Sunday, May 31, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "What A Difference A Day Made"

O, Hey there, pals!

Didn't see youse there.

 I was just SO SO caught up in this week's jam...I almost FORGOT that I is 'sposed to be writin' 'bout it! Ha!

Well, anyways, pallies...Welcome back to nother' Sunday Serenade with our one & only, Dino!

What an AB SO LUTE LY BEA U TI FUL day this is...& man o man...has I gots us an AB SO LUTE LY BEA U TI FUL tune to go with it!

Yea, I was just kinda daydreamin' 'bout how CRAZY this world of ours is, right now, pals. 

Between pandemics, protests & unemployment...I sometimes get the feelin'...that we is all on a sinkin' ship!

But then, mi amici...I take a deep breath...take a little sip o' vino...& chill out to some Serenadin' from my faithful pallie, Dino.

He get's me right back on track!

Reminds me that, with time & some effort...all thins' shall pass.
We ALL just need to work together, pals o' mine.

Which leads me to this week's Serenade! 

"What A Difference A Day Made".

O, & talk bout' bein' molto romantico!
Our pal, Dean, could pour it out & REALLY ooze it on!
That velvety smooth stuff that warms the hearts of the lonely & completely MELTS "young" lovers of ALL ages! 
I'm POS O TIVE the ladies will be swoonin' to this endearin' croonin'!

But mainly, promises us that EACH day is INDEED a NEW day & GOOD things will eventually come!
Dean is teachin' us 'bout love & the power of faith on this one, my friends. 

It's sung to PURE PURE Dino-perfection & has just the right amount of a Latin/Italian flair sprinkled on top for a little added HEAT!!!

Dean has never let us down & I am SO SO sure that he dosen't plan on startin' now!

So as we say, "Farewell", to May...& gets prepared to jump into "The Day that Coolness Came to Earth" month...let's ALL just sit back & relax.

And 'member... the two things that youse can ALWAYS count on...Every day is a NEW day... & most definately...we will ALWAYS have Dino! 


Sunday, May 24, 2020

Danny G's SPECIAL Memorial Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Love Me, Love Me"

Welcome, my friends!

Happy Memorial Day weekend 2020!

Man o man...can't believe 'nother year has come & gone since I was pickin' a GREAT GREAT Dino-jam for this VERY important holiday!

Where do the days go, pals?!

Hey, guess what?
No biggie.
We is just sailin' through this life with a song & a prayer, pallies.

Singin' some Dino & prayin' for the best.

That's all we really can do!

Just do our best...appreciate EVERY day we is here & make SURE to 'member those who helped get us here!

That's what this day is actually ALL 'bout, pals!

'Memberin' those TRUE heroes who fought the good fight to preserve this GREAT GREAT country of ours!
Past & present...we owe them a special prayer. 

It's ALSO a day to appreciate those PERSONAL heroes who make, or made, our lives better.

Moms, Dads, family & friends...All the people out there, right now, fightin' this lousy virus. 
They too deserve praise!

After all, mi amici...MANY sacrifices have been made to help us gets where we is!
Helpin' us to see light at the end of this long tunnel.

I can thinks of MANY today, who help/helped some a better life!

Now, pallies...who more than Dino...helps us on a day to day live a better life?
Few, if any!

It's true, my friends!

A song from Dean gets my day started & keeps me sailin'... 'til my head hits the pillow 'gain!
Yes, mam!

He's the REAL deal, pals.

One of my true heroes. 

Let this week's Serenade, "Love Me, Love Me", remind us ALL...that CERTAIN people...our REAL heroes... will love us & support us no matter how crazy thins' get!

And though they may have come & gone...they will REALLY be with us ALWAYS!

They need to be 'membered & honored, ALWAYS!
We owe them a lot!

Stay safe, pals & keep on sailin'!


Sunday, May 17, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "If Love Is Good To Me"

Welcome back, mi amici!

Welcome to a 'nother BEA U TI FUL Spring day & welcome to 'nother life lesson with our one & ONLY, Dino!
Haha!! I love this time of year, pals!
I know youse already know this, but WOW!

It just seems to OOZE Life...Love...& Dean Martin tunes!

