Sunday, June 17, 2018

Danny G's SPECIAL Father's Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Little Ole Wine Drinker Me"

Ahhhhhhhhh...what a BEA U TI FUL mornin', pallies. 

So So peaceful. 

Let me welcome youse back with a BIG Happy Father's Day to ALL the Dino-diggin' Dads out there! 

A title not to be taken lightly, mi amici!

 Can be hard work at times!

Hey,'s a big responsibility for sure, that I truly cherish & consider my biggest blessin' from above. 

Man...I simply LOVES the fact that Fathers Day falls right smack in the middle of these few swingin' weeks, which we have come to know as "The Day Coolness Came to Earth", month! 

How TOTALLY cool & appropriate is that, pals?!

 Dino is like a "Father" figure to us all, in a way, my friends.

 Someone to help guide us through this CRAZY life of ours!

 Someone we can always turn to when we need a little "pick-me-up".

 Our rock that is ALWAYS there...through the good times...& the not so great ones, too. 

Now THAT sounds like a "Dad" to me, pallies! 

So, ol' friends o I does every year...on this special day...I'm gonna play a Dino-tune that my own Daddy-O loved! 
The man who was ALWAYS there for me & NEVER faulted me for my many foolish mistakes. 
And there were plenty, haha!! 

A guy who always...ALWAYS had a matter what troubles he may of had.

 Just a Cool Cool fella who made me feel at ease all throughout my life. 

Nothin' could trouble me when Dad was 'round!
Funny how someone can give you that TOTAL comfort, huh pals? 

Yup...that was Dad. 

My first introducer of Dino! 

Showed me what magic this pallie of ours possessed! 

Dean, like my father, gives that TOTAL comfort to us now.

 A feelin' that nothin' is that bad.

 No problem is too big that a drink & a song can't help. 

That's the kinda vibe we can get from Dino! 

So, mi amici...Happy Father's Day.

 Enjoy the Serenade..."Little Ol' Wine Drinker Me"

 And remember those special guys today. 
They did/do a lot!

 This one's for you, Pop!  

I'm prayin' for rain in California
So the grapes can grow and they can make more wine
And I'm sittin' in a honky in Chicago
With a broken heart and a woman on my mind

I asked the man behind the bar for the jukebox
And the music takes me back to Tennessee
And he asked who's the fool in the corner cryin'
I say a little ole wine drinker me

I came here last week from down in Nashville
'Cause my baby left for Florida on a train
I thought I'd get a job and just forget her
But in Chicago, the broken heartache's still the same

I asked the man behind the bar for the jukebox
And the music takes me back to Tennessee
When they ask who's the fool in the corner cryin'
I say a little ole wine drinker me
I say a little ole wine drinker me

Saturday, June 16, 2018

To Our Most Beloved Dino on Daddy-o Day

Hey pallies, likes as we take a wee pause from all of our huge  homagin' of our most beloved  Dino on his day of comin' to earth, The Day That Coolness Came To Earth, to share with all you Dino-holics a swankly special trib to our King of Cool on Daddy-o Day 2018 for there is no Daddy- o likes our  Daddy-o  Dino!   Likes when we were growin' up as a deeply devoted Deanager we coolly completely  craved   havin' our most beloved  Dino as our own  daddy-o....

Likes whata coulda ever likes be better then livin' in fam Martin and havin' our King of Cool as your old man.... What a powerfully perfect  privilege  it woulda be to grow up in the potent  presence of our Dino and have him as your coolest of cool role model. We were so jealous of Dino Martin Jr. not only havin' our great man as his daddy-o, but also carryin' on his amazin' legacy through his name.

Youse  can absolutely see how devoted our Dino was to Dino Jr. and Dino Jr. was devoted to his daddy-o in this great vid from the Dino-show that often has been  featured here at ilovedinomartin.

Below are a few more most lovin' of lovin' poses of our great man with his prodigy.   To our most beloved Dino on Daddy-o Day.....thanks for bein' such a lovin' father and remarkable  role model not just for your youngens , but for youth from one generation to the next who continue to gets to know, love, and honor your presence in their lives.

