Friday, December 31, 2010

More Dino-eve Celebratin' With Our Dino....

Hey pallies, likes happy Dino-eve to all you dudes...and likes to helps us rin' out the old year in true Dino-style, likes here is 'nother clip from the Dino-show that features the antics of our beloved Dino, the frankie, and Miss Ruth Buzzi (obviously from the same edition of the Dino-show as yester-Dino-day's post).

This time 'round the frankie has been throwin' a NYE party at his hotel pad...where there's been likes 87 chicks, only two pounds of potato salad, the frankie and, likes of course, our Dino......and likes you can be sure what our great man has been puttin' likes his hands on... Well as our Dino and the frankie leaves the party to gets some rest in the frankie's bedroom, likes who is under the covers but Miss Ruth Buzzi who has had a bit too too much liquid refreshments.

Watch as our Dino and the frankie likes tries everythin' to get rid of the buzzed Buzzi....and likes note how much fun our Dino has tryin' to does it! Nobody, and likes I means nobody, has as much fun entertainin' the masses thens our beloved Dino!
Enjoys Dino-evenin' pallies o'mine....keeps lovin' our beloved Dino! Dino-stoned, DMP

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