Friday, December 24, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Departure Day Sunday Serenade with Dino...on Friday: "Silent Night/Peace on Earth"

 Hey there, pallies. 

Well...we made it. Welcome to Winter 2021.  

Man...just cants believe nother' Christmas is here. Seems so far away, then all of a it is. 

'Nother important day is here, also. 

Dino-Departure Day. 

It crept up as well, pals. 

'Nother year since we lost our main man, Dino.  That's a tough one to say, pals. Truly hurts me. 

But...what makes thins' a little bit easier on my bein' part of this GREAT GREAT blog...'specially today. 

Gives me a chance to share a little piece of myself & my thoughts 'bout Dean. 

What he's meant to me throughout my life.  

Today...although we is reminded 'bout what we've  lost...we also think 'bout what we still have! Life is GOOD! 

Dino keeps it that way! 

Crazy, yes. Upside down...Definately! But, good. 

So, pals...we will spread good will to others & share positive thoughts. 

Let's not sulk & be blue. 

Let's celebrate!  

Let's 'member all the good stuff that made Dino...Dino!  Fun...Happy...Foolish...& OH SO VERY Cool! Haha!! 

To be thought 'bout...every once in awhile...Swoonin' & Croonin'...makin' people smile! Yup...THAT'S how I'm guessin' he would dig thins' the most!   

What a great great time of year to REALLY get in touch with your inner Dino, too, my friends! Just soak in his vibe & spread it all 'round! 

I'm so so thrilled be able to play one of the ab so lute BESTEST of the BEST Christmassy tunes... by the ab so lute BESTEST of the BEST Christmas crooners! 

The song I've chosen, for this VERY special Dino-Departure Day Serenade, maybe my fave...DEF I NATE LY  HAS to be..."Silent Night/Peace on Earth".  

How could I NOT pick this BEA U TI FUL tune?! 

With the final bow of such a man...I NEED to play a song FILLED with true, pure Dino-passion! 

Don't know 'bout youse pallies...but this tune REALLY moves me! 

So So softly POWERFUL & So So gently SOOTHIN' to my soul. 

It takes me to a place... where we is ALL forever young & Dean is ALWAYS & FOREVER present'. 

Ahhhhh...Nice nice stuff, pals. 

Well...I wont keep youse any longer. Knows youse got thins' to do. New memories to be made. 

Let's ALL 'member the TRUE meanin' of the day, pallies & keep that vibe goin' ALL year long! 

Oh...& don't forget, my the middle of all the chaos these next couple days...take a minute to 'member Dino. The worlds not seen a shinin' star like him 'gain. 

Merry Christmas, DMP...wherever youse are. 

Merry Christmas, pallies. 

Buon Natale! 

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Winter Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Jingle Bells"

 Welcome back, my bell jinglin'...sleigh ridin', pals! 

Youse ready for the big day?! 

Almost here! 

We is gettin' down to the wire, now, mi amici! 

Definitely one of those bittersweet days for us Dino-lovers. 

Along with all the happiness & chaotic excitement that comes with Christmas...we also mark 'nother year without our main, among us. Dino-Departure Day. friends! We still have his spirit! 

Gotta 'member that! 


Dino will be our shinin' light through ALL thins'! 

The power of music is real, pals! And Dino's, more than any other...can help us through anythin'! 

So...palsies o mine...let's be merry! 

Celebrate his life, times & teachins'! 

And never give up that glowin', happy Dino-vibe! 

I'm feelin' a little foolish today, actually! Haha!! Gotta be that strong Dino-spirit in the air, this time of year, pals! 

So what else is there left to do 'cept roll with it & get that FUN FUN Dino-air swirlin'! 

How's 'bout some "Jingle Bells" ONLY our main dude can do "Jingle Bells"...for this week's Serenade?! 

Yup! Sounds good to me! 

O'...& btw, pallies...since this is the last actual Sunday before the big day...I is gonna try to post next week's Serenade early. Probably try for Friday. 

No way I can let this VERY special day pass without one more VERY special Dino-jam! 

OK, mi amici...enjoy the tune, my friends! And enjoy all the crazy Christmassy-chaos! 

It's TRULY the MOST Dino-ful time of the year! 


Sunday, December 12, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Winter Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I'll Be Home For Christmas"

 Welcome back, mi amici! 

How youse feelin'? 

Hopefully not TOO stressed out. 

I know we gots a LOT of thins' to do...gettin' ready for the big day! Dino-Departure day, that is! Haha!!'s a BUSY time of year, palsies. Not easy keepin' your mindset on "chill mode" these next couple weeks. Everyone seems to go into panic mode! Seem to forget what the holidays are all 'bout. 

