Thursday, May 31, 2007

welcome to Dino's world

On The Day We Met, originally uploaded by Red Label.

Hey pallies, my Dinbro Keith and I have just finished a great Dinodiscussion on these words from the great Dinosong, "Welcome To My World." Indeed we can "leave our cares behind" when we enter the world of Dino.....a world full of coolness, hippness, and randiness!!!!!

Screen Stories - August 1974 Dean Martin

Screen Stories - August 1974, originally uploaded by mando maniac.

Hey pallies, our Dino often made the tabs. This musta been 'bout Dino's dumpin' of "Cathy with the candified K," but wonder who is the "girl that loved him?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Come In From The Rain

Hey pallies, speakin' of Dino and Miss Ann, here is a very nice clip of Ann with Dino Jr. and Dino's boypallie singin' the great song "Come In From The Rain." Can't you see that Dinomagic in Dino Jr. way of makin' a song his own.

Ann-Margret in MURDERER'S ROW

Hey pallies, and here is the way groovy Dinoscene where to save Miss Ann, our ever valiant Dino comes to the resuce and rips off Miss Ann's dress.....savin' the Dinoday. And, poor frankie blows up!!!!

Ann Margret - Dean Martin

Hey pallies, here's the great bedroom scene when Dino and Miss Ann have their "nocturnal resignation." Our Dino and Miss Ann do have that great chemistry....such a lovely and lovin' couple.

Ann-Margret in MURDERER'S ROW - Bizarre Costume

Hey pallies, I love "Murder's Row" with Dino and Miss Ann-Margret. Here's the scene where Dino and Ann meet, with Miss Ann askin' Dino for a light sayin" "Got a little fire." And our Dino responds, "Where should I start." Our Dino is ever so randy!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dean Interview 1987 part 1

An interview done with Dino when he took London by storm in 1987.

Dean Interview 1987 part 2

Dino speaks of the Mafia and his drinkin'.

Dean Interview 1987 part 3

Dino speaks of the tradegy of Dino Jr.'s death.

Dean Martin - A real live girl

Hey pallies, how great for this little girls to be with the King of Cool....and watch our Dino go down the slide!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dean Martin and the Ding-alings

Hey pallies, here's a great medley with our Dino and the Ding-a-lings. Love the Dinojoke that begins this seg.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Hey pallies, like here is a little Dinofun that I found.......Dino is such a wise philosopher, so I am Dinocertain that we ought to listen to our good Doc Dino!!!!!


DEAN MARTIN AT THE WALL, originally uploaded by klauslanger.

Hey pallies, our Dino is such a wise philosopher...and here is one of his coolest of the cool teachings. How cool that some pallie emblazened a wall with this message from the King of Cool.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Dean Martin: The last 10 minutes of his career

Hey pallies, here comes our Dinobaby back again....the last tour. Oh, how we love our Dino!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Dean Martin and the Everly Brothers

Hey pallies, dig this great Dinoclip with Dino and the Everly Brothers. Dig our Dino's that sport's coat. This is just too groovy!!!!

Dean Martin

Hey pallies, we are so welcome in Dino's world and we truly can leave our cares behind.....this is a great Dinoselection of songs. And, pallies love this Dinocouch!!!


Hey pallies, well I haven't posted much Dinoliterature here for your far mostly Dinovid and Dinopixs with a little Dinopatter of Dinocommentary, but I thought for a little Dinochange I would share with you a great Dinoreflection by a dude named Ty Burr. This Dinoarticle appeared in Entertainment Weekly on 12 January 1996, just a couple of weeks after our Dino's departure from our planet. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have, and take special Dinonote of Nick Tosches' ref to our Dino "as an American Buddha." To reach this Dinostory, like just click on the title.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Dean Martin, originally uploaded by Paul Altobelli.

Hey pallies, click on the title of this post and read all 'bout Robbie Williams and his father makin' the Dinopilgrimage to Dino's restin' place to pay homage to the King of Cool.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Dean Martin 2, originally uploaded by wbeem.

Hey pallies, like here is 'nother up close and personal pix of our waxed Dino.


Dean Martin 1, originally uploaded by wbeem.

Hey pallies, just wonderin' where this Dinofigure is from. Not a bad lickness of our Dino......with his ever present drink, but where is the cigarette.....and his hair is all wrong.