Monday, May 03, 2010

Mikey Dino does Dino

Hey pallies, likes here's 'nother stunnin' piece of Dino-artistry that I discovered on our Dino's offical facebook pad. From a dude tagged Mikey Dino (is this guy a Dino-holic or what) comes this really likes hot Dino-portrayal. Below you will see Mr. Mikey workin' on his Dino-art.

Can't tells you pallies how much seein' youthful hipsters payin' homage to our beloved Dino does for a Dino-addict likes me. From his facebook page (clicks on tagg of this Dino-post to goes there) it looks likes this Dino-devotee may be into doin' him some Dino-emulation through song.

Many thanks to Mikey Dino for usin' so many of his obvious creative talents to celebrate our King of Cool and help others to come to know, love and honor our great man. Dino-celbratin', DMP


Unknown said...

Thank you very much for recognizing my work and posting it in your blog. I am glad to see that Dean Martin is still remembered, loved and appreciated in this crazy world today.
This painting hangs behind the bar in Dallas Texas at a place called The Fallout Lounge. It is in the fair park area off of Exposition.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes you are most welcome...'round these parts we calls it true cool that your stunnin' Dino-rendition is bein' publicly displayed in a Dallas bar....helpin' others to gets to know our Dino....yeah, in this crazy world what we need to makes sense is more and more DINO!!!!! Woulda loves to learn how you came to know and love our great man!