Monday, September 30, 2013

Dean Martin probably never had a sleeping bag

Hey pallies, his name is Joe Hudson and he scribes a column for the Statesville (North Carolina) Record And Landmark newspaper.  And, likes as all you Dino-philes can suspect, Mr. Hudson's most recent prose published September 22 is absolutely fabulously Dino-focused.

Hudson, on a recent hot and humid day was feelin' "the familiar stirring of restlessness"  and went drivin' on the Blue Ridge Parkway in his truck, 'though he woulda preferred to be makin' the scene in "a black 1964 Lincoln convertible."  As he was cruisin', it just so happened that Joe heard our most beloved Dino on the car radio croonin' his classic country hit, "Gentle On Mind."

And, upon hearin' our great man sing this great song, Mr. Hudson launches into some huge homagin' of our Dino.  You simply must take the time to read Hudson's tribute to our King of is likes totally totally  thrillin' to read such purely passion ate honorin' of our most beloved Dino.

ilovedinomartin salutes Mr. Joe Hudson of the Statesville Record and Landmark for sharin' his obvious appreciato for our great great man.  To read this in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-message.  Dino-delightedly, DMP  btw pallies, likes decided to add a little bonus to this post by sharin' a youtube clip of our most beloved Dino croonin' 'bout gentleness from the Dino-show.... likes, enjoys pallies!

COLUMN: Dean Martin probably never had a sleeping bag

 By Joe Hudson

It was a Thursday, the sort of hot and humid day the chamber of commerce tries to keep a secret. Bushes and trees droop, sun-baked cars line the streets, making the air around them appear wavy, and you fantasized about being airlifted to the Atlantic Ocean.

I was walking down Center Street and saw an advertisement in a shop window showing a beautiful woman applying lotion to her legs, and in the background was a white chalet overlooking a blue ocean. I saw myself in the chalet wearing my black swim trunks, sitting on a veranda overlooking the ocean, sipping a frosty drink. Then I imagined a sea breeze against my face and felt the familiar stirring of restlessness.

But the chalet isn’t the cure for this restlessness any more than the skin lotion would be. This is the restlessness from school days when you sat captured in history class while a summer day tempted you with outside wonders. This distracted you as you attempted to write a test essay about the Magna Carta and its later influence on the formation of the American colonies, their government and subsequent laws, and you felt like simply writing: “It just did, that’s all.”

The restlessness made me think about a black 1964 Lincoln convertible which I don’t have, and driving with the top down to the Blue Ridge Parkway. So I jumped into my truck, which I do have, rolled down the windows and headed west listening to the radio with the wind blowing in my hair. I finally reached the parkway with its gentle serpentine curves and small dips, built in a time when driving was considered romantic and 45 mph was a reasonable speed for viewing natural beauty.

I was taking all this in when on the radio I heard Dean Martin singing (of all songs) the old country music hit “Gentle on My Mind.” With that casual crooning voice and Vegas night club style, he sang “It’s knowing that your door is always open and your path is free to walk, that makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag rolled up and stashed behind your couch.”

In my mind I saw him in his trademark tuxedo, seated by a microphone with a cigarette in one hand, every hair in place, a casual smile on his handsome face and a 20-piece orchestra backing him up. So I had trouble believing Mr. Martin ever owned a sleeping bag, let alone would stash it behind anybody’s couch. It was like Champagne trying to pass itself off as beer.

Martin’s life appeared sedentary, entirely devoted to sitting and singing around a microphone for our entertainment. He never destroyed equipment in a pyrotechnic apocalypse. He never ranted about the complexities of fame or discussed chronic depression. He never trashed a hotel room or blamed society for anything. He was the last of a group of well-mannered gentlemen entertainers.

So it was revealing to hear him sing a song about restlessness and living the life of a hobo. Hunched down in a train yard clutching a tin can was not part of the mystery of life for Dean Martin. Maybe he recorded that song to stretch himself a little, to explore something new, then he returned to the comfort of familiar songs such as “That’s Amore” and “Everybody Loves Somebody.” Suddenly my restlessness was gone.

I like to explore and have new experiences. Then I usually turn the car around and return to my beautiful city, Statesville, it’s my home, it’s familiar, and that’s where my sleeping bag stays.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "My Heart Is An Open Book"

Hey there pallies! Man, these months are flyin' by!!! I'm watchin' leaves changin' & critters gatherin' & it's got me thinkin'...must be natures way of tellin' US to grab what WE need to keep us warm & happy durin' 'nother long cold Winter!!! Well...I know what I need to keeps me warm pals...Plenty of Dino & Plenty of Vino! Hahaha!!!

This week's Serenade, "My Heart Is An Open Book", tells us that Dean is grabbin' his woman to keep him toasty all year long. But wait!!! Seems to be some not so nice rumors goin' 'round that our bestest pal has been unfaithful to his amore. Some jealous "so & so" is spreadin' all kinds of false accusations 'bout our pal!

 Dean is tellin' it like it is pallies...let's hope that this chicalina isn't foolish 'nuff to believe all these crazy lies!!!

Now we ALL know that Dino was DEF I NATE LY an honest man & DEF I NATE LY only had ONE lady in his heart...& one on each arm & a couple hidin' in the closet & maybe a couple more on the weekends!!! Hahaha! That's my guy! Hey...what do youse expect??? After all pals...we are talkin' 'bout Dean Martin here!!! Hahaha! Just kiddin' pallies. Dino was a class act all the way! Enjoy. 

(Don't believe all those lies)
Darling, just believe your eyes
And look, look, my heart is an open book
I love nobody but you
Look, look, my heart is an open book
My love is honest and true

Some jealous so and so
Wants us to part
That's why he's telling you
That I've got a cheating heart

Don't believe all those lies
Darling, just believe your eyes
And look, look, my heart is an open book
I love nobody but you

Some jealous so and so
Wants us to part
That's why he's telling you
That I've got a cheating heart

Don't believe all those lies
Darling, just believe your eyes
And look, look, my heart is an open book
I love nobody but you, nobody but you
Nobody but you

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Silver Lined Dino-gif

Hey pallies, likes dudes just wanna shares 'nother Dino-gif that we here at ilovedinomartin were able to create  through the magic of  It's a few moments----5 seconds to be exact----from a youtube vid clip of our most beloved Dino singin' "Look For The Silver Lining" with the Golddiggers asa part of one of our great man's great "Welcome To My World" mini-concerts.

