Sunday, June 25, 2023

Danny G's SPECIAL "The Month Coolness Came to Earth" Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Cha Cha Cha De Amor"

 Hey there, pallies...Welcome to Summer 2023! 

Hot, sunny days are ahead! Yay!!! 

Now, friends o' it just me...or do youse worry 'bout Summer flyin' by?  

I must be crazy! Haha!! 

It just started & I'm already ‘fraid of it slippin' through my Dino-diggin' fingers! Haha!! I thinks its 'cause Spring was kinda damp this year...SO SO much damn rain! 

Oh well, pals...we'll hold onto these long, muggy days...extra tight! 

OK, pallies...let's gets to some tunes! 

I'm thinkin' this is the PER FEC TO time to kick off the season with one of Dean's FUN FUN "Latin type" tunes, mi amici. Just the way we likes it...REAL bouncy!  GREAT way to keep our "The Month Coolness Came To Earth" vibe flowin' too! 

Now who says "Summer fun" better than Dino? No one! He's the party-master! Ha! 

Well...I guess the best place to start is ALWAYS one of my FAVE summery Dino-al b ums..."Cha Cha De Amor". I think there's an extra "Cha" in the song title actually. Haha...whatever. Yes, pals...this little vinyl Frisbee is JAM-PACKED with HOT HOT & yet VERY VERY COOL Dino-tunes. 

Let's grab the title track, for today's Serenade,  to set the mood. 

Picture this, pallies...It's a hot...sweaty...Summer night. A little breeze keeps it tolerable, though. Youse grabs some yummy...icy...drinky of choice. Put the needle on the vinyl...& melt away with Dean. Ahhhhhh. That's good stuff, mi amici. 

Cheers to 'nother Summer with Dino, pals! 


Sunday, June 18, 2023

Danny G's EXTRA SPECIAL Father's Day "Month Coolness Came to Earth" Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Gentle On My Mind"

 Welcome back, Ol' friends o' mine! 

So So happy youse dropped by!  

First of all I wanna wish  "Happy Daddy-O Day 2023" to ALL the swingin' Dino-lovin' dad's out there!

 Man! What a COOL COOL thin' it is, pals... to be able to celebrate all the COOL COOL fathers & father figures in our lives...right in the midst of "The Month Coolness Came to Earth"!! Truly a special time of year, my friends. 

A BEA U TI FUL Spring day is perfecto to honor Dino & ALL these GREAT fellas, who mean/meant SO SO much! 

Now youse may know by now...I pick a Special Serenade every year for today's tune. A jam that brings me back to my youngest days of Dino-dom. A familiar song that reminds me of my Dad & keeps him in my thoughts everyday. Well, as I always do...I reach for a specific kind of Dino al b um. A real blue-collar sound. Pop was BIG into those Dino "trucker" jams! Haha!! The "C.B. radio" type tunes. A jam 'bout some down & out dude...tryin' to make his way back home or maybe some carefree fella just enjoyin' the simple life. 

Yea...those were his faves. Still cracks me up thinkin' 'bout him singin' along to these songs! He thought they were SO SO cool & I thought HE was SO SO cool for knowin' the words! Hahaha!!! What a GREAT guy Dad was! Great memories, pallies. 

Today's SPECIAL SERENADE takes me ALL the way back to the mid-70's! Man! Where'd that decade go?! 

OK pals...let's get the music flowin'! 

No one COOLER than our Dino to keep that "easy livin" feelin'...cruisin' down the ol' white line of life, pallies! Haha!! That's my attempt at trucker talk! Haha!!'s to ALL the father figures. Includin' our very own "Father figure" of this here humble little blog...Dino Martin Peters. Wherever youse is, pal...we miss ya'! Your daily efforts to keep the Dino-message alive & thrivin'...are TRULY appreciated. Hurry back! 

So mi amici...let's keep that special guy in mind today. No matter who he was...or how he was part of your life...this one's for him. 

Thanks for everythin', Dad. For all your sacrifices & hard I could grow into the SUPER swinging' cool cool Dino-diggin' cat I is! Haha!!  And thank you, Dino... for keepin' his memory alive! Your both FOREVER "Gentle On My Mind". 

Ciao & enjoy! 

