Sunday, October 30, 2022

Danny G's SPECIAL Happy Dino-Ween Sunday Serenade with Dino: "In The Misty Moonlight"

 AaaOoooooooo! Grrrrrrrr! Snarrrlllll! 

Scare youse! Haha!! 

Yes...that's my best werewolf, pals. Hahaha!!! 

Just settin' the stage, mi Dino-ween diggin' amici. 

So, pallies...are youse ready? 

Did youse pick out the PERFECTO costume? 

Did youse grab 'nough candycorn? 

Did youse stock up on plenty of olives for your late night martinis with Count Dino?! Haha!! 

I told youse...I REALLY gets into this whole KOOKY SPOOKY vibe! Haha!! 

Well, man o's just SO SO much fun! 

Don't even mind sittin' home...watchin' some scary flicks...drink in hand, of course...handin' out yummy treats, to all the little witches & goblins! 

Now, pals o' mine...what I dig the most...what really sends a chill down my settin' all the lights down low...& just spinnin' some old & creepy type Dino-jams. 

Yes, mi amici! Youse can find them! It's all 'bout how youse interpret the lyrics! 

I can just picture Count Dino roamin' the halls of his castle...tryin' to decide what tuxedo to wear to tomorrows Monster Ball...jammin' to "Blue Moon". Or maybe, Dr. Frankenstein, workin' feverishly in his laboratory..."A Real Live Girl" softly playin' in the background ...creatin' the perfect cool cool swingin' fella! Pieces of this of 'nother! 'Til finally...ALIIIIIVE!!!  DINO!!! HE'S ALIVE!!! Hahaha!!! Follow me, pals? 

All youse need now, is the perfecto jam to set the soundtrack to your own Dino-ween type scene...& man o man...gets ready for some seriously creepy cool frights! Try this one, my spooktified friends. 

A full moon slowly rises in the Autumn sky...a young couple strollin' through a wooded path...Crack! What's that noise?! They start to walk faster! GRRRRRRRR... O my God! What is that?! Now they is runnin'! Somethins' right behind them! Dear God, what is it?!!! (Insert woman's scream here)Aaaaaaaaa!!!! A DINO-WOLF!!!! Haha!! Did I scare youse, pallies?! 

Sounds like stuff that's a typical Halloween for your average swingin' kinda  Cool Cool werewolf, to me, pals! 

Hey, mi the sayin' goes... "Even a fella who is pure of heart, & drinks his Scotch on the rocks by night...may become a wolf, when the ladies stroll by & the moon is full & bright!" Now THAT'S scary! Haha!! 

I'd say this EXTRA special & FUN FUN evenin' DEF I NATE LY calls for some "In the Misty Moonlight"! 

Happy Dino-Ween to all! 

Enjoy, my friends & 'member... BEWARE THE MOON! 



Sunday, October 23, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "In The Cool Cool Cool Of The Evening"

 Welcome back, my little Dino-ghouls & goblins. 

Hope youse is ready for 'nother CREEPY...SCARY...Darn right FRIGHTENIN' Serenade...from our one 'n only Dino! 

Yes...the time for Tricks &/or Treats is almost here, my friends...& we is celebratin' "Dino-ween" style, here at our Cool Cool little Dino-diggin' blog! 

The creatures of the night been workin' overtime... to make this the mostest spine-tinglin' day of the year, my freaky friends...& Dean is doin' his part! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Haha!! Did I get youse shiverin' in fear, mi amici?! Hahaha!!! Just  keepin' the Monstery Mash goin', pals. 

Man...I hate to see this month pass! It's SO SO much fun! 

Actually, pallies...I've been in Dino-ween mode since September 1st! Haha!! I REALLY get into Halloween case youse can't tell. 

Well, my little spooky Dino-devils...let's get to the eerie tunes! 

I found us a TOTALLY fun & spooky jam to keep the scares flowin'. Plus, It's the BEST kinda Dino-vid! A LIVE Dino-vid! Definitely the most fun watchin' Dean weave his spell on us. He's got that "vampirish" way 'bout him that pulls you in & don't let go! Man o' man...this is gettin' scarier by the minute! AHHH HAHAHA!!! 

OK, palsies o' mine. Here's some "In the Cool Cool Cool of the Evening" for youse. It's sure to set the mood for these Cool Cool & bone-chillin' October nights! 

Enjoy the Dino-vid & have a FEARFULLY fun week, mi amici! 

And ALWAYS 'member, pals o' mine...BEWARE THE MOON...AWWOOOOO!!! 

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "A Real Live Girl"


Good eve'nin', boys & ghouls! 

Velcome to this veek's SPOOKY Sunday Serenade with Dino! Ahhhhh Hahahaha!!!! 

Did I sound creepy, pals? Did youse feel that evil laugh? Did youse catch the Count Dracula accent?! Hahaha!!! 

