Friday, November 27, 2009

Ed's Epistle......Hello Dino-zens!

Welcome to Ed’s Epistle! Ramblin’s and Ruminations of a Disciple of Dino.
I am, as the title suggests, a Disciple a Dino. Steeped in the aura of one Dean Martin since before I can remember. Like a prince born into a bloodline. I neither picked nor chose to be a Dino Disciple. Dino to me has been the air I breathed and the sound I hear since my day of birth. I don’t question the sky of blue, and I don’t question the Dino. I behold the title and the inheritance with a badge of honor.
In my Ramblin’s and Ruminations, I share my personal experiences, opinions, and joy that I have with our man Dino. I have been to the beginning in Steubenville, and I’ve been to the end in a little cemetery in Westwood California. I’ve been to one of Dinos first haunts in The Spot bar, and I’ve been to his last haunt in Davincis restaurant in Beverly Hills.
I’ve read just about every book and have heard just about every song relating to Dino. I plan on hitting all Dino cylinders in my Ramblin’s. Song reviews, web site reviews, comparing and contrasting Dino and his contemporaries, book comments and reviews, and many other Dino facts and tidbits.
I am not a Dino expert, I’m just a guy expressing my Dino interest and energy in this beautiful little corner of the world we know as ilovedinomartin blog.
What makes us different than other blogs? Well, I believe we’re going to take Dino to the next level. Mr. DMP and myself are out-of-the-box thinkers. We plan on taking everything Dino has done and place each and every bit under the Dino-microscope. Some events never before have been under such Rabmliln’s and Ruminations spotlights. We believe even the most obscure Dino-bit deserves the attention the most popular Dino bit receives.
How are we going to do this? Just like anything else, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. We have a deep library of Dino facts and figures. We research and discover new Dino information daily. Dino-data and Dino-energy mixed up and stirred with the blog, add some Dino fans such as yourself, and bingo!
We have a great interest and devotion to bringing Dino to you. Striving to be the best dam Dino Blog on the net!
How we planning on accomplishing that?
We want to be an open blog. We would love to hear from you, the Dino fan. You can request information or reviews from anything related to Dino. Nothing is too menial or trivial for us to address. You can email me personally at I will try my best to answer all inquiries, questions and requests. You want to know about a date, time, or location of a Dino event, just ask! Request a review, give me a yell!
Welcome to our blog, won’t you come on in. Step into our blog, and leave your comments behind, welcome to our blog, built with you in mind!


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Dino-zens....loves it man! Your daddy-o woulda certainly be totally Dino-proud of his boy pallie for takin' the Dino-
love he lived and raisin' it to a new high as a Dino-holic cans get.

As we come to the Dino fountain seekin' Dino-fillin', thanks so so much for bein' there for slakin' our Dino-thirst pallie.

Loves that Dino sketch you have shared....have admired the Dino pix it comes from for so haves a new Dino impression to dig.

Be sure I will be makin' lots of Dino requests to gets Dino-edified by our Dino-devoted Ed!

ed said...

Its a wonderful sketch for sure my Dino pal!

The Dino-box is always open for your comments and requests!


Keep those cards and letters coming!

Kinezoe said...

Long live Dean Martin! Hope you're having a great week. Nice weekend, pallies! Great job what you're doing 'bout our Dino :-)

See you!

ed said...

Thank you for stopping by Kinezoe!

Long live Dino for sure!