This little Dino-treat shows the amazin' way that our Dino used his whole upper part of his body as he exudes likes pure pure cool in his croonin' a tune.  Loves the way he moves his head, upper well as his evocative  eyes and fantastic  facial expressions  oozin' cool from every ounce of his beau-ti-ful bein'.

Likes, also includin' the vid clip so all youse Dino-holics can inbibe every every moment of these wondrously wonderful moments from our Dino's awesome television show.  Dino-addictedly, DMP

dino on Make A Gif
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Dino-devotion from our pallie Scotty at "BlueisKewl"

My Photo

Hey pallies, likes our youthful Dino-devoted pallie Scotty over at his coolest of cool blog pad, "BlueisKewl," promised to put the accent on our Dino from time to time.  Well, likes we felt the Dino-nudge to goes over to pallie Scotty's site and see if there was any new Dino-devotion from his side.  And, likes, as our Dino never ever disappoints, indeed, just a few 'go our sold-out-to-Dino dude Scotty posted one of ilovedinomartin most fav Dino-poses.

The tag of the post simply states "Dean Martin" and then shows that swankest of swank Dino-pix with our most beloved Dino in a relaxin' position, sittin' backwards on a foldin' chair in the recordin' studio, Dino-buddha-grin on his face, gazin' up thinkin' 'bout who knows what...perhaps an amore he is goin' to meet up with later, with his ever present cigarette held just so between his fingers.

Likes indeed, it's a classic shot of our great great man that simply simply exudes esquisitely extremel Dino-cool.  ilovedinomartion salutes our Dino-lovin' pallie Scotty from "BlueisKewl" for continuin' to spread his Dino-homagin' at his home pad, helpin' his readership to grow in knowin', lovin' and honorin' our most beloved Dino.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Friday, September 27, 2013

Dennis Winn....... developed Parkinson’s disease and now loves belting out Dean Martin tunes to help his condition.

An image related to Dean Martin whose music was used in Millennium.

Hey pallies, likes we here at ilovedinomartin have often spoken of the transforming power of our most beloved Dino, and we are thrilled this very Dino-day to share with you 'nother heart-warmin' example of the difference our great man continues to make in the life of ordinary folks likes youse and me.

From the online presence of the Brit news pad, "Hartlepool Mail," comes news of a Mr. Dennis Winn who
has struggle with the effects of Parkinson's disease for the past 15 years.  While no cure has been found for this degenerative condition, Winn has found that singin' has helped overcome some of the symptoms.

And, likes that's where our Dino comes in pallies!  As noted in the prose below, Dennis "loves belting out Dean Martin tunes to help his condition."  And , likes how Dino-rad is that dudes!  Mr. Winn, in the "soundproof karaoke studio in his home" croons Dino-tunes to fend off his Parkinson's.  And it appears that the only songs that Winn sings belong to our Dino.  Now that's what ilovedinomartin calls super cool  The music of our King of Cool is playin' a huge huge part in helpin' Mr. Dennis Winn a fuller and happier life!!!!!

ilovedinomartin is thrilled to be sharin' this human interest tale of Dino-devotion to witness to the amazin' power of our most beloved Dino.  Hats off to the folks at the "Hartlepool Mail" for bringin' this heart-warmin' Dino-tale to print and to Mr. Dennis Winn for honorin' our Dino in this way.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-remembrance.   Dino-awed, DMP

Parkinson’s suffering pensioner sets up karaoke room to help his condition.

Dennis Winn

Dennis Winn

A KARAOKE-LOVING pensioner found his singing voice after he developed Parkinson’s disease and now loves belting out Dean Martin tunes to help his condition.

Dennis Winn, 68, was diagnosed with the degenerative condition 15 years ago and has installed a soundproof karaoke studio in his home after discovering that belting out a tune helps him with his speech.

Mr Winn, who is a member of the Hartlepool & District branch of Parkinson’s UK, says having a good sense of humour and positive outlook has helped him fight back against the degenerative condition.

He has devised a series of ways to help overcome the symptoms, which include speech problems and “freezing” – which can leave him stranded in public places.

Mr Winn, from Blackhall Colliery, only discovered his love of singing after he was diagnosed.

“We were on holiday in Fuerteventura and the DJ said ‘give us a song on the karaoke’ and I was coerced into getting up.

“But I loved it and I kept singing, and sang for a fortnight on holiday. I discovered then that the more I sang, the better my speaking voice became. My voice used to tail off but it is much better through the singing.

“I have kept on singing since then and it really benefits me.”

Mr Winn also found novel ways of carrying on playing golf and last year even achieved a hole in one at Castle Eden Golf Club.

His friend Brian Davies, who also has Parkinson’s, said: “He is really quite a good singer. He sings Dean Martin songs. Before he had Parkinson’s he couldn’t sing a note but he has discovered his voice and it has really helped him.

“Dennis is living proof that you can fight back against it.”

Mr Winn added: “I have Parkinson’s but Parkinson’s doesn’t have me. I don’t do anything heroic. I simply believe in taking things back that Parkinson’s took from me.”

Thursday, September 26, 2013

DVD Review: ‘The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts’

Hey pallies, likes dudes the 6 DVD set of  "The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts" Collectors Edition hit the shelves just a couple of days ago, and today the first review has hit the net.  From the review blog, "Blogcritics," comes  Dino-honorin' prose from the pen of Mr. John Reed.

Reed accents a couple of his fav roasts...those bein' of Mr. Johnny Carson and Mr. Jack Benny, and sez that... "The only thing that would have made the DVD set perfect would have been the inclusion of the Frank Sinatra Roast from 1978."  Indeed the omission of our Dino roastin' his pallie Frank is a sad fact, but John for some reason failed to mention that the bestest of the best roasts...that of our most beloved Dino is included in this set.

