Sunday, March 26, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Tik A Tee Tik A Tay"


Welcome back, mi amici & welcome to our "Official"...numero uno...Sunday Serenade with our beloved Dino, Spring 2023!!! 

What a time to be alive, Ol' pals o' mine! 


It & Dean just seem to fit SO SO nicely together. Don't youse agree, pals? Yea, I knew youse would. It's sorta' likes a hand in a glove...likes a foot in a fine Italian loafer...likes a green green olive in a dry dry martini! Haha! 

Man o' man, mi amici... I thinks we need to kick this swingin' season off with a COOL COOL & BOUNCY little jam! A tune that will REALLY shake off those wintery webs & gets us in a "sunshinin' state of mind"! 

Ok, Ok, Ok...Let's get a wee bit silly for this special Serenade, pallies! 

We'll start with a jumpin' drum beat...add some maniacal backup singin'... mix in a touch of Dean's sweet sweet Italian type croonin'...shake it all up...real good...& pour us a TALL, COOL, REFRESHIN' glass of "Tik A Tee Tik A Tay"!!! Ha! 

Now THAT'S a concoction to get ANYONE flyin'! I'm buzzin' just thinkin' 'bout it! Hahaha!!! 

OK, my Dino-diggin' Spring chickens...I'm ready! Are youse?! GREAT! 

So as my pops, Big John G, would say..."Shake it...Don't break it"! Haha!! 

I'm pourin' up shots of Dino, today! Drink em' up, my friends! 


Sunday, March 19, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Cha Cha Cha D'Amour"

 Hey pals...HAPPY SPRING!!! 

We made it!!! 

Yeaaaa Hoooo!!! 

Yea...I know...I'm a day early. BUT…man o man, mi amici...doesn't it feel GREAT to say?! 

So, pallies...what's shakin', on this SUNNY March day? Hopefully not youse! Haha!! Hopefully not chilly weather. 

We is startin' a weeklong stretch of BEA U TI FUL days 'round here, pallies. 

No problemo, either way though, my friends. It's SPRING!!! Don't matter if it's warm 'nough. Don't matter if rainin' or blizzardin'! Your ol' pallie, Danny G., DEF I NATE LY ain't complainin'!!  

For I've been sayin''s a state of mind, mi amici. For me...there simply ain't NO better time of year than Spring! 

It’s a time of new beginnins'! A chance to start fresh! Hey, pals...I can ALWAYS use a fresh start! Haha!! 

Snow is gone...for now anyway. Birds are slowly startin' to sing! I’m even seein’ some flowers sproutin'! Man o man , my friends...I cants' help but get SO SO 'cited!!! 

We needs a jumpy little Dino-jam to shake off these wintery chills & gets our Springtime blood flowin'! It's time to PARTAY! Throw on some Dino! 

I know a PERFECTO tune for this week's Serenade! 

Let's get those dancey latin beats thumpin' & get our sleepy wintery hearts back to pumpin'! Ha! A BIG...JUICY...EXTRA SPICY dose of "Cha Cha Cha D'Amour" should wake youse up! 

Turn this one WAAAYYY up, pallies! We'll make the chilly weather run for the hills! It's time to cha cha with Dino! Hahaha!!! 

I Found a COOL COOL vid, too. VERY nice vid clips. Little blurry though...unless that's just my martini kickin' in. Ha!  

This should get thins' shakin'. 

Hey, baby...that's how we like it, ol' pals o' mine...shaken,..not stirred! 

Let's go!!! 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "My Heart Reminds Me"

 Welcome back, my Dino-lovin' peeps! 

Hey! Guess what?! 

Spring is only a week away!!! Parrrr-tayyy! Haha!! 

But...dare I's the weather? 

Well,'s nice one day...bloody freezin' the next! Haha!! I ain't complainin' though pallies! Told youse...Spring is a state of mind. And don't forget, IS only March. Comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb. Somethin' like that, I thinks. Comes in like a shot of booze, goes out like a glass of vino, maybe. Either way, mi amici...Winter ain't QUITE over yet. is MARCH! Parrr-tayyy! Hahaha!!! 

Man o' man! I'm in a crazy mood today! 

OK...OK...let's me calm down a wee bit. 

Now...this month basically means two thins' to me, pals. 1) Spring is on it's way! & 2) CRAZY weather! Let's concentrate on the Spring part. 

To keep us on track, for the BEA U TI FUL days headin' our way...I decided on a pretty little tune, that I heard the other day, for today's Serenade.  

I know youse gonna completely MELT into this one, mi amici! Hopefully will gets the icy days meltin' too! 

"My Heart Reminds Me" will remind ALL us Dino-holics what our great great pal was originally known for...the MOST beautiful & romantico Italian croonin' to ever make it's way to the masses! Ha! These cold & frosty days don't stands a chance with this tune, pals! 

Man...thins' is heatin' up already!!! 

OK pallies, let's settle back into a warm & comfy spot......& stay positive! Spring is on it's way! We got this! 

O' & by the way, pallies...Did youse set your clocks back? Man! I really am becommin' my mother, now! Haha!! 

Most of all, my friends...ALWAYS keeps the Dino vibe in your heart! That conquers ALL! 


Sunday, March 05, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "On The Sunny Side Of The Street"

 Good mornin', pals o' mine! 

Welcome back & welcome to March! 

Yes...I knows...IT'S SNOWIN'! But...We's is gettin' SO SO close to Spring, mi amici...who cares?! Haha!! Not me! 

I can hardly contain myself, actually! Ha! 

To me...Spring is the BESTEST time of the year, pals! Birds singin'! Blue skies shinin'! Grass & flowers startin' their sproutin'! Man! I cants' think of a better time to be alive, my friends! Dino-diggin' pallies...who comes to mind...with all these WON DER FUL thoughts...more than our pal amongst pals, Dino?! 

I say Dean & Spring go hand in hand...just like the birds & the buzzy little bees! Haha!! Yup, this is a VERY special time, my friends. 

I thinks I will pick one of my own personal FAVES to get this Pre-Spring vibe, vibin'! A TRULY inspirational Dino-jam! 

No matter what life throws our way, pals...snow or no snow...rain or ice. Even if we is knocked off our feet, & is lyin' face down in the mud...we ALWAYS have good ol' Dino to pick us back up! Simply gets up...wipe off that mud...& walk on over to "The Sunny Side of the Street"! 

Let's sit back & let our pallie do what he does best...Spin some of that Dino-magic. 

Ok, my friends. Spring is gettin' closer every Dino-day! Only 15 days to be exact! Yay!! And I don't care WHAT Ol' Mother Nature sends our way...this is our season, pallies! Ours & Dino's! 

Snow or rain...Sun or clouds...this is our new yearly beginnin' & that's what REALLY counts! 

It's a state of mind! Truly! 

Hit it Dino!