes in some sand. It's time to pick this season up a notch! 

Ciao, pals! 


Sunday, July 09, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Where Can I Go Without You?"

 Welcome back, pals! 

Well, mi amici...looks like we all made it through ALL the SPECIAL days! Man! Patriots Day! Mothers Day! Fathers Day! Memorial Day! Indepenence Day! Wow! Am I missin' any?! Haha!! 

Anyway...It's nice to see we all made it safely through 'nother firecrackin' celebration! A time to party for our independence! Independence to crank up MUCHO Dino-tunes, that is! Haha!! 

Now...I say it's 'bout time we REALLY kick off this Summer! 

Time to break out those "o-so-mellow" Dino tracks! 

Youse know the one's I mean, pals. The "sit back & melt into your seat" jams. 

These hot & muggy days can be physically & mentally drainin', my friends. We need Dino-replenishin'! 

Don't worry, pallies...I gotcha. 

It truly gives me such a COOL COOL vibe sharin' these COOL COOL tunes with my fellow Dino-holics. Week after week...month after month...& year after year! TRULY inspires me to keep the Dino-flow flowin' & keep the Dino-movement growin'!  

So, pals...if youse is ready...allow me to ease us into the vibe with one of Dean's super sultry Serenades. These kinda jams just fit the season, pals. 

Today's Serenade, "Where Can I Go Without You", was plucked from my own personal FAVE Summertime Dino vinyl..."The Lush Years". 

Can't go wrong with ANY tune from this one, my friends! It's just pure Dino-perfection! Let's jump right into it! 

Let Dean take youse on his eternal flight. He's wunderin' & wonderin'...not sure what lies ahead...just floatin'. 

Grab hold of his star, we's go!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2023

Danny G's SPECIAL 4th o' July "Duetin' with Dino" Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Breezin' Along with the Breeze"

 What's shakin' pallies?! 

Happy 4th o' July 2023! 

Man o' man...thins' is REALLY gettin' steamy now!!! Hazy...Lazy...Crazy days of Summer are DEF I NATE LY upon us, pals! 

Time to get your toes in the sand & a yummy drink in your hand! These are TRULY days made for max'n & relaxin', ol' pals o' mine. 

Well pallies...I thinks this week's firecrackin' Serenade is worthy of some easy goin' & laid back Summertime jams...don't youse?! 

Found us some COOL COOL tunes for these HOT HOT days from two of THE mostest easy goin' laid back dudes that I've EVER seen in ALL my years!!! Time for a little "Duetin' with Dino" with one of Dean's very good pals & earliest vocal style IN SPI RA TIONS..."The Bing!" 

Man these two cats REALLY can croon & REALLY do understand what's TRULY important in life...ENJOYIN" IT!!! We should ALL take some notes from Dino & Bing in this vid! Relax. Don't stress. Life's WAY too short to sweat the little stuff pals. 

Sit back & REALLY soak in this GREAT GREAT seven song medley, pals. Love the way they mesh them all together to make one smooth flowin' summery-type jam...for us to TOTALLY melt into! "Breezin' Along With The Breeze" starts it off & winds it down. 

Let's soak in the "laid back" vibe, pallies. Leave the stressin' for someone else. Someone who just don't get it. 

By the way pals...Check out that tan!!! Hahaha! 

Ok...let's get to the independence celebratin'! 

Stay safe & Enjoy!!!