Seriously though, my friends.
These are the best days to me.
The world is in full bloom!
The birds are tweetin'...the sun is shinin'...& Dino is flowin' through my speakers.

He's sorta leadin' the way, actually. 

Guidin' us to through this insanity we is goin' through.

Singin' his words of praise for the simple thins' in life.

The BEST & MOST precious thins', pallies! 

We have to 'member, my friends...don't get caught up in all the negative stuff.
Enjoy these days at home.
Look for the good stuff, pals.

Thins' always work themselves out!

One way or 'nother...we get through.

Allow me to play youse a tune...a VERY smooth & inspirational tune to me.

Keeps me focused, pals.

Anytime thins' just ain't goin' the way I wish they was goin'...this jam gets me back on track!

This week's Serenade, "If Love is Good to Me", will set the stage.
It will be a guidin' light & play by play plan.

Keep your mind optimistic, my friends & follow Dean's simple, happy words of wisdom!

He knew how live, pals.
Just stick to the plan & NEVER waste your GOOD energy...on UGLY problems!

Throw on some Dino & let life happen!
Dean's got you!

Stay home & Stay safe, mi amici.


Sunday, May 10, 2020

Danny G's SPECIAL Mother's Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Bella Roma"

Welcome back, mi amici!

Let me start today's "Sunday Serenade with Dino" off with a GIGANTICO Happy Mama's Day to ALL the Dino-lovin' moms out there!

What a BEA U TI FUL day it is too!

A happy Spring day like this is PERFECTO to help us celebrate these VERY special ladies!

It ALSO helps us to 'member that life STILL is good, my friends!
Screw this nasty ol' virus!

We may not be able to be with our moms today...for one reason or 'nother...but, mi amici, let's keep them in mind...& in our hearts.

After all, pals...we wouldn't be jammin' right here...right now...with Dino...if it wasn't for Dear ol' Mom!

And don't forget...”Moms” come in ALL forms, pallies!

She can be an older Sister...or just a good good friend who's helped you through tough times.

Now, my friends...I wanted to share a SO SO PRETTY & SO SO FUN  little tune for this LOVELY LOVELY Day!
Well...I found one!
Wasn't too hard.

Dino croons SO SO many pretty & fun jams...I pretty much had my pick!

But, pallies...this one has a special little twist!

The "mama" in these lyrics isn't a person...but a place.

Yes...Bella Roma!
Beautiful Rome!

What a place it must be!

What a place to find AMORE!

"Mama Roma" is a tune 'bout two sweethearts meetin' & fallin' head over heels in love in this VERY special city!
Ahhh pals...SO ROMANTICO!

OK...let's get to the Mother's Day croonin'!

This one is SURE to get all youse mamas in a GREAT GREAT mood today!
Youse deserve it too...for ALL that youse do...& ALL that youse mean to some lucky somebody...& I mean pets too!

This one's for the ladies! Have a GREAT day & let the Dino serenade play!

Stay safe, mi amici!


Sunday, May 03, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "The Birds & The Bees"

Hey pals o' mine!

What's shakin'?!

Happy May!

I know...I know...thins' is still VERY crazy right now.'s still May! A BEA U TI FUL month, just the same!

We can still act silly with Dino & STILL enjoy life! 

Now don't get me wrong, pals...April is great!
I love it!
It's the beginnin' of Spring!

But, man o man...May is when thins' REALLY start gettin' "Springy"!

Skies get bluer...grass gets greener...everythin' just seems to become "Springier"!
Is that even a real word, pallies?

O well, whatever...youse get's my point.

Now I know we are still cooped quarantine mode...& rightfully so, mi amici...but we can STILL soak in some of our God given beauties, pals!

We gots' the gentle breezes...the sunny days...the flowers bloomin' & Dean Martin's croonin'!

Now, I don't know 'bout youse...but, man...they GOTTA put a smile on your face, pallies!

Life STILL is good!

It's still a wonderful time of year...& I, for one, am refusin' to lose that mindset!

So while we're all hunkerin' down...layin' low & takin' thins' slow...always 'member...We got Dino...we hopefully got some vino.

We got the flowers & trees & we gots' "The Birds & The Bees"!

Enjoy the Serenade, my friends & stay the Dino-course!