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Friday, June 15, 2018

In Honor Of Dean Martin's 101st Birthday, Let's Do A Little "Dino 101"

Hey pallies, likes we gotta 'fess up that were weren't sure how many delightful Dino-tribs that we woulda be able to locate on the ol' web for our most beloved Dino's 101 anniversary of his birth.  Likes last year we found so so much Dino-birthday-devotion that we weren't able to get it all posted...and likes at some point we will be still be postin' more of it at some point here at ilovedinomartin.  And, likes truth be told, we haven't found a ton of posts yet homagin' our Dino's 101st, but likes pallies the quality that we have found is truly truly outstandin'....and we 'gree with the old sayin' that quality is always more important then quanity any ol' Dino-day.

Well today we have a totally totally primo post to share with all youse Dino-holics as we continue our month long coolest of cool celebration of The Day That Coolness Came To Earth.  Likes today's Dino-devotion is one of those rarest of rare giant gem of awesome adulation to our one and only Dino.  Just findin' and readin' it has beautifully brought us the deepest of deep Dino-happiness and we just know that it's gonna does the same for all youse Dino-philes!

From the new-to-ilovedinomartin blog "The Keystone Statement" comes Mr. Dominic  DeAngelo's hugely heartfelt Dino-prose, "In Honor Of Dean Martin's 101st Birthday, Let's Do A Little "Dino 101."  Likes it's a totally totally triple threat of a power post marvelously mixin' incredible images of our Dino 'long with various vids from youtube, 'long with the potent prose from one who deeply deeply digs our most most most beloved Dino.  Mr. DeAngelo's bio tells us that he "is the editor-in-chief here at The Keystone Statement. He also moonlights as a freelance writer for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Loves Penguins hockey, Pirates baseball and the lowly New York Jets. Vinny Testaverde, Mario Lemieux and Dean Martin are some of his favorite people."  And, we might add that Dominic is an up and comin' actor in the Pittsburgh area as well!

Truth be told, as we delightfully devoured Dominic love letter to our Dino, we found that many of the thin's we most awesomely amore 'bout our Dino are also thin's that DeAngelo shares his this primo of primo posts.  We thrill to his Dino 101 perfect primer a la Dino...includin' his awesome apprecatio for "Rio Bravo, "Artists And Models," and "Kiss Me Stupid" 'mong our Dino's bestest of best silver screen appearances.  We loves that Dominic digs our Dino's intro to the Rolling Stones at the Hollywood Palace,  the audio of our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis' outtakes from a radio commercial for "The Caddy," and the awesome al-b-um from 'Vegas baby 'Vegas, "Dean Martin Live At The Sands Hotel."

We solemnly swankly salute Mr. Dominic DeAngelo for his perfect primer "Dino 101"  showin' his amazin'ly awesome affection for our Dino...a terrifically  touchin' 'n tender tribute to our one and only Dino and a absolutely amazin' way of introductin' our King of Cool to those not yet in the Dino-know.  To checks this out in it's original format, likes simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.

We Remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

In Honor Of Dean Martin's 101st Birthday, Let's Do A Little "Dino 101"

In Honor Of Dean Martin's 101st Birthday, Let's Do A Little "Dino 101"

Dominic DeAngelo

In Honor Of Dean Martin's 101st Birthday, Let's Do A Little "Dino 101"

Dean Martin would have turned 101 years old last Thursday, but unfortunately for us, “The King of Cool” wasn’t around as long as the George Burns or the Bob Hopes of the silver screen (both lived to be 100). As each year passes, I always get concerned that Dino’s star fades further out of the public eye. It’s probably not as bad as I think it is, but there has to be a little truth to it considering I’m freaking out about it. If you ask me (who goes to “DeNiro in The Fan” levels of obsession), Dean’s star is timeless and can travel across many universes, but I’m only one man and maintaining relevance in today’s “Tweet first, think later” world is about as possible to do as finding an operational pay phone.

What Dean Martin did for entertainment was unprecedented and still has yet to be duplicated. Who was a music star, a movie star, a television star and a live entertainment star all at the same time and was super successful in all facets? Dean Martin. Who knocked the Beatles off the Number 1 charts at the peak of their career after his son was clamoring about them at the kitchen table? Dean Martin did that shit. Who did Elvis Presley idolize? Tip a glass of bourbon back for "The Pride Of Steubenville, Ohio" (or don’t - more on that later).

