Sunday, May 16, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "If Love Is Good To Me"

 Welcome back, mi amici! 

Welcome to a 'nother BEA U TI FUL Spring day & welcome to 'nother life lesson with our one & ONLY, Dino! I love this time of year, pals! 

I know youse already know this, but WOW! 

It just seems to OOZE Life...Love...& Dean Martin tunes! Haha!! 

Seriously though, my friends...these are the best days to me. 

The world is in full bloom! The birds are tweetin'...the sun is shinin'...& Dino is flowin' through my speakers. 

He's sorta leadin' the way, actually.  

Guidin' us through this crazy & COM PLETE LY unpredictable life we is livin'. 

Singin' his words of praise for the simple thins' in life. 

The BEST & MOST precious thins', pallies!  

We have to 'member, my friends...not to get caught up in all the negative stuff. 

Enjoy these sunny, easy breezy days. Look for the good stuff, pals. Thins' always work themselves out! One way or 'nother...we get through. 

So, all that bein' said...Allow me to play youse a tune...a VERY smooth & inspirational tune...that keeps me focused, pals. 

Anytime thins' just ain't goin' the way I wish they was goin'...which is most of the time, Haha...this jam will help me gets back on track! 

Today's Serenade, "If Love is Good to Me", will set the stage. 

It will be a guidin' light & play by play plan. 

Keep your mind optimistic, my friends. Listen to the lyrics & follow Dean's simple, happy words of wisdom! 

He knew how live, pals. 

Just stay the course & NEVER waste your GOOD energy...on UGLY problems! 

Throw on some Dino & let life happen! 

Dean's got you! 


Sunday, May 09, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL Happy Mama's Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Mama Roma"

 Welcome back, mi amici!

Let me start today's "Sunday Serenade with Dino" off with a GIGANTICO Happy Mama's Day to ALL the Dino-lovin' moms out there! 

What a BEA U TI FUL day it is too! 

A happy Spring day like this is PERFECTO to help us celebrate these VERY special ladies! 

After all, pals...we wouldn't be jammin' right here...right now...with Dino...if it wasn't for Dear ol' Mom! 

And don't forget...Moms come in ALL forms, pallies! 

She can be an older Sister...or just a good good friend who's helped you through tough times.  

Now, my friends...I wanted to share a SO SO PRETTY & SO SO FUN  little tune for this LOVELY LOVELY Day! 

Well...I keeps goin' back to a BEA U TI FUL Italiano-type croon...which I seem to pick every year, Haha!! 

Now, pallies o' mine...I know Dino croons SO SO many pretty & fun jams...I pretty much had my pick! 

But, pallies...this one has a special little somethin' 'bout it. 

Maybe it's 'cause the "mama" in these lyrics isn't a person...but a place. Yes...Bella Roma! Beautiful Rome! 

What a place it must be! Huh, pals? 

What a place to find AMORE! 

"Mama Roma" is a tune 'bout two sweethearts meetin' & fallin' head over heels in love in this VERY special city! 

Ahhh pals...SO ROMANTICO! Haha!! 

OK...let's get to the Mother's Day croonin'! 

This one is SURE to get all youse mamas in a GREAT GREAT mood today! Youse deserve it too...for ALL that youse do...& ALL that youse mean to some lucky somebody...& I mean pets too! Haha!! 

This one's for my own Mama G. & ALL the ladies, here at our Cool Cool little blog! 

Have a GREAT day & let the Dino serenades play forever! 


Sunday, May 02, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Amor Mio"

 Man o man, THIS is Spring! 

BEA U TI FUL blue skies & warm, gentle breezes just breezin' 'round! 

These are the days I live for, mi amici. 

Even the very air I'm breathin' today silently SCREAMS Spring! Haha!! "Silently screams?" Is that even possible, pallies? Ha! Well...that's how it feels to me, anyway. 

All a day like this be the soft, silky croon of our man amongst men, Dino! 

Now, my friends...I know I don't need to tell youse this...but...when you mix warm, Springtime weather...with Dean's easy-listenin', swoonin' type croon...youse just can't help but gettin' that feelin' that L.O.V.E is in the air. 

After all, pals...Spring IS the season of amore! 