Well, pals...what we need to to just relax. 

Take a deep breath...& relax. 

Thins' will come together...& we'll all be OK. 

Just do what I do, my friends! Increase your Dino-intake...& maybe a little more vino. Haha!! That's somethin' we DEFINATELY can ALL use! 

Actually...what I seem to have the hardest time holdin' onto my traditions...which I've mentioned here before. 

Sometimes that gets me a wee bit blue, pals. Ain't easy when family that once were the tradition do-ers...are all gone. Now it's up to you...& no one else is diggin' what youse do! Ugh!! 

Yup...not easy convincin' my kiddies that "The Feast of the Seven Fishes" is a yummy Christmas Eve dinner!  That "polpi" & calamad"...(octopus & squid) are delicious! Haha!! 

Nope...they just ain't feelin' the old traditional vibe...that I grew up with...mi amici. 

Really gets me longin' for "the old days", pals. Christmas' long gone by. I'm sure youse can relate, my friends. 

I thinks this week's Serenade will get us back to those days, pallies. Maybe not physically...but will definitely bring our thoughts back to those great great days! 

Dino's "I'll Be Home for Christmas" the one tune that gets me both happy & the same time. Melancholy, but comforted. Just thinkin' back & bein' SO SO thankful & appreciative for those me the energy & extra "pep in my step" keep on keepin' on! 

Actually, pals...Dino jams are the one tradition...that no matter what...or 'round...have ALWAYS been & ALWAYS will one CONSTANT Christmassy tradition. Now, friends o mine...who can ask for ANY more than that? 

Well, pals o' mine...before I take off...had to make sure youse is all aware of the The Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra Christmas special airin' on PBS this week! Channel 2, here in my part of the world. Makes sure to watch for it & also the Dean Martin documentary on TCM. They both are PERFECTO to get thins' jumpin'! 

Enjoy, mi amici!  

Sunday, December 05, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Winter Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Marshmallow World"

 Welcome back, pallies! 

It's OFFICIAL...Happy Dino-Winter Month 2021!!!  

We made it here, once 'gain! 

TRULY a VERY special time of year, my friends. 

Soak it in!'s the holiday season treatin' youse' so far? 

Gettin' some Christmas shoppin' done? 

Deckin' the halls? 

Haulin' out that ol' holly & all that fun stuff? 

I knows it can get tirin', pallies. It can wear youse down to the bone...if youse let it! 

Make sure youse take a breather every now & then! 

'Member what the month is REALLY all 'bout...Celebratin' our DINO!!! Hahaha!!! 

Among other obvious thins'... of course...this month is to REALLY soak in that Dino vibe. REALLY listen to what he is tellin' us... & REALLY follow in his GREAT GREAT footsteps. Relax. Be cool, baby. Let thins' roll off your shoulder, pallie. Life's too damn short to sweat the little thins'! 

Well...I thinks it's been 'nough time since we had an EXTRA special Serenade. 

How's 'bout a wee bit o "Duetin' with Dino"?! 



Thinks we could ALL use some "EXTRA SPECIALNESS" rights 'bout now! 

Seems to me...there's really only ONE jam that TOTALLY gets this month swingin'! And...there's only TWO cool cool cats that can swing on it together! 

Of course I is referrin' to "Marshmallow World" by Dean & Frank! 

Likes no other duet known to man has ever entertained the masses SO SO feverishly, pals! Haha!!  


Now I know it STILL isn't very marshmallowy out there, yet...& I ain't complainin'...but what better way to ring in Dino-Winter Month?!  

It DEF I NATE LY gets me in the holiday spirit & DEF I NATE LY keeps me in that  Wintery Dino-vibe! 

OK...'nough talkin'...let's get Dino-rockin'! 

Oh, and by the way...I couldn't help but play Dean's solo track of this GREAT GREAT jam too. Hey, pals...I'm a Dino-junkie...what can I say?! Haha!! 

OK, mi amici... 'member...go easy! 

Santa's not the ONLY one watchin'...Dean wants youse to take a breath...inhale that cool cool Dino-air...& just relax. 

It's the ONLY way to be, pals. 


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Winter Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "A Winter Romance"

 Welcome back, ol' pals o mine! 

How was your day of Givin' Dino-thanks? 



Down sized? 

Full sized? 

Well,palles...whichever way youse decided to go...I bet youse is STILL dealin' with a mess! Haha!! 

