Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Rege Shares His Dinodevotion

Hey pallies, here a way cool little vid of Regis Philbin speakin' of his Dinopassion and puttin' up a Dinofigure in the midst of his show...loves how the Reges speaks to boldly of how much our great man means to him. With many many Dinothanks to my great Dinoholic Dinobro Zhelun from over at the space who first shared this with me there.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dino's Dream by Apollo Zero

Hey pallies, likes here is the Dinopix, and some Dinocommentary for the cool Dinotrib song, Dino's Dream by Apollo Zero's Reconstruct with Chicane & Crystal Lewis..loves this Dinopix very very Dinomuch and the Dinocomentary is so so Dinocool...to view it in it's original Dinoform, likes just click on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinolovin', DMP

Dean Martin with Chicane & Crystal Gayle - "Dino's Dream (Apollo Zero Reconstruct)" from Dean Martin tribute "King of the Road"

Watch the smoke rings rise in the air to dream lush smoky stack of ambient beats and love of Dean Martin, Chicane and special guest, Crystal Gayle.

King Of The Road - A Bastard Pop Tribute To Dean Martin

Hey pallies, just discovered this cool site, Mashup Industries, that have produced this cool Dinotrib album tagged King Of The Road --- A Bastard Pop Tribute To Dean Martin. To give the tunes a listen, just click on the tagg of this Dinopost and start the Dinoadventure....so so cool to see youngens payin' trib to our Dino....how greats to know that our King of Cool is likes more popular then Dinoever. Dinodelightedly, DMP

Written by Clivester (Administrator)
Saturday, 27 September 2008
Mashup Industries proudly presents:
KING OF THE ROAD - A Bastard Pop Tribute To Dean Martin

It's been a while since the last Mashup Industries themed album project. Now we are back with a tribute to one of the greatest entertainers ever - Dean Martin. Many artists from around the world got together to honor Dino with 14 unique tracks from various genres. But hear for yourself:

1. RIAA - That's A-Funky 02:20

2. The Who Boys - Let's Go Dino 04:31

3. Clivester - (My First) Big Things 03:52

4. ApolloZero - Dino's Dream (ApolloZero Reconstruct) 06:05

5. RIAA - SKAmbo Italiano 02:06

6. KrazyBen - King Of The Missing Groove 04:01

7. BenDoubleM - Let Me Go Beautiful Liar 03:51

8. RIAA - Kick Bob Marley In The Head 02:15

9. Pilchard - Fish Thing 04:35

10. DJ Schmolli - My Girl Is King Of The Road 02:43

11. RIAA - Dream With Dean 02:14

12. Copycat - Mambo Italiano (A Copycat Remix) 03:38

13. Qubic - Swing 'Till Somebody Loves You 04:34

14. BONUS TRACK: RIAA - I Saw Her Things (A Pet Sounds Mix) 02:33

Download (or listen to) the individual tracks above or grab the full album HERE!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DINO....his son remembers...starring Ricci Martin

Hey pallies, been tryin' to find the way to post the Dinopromo Dinovid of our Dino's boypallie doin' his Dinotrib to our great man...so if you likes click on the tagg of this Dinopost you will be taken to Ricci's pad where you can view the Dinovid. Dinodiggin', DMP

Starring Ricci Martin
His Son Remembers

While there could be only one Dean Martin, his youngest son, Ricci, has put together a new and exciting show called "A Tribute to Dean Martin, His Son Remembers". In his show, Ricci takes you on a walk down memory lane, singing many of his father's hit songs like "Memories Are Made of This," "Volare," "That's Amore," "Houston," and "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime," just to name a few.

There is also lots of humor in the style that made us all fall in love with Dean, and during certain musical segments there will be photos projected on a screen of Dean's family life, his Vegas performances and his hit television series, the "Dean Martin Show," featuring the biggest stars of the day. Some photos are so personal that no one has ever seen them outside of Dean's immediate family.

In a heartfelt, emotional segment of the show, Ricci tells the story of Dean and Jerry's break-up, along with a touching account of the loss of his brother Dean-Paul.

Also shown is an award winning music video that he directed in the '80s for MTV, featuring his father singing "Since I Met You Baby."

To add yet another dimension to the show, Ricci includes the audience in his tribute by stepping off the stage for a question and answer session, fielding questions about a very private Dean Martin as only his son could.

