Monday, November 09, 2009

New Dinofeature comin' this way....Ed's Epistle......Ramblin's and Ruminations by a Disciple of Dino

Hey pallies, there is a new and regular Dinofeature 'bout to break onto the Dinoscene here at ilovedinomartin. Startin' in a very few will be a guest Dinocolumn tagged "Ed's Epistle....."Ramblin's amd Ruminations by a Disciple of Dino."

Ed is one pallie who is totally and I means totally sold out to our Dino. For some time now, Mr. Ed has been a reader of ilovedinomartin and recently took the plunge to leaves some Dinopatter. Since that time, Ed and I have been in correspondance with each other 'bout all thin's Dino. After readin' some of this Dinoholic's Dinoprose I asked him if he would consider sharin' his Dinopassion with all the pallies at this Dinoblog. I am so very grateful that Ed has consented to do Dinofeatures for this humble little Dinopad of ours.

What will Ed's Dinoprose be 'bout?....stayed tuned to finds out pallies. I am currently in the process of doin' an extensive Dinointerview with Ed so that all us pallies can get to knows him better. But, for the moment, here's a few words from Ed 'bout himself: "Lifelong fan of Dino. I’m a mid-century modern guy. I’m all about spreading the Dino word."

You'll gets to recognize our new Dinocolumnist by his tagg and by the cool pix of Ed walkin' the streets of Steubenville, Ohio which is shared below.

Stay tuned pallies for some of the greatest Dinoprose I have ever read. And, Ed, we offer you a warm ilovedinomartin welcome and looks forward to drinkin' in your Dinothoughts and sharin' in your Dinopassion. Dinoexpectantly, DMP

Ed's Epistle......Ramblin's and Ruminations by a Disciple of Dino