Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ed's Epistle....This Day In Dino History....The Happy Birthday Maria Edition!

Sagittarius, the Archer, sign of Fire. Warm, friendly and knowledgeable. We at the blog have discovered that our man Dinos' Moon was MC in 24°39 Sagittarius. You and Dino share the Fire!

Maria. Pretty gal from Norway. Part student, part soccer player, all Dino. The girl is devoted to Dino like bees to flowers. If Dino were art, Maria would be the frame. She plays keeper on the soccer field, and keeper of The Dean at her blog. He's in good hands in Maria's blog. She's got a Dino spread-o-pics that makes this pally jealous! Give it a visit!

November 28 through December 4 1970
Dino on cover TV Guide this week in 1970

November 29, 1954
Capital releases single, “Long, Long Ago”/”Open Up The The Doghouse” w/ Nat King Cole released.

November 29, 1957
Recorded the Frank Sinatra show. Sang, “They Didn’t Believe Me”
Duet w/ Sinatra, “On A Slow Boat To China”, “Memories Are Made Of This”, “Innamorata”, “Oh Marie”, and “Don’t Cry Joe”.

November 29, 1953
Dino featured in Leisure Time magazine & on cover.

November 29, 1966
Reprise releases single, “Blue Christmas/”Marshmallow World” .

November 29, 1987
Dean hosts Las Vegas 75th Program "Las Vegas: An All-Star 75th Anniversary"

Happy 18th Birthday Maria! Here's to your day!



Maria Jensen said...

Oh thank you so much Ed! Such a great b-day present :D
And thank you so much for the kind words!
I didn't know about all that happened on 29th of November! You are like a living cyclopedia!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Maria, happy birthday to our Dino-girl....or oughta I say Dinolady now...hope it is truly Dino-riffic...and thanks Ed for helpin' our Maria celebrate it in such a cool Dino-way...

Dana Andrews said...

Happy birthday Maria!...from Spain with dino-love

ed said...

You're welcome Maria!

Dino has published work in one way or another for 6 decades, and we have our finger on the pulse of Dino-workings!

Glad you enjoyed the post, and we hope your Birthday was memorable!


carlyndowdle said...