Monday, November 23, 2009

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From the Bottom of My Heart Song Review

“From The Bottom Of my Heart”
Written by Danny Diminno & George Cardini
Arranged and conducted by Chuck Sagle

August 30, 1962 Reprise Recordings Single, flipside to “In A Little Spanish Town”

Dino oozes. It’s not a new Dino ooz, but it's a rare one. Even for his Dino ooz standards, FTBoMH is special. Seven syllables into this masterpiece and hes got you. Six words is all it takes. It’s over. The man exhales a few breaths, throws in a little sorrow, a pinch of anguish, and a mouthful of Dino emotion and it’s over. He owns you. You’re instantly sucked into his world for the next two minutes and forty four seconds. This is the epitome of ones acceptance into Deans world. Three seconds of the voice is all it took in this gem.
Show me anything else that takes away our breath, your soul, faster than those three seconds and I’ll eat my fedora. Dino takes this song by the proverbially balls from the get-go and he owns it. No mere mortal could do to these lyrics as what Dino has done here. No other human could breathe such life so effortlessly as he did with this relatively unknown piece. Straight out the gate Dino lays is out there. No tip toeing about, no warnings, nothing. He lyrically rips his beating heart of his own proud chest, throws it onto the floor for everyone to see what sorrow and desperate love pining has done to it. Crushed by the very same reason it beats. Some broad. The man is so laid out he slips into his indigenous tongue. The scene is so serious it requires two languages for Christ sake.
So effortless is the translation from English to Italian, you barely take notice. You understand not the words, but the feelings. You understand the voice. You get it. You don’t need some vernacular hand holding during this Dino moment.If you need to ask Dino for the translation, then you need to take your heart and throw it to the gutter! Cause it ain’t workin! I suppose the power of FTBoMH can be compared to the strength of “Just Say I Love Her’, or perhaps even “Come Back to Sorrento”.
To be honest, there are dozens of Dino tunes that steal your soul in the same manner. But in my world, nothing can touch the way
Dino steps up to the mike and takes control as he did in FTBoMH.

Preferred listening suggestion:To fully experience this slice of Dino succulence, one needs to totally surrender oneself to it. For me, this is a late night dish best
served after a glass or three of your favorite spirit, or perhaps a nice deep red vino. Do not serve this masterpiece with paper
plates and plastic forks. This piece deserves its own time, its own place, and its own fine china. Please give yourself enough time
to prepare for this dish. Don’t rush into this one. You’re selling yourself short if you do. Personally, I prefer to get to Level Two on
the Sauce Meter before I break this one out. Lights dim, or candles burning, whatever works for you. Close your eyes, and let go.
You’re in his world now. Enjoy, and good night.

From the bottom of my heart, Dear

I love you

Even though you broke my heart

I still love you

What more can I say

Since you went away

I just couldn’t hide my pride

Truly dear, oh how I cried

From the bottom of my heart, Dear

I miss you

I would give my very soul

Just to kiss you

Please come back to me

Hold me tenderly

Take me in your heart again

Be mine my love, forever

Dammi, dammi, dammi tanto amore

Fammi, fammi, fammi questo favore

Dolce come tu è la gioventù

Primavera sei per me

Vieni su fammi saper

dammi, dammi solo un pò di speranza

Un bacin da te per me è bastanza

Ma se nel tuo cor` puoi trovar ancor

Un pò piu d`amor, amor,

Be mine, my love forever.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, thanks for sharin' your first Dino review of a Dino tune for us....hopefully just the first of many such find Dino sharin's on our great man's songs....I loves the way you share your Dino perspectives and then gives all us pallies some listenin' suggestions...I can get pretty Dino high just by readin' your Dino notes....

Marcos Callau said...

What a wonderful song, what a wnoderful voice. I love that irrisistible italian sound.

sanniek47 said...

Well, I have never heard this one before and am totally struck dumb! Grazie, grazie, grazie

ed said...

I'm extremely glad to bring this solid Dino tune to the blog!

We will try to bring more unheralded Dino-Gold tunes in the Song Review portion of Ed's Epistle.

I believe some of Dino's best work has yet to be showcased anywhere, as it will be here at ilovedinomartin.


Maria Jensen said...

What a song, what a man!

Great post Ed!ck

Maria Jensen said...

What a song, what a man!

Great post Ed!

ed said...

I agree!!

We have more coming Maria! So stay tuned!