Just tryin' to set the stage here, pallies. 

After all, mi amici...Halloween is gettin' EERILY close & the vibe is in the air now. Vampires, Werewolves & all the creatures of the night are gettin' ready to get down at the closest Monstery Bash! Haha!! 

Now, my little Dino-diggin' grave diggers...speakin' of thins' that go bump in the night...Every year I cants' help but picturin' our main man dressin' up as the creepy Count himself! 

Yes, pals! 

He's definitely gots the right look for it. Tall, Dark & Devilishly handsome. Definitely gots the suave coolness for it. And  AB SO LUTE LY would have NO problemo pickin' up vampy-type chicks for his vampy-type brides! Hahaha!!! 

So...let's picture this. 

Count Dino is layin' 'round his castle. Bored. Lonely. Wantin' for some company of the female type. Yea, sure...he's got his un-dead ladies of the night. But their so lame these days. "Mezza morta!"..."Half dead!" Ha! What our Cool Cool Count is cravin' some action! Some hot blood pumpin' through some feisty chicalinas veins! Thinks it's 'bout time our pal gets' himself "A Real Live Girl"! Haha!! 

Lovin' this Serenade , my friends! 

It even has that "old school" CREEPY, vinyl sound to it. 

So sit back, pals. We're gettin' close to Tricks n' Treats. 



Sunday, October 09, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Anytime"

 Hey there, pallies o' mine! 

Is it just me...or did it seem like this was an EXTRA fast-flyin' week?! 

Man...I DEF I NATE LY don't wants this FUN FUN month goin' by too quickly, pals! Gotta squeeze as many Dino-thrills out as humanly possible, my friends! 

O, I'm sorry, mi amici...may I invite youse in? 

Great! Grab a seat! Stay for a bit. Yes, pallies...this invitation goes out to ALL! Yup! Dino lovers far & wide! Young & old! Don't matter a bit, pallies...just join me for a moment of fun! A moment of relaxin'! A moment to soak in the GREAT GREAT power of Dean frickin' Martin! Ha! 

Hey pals...that's my offer for youse. Hope it's intriguin'! Hope it brightens your day! Hope I can stop ramblin' & actually get a tune playin'! Hahaha!!! 

I gets a little TOO pumped, this time of year! Haha!! 

O well...what can I say?! It's just SO SO excitin', pals! 

Not to mention...Today's Serenade just got me in one of those moods, mi amici. 

"Anytime" is just SO SO reassurin' to me that our BESTEST pal is ALWAYS there when we need him the most! If your feelin' blue...if youse is a wee bit lonely....IF YOUR WHOLE BLOODY WORLD SEEMS TO BE BUSTIN' APART AT THE FRIGGIN' STITCHES!!! Ahhhhhh! Haha!! 

Or maybe youse just needs a little comfortin' from our main man. Dino is ALWAYS there to help! 

Always there to lighten the load & lead the way. 

Yes, friends o' mine...through his music & inspiration...Dino will ALWAYS be there! ANY DARN TIME!!! 

Man o I ramblin' 'gain?! Haha!! Sorry, pallies! 

This brightly BEA U TI FUL Fall weather must be gettin' to me! 

Anyways, pals...I grabbed this COOL COOL jam off Dino's 1963 al b um, "Country Style". 

A little "Tex" Martin to make the week...hopefully...slow down...just a bit. 

Sound good? DEF I NATE LY does! 

OK...let's get to the jammin'! 

Remember this one, mi amici! 

It's SURE to get youse through even the toughest day. 


Sunday, October 02, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Blue Moon"

 Welcome back, pallies & welcome to October! 

AaaOooooooo!!! That's me doin' my bestest werewolf howl, Haha!! 

Man o man... I gots to admit...I'm REALLY a nut for this whole spooky season! 

Love the decorations, the scary movies, the ghosts & name it! If it's Halloweeny...I'm diggin' it! 

Now, I was havin' a bit of a problem comin' up with the perfecto tune for the first week of this Cooly Creepy month's Sunday Serenade, pals. I wanted to incorporate the spooky, cooky, eerie & scary feel with our numero uno swoonin' crooner! WOW...that was a mouth full! Haha!!  

Anyways, pals...I musta summoned the ghost of Dean himself...cuz all of a sudden... it hit me! "Blue Moon"! 

I just looked out my window last night & there it was! Not quite full, but Man! What a gloriously devlishly Dino-fied vision! 

Half covered by clouds & glowin' like a giant lightbulb. Now, I don't know 'bout youse...But I can't thinks of ANYTHIN' that gives me more of a thrill... & a FUN FUN chill... than a BIG...BRIGHT...moon on a COOL COOL October night! Haha!! 

I LOVES it, pallies!  

OK, my friends...lets get into this creepy & cool season! Time to have some SCARY fun times with our ghostly pal, Dino! 

Beware the moon... you Dino-holics! Hahaha!!!