Mr. Reed like also appears to absolutely thrilled  at the bonus material included sayin'....." Rarely seen home movies of Martin are great, while interviews with such roast alums as Don Rickles, Rich Little, and the “now bigger than she ever was” Betty White are fun."

For those of us with only a little bread to spare, this appears to be where many pallies will start in their acquisition of Dino-roasts.  For those with deeper pockets, sure they are waitin' for the complete set that is bein' released in October.  ilovedinomartin salutes the pallies at "Blogcritics" and in particular Mr. John Reed for givin' some coverage of this new release of Dino-treasure a la roasts.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-reportin', DMP

Dean Martin Celebrity Roast-Collectors Edition DVD Set

DVD Review: ‘The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts’

By     |   Monday, September 23, 2013 

Dean Martin’s career is legendary: singer, movie star, TV variety show host. He built on that fame and brought a new brand of comedy to television with the debut of his Celebrity Roasts which ran from 1973 to 1984. Based on the famous New York Friars’ Club Roasts that Martin had occasionally hosted, the made for some of the funniest moments of ’70s and ’80s TV.
This new DVD collection, The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, contains six DVDs, and includes 12 of the series best. Sadly, most of the celebrities who were roasted and did the roasting are no longer with us. While some of the jokes are dated and may not be absorbed by those born after 1975, most of the shows are still very humorous and certainly are superior to some of the Comedy Central’s roasts.
Of all the Martin roasts, one of the standouts is the Johnny Carson special. He was used to getting grief from his many guests on Tonight Show (his being able to take the joke, while giving a great facial reaction to make it even funnier, was unparalleled). Impressionist/comedian Rich Little’s imitation of Carson is the best moment of the night.
Jack Benny also made for a great roast. He was was a big influence on Carson, and was also, and made quite a career out of (slyly) being the butt of joke. Sure the joke was always on him, but the next day everyone said “how funny the Jack Benny show was,” and not the one who delivered the put down.
What are a real treat on the set are the bonus features. Rarely seen home movies of Martin are great, while interviews with such roast alums as Don Rickles, Rich Little, and the “now bigger than she ever was” Betty White are fun.
The only thing that would have made the DVD set perfect would have been the inclusion of the Frank Sinatra Roast from 1978. Not only was it one of the best roasts ever, but seeing Sinatra take abuse all night, while keeping his cool was just priceless (and not something the Chairman of the Board was used to doing).
Martin was brilliant portraying a semi-soused host (rumors persist that he was a teetotaler during the roasts and the drunkenness was just an act), and could take the ribbing as much as he could give them. His likability factor made the shows a success, as you could not be offended one he gave you that charming grin, after the biting remark that is.
This collection is a great piece of TV history.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hey pallies, likes dudes it doesn't seem likes Dino-philes  likes you and I often have many ops to show our extreme passion for our great great man and know that devotion can make a real difference to our  most beloved Dino and his legacy of cool.   Today's Dino-gram from ilovedinomartin provides info on a very real and a very tangible way of  spreadin' our Dino-love.....lettin' out voices be heard in honorin' homagin' of our King of Cool!

From the pages of the blog for  America's Pop Music Hall Of Fame comes the wondrously wonderful news that our most beloved Dino is 'mong the 25 nominees for 2014 induction into said Hall Of Fame.  It woulda appear that our most beloved Dino has been up for this honor before, and hard to believe he was not elected.

Now, likes we don't want that to happen 'gain, so pallies, likes if you clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram and looks up at the top of the page of the America's Pop Hall Of Fame blog, you will see the line..."VOTE HERE! “TOP 25″ HALL OF FAME NOMINEES."  Likes, simply clicks it on and then go to our Dino's name and check it.  You can vote for a total of ten, but likes we only voted for our most beloved Dino....'cause as all you Dino-holics know, truly, truly only Dino matters.

Likes do it now pallies so that you don't's quick, simply and oh so easy to VOTE DINO!  Let's let the whole world know our deepest, purest, and truest devotion to our great great man!  Thanks to the pallies at America's Pop Music Hall Of Fame" for givin' the nod to our Dino, and thanks to all youse Dino-devotees for makin' your Dino-adulation known.  In Dino, DMP


SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
Carole King, Dion, Buddy Holly are first time candidates
On-line voting to begin September 23
The Bee Gees, Monkees and Dean Martin are among the candidates to be inducted into America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame in 2014. The 25 nominees for induction were announced Monday, September 23.
First-time nominees – selected by a panel of musicians, disc jockeys and journalists based on artists’ breadth and depth of pop hits, as well as influence – include Dion, Buddy Holly and Carole King, Artists must have placed a hit on the Billboard charts between 1945 and 1970 to qualify.

As the hall of fame focuses on popular music, inductees are determined by an on-line popular vote. Participants are restricted to one vote each for 10 of the 25 nominees.
The 2014 nominees are:
The Bee Gees                            Tony Bennett                                   Pat Boone
The Carpenters                           Chicago                                           Dion
The Everly Brothers                    The Four Seasons                          Connie Francis
Buddy Holly                                  Elton John                                     Carole King
Dean Martin                                 The Monkees                                  Ricky Nelson
Roy Orbison                                  Patti Page                                     Gene Pitney
The Platters                                  Simon & Garfunkel                        Smokey & Miracles
The Supremes                              Three Dog Night                            Dionne Warwick
Andy Williams

The public may vote at america’ Voting ends October 31. Inductees will be announced in December.

America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame was formed in 2011 to honor artists and other contributors to pop music. It is based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, home of Perry Como, Bobby Vinton and the Four Coins, who together placed nearly 200 songs on America’s pop charts.

Plans are continuing for construction of a hall of fame structure that may include a large performance center, as well as wings for both permanent and rotating collections and memorabilia.

