Saturday, December 11, 2010

our Dino on WODS Musical Advent Calender

Hey pallies, likes always so delighted to see the legacy of our Dino bein' lifted up likes all over the net. Today's Dino-post comes from a cool Cali radio pad tagged 103.3 WODS (clicks on tagg of this Dino-post to goes there) where the dudes there have created a "Musical Advent Calender."

Likes all us Dino-holics knows that nobody, and likes we means nobody knows how to sing winter tunes likes our beloved Dino. Well the pallies at WODS are salutin' our great man this very Dino-day in their musical calendar by offerin' a delightful pix of our man Dino and a youtube clip of our King of Cool coolly singin' "Let It Snow."

Only wishes that it woulda been a live version of this Dino-winter-classic...'cause I woulda loves to see how our Dino's facial expressions woulda likes grabs our attention as only our Dino can....'pecially 'cause likes you all you Dino-philes knows our Dino tweaks the lyrics to makes this his very Dino-own.

ilovedinomartin sez sends our grateful Dino-appreciato to the pallies at WODS for spreadin' some Dino-love this day as we move ever closer to Dino-winter-day. Dino-endulgin', DMP

WODS Musical Advent Calender:
December 11th
CBS Radio

Here’s another selection from our Musical Advent Calender! Today’s selection is from Dean Martin! Stop by tomorrow for another Christmas classic!

Here is the Musical Advent for day eleven

Dean Martin “Let it Snow”


Always On Watch said...

Great find, DMP!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes thanks so much Miss AOW for the Dino-encouragement....I so loves sharin' with the world wide Dino-community all the cool ways that our beloved Dino is bein' lifted up and the Dino-message spread....