Tuesday, May 04, 2010

IKON IV: Dean Martin

Hey pallies, our little ilovedinomartin Dino-conclave is seemin' to be likes takin' on likes an artistic Dino-bender. From the pages of Mr. Brad Lapin's intriguin' blog MONDO X (clicks on tagg of this Dino-post to goes there) comes 'nother amazin' Dino-renderin'. Lapin is truly a renaissance man as you will note from the bio below taken from his blog.

Today's Dino-creation is of the ikon form. If you takes the time to view this pallie's blogg you will note that he has created a variety of ikons of the world's most interestin' people....not the least of who is included is our beloved Dino.

Each ikon includes words of wisdom from the featured subject. How stellar that Mr. Lapin chose our ever wise Dino's amazin' insights into amorin' from his classic Dino-prose "That's Amore."

Thanks to Mr. Brad Lapin for creatin' this Dino-honorin' art sure to bring more and more pallies to come to know, love, and honor our Dino! Dino-reflectin', DMP

BRAD LAPIN is a self-described gentleman of letters, Los Angeles born and bred, who divides his time between Atlanta, Ga. and Rome, Italy. He is currently working on a novel entitled “The Man Who Invented History” which has absorbed his attention for the past decade. In past incarnations, he has been, among other things, a radio show talk host, a theatrical director, an author, columnist and journalist as well as the publisher, editor and founder of both Damage Magazine and Pug, an E-zine. A raconteur, round-table wit and all-around permanent absurdity, Lapin remains dedicated to the proposition that, all things being equal, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

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