And as far as the entertainment industry goes, Dean was just as big of a proponent for social change as he was an entertainer. Woman, black, gay, or straight, Dean Martin accepted everybody as they were. He didn’t discriminate or put on a machismo air about himself, he played in on the joke, whether the egg was on his face or someone else, and it was never mean spirited (unless you were apart of a gaggle of teen idol pop stars, then maybe not so much). His charm was contagious and many folks caught the bug if you were to track it by television ratings, box office numbers or album sales. Maybe the kids at the time didn’t catch on to his coolness, but later on down the road with time, they would.

So it being Dean’s 101st, I figure why not do a little “Dino 101” and give you fine readers a basic crash course on how to acclimate yourself with “The King Of Cool.” Best movies, best clips, best songs, the whole lot.



Rio Bravo (1959)
Considered one of the greatest westerns of all time, Dean Martin saddles up with John Wayne and Ricky Nelson as the appointed patrolmen of a lawless town. Dino plays Dude, the deputy, who mightily struggles with the drink and the cards are stacked against the trio as they deal with ne’er do-wells, thieves and outlaws. There’s also a townie cripple called Stumpy who Will Ferrell almost certainly did research on for the SNL “Old Prospector” sketch.

Dino was a television stalwart throughout the bulk of his career and these are just two clips to whet the palette. If you want to dive deeper, anything from The Dean Martin Show is a solid bet, but for now, enjoy these two.


 Dino Mocks The Rolling Stones

The Hollywood Palace was a variety show (?) that would have a rotating set of guest hosts (I want to say Jack Paar and Bobby Hope would take the reins from time to time, but those were always the go-to guest hosts) and Dean was up to bat. On the card for that night: a very young, suited-up group of mop-tops named The Rolling Stones. This was right at the height of the British Invasion and these punks from across the pond were impeding on Italian crooner territory so Dean did not take their presence, their talent or their look seriously. Mick and the gang were not pleased apparently, but Dean definitely didn’t give a damn.


"The Piano Stunt"

Dean was notorious for never rehearsing for The Dean Martin Show, which added to the show's charm and likability. Whether it was misreading cue cards or screwing up lines in a song Dean would fuck up, a lot. Lots of unpredictable elements.  One thing that was consistent however, was to kick off each episode,  Dean would come bounding in and leap on the piano of his co-pilot, Ken Lane. Well one time they switched out his legit ivories for one that was made of balsa wood.


First off, this is scratching off any Christmas albums. You want decades worth of cherished under-the-tree memories? Absolutely get yourself any Christmas copies of Dean or Frank (The Chairman had some real yuletide bangers), but no, we’re talking just straight-up "feelin’ love", "feelin’ lonely", "hey, sometimes feelin’ fun" croon tunes. Christmas With Dino would certainly make any traumatized childhood better, however.


 Dino: The Essential Dean Martin

“Oh, no shit, Dom. An ‘Essential’ album? Way to go out on a limb.” Look, this is your Dean Martin starter pack. You get everything you need - the classics, the signature tracks you hear in movies, all of the stuff that the mass populous is familiar with, but don’t let it be your stopping point.  It’s just here to make you feel like you’re in a Scorsese film and it will prime you to get a little more advanced with the following.


Dean Martin: The Capitol Years

This two-disc beauty covers all of Dean’s tenure with Capitol Records. It’s got duets and singles that will give you the feels of Essential, but gets thicker into the weeds with some unexpected toe-tappers “Oh Marie” will have you hitting on the girl at family market “Hey Brother, Pour The Wine” will have you shooting back a bottle of Pinot with her uncles that you can’t trust. Then “Good Morning Life” will make you feel appreciative that those same men didn’t hang you up in a meat truck. There’s also some good duets with Peggy Lee (“Who Was”), Nat King Cole (“Open Up The Dog House" - whew, that final verse does not hold up well) and Jerry Lewis ("Ev'ry Street's A Boulevard In Old New York"). Also, Capitol Years was the soundtrack to 11-year-old me playing Super Mario 64 so just think about that.



