Sunday, February 25, 2024

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Amore Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Let Me Love You Tonight"

 Well we is! Windin' down 'nother Dino-Amore Month & gettin' through these cold wintery days. 

I know...I know. It's a little bittersweet. 

But fear not ol' pals o mine...Dino will keep the torch of L.O.V.E. burnin' as we merge into Spring! 

The season of love! 

ONLY 22 DAYS to go! 

So, ol' pals o' mine... here I am...ponderin'...exactly which COOL COOL croon to cap off the month's FUN, PASSIONATE & SEXY Serenades! Man o man...what a dilemma!!! Haha!! 

OK...I thinks I have a perfecto tune that will send Dino-Amore Month off with a bang! 

"Let Me Love You Tonight." 

It seems Dean is tellin' some lovely chicalina EX ACT LY how he feels & the LOVE VIBE is DEF I NATE LY drippin' off every word.  

"Live a lifetime of love in a moment, holding me tight. Then forget me, my darlin', only let me love you tonight". OMG! Sounds like a HOT & PASSIONATE one night stand! Haha!! 

O well, pals... Love em' & Leave em'? Yup.  

Love is love in ALL shapes & sizes. Haha!! 

"Let me kiss you tonight while the stars in the sky give a heavenly light. So when love is an ember, my heart will remember this sight." Man! I could go on & on with these juicy lyrics all day, pals! But, I thinks I'll let Dino take it from here. 

Quick...turn your speakers WAY up! 

The whole world GOTTA hear this one!!! 

OK, my friends...let's pull it down a notch. Take this one real easy like. As we slip outta Dino-Amore month & into March...let's do it with Dino's peaceful vibe. 

Likes I said...Spring is right 'round the corner. And with Spring...just like with Dean...LOVE is in the air! 

It's been my pleasure sharin' all these EXTRA special Dino-tunes, pals! Can't hardly wait 'til next year! 

This one’s goin’ out to my own ETERNAL one night stand  

See youse in March, mi amici! 'Member to always keep the love in the air & always ALWAYS keep the Dino & the vino flowin'! 


Sunday, February 18, 2024

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Amore Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Amor"

 Welcome back, pals & welcome to week 4 of our love-soaked month of PURE PURE Dino-pumpin' passion! Ha! 

Man o Man, pallies...have I gots us a TRULY fun fun & romantico tune to keep the LOVE flowin'! 

I'm gonna get a "European-styled vibe" goin' here, pals... & throw a little "Amor" at youse! 

Grabbed this sexy little number off Dean's "Cha Cha de Amor" al b um. It's COM PLETE LY filled with ballroom beats & pure pure lyrical gold! 

"Amor Amor Amor...this word is just SO SO sweet that Dino MUST repeat!" Now youse tell me...ol' pals o mine...what senora, with romance on her mind...could POSSIBLY deny some swoonin' croonin' senore's heart...if it was placed before her...with this jam jammin'?! 

I mean let's be real here, my amore-soaked friends! These are words of TRUE TRUE romance & SMOLDERIN' embers of HOT burnin' desire here, pals!!! 

Wow! Likes I knows it's only 30 days 'til Spring, but it gettin' warm in here...or is it the martinis kickin' in?!!! Hahaha!!! 

C'mon now people! This is Dino at his finest!!! 

"When your away there is no day & night's are lonely...make life devine, say you'll be mine & love me only!' Oh my God, pals!!! ALL the ladies must be meltin' over this one! 

I personally know of one swingin' little Dino-lovin' chicalina, that is for SURE! 

One last thin', my friends...I gots to warn youse...these Cha Cha Cha-in' beats just MAY get youse thinkin' irrationally & romantically! Haha!! 

There's NO tellin' what youse may do! 

There...youse has been warned! 

Now... let's turn up this Dino-Amore Serenade & keep the love flowin' til' next week! 

Salute, pals!

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Amore Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "My One & Only Love"

 Welcome back, my Amore-drippin' peeps & Happy early Dino-Amore Day!!! 

Hope everyone is startin' to thaw! 

Man! Brrrrrrrrr...been pretty damn chilly this week! Thankfully thins' is warmin' back up! Actually hit the 50's this weekend! 

Looks like Spring is tryin' to says the groundhog...& Dino-Amore Month continues! 

Still...I thinks' I'd better pick an EXTRA smolderin'-type tune for this week's Serenade. 

This deep freeze we is crawlin' outta froze your pal, Danny G., to the Dino-lovin' bone, mi amici...& I for one, needs to get the amore-blood flowin'! OK! 

How's 'bout I grab the ONE al b um that's SURE to be jam-packed with PURE PURE Dino-hotness?! 'Nough powerfully passionate tunes to melt the glaciers! SO SO much heat that the thermostat may explode!!! 

Yes ,pallies...I...once ' reachin' for Dino's compilation recordin'..."Amore"!  

This vinyl masterpiece came out a few years back, & is simply overflowin' with...yup...AMORE! Haha!! 

Now I don't know 'bout youse...but...if I want to set the mood...get just the right vibe...& pretty much have audio L.O.V.E. flowin' from my speakers...I'm puttin' on some, "My One & Only Love". 

This jam is just TOTALLY soothin' to the soul, my friends. Relaxin' & Swoonin'. 

Let's roll into week three of Dino-Amore Month in style. 

Turn it up & pour 'em up, mi amici...Only 37 days 'till Spring!!! 


Sunday, February 04, 2024

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Amore Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Senza Fine"

 Welcome back, mi amici. 

Grab a glass of vino & get comfy. Week two of Dino-Amore Month continues! 

It's time to daydream with Dean & I is 'bout to lay some smooooth Dino-croonin' on youse. Haha!! 

Well, we all know...the world works in mysterious ways. Kinda like Dean. Yes,'s true. Lets me explain. 

Now, I already had a cool cool & sexy swoonin' tune all set for today's Serenade. When outta the blue blue skies... I say's to myself..."I could go for a cup o' tea." Needed somethin' real hot to warm my bones...after all the CHILLY temps we been dealin' with! I'm gettin' ready to probably burn my throat on the scaldin' water...I just happened to notice there was a little note on the teabags tag. This is what it said. And I quote..."The beauty of the soul is constant, continuous & endless." Well! Let me tell youse nice nice Dino-holics...this COMPLETELY sent me in a whole new Dino-direction for this week's Dino-Amore serenade! "Senza Fine" ...without ANY doubt...the ONLY tune that I could pick! Translated from Italiano..."Never Ending or Endless."Just like my tea tag said! WOW! 

A sign from above! 

Dean sent me his message, pals! 

This is probably one of the MOST romantico & powerfully passionate jams I knows of & this is DEF I NATE LY the vibe Dino wanted me to send to youse! 

Youse think so, pallies? 

Call me crazy, pals o' mine...but I believe in these little signs! 

This BEA U TI FUL tune explains how love should be. How we should feel. Dino knew that. Don't hold back, my friends! Love is meant to be shared! Unconditionally!  

And as I said here before, don't matter if it's your Husband, Wife, Mom or, cat, golfball or meatball! Just share some love!!! Hahaha!!!

This ones goin' out to a very special someone...youse know who you are. 

OK, pals...youse take it from here! 

Enjoy the moment & spread some Dino-love 'round! 

Ciao, mi amici!