Yup. Either takin' down the turkey decorations or puttin' away your best boozy punch's a lotta work. 

Well, my friends...are youse ready to do it all 'gain?! UGH!! Haha!! 

Hey, pallies...that's OK...tis the season...Dino-Winter Month! 

Here we go! 

We is 'bout to jump into the most wonderful time of the year & it's comin' up quick! 

Such a Fun & Crazy time, my friends! 

I AB SO LUTE LY love it & soaks in every single Dino-drippin' second! 

The whole thin', mi amici! 

The snow! 

The Christmas lights! 

The gift givin' & receivin'! 

Obviously, the tunes! 

And even though thins' in our world are a complete mess right now...I STILL loves it! Every Crazy Chaotic nuance of December is such fun to me...I just can't help but to thinks of Dino! 

He's all 'round us this time of year! 

The markets...the malls...the radio & on T.V.! 

It's positively INVIGORATIN'...hearin' & seein' our main dude... in all this Christmassy abundance! Haha!! 

BTW pals...Did youse all get chance to catch "Dean Martin- The King of Cool" yet?! Keep watchin' for it on TLC. It's COMPLETELY awesome! 

Now, as our fearless leader, DMP, always says..."Youse just don't know WHERE Dino will pop up next!" And as our great great friend, Ms. AOW, commented a couple years back..."He still seems so alive!" 

It's true, pallies! 

It's actually hard to believe he's been gone all these years! 

Just goes to show...once 'gain...that legends like Dean, never disappear. Never fade away. He will ALWAYS be with us, mi amici! Just like anyone who really mattered in our lives...Dino will live, through us, forever! 

So, my fellow Dino-holics...allow me to start an early kick off to Dino-Winter Month 2021! 

All youse needs to do is sit back & relax to this week's Serenade..."A Winter Romance". 

To me, it's Perfecto for this time of year & perfecto for gettin' us into the holiday Dino-groove! 

Enjoy, my friends! 

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Canadian Sunset"

 Welcome back, pals! 

Hey...likes I know it's a few days early still, but...HAPPY DAY of GIVIN' DINO THANKS!!! 

Yes siree, pallies...tis' the season once 'gain. 

The season for ponderin' our blessins', mi amici! 

Ponderin' our lives! 

Ponderin'...MR. DEAN MARTIN! Haha!!'s true, ol' Dino-diggin' friends o mines...I'm serious! 

I thinks bout' ALL the different ways Dino helps me ALL year long, & I am SO SO greatful! Makes EVERYDAY SO SO much brighter! 

SO SO much funner! 

SO SO much more meaningful to me! 

REALLY makes me appreciate the MANY MANY ways I've been blessed. 

Yup...he's my main man, pallies! 

Anyways, mi amici...I hopes youse all had a chance to catch the premiere of "Dean Martin - The King of Cool", Friday or Saturday night! It was awesome!!! It's on the "Turner Classic Movies"

Two full hours of our main man! Interviews with all kinds of Dino-fans...Cool Cool clips from his TV show...thins' I've never seen! It's TRULY a "must see", pals.

No worries if youse missed it, though...I'm sure it will be played 'gain & I will definitely let youse know! 

So, my Dino-thanks givin' friends...I thinks I'll kick off this Cool Cool holiday seasonal Serenade with my usual Cool Cool "pre-holiday" seasonal Dino-jam! "Canadian Sunset". 

It just gets me in the right frame of mind, for what's headin' our way! ...CHAOS!!! Hahaha!!! 

Just kiddin' , pals. 

It's a great time of year to REALLY look at anythin' & everythin' good in our lives & be appreciative. 

No matter what or who it thankful. 

Life is TRULY a blessin'. 

As long as we have our & friends...and of course...the ONE & ONLY Dino...Life is good! 


Sunday, November 14, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "If I Had You"

 Hey, pals o mine! 

What's doin'? 

Youse gettin' mentally prepped for the upcomin' Turkey feast? 

Yea, my friends...I guess we's can start thinkin' 'bout it now. Only a week & a half away. 

Time to gather with family & friends & celebrate all that is good in our lives. 

Time to start the blowin' & rakin', too! Ugh. 

DEF I NATE LY not one of my fave outdoor activities! Haha!! O well, mi amici. Least we got our main man, Dean, to bring along! 

Won't be so bad with some cool cool...Fall type Dino-tunes...flowin' in my ear. 

Youse know the kind I mean...dont'cha, pals? 

Well...let me pick us a jam to get that flow started. 

Hmmmm. Maybe I could stick with "The Dean Martin Show" al b um. That one never leaves my turntable, it seems. 