Dean Martin: Live At The Sands Hotel

So this isn’t as much as a music album as is it a comedy album. It’s just Dean Martin live in Las Vegas that’s filled with double entendres, celebrity insults, and him changing the words of his hits songs. Otherwise, an absolute gem in entertainment. And if you didn’t hear this fun fact before, Dean drank apple juice on stage - not alcohol (Ric Flair knows).

He also almost never changed his live act, so what you’re hearing is very much what any audience member at the time would hear. How’s he continue to make it so natural? Must be the apple juice.



Artists & Models
Martin & Lewis were the Road Warriors of comedy duo popularity - aka: they were the 1950’s Hollywood Tag Team Champions. In total, they made about 15 movies together and were hot fire at the box office with a mixture of song, sex appeal and slapstick comedy. All pretty much followed the same format as far as story and plot go: Dean is the stud-muffin straight man while Jerry is the lovably naive goof. Throughout their run, they’d play army privates, sailors, collegiate athletes, circus carnies cowboys and a slew of other occupations. However, the one that stands out the most is Artists & Models. Dean’s a painter, Jerry’s a children’s author that talks in his sleep and they both have lady interests (one being Shirley MaClaine). That’s all you pretty much need to know. Being the 1950s, the plot’s original so no worries in seeing a rehash akin to some Happy Madison production.



Martin & Lewis Promo Outtakes of The Caddy
There’s a pretty viral clip on the YouTube of Dean & Jerry doing radio promos of one of their other pictures, The Caddy. They hit the first spot pretty flawlessly but after that the two keep screwing up and expletives get thrown. It’ll make you shit (cut out “make”).



Airport (1970)

Many will mention Some Came Running as the flick to see Dean at his dramatic best as the endearing gambler Bama, and I can't disagree, but who doesn’t love a good disaster film? The 1970s sure did as they got loaded up with all star casts and big production budgets. Before the blockbusters that were The Towering Inferno and The Poseidon Adventure, there was Airport (which was the movie Airplane! parodied). Dean plays an airline pilot struggling to keep a plane in flight as the crew deals with a suicide bomber, a snowstorm and Dean deals with a newly discovered baby on board after an extramarital ugly bumping with a flight attendant. Burt Lancaster, George Kennedy and Jacqueline Bisset also star in the flick. Does our Italian friend survive or does he bite it like Shelly Winters did in the upside-down boat?


Kiss Me, Stupid (1964)

Directed by the famed Billy Wilder (The Apartment, The Seven-Year Itch) Kiss Me, Stupid is about “The Man of The Hour” himself. Dino portrays a more conceited, lecherous version of himself as he finds himself stranded in a small-town with two dreamer buddies who want to make it big as movie composers. Ray Walston (the janitor from Parker Lewis Can’t Lose - also a dated pop culture reference) is a music teacher with a case of Othello syndrome and Kim Novak plays a floozy waitress so you know Dino’s presence is going to eff shit up. And he does. The ending is extremely odd, but the ride itself is something else to see. Very risque for the time period.

So there ya go, pallies. You want anymore suggestions? Keep those cards and letters coming in. To close out, here's Dino effing up "Blue Moon" on The Dean Martin Show:

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Happy 101st birthday, Dean Martin!

Image result for JASON WEISBERGER
Hey pallies, likes by the tag of this Dino-gram youse know that we have 'nother tribute to our most beloved Dino on his 101st birthday.  On this 14th day of our month long celebration of The Day That Coolness Came To Earth we meet with Mr. Jason Weisberger who holds forth as proud publisher of the potent pad "BOINGBOING."

Likes when we saw Weisberger's name and the tag of his beautiful blog "BOINGBOING" we thought we remembered sharin' Dino-prose from him before, and indeed on June 11 in the year of our Dino, we thrilled to share his potently powerful post tagged "I drive a car with license plates that read “DRUNK.” Weird things happen as a result."  That post can be accessed  HERE.