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Danny G's SPECIAL "The Month Coolness Came to Earth" Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I Love You, For Sentimental Reasons"

 Welcome back, mi amici & welcome to week two of "The Month Coolness Came to Earth!" 

So, pallies, how's June treatin' youse so far? 

Pretty damn well here in ol' Massachusetts! 

Mornins' & evenins' a little chilly, but I cants complain a bit, my friends. The days are BEA U TI FUL! Amen to that! 

So as Spring is slowly slippin' through my fingers...I just gots to thinkin' 'bout what the Summer will hold. Plenty of hot & humid days for sure. Some beachin' & poolin', obviously. But what else? Knowin' myself...not too much! Haha!! Nah. I'm more of a chill out kinda fella. 

Probably the way our bestest pal, Dino was. 

We all read how he was more than happy just relaxin' on a golf course or watchin' TV at home. Yup, that was Dean...& that is me. 

I know...I know...I'm always lookin' for any & every little similarity 'tween Dino & myself. Haha!! But, hey! Why not?! Who better to compare to & model after? Am I right, pallies? DEFINATELY. 

And guess what else? When I'm chillin' & doin' ab so lute ly nothin'...I'm actually...usually...thinkin' 'bout this crazy life. Yea, that's me too. 

Well, pals...just so happens...that as i'm ponderin' those days & years gone by...Dean seems to be in just 'bout every thought. The background music to my life. The people I've known. The places I've gone. They all seem to somehow have Dino attached. 

What can I say, my friends? He's my main man! Haha!! 

He's my pal & my inspiration. 

A connectin' energy that links it ALL together. 

Today's Serenade..."I Love You, For Sentimental Reasons" one of those Dino-jams that goes through my thoughts all the time. Perfect background to my memories & PERFECTO to take me back to those GREAT GREAT easy goin' days. 

Let's check it out & see where it brings youse, mi amici. 

Maybe back to yesterday...Maybe takes you on a new journey forward! 

Either way, pallies...It's GREAT havin' Dino walkin' along with you! 


Sunday, June 04, 2023

Danny G's SPECIAL "Month Coolness Came to Earth" Happy Birthday Sunday Serenade with Dino: "How Sweet It Is"

 Hey pals...welcome back, & welcome to 'nother "Month Coolness Came to Earth"! 

Man o man, I am just SO SO pumped! 

Can't even believe our pal amongst pals is turnin' 106, this comin' Wednesday! 

Don't forget to checks out all your local classic TV channels! I'm SURE they will be rockin' Dino flicks all damn day! Haha!! 

Man...What a time we've had, huh, pals? Day after day & year after year...Dino has been an ever present companion for us all. He's my "Cumpare". My friend. Swingin' through life with me. My ups, my downs. Side by side & never even a worry that he would hit splitsville. 

It might be hard to believe or even understand, to many...but to we "Dino-holics"'s as simple & natural as olives in a martini. That's just the way it is! 

Dean is our pal. Like family, really. The COOL uncle who shows up for every party, weddin', or cook out. And when he does...MAN...what a time it is! The room wakes up! Dance floors are flooded like the party just started! 

Dino just has that effect on us. He equals FUN & GREAT TIMES! 

Now pals...I could go on & on 'bout what Dean means to me & how much happiness he's brought to my life. But...I think youse knows EXACTLY what I'm talkin' 'bout. He brings his spirit to us all.  

On June 7th, 1917...God sent us a gift. A gift that TRULY keeps on givin'. We were the lucky ones, mi amici. Most of us, anyway, can say we walked the Earth at the same time as he did. 

Now, to me...that's VERY cool! 

Of course, Dino's music & movies...TV shows & live performances, will be 'round forever,'s OUR generations that were here WITH him! VERY cool, indeed. 

OK, pallies...I gotta go. Got some Dino tunes I gotta get jammin' too! Haha!! 

Happy Birthday, Dino! 

Hey, wait a minute!!! 

I got SO caught up in the Dino-moment...I almost forgot the main reason I is here...the SERENADE!!! 

Well, pals...this ones easy. All I needs to do is think of Dino. He's my guy. My mentor...& my friend. Man o man, pallies..."How Sweet It Is!"