Agree? doubt. 

This is the time of year when all new & wonderful thins' start to happen, my friends. Start to bloom. 

Flowers...trees...and yes, even romance! Haha!! 

Well...get out there! 

Thins' is finally startin' to get a little better. Hopefully it continues to move forward & life let's us get back to livin'! 

OK...'nough from me. Let's get to this week's Serenade! 

Picked us a cool cool & romantico Dino-jam. 

Haven't heard this one in a lonnnng time, pals. 

I think it's gonna get all my fellow Dino-philes floatin' on air & put some stars in your eyes. 

Dino just has that affect on us. 

Found this one on a 1973 vinyl 45. Released on Reprise. "Amor Mio". 

Can't waits' to get this one spinnin', pallies! 

Let it play over & over...& inhale every note! 
This is the GOOD stuff! 

Enjoy, my friends! 

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "The Last Time I Saw Paris"

 Welcome, mi amici! 

So So glad youse stopped by...on this rainy little Spring mornin'. 

Hope everyone is in good spirits & TOTALLY absorbin' this TRULY magical combination of April & Dino croons! 

Such a great time of year, pals! 

The TRUE beginnin' of "New Years" to this fella! 

Wishin' I could keep this vibe goin' all year thru. 

Well, pallies o' mine...just as I expected...I'm bein' lured back to Dean's COOL COOL al b um of Parisian song..."French Style". 

Yes, my friends...I thinks I'll hang 'round just a little bit longer. 

These drizzly days & this record just seem to pull me in. 

They set the Springtime stage. One compliments the other, I think. 

So, my fellow Dino-holics...who better than our main dude, make a cloudy day shine...& how better than with a little "The Last Time I Saw Paris"?! 

This is EXACTLY the serenadin' we need to REALLY keep the vibe of this AWESOME season rollin', my friends! 

Now the only wee, little, tiny, miniscule, problemo...was I couldn't choose which Dino-vid to play! 

Yes, pals...I was havin' a Dino-dilemma. 

My first choice is ALWAYS a live...from Dean's show...chillin' on his couch, croon. These are my personal faves. 

But,'s a short version. 

Only 'bout a minute. 

Now...I ob vi ous ly want to share as much Dino-croonin' as possible. 

So do I go with the full studio-recorded jam...or with the very suave but short live vid?! 

Well, ladies & gentlemen...I'm SURE youse already knows how I roll. 

Only really one thin' to do. 

OK...let's say it all together..."PLAY BOTH VIDS"!!! Haha!! 



So, my fellow Dino-diggin' Parisians...never mind the clouds! 

Forget the sprinkles & downpours! 


Dino got this! 


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: April In Paris"

 Well, hey Dino-diggin' Spring chickens! 

Glad youse could stop by! 

Always a pleasure to visit with my pals. friends...Is youse enjoyin' Spring yet?! I know...been a crazy one, so least 'round these parts. 

We actually got hit with some snow this week! Haha!! 

But guess what? Tuesday is gonna be 70! Hahaha!!! 

Crazy is the word, mi amici. 

Don't panic, though, pallies! We is gettin' there! 

Every mornin'...the sun seems to rise a little bit sooner & every dusk is seemin' to come a wee bit later. Hang in there, ol' pals o' mine...warm days is comin'! 

Hey, pals...after all...Spring is a tricky matter WHERE youse live! Youse gots to 'member...we just climbed out of a LONG...COLD...Winter! Takes a little weenin' to gets back into the Springtime swing! 

I thinks I know what might help! 

For today's Serenade...Dino is gonna take us on a little trip. 

We're jumpin' on a big ol' bird...& flyin' over to a city that is also known for it's gray skies & drizzly seasons...PARIS! 

Ahhhhh...what a romantico place it must be, though, huh pals? 

Forget the rain! 

Time for passion! Haha!! 

Well, if anyone would know's our man of the world...Dino! 

Dean was DEF I NATE LY a world traveler & DEF I NATE LY a master of L.O.V.E.! 

I found "April In Paris" on his 1962 Reprise al b um..."French Style". What a perfecto tune for this wonderful time of year! 

