Monday, May 24, 2010

Bells are Ringing(1960)

Hey pallies, our gal-pal Miss Dawn is truly on a Dino-roll over at "Chicks Flicks Musicals" with a focus on our Dino's only broadway musical-flick...."Bells Are Ringing." Loves the pairin' our our amazin' Dino with Miss Judy Holliday...the
funniest musical comedy lady ever!

The clip that Miss Dawn shares is our Dino doin' a solo on "Do It." Here in our Dino proclaims "You gotta do it yourself." Truly this coulda be our Dino's theme song for his amazin' life and teachin's....our Dino's key to success was that he did it all himself....didn't ever need nobody or nothin'...our Dino's the greatest example of a self-made man ever!

Thanks Miss Dawn for continuin' to shows so so much pure and deep Dino-devotion to your blogg readers! Dino-delightedly, DMP

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bells are Ringing(1960)

Bells Are Ringing (1960) Romantic/comedy/musical. Director: Vincente Minnelli. Cast: Judy Holliday and Dean Martin.

Brooklyn Switchboard operator Ella Peterson, works for telephone answering service Susanswerphone. Even though Sue's orders are only to "take and give" messages, Ella uses different voices to help her clients with their lives, even posing as Santa Claus to convince a small child to behave. Ella becomes interested in playwright Jeffrey Moss, who calls her "Mom". He just recently lost his writing partner and his having trouble finishing the outline for his play.. "Mom" tries to boost his ego, but instead.. Jeffrey drinks himself to sleep.

Meanwhile, Inspector Barnes and his assistant Francis, suspect that Susanswerphone is really a prostitution ring, pretend to be magazine reporters, interview Ella while wire-taping the switchboard.

Sue's boyfriend, J. Otto Prantz, moves into the apartment to run his music distribution business, Titanic Records, which is really a front for a bookkeeping operation. During a meeting with his bookies, Otto explains the new system: When customers place their bets, they will be translated into a classical music record album code for instance, "Beethoven" is really Belmont Park and "five hundred orders" is a $500 bet.

The next morning, when Jeffrey does not answer Ella's wake up call, she goes to his apartment, excited to finally to know what he looks like. The trouble is, how will she tell him who she really is?

I thought Holliday and Martin where cute together. At first I thought it might be an odd paring.. The songwriting dentist will give you a few chuckles.

Fun Facts:

This was Arthur Freed and Vincente Minnelli's last musical for MGM.

Judy Holliday's last film.
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A said...

I adore that film!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Miss Amanda, indeed it is a flick filled with comedy and pathos, and the chemistry between Miss Judy and our Dino is so so musta been such fun to film this broadway classic....

Unknown said...

loved this film too - one of my favorite dean martin pics! and yes their onscreen chemistry was amazing - even tho it has been said that dino did not enjoy working with her - she was too uptight for his laid back style

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, thanks Miss Lisa, don't think I heard that Dino-perspective before....Miss Judy as Ella Peterson is so so funny and our Dino so so DINO!