During the show's eight week run at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, as well as it's nation wide tour this year, Dean's fans, young and old, had a rare opportunity to get to know Dean Martin as never before. The show was received with nightly standing ovations and attended by many show business luminaries including Frankie Avalon, Bill Medley (Righteous Brothers), Penn Jilette (Penn & Teller), Latino comic Paul Rodriguez, Desi and Lucie Arnaz, and others.

So pour yourself a drink, sit back, and enjoy the show!

belated birthday wishes to our Dino's boypallie Ricci

Hey pallies, likes on September 20, 1953 Ricci James Martin was born to our Dino and the Jeanne and we sends out our best belated birthday wishes to Ricci. Ricci penned the Dinobio, "That's Amore" and does a Dinotrib show to his daddy-o. If you clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost you will find his web site and Dinoinfo on the Dinotrib.

September 24, 1973...on this day in Dinohistory

September 24, 1973 Dean's television show changes its name to "The Dean Martin Comedy Hour" and moves to Friday nights after eight years on Thursdays. The show features a "Roast of the Week," modeled after the popular Friars Club roasts, with Ronald Reagan as the first guest.

Hey pallies, enjoys these Dinoclips from the first Dinoroast on this day 35 years ago in Dinohistory.... Dinodiggin', DMP

Monday, September 22, 2008


Hey pallies, cartoonest Gilbert Hernendez has created "The New Adventures of Duke and Sammy featurin' Dino and the jer impersonators Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo from the '50's...clicks on the tagg of this link to checks out all this Dinofun...some great pixs from the Dinocomic are likes included..... Dinodiggin', DMP

Bizarro deano and jerry take on the aliens, love and rockets, penny century Martin & Lewis Impersonators Slaughter Alien Hordes in New Comic Book
Everyone remembers the heyday of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, but how many of us remember the cheap imitation duo of Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo? While Dino and Jerry got the radio shows, the magazine covers, and the hit movies, Mitchell and Petrillo got a co-starring role with Bela Lugosi...and a brutal battle with attacking alien forces. In the premiere issue of Love & Rockets: New Stories #1 (out this week and next in your more discerning bookstores and comic books shops), Gilbert Hernandez gives us "New Adventures of Duke and Sammy," and we've got a preview for you. Because who doesn't love comedy team knock-offs trapped on strange planets?

Snagged mid-concert and rocketed through space, Duke and Sammy end up on a strange alien planet (which compares not entirely unfavorably to Las Vegas), engage in some "eat or be eaten" slapstick, may or may not die once or twice, and (of course) gain superpowers.
Sadly, the superpowers don't hang around long enough to help our boys when they end up cheesing off the populace:
And the singing/comedy team has no choice but to resort to the sort of pluck that carried them all the way from The Colgate Comedy Hour to Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla:
If that's not enough for you, this book-sized wonder also has fifty pages of superheroines banding together in "The Search For Penny Century," courtesy of Jaime Hernandez.
In sum, the first issue of Love & Rockets: New Stories ensures you'll be able to meet the USDA's required amounts of CRAZY and AWESOME for the rest of the year. And if you catch yourself humming "That's Amore" as well (because, let's face it, Duke's song "'Deed I Do," is no "That's Amore"), so much the better.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rat Pack coming to be theaters?

Hey pallies, likes here is more on the Dinopossiblity of Robert Randisi's Rat Pack novel comin' to the big screen. Loves readin' more 'bout this, especially how Mr. Randisi and Mr. Hackett first gots together...sounds like pure Dinomagic to me...so read on...if you woulda likes to read this in it's original form over at Crime Spree Cinema, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram. Dinothrilled, DMP

Rat Pack coming to be theaters?

Frankie, Dean, Sammy and co may be heading back to the silver screen.

Iconic Crime writer Robert Randisi has sold the films rights to Everybody Kills Somebody Sometime to Sandy Hackett, son of the late comedian Buddy Hackett.

The novel features the legendary Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop) and is set in Vegas in 1960. The story centers around threatening letters that being sent to Dean Martin. The pack assisted by pit boss Eddie Gianelli, work to figure out who is sending them.

The novel is the first in a series, with the fourth being slated for 2009.

Sandy has appeared in handful of films and television series over the years, and recently started to work behind the camera as a producer. My own memory of him is as the MC of a wet t-shirt contest in Hot Dog: the movie.

Hackett also stars as Joey Bishop in the Vegas show The Rat Pack is Back.

It was through that show that Bob and Sandy became acquainted.