In a ceremony March 15, 2013 with Johnny Tillotson as master of ceremonies, the 2013 inductees into America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame were announced. They are the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond, Brenda Lee, Johnny Mathis, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Vinton and Stevie Wonder.

Iconic songs inducted to date are: 1940s: “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby; 1950s: “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley; 1960s: “The Twist” by Chubby Checker; 1970s: “American Pie” by Don McLean.

First-time nominees – selected by a panel of musicians, disc jockeys and journalists based on artists’ breadth and depth of pop hits, as well as influence – include Dion, Buddy Holly and Carole King, Artists must have placed a hit on the Billboard charts between 1945 and 1970 to qualify.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Giveaway – Dean Martin Celebrity Roast-Collectors Edition DVD Set

Hey pallies, likes ilovedinomartin always always loves to pass on good news to all youse Dino-devotees, and likes today we share with you news of a Dino-giveaway of 5 sets of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast- Collectors Edition.  This set of 6 dvds includes 12 Dino-roasts along with additional bonus features.

This offer comes from the pallies at the blog pad "Sweeps4Bloggers" and we are glad to lets all you in on it.
If you clicks on the tag of this Dino-post you will be transported to that blog where you can find all the details to enter the giveaway.

In addition to this special op to gets your hands on this new Dino-collection, and it so so cool that the pallies at "Sweeps4Bloggers" have included a complete list of the 12 roasts that are included in this Collector's Edition.  Previous announcements have not listed the particular roasts in this collection...and it so so cool to know know who the roastees are includin' the most important of important roastee....none other then our most most beloved Dino!                                                                                                                          

So likes, checks this out pallies!  ilovedinomartin salutes the pallies at "Sweeps4Bloggers" for makin' this Dino-opportunity available to Dino-holics everywhere!     Dino-psyched, DMP

Giveaway – Dean Martin Celebrity Roast-Collectors Edition DVD Set – 5 Winners – Ends 10/5/13

Dean Martin Celebrity Roast-Collectors Edition DVD Set

Many younger people probably think that celebrity roasts are an invention of Comedy Central. They have continued the tradition in a fun way, but it began a long long time ago.

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts are like taking a step back in time to an era that is very different than today. There are 12 roasts on 6 DVDs. The roasters and the roastees are well-known. Some have passed and others are still performing.

Thick skin is required as the barbs are skillfully thrown out for deep cuts and big laughs. This was the 1970′s and the comedy is most definitely not politically correct, so you’ll need to watch it in the context of the time period. It really is interesting to see how far we’ve come in the last few decades. The roasts are shown unedited as they originally aired and there are also additional bonus features.
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast-Collectors Edition DVD Set
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast
Collectors Edition DVD Set
Release date 9/24/13
Description“What began as a ratings booster for the final season of “The Dean Martin Show” in 1973 evolved into “The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts”, an eagerly awaited franchise of regular NBC Television specials that targeted the biggest names in the world of entertainment and beyond. Roastmaster General Martin kept things loose and lively, deflecting his share of stray barbs from the guest roasters.  Honorees were billed as “Man/Woman of the Week” during the last season of Martin’s variety show, and “Man/Woman of the Hour” for the specials.  In 1974, the show moved from Los Angeles to the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas for the remainder of the run.  The 54 roasts ran until 1984, and Dino hosted all but one of them – “Mr Warmth” Don Rickles took over for Dean’s turn in the hot seat.”
Roasters include:
  • John Wayne
  • Dom DeLuise
  • Rich Little
  • Muhammad Ali
  • George Burns
  • Phyllis Diller
  • Art Carney
  • Bette Davis
  • Florence Henderson
  • Bob Newhart
  • Don Rickles
  • Milton Berle
  • Jonathan Winters
Roastees include:
  • Bob Hope
  • Johnny Carson
  • Jimmy Stewart
  • Sammy Davis Jr.
  • Jack Benny
  • Lucille Ball
  • Dean Martin
  • Kirk Douglas
  • Michael Landon
  • Jackie Gleason
  • Don Rickles
  • Joan Collins

Monday, September 23, 2013

Gallery: Martin And Lewis Making Pardners (1956).

Hey pallies, likes ilovedinomartin just knows that there are tons and tons of great Dino-honorin' treasure out there on the web, and likes we tries to do our best to uncover it all, but sometimes we simply have to patiently wait until it surfaces, often via our pallies at google 'lerts.  Case in point, today's Dino-sharin' was published by blogger Toby on September 1, 2013 at his blog pad, "50 Westerns From The 50s."  As you will read below, Toby shared it with his readers as a Labor Day remembrance to MDA hero Mr. Jerry Lewis.  But, likes it only surfaced a couple of days ago through google blog 'lerts, so we share it with you now.

Toby says 'bout himself, "I’m Toby. I’m a writer. A dad. A husband. A record collector. A movie geek (if the movies are old). And I really really wish I had a hot rod."  He is also, "researching and writing a book on 50s Westerns, maybe my favorite film (sub)genre. At this point, I’m calling it —50 Westerns From The 50s."
We at ilovedinomartin are thrilled that he has turned his western writin' the way of our Dino and his partner, Mr. Jerry Lewis.

Likes below are prose and pixs related to our Dino and Jerry's big screen western effort, "Pardners."  Toby shared brief commentary on the flick scribed by Mr. Lewis in his Dino-homage, "Dean And Me: A Love Story" along with some candid shots of Martin and Lewis on the set of the film.  It's a finely put together essay that fondly looks back at our great man and his partner's next-to-last film.