Likes as today's Dino-gram, Jason's Dino-homage includes a youtube vid of our Dino's cool croonin' of "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" from the Rat Pack 'Vegas Baby 'Vegas fabulous flick "Oceans' 11" with a bit of patter includin' Weisberger's confession...."I've never enjoyed Christmas."  Likes obviously our Dino's departure from our presence on December 11, 1995 has had a incredibly important impact on this obvious adulator of our most most most beloved Dino.

We eagerly expresses our thanks to Mr. Jason Weisberger for remarkably rememberin' our one and only Dino on this 101 anniversary of his birth in Steubenville, Ohio.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.

We Remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Happy 101st birthday, Dean Martin!


Yesterday marked Dean Martin's 101st birthday. Happy birthday to the King of Cool.

Fabled performer Dean Martin was born on June 7, 1917. Mr. Martin passed away on December 25th, 1995. I've never enjoyed Christmas.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

the Dean Martin Traveling Museum

Hey pallies, likes Dino-fest in our Dino's place of birth, Steubenville, Ohio will be happenin' this very Dino-weekend.  The festival appears not to be a big in scope as in past years, but there are a number of excellent events celebratin' our most beloved Dino and youse can read all 'bout it by clickin' on the tag of this Dino-gram that will take you to Stu-ville's local rag the Herald-Star's June 12, 2018 edition.

Likes the thin' that greatly greatly grabbed our Dino-attentionado is that a"New to the event this year will be the Dean Martin Traveling Museum."  The newspaper report doesn't give any info on the source of the Dino-museum, but we are wonderin' it it is not Mr. Jimmy Monaco's Personal Dean Martin collection which was previously exhibited in Steubenville a number of years ago, we are believin' at an earlier Dino-fest.

Well we ain't gonna make Dino-fest this Dino-year and probably youse ain't either, but we remembered sharin' some time 'go a vid of Mr. Monaco's Dino-treasure here at ilovedinomartin...indeed the vid description states that the vid was filmed in Stubenville when it was shown previously.  We are once 'gain sharin' this wonderful vid of all thin's Dino below for all youse Dino-holics viewin' Dino-pleasure.  Likes just watchin' the vid bring's such Dino-happiness to us to know the deepest of deep devotion to our Dino that Mr. Monaco has...indeed we once read that this coolest of cool, completest of complete collection of Dino-treasured is valued at near a million dollars.  Enjoys the Dino-viewin' pallies and keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!

We Remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

New to the event this year will be the Dean Martin Traveling Museum, which includes Martin items and other memorabilia. It will be set up in the lobby area for the former Chase Bank branch at the corner of Market and North Fourth streets.

Jim Monaco's Personal Dean Martin collection exhibited in Steubenville Ohio a few years ago.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dean Martin was my hero. Or idol. His birthday is June 7, 1917.

Hey pallies, likes welcome back to Day 12 our marvelously magical month long celebration of our Dino's 101 anniversary of his descent to our planet on June 7, 1917.  As we continue to homage our one and only Dino reverently reflectin' on The Day That Coolness Came To Earth we turn to the blog pad of "CNY NEWS -  Central New York News," where a dude who tags himself "Big Chuck" has proudly professed his amazin' adulation of our Dino sayin', "Dean Martin was my hero.  Or idol."

Tellin' us a bit 'bout himself,  Chuck sez, I started at WDOS in 1989 and man has it been a fun ride.  Join me every weekday morning from 6AM to Noon for the best country music anywhere on your dial, plus fun stories, factoids, interviews with local and national figures and lots of laughs along the way."   His sweet scribin's on our most beloved Dino are tagged "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEAN MARTIN! DID YOU WATCH HIS SHOW?"  It's wisely supremely special to find yet 'nother Dino-holic wonderfully witnessin' to his deepest of deep devotion to our Dino on his special day and helpin' draw others into the Dino-fold themselves.

We sez our total thanks to "BIG CHUCK" for rememberin' 'n celebratin' our King of Cool on this 101 anniversary of comin' to be with us...the beautiful bringer of complete cool!  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-message.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

BIG CHUCK  June 7, 2018

Dean Martin was my hero.  Or idol.  His birthday is June 7, 1917.