Bob: “I needed an opening for the third book, which is usually set in the present before we flashback to 1960's Vegas. I decided to have 80 year old Eddie attend a Rat Pack tribute show. I checked on the web to see which show might be the best and I found The Rat Pack is Back, the Vegas show Sandy Hackett writes and produces, in which he plays Joey. I emailed Sandy, who was on the road with the show in South Carolina. He got back to me and said he'd love to appear in the book. We spoke on the phone. I sent him the first two to read and he loved them. He decided he'd like to option the first book. It took some time to put together, but Sandy is as crazy about the Rat Pack as I am.”

When asked about the novel, Sandy said “In an original recipe of mystery, murder and intrigue so well that you could just as easy believe you were reading a historical account of events transpired”

He was equally generous with his praise when talking about Bob, “he is a bright guy,
and has a great sense of humor. If he wasn't a writer I imagine he would have gone into the clergy.”

Father Bob… that puts a rather interesting image in my head.

Randisi is the author of over 500 novels, as well as being the founder of the Private Eye Writers of America.

He has been hired to write the screenplay, something that will be a first for him.

The goal is to begin filming in January of 2010, which would be exactly 50 years after the book (Which takes place in Jan of 1960).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hey pallies, likes have had some probs gettin' this Dinopost completed, but hopes we are there....so cool to find that it was 58 years ago on September 17 that our Dino and the kid took over the reigns of the Colgate Comedy Hour and as they say, the rest is Dinohistory...to read this Dinostory in it's original form, just click on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinodiggin', DMP




It was a mere 58 years ago that America’s favorite comedy team of DEAN MARTIN and JERRY LEWIS took over the hosting chores of TV’s Colgate Comedy Hour and captivated the whole country.

Six years later, America’s favorite comedy team were working as solos. And that, as they say, is show biz….

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dinodiscs of the Matt Helm Dinoflicks

Hey pallies, been speakin' so Dinomuch 'bout the Matt Helm Dinoflicks of Dinolate..wells I just came across this Dinopixs of the DVDs from Matt Helm Lounge and likes I just couldn't Dinoresist postin' 'em here at the ol' ilovedinomartin Dinoblog for all pallies Dinoviewin' Dinopleasure...likes these are likes just so Dinowonderful...likes our great man...enjoys pallies... Dinopsyched, DMP

Likes A Total Dinosteal Of A Dinodeal On Matt Helm Lounge

Matt Helm Lounge (The Silencers/ Murderers Row/The Ambushers/The Wrecking Crew) (1966)

Starring: Dean Martin, Elke Sommer Director: Phil Karlson, Henry Levin Rating

62 Reviews
5 star: (34)
4 star: (19)
3 star: (6)
2 star: (0)
1 star: (3)

See all 62 customer reviews...
See all 2 discussions...

(62 customer reviews)

List Price: $24.95
Price: $13.99 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
You Save: $10.96 (44%)

Hey pallies, likes I couldn't believe my Dinoeyes when I saw this very low price for the whole Dinoquartet of Matt Helm flicks...can you believe all 4 of these Dinoclassics for less then 14 bucks. No, no pallie has any more excuses for not addin' some of our Dino's greatest work to their Dinocollections... Buts, likes gotta admit I does have such mixed Dinoemotions 'bout these way low Dinoprice. Certainly our Dino is worths so much much more than this...I knows that when I heard that the Matt Helm flicks were gonna finally be Dinoreleased as a set, I was willin' to pay likes the real big Dinobucks to likes gets my hands on 'em...so this very low price does not truly reflect the value of our great man. But, on the other Dinohand, now no pallie...no matter how low their bread is, won't be able to grab this Dinoset for their very Dino-own.... To view the original Dinoad, just clicks on the Dinotagg of this Dinopost.... Dinosharin', DMP

Monday, September 15, 2008

Houston-Ike-ala Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes I just knew this was gonna happen...when I heard that Ike was goin' to hit Houston...likes I just knew some dude who takes come shots of the effects of Ike and put 'em to our Dino's great classic "Houston." Ands here it is....so sorry for all the harm that Ike and other tropical storms have caused, but how cool that our Dino has been used to create this clip....in the midst of chaos and destruction....our Dino is such a soothin' and helpful Dinoforce for good.... Dinodevotedly, DMP

