Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ed's Epistle......Happy Dino Thanksgiving!

Location? On a stage somewhere, Anytown USA.
Time? When Dino roamed and owned the earth.
Dino: “You know why they call it Plymouth Rock? Those pilgrims backed up their Plymouth into that rock. That’s why they call it Plymouth Rock.”

True Story.
It was Dino that quickly pointed out that America was discovered by a fellow Italian, Amerigo Vespucci. In turn, it was America who discovered Martin, Sinatra, Como, Martino, Bennett, Vale, Laine, Darin, Damone, and Prima. All Italian-American singers who forever changed the American music landscape. Imagine a world without Dean Martin. Elvis has no direction. Sinatra hasn’t a Yin to Yang, and good luck with reviving the Humphrey Bogart-less Holmby Hills Rat Pack. Joey Levitch is still Joey Levitch. Who’s Joey Levitch you ask? Welcome to a Dino-less world. Joey Levitch became Jerry Lewis. The word “cool” would have been forever associated with the weather. The Beatles would still be remembered as being “untouchable”.
Let’s be selfish for a bit. Without Dino, we don’t have see our fathers settling down in his favorite chair smoking his favorite pipe, spinning his favorite Dino LP. The man who makes my dad happy is the man that makes us happy. Pleasure hasn’t a salesman. Time passes and finds me sitting down in my favorite chair with my favorite beverage, listening to my favorite Dino iPod playlist. Coincidence? Think not my fellow Dino-phile. Dino transcends generations, countries, languages, races, sexes. He touches all! Cool has no color. Cool is ageless. You’re only as far from cool as the nearest Dino LP, CD, book, what have you. If you can’t find cool, pick up a Dino LP, look at it. It’s your cool compass, it always points to cool. Without it you’re never lost pally!
The things in life to be thankful for? Dino said it best..
Tender kisses, nights of bliss. Small moonbeams, sips of wine. Wedding bells, little kids, and dreams to savor. Blessings, man, wife, love and life. Memories are made of this.
Be thankful for those who brought them to you. Return the favor, help make others lives more memorable.
Happy Thanksgiving Pallies!


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, I'm givin' Dino thanks for your comin' the way of refreshin' to find some one with your Dino understandin' joinin' the ranks of this humble little Dino delighted that your daddy-o set such a great Dino example for you to follow....

ed said...

My pleasure as usual, and have a good Turkey Day Mr. DMP!


Gayle Carline said...

To my favorite Dino-philes:

1. Mr. Peters - thank you for having such a fun blog, full of Dino-memories, Dino-fans, and Dino-appreciation.
2. Ed - welcome to the blog. I'm truly enjoying your posts. But I'm so used to referring to *Mister* Peters, I'm tempted to call you Mr. Ed. Probably not a good idea.

Have a great Thanksgiving, gentlemen.

ed said...

Very happy to make bring the Dino-bliss your way Gayle!

BTW, Mr. Ed is ok in my book!

Gobble Goggle! Happy Turkey Day!!
Mr. Ed

Ralph Baker said...

While there's still a few minutes before noon, Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving to Mr. Peters and his new boy on the block. I'm certainly thankful that Dean Martin's soul will be with all of us forever! As we prepare the holiday dinner, with three people tripping all over each other, I'm singing "Well, there's too many Chiefs and not enough Indians around this house!". Happy Gobblin' to all from Pallie Ralph!

Maria Jensen said...

Ed you are the master when it comes to describing Dean!
DMP and Ed, have a great Thanksgiving Day!


ed said...

Hello and Happy Friday to Beautiful Maria and Pallie Ralph!

Thank you for visiting Dino-ville! We have a big December month coming approaching fast. It's going to be a gas pallies!

Mr. DMP is spinning his magic again this year and I think you'll love what the blog is going to bring you.....Baby!

The soul of Dino lives on for sure!