I always thought he was the best crooner of them all.  I never missed his NBC TV show on Thursday nights.  It was easy breezy and great fun.  His regulars included Ken Lane (his straight faced piano player), the Ding-A-Ling Sisters, Dome DeLuise, Kay Medford, Norm Crosby, Nipsey Russell and many others.  More than 200 guest stars appeared on his show over the years.  The list included everybody from Orson Welles to Jimmy Stewart to Bill Cosby.  And from The Supremes to Kate Smith to Phyllis Diller.

The show ran from 1965 to 1974 and then morphed into the popular Dean Martin Comedy Roasts.

Dino...tuxedo, carnation, cigarette, dark hair, drink in his hand crooning out "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime."  Yes, he was my favorite.

Do you remember the Dean Martin Show?

Monday, June 11, 2018

Happy 101 Birthday Dean from Mr. Daire O'Hagan


Hey pallies, likes welcome back for a second Dino-helpin' on this 11th  day of our marvelously magical month reverently rememberin' our most beloved Dino's 101st anniversary of The Day That Coolness Came To Earth, June 7, 1917.  Likes we gotta begins with 'fessin' up that in the midst of all our plans and provisions for bringin' the bestest of the best deepest of deep devotion to our King of Cool on his beautiful birthday we didn't even give a thought to our pallie of pallies Deanager Mr. Daire O'Hagan, youthful Irish crooner extraordinaire who first made his awesome adulation of our Dino known to the wider Dino-world  when he shared his coolest of cool croon of that Dino-classic from "Rio Bravo," "My Pony, My Rifle, And Me" in the hugest of huge homage of our Dino last year on Dino's 100th anniversary of his birth.

Likes pallies Daire posted that vid on his facebook music page  proudly professin' his deepest delight in our Dino and as he sez in his facebook post below, " I’ve had such as amazing year since I put up ‘My Rifle,my pony and me.’"  Youse can read our first post on Daire, "Is this 17-year-old schoolboy really Dean Martin reincarnated?" HERE.  And, likes to read all our other posts on Mr. O'Hagan's powerful passion for our Dino by simply puttin' his name into the search box of this here Dino-pad.

Well we are most appreciative to the pallies at facebook where we are pallies with Daire on both his personal and music pages that they shared that this his youthful Dino-devotee has potently posted his sweetest of sweet salute to our Dino on his birthday with 'nother coolest of croon of a Dino-tune, this time our most beloved Dino's signature croon, "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime."  The virile vid  Daire singin' this Dino-classic can be view HERE.  Just lovin'ly listenin' to Daire sing this Dino-classic brings the biggest of big Dino-buddha-grins to our faces 'cause youse can hear O'Hagan's  lastin' love for our Dino in each and every sweet syllable he sings.

Likes, once 'gain we supremely salute our Dino-hearted pallie Mr. Daire O'Hagan and expess our absolute appreciato for all he is doin' to proclaim his awesome affirmation of our King of Cool and drawin' many many more into the the Dino-fold through eagerly employin' his terrific talents for our one, our only Dino.  To checks out Daire's facebook musical page simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-message.  We can't wait for yet 'nother op to be able to share Mr. Daire O'Hagan's powerfully potent passion for our Dino and bring you more news of his risin' career as a cool cool crooner himself.

Daire O'Hagan Music is feeling thankful at Northern Ireland.

June 7 at 5:08pm ·

Finished my exams yesterday and the very next day its my favourite singers Birthday. I’ve had such as amazing year since I put up ‘My Rifle,my pony and me.’πŸ”«πŸŽπŸ€ 

I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support. Here’s to another great year ahead. Happy 101 Birthday DeanπŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘❤️❤️

Everybody Loves Somebody🎀🎀🎀

Would really appreciate a like and shareπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»

Remembering Dean Martin Today, Born 101 Years Ago on June 7, 1917

Hey pallies, likes touchin' 'n tender tributes to our most beloved Dino have started filterin' in on the ol' world wide web,  Likes on this 11th day of our super special marvelous month long celebration of The Day That Coolness Came To Earth we take youse to yet 'nother new-to-ilovedinomartin pad tagged "Albumism"----loves, loves, loves that tag for a staff scribed post, "Remembering Dean Martin Today, Born 101 Years Ago on June 7, 1917.