Matt Helm Week over at Doctor K's 100 Page Super Spectacular

Hey pallies, speakin' of our Dino as Matt Helm, here's a Dinolink to our pallie Doctor K's blog tagged....Doctor K's 100 Page Super Spectacular...where the good Doctor...in real life a teach at a small southern university....Dinocelebrated Matt Helm week last spring (sorry for it takin' me so long to shares this with all you pallies). Here you will find Dr. K's Dinotake on each of the Dinoquartet of Dinocapers and more....cool Dr. K. not only knows how to put pen to page...but his Dinodevotion shines so clearly Dinothrough...so checks it out pallies....likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost and you will be Dinothere! Dinodiggin' DMP

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Dinofav Dinothin' 'Bout Silencers

Hey pallies, have been sendin' you off to other Dinoposts to enjoys the Dinopleasures of our Dino's Matt Helm caper "The Silencers." This Dinoclip (which was posted with our pallie Keith's totally stellar Dinoreview of this Dinoflick) contains my Dinofav Dinothin' 'bout this first of Dinoquartet of MH...nows some of you pallies are gonna laugh big Dinotime...but likes it is the Dinotrailer at the end of the film....and btw, at the end of this Dinoclip, which is promotin' MH #2, "Murder's Row." I totally Dinodigg our Dino with all those beautiful chicks with him on his round love bed and how as the bed rotates our Dino gets to have a little Dinolovin' with each of 'em...and then at the ends gets to kiss Lovey and 'nother chick back and forth...nothin' short of likes total Dinomagic...so enjoys watchin' my Dinofav Dinothin' of "The Silencers."

Friday, September 12, 2008

THE SILENCERS - Dean Martin-Elmer Berstein-Vicki Carr - "It's All About Dino" (1966)

Hey pallies, 'nother Dinoholic pallie tagged Eegah!! & Tabonga! at the Monster Moviee Music Blogger blog has posted a cool set of Dinopixs with great Dinocommentary also on Matt Helm caper numero uno, "The Silencers." Likes if you clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost you will be able to see the Dinopost in all of its likes total Dinoglory....also I does so Dinoappreciate this dude givin' a great Dinonod to this here ilovedinomartin Dinoblog. Oh, how I loves to see so much Dinodeep Dinodevotion to our great man all over the blogger world. So clicks on the Dinotagg and share in this Dinoprose....btw loves how Eegah!! & Tabonga!
proclaims.....it's all about Dino...that is truly where it is at!!!! DINO is IT!!!! Dinodelightedly, DMP

Dean Martin As Matt Helm In The Silencers

Hey pallies, likes one of the thin' I really am Dinohopin' to do much Dinomore of is givin' the Dinonod to pallies who have shared great Dinoposts at other blog sites...it is just so so Dinowonderful to find others workin' very Dinohard to spread that Dinomessage of cool. A couple of days ago, our pallie Keith posted a stellar Dinoreview of the first Matt Helm caper Dinoflick "The Silencers" over at his Dinoblog tagged The Dino Lounge...Coolness Is Timeless. I strongly Dinoencourage you to clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost and make the Dinojourney over to pallie Keith's Dinoblog to read his really Dinofine Dinoeffort of reviewin' our Dino in "The Silencers." And I gives my bestest of best Dinothanks to pallie Keith for all he has Dinodone and continues to Dinodo to keep the Dinolight glowin' Dinobright for our great man!!!!! Dinogratefully, DMP


Hey pallies, likes just founds this way cool Dinopix at a dude tagged Prince of Petworth's blog with the tagg...."Oddly this was found in the window of a locksmith on Columbia Road. Right on, right on." Loves it pallies...loves seein' more and more true Dinoholics showin' their true Dinopassion for our great man..and likes if you wanna see this Dinopost in it's original Dinosettin', likes just clikcs on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinosharin', DMP

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Diggs DINO!

Hey pallies, like a couple of days ago, Apple Computers CEO Steve Jobs was demonstratin' a new iPod and low and behold when he shook it...who came up...OUR DINO...showin' the world that Jobs is a lover of our great man.. Here's a piece of the story, or if you wanna read the whole thin' just clip on the tagg of this Dinopost. Ain't it cool to know that a rich and famous dude like Jobs is likes full of Dinopassion!?!??!?!? In Dino, DMP

First iPod announcement: The 80GB iPod Classic has been upgraded to 120GB at the same 9 price point. Second: The new iPod nano–it’s the vertical device that’s been rumored. Very slick. “It’s the thinnest iPod we’ve ever made,” says Jobs. It’s got a new curved aluminum design, enhanced user interface, an accelerometer to put images into landscape mode, built-in Genius support, 24-hour battery life for music or four hours for video and a “shake-to-shuffle” feature that does what you’d expect. Jobs shakes his nano to demonstrate as it shuffles to a Dean Martin song. “Uh-oh. Now you guys know I listen to Dean Martin.”