We thank Toby for sharin' this post with his readers, helpin' 'em and us to remember this first big screen western that our western lovin' Dino ever made.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply, as usual, clicks on the tag of this here Dino-message.   Dino-only, DMP

 Gallery: Martin And Lewis Making Pardners (1956).
In my mind, Labor Day belongs to Jerry Lewis. His annual Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) telethon saw to that.
So today seems like the perfect time to highlight Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis inPardners (1956), their next-to-last film together.
Jerry Lewis (from his book Dean And Me: A Love Story): “The best thing aboutPardners, for Dean, was — after having been in love with Westerns all his life — he was actually starring in one. If he had known then that in only four years he’d be making Rio Bravo with John Wayne, he would have been in heaven.”
jlp00089 cropped
Lewis: “The best thing for me was learning, from a man named Arvo Ojala, to quick-draw and twirl a pistol…”
Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin
Lewis: “The hardest thing about the picture was the crushing irony of Dean and me singing the film’s title number, written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn:
You and me, we’ll always be pardners, 
You and me, we’ll always be friends…”
You can support the MDA and their Show Of Strength Telethon here.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "My Heart Cries For You"

Hey pals! Welcome back! Fall has fallen upon us & it's time to get out the rakes...break out the vino...& turn up the Dino! Now I'm DEF I NATE LY not a fan of pickin' up long as I got's my trusty ipod beatin' my eardrums with sweet sweet tunes from our bestest pal...I say "Bring on Autumn!" Hahaha! 

This weeks's Serenade, "My Heart Cries For You", is one of my own personal favs. It shows us that softer, gentler side to Dean. He's obviously VERY upset that this mystery person is no longer in his life! He's beggin'...he's pleadin'...he's downright humblin' himself to gets them back!!! Please, please whoever youse is...Please come back to Dino!

"Together we were happy, apart we're sad. This lonliness is drivin' me mad"! Man pallies...that says it all. Let's hope this person comes to their senses & brings the happiness BACK into Dean's life! Happy Fall pals!   

My heart cries for you
Sighs for you, dies for you
And my arms long for you
Please come back to me

If you're in Arizona I'll follow you
If you're in Minnesota, I'll be there too
You'll have a million chances to start anew
Because my love is endless for you

My heart cries for you
Sighs for you, dies for you
My arms long for you
Please come back to me

The bloom has left the roses since you left me
The birds have left my window since you left me
I'm lonely as a sailboat that's lost at sea
I'm lonely as a human can be

My heart cries for you, please come back to me
An unimportant quarrel is what we had
We have to learn to live with the good and the bad
Together we were happy, apart we're sad
This loneliness is driving me mad

My heart cries for you, dies for you
My arms long for you
Please come back to me
(Come back to me)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

AIRPORT - Captain Vernon Demerest (Dean Martin) pilot's jacket

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-edification comes from 'nother new-to-ilovedinomartin pad tagged, "The Golden Closet."  It's an excitin'  place where "Iconic Entertainment Memorabilia" is featured for sale for those with 'nough bread to collect clothin' and other items of the rich and the famous.  Featured below is the pilot's jacket worn by our most beloved Dino as Captain Vernon Demerest in the epic big screen drama, "Airport."

By the time that ilovedinomartin discovered the link, this fabulous piece of Dino-apparel had already been sold and the askin' price no longer listed.  But, likes I thoughts all you Dino-philes woulda loves to see some views of the jacket as well as some great images of our Dino wearin' the jacket....likes 'specially of our Dino dryin' the tea cup.....likes remembers how he blows on the saucer instead of washin' and dryin' it?!?!?!  One of our fav moments from this hugest of huge Dino-hits that our great man received the great sum of 7 cool mil for this actin' assignment.

Likes woulda all us Dino-holics loves to have our own stash of Dino-treasures to feel ever ever closer to our Dino?!?!?!?! To view this  in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.  Dino-desirin', DMP

Captain Vernon Demerest (Dean Martin) pilot jacket
Item # D0145


This gray pilot's jacket was worn by the character "Capt. Vernon Demerest," portrayed by actor Dean Martin, in the 1970 motion picture, "Airport." This garment was custom tailored for Dean Martin by Sy Devore and has the original tailor's tag sewn inside with the actor's name and the production date "2-6-69" clearly typed. The jacket is complete with the original sleeve insignias as seen in the film.

Mr. Martin wore the shirt in numerous scenes throughout the picture. "Airport" starring Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, Jacqueline Bisset, and Helen Hayes, was a huge critical and box office success, surpassing "Spartacus" as Universal Picture's biggest moneymaker. It originated the 1970s disaster film genre and was nominated for 10 Academy Awards and four Golden Globe awards.

The jacket is in excellent screen worn condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house. Presented by The Golden Closet, your premier source for iconic screen used wardrobe, props, and music entertainment memorabilia.

Friday, September 20, 2013

God Created Dean Martin In His Own Image, Then Stood Back

Hey pallies, likes dudes as part of ilovedinomartin's mini-celebration of the huge huge success of Nick Tosches' magnificant masterpiece of  his Dino-bio, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Living," published 20 years 'go and still sweetly sellin' each and every Dino-day, we have chosen to 'gin reprint Tosches' mini-masterpiece, "God Created Dean Martin In His Own Image, Then Stood Back."

Scribed long before Tosches crafted this best sellin' Dino-read, it was printed as chapter 27 of The Nick Tosches Reader.   To view this likes clicks on the tag of this Dino-message to goes there.

As you might image, this brief  Dino-article is so so much like the Dino-bio... only in mini-form. The Dino-subject of this Dino-essay? The release of our Dino's much anticipated al-b-um Once In A While after a six year stretch of no new Dino-music from our great man.

Every word that Mr. Tosches speaks of our Dino is so so full of the sits back and enjoys the creative charm of Nick Tosches celebratin' a new Dino-al-b-um for true Dinoholics everywhere.

Likes, ilovedinomartin first shared this with all you dudes almost four years 'go now, and we have reprinted it once or twice each Dino-year 'cause is is so so rich in Dino-adulation.  So, likes whether you have often indulged in these wondrous words of Dino-devotion, or this is your first time to encounter such Dino-perfection, sits back and enjoys the transformin' power of Dino via Nick Tosches!   Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

God Created Dean Martin
in His Own Image,
Then Stood Back

from the "Nick Tosches' Reader" chapter 27

Since 1972 life has been amiss, and there has been emptiness. Bare, unbudding; the saplings of stark need knew no spring. Candles were lit, letters were writ; prayers said, tears shed. But grayness begat naught but bleak grayness, and the new Dean Martin album never came.