Likes 'ccordin' to this all music site, "Albumism is an editorially independent music website dedicated to honoring the album as a vital art form, while connecting with the global community of passionate music fans to celebrate our love affairs with albums past, present and future."  The multi-media post includes a quintessential quartet of youtube delightful Dino-vids 'long with a powerfully potent pix of our Dino and superbly scribed prose on the life, times, and teachin's of our Dino from the "AllMusic" music pad.

Some of our fav thoughts from the primo prose includes...

....he (Dino) lived and died the high life of booze, broads and bright lights, always projecting a sense of utter detachment and serenity....

....Martin -- highball and cigarette always firmly in hand -- embodied the glorious excess of a world long gone, a world without rules or consequences.

....he remained just outside the radar of understanding, the most distant star in the firmament....

....Martin remained strangely contemptuous of stardom; for a man whose presence in the public eye was almost constant, he was utterly elusive, beyond the realm of mortal understanding.

Likes a remarkable read that Dino-holics everywhere oughta drink deeply of for Dino-sure!  We awesomely applaud the pallies at "Albumism" for this coolest of cool celebration of the 101 anniversary of our Dino's descent to earth.  To checks this out in it's original format, likes simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.

We Remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Remembering Dean Martin Today, Born 101 Years Ago on June 7, 1917

June 7, 2018 Albumism Staff

Please join the Albumism team in celebrating Dean Martin’s musical legacy and share your personal memories of him with us in the comments below!

Born: June 7, 1917
Died: December 25, 1995

Biography (via AllMusic): Enjoying great success in music, film, television, and the stage, Dean Martin was less an entertainer than an icon, the eternal essence of cool. A member of the legendary Rat Pack, he lived and died the high life of booze, broads and bright lights, always projecting a sense of utter detachment and serenity; along with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr. and the other chosen few who breathed the same rarefied air, Martin -- highball and cigarette always firmly in hand -- embodied the glorious excess of a world long gone, a world without rules or consequences. Throughout it all, he remained just outside the radar of understanding, the most distant star in the firmament; as his biographer Nick Tosches once noted, Martin was what the Italians called a menefreghista -- "one who simply does not give a f***."

Dino Paul Crocetti was born on June 7, 1917 in Steubenville, Ohio; the son of an immigrant barber, he spoke only Italian until the age of five, and at school was the target of much ridicule for his broken English. He ultimately quit school at the age of 16, going to work in the steel mills; as a boxer named Kid Crochet, he also fought a handful of amateur bouts, and later delivered bootleg liquor. After landing a job as a croupier in a local speakeasy, he made his first connections with the underworld, bringing him into contact with club owners all over the Midwest; initially rechristening himself Dean Martini, he had a nose job and set out to become a crooner, modeling himself after his acknowledged idol, Bing Crosby. Hired by bandleader Sammy Watkins, he dropped the second "i" from his stage name and eventually enjoyed minor success on the New York club circuit, winning over audiences with his loose, mellow vocal style.

Despite his good looks and easygoing charm, Martin's early years as an entertainer were largely unsuccessful. In 1946 -- the year he issued his first single, "Which Way Did My Heart Go?" -- he first met another struggling performer, a comic named Jerry Lewis; later that year, while Lewis was playing Atlantic City's 500 Club, another act abruptly quit the show, and the comedian suggested Martin to fill the void. Initially, the two performed separately, but one night they threw out their routines and teamed on-stage, a Mutt-and-Jeff combo whose wildly improvisational comedy quickly made them a star attraction along the Boardwalk. Within months, Martin and Lewis' salaries rocketed from $350 to $5000 a week, and by the end of the 1940s they were the most popular comedy duo in the nation. In 1949, they made their film debut in My Friend Irma, and their supporting work proved so popular with audiences that their roles were significantly expanded for the sequel, the following year's My Friend Irma Goes West.