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Joe Biden: The Dean Martin Rules

Hey pallies, a blog tagged Grumpy Guy Politics over at Wordpress shared this way Dinocool Dinothought that V.P. candidate Joe Biden oughta follow "The Dean Martin Rules" when debatin' canidate Palin. How refreshin' to see such Dinohumor in the midst of the comin' election. And pallies didn't the grumpy guy create such a cool Joey Dinoimage?!??!?! Just clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost and you can reads the Dinoprose it all it's full Dinoglory... Dinodiggin', DMP

Sunday, September 07, 2008

'nother Dinoclip of our Dino singin' "It Had To Be You"

Hey pallies, likes I thinks I am in Dinoheaven...just found this Dinoclip from the Dinoshow where our Dino also sings "It Had To Be You." A bit different then the last Dinoclip I posted, but I loves this one very very Dinomuch as well....our Dino is so so smooth as he croons this Dinotune...enjoys pallies, and will be like Dinointerested which of these two is your Dinofav... Dinoawed, DMP

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Our Dino Sings "It Had To Be You"

Hey pallies, I loves the Dino DVD "That's Amore" sharin' clips of our great man singin' some of his greatest songs from his stellar Dinoshow. Each and every Dinotune on this DVD is just so Dinoamazin'...'cause of course our Dino is the most amazin' dude to ever enter our planet. However, I does think that this Dinoclip of our Dino singin' the classic love song "It Had To Be You" is my supreme Dinofav of the whole Dinobunch....I loves not only hearin' our Dino sing this ballad with such Dinoconviction, but I also loves the way our Dino uses his body..his hands...ands the ever present smoke in his hands and all his facial expressions to really sell this song...and likes I do think for all true lovers of our Dino...for all true Dinoholics we can say without any Dinodoubt that for us "It has to be you"..."Dino you are IT for us." Never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool...oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth...
Dinodevotedly, DMP

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dean Martin Dinocalendar Dinopix for September

Hey pallies, likes in doin' some Dinoresearchin' for Dinopixs came 'cross this cool Dinocompilation and made the Dinodecision right Dinothen and Dinothere to makes this the Dinocalendar Dinopix for September. Hopes you digg it as much as I Dinodo... Dinosharin', DMP

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dino and the kid reunite at MDA Telethon in '76

Hey pallies, well it's a day late, but likes if you clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost you will find the historic Dinoclip of the reunitin' of our Dino and the jer at the '76 MDA Telethon with the aid of the frankie. Gotta say my most Dinodeeply Dinofelt Dinothanks to my pallie Susan who did the Dinoresearch to find this clip on the web and to my pallie Terri who originally posted this Dinopix at our little ilovedinomartin Dinopad...ladies my many Dinothanks to both of you for your efforts on behalf of our Dino...that's truly true Dinopalliedom... So pallies, sits back and enjoys seein' the Dinoreunion. Dinodelightedly, DMP

Monday, September 01, 2008

Our Dino Marries The Jeanne On This Date In Dinohistory

Hey pallies, I've been readin' the jer's book 'bout him and our Dino...tagged "Dean and Me" and made the Dinodiscovery that on September 1, 1949 our Dino married the Jeanne...so here are a couple of Dinoclips to celebrate that Dinoevent....our Dino kissin' the Jeanne and our Dino singin' "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife" from the Dinoshow....sung in the same year that our Dino decided to say bye bye to the Jeanne... Dinolearnin', DMP

Dino and the jer and the MDA telethon

Hey pallies, likes when you think of labor day you just gotta think of the MDA telethon with the jer. 2008 is the 43rd annual Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon to be held on Labor Day weekend. I had Dinohoped to share the 1976 clip of the reuniting of our Dino and the kid durin' the telethon...but it appears no clip of that is currently available on the net. So what follows are a few Dinoclips from the first national MDA Telethon held in 1953 with our Dino and the kid. Hopes you all enjoys these Dinoclassic Dinoclips. Dinosharin', DMP