Sunday, September 24, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Baby Won't You Please Come Home?"

 Welcome back, pals o mine & welcome to Autumn 2023! 

How's thins'? 

Did youse get the yardwork started yet? 

Pack up the patio stuff? 

Stock the shelves with crushed tomatoes & vino?! Haha!! 

Hey,'s gonna be gettin' chilly 'round these parts! I needs my Fall supplies! Haha!! 

Yup...its that time of year, my friends. Time to hunker down & turn the Dino up! 

I'm thinkin' if we can gets' 'nough Dino-tunes flowin' this nippy weather season...we should be able to keep that "warm & fuzzy" glow uh-glowin' right through to Spring! 

Now, palsies, are youse with me?!?!?! Yay! I just knew I could count on ALL my fellow Disciples of Dean, out there! here's what we is gonna do. Seein' how Saturday is the last day of September...& creepy spooky October is comin' up next...I thinks we should EASE into the cool cool days headin' our ways, with a "nice n' easy" Dino-tune. How's 'bout somethin' off Dean's "The Dean Martin TV Show" vinyl masterpiece? Yes! 

DEF I NATE LY one of my FAVE al b ums. 

I knows of a jam that will relax us right into this fantastic frenzy of foliage headin' our way, mi amici! 

This week's Serenade, "Baby Won't You Please Come Home?", is just what the doctor ordered! It's calm & soothin' & is SURE to light the fires that will keep us warm. 

Now , I don't know 'bout youse guys...but I'm gonna go pour me some of that "Fall supply" vino...& heat this beautiful mornin' up! I is feelin' a little chill in the air. Haha!! 

Join Dean & I, pallies! 

Youse'll be all SNUGGLY 'til the April thaw comes!

And btw pals...if anyone ever has any suggestions for a Sunday Serenade...or just wanna share a thought...please shoot me an email at

I'd also love to hear from my ol' pals Ed, Ms. AOW, Scottie, etc. 


Sunday, September 17, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "The Things We Did Last Summer"

 Well well well...Here we are...once 'gain, my friends...windin' down our Sunday Serenades of Summer. 

Man! Time TRULY does fly! 

We biddin' a due to 'nother BEA U TI FUL sunny season & lookin' ahead to cooler breezes & shorter days.  

Hope youse JAM-PACKED these last few months with Summer fun & ALL THINS' DINO! Haha!! I'm sure youse did, pals. We're Dino-holics...that's what we do! Ha! 

Hard to believe, just the same. 

Time to trade in the pool swimmin' & sun-bakin' for apple pickin' & leaf-rakin'! Rakin'...Yuck! Haha!! 

Only a week or so left...& Autumn will be sneakin' in. Catches us when we leasts expects it!  We'll be ready though, pallies! We gonna store as MUCH summery memories as possible...keeps ALL those SWINGIN' Dino-tunes in mind... create a "go-to" section in our brains that will be  COM PLETE LY STUFFED with warm Dino thoughts! Ha! 

Dino-tunes & cookouts... Dino-tunes & fireworks... Dino-tunes & walks on the beach...O...did I mention the tunes? Yea...I did. Haha!! 

Well, mi amici...seems pretty obvious to me...that there's only ONE very special croon that can keep ALL these very special memories simmerin' on low...'til next year. 

"The Things We Did Last Summer", will be that life-line we can reach for when thins' get a wee bit too tough to bare...when the chilly weather seems to be hangin' 'round a little too long...when we find ourselves longin' for a sunny day & a yummy drink in the shade! 

Yea, pals...we'll be just fine. Just keep those hot Summer days in mind...& Dean is NEVER too far behind! 

Now go squeeze the last few drops outta this season...& I'll see youse in the Fall! 


Sunday, September 10, 2023

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "You Were Made For Love"

 Man o' man, is it muggy!! UGH!! 

Welcome back, my friends! 

How's September treatin' youse so far? Not so bad, here in my part of the world. Likes I said...MUGGY! Been in the 90's all week. 

Little too much heat for Danny G....But...I don't mind so much, mi amici. Fall is on the way! Thins' will cool off soon. Leaves will start changin' colors. And chilly night breezes will creep on in. 

Plus, I'm just LOVIN' that spooky vibe, floatin' 'round, from now 'til Halloween, pals! that I thinks 'bout it...I'm gettin' pumped for these next couple months! And not to marks the birthday of 'nother VERY VERY special friend o' mine...who just so happens to be a GIGANTIC Dino-holic! 

Hey! That gives me a SWINGIN' idea, pallies! I is gonna send this week's Serenade out to my friend & let her know just how SPECIAL she is! 

Seems that birthdays kinda get her feelin' a wee bit blue. 

She DEF I NATE LY has NUTHIN' to worry 'bout, though pals. She's a GREAT GREAT lady & STILL has ALL the wolves howlin'! If youse knows what I mean. Haha!! 

Thinks she just needs a little Dino-croonin' to lift her spirits. Yes! 

Now let me see...hmmmm. 

What tune sums her up? 

Got it! 

A touch of Dean's "You Were Made For Love", should get her smilin'! DEF I NATE LY get's me smilin', pallies! Ha! 

So, this one's for you...birthday girl! 

Enjoy your day & enjoy the Dino-jam... goin' out just for you!  

Ciao bella!

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Danny G's SPECIAL Labor Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "In The Misty Moonlight"

 Welcome back, all my hard workin' amici! 

Happy Labor Day Weekend! 

Happy September, too! 

Today feels like a GREAT day to catch our breaths. Don't it?  It's a day to chill out...have a drink...& just relax! 

Monday's day off is a time to honor ALL the GREAT GREAT folks who work every day & do their part to contribute to this GREAT GREAT country of ours! Youse keep the machine runnin', pallies! 

Now...we ALL have our job to do, my friends. From police & firemen & stay-at-home moms & dads. Each one is important & is worthy of praise. 

Well, pals...I can think of a VERY VERY COOL COOL HARD WORKIN' fella...goes by the name "Dino". This was one laborin' kinda guy, my friends! Sure, he made it look it easy. But...Dean was one of the BUSIEST cats in the entertainment world, pallies! From performin' live & recordin' makin' movies & doin' TV shows...He was some kinda work-aholic! Haha!! 

People can say that he was lazy & only played golf...but WE knows the facts, mi amici! 

I have one more VERY special somebody in mind today, pals. Mama mia. My mom. Mama G.! It's her birthday today! Yay, Mom! 

She was/is ALWAYS there for ol' Danny G., even when I was actin' like a fool! Haha!! Which was quite often, pals! Hahaha!!! 

Now THAT'S Labor! Ha! 

She's sacrificed a lot for me & ALWAYS has my back. Oh, and btw...Mom was one of the first to introduce me to the sweet sweet sound...of the voice...that is Dean Martin!  

I thinks I will play one of her all time FAVE Dino-tunes for this week's Serenade, my friends. As I likes to do every year... "In the Misty Moonlight". 

It's sure to bring a happy thought of Mama G. & is a cool cool jam to relax to on this chilled-out kind of day. Not to's ALSO leadin' us...slowly...towards a SPOOKY Halloweeny vibe! 

Man! What a multi-taskin' type Dino-tune, pals! 

So, here we's go, pallies! 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Happy Birthday, Mom! 

Let's keep that Dino & vino flowin'!!!