Sunday, November 06, 2011

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Take Me In Your Arms (Torna a Surriento)"

Hey pallies, this week's Serenade comes from the 1962 al-b-um "Dino, Italian Love Songs". Take Me In Your Arms is such a pretty Italian type song that I simply had to share it with all my good good pals here at the ol' ilovedinomartin blog.

I'm sure that many of you are already familiar with this tune of love...sorrow...regret & forgiveness, but I would like to point out the obvious message here pallies...we all make mistakes & everybody deserves a second chance!

Let Dean's wisdom teach us all that a simple "sorry" is sometimes all it takes to help mend that broken heart. Man pals, I am gettin' deep here! I'm gonna let Dino work his magic now! Enjoy!

Once upon a lovely time
Many million dreams ago
Once there was a man in love dear
Many million dreams ago

Once he thought he had a sweetheart
Then he broke the golden rule
Never take your love for granted
Wise men often play the fool

Now he'd like to say I'm sorry
Can't you see within his heart
Without you there's no tomorrow
Why should true love have to part

Take me in your arms
I promise to be true
Never again I'll stray
Away from you

Take me in your arms
I promise to be true
Never again I'll stray
Away from you


Kylie said...

This is a great choice :)
I`ve always loved this song, growing up it took me awhile to realise this is the same tune as Come Back to Sorrento.
Dean sings them both great, however I like the lyrics to Take Me in Your Arms better.
I remember when I played Come Back to Sorrento years ago, my Aunty Cathy didn`t believe me when she asked who the singer is and I told her Dean Martin.
At the time she thought it might be someone like Mario Lanza, lol
It took me even longer to realise Elvis Presley recorded this with different lyrics and so the song became Surrender.
And I guess we all know Elvis changed the lyrics to There`s No Tomorrow and had the big hit with It`s now or Never.
So these songs really gets about, lol

Always On Watch said...

Perfect images to accompany our Dino singing this song!