Some of us, such as Elvis, who had declared Dino his idol, could not bear the agony of forbearance. Others, such as myself, endured by listening to the original mono version of "That's Amore" and reminding ourselves that it had taken Michelangelo eight years to fresco the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel --- and Michelangelo didn't even drink!

Now we faithful can rejoice. Let there be the pouring of liquors and the raising of skirts. The man has returned, and life as we knew it may resume.

It is no secret that Dean Martin has influenced more singers than any man alive. He taught Elvis the dramaturgy of sincerity, Jerry Lee the powers of diplopic decrescendo. Jim Morrison the nuances of erotic detachment, and Randy Newman how to comb his hair. Once In A While, Dino's first album in more than six years, proves that il padrone (as Jim Morrison called him) is still the master.

The love song has been the center of Dino's art from the beginning (He first hit the charts in 1950, vowing "I Will Always Love You.") Here the gurglings and gropings of love are celebrated in all their glory. "Without a Word of Warning" and "The Day You Came Along" tell of answered dreams of the moist kind. "It's Magic" and "Only Forever," two beauties from the '40's, bow the knee of fealty to She-Whose-Face-Launches-Ships-and-Smiles-Salaciously-After-the-Fourth-Drink, "If I Had You" and
"Once in a While" wallow sweetly in the lappings of unrequited love. "I Cried for You" is a savoring of vengeance. In "Love Thy Neighbor" Dino advices us to bless the skin of errant wives in no certain terms.

Two of the album's most impressive performances are found in "Twilight on the Trail" and a version of the World War I killer "That Old Gang Of Mine." The first, remindful of Dino's "Houston," is a homage to irresponsibility and the joys of immediate gratification. "That Old Gang of Mine" shows that while Dino is always singing about broads, his old buddies are still where his heart is.

What a guy.

Felice ritorno, Dino! Let's make it a regular thing again, okay?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

DINO - a man beyond knowing

Hey pallies, likes ilovedinomartin thoughts that it woulda be quites Dino-appro after yesterday's sharin' of the Dino-Q&A from the  interview between Esquire mag scriber Mr. Scott Raab and brilliant biographer Mr. Nick Tosches on the sustainly stunnin' sucess of Tosches' Dino-bio, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dreams," to post more of Tosches powerful prose on our most beloved Dino.  So that is what we are goin' to do!

Likes, in our Dino-researchin', we came 'cross Tosches' touchin' thoughts, first posted in the New York Times, and here shared with the readership of The Spokesman-Review....scribed followin'  our Dino's passin' from our planet on December 25, 1995.  While it is quite likely that these Dino-remembrances have been shared here on other occasions, it seems truly truly the fittin'  Dino-thin' to do, to share 'em as we continue to marvel at how the life, the times, and the teachin's of our Dino continued to be sought daily through Nick Tosches'  Dino-primer.

As Tosches points out be below, no one ever has, ever will  "know" our Dino, but no one else have ever, will ever come close to capturin' with words the man simply known as Dino.  To checks this out in it's original format, as usual, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-message.  Dino-awed, DMP

Rat Pack Dean Martin’s Death Gives Rise To Sweet Memories Of A Captivating, Carefree Era

January 7, 1996 - Updated: July 16, 11:09 a.m.
Dean Martin, who died two weeks ago at the age of 78, was a man no one really knew. His wife of 22 years, Jeannie, concluded that he was a man beyond knowing.

Newspapers eulogized him as a “pop crooner,” an “easygoing crooner” and a “happy-go-lucky pro.” His persona was that of the drunkest and coolest member of the Rat Pack, those avatars of a moment when smoke, booze, broads and plenty of linguine on the side were all of life worth living.

Frank and Dean’s consulship of cool began in January 1959, while “Some Came Running,” a movie in which they starred, was in theaters. Sinatra conducted the orchestra for Martin’s new album, “Sleep Warm,” and joined him onstage for the first time at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev.

Soon they and their acolytes - Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Shirley MacLaine - were known as the Clan, a phrase later dropped because it seemed too evocative of that other Klan. In homage to the Holmby Hills Rat Pack, the bygone drinking circle that had gathered around Humphrey Bogart, Sinatra’s Clan became the Rat Pack.

Frank Sinatra’s most successful recording of 1959 was “High Hopes.” In January 1960, at a news conference in the Senate Caucus Room, Lawford’s brother-in-law, John F. Kennedy, announced his candidacy for president of the United States. Sinatra threw his support behind Kennedy, and “High Hopes,” with new lyrics by Sammy Cahn, became an anthem of the time’s dumb optimism and Kennedy’s campaign song.

JFK and the Rat Pack. In retrospect, we may hope they were opposites but fear they were one and the same.

Between them we had all the symbols, all the spirit, of that carefree time. As Kennedy campaigned, the Rat Pack made “Ocean’s 11.” The group filmed by day and took the stage of the Sands by night. In between they drank and smoked and sat around telling stories. Kennedy showed up at ringside.
That summer, Sinatra, Davis, Lawford and MacLaine helped lead “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the opening of the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.

On the night of Kennedy’s nomination, Martin opened at the Sands. He said, “I’d like to tell you some of the good things the Mafia is doing.”

In his new book, “Bottoms Up: The Cocktail, Shaken and Stirred,” Joseph Lanza writes: “The Rat Pack era is renowned not only for bolstering Kennedy’s election but for binding American politics to the entertainment industry.

“These were the new gentlemen of leisure whose cavalier antics had sparked existential hunger in a world-weary middle class finally convinced that the ‘good life’ had nothing to do with the afterlife.
“All the Depression babies who had won the Big War could get at least some kind of door prize with a trip to Vegas, a stab at a slot machine and highballs to keep them fueled.”

But Dean Martin saw what Frank Sinatra did not: that there would be no place in Camelot for them. Sinatra organized a Washington gala on the eve of Kennedy’s swearing in.

That night, Sinatra appeared in a satin-lined Inverness cape, silk top hat, swallow-tailed coat and white kid gloves. Martin stayed home.