This vinyl masterpiece is a GREAT GREAT collection of some of Dean's MOST BEA U TI FUL songs! 

I'm diggin' each & every one of these jams, with Dino's accentin' on the language of love! Haha!! 

Hey let's face it, pallies...Dino can spread the message of "amore" no matter WHAT language he's croonin' & WHAT weather he's in, swoonin'! 

OK pals o' mine...'nough Danny G-talkin'...let's get to some Dino-Springtime rockin'! 

Here we go pals! 

Hold on tight! 


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "April Showers"

 Welcome back, pals...Youse look stunnin'! Haha!! 

Youse will see the Dino-humor in that later. Haha!! 

Well, my friends...'Nother Easter has come & gone & April is REALLY startin' to show it's colors. The snow is gone & the grass is turnin' green! 

What's not to love 'bout this time of year, mi amici? 

Gives me a little extra Springtime pep in my step, pals, that I wanna share with all of youse. 

So...what better way than with our main man, Dino?! 

Let's go! 

I gots the AB SO LUTE LY PER FEC TO I always do... for a day like this! Haha!! 

It's a vid I simply LOVES to share with youse every year & is STILL one of my ALL TIME FAVES! 

It's THE...quintessential Springtime croon & is just simply SO SO fittin' for a drizzly kinda April day like today. 

This GREAT GREAT month is SO full of promise pallies! 

Flowers are poppin' up...the robins are secretly buildin' their nests...even the Sun is hangin' 'round a wee bit longer, everyday!!! 

So So cool to me, pallies & I definately could not thinks of a MORE Dino-inspirin' Serenade to set the stage! 

Dean is at his totally FUNNIEST when jokin' with his main pal, Mr. Ken Lane (this is where the "Stunnin" part comes in) & at his completely SMOOTHEST while croonin' this  BEA U TI FUL Springy tune! 

"April Showers" will get you in such a happy mood pals...this I can guarantee! 

Forget the rain! 

Forget the clouds! 

Forget all of life's stress! It's SPRING, pallies!!! 

Youse simply can't helps but smile while watchin' Dean weave his magic spell. 

Just a wink of his eye or a quick glimpse of that ever present wiseguy smirk...& he got youse! Your hooked in his magic & left beggin' for more. 

OK, my friends...sit back & REALLY soak this one in.  

It's Dino at his BEST! 

So just keep on lookin' for that Blue bird...& listenin' for his song...wheneva these April showers come along.


Sunday, April 04, 2021

Danny G's SPECIAL Easter Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Good Mornin' Life"

 Buona Pasqua, Pals! Happy Easter! 

What an AB SO LUTE LY WON DER FUL time of year it is!!! 

This is it, ol' pals o' mine! 

The day I wait for all year. 

As I ALWAYS's a chance to begin again! 

A time of resolution! 

Yet 'nother opportunity to let even MORE Dino into out lives! Haha!! 

With every Spring & every Easter...I tries my the absorb the MOSTEST amounts of our pal, humanly possible! 

He DEF I NATE LY makes my day & DEF I NATE LY puts a cool cool accent on such an AWESOME holiday!!! 

Youse can't help but feel so so happy on a day like this, pallies! 

So, my Dino-diggin' paisani... PLEASE...listen to the message that Dean is spreadin' in this week's Serenade, "Good Mornin' Life". 

It's not only 'bout fallin' for a beautiful chicalina. Nope. 

The message goes much deeper, my friends! 

Wake up EVERYDAY & count your blessins'! 

Today is a new start! 

Don't take it for granted, pals!  

NEVER drag yesterday's problems with youse & NEVER worry 'bout tomorrow! 

As Dino's BESTEST pal, Ol' Frankie, says..."Ridin' high in April, Shot down in May...Back on top in June...That's life!" so true. 

Thins' will ALWAYS work themselves out. Somehow. 

Teachins' I need to remind myself, as well, mi amici. 

Well pals...I hope ALL my friends at our humble lil' blog get uplifted with today's croonin'! 

Have a Great Great & Cool Cool Easter, my friends...& ALWAYS 'member to keeps the DINO & life's vino flowin'!!! 


P.S. Happy Easter, DMP...wherever youse are.