There's a few perfect pics for a day like a month like this...& for a job like this. 

How's 'bout we start thins' off with some "If I Had You"? OK, pals! 

Sounds like a "leaf rakin'" plan! 

The one small problem, pallies... Sometimes...just sometimes...these easy flowin' jams get me in such a chilled out mood...I ends up pourin' up some vino & just chillin' with Dino! Hahaha!!! 

O well, my friends...nothin' wrong with that! 

Leaves ain't goin' anywhere! 

They can wait. Ha! 

Maybe I'll just stay inside, where its nice & warm. 

Maybe I'll just call that neighborhood kid who rakes leaves! Haha! 

Yes! Now THAT sounds even better! 

I thinks I just had me a Dino-revelation! Haha!! 

I'll let youse decide for yourselves, mi amici. 

Either way...keep the Dino & the vino flowin'! 


Sunday, November 07, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Old Man River"

 Welcome back, pallies & STOP THE PRESSES!!! 

I has us some COOL COOL & TOTALLY SWINGIN' news!!! 

A very dear friend & true disciple of Dino just informed me thats a new Dino-documentry..."Dean Martin-King of Cool"...will make it's deput presentation at the SVA Theater in NYC on November 14th & will then be aired on the "Turner Classic Movie" channel on November 19th at 8pm!!! 

This was announced a few days back on Deana Martin's Twitter page. She said it's been in the makin' for the last 6 1/2 years & I am SO SO sure it is gonna be totally AWESOME!!! Haha!! 

Man o' man...I better calm down here, mi amici! I'm 'bout to blow a gaskett! Hahaha!!! 

Makes sure to check it out! 

OK, back to the Serenade. 

Well, my friends...Is it just me...or are the holidays...once 'gain...bein' thrown at us & rushed by?! 

Just got my Halloween stuff put away...Not even a week into November...& I is ALREADY gettin' the feelin' that "Christmas stress" is in the air! 


Can't we just chill out a wee bit?! Take time to soak in these BEA U TI FUL Fall days. 

Actually enjoy the different seasons. 

Be a little more like our pal, Dino, & pull thins' in a notch! 

People...sometimes...forget to appreciate life, pals!!! 

Well, mi amici...we Dino-holics know better, don't we? 


Dean is the perfecto example of how to live a SWEET SWEET & COOL COOL life! 

Just try to follow his lead...& life will flow smoothly. 

I hope! Hahaha!! 

OK, pallies...'nough ramblin'. Let's get jammin'! 

Today's Serenade will AB SO LUTE LY get youse in a SWINGIN' mood, my friends! 

Brush ANY pre-holiday stress away & "re-boot" our FRANTIC minds! 


"Old Man River" is one of my "go to" vids. 

SO SO much fun, Dean has with this one! 

Typically a powerful, yet mournful type jam...Dean puts his spin & "Dino magic" on it & BAM!!! 

It swings!!! Ha! 

Let's not stress out this year, pallies o mine! 

Just throw on some Dino & take a deep breath...Hold it...& exhale. Ahhhhhhh. 

'Member, good! 


Sunday, October 31, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL Happy Dino-ween Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Blue Moon"






Hey there, my creepy little pallies! 

They say..."Even a man who is pure of heart, & says his prayers by night...may become a Dino-Wolf, when the wolf bane blooms, & the Autumn moon is full, & bright! 

And maybe has had a few too many Scotch on the rocks! Hahaha!!! 

Am I scarin' youse yet?! 


Yes?! Haha!! 

I will get youse yet! 

Oh well, pals...just tryin' to set the mood, here. 

Tryin' to conjure a Halloweeny type vibe for todays Special Dino-ween Serenade, mi amici. 

Can't believe 'nother October is comin' to an end! 

Gonna miss it! 

Gonna miss jammin' out with our pal on these EERIE SCARY days! 

I gotta pick a COOLY GHOULY type tune to REALLY make the most of this last SPOOKY KOOKY night. 

I know! 

How's 'bout a dose of "Blue Moon"?! 

It has a certain ghostly feel to it. OK. 

Playin' it now while I put this together. Man...Kinda sendin' a chill through my body, actually. Feelin' little bit strange. Seems like Dino is right here with me, as I write. Listenin' to the soft guitar chords & Dean's hauntin' lyrics. Just seems to linger 'round the room. Almost like the presence of Dino can be felt. Yes...thins' are a little different tonight, my friends. Can't quite describe it. Someone...or some THING is callin' to me. Shhhhhhh....listen. Can youse hear it? Listen....BOO!!! 