On a trip west in March 1962, Kennedy was to stay at Sinatra’s Palm Springs, Calif., home. But Robert Kennedy, the attorney general, advised his brother to stay elsewhere. After that, the FBI began monitoring the Rat Pack’s movements: at Skinny D’Amato’s joint in Atlantic City, at Sam Giancana’s joint outside Chicago.

The Rat Pack was filming “Robin and the Seven Hoods” when Kennedy was shot in November 1963. The end of Camelot was the end of the Rat Pack. The carefree days were done, the party was over.
America became aware of a place called Vietnam. Broads turned out to be women, songs grew sensitive and serious. There were whales to be saved, profundities to be pondered.
Sinatra took to playing it straight, went the dignified bel-canto route. But Martin - “I hate guys that sing serious,” he said - would not quit.

Into the ‘70s and beyond, Dino remained, with a leer and a laugh, at the bar, fading thus in the end from public consciousness.

Now, after decades as anathema and embarrassment, the Rat Pack has begun a resurgence. BBC radio did a six-part Rat Pack documentary in late 1993. The Jazz Hour label has issued a two-CD set of Sinatra, Martin and Davis captured live at Giancana’s Villa Venice in 1962.

The trend toward retro-cool has brought attention from other quarters as well. Esquire is planning a Rat Pack feature, and the ultrahip Caroline Records plans a Dean Martin collection on its Scamp label later this year. (Expect to hear “That’s Amore” in yet several more movies this year.)

The Rat Pack “embodied Hollywood’s most elemental myth, its deepest unspoken appeal,” Ronald Brownstein wrote in “The Power and the Glitter: The Hollywood-Washington Connection.” It was, he said, “a life without rules, without the constraints of fidelity, monogamy, sobriety.” Has that appeal subsided, or merely been suppressed by the appearance of sobriety and responsibility?

With Davis, Lawford and Martin gone, and Sinatra mostly silent, the Rat Pack is only a memory in these smoke-free, politically correct times. But the memory captivates. Drinking! Smoking! Hanging out in Vegas!

Who would not prefer such innocent worldliness to Alcoholism! Lung cancer! Losing it all!
Perhaps nostalgia for those days is an escape, no matter how fleeting or illusory, from safe sex and sobriety. Nostalgia stirs, for our own youth and our fathers’ youth. And we long to return to sharkskin and to shades. But - hey, it might be a song lyric - you can’t go home again.

Dean Martin died on Christmas Day. The following night on television, Jay Leno - bland and earnest - asked Harrison Ford if he had “overindulged” on the holiday.

“Yeah,” the equally bland and earnest actor replied. “I ate so much I had to use the Stairmaster for an hour and a half this morning.”

Has it come to this? When overindulging means an extra slice of apple pie? Dean Martin and his pallies would have had a good laugh at that one.

MEMO: Nick Tosches is the author of “Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams,” published in 1992.

Nick Tosches is the author of “Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams,” published in 1992.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Dino amazes me. That book is 20 years old now. It's sold every day for 20 years."

Hey pallies, likes doin' some more Dino-searchin' on the ol' web, likes ilovedinomartin was thrilled to come 'cross a December 2012 interview that Esquire mag did with brillant biographer Nick Tosches, the scriber of the magnificent  masterpiece of our most beloved Dino, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dream."  The interview was prosed by Esquire writer extraordinare Mr. Scott Raab,  who met up with Mr. Tosches "in the early afternoon at Circa Tabac, a smoking lounge in downtown Manhattan."

Mr. Raab chatted with Tosches 'bout an assortment of interestin' topics on his life and times and writing, but likes near the end of the interview, Scott 'fesses up that "Of all the books you've written, Dino, your biography of Dean Martin, is the one I keep rereading."  Now how wonderously wonderful is that dudes?!?!?!?!  To know that Raab keeps returnin' time and time 'gain to soak in the Dino-tale is likes just so so awesome....obviously Scott can't ever get 'nough of the life, times, and teachin's of our King of Cool.

And, likes if that ain't 'nough Dino-glory to share, Nick's response to Raab faithfulness to his Dino-tome is that, " Dino amazes me. That book is 20 years old now. It's sold every day for 20 years."  Now likes how how wow-full is that Dino-truth dudes?!?!?!  Indeed, in 2012, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dreams" celebrated it's twentieth year of publication and to know that copies keeps on sellin' Dino-day after Dino-day is just so so thrillin'.  Likes what a wonderful sign that devotion to our Dino simply keeps increasin' each and every Dino-day as new generations wanna soak in the wonder of our Dino.

ilovedinomartin salutes the pallies at Esquire mag for doin' this recent interview with Mr. Nick Tosches, and 'specially for the excellent interview that Mr. Scott Raab scribed.  And thanks 'specially Mr. Raab for those closin' words of Dino-promise!  To know that you, likes so so many Dino-holics all over the globe keeps returnin' to the pages of Tosches' tome on Dino is likes so so awesome....and to hear from Tosches himself, that his brilliant bio keeps sellin' copies day after day, just brings such happiness to those of us who know, love, and honor our Dino.

To checks out the interview in it's entirety, as usual, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.  Dino-psyched, DMP

Nick Tosches: The ESQ&A

SR: Of all the books you've written, Dino, your biography of Dean Martin, is the one I keep rereading.

NT: Dino amazes me. That book is 20 years old now. It's sold every day for 20 years.

SR: It doesn't surprise me.

NT: It surprised me it was Dino. I like The Devil and Sonny Liston better, but part of me actually thinks fewer people read it because it's about a black guy.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Dino and The Sam Man gifs

Hey pallies, likes dudes ilovedinomartin has become so so smitten by the Dino-gifs done by others at pads likes tumblr that we simply had to tries our hand at makin' some of these Dino-honorin' Dino-logical wonders!  So, we set out to begin simple and found a great little free gifs pad tagged where likes you simply picks a youtube vid and pick where to start on it to create a 5 second gif.

