Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beginnin' The Dino-eve Celebratin'

Hey pallies, on this eve of Dino-eve, we've got quite the Dino-treat for all you Dino-holics. Direct from the Dino-show is this stellar clip of our Dino with the frankie, Miss Ruth Buzzi, and the Golddiggers pretendin' to be puttin' on a NYE radio programme.

Our Dino and the frankie each portray a variety of famous entertainers...but likes I loves the most when the frankie introduces our great man...."And, now staggerin' up to the microphone, direct from the three month tour of his wine cellar, the baritone of the breweries, Mr. Blinky Tomlin"....and our Dino begins sings the ditty "The Object Of My Affections," with all those great moves that only our Dino has...and likes pallies it is so so totally Dino-rad dudes!

So, sits back and likes enjoys some Dino-funnin' Dino-eve-style! Tune in again tomorrow for more Dino-eve funnin' as only our Dino does it! Dino-stuck, DMP


Danny G. said...

You were right pallie...I loved it!
Happy New Year to all!

Danny G.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Danny-o cool to hear from you dude...and likes is there anythin' that our Dino does that Dino-holics likes us just don't get Dino-crazed 'bout? Thanks for stoppin' by and sharin' your Dino-thoughts...all the best to my Dino-bro