Did I get youse?! 


Yea...I must've got youse that time, pallies! Ha!  

Hey...that's what this season is all 'bout! Dino-chills & boozy-thrills! Haha!! 

Well, I hope ALL my pals have had as much fun as I've had. 

Now go out into the night & have a SCARY & SAFE Halloween! 

Good luck with the Tricks n' Treats! 

And 'member, friends o' mine...Beware the MOON!!! AWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "All In A Nights Work"




Scare youse! Haha!! 

Yes...that's my best werewolf, pals. Hahaha!!! 

Just settin' the stage, mi Dino-ween diggin' amici. 

Only a week to go. Are youse ready? 

Did youse pick out the PERFECTO costume? 

Did youse grab 'nough candycorn? 

Did youse stock up on plenty of olives for your late night martinis with Count Dino?! Haha!! 

As youse can see, my friends...I REALLY gets into this whole KOOKY SPOOKY vibe! Haha!! Well, man o's just SO SO much fun! 

Don't even mind sittin' home...watchin' some scary flicks...drink in hand, of course...handin' out yummy treats, to all the little witches & goblins! 

Now, pallies o mine...what I dig the most...what really sends a chill down my settin' all the lights down low...& just spinnin' some old & creepy type Dino-jams. 

Yes, pals! 

Youse can find them! 

It's all 'bout how youse interpret the lyrics! 

I can just picture Count Dino roamin' the halls of his castle...tryin' to decide what tuxedo to wear to tomorrows Monster Ball...jammin' to "Blue Moon". 

Or maybe, Dr. Frankenstein, workin' feverishly in his laboratory..."In the Misty Moonlight" softly playin' in the background ...creatin' the perfect cool cool swingin' fella! Pieces of this of 'nother! 'Til finally...ALIIIIIVE!!!  DINO!!! HE'S ALIVE!!! Hahaha!!! 

Follow me, pals? 

All youse need now, is the perfecto jam to set the soundtrack to your own Dino-ween type scene...& man o man...gets ready for some seriously creepy cool frights! 

Try this one, my spooktified friends. 

A full moon slowly rises in the Autumn sky...a young couple strollin' through a wooded path...Crack! What's that noise?! They start to walk faster! GRRRRRRRR... O my God! What is that?! Now they is runnin'! Somethins' right behind them! Dear God, what is it?!!! (Insert woman's scream here)Aaaaaaaaa!!!! A DINO-WOLF!!!! Haha!! 

Did I scare youse, pallies?! 

Sounds like stuff that's "All in a Night's Work" for your average swingin' kinda werewolf, to me, pals! 

Hey, mi the Serenade says... "When a girl & fella get underneath that moon...It's not a long shot, somethin' is happenin' soon"!  

Now THAT'S scary! Haha!! 

Enjoy, my friends & 'member... BEWARE THE MOON! AaOoooooooo!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "A Real Live Girl"

 Good eve'nin', boys & ghouls! 

Velcome to this veek's SPOOKY Sunday Serenade with Dino! Ahhhhh Hahahaha!!!! 

Did I sound creepy, pals? 

Did youse feel that evil laugh? 

Did youse catch the Count Dracula accent?! Hahaha!!! 

Just tryin' to set the stage here, pallies. 

After all, mi amici...Halloween is gettin' EERILY close & the vibe is in the air now. 

Vampires, Werewolves & all the creatures of the night are gettin' ready to get down at the closest Monstery Bash! Haha!! 

Now, my little Dino-diggin' grave diggers...speakin' of thins' that go bump in the night...Every year I cants' help but picturin' our main man dressin' up as the creepy Count himself! 

Yes, pals! 

He's definitely gots the right look for it. 

Tall, Dark & Devilishly handsome. 

Definitely gots the suave coolness for it. 

And  AB SO LUTE LY would have NO problemo pickin' up vampy-type chicks for his vampy-type brides! Hahaha!!! 

So...let's picture this. 

Count Dino is layin' 'round his castle. Bored. Lonely. Wantin' for some company of the female type. 

Yea, sure...he's got his un-dead ladies of the night. But their so lame these days. "Mezza morta!"..."Half dead!" Ha! 

What our Cool Cool Count is cravin' some action! 

Some hot blood pumpin' through some feisty chicalinas veins! 

Thinks it's 'bout time our pal gets' himself "A Real Live Girl"! Haha!! 

Lovin' this Serenade , my friends! 

It even has that "old school" vinyl sound to it. 

So sit back, pals. We're gettin' close to Tricks n' Treats!