Likes well, one of our most fav of fav Dino-clips comes from the Dino-show where our great man and his great pallie Sammy Davis Jr. share a wonderful medley of croons.  Just the sort of vid clip that coulda produce tons of great little Dino-devoted gifted gifs!  So, likes below is the vid clip from youtube along with trio of Dino-gifs that were absolutely awesome to create and wondrously wonderful to share with all your Dino-holics.

Likes, hopefully ilovedinomartin will gets better at creatin' these Dino-gems and likes be able to grow in our ability to create these Dino-homagin' technological treats!   Dino-only, DMP

dino and sammy on Make A Gif
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif
dino and sammy on Make A Gif
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

oYK2Xk on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

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Dean Martin Cuts My Hair

Hey pallies, likes of of the coolest of the cool thin's 'bout ilovedinomartin doin' Dino-searchin' all over the ol' 'net is that one simply never ever knows where the life, the times, and the teachin's of our Dino will show up next.  Today we are delighted to share with you a post from the very eclectic blog, "Blurt," where blogger "omawarisan" 'fesses up that he simply scribes "just a bunch of stuff I'll blurt out from time to time about things I see, things I think about, things I like.

Well pallies, gotta tells you dudes that this time 'round Mr. "Omawarisan" has blurted out some very very cool patter 'bout gettin' a haircut at one of those "Clip" places were the male stylist reminded him of our most beloved Dino.  Well written, and with a ton of humor, it's the sort of thin' that ilovedinomartin feels our Dino woulda laughs at himself.

These ramdom Dino-sightin' are always always so so much fun to share with all you dudes.  And, likes you just never know who might read these Dino-thoughts are start gettin' hooked on our King of Cool.  Just goes to shows the unendin' passion for our great great man.  ilovedinomartin salutes Mr. "Omawarisan" and his funnest of fun blog,"Blurt" for puttin' the accent on our Dino in this comedic way and keepin' the Dino-light ever glowin' Dino-bright.  To checks out these Dino-ruminations in their original format, as usual, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.   Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Dean Martin Cuts My Hair

Between the appearance regulations my career imposed and some of my follicles choosing to no longer participate, I don’t have a lot of hair. It stays fairly short; I aim to get it cut every three weeks or so.
Shampoo and conditioner
Hair product (Photo credit: danisabella)
For the same reasons, there is nothing elaborate about my hair. Nothing extreme about the style. I don’t keep gels to put in it. I dump shampoo on my hair in the shower, I show it a towel and a brush and I’m ready to roll.
Hair like mine doesn’t go to a salon for grooming. It goes to any of the various places whose name ends in the word “Clips”. Nothing fancy.

Get In Line And Stay In Line

The Clips places seem to trouble keeping employees. I don’t know if there is any individual who has cut my hair more than three times in my adult life. My hair cuts are brief encounters with strangers who have scissors. I put that protective thing on that keeps hair off my shirt and we do what we do.
Three weeks ago it was time for a haircut. I walked in and a woman put my name in the computer so I’d be in line. I sat down to wait. It was pretty obvious that I was the entire line. The woman returned and asked if I wanted anyone in particular. I didn’t. I just wanted a hair cut. Not a relationship, just the act. She went toward the back.
Another person came up to the counter, looked at the computer and called out my name as if there were five other customers there. I raised my hand. I was invited back to a chair.
The person assigned to cut my hair was a middle-aged Asian man. He had a print out of how the last person cut my hair, drawn from the Clips Word Headquarters Data System. When he asked me a question about the print out, I didn’t understand him, so I just said yes.


English: Screenshot of Dean Martin and Susan H...
He had this hair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I began to consider coming back another time. I had just answered a question I didn’t understand, asked by a barber whose haircut made me think of Dean Martin. I don’t like to think of Dean Martin, especially when the thought is “I wonder if he asked me if I wanted to look like Dean Martin”. I knew that I did not.
But it was too late. He’d already put the protective thing on me. Everyone knows that once that plastic cover is hung around your neck you are bound by law to get a haircut. That sealed my fate. Then it got scarier. Yes, it got scarier than looking like a 1950′s crooner.
I’m used to people who cut my hair having a pair of scissors or two, a small electric clipper with some colorful plastic guides and a few combs. My stylist that day, we’ll call him Dean, had about eight pairs of scissors. His electric clipper was huge. Hedge trimmer huge. There were no plastic guides for the hedge trimmer. It had interchangeable blade sets. They were bare metal. I wasn’t sure what was going to keep the blades from cutting me.
Lowe's Task Force 22 in. Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer
Dean’s hair trimmer. (Photo credit: thisreidwrites)
When he clicked them on for a test, the clippers shook the chair I was in. I’m pretty sure that those hedge clippers were manufactured in a decommissioned World War II defense factory, back when Dean (the singer, not the hair guy) was popular.
Dean said something about the weather, I said something about it being hot.
Then, it started. Those clippers hit my head, brown and gray hair started falling at an alarming rate. The hedge trimmer made an ungodly sound against my skull. It was like what I imagine I’d hear if the Eyewitness News copter crashed into my head. Now and again, Dean would say something to me, but I never knew what he said. His accent was hard to understand over the racket of the blades.
Dean moved my head around by bumping it with the heel of his hand. Sometimes he mixed it up by using the wrist of his clipper hand.
When he switched from clippers to scissors, the hair cut was just as wild. The sound was like the sound track of Edward Scissorhands. There were at least three different pair of scissors involved in this trim. I couldn’t see the difference in the scissors, but it seemed important to Dean that he switch up his equipment as he addressed the different areas of my head. Who was I to question? I was just along for the ride this time.
Then, it ended. Dean whipped the cover thing off my neck. “Touch it” he said. I said “thanks, I don’t need to touch it”. He pointed at the side of my head. “Touch it. I cut it this way, then that way so it is smooth. Smooth, yes?” I felt better about the question and touched my head.
Smooth, yes.
I’m going to get a hair cut today, at the same place. Like I said, there is a lot of turnover at the Clips place. But maybe, just maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll once again come out smooth, yes.