With 1951's At War with the Army, Martin and Lewis earned their first star billing. The picture established the basic formula of all of their subsequent movie work, with Martin the suave straight man forced to suffer the bizarre antics of the manic fool Lewis. Critics often loathed the duo, but audiences couldn't get enough -- in all, they headlined 13 comedies for Paramount, among them 1952's Jumping Jacks, 1953's Scared Stiff and 1955's Artists and Models, a superior effort directed by Frank Tashlin. For 1956's Hollywood or Bust, Tashlin was again in the director's seat, but the movie was the team's last; after Martin and Lewis' relationship soured to the point where they were no longer even speaking to one another, they announced their breakup following the conclusion of their July 25, 1956 performance at the Copacabana, which celebrated to the day the tenth anniversary of their first show.

While most onlookers predicted continued superstardom for Lewis, the general consensus was that Martin would falter as a solo act; after all, outside of the 1953 smash "That's Amore," his solo singing career had never quite hit its stride, and in light of the continued ascendancy of rock & roll, his future looked dim. After suffering a failure with Ten Thousand Bedrooms, Martin's next move was to appear in the 1958 drama The Young Lions, starring alongside Montgomery Clift and Marlon Brando; that same year he also hosted The Dean Martin Show, the first of his color specials for NBC television. Both projects were successful, as were his live appearances at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas; in particular, The Young Lions proved him a highly capable dramatic actor. Combined with another hit single, "Volare," Martin was everywhere that year, and with the continued success of his many TV specials, he effectively conquered movies, music, television and the stage all at the same time -- a claim no other entertainer, not even Sinatra, could make.

Even at the peak of his fame, however, Martin remained strangely contemptuous of stardom; for a man whose presence in the public eye was almost constant, he was utterly elusive, beyond the realm of mortal understanding. As his celebrity and power grew, he slipped even further away: in early 1959, his movie with Sinatra, Some Came Running, hit theaters, and with it came the dawning of the Rat Pack. Together, Sinatra and Martin -- in tandem with their acolytes Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Shirley MacLaine -- set new standards of celebrity hipsterdom, becoming avatars of the good life; flexing their muscle not only in show business but also in politics -- their ties to John F. Kennedy, Lawford's brother-in-law and an honorary Rat Packer code-named "Chicky Baby," are now legend -- they were the new American gods, and Las Vegas was their Mount Olympus.

Martin -- who continued to impress critics in films like the 1959 Howard Hawks classic Rio Bravo -- was Sinatra's right-hand man, the drunkest and most enigmatic member of the Rat Pack (so named in homage to the Holmby Hills Rat Pack, a bygone drinking circle that had once gathered around Humphrey Bogart); his allegiance to Sinatra was total, and Martin even left his longtime label Capitol to record for and financially back Sinatra's own Reprise imprint. In 1960, the Rat Pack starred in Ocean's Eleven, filming in Las Vegas during the day and then taking over the Sands each night; two years later, they reconvened for Sergeants 3. However, in late 1963 -- while filming the third Rat Pack opus, Robin and the Seven Hoods -- the news came that Kennedy had been assassinated; in effect, as America struggled to pick up the pieces, the Rat Pack's reign was over. With Vietnam and the civil rights movement looming on the horizon, there was no longer room for the boozy, happy-go-lucky lifestyle of before -- the fun was truly over.

Yet somehow Martin forged on; in 1964, at the peak of Beatlemania, he knocked the Fab Four out of the top spot on the charts with his single "Everybody Loves Somebody," and that same year starred in Billy Wilder's acrid Kiss Me, Stupid, a film which crystallized his persona as the lecherous but lovable lush. In 1965, after years of overtures from NBC, Martin finally agreed to host his own weekly variety series; The Dean Martin Show was an enormous hit, running for nine seasons before later spawning a number of hit Celebrity Roast specials during the 1970s.

In films, he also remained successful, starring in a series of spy spoofs as secret agent Matt Helm. However, by the late '70s, Martin's health began to fail, and his career was primarily confined to casino club stages; in 1987, his son Dean Paul died in an airplane crash, a blow from which he never recovered. After bailing out of a 1988 reunion tour with Sinatra and Davis, Martin spent his final years in solitude; he died on Christmas Day, 1995.

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